33 Smart Things for Your Small Apartment


  1. Arun Shankar S

    Arun Shankar S22 hours ago

    Great tips. Though I must add that one must also start consuming less, which is the most important tip.

  2. raslila rangoli

    raslila rangoli12 days ago

    Very good idea really useful

  3. My Bollywood

    My Bollywood13 days ago

    Nice idea

  4. Evite

    Evite17 days ago

    We're in LOVE with these tips. So helpful!

  5. fragile walls A

    fragile walls A18 days ago

    Please don't talk😧. We r not idiots😩... thanks

  6. luke lucy

    luke lucy19 days ago

    Waste of time There is nothing cleaver about buying. You said old apartment,...all examples show modern, so your showing magazine clips the stores sell stuff .......

  7. Karen Cable

    Karen Cable19 days ago

    Could someone please tell me the brand on the storage headboard. I have looked for it and can not find it. Thank you in advance. I do like the ideas, and think they will be handy when I move from a home into an apartment. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Atrayee Dasgupta

    Atrayee Dasgupta21 day ago

    have to know carpentry to do a lot of things.. impossible.

  9. Deniera

    Deniera23 days ago

    13:27 wtf is that gun doing in the bathroom??

  10. Kristin Gallo

    Kristin Gallo5 days ago

    You've never seen psycho? Stabbing of single women usually occurs while they shower.

  11. Cheerube Bayonetta Holopainen

    Cheerube Bayonetta Holopainen18 days ago

    Deniera zombies

  12. Twinkle Star

    Twinkle Star24 days ago

    I liked the balcony desk

  13. CelticBearWoman

    CelticBearWoman26 days ago

    The vertical pantry shelf tucked in between the frij and counter is an invitation for roaches. Roaches love dark, cramped spaces (filled with food, yet). I would never do that one. Overall, ideas thumbs up. Speaker, slooow.

  14. apung tarak

    apung tarak27 days ago

    where can i buy that mini freeze in india

  15. Reshma banu

    Reshma banuMonth ago

    Does anyone know that where can I get all these things, then please reply

  16. ShioriRose

    ShioriRoseMonth ago

    I. Dont. Care. For. How. She. Speaks.

  17. DeLora

    DeLoraMonth ago

    ShioriRose I agree but I still like the ideas. I was trying to figure out how to not LISTEN and just watch but the content of what she was speaking about was important so I just dealt with the voice and eventually it wasn't so bad to listen to.

  18. Tracy Wishom

    Tracy WishomMonth ago

    I love the everything.....but the gun in the bathroom, I don't get it

  19. Quinn M

    Quinn MMonth ago

    Using "eck cetera" is very ignorant. The word is et cetera. Not hard to say if you want to speak as a credible commentator. Everything you said is useless if you speak like an uneducated idiot.

  20. Sana dehradun

    Sana dehradun5 days ago

    Language is for communication.. moreover this not a discussion on Shakespeare's dramas.. this is meant for providing some tips for common people to organise their home in minimum expenses.. and nobody can go for a literature course to post an youtube video.. people just got the habit of negative criticism..

  21. Pam  H.

    Pam H.Month ago

    Quinn M The degree of bastardization of the English language these days is deplorable. Sometimes it seems there are people who are actively Trying to turn everything into street talk....and more recently turning into computerized shorthand!

  22. Carrie M

    Carrie MMonth ago

    I'm with Vita717. Was it really necessary to show a fire arm? And why is it in the bathroom? 🤔

  23. SonshineLady

    SonshineLady19 days ago

    I missed that!

  24. Pat Archer

    Pat ArcherMonth ago

    I'm offended that you're offended.

  25. Pam  H.

    Pam H.Month ago

    I've never understood sticking stuff on the inside of the cabinet door to "save space"! Unless you have very unusual cabinets, with recessed shelves, as soon as you close the door the items are going to push what's on the inner shelf back, taking up that same space with what's hanging on the door!

  26. Shahbaz Ali

    Shahbaz Ali15 days ago


  27. Pam  H.

    Pam H.Month ago

    glandularmass Duh....have them hang "under" the shelf above.....geez, why have I never seen it that way?!? I always pictured them even with the shelves. Sometimes my brain works, sometimes it refuses!

  28. glandularmass

    glandularmassMonth ago

    Pam H. Unless you put them where they take up the upper part of the shelf that isn't necessarily used.

  29. Pam  H.

    Pam H.Month ago

    Rachel Rose Except, as I said, you AREN'T utilizing unused space! If your shelves fit right up to the door, the items hung on the door will still take up shelf space. You're not "saving" any space, you're basically spending money on those clips for nothing!

  30. Rachel Rose

    Rachel RoseMonth ago

    Pam H. The purpose is so that you can have two layers of things without having to take out the first layer to get to the second layer. Same amount of space, but space is used more efficiently

  31. Heidi Stewart

    Heidi StewartMonth ago

    Sounds like she Is reading a children's book

  32. Jazmyne Drakeford

    Jazmyne DrakefordMonth ago

    finally i have somewhere to put my gun while i take a shit 🙌🏾

  33. Rhonda Eaton

    Rhonda EatonMonth ago

    Way too complicated

  34. SonshineLady

    SonshineLady19 days ago

    Yeah - I'm not a DIY/sawing wood kind of gal. Some other great tips though.

  35. June barreto

    June barreto26 days ago

    Rhonda Eaton 7

  36. Joy Walsh

    Joy WalshMonth ago

    Does anyone know where i can get those sliding drawer baskets for in cupboards? (The 1st idea)

  37. Diana Jacqueline

    Diana Jacqueline26 days ago

    Ebay is great, the amount of things i find on there is amazing and so cheap too, so many suppliers selling all kinds of bits and bobs, just remember to change your settings to "new" instead of "used" and we do have wayfair here in britain but it can be expensive, i have looked on there for ideas and then bought a copy from ebay, i think t k maxx is similar to target aswell, they have all kinds of home ideas

  38. Joy Walsh

    Joy WalshMonth ago

    Cry Ophelia we dont have that store here in the uk unfortunatly. Should have said in my original comment really. Thanks though

  39. Joy Walsh

    Joy WalshMonth ago

    msr111 im in the uk, the only store of those we have is ikea. Thanks though

  40. msr111

    msr111Month ago

    Ikea, Target, Wayfair to name a few. Many more when googled.

  41. Cry Ophelia

    Cry OpheliaMonth ago

    Joy Walsh check out home goods!!

  42. Yvette Arnold

    Yvette ArnoldMonth ago

    Awesome ideas

  43. Regina Sullivan

    Regina SullivanMonth ago

    I bought the clip strips for spices and they fell off but then I used E6000 glue and tape to hold them on until the glue dried and they stay in place without falling off now. These are great for when you don't have enough cabinet space for spices and you can put the ones you use the most on the inside door where you can easily find them quickly.

  44. Homeschool Mom of 4

    Homeschool Mom of 4Month ago

    My favorite its the shower one😉😉

  45. Vita717

    Vita717Month ago

    What’s up with the gun on the toilet roll shelf??? Lol

  46. Tracy Wishom

    Tracy WishomMonth ago

    Vita717 I know, I don't get it

  47. Lea Renée S.

    Lea Renée S.Month ago

    Vita717 ya...Travolta goes into Bruce Willis's apt to cap him, SETS his Uzi on the counter in the kitchen after he figures out no one's there...then leaves it THERE while he goes to take a dump...Bruce Willis's comes back while he's still in the John, sees and picks up the Uzi, and caps Travolta on the throne.... Better to keep it with ya...

  48. Vita717

    Vita717Month ago

    Lea Renée S. So long ago. Is that a thing in that movie? Lol

  49. Lea Renée S.

    Lea Renée S.Month ago

    Ever seen Pulp Fiction?.....

  50. Pat Archer

    Pat ArcherMonth ago

    As long as the safety is on there's no worries.

  51. Susan Sack

    Susan SackMonth ago

    Excellent ideas!

  52. تفنين نيفين

    تفنين نيفينMonth ago

    Nice video