5 Seconds of Summer Break Down Their Tattoos | GQ


  1. Luana Costa

    Luana Costa3 hours ago

    I just love this guys so much

  2. Clarissa Direct

    Clarissa DirectDay ago


  3. kalana kirby

    kalana kirbyDay ago

    Ashton’s remarks crack me up 😂😂😂😂

  4. ravneet gill

    ravneet gillDay ago

    lets all wear black and not tell Calum

  5. peoplearepeople _

    peoplearepeople _Day ago

    Wow Calums Tattoos look SO good on his tanned skin😍😍😍

  6. Gracie White

    Gracie WhiteDay ago

    Why does Ash sound so American in this?

  7. Mia Jones

    Mia JonesDay ago

    Lol. Everyone’s American now....

  8. Kiauna Hart

    Kiauna Hart2 days ago

    Swallow the goldfish 😂

  9. Spicy Mika

    Spicy Mika2 days ago

    1:23 "5 S O S" Fake fan 😤😤😤😤😤😤😤

  10. Katerina Zoumi

    Katerina Zoumi3 days ago

    Ashton is literally wearing his heart on his sleeve

  11. Josie Necker

    Josie Necker3 days ago

    Luke's eyes are just gorgeous

  12. Freya Hunter

    Freya Hunter3 days ago

    why do they all suddenly have American accents when they are Australian

  13. Rae S

    Rae S4 days ago

    luke is so precious like “I have no tattoos so here are my gel nails” im dying

  14. Anna McQueen

    Anna McQueen4 days ago

    Rip their accents bc it’s slowly becoming more and more American :(

  15. Chloe Mccullen

    Chloe Mccullen4 days ago

    My sisters call me really white but then i look at Michael

  16. Senna Robson

    Senna Robson4 days ago

    Tbh, I never really like 5sos, but they are actually really funny and I like their last few songs. I flipped out when the mentioned Liam tho😂🤣😍😍😍 #directioner

  17. TheKawaiiGamers :D

    TheKawaiiGamers :D5 days ago

    This the best tattoo

  18. Rookie Kookie

    Rookie Kookie5 days ago

    I’m not a huge fan but I love Youngblood so much like when I first heard it I connected to it so when I’m older I might get a Youngblood tattoo

  19. Sparrow Milles

    Sparrow Milles5 days ago

    iS tHaT bEcAusE yOu'Re sO pAsTeY ?

  20. Fatima Anees

    Fatima Anees6 days ago

    I've watched this so many times i lost count😅😅😂

  21. Yin and Yang Girl

    Yin and Yang Girl6 days ago

    Please back to bali boyss ..😮

  22. Louise Directioner09

    Louise Directioner096 days ago

    “If I had it my way, you wouldn’t be in this video” my favourite phrase Ashton ever said

  23. gabrielle dziura

    gabrielle dziura6 days ago

    How dare they lose their aussie accents

  24. Katie H

    Katie H7 days ago


  25. Ana Palacios

    Ana Palacios7 days ago

    2:33, 2:41 im dead

  26. nevereverthought

    nevereverthought7 days ago

    JUST GO TO 2:33

  27. Danie Atras

    Danie Atras7 days ago

    It could mean anything"

  28. Thangty lomou

    Thangty lomou7 days ago

    i wanna see these 4 aussie lads reacting to their old live cam and videos. they have grown a lot.

  29. Charley Benson

    Charley Benson7 days ago

    If you pause at 2:10 and compare Calum’s pointer finger to Ashton’s like holy sht Ash really does have massive fckng hands

  30. BruhItsMegg

    BruhItsMegg8 days ago

    ''5 es oh es'' what fake fans they are



    just do this with 1D...

  32. autumn marie

    autumn marie8 days ago

    “liam’s like opra” true he such a kind soul :’)

  33. autumn marie

    autumn marie8 days ago

    their accents are gone :(-)-)

  34. katy dillard

    katy dillard8 days ago

    5 es oh es

  35. Audrey Smith

    Audrey Smith8 days ago

    All of them have brighter teeth than my future.

  36. Maria francesca Gómez

    Maria francesca Gómez8 days ago


  37. Anet Solorio

    Anet Solorio9 days ago

    i'm falling in love all over again

  38. Kristen Gile

    Kristen Gile9 days ago

    Also their accents aren’t as thick anymore... I hear a lot of American accent

  39. Daisy Fuentes

    Daisy Fuentes9 days ago

    Luke’s super judgmental “ANOTHER BAND?” 😂😂

  40. Kristen Gile

    Kristen Gile9 days ago

    Is that a Bowie shirt 👀🤔

  41. natalie moreno

    natalie moreno9 days ago

    okay so we just going to ignore the fact that they said 5 S OH S instead of 5sauce how are they they're own fake fans smh

  42. rachel lindmann

    rachel lindmann10 days ago

    did Micheal just mentioned ma baby paynoooo!!!!!!!????????

  43. Steph Plank

    Steph Plank10 days ago

    Actually they all do...

  44. Steph Plank

    Steph Plank10 days ago

    Ashton sounds so American

  45. Vanessa 28

    Vanessa 2811 days ago

    the way michael says anchor

  46. story telle

    story telle11 days ago

    if vic fuentes can be almost 40 and still have no tattoos, then there's no pressure luke 😂

  47. story telle

    story telle11 days ago

    if vic fuentes can be almost 40 and still have no tattoos, then there's no pressure luke 😂

  48. RiseLemon

    RiseLemon11 days ago

    what was the joke?

  49. Enriq Tablanza

    Enriq Tablanza11 days ago

    Micheals kicks tho...

  50. Caylin Taylor

    Caylin Taylor11 days ago

    Yes you were there with Liam. You guys and one direction are my favorite bands. I replayed that so many times to make sure I was right

  51. Alannah Oliver

    Alannah Oliver11 days ago

    im cryinggggg, they are starting to sound americannnn, like their aussie is fading :(

  52. Jeongyeon's Blue Hair

    Jeongyeon's Blue Hair11 days ago

    Micheal looks like a hippie poet

  53. OlivR93

    OlivR9312 days ago

    the guy on the right talks too much ahahah

  54. virline honore

    virline honore12 days ago

    2:41 i just realized luke's wearing nail polish and i like it

  55. wings cake

    wings cake12 days ago

    Liam paid for his tattoo

  56. Alix Kayy

    Alix Kayy12 days ago

    they've lost their accents and it makes me sad

  57. Tytianna W.

    Tytianna W.12 days ago

    Ashton just firing shots at everybody😂

  58. oh no angel

    oh no angel12 days ago

    “LIAMS LIKE OPRAH” heksks

  59. miracle baby

    miracle baby13 days ago

    "5 es oh es"

  60. camila cabello is my dad

    camila cabello is my dad13 days ago

    hi i'm born july 7th [no joke]. ashton is my twin.

  61. Paul Daehee Park Chung

    Paul Daehee Park Chung13 days ago

    They have so much fun in interviews, love them, love their music

  62. thecuteoneishere

    thecuteoneishere13 days ago

    Am I the only one who doesn’t want Luke to get a tattoo?

  63. Pedro Juan Tacos

    Pedro Juan Tacos13 days ago

    Their loosing their accents! Nuu

  64. wilma robert

    wilma robert13 days ago

    Calum is so gentleman

  65. Skylar B

    Skylar B13 days ago

    love you cal but YIKES that native american tattoo,,,, no just no

  66. a mess™

    a mess™14 days ago

    *"I wanted to be in a good band."*

  67. joe a

    joe a14 days ago

    Ashton's shirt 😍

  68. Emily Dallas Grier

    Emily Dallas Grier14 days ago

    1D and 5SOS will always be my favs

  69. istrinya Rowoon

    istrinya Rowoon14 days ago

    2:00 'i lose my passport in bali' LOL

  70. Jacqueline Powell

    Jacqueline Powell14 days ago

    Is Ashton American ?

  71. Ellisha x

    Ellisha x13 days ago

    Jacqueline Powell they’re all Australian but they’re losing their accents

  72. Denise Cee

    Denise Cee14 days ago

    Ashton’s Aussie is fading.

  73. Nicole Garcia

    Nicole Garcia14 days ago

    Ohhhh.. i also like final fantasy X 😍

  74. Bridget Styles360

    Bridget Styles36014 days ago

    Luke can get my name tattooed 😍

  75. Bridget Styles360

    Bridget Styles36014 days ago

    My daddies 😍😍

  76. Margarida Barbosa

    Margarida Barbosa15 days ago

    Couldn't stop thinking that their accents are praticaly gone

  77. Jojo Chan

    Jojo Chan15 days ago

    love their humor a lot!!! And them being so open-minded towards males with feminine features~

  78. mia boe

    mia boe15 days ago

    I love 5 sos

  79. merrychrysler

    merrychrysler16 days ago

    (we all know Liz won't let Luke get a tattoo)

  80. gabby campbell

    gabby campbell16 days ago

    What we've discovered is, they're all huge nerds.

  81. Amara

    Amara16 days ago

    “Contractually -“

  82. Malcolm Devlin

    Malcolm Devlin16 days ago

    Am i weird for thinking that Luke wouldve had the most but turns out he had none?

  83. Margaux

    Margaux17 days ago


  84. yo exo

    yo exo17 days ago

    I come back to 5SOS after like 3 years and their Aussie accents have disappeared ?? What happened lol

  85. ughmae

    ughmae18 days ago

    lololololol rip Australian accents

  86. Divaliciousbeauty123

    Divaliciousbeauty12318 days ago

    5 seconds of summer is an acronym for 5 SOS and SOS means help so their name is actually a cry for help. A conspiracy thread

  87. kkaepjjang kkaepjjang

    kkaepjjang kkaepjjang18 days ago

    "liams like Oprah" omg 😂😂💀

  88. Cammi Dun

    Cammi Dun18 days ago

    “Liam’s like oprah”

  89. Flavia-Maria Coconu

    Flavia-Maria Coconu18 days ago

    me seeing michael's new hair: skrillex???? is that you??? (no hate to mikey i love him to death)

  90. Chasing Shores

    Chasing Shores18 days ago

    Why are Luke's nails painted??

  91. Ellisha x

    Ellisha x13 days ago

    Chasing Shores because he like to have them painted and I think it protects his nails when playing the guitar

  92. angel angone

    angel angone18 days ago

    Ashton and Luke literally look like they’ve traded hairstyles over the years 😂😂😂

  93. Kaylee Apple

    Kaylee Apple19 days ago

    michael and ashton's accents are nearly nonexistent. especially ashton's he sounds so strange

  94. Holly Plays Roblox

    Holly Plays Roblox20 days ago

    Luke should get a tattoo of the 5SOS logo.

  95. Holly Plays Roblox

    Holly Plays Roblox20 days ago


  96. lara, yoonmin's child

    lara, yoonmin's child20 days ago

    can luke please do a nail salon vlog the next time ??

  97. Theresa

    Theresa20 days ago

    not a fan but ashton is so hot

  98. May Guo

    May Guo20 days ago

    Mikey needs to get something Fortnite related for his tattoo bands

  99. Dean Kresic

    Dean Kresic21 day ago

    "And then, if you take your top off and turn around, he actually has a beautiful portrait of me" Lmao Cashton is goals

  100. addictedtoyou148

    addictedtoyou14821 day ago

    Luke is awsome for having no tattoos but gel nails 😂 if I didn't like him already I really like him now

  101. gab lee

    gab lee21 day ago

    Palaye royale tattoo break down should happen

  102. SoLivia

    SoLivia21 day ago

    crazy to think that i met ash, luke and callum when they were in newcastle which is when ash got his 5sos logo tattoo