5 Hot Dog Gadgets put to the Test - Part 3


  1. Branko Saksija

    Branko Saksija2 hours ago

    9:17 thet is bosnian food called "cevapi"

  2. William Hall

    William Hall14 hours ago

    How much times does he say boom

  3. Jakobear the MARK RUFFALO

    Jakobear the MARK RUFFALO18 hours ago

    5:50 its called french hotdog

  4. Kyle G Casstevens

    Kyle G CasstevensDay ago

    Hot hole

  5. Jamie Dale

    Jamie DaleDay ago

    Wow guys you have a really dirty mind

  6. Robert Cosner

    Robert Cosner2 days ago

    Phew idk bout the third item. Seems like it’ll all just fall to the bottom of the bread

  7. Penguin University

    Penguin University2 days ago

    A soggy bird?

  8. Tom Anderson

    Tom Anderson3 days ago

    Slice them before you cook them for the last gadget.

  9. Dorothy Knowland

    Dorothy Knowland3 days ago

    I dreamt about hotdogs last night and then this was on my recommended Lol

  10. Riggsn15

    Riggsn153 days ago

    Mayonnaise on a hot dog?? Is that a thing? Lol

  11. The Jack of Realms

    The Jack of Realms4 days ago

    "then u can get your hot dog and push everything through" that is what she said sir.

  12. The Jack of Realms

    The Jack of Realms4 days ago

    wait... did u just read the instructions! (: mm ketchup seasoned relish for everyone!

  13. Lucas O'Connor

    Lucas O'Connor4 days ago

    5:06 close you eyes

  14. get gaming_yt

    get gaming_yt4 days ago

    Yeah it's literally 12 at night and I just got a bowl of ceral because I'm hungry now

  15. seaxavier

    seaxavier5 days ago

    I think you should cook the hot dog first and use the Japanese gadget. 🤔

  16. CeeJay Marciano

    CeeJay Marciano5 days ago

    "Oh Yeah *While Sticking the hotdog on the bread* thats a juicy hot dog right there" hmmmmmm 😂

  17. Weird Channel

    Weird Channel7 days ago

    Cooking with Taras.

  18. MooseSuit

    MooseSuit7 days ago

    boneless pizza

  19. Alex Philp

    Alex Philp7 days ago

    Bruh... Your The Best!

  20. Dylan Friend

    Dylan Friend7 days ago

    6:55 To normal human, this is ungodly amount of ketchup. To Russian, this is less than average amount of tomato blood.

  21. Daud Khawaja

    Daud Khawaja9 days ago

    Nice vid

  22. kinghilfiger 757

    kinghilfiger 75711 days ago

    My favorite is the one you’re talking about at the end of the video💛💛

  23. Shelly Bower

    Shelly Bower11 days ago

    I like the mess-free hot dog. Pretty cool 👍

  24. Dr. Nacho

    Dr. Nacho16 days ago

    What does he say in his intro?😂

  25. Tahani Sibghatullah

    Tahani Sibghatullah17 days ago


  26. KC_Chiefs_Forever

    KC_Chiefs_Forever17 days ago

    “That’s a juicy hotdog”

  27. Johnnyboy5498

    Johnnyboy549817 days ago

    Ketchup and mayonnaise probably one of the most Russian things I've ever heard

  28. Rk4Sasuke

    Rk4Sasuke18 days ago

    Put coleslaw on hotdogs

  29. Ali Hachem

    Ali Hachem23 days ago

    The way he bites the hot dog/1 gadget but love your vids

  30. Cyborg—fizz 12

    Cyborg—fizz 1223 days ago

    I’ve always dropped my hotdog toppings, and condiments from the traditional bun.

  31. Nirrrina

    Nirrrina23 days ago

    The hot dog bun corer is absolutely ingenious. So much less mess. I was wondering if it would work for chili dogs. But then Tara's suggested the bigger buns. Thanks.

  32. Windblade3 3

    Windblade3 325 days ago

    Taras - *I put on 60 minats but nevamind*

  33. DragonSlayer 2136

    DragonSlayer 213625 days ago

    Oh mY GooGlY Go!!! I HaVe tHaT MiCrOwAvE!!!

  34. Lela Eber

    Lela Eber25 days ago

    Your videos are more entertaining than informative to me. You are so unaware of your humor. Keep them coming. 👍🙂

  35. Lela Eber

    Lela Eber25 days ago

    It grabs it so good. BOOM😗

  36. Young Fe4RLess

    Young Fe4RLess26 days ago


  37. stefan0325

    stefan032526 days ago

    4:50 I'm sure this reminds you of hot digs back in Russia

  38. Random Names

    Random Names26 days ago

    My only thought when I opened the video was “I’m vegetarian”

  39. SuperLuigi LoganFan

    SuperLuigi LoganFan27 days ago

    Micahvave RDR2

  40. 64kgb

    64kgb27 days ago

    What is the yellow gadget called that is used to hole the buns? Where is it available to buy?

  41. Roman Ceccarelli

    Roman Ceccarelli28 days ago

    I have the same exact microwave

  42. Luis. JR

    Luis. JR28 days ago

    nice video 👍🏼 what do you call that yellow bread hole maker ?

  43. Rasha Allaham

    Rasha Allaham29 days ago


  44. Some random Person

    Some random PersonMonth ago

    God ur finger ouch

  45. Tanya S

    Tanya SMonth ago

    Who makes that yellow hot dog bun corer? I tried to find it on Amazon, but nothing like it comes up.

  46. Noel Caprazi

    Noel CapraziMonth ago

    Gret gagek😂

  47. Jamie PH

    Jamie PHMonth ago


  48. lwolf1952

    lwolf1952Month ago

    That last thing is pointless.

  49. lwolf1952

    lwolf1952Month ago

    Nobody, I mean nobody.. puts ketchup on a hotdog! - Dirty Harry Callahan

  50. z28

    z28Month ago

    Did he just say BOOGER MEAT? 7:48

  51. z28

    z28Month ago

    Did he just say KETCHUP AND MINUS? 5:25

  52. ChrisTheFatB0i Films

    ChrisTheFatB0i FilmsMonth ago

    “If you had big buns you can do double hot dog”

  53. Levi Holiday

    Levi HolidayMonth ago

    I think the last one you use a cooked hot dog

  54. Levi Holiday

    Levi HolidayMonth ago

    Just use a FORK

  55. Daniel Sloper

    Daniel SloperMonth ago

    He must in joy this video because he just eats

  56. Marvel VS DC

    Marvel VS DCMonth ago

    Ima start eating my hotdogs like that now lol

  57. Platinum Reacts!

    Platinum Reacts!Month ago

    this is just an excuse to eat alot of food

  58. Ati Mester

    Ati MesterMonth ago

    Вас учили есть с закрытым ртом?

  59. Kizstar1

    Kizstar1Month ago

    When u want another hot dog so you say let me show you how to do it again

  60. Hussein Klait

    Hussein KlaitMonth ago

    5:05 danish hot dogs 😂

  61. Grayson Brown

    Grayson BrownMonth ago

    The 2nd gadget can be used for roasting over the fire at a camp fire



    Why are you shaking bro

  63. Charon1 Growtopia

    Charon1 GrowtopiaMonth ago

    I have good gadget than that of yours it is for hotdog and i use Condoms and titan Gel boom!! Try it it became more Delicious😘😍

  64. DomitronProductions

    DomitronProductionsMonth ago

    Teaching people how to eat a hot dog...

  65. f0rgg13

    f0rgg13Month ago

    Man... I'm so hungry...

  66. Jo Schmo

    Jo SchmoMonth ago

    *B O O M*

  67. Lucy Killed

    Lucy KilledMonth ago


  68. Ioana Niculiciu

    Ioana NiculiciuMonth ago

    Dacă esti român și ai văzut hotdogul ala negru si nu te ai gandit la mici noștri nu esti român adevarat=)))

  69. sweetieroses

    sweetierosesMonth ago

    Ioana Niculiciu that’s exactly what I was thinking about haha

  70. Renren Santiago

    Renren SantiagoMonth ago


  71. Sarc

    SarcMonth ago

    I bet you had a laugh using the hot dog slicer

  72. GoldDust 21

    GoldDust 21Month ago

    Th 2.3k dislikes are the vegetarians

  73. 1000 subscribers with No Vid challenge

    1000 subscribers with No Vid challengeMonth ago

    The wife said where is the microwave

  74. Night Mare

    Night MareMonth ago

    I love your Accent

  75. Jeremy Muñoz

    Jeremy MuñozMonth ago

    he couldve just cut the hot dogs to make them smaller to fit in the last gadget

  76. dylan mattson

    dylan mattsonMonth ago

    “The bird is a little coggy”

  77. Jacki Miller

    Jacki MillerMonth ago

    I remember the concession stands at my high school football games. The hot dogs were heated in hot water then put in the buns and wrapped in a thin foil. When you opened it the bun was a perfect soft and warm. Best hot dogs I ever ate.

  78. Fouad Khairy

    Fouad KhairyMonth ago

    المقطع كان حلو ولعبه بتاعتي اسمها جاتا 4

  79. Kc Ortiz

    Kc OrtizMonth ago

    i love it when he goes boom!

  80. Kc Ortiz

    Kc OrtizMonth ago

    this guy is so hot !!

  81. ProcverTV

    ProcverTVMonth ago

    BOOM! Your Hat Dog ready to go

  82. emperor's paradox

    emperor's paradoxMonth ago

    4:40 are u sure thats a spatula?

  83. Ragingkajen #2

    Ragingkajen #2Month ago

    Got me hungry for hotdogs at 1 in the morning

  84. Swagger Latinos88

    Swagger Latinos88Month ago

    Aye who high asf and watching this ‼️‼️😭

  85. Henry LIU

    Henry LIUMonth ago

    Am I the only one that pours lots of ketchup on my hot dog

  86. Luv Sad

    Luv SadMonth ago

    Id stick my pp in that bread with some water in the bottom

  87. Rodolfo Rico Castaneda

    Rodolfo Rico CastanedaMonth ago


  88. isac rosas

    isac rosasMonth ago

    My biggest question you could microwave it inside?

  89. Osama Saleem

    Osama SaleemMonth ago

    Kachap= Ketchup

  90. Nay Soe

    Nay SoeMonth ago

    Every gadget he buys for these foods what does he do with

  91. Koljem Decu

    Koljem DecuMonth ago

    7:55 Bruh thats literally balkanian food called ćevapi

  92. Jennifer Melendez

    Jennifer MelendezMonth ago

    When your boyfriend ask you, what should I do 8:24

  93. Icewolf 908

    Icewolf 908Month ago

    5:56 that’s a Kolache

  94. Deb Knecht

    Deb KnechtMonth ago

    Are you married

  95. Xxx _MusicGang

    Xxx _MusicGangMonth ago

    Who’s watching for hotdogs and to find some memes

  96. memes on swings

    memes on swingsMonth ago

    7:29 - 7:42 that’s what she said

  97. Patrick Perry

    Patrick PerryMonth ago

    You keep ruining those hot dogs with ketchup! You're making them inedible for anyone over 5 years old!

  98. Carlo Pellicciari

    Carlo Pellicciari2 months ago


  99. Kricka Cosplay

    Kricka Cosplay2 months ago

    We sure are lucky finally learning how to eat hotdogs :)

  100. balls sack

    balls sack2 months ago


  101. Jenielyn Quijano

    Jenielyn Quijano2 months ago

    Why you always say boom?