We Test 5 Ways To Beat the Heat


  1. Father AxeKeeper

    Father AxeKeeper4 months ago

    I should be going to sleep at 3 am but you guys unload this masterpiece on me. Yep! Staying up to watch!

  2. Garrett Ginty

    Garrett Ginty4 months ago

    Father AxeKeeper ).

  3. Gabriel Hogue

    Gabriel Hogue4 months ago

    Galina Gruzdova I’m scared to click that link in the about

  4. Shekinah Willis

    Shekinah Willis4 months ago

    Father AxeKeeper it’s 4:48 where I’m at but that’s ok they’re worth every second

  5. Mel Mar

    Mel MarMonth ago

    Anyone else think of the Beat The Heat song they made like 5 years ago?

  6. Terreverest

    TerreverestMonth ago

    Aww the baby beardie! My beardie was literally doing the exact same thing a few seconds before I saw the clip. (Yes, that's a picture of my lizard in my profile picture.)

  7. Sarah Albright

    Sarah Albright2 months ago

    Rhett trying not to smile after saying “the old lick and blow” ...

  8. Shaylee Stevens

    Shaylee Stevens2 months ago

    Link doing jumping Jacks is the best thing I've seen on the internet! I can't stop laughing. 😂😂😂

  9. Ursa Majordip

    Ursa Majordip2 months ago

    Daddy garlic arms. Mmm

  10. saimuntamed

    saimuntamed2 months ago

    Lmaoooo the ear flapping part 😂😂😂

  11. The Classic Life of a Cat

    The Classic Life of a Cat2 months ago

    What did I subscribe to...

  12. jessica carter

    jessica carter2 months ago

    Hot daddies

  13. DoogelCraft

    DoogelCraft2 months ago

    uhhh that is a new kinda gross guys.... hahahaha

  14. Abbi Covalt

    Abbi Covalt2 months ago

    I love when Rhett makes a weird inappropriate remark and it just gets quiet for a second that’s my favorite kind of humor

  15. Whitrunable

    Whitrunable2 months ago

    just pausing this real quick at the vindaloo part, why do they need to test this one? its been a well known fact that eating or drinking something hot on a hot day cools you down bc it makes you sweat, as that is your body's thing to keep you cool, i thought everyone knew this?

  16. whats the tea sis?

    whats the tea sis?3 months ago

    U dont understand friendship until u and ur friends lick eachothers arms or spread bird poop on eachother 😂😂😂

  17. Rapidviking

    Rapidviking3 months ago

    I’m from iceland

  18. Orenge

    Orenge3 months ago

    1:11 Link is so me when I’m in gym class😂😂😂

  19. Aaron Jackson

    Aaron Jackson3 months ago

    Beat the heat? Sorry what are you insane? Heat is a luxury. Make the most of it. It's the cold you need to worry about.

  20. Jakin Mai

    Jakin Mai3 months ago

    I was hoping they would finally light up that retro orange fireplace! 🔥

  21. Harlen C

    Harlen C3 months ago

    i thought they were gonna sing "beat it" by mj for the intro to "beat the heat"

  22. kikkin_yo_azzez

    kikkin_yo_azzez3 months ago

    4:54 "The ol' lick and blow" lol

  23. Jastine Joyce Kauri Juan

    Jastine Joyce Kauri Juan3 months ago

    What happened to Good Mythical Morning? Why is every episode just another experiment with food and everything else? What happened to the facts that I learn during just a series of conversation? This wonderful youtube channel slowly just became a food game show or something.

  24. Lyrical Poet

    Lyrical Poet3 months ago

    so this is where evolution took us eh

  25. Sonja Tinsen

    Sonja Tinsen3 months ago

    you litterly could have just walked out side

  26. REINCARNATED at night

    REINCARNATED at night3 months ago

    If you think about it everything is hot even negative is (kinda hot)

  27. Glitch Maker

    Glitch Maker3 months ago

    i live in Cali... I may just not remember but I truly believe that I have never seen those types of clothes in my life

  28. RJ Hobbes

    RJ Hobbes3 months ago

    should thermometers not have been involved somewhere?

  29. MarkBTW

    MarkBTW3 months ago

    The arm licking thing is essentially the same as a swamp cooler. If you wet down an air filter (or blanket, etc) and blow air through it you'll get a nice cool breeze.

  30. copernicus

    copernicus3 months ago

    Weirdest episode I’ve ever watched

  31. Renuan Aig-Imoukhuede

    Renuan Aig-Imoukhuede3 months ago

    There are some normal moments on this show....trust me.

  32. Jelly Jam

    Jelly Jam3 months ago

    Who else ships it?!? 😂😍😂😍

  33. Morgan Stone

    Morgan Stone3 months ago

    alternative title: we try and give ourselves heat stroke

  34. Bon Coca

    Bon Coca3 months ago

    Link looks like Garth from Wayne's world


    MAN OF ACTION3 months ago

    How do I beat the cold?

  36. WheezierDread94 Will

    WheezierDread94 Will3 months ago

    Defiantly not cheating by having the fans on

  37. Lindsey Resnik

    Lindsey Resnik3 months ago

    I instinctively stopped breathing through my nose when the spreading of guano began

  38. Heather Talma

    Heather Talma3 months ago

    Forget cooling off. Where the heck do you get heated socks?

  39. Derik Roberts

    Derik Roberts3 months ago

    Bird crap can cool you down by infecting you with salmonella that eventually kills you. Once dead, your body temperature drops. Tis science. 🐤...💩...❄

  40. Braxxtyn Daigre

    Braxxtyn Daigre3 months ago

    im was gagging when i saw the bird crap

  41. Alia Leavitt

    Alia Leavitt3 months ago

    And no one else remembers their old beat the heat MUSIC VIDEO

  42. ItsAlex

    ItsAlex3 months ago

    Im watching two men lick their forearms again. Damnit. Its that side of the internet. Edit : And Now They've Evolved To Bird Poop

  43. sethr13

    sethr133 months ago

    Lick and blow😉 sorry

  44. Kamio Tamang

    Kamio Tamang3 months ago

    7:11 rhett looks so stupid hahahahahahah XD

  45. Karissa Marie

    Karissa Marie3 months ago

    The ole lick and blow 😂😭

  46. AJD Gaming

    AJD Gaming3 months ago


  47. dxor noir

    dxor noir3 months ago

    I almost threw up looking at them lick their arms

  48. Shea Smith

    Shea Smith3 months ago

    What did I just watch? 😂

  49. Pål

    Pål4 months ago

    4:53 Rhett trying to hide his smile after realizing he just said "The old Lick and Blow". Family show, folks

  50. Frej Gammelgård

    Frej Gammelgård4 months ago

    "The ol' lick'n'blow" -Rhett

  51. Claudia Vélez

    Claudia Vélez4 months ago

    That ear flapping killed me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  52. sky blue

    sky blue4 months ago

    That and link are super cool !

  53. Beats Live

    Beats Live4 months ago

    This looks like hell, especially since I really really don’t like the feeling of heat

  54. Mark Conrad

    Mark Conrad4 months ago

    "the old lick and blow"

  55. Matt McConaha

    Matt McConaha4 months ago

    If I'm warm I like to go to a restroom and wash my hands. Instead of drying off with a paper towel I just rub the water on my forearms and let it evaporate. Those kangaroos have the right idea.

  56. DR Katha Sagar

    DR Katha Sagar4 months ago

    Good One

  57. Priscilla Johnson

    Priscilla Johnson4 months ago

    Startin to feel that trickle down my back......... oooo into my crack 1:29

  58. rote223

    rote2234 months ago

    that was totally not free bird X_X

  59. Christopher Whitfield

    Christopher Whitfield4 months ago

    OH MY GOD the mouth part listen with ear phones hahahahahahahahahhaa

  60. JokesInBase13

    JokesInBase134 months ago

    Me at the beginning of the video: I can't believe I'm about to watch Rhett and Link die on camera.

  61. Saashi Agarwal

    Saashi Agarwal4 months ago

    7:15 OMG!!!!!!!!!! you guys are hilarious!!!! you just made my day

  62. Charlie McClay

    Charlie McClay4 months ago

    Party on Garth

  63. Traci Byrd-Eagles

    Traci Byrd-Eagles4 months ago

    Rhett is going “oh my god why are we doing this I look like an idiot”

  64. Traci Byrd-Eagles

    Traci Byrd-Eagles4 months ago

    Yes, Rhett. Bird poop makes you 10000000% cooler. Because you will shiver knowing there’s poop on your body.

  65. ܡܥܡܕ x

    ܡܥܡܕ x4 months ago

    I love poop 💩

  66. Ashe Bonsal

    Ashe Bonsal4 months ago

    This is worse than jellyfish baby bird.

  67. jdssurf

    jdssurf4 months ago

    I know they are like brothers but come on gross

  68. Johnnie Vendel

    Johnnie Vendel4 months ago

    He really dropped the ball when he said poop picasso and not poocasso, dissapointed.

  69. Gentleman07

    Gentleman074 months ago

    But there’s fans in the background!


    MADISON BOWERS4 months ago

    Ok I was sleeping and *bing* RETT AND LINK OM OM OM gotta watch

  71. Jamal Masarwa

    Jamal Masarwa4 months ago

    The old Lick and Blow..

  72. Ovis Musimon

    Ovis Musimon4 months ago

    At 7.21...thats some quality entertainment! :D

  73. Ducky

    Ducky4 months ago

    The real question is, can cool keep our bird poop?

  74. SuperLivvylove

    SuperLivvylove4 months ago

    All these years of GMM.. this video probably was one of the weirdest I've seen from them.

  75. Martin marty

    Martin marty4 months ago


  76. elizabeth Rogers

    elizabeth Rogers4 months ago

    And I'm the weird one who actually likes the heat

  77. CTG

    CTG4 months ago

    Best way to beat the heat is to drive your gas guzzler all day long! Merica.

  78. A3pect

    A3pect4 months ago

    I actually did the second one to my finger when I burned it.

  79. Anna Davis

    Anna Davis4 months ago

    "The old lick and blow" 😂

  80. Hubert Velasquez

    Hubert Velasquez4 months ago

    open your mouth and flap... lmao...

  81. Red Cloud

    Red Cloud4 months ago

    Rhett and Link should do a Mexican candy taste test ! (:

  82. D j

    D j4 months ago

    I feel like I'm watching them suffer 😬

  83. F M

    F M4 months ago


  84. fahri saifudin

    fahri saifudin4 months ago

    "Oh the old lick and blow" #iykwim

  85. Pink and blue Tiger

    Pink and blue Tiger4 months ago


  86. Andrew Theodore

    Andrew Theodore4 months ago

    god i love youtube

  87. Jessica H

    Jessica H4 months ago

    ROFL, you guys crack me up!

  88. Imrandomm

    Imrandomm4 months ago


  89. Bobby McBob

    Bobby McBob4 months ago


  90. Hi Hi

    Hi Hi4 months ago

    Wait but you wouldn't cool down if you sweat cos the sweat can't evaporate in your winter gear

  91. Kayla Lewis

    Kayla Lewis4 months ago

    49 on Trending!

  92. Julia DIY / Easy DIY crafts - How to make

    Julia DIY / Easy DIY crafts - How to make4 months ago

    Aha, tough guys!

  93. SaraDerps

    SaraDerps4 months ago

    damn Link are YOU a kangaroo? XD

  94. Lily

    Lily4 months ago

    “I’m poop Picasso” *He’s Poocasso*

  95. Sitsler 1776

    Sitsler 17764 months ago

    "Lick and blow" 😂 "why you licking like a cat"

  96. Salty Boi

    Salty Boi4 months ago

    "Hoe about just some pelvic thrusts?" -Rhett "Yeah just not towards each other.." -Link *Both start to thrust* Aaannd now I'm dead XD

  97. Panic Treasure Not Trash

    Panic Treasure Not Trash4 months ago

    The ol’ lick and blow - Rhett 2018

  98. Megan Harper

    Megan Harper4 months ago

    this one was weird

  99. Storm Bringer

    Storm Bringer4 months ago

    It would be so weird to come into work and your co workers saying "your going to put crap on your legs for your job"

  100. k1llzOn381

    k1llzOn3814 months ago

    These guys are really running out of ideas

  101. Katt Lives

    Katt Lives4 months ago


  102. The Figure Skater

    The Figure Skater4 months ago

    Link jumping jacks look so effortless. Like... He looks like he's on a trampoline... 😂😂

  103. Erica Farner

    Erica Farner4 months ago

    Link's jumping had me rolling.😂