50 People Try to Crack Open a Coconut | Epicurious


  1. lashon mason

    lashon masonHour ago

    Coconut: The Musical

  2. Shyam Malasani

    Shyam Malasani3 hours ago

    1:22 Oh my god its water broke

  3. xb 1

    xb 17 hours ago

    Their making a sick beat out of the banging

  4. I’m Surprised

    I’m Surprised8 hours ago

    65% 1:08 35% other

  5. Alan Reyes

    Alan Reyes15 hours ago

    Take it from a kid who lives in Mexico a machete is the easiest way

  6. chiro chill

    chiro chill16 hours ago

    The entire video is basically *bam* *bam**bam*

  7. Savvy Star

    Savvy Star19 hours ago

    >"That is not making nearly as much headway as I though it would." >The coconut is literally cracked halfway

  8. Chocolate Noob

    Chocolate Noob19 hours ago

    1:30 is that a boy or a girl? “Looks at chest” well that didn’t help looks like a girl but doesn’t have any “coconuts” wink wink oh wait there’s an emoji for that😉😉

  9. Damond Bro

    Damond Bro21 hour ago


  10. Sefo Sefulu

    Sefo SefuluDay ago

    3:42 fight me

  11. TGVSupremz

    TGVSupremzDay ago

    1:08 He look like Thor and PewDiePie

  12. Killer Folder

    Killer FolderDay ago

    These noobs hahaha

  13. Jason Feng

    Jason FengDay ago

    No coconuts were hurt in the making of this video

  14. fuss ball

    fuss ballDay ago

    Your doing it wrong...

  15. Monsters Rule

    Monsters RuleDay ago

    I just have to ask is Robert Ramsey related to Gordon Ramsey


    HELLLO GOOD DAY2 days ago

    0:44 what...

  17. Marcelino Esteban

    Marcelino Esteban2 days ago

    Next video 50 people try to open a water bottle cap .people on the show : I'm going to take a hammer or screw driver

  18. SSK SlicK

    SSK SlicK2 days ago

    I'm Samoan and you need to know how to do it if you aing got these tools

  19. Chris Putnam

    Chris Putnam2 days ago

    Wait why doesn’t the video say that no cleavers were harmed

  20. J.N.G

    J.N.G2 days ago

    The guy in the thumbnail kinda looks lịe Chris Hemsworth (aka Thor).

  21. J.N.G

    J.N.G2 days ago

    *look like

  22. Angel cute girl

    Angel cute girl3 days ago

    2:23 is Gordon brother😆😆😆😆

  23. Jordan Gaming

    Jordan Gaming3 days ago

    1:08 Thor is alive

  24. Jordan Gaming

    Jordan Gaming3 days ago

    1:22 he water broke

  25. Jordan Gaming

    Jordan Gaming3 days ago

    2:10 Lol when that guy says no one cooks at Home Depot

  26. Foxx Filmzz

    Foxx Filmzz3 days ago

    1:08 "I HAVE THE HIGH GROUND A--" Wrong movie.

  27. TooQuick2K

    TooQuick2K3 days ago

    These people retarted😂😂😂

  28. The Howl Doge

    The Howl Doge3 days ago


  29. Aaliya Nicole

    Aaliya Nicole3 days ago

    1:24 omg it’s water broke 😂😂😂

  30. Khristina Aguilan

    Khristina Aguilan4 days ago

    The editors making sick beats out of that.

  31. iiAmFrosty

    iiAmFrosty4 days ago

    "I aint need that thumb anyway, lets go!" "OH MY GOD ITS WATER BROKE" bruh 😂

  32. HarlzGPRO 123

    HarlzGPRO 1234 days ago

    The old lady did it right

  33. kitten_ Laura

    kitten_ Laura4 days ago

    OH MAH GAWD ITS WATER BROKE!!!!!!!!!!!! Lol 😂

  34. Make this the Most Sub scribed Channel

    Make this the Most Sub scribed Channel4 days ago

    Wanna realized that Robert Ramsey is Gordon Ramsey's brother



    0:56 when I see a spider

  36. Ayleen Aguilera

    Ayleen Aguilera4 days ago

    Lady: omg its water broke Me: ......

  37. lil asian

    lil asian4 days ago

    1:07 they cute cute

  38. Aukusitino Uti

    Aukusitino Uti4 days ago

    Why you do the islanders like that 😂 Polynesian 💯

  39. The wrong Way

    The wrong Way4 days ago

    2:10 2:34 lol


    DS GAMING4 days ago

    Whoever put it in glass your retarted

  41. Sophia the great

    Sophia the great5 days ago

    3:57ⒷⒺⓈⓉ ⓆⓊⓄⓉⒺ ⓄⒻ 2019

  42. Bartol Knezovic

    Bartol Knezovic5 days ago

    0:21 dayum she aged really fast.

  43. Abdullah Haider

    Abdullah Haider5 days ago

    Thor was educated and he does not know that one of the holes are weak like if you 👇☺☺☺😎😎😎:-)

  44. May Joy Palma

    May Joy Palma5 days ago

    Go to Asia, guys. Youll know how. Lol no screw drivers too.

  45. Mary Grace Layson

    Mary Grace Layson5 days ago

    I just wack it with the backside of a cleaver. Works everytime. That is if you dont have a machete at home. If you do, wack it with the BACKSIDE. You dont want to lose any limbs...

  46. Nova Vector

    Nova Vector5 days ago

    watching this video makes me so proud that american dont even know how to crack a very simple old ancient coconut 😂😂😂lol just kidding

  47. Jose David

    Jose David5 days ago

    Who can break a coconut fast *Phil Swift*

  48. Static Panther

    Static Panther5 days ago

    1:08, Lol! Thor is is town everyone!

  49. masterbroadcast1

    masterbroadcast15 days ago

    Ummm Home Depot has grills and other utensils for cooking. Also go on a summer holiday and you’ll see them grilling hot dogs outside.

  50. Team Eagle TeereXX

    Team Eagle TeereXX6 days ago

    2:06 i ushczuzchusuzscha rock

  51. Jenna Asp

    Jenna Asp6 days ago

    That old lady was right