5 Players Sir Alex Ferguson Shouldn't Have Sold


  1. Olly Dundas

    Olly Dundas2 days ago

    Let me guess, Stam, Pogba, Pique, probably Ronaldo as well, can’t think of a fifth, Bebe?

  2. dan keiller

    dan keiller4 days ago

    Ravel Morrison and Nicky butt are two players who nobody mentioned

  3. LL S

    LL S5 days ago

    pogba , ronaldo , stam , biggest mistake

  4. Carlos Simancas

    Carlos Simancas5 days ago

    overrated manager, overrated coach, just pure ego

  5. Carlos Simancas

    Carlos Simancas5 days ago

    An absolutely overrate manager and coach

  6. Legend 11

    Legend 116 days ago

    Beckham was to caught up in his image and SAF seemed to have issues with Victoria Beckham. It was time, Becks should have been more humble. Stam was the saddest one he was immense, the crap we had after him, Blanc for one. Imagine a young Rio and an experienced Stam! my days.

  7. King Sufy

    King Sufy6 days ago

    End of the day FERGIE IS A LEGEND fair enough Stam was a mistake but the rest were all for good reasons. He still won the title even after selling all these stars. We sold Stam, Beckham, Ronaldo, Van Nistleroy, Pique, Forlan, Heinze, Berbatov, Tévez, Saha Yorke, Cole and still won the premier league title. What the fuck is our manager doing now ? Complaining and talks about respect ! Lol I would have loved to have seen Giuseppe Rossi have a little more time at united and Pique before they were sold

  8. Satyanarayan Panda

    Satyanarayan Panda6 days ago


  9. Babu

    Babu7 days ago

    The biggest success he made was selling Beckham...now that's genius!! But his biggest mistake was selling Stam!! Now that's a blunder!!

  10. Dan Everton

    Dan Everton10 days ago

    Sir Alex Ferguson was reportedly furious with allegations Stam had made in his autobiography Head to Head about himself and the club. Stam made numerous statements in the book about his views on opposing players, and notoriously alleged that Ferguson's approach to buy him was done without the permission of PSV.[9] Laurent Blanc was signed as his replacement.

  11. Ryan Lim

    Ryan Lim10 days ago

    Agree on Beckham, Stam, would like to add in Ruud (the goal machine) who score in regular basis

  12. thebeatnumber

    thebeatnumber10 days ago

    I'd have gone with Paul Ince and Ruud Van Nistelory

  13. rabi shrestha

    rabi shrestha10 days ago

    Jose M spends too much. Too much spend, but not satisfactory gain.

  14. Kain VS Predator

    Kain VS Predator11 days ago

    Thought I would have seen Roy Keane on this list.

  15. SchmeichelP

    SchmeichelP12 days ago

    Pique is a crap defender. Thank heavens we sold him, he would be eaten alive the Premier League.

  16. St Ev

    St Ev13 days ago

    Selling Stam and buying back Pogba, Two big mistakes, but the biggest of all was selling Phil Nevile.

  17. micheal yahoo

    micheal yahoo13 days ago

    Wayne Rooney

  18. arnie dlamini

    arnie dlamini14 days ago

    Tom Cleverly lol

  19. Viktor Tsvetanov

    Viktor Tsvetanov14 days ago

    Alex Ferguson's biggest mistake was when he left the team! Since then, United have sank!

  20. neymar barbosa

    neymar barbosa15 days ago

    Cristiano moving is good for his career

  21. MsRuthlessness

    MsRuthlessness15 days ago

    What song is this

  22. Lord Voldemort

    Lord Voldemort15 days ago

    Sir Alex was never afraid to sell big-name players if he felt they had become a distraction.

  23. Lena Schmitt

    Lena Schmitt15 days ago

    SAF sold some great players but he was always able to rebuild and put together an equally successful team. That is what makes him the greatest manager of all time. It is incredible that over the course of his 26 years, really the only player you could say that he would have rather not have sold was Ronaldo. Ince, Beckham, Van Nistelrooy, Keane all left United through SAF's own choosing.

  24. Ashton Love

    Ashton Love16 days ago

    I think the true reason Japp Stam was sold is that he looks like Freddy Krueger

  25. P Nis

    P Nis16 days ago


  26. 1000 subscribers with no videos

    1000 subscribers with no videos17 days ago

    Ronaldo wanted to leave I'm glad he did because he is now imo the best player in history that I have watched

  27. Kwanda Maqubela

    Kwanda Maqubela18 days ago

    The most bullshit video I've seen in a while. Thank you for that

  28. Danail Iliev

    Danail Iliev18 days ago


  29. Faizal Mahendra

    Faizal Mahendra19 days ago

    If Beckham left Ronaldo still signed, because Sir Alex has scouted this guy for 10 months. Pique will be the other evans or best successor. I choose Schmeichel for the big mistake of Sir Alex. I believe He could play for 3 or 4 years before retired or go. United has to struggle to find the good keeper until they sign Van der Sar.

  30. Wayne Conway

    Wayne Conway19 days ago

    Ronaldo was not Beckhams replacement. Fergie didn't even know who Ronaldo was when he sold Beckham. He spotted him in a friendly and thought he was the best young player he'd ever seen and demanded the club buy him immediately. He'd have signed for United regardless. And Beckham was quality. One of the best of his era.

  31. Anuj Rana

    Anuj Rana20 days ago

    Ronaldo is the greatest Manutd have ever produced!

  32. Pure Fun

    Pure Fun20 days ago


  33. Alexis Dirty Sanchez

    Alexis Dirty Sanchez20 days ago

    Who else knew that Ronaldo would be first! 🙌👍

  34. Fadhly Mohd

    Fadhly Mohd20 days ago

    Eric Djemba Djemba 😂

  35. Adafer Réda

    Adafer Réda21 day ago

    Carlos tevez

  36. aidan kearney

    aidan kearney21 day ago

    Paul McGrath....

  37. Atok 300

    Atok 30021 day ago


  38. Clyde Biotech Patna

    Clyde Biotech Patna21 day ago


  39. rajeev george Panthallookkaran

    rajeev george Panthallookkaran21 day ago

    the best footballer in the world

  40. Iday Supriadi

    Iday Supriadi21 day ago

    Fergie is the best

  41. lovely princess

    lovely princess21 day ago

    When I see things like this and what is happening now to our team I feel sadness

  42. kevin chung

    kevin chung21 day ago

    I would think it is just a matter of rational decision instead of should/shouldn't be sold.

  43. RumbleOfDrums

    RumbleOfDrums21 day ago

    Sharpe, Ince, Kantchelskis, RV Nistlerooy?

  44. anonymous thhh

    anonymous thhh21 day ago

    Which player made u a Manchester United fan? :)

  45. Fredrick Kasanda

    Fredrick Kasanda22 days ago

    CR7 had big ambitions of playing for Real Madrid, but we thank you for wearing the Red number 7. You made history for us.



    If they not sell this four players Man Utd can become the best club of the world



    They should not sell CR7, pique, Beckham, pogba,

  48. Juan Esteban Kruh Sanmguel

    Juan Esteban Kruh Sanmguel22 days ago

    pique was great in 2008-2011,best defender in the world in that times but now he is very far from that level

  49. Ikechukwuk Nosike

    Ikechukwuk Nosike22 days ago

    I didn't see Roy kean.

  50. Khalid Zubair

    Khalid Zubair22 days ago

    Cr7 best player of this time

  51. D CH

    D CH22 days ago

    Tevez because of his contributions to rivals city. Maybe ruud because of his goals and immediate impact at Madrid Nani - could have been so much more with an arm around him


    FAIMIDA SHAIKH23 days ago

    Robin Van Persi

  53. Henrik G

    Henrik G23 days ago

    Big misstake not buying Alan Shearer.

  54. MrMickeystew

    MrMickeystew24 days ago


  55. Henrik G

    Henrik G23 days ago

    Or Bellion?

  56. joe nail head

    joe nail head24 days ago

    Yess...ronaldo should be sold when he on 35years...but everybody got mistake..ferguson also..even he have great mistake he still the best manager..so many players goof quality in man utd that time..so u cant even played all them togather..u can only choose best from the best..

  57. Football Nerd

    Football Nerd24 days ago

    Why Sir Alex Ferguson Rejected The England Job Twice! WATCH HERE: mreporter.net/v/video-JHi1pJon4B0.html

  58. Dimdim Haokip

    Dimdim Haokip25 days ago

    Of the five players I would say Cristiano Ronaldo should be involved in this list rather than the other players.

  59. Keith Lim

    Keith Lim26 days ago

    One door closed is another door opened, if Leeds did not called SAF enquiring on Dennis Irvin, United wouldn't got Eric Cantona. Jam were sold coz he wrote a book w/o the forbidden rules in Ferguson's ruthless way. At times SAF were wrong to sell , SAF woke up on the wrong side of the bed, I suppose !

  60. Danny Leung

    Danny Leung26 days ago

    Selling Pogba was not a mistake. Signing him again was.

  61. Ace 1989

    Ace 198926 days ago

    That's not Ferguson's mistake. That's Ed Woodward's.

  62. Robert Stanley

    Robert Stanley26 days ago

    Roy Keane


    GAFFA SHEN27 days ago

    When fergie sold Bepe i was gutted! I used to piss myself when he played 😂

  64. Vin Delirium

    Vin Delirium27 days ago

    Ronaldo is a bastard !!! Yes he is great but not loyal maybe he can kiss his mum ass .

  65. Sean Gotts

    Sean Gotts27 days ago

    lol you know the skill of a footballer is not what makes a team work right .. what if they were disruptive iin the dressing room .. causeing problems .. or there just down right nasty assholes ... what if its about them deciding they want 1st team playing time regular and are not prepared to wait any longer .. but the mannager thinks there not ready yet ?? .. there is more to running a team ..than the player skills ...

  66. Bradleypne _07

    Bradleypne _0728 days ago

    Well Pogba came back

  67. Angel ito

    Angel ito29 days ago

    Chicharito under Van Gaal.. was the most recent.. Chicharito goal/mins played where amazing.. Big mistake for Man U..

  68. Henrik G

    Henrik G23 days ago

    I agree. He has the best attitude of all players.

  69. King F

    King F29 days ago

    No matter how good a player is, once he is feeling bigger than the manager, the only option is to get rid of it, it’s proven that it’s best for the team, best for the club

  70. haskhan81

    haskhan8129 days ago

    Stupid video. "Selling Ronaldo was Utds biggest regret". He promised to give an extra year so that he could join Madrid. It was inevitable. It wasn't as though it was Fergies decision to sell him.

  71. peter konto

    peter kontoMonth ago

    Rudd van nistleroy ...should have stayed but had a bust up with fergie...

  72. Arnab saha

    Arnab sahaMonth ago

    Roy Keane 100%

  73. Paul Morgan

    Paul MorganMonth ago

    Wilfried Zaha has to be included.

  74. Abdikadir Muse

    Abdikadir MuseMonth ago

    know i don't wutch the games of utd since alex furguson retire becoz the reason i don't want to wutch utd playing is JOSE is not a good leader thats why i prefer to stop watching utd games. if i am utd chairman i would suck jose, edwood,and replace ZIZOU AND RYAN GIGGS

  75. Abdikadir Muse

    Abdikadir MuseMonth ago

    i would have the best ever seen this no 7 is DAVID not ronaldo

  76. Psycho Killer

    Psycho KillerMonth ago

    Wayne rooney should never been sold

  77. Robert Stanley

    Robert Stanley23 days ago

    He wanted to Go as he wasnt in jose 's plans

  78. Black Beauty

    Black BeautyMonth ago

    😂😂 4th one really ? Wtf 😂😂🤣

  79. array s

    array sMonth ago

    SAF didnt sell Pogba, he was leaving on free, he also didnt want to sell CR7 but the player own desire to leave for Madrid. Beckham was the correct ones, as he was on downspiral and we might never get Ronaldo had he stayed. Stam and Pique were mistakes, shouldve tried harder to kept them both.

  80. aisha salim hassan

    aisha salim hassanMonth ago

    Wat about zlatan the black belt taekwondo

  81. Bonito Niyongabho

    Bonito NiyongabhoMonth ago

    Carlos Tevez hurt me when he left

  82. mayap6428

    mayap6428Month ago

    Everyone makes mistake but he does not.. everything he does has a meaning in it ..! #SAF

  83. sk

    skMonth ago

    Beckham not a mistake

  84. Ambesa Paulos

    Ambesa PaulosMonth ago

    diego forlan

  85. Austin Lee

    Austin LeeMonth ago

    I am not a Man U fans because of Sir Ferguson.. But I really love Man U.

  86. makori ogongi

    makori ogongiMonth ago

    PIQUE...naaah. vidic came on and he was an absolute rock

  87. Kaustubh Funde

    Kaustubh FundeMonth ago

    Ruud van Nistelrooy!?

  88. KaboomGG Dinan

    KaboomGG DinanMonth ago

    U got ur facts wrong mate pogba left after david moyes was there, get ir facts right he was playing when david moyes was there

  89. Izrul Ibrahim

    Izrul IbrahimMonth ago

    Welbeck to Arsenal?

  90. Henrik G

    Henrik G23 days ago

    Welbeck is not top class.

  91. Madhu Sudhan Rao

    Madhu Sudhan RaoMonth ago

    To me it's pogba....

  92. Jairaj Jagtap

    Jairaj JagtapMonth ago

    Bro it's not depended only on manager the players too want to leave the club and even the pressure from the owner of the club for money

  93. Abdullah Khan YousufZai

    Abdullah Khan YousufZaiMonth ago

    CR7 ❤️❤️😍😍

  94. Lokesh Ajmera

    Lokesh AjmeraMonth ago


  95. Miguel_Rivera

    Miguel_RiveraMonth ago

    They all were mistakes apart from Ronaldo. Cristiano wanted to leave so he shouldn't be on the list. Ruud Van Nistelrooy being on the list would make more sense.

  96. Paul Julian

    Paul JulianMonth ago

    I'm not sure it was a mistake, but I was sad to see Andy Cole go. I'm not sure how he compares to Ruud in stats, but I preferred watching him. He scored some wonderful goals and was more consistent than Yorke. Staam was one I'll never understand. We needed him. It's also a shame Schmeichel left when he did, but he had a great run.

  97. King 777

    King 777Month ago

    Ferguson 👍

  98. Benn Venables

    Benn VenablesMonth ago

    I agree with Stam but I think his biggest mistake was not convincing Schmeichel to stay on! I never understood why Schmeichel left united for another club at that time and they struggled to replace him properly till Van der Sar came in

  99. tech recipe

    tech recipeMonth ago

    Ronaldo exit is not fergie choice it was ronaldo who wanted it.

  100. Sarthak Mahajan

    Sarthak Mahajan5 days ago

    tech recipe same with pogba and ronaldo

  101. Shaharyar Usman

    Shaharyar UsmanMonth ago

    What is the music

  102. deepak thakur

    deepak thakurMonth ago


  103. Captain Jack Sparrow

    Captain Jack SparrowMonth ago

    *Make the same video for real madrid and keep ronaldo at first.*

  104. Nate Mo

    Nate MoMonth ago

    “Sold him for 800,000 in compensation” .... erm, what?

  105. Robert Stanley

    Robert Stanley23 days ago

    To release him from his contract

  106. Samuel Donovan

    Samuel DonovanMonth ago

    For a Man Utd fan most disgustung was Wayne Rooney leaving .

  107. Robert Stanley

    Robert Stanley23 days ago

    Fergie Didn't sell Rooney

  108. Verdayne Smith

    Verdayne SmithMonth ago

    Ruud van Nistelrooy and Nemanja Vidic, but I believe Jaap Stan is the number one all time mistake.