5 Players Sir Alex Ferguson Shouldn't Have Sold


  1. Cart0onz Yey

    Cart0onz Yey2 days ago

    Damn a lot of players from la liga are from Premier lague

  2. Joginder Singh

    Joginder Singh4 days ago

    Tevez and ronaldo were regretable decision to make

  3. pascallovic

    pascallovic4 days ago

    Where's Ruud van Nistelrooij in this list?

  4. 헉 벌써할 말이

    헉 벌써할 말이5 days ago

    I said he made a big mistake selling ronaldo and pogba

  5. lightning strike

    lightning strike7 days ago

    Nobody cares about his mistakes because he has a lot of right answers like CR7 and Cantona

  6. Liquid Garet

    Liquid Garet7 days ago


  7. Trisa Palmer

    Trisa Palmer8 days ago

    BECKHAM WAS A GOOD MOVE FOR UTD ..he may of sold shirts but wasn't really missed . Plus do u call winning only one La liga title with Real Madrid in 4 seasons successful then you shouldn't really be talking about football . It's a 2 team league ffs .. But Stam and cr7 were mistakes of a huge nature

  8. tree top

    tree top9 days ago

    Yap Stam definitely one of the best defenders ever to wear a football shirt. Beckham definitely one of the best ever mid-fielders ever to wear a football shirt. Paul Pogba, in my opinion, the biggest waste of money ever to wear a football shirt. I watched him just the other night Man U v Juventus The most expensive player on the pitch was without a doubt the worst player. I know he's not classed as a striker so not expected to score every time he shoots, but at £93 mill + at least you I would expect him to be on target. My 17-year-old grandson hits the target more often than Pogba does.

  9. Soumya Saha

    Soumya Saha9 days ago

    Add Nistelrooy and Tevez.

  10. Jesse Laitere

    Jesse Laitere11 days ago

    The mistake that Sir Alex made was to retire, man u is in a quagmire...and I would who and when they will wade out of it....

  11. abidamn

    abidamn12 days ago

    1. Djemba x2

  12. Mohammed Sadak

    Mohammed Sadak12 days ago

    CR 7 is the best

  13. Monkey Slogan

    Monkey Slogan13 days ago

    Paul Ince?

  14. lovely princess

    lovely princess13 days ago

    Cristiano Ronald was not mistaken because he had big dream and sir Alex Ferguson couldn't hold him back

  15. Боби-канал за фифа и влогове

    Боби-канал за фифа и влогове13 days ago

    Where is Berbatov?

  16. alex wandelage

    alex wandelage13 days ago

    Ruud van nisterlooy a goalscorer ever seen before!! Keane..tevez..schemeical..folan!!

  17. hamza rehan

    hamza rehan14 days ago

    You missed Lois Suarez

  18. ted maduri

    ted maduri14 days ago

    I knew Ronaldo would be in that video before it started

  19. mohamed amin

    mohamed amin15 days ago


  20. TaylorHisme90

    TaylorHisme9013 days ago

    mohamed amin mourinho sold him

  21. Arinaitwe Gilbert

    Arinaitwe Gilbert15 days ago

    I notice that the observations are focusing on personalities or names of players. How about the value of these players? Did Man U do business?

  22. Akshay Madikai

    Akshay Madikai15 days ago


  23. nazir monaff

    nazir monaff16 days ago


  24. India trendzZ

    India trendzZ16 days ago

    2 mistakes First, allowed cr7 to leave without convincing him to stay while we were the best in Europe with money power n playing Second, Fergie's retirement himself.. united still not recovered from it

  25. Bluesbr0ther

    Bluesbr0ther15 days ago

    Ferguson retired to spend time with his wife who had just lost her twin sister, he was 71 years old at the time and had gotten the club 13 premier league trophies as manager. Calling it a mistake that he retired to spend more time with his family is simply just rude after all the sacrifices he has made for the club.

  26. Bubacarr Darboe

    Bubacarr Darboe16 days ago


  27. M͓̽a͓̽n͓̽c͓̽h͓̽e͓̽s͓̽t͓̽e͓̽r͓̽ C͓̽i͓̽t͓̽y͓̽

    M͓̽a͓̽n͓̽c͓̽h͓̽e͓̽s͓̽t͓̽e͓̽r͓̽ C͓̽i͓̽t͓̽y͓̽17 days ago

    From here we knew that United boards are shit in business

  28. fiddy

    fiddy17 days ago

    ruud van nistelrooy was the greatest goalscorer i have seen in my lifetime in a united shirt and paul pogba gets on this list before him? i would pick robbie savage before that waste of space,fergie would never of bought him back even if he was free, forlan was better than beckham after united and tevez would replace pique on this list, jaap i agree with and we got alot of money for chris and got a robin van persie in who was a great player

  29. Magnús Másson

    Magnús Másson17 days ago

    Ferguson was a shame to football. He was a cheater.

  30. TaylorHisme90

    TaylorHisme9013 days ago

    Everyone disagrees with you

  31. Top Gear Biker

    Top Gear Biker17 days ago

    Which soundtrack is this ?

  32. Danish Danish

    Danish Danish18 days ago

    I think Sir Alex Ferguson should not sold Cristiano Ronaldo..

  33. Binil Babu

    Binil Babu18 days ago


  34. Mellow Accent

    Mellow Accent18 days ago

    Jaap Stam? You mean, Johnny Sins? If only Fergie saw what he could actually do...

  35. Shaha Rull

    Shaha Rull18 days ago

    Diego Forland

  36. soor tik tok

    soor tik tok18 days ago

    U forgot nistelrooy

  37. E

    E18 days ago

    If beckham didn't leaved United than Ronaldo went to Barca.

  38. Christ Vonervoncher Harry

    Christ Vonervoncher Harry18 days ago

    Pogba moved to jevuntus but he is back at manchester united

  39. dedratertv

    dedratertv18 days ago

    Crap list - Pique had a buy back clause which was activated by Barcelona, so out of Ferguson's control as was the Pogba transfer under Bosman ruling. In regards to Jaap Stam, there were rumours that Ferguson knew about him using nandrolone, which he was subsequently banned for using after moving to Italy so he was right to get rid of him. Ronaldo always wanted to leave and again this was out of Ferguson's control

  40. Gonmei Angam

    Gonmei Angam19 days ago

    The biggest mistake was sir Alex exit from man united.

  41. Bob Rikhotso

    Bob Rikhotso19 days ago

    Berbatov, I was so frustrated when he was left out of the champions league final against Barcelona. At that time he Uniter's leading goal scorer. Fergie costed us.

  42. rayyan Shafique

    rayyan Shafique19 days ago

    You should have added Wayne Rooney

  43. Alexander Rahardjo

    Alexander Rahardjo19 days ago

    It talks star. Players. How about rossi, forlan, even drinkwater lifting his trophy when Pogba can't now....

  44. Nishanth Ashok

    Nishanth Ashok20 days ago

    Pogba leaving United was all about that agent he has who sees Pogba as a money making machine and nothing else. He persuaded Pogba into leaving United when he was 18 or so. And at that time, the way transfers worked is so so different from what it is now. Scholes was playing great football, and so were Fletcher and Carrick. All he had to do was to wait for his opportunities like lingard. And then bam, show why he needs to play week in week out. He would have developed so much more if he had stayed at OT. Another player is ravel morrison. I read in "Leading" that if he had been more disciplined, and taken care of himself, he would have broken into the team at some point of time. A very good player who did not reach his potential.

  45. Bizz Bozz

    Bizz Bozz20 days ago


  46. Paul Julian

    Paul Julian20 days ago

    Sometimes you need to sell great players. The only one on this list whose absence actively hurt United was Jaap Stam. In my opinion, I would have liked to see these players stay longer: Juan Sebastian Veron Carlos Tevez Park Ji-Seung In all honesty he didn't sell many players that we actually needed, and it's hard keeping players who aren't guaranteed a first team place.

  47. wazha kgwarae

    wazha kgwarae20 days ago

    Carlos Terves

  48. WontFitGetFit

    WontFitGetFit20 days ago

    Ruud Van Nistelrooy

  49. Ricardo Felix

    Ricardo Felix21 day ago

    Carlos Tevez

  50. Kalle Sauerland

    Kalle Sauerland21 day ago

    Ja ap stam

  51. keston waldron

    keston waldron22 days ago

    Yorke andy cole an robben van persie shudnt of sold those players as yet

  52. Pankaj Singh

    Pankaj Singh22 days ago

    I admit united is better during Sir Alex managing time but you guys have to admit it too that united don't have that quality development of players biggest example is Pogba a beast at juventus and what is he now !! Love Sir Alex.

  53. stoner 1234

    stoner 123422 days ago

    solding c.ronaldo was the big mistake of manchester united

  54. padma priya

    padma priya23 days ago

    Christiano RONALDO

  55. nashriq mazlan

    nashriq mazlan24 days ago

    Welbeck 🤣

  56. David Aruna

    David Aruna24 days ago

    Stam was a true legend.

  57. David Aruna

    David Aruna24 days ago

    And Di Maria too.

  58. David Aruna

    David Aruna24 days ago

    I think you should have involved ibrahimovic when he was at united goals were not our problem but now he is gone we are struggling with goals.

  59. Krishnadaz Thilak

    Krishnadaz Thilak24 days ago

    For the first is only a player is cristiano ronaldo..becham,pogba,pique... are best in the world


    CHARLES NALAMAI24 days ago


  61. Ahmad Khairul

    Ahmad Khairul24 days ago


  62. Jeremy Merrifield

    Jeremy Merrifield25 days ago

    Every photo of Beckham he sported a new hair style. Sums the over rated fella up.

  63. Yasir Yasir

    Yasir Yasir27 days ago

    If ronaldo never leaves man u there messi will only had 1 ballan D'OR

  64. mark robinson

    mark robinson28 days ago

    Stam wasn't happy with some of Ferguson's tactics and he said that he was happiest when he wore AC Milan shirt. But he won't get enough recognition to be signed by Milan if it wasn't for Man Utd.

  65. muhammad fadzili muhammad tahir

    muhammad fadzili muhammad tahir29 days ago

    Beckham n Pogba were not mistakes! Bekham had become bigger than the club. He was plying his trade as a model and fashion celebrity more than as footballer. Pogba. Well he wanted to leave. So off he went. He was big headed then as he is today.

  66. Abdi Ali

    Abdi Ali29 days ago

    Carlos tevez....

  67. kishan pattni

    kishan pattni29 days ago

    Van nistleroy deserves a mention on this list. Karel poborsky would have been good but just couldn’t squeeze in.

  68. ilyas khan

    ilyas khan29 days ago


  69. warmassunnedcat

    warmassunnedcatMonth ago

    Stam yes the rest no

  70. Shaddy Rain Maelo

    Shaddy Rain MaeloMonth ago

    raphael silva

  71. Phil Traveler, sports fan, currently in china

    Phil Traveler, sports fan, currently in chinaMonth ago

    How drunk were you when you made this video japp stam is the only one her should not of sold, becackham wanted to leave and thought he was bigger than the club, pique wanted to go back to Barcelona, Ronaldo stayed one extra year before leaving to help untied out as his dream was to play for Real Madrid.

  72. Phil Traveler, sports fan, currently in china

    Phil Traveler, sports fan, currently in chinaMonth ago

    And pogba wanted out after air Alex played 2 defenders in midfield over him so only one out of 5 was a mistake

  73. Little Chucky

    Little ChuckyMonth ago

    Van gaal selling rvp idiot

  74. Gary Ludwick

    Gary LudwickMonth ago

    Ruud...Forlan...Schmeichal...Keane Nani had flashes of brilliance but couldn't find consistency. If they could have worked him out he could have been lethal I want to see a list of good players sent on by Moyes and van Gaal

  75. Kitoka Awomi

    Kitoka AwomiMonth ago


  76. football magic

    football magicMonth ago

    Dimitar berbatov

  77. Man Utd Forever Red

    Man Utd Forever RedMonth ago

    No player is bigger than the club.... So no mistake was ever made in selling players.

  78. Nikola

    NikolaMonth ago

    LOL now Ronaldo is #1 on players Zidane should have never sold

  79. C. Ronaldo Fan

    C. Ronaldo FanMonth ago

    Sir Alex Sold Ronaldo from just the team but still in heart for Sir Alex Ronaldo is like is son. Ronaldo also respects him lot today and for Ronaldo Sir Alex is his Football Father.

  80. Nick tan

    Nick tanMonth ago

    Pogba was not a mistake

  81. Zvonimir Bošković

    Zvonimir BoškovićMonth ago

    Giuseppe Rossi

  82. Buffalobills16

    Buffalobills16Month ago

    Peter Schmeichel is up there aswell

  83. Simon the truth detector

    Simon the truth detectorMonth ago

    Is it just me that thinks F@#KINECK beckams career has gone rapid fast!! Something isn't right here,times speeded up👽👽👽👽 It seems like from 97 time has gone F@#KIN rapid...

  84. Yuxuan Li

    Yuxuan LiMonth ago

    He didnt wanna sell Anderson to incure the loss.

  85. Ekia Media

    Ekia MediaMonth ago

    How relevant is all this in 2018/19? Of cause, except for Ronaldo.

  86. Христо Златинов

    Христо ЗлатиновMonth ago

    Ruud van Nistelrooy should be at the place of Gerrard Pique. But this is only my opinion.

  87. BlueMonk25

    BlueMonk25Month ago

    Agree that Pogba was a mistake.. Not selling him though

  88. brendan harding

    brendan hardingMonth ago

    Stupid video, only beckham and staam on this list that fergie purposly sold, the others left because they themselves wanted to move on and if you to put a list like this together then where is ruud van nistlerooy??

  89. Raushan Ahmed

    Raushan AhmedMonth ago

    Robin Van Persie?

  90. xmonparx

    xmonparxMonth ago

    beck ? i dont think so. dat is beck and victoria mistake. dat is never " succesfull " carrer for beck after he leave united. i agree with the other. and also you must added forlan and nistelrooy

  91. golden waffles

    golden wafflesMonth ago

    Ronaldo wanted to go and Chase bigger things and Alex respected that so he let him go u can't blame either of them

  92. I.D.O.S

    I.D.O.SMonth ago

    Lol, beside STAM,the list are kind ridiculous. Fergie philosophy is put the team as priority not the players. Beckham was lost his focus to football after the glamour ala celebrity life and Fergie didn't have choice but punish him after the match against Arsenal. This is made Fergie respected by other player,he didn't afraid to throw the players out even he know the risk if he do it to top players because he believes every player is replaceable.

  93. Jan-paul Rees

    Jan-paul ReesMonth ago

    Mark hughes?

  94. fred onions

    fred onionsMonth ago

    I think Fergie was a terrific manager, he built some great teams at Utd and had a very good side at Aberdeen too. But? With the resources that Utd had, and the lack of any real great opposition through the nineties etc, I would have expected big success. Liverpool were always there of course but Arsenal, Chelsea, Man City etc were nowhere near as strong and wealthy as they are these days. Also, personally I would never have let Stam go.

  95. fiddy

    fiddy17 days ago

    liverpool ?????

  96. Kanye West

    Kanye WestMonth ago

    Nearly 40 trophies in 27 years of service is a big success. Arsenal were still a force until they moved to Emirates and haven't been ever since, Chelsea challenged Man United's throne for the last third of Fergie's stint as Man United's manager yet he still prevailed on top overall

  97. Avy G

    Avy GMonth ago

    Carlos Tevez- he came back to haunt Fergie. Taking to premiership title off Utd with City.

  98. ADUdomba VS pujukRAYU

    ADUdomba VS pujukRAYUMonth ago

    1-5 JAPP STAM

  99. ADUdomba VS pujukRAYU

    ADUdomba VS pujukRAYUMonth ago

    6. Ruud v. Nistelrooy

  100. Ubaid Kazie

    Ubaid KazieMonth ago

    None was a mistake... Ronaldo wanted to leave and he won everything at united either way..

  101. Farha Williams

    Farha WilliamsMonth ago

    Pogba shouldn't be added

  102. Anonymous Everywhere

    Anonymous EverywhereMonth ago

    Javier Hernandez and Nani were bigg mistakes. They were great players

  103. vmitov

    vmitovMonth ago

    Dimitar Berbatov should be on this list.

  104. Nikola Breka

    Nikola BrekaMonth ago

    Stam was an unnecessary sale, even Fergie said so. The rest is logical

  105. Jay Yayang

    Jay Yayang2 months ago

    Mana ada pogba di zaman ny alex forgusen... Meleset... Ahhhh....

  106. NightcoreCentral

    NightcoreCentral2 months ago

    Pique isn't even good. Puyol made him look good, look how he plays since Puyol retired... He's a bloody fraud.

  107. NightcoreCentral

    NightcoreCentral18 days ago

    Ricardo Felix get your head out of Retiressi's ass. Everyone has opinions. My opinion is that Ronaldo is better than Messi. From what he achieved with United and Real and now off to Italy to play well there as he is. Could Messi play week in week out at a high level in the Premier League without picking up injuries due to the physical nature of the league? It's no good saying he beat Chelsea or he battered City when it's just a one off or two legged game. Could he keep a high level without a winter break and playing on terrible pitches in FA Cup and League Cup games? I doubt it and so do many other people in football.

  108. Ricardo Felix

    Ricardo Felix20 days ago

    +NightcoreCentral yea yea thats why messi always tops the assist chart and goals... with far less penalties than Penaldo. Even mourinho marcelo and rooney have said messi is better. And if a long pass leads to a goal why is that bad dumbass??

  109. NightcoreCentral

    NightcoreCentral20 days ago

    Ricardo Felix Messi is not better than Ronaldo. Second of all, I'd rather have my centre backs be good at what they're being paid for; to defend. Not to play 40 yard passes. Pique was, is and will forever be shit at actual defending.

  110. Ricardo Felix

    Ricardo Felix21 day ago

    Youre full of shit bro.. watch football please before u comment. His long accurate passes and his aerial ability are fantastic. Yes puyol was better, but that dosent mean Pique sucks. Messi is better than Ronaldo, that dosent mean Ronaldo sucks.

  111. Olly Dundas

    Olly Dundas2 months ago

    Let me guess, Stam, Pogba, Pique, probably Ronaldo as well, can’t think of a fifth, Bebe?