4 Levels of French Toast: Amateur to Food Scientist | Epicurious


  1. Billy Bob

    Billy BobHour ago

    French toast and grilled cheese is the goat trust me

  2. Le Bwam

    Le Bwam4 hours ago

    je valide pas du tout Emily

  3. the gamers empire

    the gamers empire9 hours ago

    I really hate the third Chef's Choice of bread because chocolate just makes me sick I hate it I can't have more than a spoonful of chocolate before I'm literally feel like I'm about to puke any form of chocolate makes me feel that way

  4. Anna Sadlier

    Anna Sadlier13 hours ago

    Level 1: I bought this bread from the shops Level 2: I cut a loaf of bread from the bakery Level 3: I have been raising this bread dough for 30 years

  5. Edenilson Perez

    Edenilson Perez14 hours ago

    Nobody: A random person:I flew to France to get some French toast *than he realized you could make it* The random person:I WASTED MY MULA but worth it

  6. Naing Tha khin

    Naing Tha khin15 hours ago

    I like the level 2 chef he is funny

  7. edgy teen

    edgy teen16 hours ago

    emily: *grabs ketchup for her french toast* nobody: *liked that*

  8. iamangel balbuena

    iamangel balbuena16 hours ago

    Lorenzo: A little of Syrup *adds a whole bottle*

  9. _*Jayda's Gacha*_

    _*Jayda's Gacha*_18 hours ago

    Level 1,000 chefs like to make their own multiverse to raise their cows

  10. princesshockey

    princesshockey20 hours ago

    Lorenzo is my favorite. HES ALWAYS SO EXCITED about his food. Makes me want everything he makes.

  11. Grace and Leah

    Grace and Leah20 hours ago

    One thing I don’t like is how much they Exaggerate how they eat it. They act like they have never eaten it beforew

  12. S S

    S S23 hours ago

    Emily loves whatever she makes, and that is all that matters. And so do her cats.

  13. anxious dog

    anxious dogDay ago

    I hate these videos so much they're so stupid... yet I watch theme very time one pops up in my recommensations

  14. Obey Amma

    Obey AmmaDay ago

    French Toast with ketchup= white people

  15. zeledon higuera

    zeledon higueraDay ago

    Lorenzo’s personality is literally everything to me

  16. Certified Weenie

    Certified WeenieDay ago

    Emily 😭😭

  17. Davin Coady

    Davin CoadyDay ago

    Please keep Emily away from the kitchen.

  18. Xudong Wang

    Xudong WangDay ago

    How did I know that the amateur was Emily? I saw ketchup

  19. Emil Mostafa

    Emil MostafaDay ago

    At 1:48 that is cozonac , a tratitional romanian food

  20. Dionisis Stouris

    Dionisis StourisDay ago

    I love Lorenzo

  21. KyGhostly

    KyGhostlyDay ago

    I thought that "babka" was "Bob cut" wtf xD

  22. Lizzy Kinney

    Lizzy KinneyDay ago

    I am all levels of butt hurts right now because WHO IN THEIR EVER LOVING RIGHT MIND PUTS KETCHUP ON FRENCH TOAST 💀💀

  23. Arthur Vega

    Arthur VegaDay ago

    I'll marry Emily just because she refers herself as monster.. come here pretty

  24. ramajana

    ramajanaDay ago

    i can’t believe that i’ve never realized that i’ve been eating french toast my whole life but prženice are great

  25. Pengu Squad

    Pengu SquadDay ago

    Honestly the pro chefs bread disgusts me the most I would rather put chocolate as a topping rather than installing it

  26. Tired Taurus

    Tired TaurusDay ago

    Emily knows exactly what she’s doing

  27. TheWinternet IsComing

    TheWinternet IsComingDay ago

    I've only ever eaten french toast with ketchup my whole life. Maple syrup is only for pancakes and waffles.

  28. Cat Boy

    Cat BoyDay ago

    Emily is adorable

  29. Michal Bujna

    Michal BujnaDay ago

    FUN FACT... Babka actualy means *GRANDMOTHER* in Slovakian language. Yes. I'm from Slovakia

  30. Zarape TV

    Zarape TVDay ago

    Can’t we appreciate just how happy Emily looks even after seeing the monstrosity she made?

  31. Orane Cassanova

    Orane CassanovaDay ago

    My my ketchup!

  32. Linda BTDT

    Linda BTDTDay ago

    My 5 year old Grandson makes better French Toast better than your “Level One” Cook! I prefer using Challah Bread sliced thick. I make my Egg Custard with Orange Zest also!

  33. Check_The_ Comment

    Check_The_ CommentDay ago

    I think I’m in love with Emily

  34. Sno Bear

    Sno BearDay ago

    lorenzo is who i'm tryna be

  35. Natalie London

    Natalie LondonDay ago

    The level two chef is always my favorite. Their food is not too fancy but not too basic, it’s perfect!

  36. randompersonofze EARTH

    randompersonofze EARTHDay ago

    I am a level 4 chef. I taught the bread to cut itself and I mix the mixture with my mind.

  37. Anglynn74

    Anglynn74Day ago

    if you want an easy error free way to make french toast, buy a bread called Texas Toast bread. Put it into a pan, pour the egg mixture over top of all the bread & throw it into the oven to bake it. (I put a second layer of bread meaning it's 2 slices on top of one another)I make it this way all the time,for years, always comes out perfect. Sometimes I'll add brown sugar mixed with melted butter & spread it on the bottom of the pan first. After yrs of trying to make french toast the traditional way I started doing this & every single time it comes out perfect. the only way I'd make it. and yes you get the perfect maillard look to it.

  38. No Life Soccer Fan

    No Life Soccer Fan2 days ago

    Who else thought she said Vodka

  39. Pouet giigle

    Pouet giigle2 days ago

    Ketchup.... My brother just made some today with homemade Brioche, caramelised apples and Chantilly (real Chantilly not garbage from supermarket!!!) I'm lucky

  40. Michael Sabedra

    Michael Sabedra2 days ago

    Nutella is king

  41. luna li

    luna li2 days ago

    as always, lorenzo’s looks the best

  42. Daniel Jay

    Daniel Jay2 days ago

    While true, I have to point out... This has flaws. First of all: What do you want in your FT? For most, the answer would be 'good taste and texture.' If you want the FT to taste bad... Go away. Your bread will determine the extent you can develop your FT, for enough reason refer to the video. However do not be mistaken. You can make a FT that has good taste and texture even with thin... 'bread' (what most refer to as sandwhich bread-the type with preservatives) or fresh bread. First way to improve, either let it sit where it can air, or very lightly toast it. Toasting is a more simple option however it affects the flavor and texture. Using a little (additional) milk or cream in your mixture will complement this and make it less of a flaw. Mixture: Fairly standard, flat liquid and bonding agent otherwise known as milk and eggs. I find whole milk has a better flavor, do to your choice though. Same for consistency, more eggs will make it more firm, with a greater egg taste and aroma. Milk will give FT a more smooth texture and creamy taste hence the popularity. I prefer to "mix" these together before continuing to add things like vanilla, cinnamon or others like it. Should you do this, avoid clumps. It can lead to intense flavor which can be unpleasant however not mixing your additions thoroughly can add appearence and interspersed flavor. Experiment with caution. When in doubt, use less spice. Soaking: I never decide on a specific time on a type of bread. I will have all that I need prepared, and will give all my attention to the first slice to soak. if all my cuts are not "ends" and are roughly the same in measurement and cut then they will soak similar enough for the difference to be negligible. If I use different loaves, I will not treat slices of each as I did the first, even if same type and batch. For thin breads, dipping is the best choice. Sometimes I will dip one side, pan it then spoon over an adequate amount of mixture however this is sloppy. It shows your bread is either too thin, absorbs too quickly, or both. If you are afraid of your FT falling apart, do this. Do not move FT immediately after it enters the 'pan'. Heat control is important, I'll make it simple here. Inbetween FT slices check your nonstick agent. Butter is typically best. Non salted at that. Salt your own if you prefer salted. If you need more, add some. turn up heat, before you add next slice turn down heat. Your butter should be melted fully. If you made a mistake with not adding enough for both sides do not panic. There are two simple solutions. One: make a few small pieces and apply topside. Two: have butter on adequate utensil after raising FT before flipping lower butter and ensure it fully melts over the landing area of FT. If in doubt of your flipping accuracy, set down butter utensil and tilt 'pan' for surface coverage. Do not grab the handle with bare hands if it conducts heat. Have some preparedness for this possibility. Flip FT. Your first slice is the most important. If you are not satisfied with the soak or consistency of your mixture, this is the time to adjust it. For the soak, apply logic. For the mixture... Whatever helps you sleep at night, I won't judge you. This is standard and quite intuitive. A larger slice with a longer soak requires more time to cook. The more butter you use the greasier the FT, use as little as needed to cook. If you require more for taste apply after removing from 'pan'. Toppings are up to taste, do something decorative. It stimulates appetite. This could be little more than a slice of green apple and some coarse sugar sprinkled over. You choose. If your cooking kills someone you can claim it was the apple ;p As this was primarily intended to explain that thin FT can be made and taste good... The toppings you choose will also affect this, a fresh taste is always acceptable. Choose at discretion of "The One Who Shall Consume." While logical, I hope this may be of use and some apologies for any vagueness or poor organization-late night on cellphone before sleep ^^'.

  43. Natalia Urbanova

    Natalia Urbanova2 days ago

    Babka means in slovak grandmother lol

  44. Techs Explained

    Techs Explained2 days ago

    Every episode: Lvl 1: I bought some sliced bread at the shops Lvl 2: I went to the bakery and bought a loaf of bread Lvl 3: First you need to go to the real estate agent and buy a field, then you go to the farming store, and buy a tractor, a seeder, some seeds and a wheat harvester

  45. Excel

    Excel2 days ago

    French toast with only eggs and a dash of milk is pretty bland so I would put mayo or hot sauce on it bc basically it's just a slice of bread to me

  46. Jae

    Jae2 days ago

    The amateur's cooking so bad, but personality is so good. 😂

  47. Wolf Hreda

    Wolf Hreda2 days ago

    I thought if there was one thing Emily wouldn't put ketchup on, it would be this. Lo, she rises from the tomatoey deeps to cast chaos over all she sees.

  48. chrstnn

    chrstnn2 days ago

    level 2 chefs deserve more recognition!!

  49. Trollonasan

    Trollonasan2 days ago

    I love seeing Penny! I'm glad you guys brought her back!

  50. Ivan 01

    Ivan 012 days ago

    Emily: The last time I made this recipe was 6 months ago when I was alone cause I would never make this for someone who isn't me Me: Can relate