6 Cheese Gadgets put to the Test!


  1. Nicolas Rosano

    Nicolas Rosano17 hours ago


  2. MajorFlatter

    MajorFlatterDay ago

    Who need those gadget when I have my mouth?

  3. DisposableEgo

    DisposableEgoDay ago

    Cool gadgeks!

  4. Galaxy Gaming

    Galaxy Gaming2 days ago

    This video is dedicated to our lord and savior, Cheeses Crust Lol

  5. Suraj Srinivasan

    Suraj Srinivasan3 days ago


  6. Pamela Smith

    Pamela Smith3 days ago

    I really like that dome one were it makes cheese flowers

  7. Hey It’s Charlie

    Hey It’s Charlie4 days ago

    Putting WHAT into the cheese?? 5:55

  8. Kazotsky

    Kazotsky4 days ago

    gajick: does simple thing Taras: *WOW AMAYZEN!!*

  9. sad foxyfoxy

    sad foxyfoxy5 days ago

    Where you wearing your protection glasses when the wasp stung you?

  10. Chou Lee

    Chou Lee6 days ago

    8:59 “few pubes”

  11. Gj Tenan

    Gj Tenan6 days ago

    be carful

  12. Gamerboy 3422

    Gamerboy 34226 days ago

    I wonder what he did with all that cheese

  13. Kimberly Parsons

    Kimberly Parsons8 days ago


  14. Jeffrey

    Jeffrey9 days ago

    8:58 "few pubes"

  15. Sheikh Parvez

    Sheikh Parvez10 days ago

    Pls see more Booooooooooooooom

  16. Chris kafaldjian

    Chris kafaldjian10 days ago

    8:58 a few what? 😂😂😂😂😂

  17. sterling archer

    sterling archer10 days ago

    I really wanted to eat that cheese

  18. Zaheer Tariq

    Zaheer Tariq11 days ago

    There is another gadget called "knife" you should try to cut cheeze with that

  19. Hardbanger

    Hardbanger12 days ago

    I like that boom boom boom.

  20. Polivios Astridis

    Polivios Astridis14 days ago

    13:35 elke Nederlander gebruikt dat ding gwn😂"gadget" gewoon een kaasschaaf gap

  21. Jace Urioste

    Jace Urioste14 days ago

    How many different types of cheese do Russians buy when they go to the grocery store?

  22. gabriel florin Petre

    gabriel florin Petre14 days ago


  23. Deegii Nyamdavaa

    Deegii Nyamdavaa14 days ago


  24. Martin Lapers

    Martin Lapers15 days ago

    Gotta get that boom boom boom

  25. Extreme Shadow

    Extreme Shadow16 days ago

    8:56 “Get some lunch, few pubes”

  26. beasty dude

    beasty dude15 days ago


  27. Rajeev Jajoo

    Rajeev Jajoo16 days ago

    Four types of English : 1. British 2. American 3. Sean-paulish 4. Taras-kullish

  28. Moe Saffar

    Moe Saffar16 days ago

    i like it pretty thin LOL you and me both brother

  29. HASH

    HASH17 days ago

    8:58 f e w p u b e s (love him)

  30. Rzznex Hacks

    Rzznex Hacks17 days ago

    He's like always shaking😐

  31. Camille Dayon

    Camille Dayon17 days ago

    I appreciate how he didnt eat any of the slices he made If that was me i would lose control lol

  32. Mr fan

    Mr fan17 days ago

    now that's some thicc cheese

  33. ItsMe PASHIE

    ItsMe PASHIE18 days ago

    Ehhh,Knife still Better😂

  34. sotobox A.E

    sotobox A.E18 days ago

    The first one you you was holding it whromg

  35. 3Sixty Gamer

    3Sixty Gamer18 days ago

    At 7:00 thats eaten a lot in seitzerland and normaly you use a special kind of cheese

  36. ʟᴇᴏɴ ᴋᴇɴɴᴇᴅʏ

    ʟᴇᴏɴ ᴋᴇɴɴᴇᴅʏ19 days ago

    *Nice Video*

  37. Anton Smoljan

    Anton Smoljan19 days ago

    Hope your arm gets bether:)!!

  38. Proud Gamer

    Proud Gamer20 days ago


  39. noemi agland

    noemi agland20 days ago

    Each slice is either "Boom" or "Easy"

  40. Croloman Hei

    Croloman Hei20 days ago


  41. Max Mus

    Max Mus20 days ago

    The Russian Phil sweft

  42. Lewis Downie

    Lewis Downie20 days ago

    Hi do rave mask

  43. Robin Wernerson

    Robin Wernerson20 days ago

    13:37 standard for every household in Sweden

  44. Robin Wernerson

    Robin Wernerson20 days ago

    And we call it Osthyvel, means "cheese carver"

  45. The Unknown Savage

    The Unknown Savage21 day ago

    *We weren’t worried* 😂

  46. Xpouii -

    Xpouii -21 day ago

    So when are we gonna get a “most satisfying” ASMR cheese video from you?

  47. Mate Dogan

    Mate Dogan22 days ago

    every piece of cheese BOOMED

  48. FMN

    FMN22 days ago

    I love cheese! But seriously EVERY Dutch household has the last 'gadget' 😂. Probably more people have a 'kaasschaaf' than a coffee maker. I really do love your videos. Been watching for a few years now, and you rock.

  49. TheFirstGaming YT

    TheFirstGaming YT22 days ago

    Isn’t this what a knife is for

  50. Shintaro's Gaming

    Shintaro's Gaming22 days ago

    Isn't just me or you're shaking uncontrollable

  51. Anouk Van hooff

    Anouk Van hooff22 days ago

    Dutch people know what the last one is I'm dutch

  52. funny af

    funny af22 days ago

    Anouk Van hooff i want a head

  53. Sabin Gurung

    Sabin Gurung23 days ago

    5:53 i didnt knew you could put cracks in the cheese XD

  54. Luke little 1432

    Luke little 143223 days ago

    Get you a few pubes for lunch😂 great vid

  55. scale jumper

    scale jumper24 days ago

    the way he said gadgets in gadjects

  56. Dora Explora

    Dora Explora24 days ago

    12:46 cheeses=jesus

  57. Robert Crosby

    Robert Crosby26 days ago

    Anytime you see a stone like that that is marble those are awesome cheese slicer I have three of them myself the only one I use love you videos keep making them

  58. charlette fajardo

    charlette fajardo26 days ago

    I like this video and I like cheese 😝

  59. Josue Gamez

    Josue Gamez26 days ago


  60. ThomasAAT

    ThomasAAT26 days ago

    The norwegian "Ostehøvel" will blow your mind. If you are Norwegian and read this, you already know.

  61. Lucas

    Lucas26 days ago

    Hey tou can desinfect the sing by keeping your hand in salty water for a while

  62. Jacob Mccahill

    Jacob Mccahill26 days ago

    Or u could use a knife

  63. Backpack

    Backpack27 days ago

    5:53 🤣

  64. HI- Z

    HI- Z27 days ago

    😅They were putting what into the melted cheese now

  65. Lilman247 oh

    Lilman247 oh28 days ago

    Few pubes for lunch i heard on 9:00

  66. Melon Man

    Melon Man28 days ago

    8:59 *FEW PUBES*

  67. Salvador Contreras

    Salvador Contreras28 days ago


  68. TheGoldenGamer1478

    TheGoldenGamer147828 days ago

    looks like taras cut the cheese ;)

  69. LJay Craft

    LJay Craft29 days ago

    13:15 its in Germany for like hundereds of jears😂

  70. Lilyz37

    Lilyz3729 days ago

    Very cute like cheese Carnations cool

  71. Lilyz37

    Lilyz3729 days ago

    13:33 looks like cauliflower lol

  72. Lilyz37

    Lilyz3729 days ago

    Cheese chop saw thumbs up Maybe most of the vege can be chopped there too lol

  73. Cedric Dave

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  74. Jeebus McFries

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  75. Gamer's life

    Gamer's lifeMonth ago

    Are you communist

  76. Aliya Hudi

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  77. * *

    * *Month ago

    Cheese, my favorite food group😂

  78. Coty Fulton

    Coty FultonMonth ago

    Should gave used fondue in the cheese cup

  79. Justin Y.

    Justin Y.Month ago

    small peices of cubes of cheese

  80. Nikolai aka CasSpell

    Nikolai aka CasSpellMonth ago

    I smell a new "Boom" compilation video coming 😅

  81. Rishi Singh

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  82. Christian Ridgway

    Christian RidgwayMonth ago

    i want the marble cheese slicer

  83. sam coops

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  84. GhjnnGames

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  85. SnS Records

    SnS RecordsMonth ago

    Cheese gadgecks

  86. Mustafa Q Cementwala

    Mustafa Q CementwalaMonth ago

    Boom ☠

  87. Brittany Young

    Brittany YoungMonth ago

    This is what happens when Taras gets married. People (like myself) start rewatching their favorite videos to fill the void. 😂

  88. The High Pineapple

    The High PineappleMonth ago

    8:58 I could SWEAR he said pubes.

  89. Flower GemsGirl

    Flower GemsGirlMonth ago

    I have the marble cheese board and a set of cheese knives. I tried the handheld rolling cutter and I didn’t like it. Now I want the fondue mugs! 🤗

  90. Nite Plays

    Nite PlaysMonth ago

    9:35 how many times are u going to SAY BOOM!😂😂

  91. jaskari1

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  92. Ibrahim Mercier

    Ibrahim MercierMonth ago

    Evaluate eight producer right name resign push Islam five.

  93. R6s Montage God

    R6s Montage GodMonth ago

    He said few pubes 8:58

  94. Theresa Butler

    Theresa ButlerMonth ago

    Loved the cheese slicer with the marble base! Another great demo as everybody likes cheese! Boom...

  95. Theresa Butler

    Theresa ButlerMonth ago

    Soak your hand in Organic (Bragg's) Apple Cider Vinegar...boom...

  96. Howard the alien

    Howard the alienMonth ago

    Why is American cheese orange ?

  97. RexToTheMax

    RexToTheMaxMonth ago

    Mmmm cheese

  98. King of the Hood

    King of the HoodMonth ago

    Oddly satisfying

  99. Esketit

    EsketitMonth ago

    Looks like a salad

  100. _Itsme Haru

    _Itsme HaruMonth ago

    T H I C C cheese

  101. gideis gek

    gideis gekMonth ago

    Lol I'm Dutch and I love cheese

  102. lebronsforniteclips s

    lebronsforniteclips sMonth ago

    May 20 is my bday thx for posting I love your vids

  103. nicolas cardinal

    nicolas cardinalMonth ago

    to by honest the bagel and cheese was satisfying and magical

  104. KingViruZ

    KingViruZMonth ago