5 Seconds of Summer Break Down Their Tattoos | GQ


  1. Nicolle Fernandes

    Nicolle Fernandes3 hours ago

    I really love 5sos and each of the boys, but the more I look to Ashton the more I remember my uncle

  2. Shyann Morrow

    Shyann Morrow7 hours ago

    "This is the first *legal* tattoo I had done"

  3. Stranger Girl

    Stranger Girl15 hours ago

    Calum looks so good in this

  4. Loreelay

    Loreelay19 hours ago

    why is Ashton’s neck so hot though

  5. Hethal Reddy

    Hethal ReddyDay ago

    Ok but at 1:02 I got harsh fetus Michael vibes so excuse me while I sob in the corner mourning their childhood

  6. Janita Himson

    Janita HimsonDay ago

    michael's where are your parents STILL gets me. sarcastic KiNG

  7. Ninaroar

    NinaroarDay ago

    6:50 I'M CRYING

  8. musicmakerchick19

    musicmakerchick19Day ago

    So one direction....

  9. Fathimath Nabaha

    Fathimath Nabaha2 days ago

    Calums tattoos are so precious

  10. Judit Nagy

    Judit Nagy2 days ago

    When Michael showed the Too the Moon tattoo, on his underarm, near his armpit...are those stretch marks or cut marks? He is okay, right? I've been gone for a while...missed some stuff, but he's ok, right?

  11. Julia Garcia

    Julia Garcia2 days ago

    luke has no tattoos bc mama liz would kill him

  12. red weene

    red weene2 days ago

    aight, they're kinda hot

  13. Linge van Schooten

    Linge van Schooten5 days ago

    How come Calum has a tattoo with 2012 and says it’s for the year the band started, but when you look it up they say they started in 2011....

  14. 「 ncthellevator 」

    「 ncthellevator 」6 days ago

    calum's hair looks so good here y'all really slept on this look huh

  15. V

    V6 days ago

    I love how comfortable they are with their masculinity

  16. Elizabeth Hessler

    Elizabeth Hessler6 days ago

    Mikey is looking so healthy

  17. Noel Nalley

    Noel Nalley6 days ago

    5 es oh es... still bugs me not as much when the boys say it though.●○● ♡○♡

  18. Carissa Francis

    Carissa Francis6 days ago

    OMG wheresss ashton aussie accentttttt

  19. Amber T

    Amber T7 days ago

    man i love them so much

  20. Lucid dream edits

    Lucid dream edits7 days ago

    I am now a 5 sos fan

  21. Lucid dream edits

    Lucid dream edits7 days ago

    Their American-Australian accents are strange but I like them

  22. Karen Jackson

    Karen Jackson7 days ago

    Whats there accents?

  23. George Ryan Ross III

    George Ryan Ross III8 days ago

    They’re accents thinned out so much, I miss the little Aussie accents

  24. Kha'Naysha Nereus

    Kha'Naysha Nereus9 days ago

    Sjkjkhj dO yOu wAnNa bE iN a bAnD reminded me of " i wAnNa bE iN tHe tRiBe"

  25. Savannah Santella

    Savannah Santella9 days ago

    5 ehs oh ehs

  26. Esp Mag

    Esp Mag11 days ago

    Micheal is such a nerd its gr8

  27. Mermaid princess

    Mermaid princess12 days ago

    Rip. Their accents

  28. Fatima Swift

    Fatima Swift12 days ago


  29. lauren campbell

    lauren campbell13 days ago

    ok but this video is art

  30. Chyanne Boronda

    Chyanne Boronda13 days ago

    Why does Michael sound so American ? Rip

  31. Julia Zajac

    Julia Zajac13 days ago

    Am i the only one that couldn’t recognize any of them for a couple of minutes?????

  32. Lenster Ri.

    Lenster Ri.13 days ago

    These guys are so sympathetic and their music is absolutely amazing. I'm frickin excited to see them live on Nov 15th in Munich😊

  33. Ganis Ikhwan

    Ganis Ikhwan13 days ago


  34. Halz

    Halz14 days ago

    Aww these guys are funny. I like bands that have banter 😂

  35. Ashby Symms

    Ashby Symms15 days ago

    Rip Ashton's accent

  36. Ali Clifford

    Ali Clifford15 days ago

    "I love little tattoos" *has 3 big moons on both his arm* ASHTON IRWIN EVERYONE

  37. randybooks

    randybooks16 days ago

    sHouT oUT tO RoY

  38. Anias Lee

    Anias Lee16 days ago

    okay but they didn’t talk about ashton’s tattoos on his forearms

  39. BellaTiger

    BellaTiger9 hours ago

    This was filmed before he got those tattoos. I was confused for a few minutes too, don't worry.

  40. Feather Styles

    Feather Styles17 days ago

    I'm sorry but pause at 9:13 and just😍

  41. just someone

    just someone18 days ago


  42. MystiK Vic

    MystiK Vic18 days ago

    I'm so triggered 😂 I used to say 5 es oh es and then all the snippy fans just kept fighting with me on it so i started saying 5sauce..and now the actual band says 5 es oh es. 😒

  43. chocolate eclairs

    chocolate eclairs15 days ago

    Well 5sauce is how you say it. 5sos only spelled it out

  44. luke is a cutie

    luke is a cutie19 days ago

    lukes curls tho

  45. luke is a cutie

    luke is a cutie19 days ago

    ive watched this 83748937 times and still dont get the joke michael said

  46. Eddie Zurita

    Eddie Zurita20 days ago

    their chemistry is like no other

  47. Sanne

    Sanne20 days ago

    luke talking about his gel nails is adorable

  48. kalana kirby

    kalana kirby20 days ago


  49. Dihara Hossain

    Dihara Hossain21 day ago

    bc their name is 5sos, is that y they release music for 5 seconds in the summer (hahahha just saying cz i want more of them)


    GO TRUCK YOURSELF !21 day ago

    They are actually adorabel .

  51. Mia

    Mia22 days ago

    I love luke so much

  52. Mia

    Mia22 days ago

    I wish 1d did a video like this

  53. Tiana Teefy

    Tiana Teefy22 days ago

    Oh Ashton's comments..

  54. elie bryan

    elie bryan23 days ago

    me looking at calum's legs, realizing he finally has body hair

  55. amber phelps

    amber phelps23 days ago

    Ashton with the little tattoos is me. Committing but not too committing

  56. Kay Jeffery

    Kay Jeffery24 days ago

    £20 for a tattoo is cheap

  57. ONCE you BLINK you’re an ARMY

    ONCE you BLINK you’re an ARMY24 days ago

    Luke can’t relate

  58. Gabriella Rodriguez

    Gabriella Rodriguez24 days ago

    Their accents are so...not there? Lol like it sounds...weird? Idk lol

  59. Ruby from KARMA

    Ruby from KARMA25 days ago

    8:15 lmao also ash looked so serious about it

  60. Ruby from KARMA

    Ruby from KARMA25 days ago

    i love how when ash was joking that cal had a tattoo of him on his back cal just said , i'm a butterfly

  61. Ariana

    Ariana26 days ago

    one direction should do this. ejem harry and louis I SEE YOU

  62. Fina Nurfitriana

    Fina Nurfitriana29 days ago

    Please gimme that story bout your alive tattoo calum😩

  63. Fasila Tahsin

    Fasila TahsinMonth ago

    Luke and Niall are gonna get along really well someday 😂

  64. Fasila Tahsin

    Fasila Tahsin27 days ago

    Ana ..ik that ..it was meant to be a sarcastic’ comment XD

  65. Ana

    Ana27 days ago

    Fasila Tahsin they’ve been friends for years lol

  66. Emily Cress

    Emily CressMonth ago

    remember when Ashton was the most Aussie in the group. now it's luke, rip their accents

  67. Sylvia Welch

    Sylvia WelchMonth ago

    Ashton is hilarious

  68. Sylvia Welch

    Sylvia WelchMonth ago

    I love these guys

  69. TheBlass

    TheBlassMonth ago

    He's got no tattoos, because his skin is already flawless, no decoration needed. (btw thw other boys didn't need tattoos either, they are flawless)

  70. Yo lo

    Yo loMonth ago

    When I see 5sos the first time (she looks so perfekt music video) i think that luke had tattoos but he haven't one

  71. Kelly Armitstead

    Kelly ArmitsteadMonth ago


  72. uriesgalaxy

    uriesgalaxyMonth ago

    their accents are fading like mine lmao rip original aussie accents

  73. Marsja Steigenga

    Marsja SteigengaMonth ago


  74. zak martin

    zak martinMonth ago

    Fucken lost their Aussie accents

  75. Sophie Clifford

    Sophie CliffordMonth ago

    Ashton: I like little tattoos Also Ashton: Look at these 6 huge moon tattoos I got

  76. Jacklyn Siver

    Jacklyn SiverMonth ago

    “Liam’s like Oprah” I’m crying

  77. Georgia Clark

    Georgia ClarkMonth ago


  78. LarryIsMyHome

    LarryIsMyHomeMonth ago

    All the cake in this

  79. LarryIsMyHome

    LarryIsMyHomeMonth ago

    And then there’s Louis Tomlinson if he ever does a video like that “oh they don’t have any meaning, I just did it” fun fact: he hated tattoos and almost all of them is a match with his “enemy”

  80. OfzoIets

    OfzoIets22 days ago

    LarryIsMyHome 💙💚#Larry

  81. Chira A.

    Chira A.Month ago

    What happened I unstanned a year ago and now I got sucked back in and so much had changed???????????

  82. Madelyne Merkley

    Madelyne MerkleyMonth ago

    Ashton: I like small tattoos Also Ashton: has a giant bird on his neck & six giant circles on his arms

  83. speeeee35

    speeeee35Month ago

    It’s crazy how much more American they sound now. The drummer is basically fully California accent though. It’s funny how some people have that ear and just can’t help but pick up accents.

  84. Chantènique van Aswegen

    Chantènique van AswegenMonth ago

    Final Fantasy X is the best game ever man

  85. Kaylin Vongnakhone

    Kaylin VongnakhoneMonth ago

    5 sauce

  86. Kieran Shae

    Kieran ShaeMonth ago

    Luke's glo-up though. Also love the nails. All here for men embracing unconventional beauty practices. But what has happened to Ashton's accent??

  87. Mr. nerd Comedy

    Mr. nerd ComedyMonth ago

    Thanks Liam

  88. Sarah Heringer

    Sarah HeringerMonth ago

    The one that looks like would be the most tattooed had none and the one who I would swear got none got a heck lot of them. Don't judge a book by it's cover 😂😂😂😂

  89. Nyah Sinele

    Nyah SineleMonth ago

    ashton is being so sassy

  90. Bella Helene

    Bella HeleneMonth ago

    uhm did Luke forget to zip his panthole?

  91. Zhoey Stanley

    Zhoey StanleyMonth ago

    haven't catched up wid dis band. i still love dem tho GAGAGA

  92. Farahinness

    FarahinnessMonth ago

    yeay my Luke has no tats!

  93. Christina Renny

    Christina RennyMonth ago

    4:11 is ashton talking about how the tally marks aren't their logo anymore

  94. Vivian Avianty

    Vivian AviantyMonth ago

    so dead to see luke’s charm and ashton’s lovely way to talk

  95. Glory 101

    Glory 101Month ago

    No Luke u can't get a tattoo Liz would kill u...

  96. Sapphire C

    Sapphire CMonth ago

    I stan these idiots

  97. Madison Buchman

    Madison BuchmanMonth ago

    When your Niall

  98. TheBlueGirl18

    TheBlueGirl18Month ago

    cal’s voice sounds soooo different

  99. Macie Mizer

    Macie MizerMonth ago

    Why is Michael the same color as the wall

  100. Ghostlyghoul

    GhostlyghoulMonth ago

    I've been stanning since 2012 and it makes me so happy to see how they've grown as people

  101. The Infamous Potato Squad

    The Infamous Potato SquadMonth ago

    Where is Luke's lip piercing? Am I blind? Did I miss something? Help.

  102. The Infamous Potato Squad

    The Infamous Potato SquadMonth ago

    +Ellisha x true

  103. Ellisha x

    Ellisha xMonth ago

    The Infamous Potato Squad I agree tbh I loved it but I feel like it wouldn’t suit him now with his change in style and stuff feel like it went better with his ripped jeans and band tops

  104. The Infamous Potato Squad

    The Infamous Potato SquadMonth ago

    +Ellisha x whyyyy I mean I get he's like older and wants to change but it was so iconic....or was that just me...

  105. Ellisha x

    Ellisha xMonth ago

    The Infamous Potato Squad he took it out ages ago

  106. Kpop Lover

    Kpop LoverMonth ago

    These tattoos are so bizarre yet cool love itttt!~ 😯😂

  107. Health & Peace Alchemy

    Health & Peace AlchemyMonth ago


  108. Luna lovegood

    Luna lovegoodMonth ago

    I love how he said "it could be anything"

  109. Tara Meme

    Tara MemeMonth ago

    _"another band?"_