3 Scary True Road Trip Horror Stories


  1. johnny sarnicola

    johnny sarnicola5 hours ago

    How do u have so many story’s? Are r u sharing other people’s story’s? R u just make these up as u go? Cuz I watched like 9 of ur story’s already??? I’m confused

  2. ErickGamerNOVA

    ErickGamerNOVA7 hours ago

    Reminds me of a gas station in GTA 5

  3. Gracey Golobo

    Gracey Golobo8 hours ago

    So this is no a travel story but like 2 weeks my 19 year old sister was on this road and their was no cars black at night no houses and then my sister she heard a clicking like tapping noise and the she turned and looks to her left and sees a man all black on a horse

  4. Ajay Sharma

    Ajay Sharma10 hours ago

    *why tf am i watching this at 2a.m*

  5. ASMRyouVEGANyet?

    ASMRyouVEGANyet?12 hours ago

    Some country-ass side roads 🤣🤣

  6. Dave D

    Dave D14 hours ago

    These stories are all the same, once I jumped off a bridge to get to the river , and jumped threw a dead cow, snore fest

  7. Footballer 123

    Footballer 123Day ago

    The sound fx scares the shit out of me

  8. Jello Pre

    Jello PreDay ago

    🤓 👕 🥂

  9. rEqNCS

    rEqNCSDay ago

    That last one was quite the strange ad for the Ford F150

  10. Sarah Burggraf

    Sarah Burggraf2 days ago

    Wait a minute there's something someone doesnt want to share w the internet ?!?😱 thats a phenomenon these days lol

  11. Joey Mcdonald

    Joey Mcdonald2 days ago

    I live in west Virginia

  12. Chonslie

    Chonslie2 days ago

    hearing stories like this makes gun carrying so appealing tbh

  13. Ken Chua

    Ken Chua2 days ago

    This is a murderer O_O -- I--- ---I--- Every like = the murderer get shot 1 time

  14. Raven

    Raven2 days ago

    Does anyone else just listen to them instead of watching it

  15. Memes are Life

    Memes are Life2 days ago


  16. ChevyBby L1ly

    ChevyBby L1ly2 days ago

    If someone approaches your car at least look!

  17. Liam Moore

    Liam Moore2 days ago

    Y put traffic cones in front of a spike strip if you want to spike someone? As trump would say This story is fake news

  18. JD’z Life

    JD’z Life2 days ago

    I’m only here because Nuke fucking cursed me

  19. Ninooooo

    Ninooooo2 days ago

    So he noticed the truck behind him presumably in his rear view mirror but didn’t see a tall man sat in the back.

  20. lekki xalxo

    lekki xalxo2 days ago

    I'm new to this channel and recently subscribed. When he refers to 'i' which is himself, does it mean it's all his stories happened with him ??

  21. Just YourAverageDino

    Just YourAverageDino2 days ago

    I just watched cabin fever yesterday 😓

  22. taigi dvi skarbės

    taigi dvi skarbės2 days ago

    how could they possible catch someone with the spike trap if they put up cones. the whole point of a trap is to be unexpected

  23. christian herlihy

    christian herlihy2 days ago

    I've literally had numerous experiences in my life scarier than any of these scenarios

  24. Albany Woods

    Albany Woods3 days ago

    Now us women have an excuse to have long nails!

  25. Mystic Vision

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  26. Mystic Vision

    Mystic Vision3 days ago

    Hey i love in WEST VIRGINIA

  27. troy lenz

    troy lenz3 days ago

    Decent, but you can do a lot better.

  28. xxMilkShake

    xxMilkShake3 days ago

    WEST VIRGINIA !!!!!!!! country MAMA * TAKE ME HOME>>>

  29. Yung Hollywood

    Yung Hollywood3 days ago

    Lmao the ppl in these stories are dumb as shit

  30. Jesse Stewart

    Jesse Stewart4 days ago

    story 1 and 3 drivers were dumb ass's

  31. Average Joe78

    Average Joe784 days ago

    Although these stories are very intriguing and entertaining I find them very hard to believe and I have no problem with that as I love horror movies but be honest and don't sell these as true events! However I will still watch for entertainment purposes only! Keep up the great work!

  32. Aaron Presley

    Aaron Presley4 days ago

    I have a theory that mr.nightmare is Korean American due to how he pronounces the word “Korean” ; maybe that is vague but it’s my best guess. what do you guys think?

  33. Blimp Gorilla Productions

    Blimp Gorilla Productions4 days ago

    Hm...But how come no one tripped over the road? or...at least, the road tripping over someone? That would be scary , if it happend for no reason. Anywho. Grand upload as always.

  34. Daniel Sultanov

    Daniel Sultanov4 days ago

    About the last story - Why they've put traffic cones in front of the spikes ? If they wanna get somebody terrified & stuck there they could have leave just the spikes

  35. Trisha Osburn

    Trisha Osburn5 days ago

    Why do i watch these at 11 o clock at night

  36. Jose Alvarado

    Jose Alvarado5 days ago

    a couple years ago I was driving threw Cameron park Waco texas.i picked up to 2hickhickers I asked were they was going they said he.i still remember there faces they looked lost pale and rocks.as we drove they keped telling someone died there and there and there got dam I counted like 20people.as we got close to the heb were probably .5mile away as I looked threw the mirror I see them getting ready to pull a knife out.i started speeding I to broke a CD in half ready to cut them to.then they asked we will get of here as they got of the car I saw them put a knife back in there backpack.as I drove of I saw them go back into the forest.2nifes vs a CD they would have got me if I didn't start speeding.my etavise is never pick up a hitchhiker.today I saw 5walking in the rain I wanted to give them a ride but I remember those two

  37. Carew Martin

    Carew Martin5 days ago

    That last guy was smart to take a baseball bat with him

  38. tirtha simanta

    tirtha simanta5 days ago

    And the world's best father award goes to.....

  39. Aubrey Redo me t

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  41. 2018.Samuel Atkinson

    2018.Samuel Atkinson5 days ago

    some people are screwed up, scary stuff

  42. vape king #clouds

    vape king #clouds6 days ago

    Love these vids good stories I fall asleep listening to em lol

  43. Jennifer Lawrence

    Jennifer Lawrence6 days ago

    i understand. sometimes when i have a head ache, and i plan on taking a pain pill with a milkshake, i forget to take a pill after im done with the blender

  44. Jennifer Lawrence

    Jennifer Lawrence6 days ago

    where do you get the audio?

  45. Jennifer Lawrence

    Jennifer Lawrence6 days ago

    blank stairs are kinda frequent in some of these stories. whats that about? is it just cause crazy people are dead inside?

  46. Jennifer Lawrence

    Jennifer Lawrence6 days ago

    back to where he was sitting before? its like hes just there to wait for some creeps to go into people's cars

  47. Tyler Hackworth

    Tyler Hackworth6 days ago

    I love how shit hits the fan in my home state #WVproud

  48. RachaelElizabeth

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  49. MACARLA Green

    MACARLA Green6 days ago

    I would had let the lady walk... too scary these days to pick up people

  50. Lightning Storm

    Lightning Storm6 days ago

    love this guy

  51. MACARLA Green

    MACARLA Green6 days ago

    I love these stories

  52. Achilles Olomua

    Achilles Olomua6 days ago

    I would kill myself if I was there

  53. GarudoGaron

    GarudoGaron6 days ago

    Story 1’s name is take me home

  54. Holly Chadwick

    Holly Chadwick7 days ago

    \/\/ ( ) \/\/

  55. Paiggge Knowthename

    Paiggge Knowthename7 days ago

    The last story did you call the cops

  56. mikia evans

    mikia evans7 days ago

    I feel sorry the woman in story number two. Sounds like she has a mental illness

  57. Nekoetta

    Nekoetta7 days ago

    True story: I walked into my room to see... homework piled up on my night stand

  58. Caden Gibson

    Caden Gibson7 days ago

    0:17 I live in wv

  59. Natasha Schorran

    Natasha Schorran8 days ago

    Tell me the pick up driver in the last story called the police and made them aware there’s 3 people putting traffic cones planing a attack of some sort before someone with less common sense buys into it...

  60. Drift vlogs

    Drift vlogs8 days ago

    0:58 along with the shriek of my "girlfriend(S)"😎😎😎😎😎

  61. Street Baller

    Street Baller8 days ago

    Good stories

  62. Kapil tiwari

    Kapil tiwari8 days ago

    Shes a crank (maze runner)

  63. Johnny Hudson The potato

    Johnny Hudson The potato8 days ago

    I have a really scary road trip story. But I warn you it might be too scary. My family was taking a trip to Disney world. (It was close cause I live in Georgia) We had stopped at a gas station were my mom had bought my sis and I some snacks. Then like 17 minutes later I HAD RUN OUT OF SLIM JIM!!!!!! And I was hungry. Now that is a scary story.

  64. Ron Norman

    Ron Norman8 days ago

    3.30 AM leaving Chicago. dan Ryan exp . driving a 75 grand prix me my brother and best friend we seen the grim reaper. we all said did u see that yes we all replied. 25 years later the phone rings my brother called we had both thought of it at the same time . my friend would ask me out of the blue you know what im thinking. i would reply the dan Ryan grim reaper.

  65. Jordan Sweet

    Jordan Sweet8 days ago

    Here is a horror story Devinart

  66. Gianna Is Gret

    Gianna Is Gret8 days ago

    Thanks for giving me nightmares

  67. wig snatched

    wig snatched8 days ago

    All of these are soo much scarier that you put sound affects.....

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  69. Citrus

    Citrus8 days ago

    I am watching this while on a road trip

  70. Frank Ostorga

    Frank Ostorga8 days ago

    I am scared 😨

  71. Noah Jr

    Noah Jr8 days ago

    Eww the last story here reminds me of “Wrong Turn”! Never ever would I drive in red neck roads; especially at night!

  72. Potato Cloud

    Potato Cloud8 days ago

    Taking a road trip in the desert tomorrow

  73. Susan Talerico

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    🤡 👘 👖

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  75. Ben Costanzo

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  76. Malcolm Wilder

    Malcolm Wilder9 days ago

    Who else keeps on. Getting ads about postmates

  77. Malik

    Malik9 days ago

    On a 8 hour road trip with my dad right now. How ironic

  78. Mariano Ortiz

    Mariano Ortiz9 days ago

    1:08 i know about that place you talking about

  79. DancingMadman

    DancingMadman10 days ago

    This world is full of deranged killers. But I guess that’s just them keeping the world from over populating.

  80. Paxton Rudd

    Paxton Rudd10 days ago

    This guy tells good storys Like if you agree

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  83. thakiddoingthings SA

    thakiddoingthings SA11 days ago

    White people + picking up strangers = Best Friends 😂😂

  84. Kayla O'Brien

    Kayla O'Brien11 days ago

    Story 3: Finale someone is smart

  85. The Random idiot

    The Random idiot11 days ago

    1:40 was it the wrong guy? Edit: oh, i was right lol.

  86. Kristine Linn

    Kristine Linn11 days ago

    Worlds worst parent goes tooooo: dumbass in story 1!

  87. Luis D.

    Luis D.11 days ago

    Hearing road stories like these makes me glad I drive with a loaded gun in my glove compartment.

  88. Potu Chakradhar

    Potu Chakradhar12 days ago

    Please keep in Telugu

  89. Potu Chakradhar

    Potu Chakradhar12 days ago

    But it was very nice

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    Bro Inc 49912 days ago

    Tom's a bitch

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  92. Random Person

    Random Person12 days ago

    It was early June 2017 and I was taking my 9 y/o son to *West Virginia* "My mind":WEST VIRGINIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

  93. Leslie Duran

    Leslie Duran12 days ago

    I love scary storys

  94. Bing Boy

    Bing Boy12 days ago

    My memes is dead. Thats way more scarier 😱

  95. SigGuy 320

    SigGuy 32012 days ago

    Who let's their 9 year old use a rest stop bathroom alone?

  96. LEGEND

    LEGEND7 days ago

    SigGuy 320 at night

  97. James Corcoran

    James Corcoran13 days ago

    Why do I always watch this shit at like 1 AM on a weeknight and then get too creeped out to sleep? Hahaha I love it, but why do I do this to myself? Hahaha

  98. Jus Rarsh

    Jus Rarsh13 days ago

    You can tell some of these stories are GASSED up a little bit. WTF

  99. Shardul Kakirde

    Shardul Kakirde13 days ago

    Good stories plus the music,,,

  100. Mohammad Abolghasem

    Mohammad Abolghasem13 days ago

    That's why you always keep a cup in the car

  101. TheGeek00

    TheGeek0014 days ago

    Best part of the video comes at 0:18

  102. viewer 1

    viewer 114 days ago

    Story one: No offense, but who let's a nine year old go into a dark, creepy rest stop bathroom alone at night? Story two: The woman was screaming "Please, Please!!! Let me back into your car so I can kill you and have my own transportation/tiny house! Story three: What sense does it make to put cones or drums in front of the police spikes? Wouldn't that stop the person from hitting the spikes, blowing out their tires, and becoming stranded/ trapped? Wouldn't they simply be able to back up, or drive away like you did? That's a story for America's dumbest criminals.