33 Smart Things for Your Small Apartment


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  2. Stray Cat

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    Wow, perfect space to put my handgun while Im taking a shit

  3. Happybidr

    Happybidr18 days ago

    Some of these items are just ridiculous. How many apartment renters are going to be able to whip out their power tools and construct some floating drawer to store whatever...? And how many landlords are going to let them try, especially when they are not professionals? Not me, and I own three rental houses.

  4. piuma piumetta

    piuma piumetta20 days ago

    Well, when one is a carpenter there is no need of video tutorial..

  5. Kim Warner

    Kim WarnerMonth ago

    DAMN! But that woman has such a FAKE manner, couldn't even watch it to the end

  6. jack murphy

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    Can't stand that voice-over.... Guess I'll pass on subscribing, and figure out where to place my GLASS of coffee on my own... Maybe next to my SEEVE. Lord help, always check your spelling and pronunciation before you post.

  7. Mikey Saint

    Mikey SaintMonth ago

    Mind boggling. A. Don't get a laundry basket. Put your dirty clothes straight in the washing machine, then do your washing when you think it's getting full. Only separate items with dyes which run, and there aren't many of those these days apart from (occasionally) new jeans. B. Put your curling iron in a drawer. Why would you "throw it on the floor"? How big can it possibly be? Leaving it in that ugly storage thing looks horrible. Put it in a drawer! C. Surely that corner drainer is going to drain any excess water straight onto the counter? Very practical... D. That over-the taps toiletries storer saves no room at all. The room it takes up could be used for putting the toiletries on. Plus it makes getting at the taps awkward. And it looks silly. E. Again, that "caddy" over the mini fridge looks horrible and cheap. It makes the place look tacky, untidy and cluttered, which is exactly what you want to avoid. You could easily get those few items in the corner of a cupboard or in a drawer. And shoes under a fridge? How about next to the door? F. Keep sharp knives away from small children by putting them on a high shelf or in a lockable drawer or cupboard, where you keep bleach, etc. Don't waste time and money making needless DIY junk. How many sharp knives do you need, exactly? Three or four at most. G. A desk on your balcony... I mean, really? Does that person live in a cupboard? Just sit on a chair and either have the keyboard or laptop... on your lap. The mouse sits on the arm of the chair. A "desk" on balcony would be even more ridiculous on a cold or rainy day. I gave up after the cheese grater which literally saves about three inches of space. This video is full of unsightly, impractical, faddy nonsense, and the space saving is negligible. A better title would have been "How to Make Your Apartment Look Like a Tacky Dump."

  8. Shree

    ShreeMonth ago

    Where is DIY in this!!!

  9. Sarah Hamilton

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    You sound like youโ€™re reading a script. ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ

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    merci wahad itnin talata arbaah kamsa sita tamaya tamam.๐Ÿคฃ

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    This voice is turning me into a vegetable

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    I need storage advice for a hotel room

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  15. Ruth Cassidy

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    Ok, I watched the whole thing *and* read the comments. Yes, her narration is annoying. No, that gun shouldn't be in this video. And yes, it's kind of silly to assume that people have the carpentry skills and tools to make much of this stuff. In my particular studio, I have NO cabinets in either kitchen or bathroom and my ceiling isn't secure enough to hold the one thing that would help, the hanging clothes rack (because I don't have any closets, either). So, all in all, not helpful at all for me. ymmv :)

  16. Ruth Cassidy

    Ruth Cassidy2 months ago

    If you have the space for a carpentry workshop you have the space for a lot of other things. ;)

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    Poor British people!

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    Yeah noticed that too..maybe it is for anyone that bothers her while she is using the bathroom?

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    who smokes when taking a dump smh

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    they were awesome tips!!!

  21. cath unwin

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    a Gun in the WC lol

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    In India most families do not like to display wine bottles ,though it displays like work of art. Thanks for other tips.

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  25. Wanda Monson

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    The person who lives there is maybe a cop? And use your own imagination along with the ideas on these topics

  26. glessa

    glessa3 months ago

    some ideas are ok, but most people in small apartments dont have the space or myriad of tools that are needed for some of these projects...

  27. Nancy Ellis

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    It would be better if you would try to make your voice less abrasive. Sounds like you are talking to someone who's hearing impaired. I couldn't listen. It hurt my ears.

  28. Dom TheSag

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    Whhhhhhy is she talking like that!!!!!

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    love the ideas ,hate the robotic voice, I prefer a Han,this voice remains me of stepford movie

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    I've never seen a shower curtain w/pockets.

  32. Mikey Saint

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    Ideal breeding ground for mould.

  33. Shuttle Driver

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    Ugh that narrator is terrible!

  34. Pietro Cioffi

    Pietro Cioffi4 months ago

    Ma dove cavolo si possono compersre in italia?

  35. Nutty Junno

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    Really great idea

  36. Helen Escandor

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    Very solid tips....thank you so much (but you sound like youre trying to speak slow.....but no big deal)

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    I sped it up to 2 and muted it and played music I like. And why was there a red feather boa with the mens accessories?

  38. Little Dorrit_Lisa

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    Where can the clip strips be found?...never seen those

  39. Bj Day

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    Sooo...where are you supposed to buy all this stuff?

  40. Ekaterina Altop

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    That was my first question, it looks neat but those things you don't find easily.

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    Ge bolol

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    Bj Day She is hoping you will click on the links above in the Notes section so she will make a commission off the sale. (It wonโ€™t cost you anything more.). This should be obvious to you by now. This is called affiliate marketing and pretty much every brick and mortar store and all online stores use this to push sales and market their products. People with MReporter channels are all trying to make a buck (more power to them) and this is one way (one โ€œincome streamโ€) to do that.

  43. Jennifer Allison

    Jennifer Allison5 months ago

    These are potentially helpful ideas, but unfortunately not very ideal for anyone with a limited budget.

  44. Jennifer Grove

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    Mute and set it at 1.5 speed.

  45. Offensive Username

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    6:05 Why do english speakers often say "ec cetera", when it's "et cetera"?

  46. Mikey Saint

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    English speakers don't, just ignorant ones. They probably write "ect" instead of etc.

  47. fragwagon

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    I don't know but it drives me crazy

  48. Jenifer Mattock

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    The narration sounds like an infomercial. Too overly dramatic and for that reason Iโ€™m not going to subscribe. I love life hack and home organization videos but canโ€™t imagine listening to this every time. ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿป

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    ์™œ ์ €๋ ‡๊ฒŒ ๋„ˆ์ €๋ถ„ํ•˜๊ฒŒ ์‚ฐ๋ฐ์š”? ์ง‘์ด ์ข์œผ๋ฉด ๊ทธ๋•Œ๊ทธ๋•Œ ํ•„์š”ํ•œ ๋งŒํผ ๊ตฌ๋งคํ•˜์„ธ์š” ์ง‘์ด ์ฐฝ๊ณ ๋„ค์š”

  52. Arun Shankar S

    Arun Shankar S7 months ago

    Great tips. Though I must add that one must also start consuming less, which is the most important tip.

  53. Zareen Tahira

    Zareen Tahira2 months ago

    Great ideas

  54. Bonnie BDP

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    You speak as if that's everyone's goal. I think people should breed less.

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    Very good idea really useful

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    Nice idea

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    We're in LOVE with these tips. So helpful!

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    Please don't talk๐Ÿ˜ง. We r not idiots๐Ÿ˜ฉ... thanks

  59. luke lucy

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    Waste of time There is nothing cleaver about buying. You said old apartment,...all examples show modern, so your showing magazine clips the stores sell stuff .......

  60. Karen Cable

    Karen Cable7 months ago

    Could someone please tell me the brand on the storage headboard. I have looked for it and can not find it. Thank you in advance. I do like the ideas, and think they will be handy when I move from a home into an apartment. Thank you for sharing.

  61. Bonnie BDP

    Bonnie BDP2 months ago

    Not sure if you're still looking, but I got a sweet storage bed on colemanfurniture.com (it was on others sites but this was free delivery and set up). The one I have is the Kira Storage Platform bed. I got the whole room set, it's so very nice. Great quality.

  62. A Dasgupta

    A Dasgupta7 months ago

    have to know carpentry to do a lot of things.. impossible.

  63. Deniera

    Deniera7 months ago

    13:27 wtf is that gun doing in the bathroom??


    LOKESH GURUNG3 days ago

    she wants to deliver the message that keep small gun to save space.

  65. zobola67

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    Deniera thatโ€™s a cop thing.

  66. Wanda Tolbert

    Wanda Tolbert2 months ago

    +T.L B America was less ducked when we had more guns. If robbers and burglars knew everyone was packing heat, they would think twice before committing their crimes. Gun crimes are way higher in "gunfree" areas. Because criminals don't obey laws.

  67. Wanda Monson

    Wanda Monson2 months ago

    Like they said it is a Small place

  68. T.L B

    T.L B2 months ago

    Wanda Tolbert And this is why America is totally fucked

  69. Twinkle Star

    Twinkle Star7 months ago

    I liked the balcony desk

  70. Mikey Saint

    Mikey SaintMonth ago

    Yes, I'd love to see someone using it while the wind was nearly blowing them off the balcony, or they were getting snowed or rained on. Who hasn't got enough room to sit on a chair and use a laptop indoors?

  71. CelticBearWoman

    CelticBearWoman7 months ago

    The vertical pantry shelf tucked in between the frij and counter is an invitation for roaches. Roaches love dark, cramped spaces (filled with food, yet). I would never do that one. Overall, ideas thumbs up. Speaker, slooow.

  72. Bonnie BDP

    Bonnie BDP2 months ago

    I think those are supposed to be primarily used for canned food and spices.

  73. Wanda Tolbert

    Wanda Tolbert4 months ago

    Roaches eat mold and box glue. Vacuum seal food, make sure things aren't damp, live in a northern climate. Absolutely no worries.

  74. pung tarh

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    where can i buy that mini freeze in india

  75. Wanda Tolbert

    Wanda Tolbert4 months ago

    That looks like something I'd sew.

  76. Reshma banu

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    Does anyone know that where can I get all these things, then please reply

  77. Wanda Tolbert

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    Start with Amazon

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    I. Dont. Care. For. How. She. Speaks.

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    Oh thank god i thought it was just me lol

  80. DeLora

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    ShioriRose I agree but I still like the ideas. I was trying to figure out how to not LISTEN and just watch but the content of what she was speaking about was important so I just dealt with the voice and eventually it wasn't so bad to listen to.

  81. Tracy Wishom

    Tracy Wishom8 months ago

    I love the everything.....but the gun in the bathroom, I don't get it

  82. Quinn M

    Quinn M8 months ago

    Using "eck cetera" is very ignorant. The word is et cetera. Not hard to say if you want to speak as a credible commentator. Everything you said is useless if you speak like an uneducated idiot.

  83. Fe Garcia

    Fe Garcia4 months ago

    Do your own video so can bash u also. Why watch den criticize

  84. Sana dehradun

    Sana dehradun7 months ago

    Language is for communication.. moreover this not a discussion on Shakespeare's dramas.. this is meant for providing some tips for common people to organise their home in minimum expenses.. and nobody can go for a literature course to post an youtube video.. people just got the habit of negative criticism..

  85. Pam  H.

    Pam H.8 months ago

    Quinn M The degree of bastardization of the English language these days is deplorable. Sometimes it seems there are people who are actively Trying to turn everything into street talk....and more recently turning into computerized shorthand!

  86. Carrie M

    Carrie M8 months ago

    I'm with Vita717. Was it really necessary to show a fire arm? And why is it in the bathroom? ๐Ÿค”

  87. Bonnie BDP

    Bonnie BDP2 months ago

    Are you a type of vampire and it's your cross? Does it call you dirty names? Grow up.

  88. olddogg eleventy2

    olddogg eleventy24 months ago

    It really offends me when people are offended by offending offensiveness...it's almost as bad as repetitive redundancy!

  89. SonshineLady

    SonshineLady7 months ago

    I missed that!

  90. Pat Archer

    Pat Archer8 months ago

    I'm offended that you're offended.

  91. Pam  H.

    Pam H.8 months ago

    I've never understood sticking stuff on the inside of the cabinet door to "save space"! Unless you have very unusual cabinets, with recessed shelves, as soon as you close the door the items are going to push what's on the inner shelf back, taking up that same space with what's hanging on the door!

  92. Mikey Saint

    Mikey SaintMonth ago

    +Rachel Rose So, the video is misleading as well as practically useless. How much hard work is it looking for the spices you want or just having your favourites at the front? No one needs dozens of small spice bottles, just like they don't need a dozen huge, sharp knives. This video is bizarre. She even suggests you get an ugly holster for a hair iron, because the only alternative would be to "throw it on the floor." I'm surprised she didn't use the same bizarre logic with everything: "You could get this mini fridge caddy, or... throw everything on the floor!" "No room for a sink drainer? Get a corner drainer. Better than throwing your plates on the floor!" You'd get more practical advice from a five-year-old.

  93. Gabriela Henson

    Gabriela Henson4 months ago

    I like this argument. The perspectives are observed.

  94. ThreeKat

    ThreeKat4 months ago

    I use 2, one in the cabinet under kitchen sink, one in cabinet under bathroom sink. There are no shelves in my apartment in those two spaces

  95. Ikah Rahman

    Ikah Rahman4 months ago

    Normally those items you stick on the inside of the cabint doors are small in size like spices.. it is trus that it still took up the space when the doors are closed.. but it is much more organised and can be easily retrieved compared to if they were all stack onto one another and sometimes falling to the back. We will easily able to check which spice need to get

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  97. Heidi Stewart

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    Sounds like she Is reading a children's book

  98. Jazmyne Drakeford

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    finally i have somewhere to put my gun while i take a shit ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿพ

  99. Rhonda Eaton

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    Way too complicated

  100. Maurice Debrosse

    Maurice Debrosse5 months ago

    Rhonda Eaton Et trop long aussi...........

  101. SonshineLady

    SonshineLady7 months ago

    Yeah - I'm not a DIY/sawing wood kind of gal. Some other great tips though.

  102. June barreto

    June barreto7 months ago

    Rhonda Eaton 7

  103. Joy Walsh

    Joy Walsh8 months ago

    Does anyone know where i can get those sliding drawer baskets for in cupboards? (The 1st idea)

  104. Diana Jacqueline

    Diana Jacqueline7 months ago

    Ebay is great, the amount of things i find on there is amazing and so cheap too, so many suppliers selling all kinds of bits and bobs, just remember to change your settings to "new" instead of "used" and we do have wayfair here in britain but it can be expensive, i have looked on there for ideas and then bought a copy from ebay, i think t k maxx is similar to target aswell, they have all kinds of home ideas

  105. Joy Walsh

    Joy Walsh8 months ago

    Cry Ophelia we dont have that store here in the uk unfortunatly. Should have said in my original comment really. Thanks though

  106. Joy Walsh

    Joy Walsh8 months ago

    msr111 im in the uk, the only store of those we have is ikea. Thanks though

  107. msr111

    msr1118 months ago

    Ikea, Target, Wayfair to name a few. Many more when googled.

  108. Cry Ophelia

    Cry Ophelia8 months ago

    Joy Walsh check out home goods!!

  109. Yvette Arnold

    Yvette Arnold8 months ago

    Awesome ideas

  110. Regina Sullivan

    Regina Sullivan8 months ago

    I bought the clip strips for spices and they fell off but then I used E6000 glue and tape to hold them on until the glue dried and they stay in place without falling off now. These are great for when you don't have enough cabinet space for spices and you can put the ones you use the most on the inside door where you can easily find them quickly.

  111. Razvan Marin

    Razvan Marin3 months ago

    Nice video content! Forgive me for butting in, I would love your initial thoughts. Have you ever tried - Mahorrla Control Clutter Method (probably on Google)? It is a good one of a kind product for decluttering your home without the normal expense. Ive heard some decent things about it and my m8 finally got great results with it.

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    Regina Sullivan (

  113. gio gele

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    แƒ แƒแƒ’แƒแƒ แƒ˜แƒ


    DIY CRYSTAL8 months ago

    My favorite its the shower one๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

  115. Ramanpreet Kaur

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    Very nice

  116. Vita717

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    Whatโ€™s up with the gun on the toilet roll shelf??? Lol

  117. Oneikaโ€™s Play House

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    I thought I was the only one struck by that lol

  118. Wannella Lawson

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    no kids aroung

  119. Tracy Wishom

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    Vita717 I know, I don't get it

  120. Lea Renรฉe S.

    Lea Renรฉe S.8 months ago

    Vita717 ya...Travolta goes into Bruce Willis's apt to cap him, SETS his Uzi on the counter in the kitchen after he figures out no one's there...then leaves it THERE while he goes to take a dump...Bruce Willis's comes back while he's still in the John, sees and picks up the Uzi, and caps Travolta on the throne.... Better to keep it with ya...

  121. Vita717

    Vita7178 months ago

    Lea Renรฉe S. So long ago. Is that a thing in that movie? Lol

  122. Susan Sack

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    Excellent ideas!

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    Nice video