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    26:46 You should definitely try this one! :)

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    Yar ye toh ricord tod dete hai😅😙😙

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    5 minutes crafts does every life hack as if it’s poking a leaf. Me: over here with hot glue all over the walls . Mom: WHAT HAPPENED!!! Dad: WHAT HAPPENED!! Me: uhh I’m not 5 minute crafts sorry! *house has left the chat* Mom and dad: :o Me: just pretend nothing happened! ;)

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    5-minute crafts I love your channel, the one problem I have tho, is repeated hacks. That really makes me think twice before watching your videos

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    Wonderful ideas and hacks..😀 But we want to tell one thing that something new we want always repeat same hacks make us bore ☹sorry to say

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    Dont press Read more I warned you Having fun? Annoyed? Halfway there! Almost done!! A little bit left C'mon u can do it? Have the spirit and u will win! Congrats!!u did it . U see? U had the spirit and u won!! Thanks for 10 likes ! Luv u guys soo much!!♡♡♡

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