50 People Try to Crack Open a Coconut | Epicurious


  1. indie_cloud

    indie_cloud3 hours ago

    I once tried to throw my coconut off my apartment balcony to open it. My roommate stopped me.

  2. Kimova Claudia

    Kimova Claudia4 hours ago

    Yes just Brut force

  3. I S A B E L L A

    I S A B E L L A5 hours ago

    That guy with long blonde is is just... wowe

  4. Irene_Cubes

    Irene_Cubes9 hours ago

    jesus christ people move your hands

  5. John Shomody

    John Shomody14 hours ago


  6. Stoned *

    Stoned *19 hours ago


  7. NyAppyMiku22

    NyAppyMiku2220 hours ago

    i agree with that last guy!

  8. tanimatafeo

    tanimatafeo21 hour ago

    I have never seen coconut been open with a hammer before haha, but in my culture we do the same as he did with the hammer, but instead we use the back of a knife.

  9. Grim Reaper

    Grim Reaper22 hours ago

    Find the line in the coconut Hold the coconut flat Hit it with a cleaver

  10. Special Fruit

    Special Fruit22 hours ago

    1:08 , Thor is that you? What's up my bro?!..

  11. Unknown Jkitsnotunknown

    Unknown JkitsnotunknownDay ago

    If u hear them break you can hear a song

  12. Audrey Wong

    Audrey WongDay ago

    Shouldn't you poke 2 holes, one for the water to come out and on for the air to come in?

  13. Alejandro Aguilar

    Alejandro AguilarDay ago


  14. Rama Wahbi

    Rama WahbiDay ago

    That last guy is cute

  15. 5 minuit craft

    5 minuit craftDay ago


  16. Muhamad Alief

    Muhamad AliefDay ago

    For me im just using a cleaver... Back of the cleaver

  17. Charl Concepion

    Charl ConcepionDay ago

    Seriously? We use a big knife (itak) here on Philippines to open coconuts. No hammer no screwdriver no safety precautions.

  18. Serah

    SerahDay ago

    Thor is shaking

  19. Joe Milbys Osias

    Joe Milbys Osias2 days ago

    In the philipines we use a machette in tagalog it is itak

  20. TopHatPat

    TopHatPat2 days ago

    Make a remix of this

  21. Alex Lee

    Alex Lee2 days ago

    One of those few times I don’t get mad watching these vids cause I hardly see anyone open a coconut successfully

  22. Human Garbage

    Human Garbage2 days ago

    This is actually very sad to me

  23. Lathea Smith

    Lathea Smith2 days ago

    Why tf would a "professional" chef use a screw driver to open a coconut?

  24. Blue Smoke

    Blue Smoke2 days ago

    Orey gorrellaraaaa kobbarikaya kottedi raadha meeku 🤣🤣🤣

  25. MyLifeAsAquatic GachaVerse

    MyLifeAsAquatic GachaVerse3 days ago

    -omg it’s water just broke!-

  26. O

    O3 days ago

    Why does this video piss me off so much

  27. Victor Salajan

    Victor Salajan3 days ago

    if i were there i would take a hammer and SMASHED IT OPEN LIKE A BOSS oh wait i just did right there...

  28. Dangerous Woman

    Dangerous Woman3 days ago

    Replay buttons for sale! 1:08 1:08 1:08 1:08 1:08 1:08 1:08 1:08 1:08 1:08 1:08 1:08 1:08 1:08 1:08 1:08 1 like=one replay button

  29. M_K

    M_K3 days ago

    1:08 That dude always reminds of Francis from Malcolm in the Middle.

  30. Jhope Wifeu

    Jhope Wifeu3 days ago

    1:07 Basically Thor.

  31. Jhope Wifeu

    Jhope Wifeu3 days ago

    1:23 *"Omygod it's water broke! "* HAHAHA

  32. Jhope Wifeu

    Jhope Wifeu3 days ago

    2:06 *"I usually just use a rock"* Lol.

  33. Pyara Singh

    Pyara Singh3 days ago

    The guy with the blonde hair is my love

  34. GreyBeard Biscuit

    GreyBeard Biscuit4 days ago

    It how Ragnarok should ended 1:09 the coconut=Hela The blonde hair guy=Thor

  35. Aileen Theresia Lim

    Aileen Theresia Lim4 days ago


  36. Mind Hacker

    Mind Hacker4 days ago

    Who noticed the beat

  37. holy _mother

    holy _mother4 days ago


  38. Tracy Do

    Tracy Do4 days ago

    **hey honey can you open this coconut?** *yeah just let me get the screwdrivers!*

  39. Drop It

    Drop It4 days ago

    Guys, we have another Ramsay... TAKE COVER!!

  40. Andrew Pedraza

    Andrew Pedraza4 days ago

    Wow this is weak I can open one with my hands and a straw lol #maui

  41. neil gwaba

    neil gwaba4 days ago

    wtf this dudes. its so ez. just hold it. and use a large knife and hit it just across the line. email me for more detail. trust me im from philippines. and we have coco farm here.

  42. Samoth Infernus

    Samoth Infernus4 days ago

    0:34 excuse me wtf!?

  43. Rohit Kumar

    Rohit Kumar4 days ago

    Someone introduce these to Indians.We are the Masters of frugal innovation a.k.a Jugaad

  44. Nirnitha R

    Nirnitha R4 days ago

    This could be some rap song😂

  45. Dimmadab

    Dimmadab4 days ago

    use meat tenderizer and screw driver as a chisel poke it into one of the eyes or the mouth then take the hammer and HULK SMASH

  46. Tyler White

    Tyler White4 days ago

    Just use a machete

  47. That.depressed.dragon Puff

    That.depressed.dragon Puff5 days ago

    “Omg it’s water broke!”

  48. soo-yun park

    soo-yun park5 days ago

    *oh my god it’s water broke*

  49. Aakanksha Sarraju

    Aakanksha Sarraju5 days ago

    Blonde dude is like Thor n Tarzan had a kid

  50. Jared Chugmow

    Jared Chugmow6 days ago

    Only islanders can open a coconut perfectly and easily. Using a machete is easier than hammers and screws

  51. Pop tnt Swagger

    Pop tnt Swagger6 days ago

    New idea : Get a atom of anti-matter, throw it at the coconut and **BOOM** (a pun that sounds horrible) it’s cut in half! And so is Earth. But that’s not relevant.

  52. Terrific Popcorn

    Terrific Popcorn6 days ago

    1:08 I'm hundo% sure that thor's cousin have big muscles like him! He propably has like a row of 8 pecks!

  53. M.R. Yan

    M.R. Yan7 days ago

    so different from the large green coconuts in Indonesia....

  54. Nagaanand Kamath

    Nagaanand Kamath7 days ago

    True blue idiots! No need to pierce the eyes of the coconut. Fuggin idiots! Its a staple part of the diet in most of Asia. In India, a person who opens the coconut like the 'chef' (blooming idiot) did, would be a laughing stock for most part of the country. You want to learn how to peel and open a coconut, ask an Indian.

  55. chilli bunghole

    chilli bunghole7 days ago

    I own a full tang bowie and hit the handle on a coconut twice and it cracked in half

  56. makorea te whata

    makorea te whata8 days ago


  57. Jonathan Dominguez

    Jonathan Dominguez8 days ago

    Why did they try so hard just slam it.

  58. Bryton Gammon

    Bryton Gammon8 days ago

    I’m 7 and I know how to do this


    DARKCHOAS X708 days ago

    At least it’s not buzzfeed

  60. Cheapsmilez

    Cheapsmilez8 days ago

    When I was younger I used to go outside and crack it open on the side of this huge rock. After I drank the water I'd throw it on the sidewalk over and over to break it even more and use a knife to get the meat. I refused to wait until my parents felt like doing it for me. I really loved coconuts 😂

  61. Rokas Lankas

    Rokas Lankas8 days ago

    Tkor made it easy

  62. KIBO The last bald otaku

    KIBO The last bald otaku8 days ago

    Using something in Philippines called sundang makes it easier to open it🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  63. Vidal Maharaj

    Vidal Maharaj8 days ago

    You white people so dumb the back of a cutlass crack down the middle, drain and split simple

  64. Colorful Days

    Colorful Days9 days ago

    As an islander all I need is a knife or a sharp edge and I'm done. Nothing else!

  65. Xm_Kawaii

    Xm_Kawaii9 days ago

    I live in the island I literally have a coconut tree behind my house it literally easy .... take a masher and. Slice it... the u can eat the jelly(white stuff inside) drink the water... and Use the straw. For several thing. U can use it to make a tooth brush

  66. dude.

    dude.9 days ago

    1:08 thor is shook

  67. Kot Asimov

    Kot Asimov9 days ago

    I just hit it against my forehead and it had opened

  68. NoLsOnly Ws

    NoLsOnly Ws9 days ago

    1:08 *_you have given thor the hammer_*

  69. Tobsensoe

    Tobsensoe9 days ago

    Are Americans really this stupid???

  70. Clara Jones

    Clara Jones9 days ago



    THEDARKBRIGADE 1239 days ago

    0:44 hurts my brain

  72. noha kriddache

    noha kriddache9 days ago

    2:06 i shushushushu a rock

  73. Bloxie Time

    Bloxie Time9 days ago

    The granny was a pro

  74. Defence Warfare

    Defence Warfare10 days ago

    50 coconuts were used in this video...

  75. CHIMPANZE kazuya

    CHIMPANZE kazuya10 days ago


  76. Monica Ailyn

    Monica Ailyn10 days ago

    Someone give me the long blond haired guy’s insta he cute😉😉

  77. Random Videos ✌

    Random Videos ✌10 days ago

    Dude with blond hair:i opened it with a hammer Me:HaHAHAHa A HAMMER *OPENS WITH HEAD* Dude:...😱 Me: HAHAHA seE you can USE MY Head Dude:that didint hurt Me:no WHy WouLD THaT HUrt Dude:okeay 😱😰😶😶😯😶 Me:HAHAHA AmaTURS 😂😂😂😂


    YOU WANT CAMPFIRE10 days ago

    0:58 really?

  79. BuffyTV

    BuffyTV10 days ago

    Next time you can find someone with an iq over 10?

  80. Nelly Frumoasa

    Nelly Frumoasa10 days ago

    This is the dumbest thing I've ever seen. We use a machete here

  81. B717R BLRO

    B717R BLRO11 days ago

    Wait was the Robert Ramsey dude on 1 of Gordon Ramsay's​ undercover pranks?

  82. Pr0xy Gamer xD

    Pr0xy Gamer xD11 days ago

    *Why mostly white people to do the job*

  83. Stefán Jónsson

    Stefán Jónsson11 days ago


  84. Conner Black

    Conner Black11 days ago

    The easiest way to do that with the tools they have is to use the claw part of the hammer and not be afraid of hitting it


    EMILE ROBITAILLE11 days ago

    Wtf is this this is y Americans can't last a second in da carribean like coconuts r SOOOOOOOO easy to crack open SOOOOOOOO easy

  86. This is CRINGEY

    This is CRINGEY11 days ago

    This reminds me of Buzzfeed

  87. Spargsy

    Spargsy11 days ago


  88. Dylan Fallon

    Dylan Fallon11 days ago

    almost all of them are trying to open it the wrong way 😂


    AAKASH TEWARI11 days ago

    Why ...just ..why...they are so dumb..?plz just try to ask them where do we get the coconut from..?

  90. Swathi Arjun

    Swathi Arjun11 days ago

    Im from kerala India i open coconuts all the time chef just complicated it

  91. Ron Foo

    Ron Foo12 days ago

    The blonde guy did better than the ‘professional’ chef

  92. Patricia Ranara

    Patricia Ranara12 days ago

    3:42. That kinda rude...... Coconut is EDIBLE..

  93. Arcanineer

    Arcanineer12 days ago

    1:09 is that Thor? one whack coconut crack lol

  94. Competitive Gameplay

    Competitive Gameplay12 days ago

    Gordon Ramsay 2:24

  95. Praise The Night

    Praise The Night12 days ago

    The grandma know how to do dis

  96. lettuce eater

    lettuce eater12 days ago

    NA education

  97. Alexander Wiklund

    Alexander Wiklund12 days ago

    watch coyote he knows how to do it

  98. Kay

    Kay13 days ago

    Meanwhile SE Asians are laughing ROFL

  99. Tangy & Delicious

    Tangy & Delicious13 days ago

    I dropped a coconut on my kitchen floor and it broke

  100. Wtf _

    Wtf _13 days ago

    0:35 I think she’s a bit slow