6 Cheese Gadgets put to the Test!


  1. Kyler McGee

    Kyler McGee10 hours ago

    That breathing though.

  2. Some One

    Some One10 hours ago

    Cheesy vid

  3. Elijah Swedelson

    Elijah Swedelson2 days ago

    8: 50

  4. Elijah Swedelson

    Elijah Swedelson2 days ago

    He said pubes

  5. Karsten Campbell

    Karsten Campbell2 days ago

    Just cut with knife

  6. BeatsByEishan

    BeatsByEishan2 days ago

    *Cheeseburger has entered the chat*

  7. Marcus Aploy

    Marcus Aploy3 days ago

    The cheese slicer at 13:35 has been around in norway long before the 2000's

  8. Lenning Outdoors

    Lenning Outdoors3 days ago

    Did he say pubes

  9. Sean Andrei Lopez

    Sean Andrei Lopez3 days ago

    Wats ap ebriwan where sapety is our numba 1 pwayowity

  10. YEE :D

    YEE :D4 days ago

    could i make grilled eggs with this? 6:30

  11. Mohammed Irshad

    Mohammed Irshad6 days ago

    I think some rats 🐀 smells that cheese 🧀

  12. Ray Ray

    Ray Ray8 days ago

    When I read your title in my head I heard gadgicks lol.

  13. Real Person

    Real Person10 days ago

    That’s just a fondue set

  14. Zamiel - GamePlay

    Zamiel - GamePlay12 days ago

    Why are

  15. s z

    s z12 days ago


  16. Lindsay Truscott

    Lindsay Truscott13 days ago

    7:30 that's the exact same one we had

  17. JG123JG’s Moments

    JG123JG’s Moments14 days ago

    Half of this video is just ASMR🤣

  18. Foreign Lions

    Foreign Lions16 days ago

    welcome to my laboyoty where safty is nuber one piyoyity

  19. Emz

    Emz17 days ago

    *That’s a lot of cheese*

  20. Gary LLoyd

    Gary LLoyd18 days ago

    for the cheese slicer to work propperly, you have to hold the gadger perpendicular to the cheese block, 90 degrees.

  21. Cindy Lynn Gagnon

    Cindy Lynn Gagnon18 days ago

    The cheese melter for the bagel is my favorite gadjick for sure.

  22. Eduardo Cruz Huizar

    Eduardo Cruz Huizar21 day ago

    why is the topic boring but the video interesting

  23. kingdom Joshua

    kingdom Joshua25 days ago


  24. HYPER_DRAGON999 /HarrySingh

    HYPER_DRAGON999 /HarrySingh25 days ago

    The stone is marble

  25. Delicious Food

    Delicious Food27 days ago

    Who else liked before watching the video just because it said *cHeEsE?*

  26. omzig18

    omzig1828 days ago

    5:53 they we're putting what in the melted cheese?

  27. Trygve Melcher

    Trygve MelcherMonth ago

    alle som vet hva en oste hvel er lik

  28. Trygve Melcher

    Trygve MelcherMonth ago


  29. Carlo Pellicciari

    Carlo PellicciariMonth ago


  30. SAI RB

    SAI RBMonth ago

    What do you do with your remaining food

  31. Softcheeseftw

    SoftcheeseftwMonth ago

    Boom count 18

  32. JMoto

    JMotoMonth ago

    Read this in Russian accent. This is very satisfying.

  33. Isaac Okeane

    Isaac OkeaneMonth ago

    U can just use a potato pealer to cut cheese

  34. Julian 7160

    Julian 7160Month ago

    The last one was really cool

  35. Jawad Alghamdi

    Jawad AlghamdiMonth ago

    8:59 FEW PUBES XD

  36. Itachi Uchiha

    Itachi UchihaMonth ago

    Top 5 anime weapons!

  37. It’syaboigameplayer everydayboi

    It’syaboigameplayer everydayboiMonth ago

    I think he could beat t-gay

  38. Kevin Oloane

    Kevin OloaneMonth ago

    I'd eat the cheese

  39. Jsoerenne Udani

    Jsoerenne UdaniMonth ago

    "if your cheese is crumbly, *you have a problem* " 😂😂😂

  40. Sexy_beast

    Sexy_beastMonth ago

    That hand is thicc 👌🏻

  41. Prince Serg

    Prince SergMonth ago

    2:52 Boom :P

  42. EJD2FAST4U

    EJD2FAST4UMonth ago

    Guys I found the best cheese slicer......The Knife!

  43. Muzayyin Marjani

    Muzayyin MarjaniMonth ago

    Guys, I Miss your science experiment

  44. Jonalene Damunyu

    Jonalene DamunyuMonth ago


  45. RhinosWrath

    RhinosWrathMonth ago

    I trying to think of a pun but all of them were too Corny! What did you think I was gonna say

  46. Lillybug Egan

    Lillybug EganMonth ago

    r you wasting cheese

  47. The nameless King

    The nameless KingMonth ago

    Almost all of them were good

  48. S4ever !

    S4ever !Month ago

    *slice* BOOM

  49. S4ever !

    S4ever !Month ago

    It’s marble *duh*

  50. Dylan Geisler

    Dylan GeislerMonth ago

    8:57 he said “a few pubes”



    Your bald head like cheese

  52. Shu Kurenai

    Shu KurenaiMonth ago

    You have so many laboratory.

  53. Upeka Hasanthi

    Upeka HasanthiMonth ago

    Ugh its better to use a cheese grater

  54. Lukáš

    LukášMonth ago

    Ooooh he stealin cheese 😀

  55. _ kiiteng

    _ kiitengMonth ago

    side note.. you could literally just use a knife..

  56. _ kiiteng

    _ kiitengMonth ago

    taras should actually do a video trolling people by using just a knife nckdddjdj

  57. Cretzu44

    Cretzu44Month ago

    12:06 Jesus?

  58. Kirigaya Kazuto

    Kirigaya KazutoMonth ago

    5.36 slighter cer

  59. Christopher johnson

    Christopher johnsonMonth ago


  60. Puppet games

    Puppet gamesMonth ago

    I’m eating cheese while watching this vid

  61. Puppet games

    Puppet gamesMonth ago

    Crh: I be5 it’s gonna be so delicious because it’s so tiny Me: it’s cheese it taste the same big or small

  62. u wot meme 2004

    u wot meme 2004Month ago

    im going to cheester soon

  63. Mohamed Ali

    Mohamed AliMonth ago

    Boom 💥

  64. Bonifacio Lobrigas Jr.

    Bonifacio Lobrigas Jr.Month ago

    watup ebebady

  65. Santiago Vigliano

    Santiago ViglianoMonth ago

    *🅱 o o m*

  66. The gaming Ninja

    The gaming NinjaMonth ago

    8:59 he said pubes

  67. Wanna get High

    Wanna get HighMonth ago

    A few pubs 8:85 😂

  68. Arne Philip Fivelsdal Kvamme

    Arne Philip Fivelsdal KvammeMonth ago

    Almost everyone in Norway has one or more btw. Norway invented the cheesslicer

  69. tanay joshi

    tanay joshiMonth ago

    Some pubes - crh 2018

  70. Alan Nahuel

    Alan NahuelMonth ago

    "Love it" also im watching this 5:11am

  71. Jorgin

    JorginMonth ago

    Who cut the cheese

  72. Ragna Xi

    Ragna XiMonth ago

    Perhaps use a different kind of cheese for the fondue mug... Oh maybe, just maybe cheese made for fondue called Raclette!

  73. Tractor Texel

    Tractor TexelMonth ago

    Here in Holland we have cheese knifes for your bread

  74. harshman singh

    harshman singhMonth ago

    First two gadgets I would prefer just a slightly hot knife

  75. Pavan Datta

    Pavan DattaMonth ago

    Cuts a piece BOOM nice gajick

  76. Andras Bajusz

    Andras BajuszMonth ago


  77. Aaron Calderone

    Aaron CalderoneMonth ago

    A few pubes... Okay... 8:54

  78. TyrameZz

    TyrameZzMonth ago

    Whatsapp averybawdi welkom to mylabaratobary weir sefety idemodern priowity

  79. ahmed nassar

    ahmed nassarMonth ago

    Boom calculator = 22

  80. Dudubi 29

    Dudubi 29Month ago

    *bom* I guess

  81. Mariusz O

    Mariusz OMonth ago

    YT - debil.

  82. Leo A

    Leo AMonth ago

    Your hand has tremors

  83. SushiTushi Edits

    SushiTushi EditsMonth ago

    Wanna see a trick? *Read More*

  84. Kajal Panigrahi

    Kajal PanigrahiMonth ago

    I think a "knife" is better !

  85. Dark But Cute

    Dark But CuteMonth ago

    Im sorry for you

  86. Rubeya Hajlan

    Rubeya HajlanMonth ago

    I could smell this video

  87. Edwin Joseph Ferrer

    Edwin Joseph FerrerMonth ago

    Back at it again wastinggg foood

  88. Scarlett Bailey

    Scarlett BaileyMonth ago

    Can any one tell me what he says in his intro ?😂😂

  89. Moh Janneh

    Moh JannehMonth ago

    make shore you give some of that cheese to jarry

  90. Nestor rodriguez benitez

    Nestor rodriguez benitezMonth ago


  91. noah Veenhof

    noah VeenhofMonth ago


  92. Marius Hebnes

    Marius HebnesMonth ago

    Haven’t people heard of thecheeseslicer yet? Ps the norwegian version is better than the american version

  93. wokitoki vg

    wokitoki vgMonth ago

    "so guys this cheese slicer has already melted the cheese"

  94. James Roach

    James RoachMonth ago


  95. Reuben Salazar

    Reuben SalazarMonth ago

    Few pubes 8:59

  96. We don’t know Our name

    We don’t know Our nameMonth ago


  97. Edgar Trevino

    Edgar TrevinoMonth ago

    I couldn't tell his hands are swollen

  98. Manny and Hailey black Witherspoon

    Manny and Hailey black WitherspoonMonth ago


  99. Rama Davy

    Rama DavyMonth ago


  100. Indri Zefanya

    Indri ZefanyaMonth ago

    That giant cheese was like 3 page of paper

  101. Lupe favila

    Lupe favilaMonth ago

    Just started watching your videos. Love them great work.

  102. Rick Derks

    Rick DerksMonth ago

    The fift one we have in Holland