We Test 5 Ways To Beat the Heat


  1. Father AxeKeeper

    Father AxeKeeper13 days ago

    I should be going to sleep at 3 am but you guys unload this masterpiece on me. Yep! Staying up to watch!

  2. Garrett Ginty

    Garrett Ginty8 days ago

    Father AxeKeeper ).

  3. Gabriel Hogue

    Gabriel Hogue9 days ago

    Galina Gruzdova I’m scared to click that link in the about

  4. Shekinah Willis

    Shekinah Willis10 days ago

    Father AxeKeeper it’s 4:48 where I’m at but that’s ok they’re worth every second

  5. Frej Gammelgård

    Frej Gammelgård8 hours ago

    "The ol' lick'n'blow" -Rhett

  6. Claudia Vélez

    Claudia Vélez9 hours ago

    That ear flapping killed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  7. sky blue

    sky blueDay ago

    That and link are super cool !

  8. Beats Live

    Beats LiveDay ago

    This looks like hell, especially since I really really don’t like the feeling of heat

  9. Mark Conrad

    Mark Conrad2 days ago

    "the old lick and blow"

  10. Matt McConaha

    Matt McConaha2 days ago

    If I'm warm I like to go to a restroom and wash my hands. Instead of drying off with a paper towel I just rub the water on my forearms and let it evaporate. Those kangaroos have the right idea.

  11. DR Katha Sagar

    DR Katha Sagar2 days ago

    Good One

  12. Priscilla Johnson

    Priscilla Johnson3 days ago

    Startin to feel that trickle down my back......... oooo into my crack 1:29

  13. rote223

    rote2233 days ago

    that was totally not free bird X_X

  14. Christopher Whitfield

    Christopher Whitfield4 days ago

    OH MY GOD the mouth part listen with ear phones hahahahahahahahahhaa

  15. JokesInBase13

    JokesInBase134 days ago

    Me at the beginning of the video: I can't believe I'm about to watch Rhett and Link die on camera.

  16. Saashi Agarwal

    Saashi Agarwal4 days ago

    7:15 OMG!!!!!!!!!! you guys are hilarious!!!! you just made my day

  17. Charlie McClay

    Charlie McClay4 days ago

    Party on Garth

  18. Traci Byrd-Eagles

    Traci Byrd-Eagles5 days ago

    Rhett is going “oh my god why are we doing this I look like an idiot”

  19. Traci Byrd-Eagles

    Traci Byrd-Eagles5 days ago

    Yes, Rhett. Bird poop makes you 10000000% cooler. Because you will shiver knowing there’s poop on your body.

  20. SKuLLz v

    SKuLLz v5 days ago

    I love poop 💩

  21. Ashe Bonsal

    Ashe Bonsal5 days ago

    This is worse than jellyfish baby bird.

  22. jdssurf

    jdssurf5 days ago

    I know they are like brothers but come on gross

  23. Johnnie Vendel

    Johnnie Vendel6 days ago

    He really dropped the ball when he said poop picasso and not poocasso, dissapointed.

  24. Gentleman07

    Gentleman076 days ago

    But there’s fans in the background!


    MADISON BOWERS6 days ago

    Ok I was sleeping and *bing* RETT AND LINK OM OM OM gotta watch

  26. Jamal Masarwa

    Jamal Masarwa6 days ago

    The old Lick and Blow..

  27. Ovis Musimon

    Ovis Musimon6 days ago

    At 7.21...thats some quality entertainment! :D

  28. Ducky

    Ducky6 days ago

    The real question is, can cool keep our bird poop?

  29. SuperLivvylove

    SuperLivvylove6 days ago

    All these years of GMM.. this video probably was one of the weirdest I've seen from them.

  30. Martin marty

    Martin marty7 days ago


  31. elizabeth Rogers

    elizabeth Rogers7 days ago

    And I'm the weird one who actually likes the heat

  32. CTG

    CTG7 days ago

    Best way to beat the heat is to drive your gas guzzler all day long! Merica.

  33. A3pect

    A3pect7 days ago

    I actually did the second one to my finger when I burned it.

  34. Anna Davis

    Anna Davis7 days ago

    "The old lick and blow" 😂

  35. Hubert Velasquez

    Hubert Velasquez7 days ago

    open your mouth and flap... lmao...

  36. Red Cloud

    Red Cloud7 days ago

    Rhett and Link should do a Mexican candy taste test ! (:

  37. Itz Rachel

    Itz Rachel7 days ago

    I feel like I'm watching them suffer 😬

  38. F M

    F M7 days ago


  39. fahri saifudin

    fahri saifudin7 days ago

    "Oh the old lick and blow" #iykwim

  40. What Speed songz

    What Speed songz8 days ago


  41. Andrew Theodore

    Andrew Theodore8 days ago

    god i love youtube

  42. Jessica H

    Jessica H8 days ago

    ROFL, you guys crack me up!

  43. Imrandomm

    Imrandomm8 days ago


  44. Bobby McBob

    Bobby McBob8 days ago


  45. Hi Hi

    Hi Hi8 days ago

    Wait but you wouldn't cool down if you sweat cos the sweat can't evaporate in your winter gear

  46. Kayla Lewis

    Kayla Lewis8 days ago

    49 on Trending!

  47. Julia DIY / Easy DIY crafts - How to make

    Julia DIY / Easy DIY crafts - How to make8 days ago

    Aha, tough guys!

  48. SaraDerps

    SaraDerps8 days ago

    damn Link are YOU a kangaroo? XD

  49. Lily

    Lily8 days ago

    “I’m poop Picasso” *He’s Poocasso*

  50. Sitsler 1776

    Sitsler 17768 days ago

    "Lick and blow" 😂 "why you licking like a cat"

  51. Salty Boi

    Salty Boi9 days ago

    "Hoe about just some pelvic thrusts?" -Rhett "Yeah just not towards each other.." -Link *Both start to thrust* Aaannd now I'm dead XD

  52. kizzers

    kizzers9 days ago

    The ol’ lick and blow - Rhett 2018

  53. Megan Harper

    Megan Harper9 days ago

    this one was weird

  54. Storm Bringer

    Storm Bringer9 days ago

    It would be so weird to come into work and your co workers saying "your going to put crap on your legs for your job"

  55. k1llzOn381

    k1llzOn3819 days ago

    These guys are really running out of ideas

  56. Katt Lives

    Katt Lives9 days ago


  57. The Figure Skater

    The Figure Skater9 days ago

    Link jumping jacks look so effortless. Like... He looks like he's on a trampoline... 😂😂

  58. Erica Farner

    Erica Farner9 days ago

    Link's jumping had me rolling.😂

  59. Mango_ Soda

    Mango_ Soda9 days ago

    Or just take a shower 🚿? Or go swimming 🏊‍♀️?

  60. Raema Gillam

    Raema Gillam9 days ago

    I can’t possibly be the only person who thinks link looks exactly like Joel birch, the lead singer of the amity affliction. Someone please tell me they see it too 😂

  61. Leslie Eason

    Leslie Eason9 days ago

    The comedic genius of this video is understated, but brilliant. In addition to the hilarious dialogue, the ability to articulate clearly looking into the camera while doing star jumps takes a skill and aerobic capacity that rivals only Beyoncé’s concert performances (try it to see how hard it is - double points awarded if you were born in 1978 or earlier). Add to that the fact that they are clearly buzzed, whether it be on alcohol, weed, or sheer joy. This second level of chill makes the humor appear effortless, as there are times when I don’t even think they know how funny something they said is. 10/10.

  62. Spring Roll

    Spring Roll9 days ago

    5:53 omg lmao

  63. TheOrangeSalamander

    TheOrangeSalamander9 days ago

    You can’t beat he heat but the heat can beat you but can you beat the heat if you were he heat and the heat was you but then you couldn’t beat the heat because you would be the heat. What is up with my mind to day.

  64. - -

    - -9 days ago

    I thought the title was "We Test 5 Ways To Beat the Meat"

  65. Sophia Sapsford

    Sophia Sapsford9 days ago

    i had to turn my fan on

  66. Ally Weaver

    Ally Weaver9 days ago

    When someone asks me who Good Mythical Morning are, I send them this video.

  67. kathryn martin

    kathryn martin9 days ago

    List tear popularity convey daily and/or commitment ongoing per settle gravity.

  68. Cathy Nguyen

    Cathy Nguyen9 days ago

    Hahaha... well, we’ve been dressed up like that in Australia for 5 months now! ...and the most upsetting part is that we don’t get any snow 😂😂 ps. you guys should totally pack some of those, just in case for when you visit here soon! 🤣

  69. Paula Morales

    Paula Morales9 days ago

    Hi💘 [ ] Get ready to read a long paragraph 😂 I love you so much it hurts. You make me so happy. You are absolutely breathtaking. You slay life as well as this look. I’m so thankful for seeing this and being able to comment on your pictures. I love everything about you from your simple acts of kindness to your great achievements. You are an incredible person and you deserve all the happiness in the world. I hope you had a wonderful day or night. You are a flower that can grow in again in a forest fire. You are smart, powerful, and brave. You live up to your dreams. I’m so grateful for being part of your life even if it’s through touchscreens. I wish I could tell you in person how much you mean to me or how much I love you. You are so special and unique. May you achieve all goals in life. Love you so much. You are perfectionism. I love you. I love you. I love you. Xoxo ,Kelsey

  70. Jaketheaxman

    Jaketheaxman9 days ago

    Rhett at the part with the open mouth and flapping ears tho

  71. Julie Davis

    Julie Davis9 days ago

    "The old lick and blow" 😂

  72. Johannes Halberstadt

    Johannes Halberstadt9 days ago

    Sweat can't cool yuo down, if you're wearing clothes. The principle is for the sweat to evaporate.

  73. Maddy Res

    Maddy Res9 days ago

    I've been waiting all day :D

  74. Meme Machine

    Meme Machine9 days ago

    7:14 look at that rare butterfly

  75. Frank

    Frank9 days ago

    I ate kangaroo once. Not that good. Camel is better.

  76. The Nini

    The Nini9 days ago

    666K Views, #29 on Trending...Illuminati confirmed! Lol

  77. Junior Tapia

    Junior Tapia9 days ago

    666K views at the time of this comment being posted;; Illerminerti cuntfiremed

  78. allawee1991

    allawee19919 days ago


  79. Ember Daugherty

    Ember Daugherty9 days ago

    "The old lick and blow" nice

  80. Levi Corbitt

    Levi Corbitt9 days ago

    i wonder, do there wives watch there videos

  81. Kxng Gonzo

    Kxng Gonzo9 days ago

    Hey I make comedy rap come check it out mreporter.net/v/video-apI5mzCJbok.html

  82. Jose Silva

    Jose Silva9 days ago

    Lmao, Link is just jumping around while Rett is explaining whats going on. Lol

  83. Kim Namjoon

    Kim Namjoon9 days ago

    Who else is binge watching GMM?

  84. Trint Rogers

    Trint Rogers9 days ago

    Will it corn dog?

  85. Rgee

    Rgee9 days ago

    I love my mom, she helps me beat the meat.

  86. That one guy 249

    That one guy 2499 days ago

    +Rgee that was 100% intentional, but kind of funny maybe I guess

  87. Rgee

    Rgee9 days ago


  88. Dr Lies

    Dr Lies10 days ago

    I want a friendship where we can lick each other's sweaty forearms to cool off too :(

  89. Mornings with matt

    Mornings with matt10 days ago

    The ol lick and blow (thats what she said)

  90. Richard George

    Richard George10 days ago

    I got an air conditioner as

  91. Mystery Man

    Mystery Man10 days ago

    smells like a cave you shouldn't enter

  92. Amazing4all Gaming

    Amazing4all Gaming10 days ago

    Im cold, Can i have that Ugly ass sweater of yours.

  93. Jordyn Kelley

    Jordyn Kelley10 days ago

    Garth is back.

  94. when in doubt pinky out

    when in doubt pinky out10 days ago

    only on GMM 7:02 folks

  95. Crazzy8Vlogs

    Crazzy8Vlogs10 days ago

    Me: *watching Ipad* Mom: *walks in* Mom: *sees me watching two men put poop on there legs* Mom: *slowly walks out*

  96. Donald Smith

    Donald Smith10 days ago

    lmao good ol' lick and blow

  97. Husky Girl

    Husky Girl10 days ago

    Here we have two grown men dressed in extremely warm clothing smearing rehydrated bird poop onto their legs in an attemp to cool off.

  98. Drew Anderson

    Drew Anderson10 days ago

    Rhett Hot Chili Peppers

  99. Andrew Boyles

    Andrew Boyles10 days ago

    I need more 10 feet tall and jen+john videos

  100. SemiUnicornlady

    SemiUnicornlady10 days ago

    Awesome job on #26 on trending guys!!

  101. lonelymotelroom

    lonelymotelroom10 days ago

    i’m so in love with rhetts rhcp inspired shirt

  102. Kendall Meech

    Kendall Meech10 days ago

    My for arm tastes bad like soap

  103. Geeky Retro Murloc 76

    Geeky Retro Murloc 7610 days ago

    The other side of the pillow.

  104. Josephine Pirok

    Josephine Pirok10 days ago

    The ultimate way to beat the heat is to stay inside all summer

  105. Jim Baw

    Jim Baw10 days ago

    I've given many of your videos a Thumbs Up. However, you guys must be running out of GOOD ideas to have made this one...