70 NEW iOS 12 Beta 2 Features & Changes!


  1. Lutangu Bless

    Lutangu Bless3 months ago

    iOS 12.1 it’s clashing my phone when ever I receive a phone call iPhone 7 Plus

  2. 111 Knev

    111 Knev3 months ago

    Bro I need help I have iOS 12.1 and my phone is fucked how do I get 2

  3. Lucy Luu

    Lucy Luu4 months ago

    How many betas are there going to be ?

  4. deidrabay

    deidrabay4 months ago

    How do you add MReporter to the share sheet? Thanks!

  5. André Filipe

    André Filipe4 months ago


  6. life’s Too Short

    life’s Too Short4 months ago

    Is it out?

  7. Đặng Ngọc Cẩn

    Đặng Ngọc Cẩn4 months ago

    Ios 12.1.2

  8. aayush singh

    aayush singh5 months ago

    Wallpaper on FLEEK were did u get it

  9. Steven390

    Steven3906 months ago

    But now it’s fixed yay

  10. Steven390

    Steven3906 months ago

    Yes my fortnite was crashing because of ios12

  11. Matthew Smith

    Matthew Smith6 months ago

    I want to be able to turn down the volume of the phone sound on screen recording while keeping my voice volume up because the game volume or whatever on screen recording is louder than my voice

  12. hareen m

    hareen m7 months ago

    Nice options

  13. Marcus Macapinlac

    Marcus Macapinlac7 months ago

    R.I.P. X

  14. XO Trayvon Vert

    XO Trayvon Vert7 months ago

    Private browsing won’t work along with reading list.


    HEATHER LARRY7 months ago

    How is the battery life ?

  16. anthony s jackman

    anthony s jackman7 months ago

    could u slow down its hard to keep up with u

  17. Dimas Prasetya

    Dimas Prasetya7 months ago

    I can't sync my iPhone into my iTunes, help! It keeps stuck on waiting for changes to be applied.. Any solution? I'm using iOS 12 Beta 2

  18. Kaappo Nurminen

    Kaappo Nurminen7 months ago

    Restrictions are gone? And private side isnt there anywhere? No one can get on my phone and change it :/

  19. Danny Davis

    Danny Davis7 months ago

    Anyone else contacts not showing up on Apple Watch??

  20. Binay Rai

    Binay Rai7 months ago

    When i charge my iphoneX it doesn’t show 100% full charge it shows 90 98 after 3 hr charging when i switch off and restart my phone it shows full charged whats the problem ?

  21. Dakota Swinferd

    Dakota Swinferd7 months ago

    When I was on Beta 1, I reported that haptic feedback on a positive Touch ID read can become annoying and on Beta 2 I don’t have it

  22. Raymond Zavala

    Raymond Zavala7 months ago

    You sound tired. You need to relax and take a break

  23. JeremyDaGamer

    JeremyDaGamer7 months ago

    While playing Fortnite when I jump out the bus the app crashes

  24. John Smith

    John Smith7 months ago

    This is a waste of time going over these tiny cosmetic changes, like the X is darker. Good grief show us something meaningful.

  25. Bijan Irani

    Bijan Irani7 months ago

    So I have just finished updating to iOS 12 public beta 1. It’s absolutely flawless. My only critic would be that I find my WiFi connection way slower than usual! Maybe that will change in a while I guess 🤔

  26. Victoria Torrez

    Victoria Torrez7 months ago

    So my iPhone 7+ been acting strange like I haven’t updated the iPhone tho so it could be that but my iPhone 7+ connection been messing up like nothing would work when I try to play a game or my internet connection when I wanna search up something it gets slow and it doesn’t work sometime i don’t know why

  27. Joseph Breen

    Joseph Breen7 months ago

    New interface for dictating a text with Siri

  28. Meiyan’ Laforme

    Meiyan’ Laforme7 months ago

    Idk if he said it but the time at the top is smaller

  29. Suleman Rana

    Suleman Rana7 months ago

    I’m Not getting the beta 2 update ? Any suggestions?

  30. Linus Hemker

    Linus Hemker7 months ago

    Dude, there are like 100 ads while playing the video.. fckn annoying 😬

  31. Mitchell Jones

    Mitchell Jones7 months ago

    Will the update work for iPhone 6

  32. C4 LIFE

    C4 LIFE7 months ago

    Do you play pubg

  33. Kobe BRyant 5 RINGS

    Kobe BRyant 5 RINGS7 months ago

    I updated and now when I send iMessages on my phone it keeps sending from a email how do I fix this?

  34. _BabyK_

    _BabyK_7 months ago

    iPhone se running iOS 12 beta 2, My “do not disturb” button will not turn off. I even went into settings and it still won’t turn off.

  35. Oskar Andreas Johansson

    Oskar Andreas Johansson7 months ago

    Siri in Norwegian have a new voice- and a male voice is also new!

  36. Brian De netto

    Brian De netto7 months ago

    I can’t find my personal hotspot, I can search it in settings but when I click it, it brings me to mobile data where there isn’t any personal hotspot toggle to click, is it only happening to me?

  37. Alex Boureanu

    Alex Boureanu7 months ago

    From where can I get the wallpaper?

  38. cecil preston

    cecil preston7 months ago

    Recipe primary thereby plane realm office hypothesis rapidly effectiveness reflect

  39. Elegant Ess

    Elegant Ess7 months ago

    Can you please do a preview of this on iPhone se

  40. Timothee Laine

    Timothee Laine8 months ago

    Forgive strengthen tool initiate there worker administrator office hallway purple via

  41. Ivan Marte

    Ivan Marte8 months ago

    How do you throw Live Photo’s on FaceTime iOS 12

  42. Brody Cunningham

    Brody Cunningham8 months ago

    Pregnant length sexually punish sodium arrive donate dose coast game smell observer establish.

  43. Blackbird 111

    Blackbird 1118 months ago

    why doesn't my control center look like that? I just updated the 12 beta version.. help?

  44. ArtfulWistle

    ArtfulWistle8 months ago

    There is a bug where when u go to power down ur iOS 12 device the status bar will dissapear for a little

  45. eMenkar

    eMenkar8 months ago

    Also.... When you access an app from another app Ex:A link to safari from youtube. Then the arrow to go back tothe previous app has also been changed

  46. #Razi rox

    #Razi rox8 months ago

    Apps r crashing

  47. Greg Yanchak

    Greg Yanchak8 months ago

    I get haptic feedback on my iPhone 6s, something you didn't mention in the video @everythingapplepro

  48. Mark Antony

    Mark Antony8 months ago

    Watch and subscribe for more information about technology mreporter.net/v/video-GEjhcte819M.html

  49. JM811Cars

    JM811Cars8 months ago

    Apps now say cleaning when you first hit update on iPhone 6+

  50. Briia

    Briia8 months ago

    Can you do beta 12 features for iPhone 8plus

  51. nvmgylytitkmlyt nmszthtkmgvld

    nvmgylytitkmlyt nmszthtkmgvld8 months ago

    2:44 You are dums as hell i have an se its works with out 3D touch

  52. Sagar Kashyap

    Sagar Kashyap8 months ago

    What is the time taken by iPhoneX from 0 to 100% ?

  53. BBSPIDEY232

    BBSPIDEY2328 months ago

    Smart invert still doesn't work on Instagram. Works with pictures but not videos.

  54. Channel Kitten

    Channel Kitten8 months ago

    Is this beta? So it’s not completely finished.... right?Also is it gonna be released in settings when beta is finished?

  55. 954HaitianSensation

    954HaitianSensation8 months ago

    I still can’t block unknown callers 🤦🏿‍♂️ and y’all happy about a new iOS. Cmon apple give me more option tf.

  56. Matthis Gunther

    Matthis Gunther8 months ago

    Southwest affair income bread block help workshop.

  57. Sebastian Zuñiga

    Sebastian Zuñiga8 months ago

    I want that screen background

  58. Sorcha Bright

    Sorcha Bright8 months ago

    Who do u get ARKit as I got public beta but it doesn’t have ARKit how do u get it

  59. divyanshu

    divyanshu8 months ago

    Animations and icon shapes are new features for iSheeps 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 thankGod There's android

  60. holla lolla

    holla lolla8 months ago

    divyanshu I wouldn’t say they’re new features. Just changes.

  61. F. Rose

    F. Rose8 months ago

    Good video! ✌

  62. G4Y

    G4Y8 months ago

    If you turn on ‘reduce transparency’ when opening a folder the background darkens

  63. Sam Saveur

    Sam Saveur8 months ago

    Do you also have that your screen constantly freezes

  64. Piotr Kamiński

    Piotr Kamiński8 months ago

    Oh, maybe put some more ads into the video?

  65. RyZe ツ

    RyZe ツ8 months ago

    RIP X!

  66. Giorgi Shonia

    Giorgi Shonia8 months ago

    Omg how many iphones i want SE😂

  67. Robert Giver

    Robert Giver8 months ago

    RFid ??? NFC change ?

  68. satvinder bhatti

    satvinder bhatti8 months ago

    In IOS 12 public beta version, I cannot find the option to activate the personal hotspot. Can you pls help.

  69. UnReal Ben

    UnReal Ben8 months ago

    "I dont know if it is a bug or a feature" - EAP 2018

  70. Wout Wouters

    Wout Wouters8 months ago

    Fire garlic row uncle investigate mental house.

  71. Noam Lemoine

    Noam Lemoine8 months ago

    Church gene appointment occasionally priest dry American exciting immigrant fat leading card screen

  72. Messyah Pollard

    Messyah Pollard8 months ago

    Rip x who else saw this stuff

  73. marcin kowalik

    marcin kowalik8 months ago

    I get the haptic feedback

  74. Cesar Battistini Maziero

    Cesar Battistini Maziero8 months ago

    I get haptic feedback on the iPhone 6 as well.

  75. Abby TOO SHABBY

    Abby TOO SHABBY8 months ago

    I wish apple did more for iPads

  76. Rafael Abdelmalek

    Rafael Abdelmalek8 months ago

    Anyone else having problems when trying to go full screen on MReporter???? @everythingapplepro

  77. Patrick Hultquist

    Patrick Hultquist8 months ago

    On iPad (I have iPad mini 2), specifically only on pages numbers and keynote holding down on the app icon reveals a 3D Touch like menu. Does not work on messages or photos or camera

  78. R

    R8 months ago

    Why would anyone spend 900 dollars on the iPhone! Lol people are so dumb!

  79. Jay Morales

    Jay Morales8 months ago

    8:41 thumb

  80. Roberto Gonzalez Jr.

    Roberto Gonzalez Jr.8 months ago

    Sick Audi ad

  81. SingleTrack Shredder

    SingleTrack Shredder8 months ago

    How do you download iOS 12 2 beta

  82. OwenSpider

    OwenSpider8 months ago

    What’s that wall paper

  83. StylinSis3189

    StylinSis31898 months ago

    R. I. P. XXX

  84. Tips for iPhone by Ramon Mendes

    Tips for iPhone by Ramon Mendes8 months ago

    I updated to iOS 12 Beta 2 and it still contains some errors, facetime does not work very well, the Measure app also contains crashes and a banking app has stopped working (Itaú / Brasil).

  85. Cauã digital

    Cauã digital8 months ago

    I updated to iOS 12 Beta 2 and it still contains some errors, facetime does not work very well, the Measure app also contains crashes and a banking app has stopped working (Itaú / Brasil).


    LITGAMER8 months ago

    Did they fix the app problem? Plus, I downloaded IOS 12, Bu it looks nothing like yours.

  87. MARK3 Gamers

    MARK3 Gamers8 months ago

    Which date to Release iOS 12 update's in indian mobiles bro..

  88. Daniel Miles

    Daniel Miles8 months ago

    Can anyone tell me when the official IOS12 gets released to people in Australia. Not the beta version. And can anyone tell me how you get a battery widget in the spotlight section. I’ve clicked add and when the different selections come up battery is not there??

  89. Gary Morales

    Gary Morales8 months ago

    Is it worth updating rn

  90. PhantomPlayz

    PhantomPlayz8 months ago

    Rest In Peace X 🖤🙏🏼

  91. parikshit Verma

    parikshit Verma8 months ago

    Ios 12 beta 3 test....mreporter.net/v/video-b64zfo3pim0.html

  92. cryptics00

    cryptics008 months ago

    Wow so many iphones for ios testing

  93. Holden Williams

    Holden Williams8 months ago

    What wallpaper is that

  94. GwynAndJulius

    GwynAndJulius8 months ago

    Rip X

  95. Jared Guy

    Jared Guy8 months ago

    iOS 12 has not been released on iPhone 8

  96. Antonio Macedonio

    Antonio Macedonio8 months ago

    How do I take a FaceTime Live Photo on the iOS 12 beta 2?

  97. Nokia 3310

    Nokia 33108 months ago

    Fuck iPhones and Samsungs. Im the best

  98. Emiliano Santacruz

    Emiliano Santacruz8 months ago

    In my IPhone the App Store is not working 😕🤷🏾‍♂️🤔

  99. PRND321

    PRND3218 months ago

    On my iPhone 7 I had icon shadows using beta 1, but now on beta 2 I get a Video lag when switching between portrait and landscape mode, anyone else?

  100. All about beats ,

    All about beats ,8 months ago

    Also when u use Touch ID u get a vibration

  101. Ernesto Hdez.

    Ernesto Hdez.8 months ago

    How do I get the beta 2?