50 People Try to Crack Open a Coconut | Epicurious


  1. DankTrickshotttz 113

    DankTrickshotttz 1132 hours ago

    Knife safety 100 percent

  2. caliguy209209

    caliguy2092094 hours ago

    The long-haired blonde guy just got eliminated from The Voice last night in the second week of the live shows. He got robbed because he was a better singer than most of the people on the show.

  3. Sina Lai

    Sina Lai7 hours ago

    I’m sorry but this is too much like wtf is all the tools for. Find yourself a Polynesian and they’ll teach you to crack open a coconut in 5 seconds with a knife or rock. No goggles needed either like wtf

  4. Revo Media

    Revo Media13 hours ago

    Hey it’s Tyke!

  5. Chris Legaspi

    Chris Legaspi15 hours ago

    The black guy says you don't use that stuff for food, but he used the hammer..

  6. Matthew Hartzell

    Matthew Hartzell15 hours ago

    they should do a version of this for young coconuts

  7. SSSuperJay

    SSSuperJay15 hours ago

    Next video. *50 people try to breathe* OoO

  8. Allyn Follette

    Allyn Follette16 hours ago

    That blonde guy is Tyke James from The Voice and he’s also from Hawaii

  9. Gabby Jeong

    Gabby Jeong16 hours ago

    Isn’t that blonde guy from the voice

  10. Mariana Reis

    Mariana Reis16 hours ago

    The blonde guy is from the voice!!! Tyke, right?

  11. Panda Cupcakes

    Panda Cupcakes18 hours ago

    I love how the title said TRY

  12. Copper Head

    Copper Head23 hours ago

    I only see Jews gays black cucks women feminist left wing libtars no average joe's

  13. DontBeFooled DumbAss

    DontBeFooled DumbAssDay ago

    we could open this with 1 strike..with the use of "sundang"..

  14. Lily Raimey

    Lily RaimeyDay ago

    This made me extremely anxious.

  15. Ch Chandrahas

    Ch ChandrahasDay ago

    These people need to learning from Indians...We break coconuts using bare hands.

  16. Рад Рани

    Рад РаниDay ago

    The easiest way is simply throw out your balcony

  17. Arpita Kar

    Arpita KarDay ago

    *I usually just use a rock* I relate

  18. hj ayub hj mohamad

    hj ayub hj mohamadDay ago


  19. Fahmid Mohammad

    Fahmid MohammadDay ago

    0:44 HOW CAN U BE THAT STUPIDDDD😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  20. Iam Theone

    Iam Theone2 days ago

    1:08 Thor himself

  21. Vardhan Shrivastava

    Vardhan Shrivastava2 days ago

    Oh! My god it's water broke.... I died 😂😂😂😂😂

  22. Laziest Human Being.

    Laziest Human Being.2 days ago

    Avengers HQ notice: We need our superheroes back.. Mission Arrived.

  23. CliPz Scrapz

    CliPz Scrapz2 days ago

    Should have made them rip out the tusk of the coconut 🥥

  24. Island Gurl

    Island Gurl2 days ago

    Much love from kahuku hawaii

  25. Island Gurl

    Island Gurl2 days ago

    Aye tykeeeeeeeee!!!!

  26. ispatinyourdrink

    ispatinyourdrink2 days ago

    i kinda heard a cool beat from the coconuts being broken

  27. JoElla Studios

    JoElla Studios2 days ago

    1:08 - 2:06 No need to thank me 😂

  28. Bellacorra1

    Bellacorra12 days ago

    The blonde guy just did it so effortless and perfectly down the center.. like what

  29. Just a Random Dude

    Just a Random Dude2 days ago

    Coconut water is healthy and delicious 😊 ... it's also a laxative so don't drink too much 😳

  30. missMumbleJumbo

    missMumbleJumbo2 days ago

    Samoans(polynesians)would open this easily..

  31. WhiteGame TV

    WhiteGame TV3 days ago


  32. once upon a twice

    once upon a twice3 days ago

    i just go outside and throw the coconut on the concrete. best method 12/10

  33. Tovala Cram

    Tovala Cram3 days ago

    Just crack the coconut with a hammer on is side...essy

  34. Johann Sebastian Bach

    Johann Sebastian Bach3 days ago

    50 people try to snort cocaine

  35. Preston CSGO

    Preston CSGO3 days ago

    Wrap it in a towel and throw it on the ground after draining the water

  36. Alexander5

    Alexander53 days ago


  37. Francis John Belchez

    Francis John Belchez3 days ago

    I can open one with a piece of stick lol

  38. Mark Restauro

    Mark Restauro3 days ago

    too much process.. here in the Philippines we can crack it in 5 seconds.. lol

  39. KayeStudioS

    KayeStudioS3 days ago


  40. AmbFaz Hi

    AmbFaz Hi3 days ago

    While they break them and hit the coconuts they are making music along side with the music

  41. Jimena Arango

    Jimena Arango3 days ago

    @ 1:10 tyke James tho🤤🤤🤤

  42. potatoknishes 123

    potatoknishes 1233 days ago

    thanks for uploading this video I wanted to see people crack open a coconut

  43. Sukhmandeep Singh

    Sukhmandeep Singh4 days ago

    Omg it's water broke!!!

  44. Dominic Brockman

    Dominic Brockman4 days ago

    The blonde guy is Tyke James from "The Voice"

  45. I02I Ceu

    I02I Ceu4 days ago

    They actually making beats here 😂

  46. Suck my Jokes

    Suck my Jokes4 days ago

    1:22 listen with your eyes closed

  47. Emma B

    Emma B4 days ago

    The sad thing is that they already did the hard part

  48. darkySp

    darkySp4 days ago

    "Oh my God, its water broke!"

  49. Itz Xuanz

    Itz Xuanz5 days ago

    It's tarzan

  50. Ashley the Fun Gamer And creator

    Ashley the Fun Gamer And creator5 days ago

    1:09 it’s sooo hard for him 😂😂😂 (jk)

  51. DaeganBagel

    DaeganBagel5 days ago

    I can just IMAGINE what Polynesians would look like if they saw this video.

  52. vĩnh tài trần

    vĩnh tài trần6 days ago

    0:17 opala studio, is that you?

  53. Superdiper Man

    Superdiper Man6 days ago


  54. Superdiper Man

    Superdiper Man6 days ago


  55. Trying to be Relatable

    Trying to be Relatable6 days ago

    1:08 that's where the real pro is

  56. Nina G

    Nina G6 days ago

    the blonde guy is tyke james from the voice

  57. Ncojay

    Ncojay6 days ago

    Pro: creates two holes then proceeds to cover both holes with liquid while draining, thereby defeating the purpose of creating two holes. Verdict: Not so professional.

  58. ordnajela sollabec

    ordnajela sollabec6 days ago

    1:07 MASTER!!!

  59. Lauren Tom

    Lauren Tom6 days ago

    Omg all smashing sounded like a song

  60. Vinii

    Vinii6 days ago

    I love how all the of comments are about how the blonde dude is literally Thor. I must say, I agree.

  61. PlatiumFall

    PlatiumFall6 days ago

    Coconut.exe has stopped working

  62. Deku

    Deku6 days ago

    Its so ez lmao

  63. Raku baba the original

    Raku baba the original7 days ago

    the blonde guy is like what is the poin of this shoot easy peesy

  64. Spencer Odea

    Spencer Odea7 days ago

    Video:exists Me:you could just whack the ridge with the edge of a table

  65. Davey Paige

    Davey Paige7 days ago

    Did anyone notice that the real chefs last name was "Ramsey"

  66. nub Crem and gd

    nub Crem and gd8 days ago

    Didint know youll need fixing tools to open the coconut up

  67. De0xide Roblox

    De0xide Roblox8 days ago

    1:09 THOR

  68. illyana

    illyana8 days ago

    *omg its water broke*

  69. Purple Monster

    Purple Monster8 days ago

    1:08 look it’s Thor! Roman god of thunder

  70. ItzDJ

    ItzDJ8 days ago

    As a Filipino......................

  71. Keniyah Carter

    Keniyah Carter8 days ago

    We humans are very dangerous.....Who in there right mind gave them those tools😂😂😂😂

  72. Cece’s Bunny Dumpling aka Cece Lovebunny

    Cece’s Bunny Dumpling aka Cece Lovebunny8 days ago

    Well,now I know how to crack a coconut.

  73. I am Lime

    I am Lime8 days ago

    For real the heck do you need a hammer and screwdriver I never use a that

  74. Karly Harris

    Karly Harris8 days ago

    blonde guy: tyke james he was on the voice. look him up.

  75. Savio Pereira

    Savio Pereira8 days ago

    Even the so called “pro” is a noob. There is no need for a screwdriver, one would only need a machete

  76. Galaxy_ Uincorn

    Galaxy_ Uincorn9 days ago

    1:09 he be looking like Tarzan

  77. Jason Laurio

    Jason Laurio9 days ago

    I've never been so proud to be a pacific islander

  78. youuurstruuuly

    youuurstruuuly9 days ago

    I’m convinced the blonde guy is Hercules

  79. TechnoFreak

    TechnoFreak9 days ago

    0:34 most idiotic women ever

  80. Itz Nicole

    Itz Nicole10 days ago

    We see here in philippines they use a big butchers knife to do it though..

  81. Mollie Xoxoxo

    Mollie Xoxoxo10 days ago

    I think half of these people forgot that coconut water existed..

  82. Jayne M

    Jayne M10 days ago

    Who else went to the store and bought a coconut and now don't know what to do with their lives

  83. HaNnAh lOvEs PiZzA 🍕

    HaNnAh lOvEs PiZzA 🍕11 days ago


  84. pritesh patel

    pritesh patel11 days ago

    I am an indian

  85. pritesh patel

    pritesh patel11 days ago

    I dont need any tool

  86. pritesh patel

    pritesh patel11 days ago

    I can break coconut with my hand lol

  87. Andlex jopa

    Andlex jopa11 days ago

    Pero igual. Good.

  88. Andlex jopa

    Andlex jopa11 days ago

    Yo conosco un truco mas facil que ese que mi papa. Me enseño.

  89. bisiilki

    bisiilki11 days ago

    I feel like they should have got a pacific islander to do this

  90. Iyanna’s Island

    Iyanna’s Island11 days ago

    *Zeus is dat you?*

  91. Adilaling PRO gamin G

    Adilaling PRO gamin G12 days ago

    Chris Hemsworth Stuntman 1:08

  92. Wonfii

    Wonfii12 days ago

    im scared for their fingers, especially with the m e a t cleaver...

  93. Hafsa Bukhari

    Hafsa Bukhari12 days ago

    thats Tyke James from the voice!! hes basically tarzan lol

  94. Maximiliano Garcia

    Maximiliano Garcia12 days ago

    2:10 we got screwdrivers here,you don’t use that for food.10 seconds later chef uses the screwdriver

  95. Sarah Granville-Martin

    Sarah Granville-Martin12 days ago

    Their hammering of the coconuts was to the beat of the song lmao I love how they set that up

  96. Frederique

    Frederique12 days ago

    Damn he's cute @1:08

  97. Ms. Lonely :/

    Ms. Lonely :/12 days ago

    "OMG ITS WATER BROKE😟" ~Lady 2018

  98. Chara Dreammurr

    Chara Dreammurr12 days ago

    Thor knows how to open a cocpnut

  99. Alani Gibson

    Alani Gibson13 days ago

    Typical beach boy 🤟

  100. Musashi Nobunaga

    Musashi Nobunaga13 days ago

    in asia... just use parang