50 People Try to Crack Open a Coconut | Epicurious


  1. Dexter Roach

    Dexter Roach31 minute ago

    where did you find ALL those RETARS??

  2. Evelyn Huynh

    Evelyn Huynh45 minutes ago

    shut up

  3. itzmino

    itzminoHour ago

    1:08. IM THOR

  4. Eric Johnson

    Eric JohnsonHour ago

    everyone was trying so hard and that one guy just ddossed the coconut

  5. Amanda

    AmandaHour ago

    Coconuts were harmed in the making of this video.


    THE FINAL DAY2 hours ago

    My father teached me how to open a coconut with a machete its the only way I knew before this and I will keep using it since the ones we buy are the ones that still have the thicc green fibrous skin layer cut and peel off the soft skin Use any tool of your choice(I use a knife ) to break the hard case like a boiled egg This does take some skill Cut a hole trough the white skin and extract the water

  7. Amy Eweka

    Amy Eweka4 hours ago

    Tarzan is that you?!?!? 1:08

  8. Bxby bxg

    Bxby bxg6 hours ago

    Y all the blonde guy is Tyke james from the voice. Pretty sure he's from Hawaii

  9. Max the Cosplayer

    Max the Cosplayer7 hours ago

    I'm 11 and I learned how to open a coconut when I was 7

  10. Mariusz Smejda

    Mariusz Smejda8 hours ago


  11. Cubical Twister

    Cubical Twister9 hours ago

    Apex Legends Beginner Squad Lv 1 = 0:30 Champion Squad Lv 99 = 1:08

  12. Laxy Boi

    Laxy Boi11 hours ago

    Anyone else realize that Robert Ramsey was with Gordon Ramsey before?

  13. Gleb Firsakov

    Gleb Firsakov11 hours ago

    mate that aint even 40 people kid

  14. Marlyn

    Marlyn13 hours ago

    1:08 tarzan? is that you?

  15. myangsuma

    myangsuma16 hours ago

    that blond guy broke the chopping board in the fish-fillet episode

  16. MistyTheWolf 571

    MistyTheWolf 57117 hours ago

    @1:08 harambe?

  17. QLXVP

    QLXVP17 hours ago

    Sounds like the AKM in PUBG

  18. Daniel Mora

    Daniel Mora23 hours ago

    0:01 lots of crotches

  19. MC Tae Tae

    MC Tae TaeDay ago

    1:22 I’m fockin deAddddd

  20. E

    EDay ago

    I thought the title said 50 people try crack with coconut. I'm disappointed

  21. Rikto Draper

    Rikto DraperDay ago


  22. Very cute Robloxer

    Very cute RobloxerDay ago

    1:08 that guy xD

  23. B KK

    B KKDay ago

    Robert ramsay are you gordon ramsays son ?

  24. Estella Peterson

    Estella PetersonDay ago

    Thor is the king of. Bananas

  25. Blissful_Thinking

    Blissful_ThinkingDay ago


  26. LeeAnn's Jurczyszyn

    LeeAnn's JurczyszynDay ago

    "oh my god it's water broke!!!!"

  27. Anabela Aenasoaei

    Anabela AenasoaeiDay ago

    Omg its water broke 🤣🤣🤣

  28. Amanda L

    Amanda LDay ago

    Dude, just use a pointy knife to open de hole and then put in the oven for 7-10 minutes.

  29. Nathan Reaperz

    Nathan ReaperzDay ago

    Is this a joke? they gave them tools? we break coconuts with only hammers. its soooooo easy.

  30. Bah Saff

    Bah SaffDay ago

    Yes you don't use screwdriver for food. This video is upsetting.

  31. Christopher Flores

    Christopher FloresDay ago


  32. Brooke Raw

    Brooke Raw2 days ago

    omg its water broke

  33. JӦYの貓

    JӦYの貓2 days ago

    I see Thor

  34. The master Bater

    The master Bater2 days ago

    *o m g i t s w a t e r b r o k e*


    AMAURIS PENA MATOS2 days ago

    i love how they made a beat whith the smashing

  36. Lauren Hawkins

    Lauren Hawkins2 days ago

    I love how your office has so many different people of culture, age, and colour!

  37. Djmintyfreshful

    Djmintyfreshful2 days ago

    Not a stem major in sight

  38. VOLT4GE

    VOLT4GE2 days ago

    That’s not the way to get the water off a coconut

  39. VOLT4GE

    VOLT4GE2 days ago

    You need to get your machete or a good knife and that’s all.

  40. Eddemunken

    Eddemunken2 days ago

    1:08 whos mans is this

  41. Teejay W06

    Teejay W062 days ago

    Now that's a lot of damage

  42. iam a lazy potato

    iam a lazy potato2 days ago

    If you are wondering about the blond guy on 1:08 on how he opend the coconut well he lives in Hawaii and has a youtube channel here is a vid of him cracking a coconut on his channel mreporter.net/v/video-7qTnr_YIuAE.html

  43. trash bag

    trash bag2 days ago

    yo Thor needs a chill!!!

  44. xXsteveXx 71

    xXsteveXx 713 days ago

    is robert Ramsey gordan Ramseys brother

  45. shenn gra

    shenn gra3 days ago

    Where's the lamb sauce!

  46. Alex I

    Alex I3 days ago

    Imagine being the cashier and having a costumer buying 51 coconuts

  47. Pabz

    Pabz3 days ago

    *_You never go to home depot and see anyone cooking_*

  48. umme and saif ummal KARN and. ULLAH

    umme and saif ummal KARN and. ULLAH3 days ago

    The funny thing was the chef's second name was Ramsey

  49. Tim Ryazanov

    Tim Ryazanov3 days ago

    Next up 50 people try to put tooth paste on a toothbrush.

  50. Martyna Renk

    Martyna Renk3 days ago

    1:08 Thor god of hammer

  51. Mariusz Pudzianiowski

    Mariusz Pudzianiowski3 days ago

    Raus Jude

  52. suzuki chan

    suzuki chan3 days ago

    1:08 satifyiiiiiiinnng

  53. Zetsuke4

    Zetsuke43 days ago

    THOR and his long blonde hair and hammer looooool

  54. Zetsuke4

    Zetsuke43 days ago

    LMAOO when the guy hammered it hard and spilt juice everywhere

  55. Seedra Pony

    Seedra Pony4 days ago

    0:22 it took her forever to open it up!

  56. Andrew M

    Andrew M4 days ago

    "Ahh its water broke"😂😂😂

  57. Ava. Nichol_5

    Ava. Nichol_54 days ago

    50 people try going makeup

  58. Ava. Nichol_5

    Ava. Nichol_54 days ago

    50 people try to make pottery

  59. Kristen Maddow

    Kristen Maddow4 days ago

    They should see my fellow Puerto Rican’s crack open coconuts haha

  60. Mano Black

    Mano Black4 days ago

    Hey look its thor 1:08

  61. Emily Gaiser

    Emily Gaiser4 days ago

    Isn't that blonde guy from The Voice?

  62. WhoAreYou

    WhoAreYou4 days ago

    you can open a coconut with your hands.. what a dumb channel

  63. One Piece Theory Jensen

    One Piece Theory Jensen4 days ago

    I do not want to be racist or anything but when i see this videos i realize how many people are so stupid in this world especially in america

  64. shylaja vijendran

    shylaja vijendran4 days ago

    Southindian 😂🤣

  65. Always Be Happy Happy

    Always Be Happy Happy4 days ago

    m.mreporter.net/v/video-TRJ5oaY_78o.html ITS SIMPLE NOT A ROCKET SCIENCE

  66. BraylenTheGamer

    BraylenTheGamer5 days ago

    1:20 screwjabba dies

  67. Vincemuroqt

    Vincemuroqt5 days ago

    1:08 Now thats how Mafia works ,

  68. jesse barkley

    jesse barkley5 days ago

    "OMG it's water just broke" I'm deeeaad

  69. Sharkoutlaw

    Sharkoutlaw5 days ago

    Lol did you notice they were all white and when you see a mexican they open it with there bare hands

  70. KING JOE

    KING JOE5 days ago

    I thought this said “50 people try crack” lol

  71. Kryptobeast [kryptss]

    Kryptobeast [kryptss]5 days ago

    thats how you coco a crackanut

  72. Ian Nicol

    Ian Nicol5 days ago

    “Oh my god it’s water broke” I just peed myself

  73. Маргарита Соловьёва

    Маргарита Соловьёва5 days ago

    It's a miracle no one actually crippled themselves - this video's got more suspense than most of the horror movies I've watched

  74. Jaidyn in.

    Jaidyn in.5 days ago

    That Achilies guy........

  75. Riley Hallworth

    Riley Hallworth5 days ago

    I mean i drain a coconut of its milk then put it in a plastic bag and throw it on the floor to break it

  76. thaqib marshy

    thaqib marshy5 days ago

    I just whack the coconut using the back of a big knife and it's open... Don't get what the fuss is about. -Malaysian guy

  77. Mr. Mister

    Mr. Mister5 days ago

    Coconut can be cracked without spilling the coconut juice (not water) us Islanders do it for a living. Watch Kap Te'o Tafiti of PCC in Hawaii. Also, coconut really does taste good.

  78. Sumiati Sutedjo

    Sumiati Sutedjo5 days ago

    I never used screwdriver or hammer to open a coconut. I usually use a machete or a big knife. U should crack the middle of the coconut, open it lil'bit to dry the coconut water inside, and then open it all using the machete. That's most people do in Indonesia. And I don't wear something like glasses to cover up my eyes.

  79. Edmari Grace Rosario

    Edmari Grace Rosario5 days ago

    Why they are using screw drivers in a coconut? -.-

  80. Edmari Grace Rosario

    Edmari Grace Rosario5 days ago


  81. Team GB

    Team GB6 days ago

    1:23 lol

  82. Amari and jameer Vlogs

    Amari and jameer Vlogs6 days ago

    That desk left the chat🤣

  83. Emmanuel Jimenez

    Emmanuel Jimenez6 days ago

    You can use a machete, Is easier

  84. charli xo

    charli xo6 days ago

    Lmaooo she said “OH MY GOD IT’S WATER BROKE” 1:23

  85. Lewis Deans

    Lewis Deans6 days ago

    that blonde guy is insane he breaks the coconut easy and he also destroyed a cutting board in another episode, like where does he get the power from.

  86. dex star

    dex star6 days ago

    Blonde guy: omae wa maou shindeiru Coconut: nANi

  87. DoubleMan TM

    DoubleMan TM6 days ago

    1:08 nice job

  88. Caterpillar 16

    Caterpillar 166 days ago

    I just can’t stand seeing them can’t even crack open a coconut

  89. Zyncx츄

    Zyncx츄6 days ago

    I'm lucky born in indonesia. Coz this thing is so familiar with me

  90. jo h

    jo h6 days ago

    50 idiots try opening a nut

  91. x- comics

    x- comics6 days ago

    I don't know why but the end was really annoying for me

  92. David Wiland

    David Wiland7 days ago

    1:08 like a boss


    DR_CRAFTER7 days ago

    I feel like whenever someone was hammering or cutting it had a rhythm to go along with the background music

  94. aquilino silva

    aquilino silva7 days ago

    cringe at its finest.

  95. Unnatural Culture

    Unnatural Culture7 days ago

    OMIGAWD ITS WATER BROKE!!! that woman is my spirit animal

  96. Muskaan Srivastava

    Muskaan Srivastava7 days ago

    1:08 it's the mighty thor Tyke James.

  97. Goorigan

    Goorigan7 days ago

    "Omg its water broke!"

  98. James Dominguez

    James Dominguez7 days ago

    Yes hit with a clever, the back side stupid, three hits across the center will do it only after you pick out two holes to drain the juice and voala

  99. Your Dad

    Your Dad7 days ago


  100. Jack Suarez Kimmel

    Jack Suarez Kimmel7 days ago

    Just to clear up, the blond guy is Tyke James, a Hawaiian winter who pretty far on the voice! He’s pretty awesome.

  101. Marc Heger

    Marc Heger7 days ago

    Nice, after this video i feel like 50times more clever than bevor... and ps: can someone please put these people back in the asylum?