7 Times TV Shows & Movies Predicted The Future | Generations React


  1. FBE

    FBE11 days ago

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  2. imperlast2

    imperlast24 days ago

    the janitor in scrubs made up all his own lines so that's what he though

  3. Spider Web

    Spider Web4 days ago

    "Change the world together" HAHAHA HAHAHA GTFO

  4. Em

    Em7 days ago

    No one mentioned Elijah Wood in the Back to the Future clip?

  5. Lalo Velez

    Lalo Velez7 days ago

    You said 8 and in the title it's 7

  6. Marky G.

    Marky G.7 days ago

    They "predicted" facebook... Myspace already existed in 2003.

  7. Ira Ford

    Ira FordDay ago

    Great one.

  8. Crystal the Weird Potato

    Crystal the Weird PotatoDay ago

    The Jetsons one is _actually_ very predictive. The others are too close together, but that one was mind-blowing

  9. Haley Faragalli

    Haley FaragalliDay ago

    Writers are crazy

  10. Nirmiti Marathe

    Nirmiti MaratheDay ago

    I think that shows don’t predict the future, people probably base those the things off of those shows or whatever, idk. 🙃

  11. Dreem Walker

    Dreem WalkerDay ago

    Come on ... there have been SEVERAL outbreaks of deceases between 1993 and NOW ... so this is just farfetched and sad.

  12. Mariposa

    MariposaDay ago

    Illumnati confirmed

  13. cafesmitty

    cafesmittyDay ago

    Scrubs Bin Laden episode... c'mon now.. everyone knew that he was chilling in Pakistan... everyone.

  14. Divisha Agarwal

    Divisha AgarwalDay ago

    Here I am thinking if there will be an Osaka virus in future.......

  15. yanga akdasta

    yanga akdastaDay ago

    They obviously knew what was planned before it happened. That makes it way less scarring once you know how evil the people in power are.

  16. Luis Rodriguez

    Luis RodriguezDay ago

    Eric wearing that Capra collection!! Hope BigT is watching!

  17. Wilfred Mensinga

    Wilfred MensingaDay ago

    Just say 100.000 things and then cherry-pick and you can predict the future.

  18. RuffusCG !

    RuffusCG !Day ago

    It’s stuff that’s pretty much predictable tho

  19. Melissa Charles

    Melissa CharlesDay ago

    It’s just creative ideas and thoughts injected into media. I’ve had ideas and then seen it come true, but I dont consider it “seeing the future”

  20. Richard rage

    Richard rageDay ago

    yo here is another prediction video on the Simpsons:mreporter.net/v/video-dQw4w9WgXcQ.html

  21. Trixian Apdol

    Trixian ApdolDay ago

    Fuck I've been rickrolled -~-

  22. Caleb Doyle

    Caleb Doyle2 days ago

    I mean the simpsons has been running since the 80’s, it’s bound to have a portion of its skits come true IRL.

  23. Kristina00f YT

    Kristina00f YT2 days ago

    Simpsons u better make an episode prediction when 80% of the population got quirks/Superpowers

  24. Kristina00f YT

    Kristina00f YTDay ago

    Edison Hou yes lol

  25. Edison Hou

    Edison HouDay ago

    Kristina00f YT my hero academia ?

  26. Letitia Anderson

    Letitia Anderson2 days ago

    That short ASMR by that girl right there tho💗

  27. Alex Loder

    Alex Loder2 days ago

    I'm 100% convinced these "predictions" happen because creators get inspired by what they see and try to make them real; it's neither predictive programming nor pure coincidence

  28. westtell4

    westtell42 days ago

    that friends episode in 2003 was Friendster it existed before myspace or facebook and was one of the first socialmedia platforms

  29. hartshapedvideo

    hartshapedvideoDay ago

    There was also Friends Reunited in 2000

  30. amanda cook

    amanda cookDay ago

    Or they are just mocking Xanga which started in 1999 but didnt really catch on until 2001-2002

  31. id104335409

    id1043354092 days ago

    Who came up with face-time? It's called video call.

  32. Elin -

    Elin -Day ago

    Iphone users

  33. slarti bartfast

    slarti bartfast2 days ago

    The Simpsons virus one is stupid. It's Japan FFS ! A different country how is that prediction?

  34. Declan Moran

    Declan Moran2 days ago

    I think it’s more like a virus forming in another country and spreading to the us and countries around the world. But I agree, it’s stupid

  35. Tia kelly

    Tia kelly2 days ago

    I am just saying it isn't exactly the same but it is close to it just remember it was made in the 90's

  36. slarti bartfast

    slarti bartfast2 days ago

    @Kitpipat SAWATYANON NGO All viruses spread. Or do you mean in the mail...because that didn't happen.

  37. Kitpipat SAWATYANON NGO

    Kitpipat SAWATYANON NGO2 days ago

    Well I guess the way it spread

  38. DarkMoonGeneral

    DarkMoonGeneral2 days ago

    Uhhh where's star trek ? Star trek the orignal series had the flip phone and tng had tablets and other items kinda a fail you didnt add star trek .

  39. DarkMoonGeneral

    DarkMoonGeneralDay ago

    @DGramusset while you are correct this list said tv shows and movies not writers.

  40. DGramusset

    DGramussetDay ago

    Uhhh, where's Jules Verne, he predicted too much to even make a list.

  41. Charmynox

    Charmynox2 days ago

    The first one. I just. Totally not like they already knew Shakira would be doing the half-time show (because they probably plan these things in advance) or that Shakira could easily just wear the same shit. And as others in the comments have said, the outfit in Zootopia was inspired by an outfit Shakira has already worn in real life.

  42. Dalila Galarza

    Dalila Galarza2 days ago

    OK.. um shakiras outfit on zootopia was MENT to like something she would wear. Besides years ago they have already said that’s it was inspired after an outfit she has already worn

  43. hartshapedvideo

    hartshapedvideoDay ago

    She even had input in the design, she’s even said so in interviews

  44. Dalila Galarza

    Dalila Galarza2 days ago

    Also the reason gazelle ya that outfit is because she was voiced by shakira

  45. The_Chad

    The_Chad2 days ago

    Yo, there WAS social media before Facebook. And of course video-calling was going to happen in the future, everybody knew that...flying cars were just supposed to happen first.

  46. Caleb Bailey

    Caleb Bailey2 days ago

    Um Myspace was already around during that episode of friends. So that one is literally nothing. Social media was already a thing.

  47. Chara Pelekanou

    Chara Pelekanou2 days ago

    Am I the only one that thought the prediction in the Friends episode was about Kim K. losing her earing in the ocean after jumping of a bote.. ?

  48. madyson finley

    madyson finley2 days ago

    Shakira played as the gazelle

  49. Laura Bilbruck MD

    Laura Bilbruck MD2 days ago

    Back tot he future also predicted hover boards

  50. Moya - Janelle

    Moya - Janelle2 days ago

    The girl at 9:26 is incredibly beautiful. Wow

  51. onsese joo

    onsese joo3 days ago

    But it is 2020 and we still don't have flying cars.

  52. Javen Cummins

    Javen Cummins2 days ago

    They are working on it

  53. Yorlin

    Yorlin3 days ago

    The shakira dress thing isnt rlly that predicting

  54. Carrie Gray

    Carrie Gray3 days ago

    Shakira did the outfit on purpose. that didnt predict shit

  55. Joel Melo

    Joel Melo3 days ago

    Ok boomer

  56. Rissa&Aissa Descallar

    Rissa&Aissa Descallar3 days ago

    Please react to BTS's ON mv. Thank you! mreporter.net/v/video-gwMa6gpoE9I.html

  57. R4ND4 R8NCH

    R4ND4 R8NCH3 days ago

    Ksjfufuue <3

  58. Panthror

    Panthror3 days ago

    "To something that would happen in the future future." Well, no. The 'Future' part of Back to the Future 2 takes place in 2015, so 5 years in the past.

  59. Tidrit Blag

    Tidrit Blag3 days ago

    Not for nothing, but Friends was talking about MySpace, which was already out.

  60. Crystal Martinez-Jacome

    Crystal Martinez-Jacome2 days ago

    I thought the same thing...

  61. AmplifiedSilence

    AmplifiedSilence3 days ago

    You can tell everyone in this video are young kids... FYI: there was social media before facebook. lmfao.

  62. AmplifiedSilence

    AmplifiedSilence3 days ago

    Yahoo launched Yahoo! Messenger in 1998...

  63. AmplifiedSilence

    AmplifiedSilence3 days ago

    Myspace was launched in August 2003

  64. AmplifiedSilence

    AmplifiedSilence3 days ago

    Facebook is a social networking service launched as TheFacebook on February 4, 2004

  65. Jefrey Jiro

    Jefrey Jiro3 days ago

    Please make videos about people reacting to dimash kudaibergen

  66. HAMILTRON9000

    HAMILTRON90003 days ago

    Back to the Future predicted a lot of things including that the fashion of the 80's would just evolve into a more extreme version of 80's fashion.

  67. Mahfuza Hossain

    Mahfuza Hossain3 days ago

    I am predicting that there will be things similar to the flying carpet from Aladdin..... Me-2020😀😁

  68. Mahfuza Hossain

    Mahfuza Hossain3 days ago

    All asian countries are not same.. The 2nd one is not similar at all🙄

  69. Mateusz Marciniak

    Mateusz Marciniak3 days ago

    Two words: Star Trek

  70. AmplifiedSilence

    AmplifiedSilence3 days ago

    Babylon 5

  71. Martha Pembelten

    Martha Pembelten3 days ago

    The simpson has been running for such a long time with so many episodes, so it's not that surprising that every so often a gag from a past episode resembles something that has since happened

  72. Ten13Grl

    Ten13Grl3 days ago

    I'm absolutely positive it's already been pointed out, but Facebook is not the origin of social media. I graduated high school in 2003, and everyone I knew had MySpace, Open Diary, or Live Journal. Some had all three.

  73. Tan Jian Wei

    Tan Jian Wei3 days ago

    friendster created in 2002

  74. Ghoulish Gamer

    Ghoulish Gamer3 days ago

    @AmplifiedSilence and chat rooms are social media. First one came in 1980.

  75. AmplifiedSilence

    AmplifiedSilence3 days ago

    Yahoo launched Yahoo! Messenger in 1998

  76. donaldjz

    donaldjz3 days ago

    Children that don't know Myspace

  77. donaldjz

    donaldjz3 days ago

    The Cubs winning was on back to the future

  78. donaldjz

    donaldjz3 days ago

    Why is there no mention of the original star trek series that aired in the 60's? Look up the future technology that everyone uses today.

  79. NicolaiAAA

    NicolaiAAA3 days ago

    It's like no one in this video has ever read a science fiction book or seen a really old science fiction show.

  80. MyGirlRitsuka21

    MyGirlRitsuka213 days ago

    Covid-19 is not an airborn virus tho, so that's not relatable.

  81. Mette Madsen

    Mette Madsen3 days ago

    Hahaha saying 8 shows, but the title says 7.. :)

  82. Connor Hagerman-Burdignon

    Connor Hagerman-Burdignon4 days ago

    Guys, watch Doctor Mike. Covid-19 has been highly doubted to be able to live on surfaces for more than a couple hours.

  83. God

    God4 days ago

    The Janitor line was one of his many improved lines..

  84. God

    God3 days ago

    @Miksel He improvesed a lot and the show let them in because they worked really well into the scenes.

  85. Miksel

    Miksel3 days ago

    was looking for this comment! saw some video on youtube where they said that like 90% of his lines are improvised :D

  86. safiyyah islam

    safiyyah islam4 days ago

    Shakira acts Gazelle in Zootopia

  87. Timothy Biggers Jr

    Timothy Biggers Jr4 days ago

    Ah yes the Simpson's predicted the spread of a disease, on a planet where diseases spread. Terrifying

  88. Wing Kin Winki Leung

    Wing Kin Winki Leung4 days ago

    It's more like creators took inspirations from their respective childhood dreams.

  89. Gaming Beatboxer Kio

    Gaming Beatboxer Kio4 days ago

    Simpsons 1993 Osaka Flu next SARS

  90. Sarim Abro

    Sarim Abro4 days ago

    They could've just watched the movie... Dumb

  91. Charmaine Frame

    Charmaine Frame4 days ago

    Sarim Abro Your telling Me Donald trump watched the Simpson say that he becomes president then he decides “Oh I want to become president :D?!” Dumb...