6 Cheese Gadgets put to the Test!


  1. BananaKings

    BananaKings9 hours ago

    how many booms did he say in this vid?

  2. Bryce Valdivia

    Bryce Valdivia2 days ago

    “Few pupes”

  3. Clown Fish Queen

    Clown Fish Queen2 days ago

    Cool vid again Definitely

  4. Sanchez Sanchez

    Sanchez Sanchez2 days ago


  5. Jock Bauer

    Jock Bauer3 days ago

    You're meant to chop cheese the shortest way! Haha

  6. Acrolein

    Acrolein4 days ago

    Boom !

  7. Rashdan1994

    Rashdan19944 days ago

    Everytime you said BOOM. SATISFACTION

  8. The guy who has 29 letters on his name

    The guy who has 29 letters on his name6 days ago

    1.8k Wasps disliked this video

  9. Mendi Suarez

    Mendi Suarez8 days ago

    I have that stone marble one love It! It cuts salami too very sturdy

  10. brandon abercrombie

    brandon abercrombie8 days ago

    Man this video is cheesy

  11. jai pakingan

    jai pakingan8 days ago

    Everything is my favorite

  12. Arya Noraiz

    Arya Noraiz8 days ago

    This vid is really cheesy (pun)

  13. Jon K

    Jon K8 days ago

    Cheese cutting block is by far the best of the lot.

  14. Defaulty Boii

    Defaulty Boii9 days ago

    Every 5 words boom

  15. Aaron Burr

    Aaron Burr10 days ago

    I think the stone is marble

  16. Cheese

    Cheese11 days ago

    hello there

  17. Zileon

    Zileon11 days ago

    Or just put it in the microwave

  18. Cris Cris

    Cris Cris12 days ago


  19. Lincolnshire Motorhomes and Caravans

    Lincolnshire Motorhomes and Caravans14 days ago

    8:59 - few pubes? pubed cheese?? :D

  20. Jarrod Ramos

    Jarrod Ramos14 days ago

    It didn't work because you need a different kind of cheese

  21. Saurav Nayak

    Saurav Nayak15 days ago

    Boom...boom....boom....boom....boom....* insert nuclear bomb meme here *

  22. josh nogla

    josh nogla15 days ago

    Is it me or does he seem sad dud

  23. Lil water

    Lil water16 days ago

    B O O M ❗️❗️😂😂

  24. Hollaback Girlzxx

    Hollaback Girlzxx17 days ago

    toilet toys?

  25. sam 2000

    sam 200017 days ago

    Boom ...boom.. boom ..boom ..boom ...boom ..boom ...boom

  26. Paweł Żylski

    Paweł Żylski17 days ago

    10:25 cheese slicer? Its a cheese melter Taras;)

  27. Infinit Squads

    Infinit Squads18 days ago

    Your my favorite MReporterr I was there when u got 1 million up to 10million

  28. Dos Hermanos GF Rancho Aguja

    Dos Hermanos GF Rancho Aguja19 days ago


  29. Mike Belcourt

    Mike Belcourt20 days ago


  30. akash raj

    akash raj20 days ago

    Taras : *Thumbs up for me* Wasp : if you say so...

  31. Băi Mareanu’

    Băi Mareanu’21 day ago

    Eating cheese chips watching this

  32. Alan Yew

    Alan Yew22 days ago

    You can cut cheese like that with a regular knife 😂

  33. KevKev10TheCrafter

    KevKev10TheCrafter22 days ago

    My mom has the fifth gadget the cheese slicer

  34. Fernando Le

    Fernando Le22 days ago

    cheese stinks

  35. Sofie stevens

    Sofie stevens22 days ago


  36. olilemalade

    olilemalade23 days ago

    i have and a use your first item for 15years its a really good item

  37. Laura Nyeboe Pedersen

    Laura Nyeboe Pedersen23 days ago

    Lol we already has all of those gadgets in Denmark

  38. Lime The Prime

    Lime The Prime23 days ago

    "This work so well. Lets try and do it 7 different ways."

  39. Mariola Śliwa

    Mariola Śliwa23 days ago

    I have the last chess gadjekt

  40. Lazy bros

    Lazy bros24 days ago

    Boom 😂

  41. Andre Krenn

    Andre Krenn25 days ago

    Nothing else is swollen😂😂😂

  42. Spicy Peppers

    Spicy Peppers25 days ago

    That stone is marble

  43. Heather Hanson

    Heather Hanson26 days ago


  44. Keayan Powell

    Keayan Powell26 days ago

    How many cheese toasties did you have after this

  45. Dyna Fox

    Dyna Fox27 days ago

    At 8:59 turn on captions and tell me what it said of the word "Cubes"

  46. Crystal McDonald

    Crystal McDonald28 days ago

    Taras is just sitting there after this eating a bunch of cheese :')

  47. hex1c

    hex1c28 days ago

    Swedish cheese slicer from IKEA is the best.

  48. The Challengers

    The Challengers28 days ago

    Man said few pubes

  49. Pew Diepie

    Pew Diepie28 days ago

    Taras: the cheese look like flower Me: it looks like broccoli

  50. Mauricio Lopez

    Mauricio Lopez28 days ago

    Taras is a violent person who beats hobos on weekends and thats why his hand was swollen.

  51. We the Crew

    We the Crew29 days ago

    You can do videos even though your hand is swollen because your awesome

  52. Galen Ponder

    Galen Ponder29 days ago


  53. Lesley Punt

    Lesley Punt29 days ago

    *cuts piece of cheese* BOOM

  54. Bas Broek

    Bas Broek29 days ago

    Last one isnt a gadget its just a regular cheese slicer in the netherlands😂

  55. B.H

    B.HMonth ago

    There is wood chips in your shedded cheese

  56. θανατιφορος GR

    θανατιφορος GRMonth ago

    8:50 semi automatic fire

  57. fortnite god

    fortnite godMonth ago

    I got a cheese ad

  58. xxslacker 121 xx

    xxslacker 121 xxMonth ago

    9:43 10:00 is he big shaq

  59. TheUnknownElite Gaming And More

    TheUnknownElite Gaming And MoreMonth ago

    Crh: boom Sr pelo : BOOM Roadman shaq: Boom Big Shaq the one and only

  60. Aspen Espartero

    Aspen EsparteroMonth ago

    Your hand is shaking

  61. Daisy Caruso

    Daisy CarusoMonth ago

    Man, I love his accent

  62. Toy.Star.

    Toy.Star.Month ago

    "I like it pretty thicc"

  63. Grace Tsen

    Grace TsenMonth ago

    You have to use the cheese in a rue for fondue

  64. YouTube Talent Executive

    YouTube Talent ExecutiveMonth ago

    I liked all these gadgeks. Just the fondue cheese mug will work alot better with melting cheeses and fondue is usually a blend of melting cheeses.

  65. RAIA TV

    RAIA TVMonth ago

    Booooom Boooooom

  66. Dee Elle Kay

    Dee Elle KayMonth ago

    Mmm, I'm craving cheese now. 😁

  67. Manuel Ezequiel Gaming

    Manuel Ezequiel GamingMonth ago


  68. Dmf 2179

    Dmf 2179Month ago

    *A Few Pubes*

  69. Blue Grass dude

    Blue Grass dudeMonth ago

    I love cheese blocks I could just eat an entire block

  70. MistaCaliber

    MistaCaliberMonth ago

    The reason the cheese didn’t melt as well in the cup is because you need a cheese that meant for fondue.

  71. cian_o_brien

    cian_o_brienMonth ago

    9:00 few pubes?.......... OK

  72. BlowDatEngine445

    BlowDatEngine445Month ago

    B O O M

  73. Alvin Ailey 3rd

    Alvin Ailey 3rdMonth ago

    How much cheese do you have

  74. cr7soccer player

    cr7soccer playerMonth ago

    few pubes🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂8:58

  75. GMP REX

    GMP REXMonth ago

    Why no use a knife

  76. thuglord1231

    thuglord1231Month ago

    The first review was of a wasp bite, look at my hand woouuuu

  77. Jhonny Gutierrez Villa

    Jhonny Gutierrez VillaMonth ago

    9:21 "Small pieces of cubes of cheese" 🤣🤣🤣

  78. Corey Davis

    Corey DavisMonth ago

    anyone else about to make some cheese sandwiches or omelettes

  79. Milan Orescanin

    Milan OrescaninMonth ago

    Cheese cutting satisfaying video xD

  80. karrar ihssan204

    karrar ihssan204Month ago

    I prefer to explain it in the knife ...... Excellent Thanks

  81. Rebecca McNally

    Rebecca McNallyMonth ago

    I love cheese

  82. Max Warner

    Max WarnerMonth ago

    Does he have Parkinson’s

  83. grinmark Jon

    grinmark JonMonth ago

    There's special recipe for the cheese sauce!

  84. rexela2101

    rexela2101Month ago

    You're actually using the 1st tool backwards i think. And I really like you saying the "BOOM" when something you like happens 😂😂

  85. Gabriel Thu

    Gabriel ThuMonth ago

    Are you wasting your chess

  86. Adam Hastings

    Adam HastingsMonth ago

    Its breaking because its sharp cheddar use a softer cheese and you will be ok

  87. James Quast

    James QuastMonth ago

    I love how he says gadgets like gadgects


    RDMANGLE-YTMonth ago

    7:26 the stone is either marble or Andesyte

  89. Sav -E

    Sav -EMonth ago


  90. Steven Penaloza

    Steven PenalozaMonth ago

    9:00 “Pubes”😂

  91. Wheresmy240

    Wheresmy240Month ago

    You need to take a step back and think if there's a more logical way to do these things sometimes. For instance, you were saying you had to break off the cheese at the bottom with that one slicer, well if you would've cut across the top of the cheese instead of the side it would've cut all the way through. It wasn't the gadget's fault, it was the end-user's fault.

  92. Virmalon Sadoy

    Virmalon SadoyMonth ago

    pubes hahahahahha! laughed for straight 10mins i love your vids!

  93. Caio Moura

    Caio MouraMonth ago

    Imagine him at the airport boom boom boom

  94. Caio Moura

    Caio MouraMonth ago

    What does he do with the food

  95. Qinx PL

    Qinx PLMonth ago

    last one gadged u use reverse, this small hole in center u just pull on cheese

  96. TideLow

    TideLowMonth ago

    and i like cheese. And i like planes! and i liek dark cheese. dun dun dun duun duun duun

  97. Clive Mercer

    Clive MercerMonth ago




    I like the way people enjoy while you just keep saying BOOM!

  99. Alastriana Teregov

    Alastriana TeregovMonth ago


  100. eenayeah

    eenayeahMonth ago

    few pubes