5 Seconds of Summer Break Down Their Tattoos | GQ


  1. official idiots

    official idiots11 hours ago

    🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  2. ThatONE limelight

    ThatONE limelightDay ago

    I became apart of the 5SOS FAM when I was 10

  3. Lesley Elizabeth

    Lesley ElizabethDay ago

    3:13 *i wish youd fly* -TO THE MOON-

  4. Sofia Stypayhorlikson

    Sofia StypayhorliksonDay ago

    Luke is like the Niall Horan and Harry Styles version in 5SOS (hehe)

  5. Jessica S

    Jessica S2 days ago

    I got my first tattoo when I was 14 🌚 And now I'm nearly 18 and still don't regret it so HA to all the people who told me i'd regret it

  6. Elizandra Guadalupe Rivera Perez

    Elizandra Guadalupe Rivera Perez4 days ago

    3:23 shoutout to Liam Payne.

  7. Kyra Zwiesereijn

    Kyra Zwiesereijn5 days ago

    This is there best hair ever

  8. 764721 56

    764721 565 days ago

    Ashton’s accent makes me uncomfortable

  9. Ashtyn Albrethsen

    Ashtyn Albrethsen5 days ago

    Omg Luke’s face at 9:22 when he says “Another band?” He genuinely looks kinda afraid...

  10. tiny tay

    tiny tay6 days ago

    every time I come back to this video I laugh bc Luke is left out srry luke

  11. johanna

    johanna7 days ago

    When Michael started talking about Liam😍 I totally forgot they were on tour together (1d and 5sos) AND NOW I’M IN THE FEELS💯😫

  12. Diana Alex

    Diana Alex7 days ago

    What's with Ashton's sass level today

  13. Nicole Reed

    Nicole Reed8 days ago

    Hey Cal and I are going to have matching tattoos one day bc I too am thinking of getting a portrait of Ashton on my back 😂😂😂

  14. marie bliss

    marie bliss8 days ago

    Like 5 seconds into the video and mikey has me DEAD

  15. Cassie Gordon

    Cassie Gordon9 days ago

    Ashton didn’t have much of an accent but Luke’s was so thick is some places what is this band coming to

  16. yetanotheridiot

    yetanotheridiot10 days ago

    2:06 Ashton: "Wait! Shoutout to Roy." Luke: "Yeah, we left him there."

  17. Gladys Kay

    Gladys Kay11 days ago

    Ashton was so americanized in this video, where did your accent go😭

  18. Devy Keynons

    Devy Keynons11 days ago

    Calum lost his Passport in Bali?

  19. Dominique O

    Dominique O11 days ago

    luke's a pure boi

  20. Sarah Barah

    Sarah Barah12 days ago

    Ashton (to Luke): “If I had it my way, you wouldn’t be in this video.”

  21. S

    S13 days ago

    These guys need to go back to Australia and get their accent back

  22. blackhoneyblossom

    blackhoneyblossom13 days ago

    I still wonder what Calum's other tattoo on the arm is...like on the outside next to Mali's

  23. niall boo

    niall boo14 days ago

    I'm screaming,Liam Payne is actually a daddy😂

  24. Sophie Radiven

    Sophie Radiven14 days ago

    Liz wouldn't let Luke get a tattoo 😂

  25. Hailey

    Hailey15 days ago

    6:17 well, that no longer applies😂

  26. Hailey

    Hailey15 days ago

    2:02 I love how Michael just like grabs Calum’s foot to help him show his ankle... we stan a helpful friend

  27. Alyssa Crafted

    Alyssa Crafted15 days ago

    wheres ashton

  28. kaylina weekley

    kaylina weekley15 days ago

    Thats a real Michael smile

  29. kaylina weekley

    kaylina weekley11 days ago

    +M Clifford lyrics 5sos Agreed

  30. M Clifford lyrics 5sos

    M Clifford lyrics 5sos14 days ago

    That's also the best thing in life

  31. luckyonebae

    luckyonebae16 days ago

    Calum is so hot that I can faint with his one word....

  32. Mia Rautio

    Mia Rautio16 days ago

    Luke: if I get a tatto mama Liz gon kill me

  33. Khedge Cab Afable

    Khedge Cab Afable16 days ago

    i must say ashton looks good for now unlike before

  34. LiveTo LoveMusic

    LiveTo LoveMusic18 days ago

    FFXIII-2 is my favourite

  35. vallmo

    vallmo18 days ago

    i'm new and ashton is hilarious!

  36. anne

    anne18 days ago

    These guys are so awesome. They don't have the usual stupid jokes between them like male friend groups usually have. They seem like very intelligent goofballs, but not much goofballs. You know what I mean?

  37. Hannah Banana

    Hannah Banana19 days ago

    “this is my sister” *pause* “were you waiting for some snarky remarks?”

  38. Sarahfn 23

    Sarahfn 2319 days ago

    One direction should do this video too but then again they have so many tattoos an it will take hours to explain them. 😂

  39. VLOG beauty&challenge

    VLOG beauty&challenge20 days ago

    Ashton looks sooo cute at 9:39 😭😭😍😭😍😭😍😭😍

  40. Hadassah DeVault

    Hadassah DeVault20 days ago

    “Liam’s like Oprah”

  41. Fatima Darvesh

    Fatima Darvesh20 days ago

    Just imagine that this was 1D...*rip 1D*

  42. Kitty Kat

    Kitty Kat21 day ago

    Ashton always has to be the main focus

  43. Yen Sayson

    Yen Sayson21 day ago

    9:45 5sos out there breaking boyband cliché and toxic masculinity 💗

  44. Arianne Morales

    Arianne Morales21 day ago

    - aNoTHEr BAnd?!

  45. Jessa Marie

    Jessa Marie21 day ago

    hearing luke say 5 es o es made me uncomfortable...

  46. Jessa Marie

    Jessa Marie21 day ago

    i miss these guys 😢❤

  47. madi brown

    madi brown22 days ago

    0:48 i love how he still remembers the price lol im such a child

  48. madi brown

    madi brown22 days ago

    2:36 this is gonna be me with all my friends lol

  49. Jstarr524

    Jstarr52422 days ago


  50. Sara Abi Khalil

    Sara Abi Khalil22 days ago

    I love them so much omg

  51. hannah xo

    hannah xo22 days ago

    my mom : why don’t you hang out with your friends? me : i don’t have any mom: what? me : i DoNt hAvE aNy

  52. Mmmm Y

    Mmmm Y23 days ago

    I forgot how much I loved them

  53. Mmmm Y

    Mmmm Y23 days ago

    When one direction is back please do this

  54. Diana Alex

    Diana Alex23 days ago

    Yes it would probaly be at least 3 hours it would also be very larry

  55. Pizza is good Iloveicecream

    Pizza is good Iloveicecream23 days ago

    Lol Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahah

  56. Heather Dong

    Heather Dong25 days ago

    when Ash talked about the little tattoos "You know, I'm committing but I'm not committing too hard", I shrieked with excitement. OMG YESSSS, THAT'S SUCH A CANCER THING !!! Related to him on his sassiness and now this

  57. No.Where.Near.Normal

    No.Where.Near.Normal25 days ago

    Luke and Michael looks so pale compared to Calum and Ashton

  58. Faht Bahtman

    Faht Bahtman27 days ago

    2:32 Luke's eyessssss

  59. mae smith

    mae smith27 days ago

    bro is anyone else paying attention to how nice calum’s hands are

  60. Angel Grant

    Angel Grant29 days ago

    Another tour that I didn't get to go to😥

  61. Roviellene Soriano

    Roviellene Soriano29 days ago

    Ashton, you intelligent man. I freakin’ love you!

  62. Liz Hermoso

    Liz Hermoso29 days ago

    does anyone else get triggered at 2:23 when they say "5 ehs oh ehs"

  63. Alicia Soto

    Alicia Soto29 days ago

    The 5 seconds young boys are so funny and cute😄😘😘😃😅😂🎉

  64. Hazel Grace

    Hazel Grace29 days ago

    It's insane how good they look

  65. Jenna Sessum

    Jenna Sessum29 days ago

    Literally I was waiting for him to say swallow the goldfish!!! that was enough to get me through the year 😩😂

  66. A Swiftie

    A Swiftie29 days ago

    Talented band. Dont do drugs. Dont go crazy.

  67. ِ

    ِ29 days ago

    Liam payne is such a daddy

  68. Annalise Banuelos

    Annalise BanuelosMonth ago

    um 5 seconds of summer gets gayer everyday except calluim

  69. Lorena Cordeiro

    Lorena CordeiroMonth ago


  70. pickitup dope

    pickitup dopeMonth ago

    their accent is amazing

  71. Gahasmine C

    Gahasmine CMonth ago

    "the band is still together" @one direction

  72. Gahasmine C

    Gahasmine CMonth ago

    I would love to see One Direction do this

  73. Extraordinary Joe

    Extraordinary JoeMonth ago

    I don't get anything about the still going on fandom about this band. I was interested in their tattoos but even those are crap.

  74. Alyson Brinker

    Alyson BrinkerMonth ago

    What happened to luke I barely reconizied him...

  75. dr. pepper

    dr. pepperMonth ago

    7:19 more than one direction can say

  76. glamourgirl22

    glamourgirl22Month ago

    Do you ever see people so incredibly wonderful and beautiful that you want to just melt into a puddle?

  77. Dini Hmar

    Dini HmarMonth ago

    Ashton looks like Danny Zuko

  78. paranormal lazivity

    paranormal lazivityMonth ago

    liam is bad bad influence

  79. imprenoor

    imprenoorMonth ago

    what did calum say? silver what

  80. Harry Potter is life

    Harry Potter is lifeMonth ago

    RIP Ashton's accent

  81. Ruth Celiz

    Ruth CelizMonth ago

    Luke w/ no tats. I love hearing it . Ilove u. Hahaha

  82. Earlene Dale

    Earlene DaleMonth ago


  83. princesslexicon

    princesslexiconMonth ago

    0:48 Australia who

  84. ariate22

    ariate22Month ago

    How can they be all so handsome.. They all are amazingly talented and have a lovable personality

  85. Directioner girl 10

    Directioner girl 10Month ago

    Luke's mom would kill him if he got a tattoo!!!

  86. Ryan Smith

    Ryan SmithMonth ago


  87. Ryan Smith

    Ryan SmithMonth ago

    My name is not Ryan it is Bebe smith

  88. Ryan Smith

    Ryan SmithMonth ago


  89. Hannah Abasolo

    Hannah AbasoloMonth ago

    Michael loving FINAL FANTASY X!!! I love him even more now 💕

  90. Junella Madarang

    Junella MadarangMonth ago

    Calum looks like he's modeling for a freaking ad campaign. My heart 😩

  91. Molly Pembleton

    Molly PembletonMonth ago

    *i dont. have any*

  92. Katie Aguado

    Katie AguadoMonth ago

    Ashton's humor ❤

  93. imrestyles

    imrestylesMonth ago

    “Liam is like Oprah”

  94. Justin Drew

    Justin DrewMonth ago

    These guys are forever will be related to 1d and that makes me happy😘💗

  95. Sabiha Ahmad

    Sabiha AhmadMonth ago

    2:34 “uhhhhh I got none”

  96. Shayah B

    Shayah BMonth ago

    This video gets funnier and funnier 😂

  97. Ultravioletx1

    Ultravioletx1Month ago

    Their accents are almost gone

  98. makeupbyChio

    makeupbyChioMonth ago

    gel nails and Michael's painful tatto

  99. Leno Jes

    Leno JesMonth ago

    I love Luke aww... His nails are so beautifully painted...

  100. Merriah Picou

    Merriah PicouMonth ago

    Ashton's little comments on everything kill me everytime😂😂😂

  101. Kandra Ryan

    Kandra RyanMonth ago

    Liam Payne and Micheal Clifford alone at a tattoo place is not a good idea especially when Micheal was not old enough to get one

  102. emily raye

    emily rayeMonth ago

    Micheal: you were in a couple crappy ones- Ashton:I wanted to be in a good band.. Luke:😂😂

  103. Jessica Velez

    Jessica VelezMonth ago

    “I wanted to be in a good band.” Lol