3 Scary True Road Trip Horror Stories


  1. Ellis River

    Ellis River4 hours ago

    Hey dude. How about subtitles translations? How to translate in another language? We want to translate it into Turkish, if someone is following this channel

  2. Hungry Person

    Hungry Person11 hours ago

    I wonder how many other people were like "they had us at the first half not gonna lie" for the first story

  3. Louisvuittondonjay

    Louisvuittondonjay17 hours ago

    Who else watching dis at 3am lowkey scared af 😂😂

  4. Claire Connolly

    Claire Connolly19 hours ago

    Why did the white pickup go back to the same spot??? It could be a great set up for future truck stop attacks😝

  5. Bob Ross

    Bob Ross23 hours ago

    Who put cones up for a spike trap

  6. Supa Bran B

    Supa Bran B23 hours ago

    What a P.O.S dad! Letting a 9 yr old boy go into a rest stop bathroom? This shit makes me mad!

  7. dreasweN

    dreasweNDay ago

    If I was the one driving the woman with my girlfriend and she slashed her I'd throw her out and punch the fuck out of her. Soon she'd be in the "missing" posters.

  8. Highking762 _

    Highking762 _Day ago

    Yeah I live in West Virginia the creepy red necks are your friends it's the meth heads you gotta worry about.

  9. vishnu varadhan

    vishnu varadhanDay ago

    I lost a 12 mins in my life to you

  10. Sneklover 3 the sequel

    Sneklover 3 the sequel2 days ago

    The music in the beginning sounds a lot like the IT (2017) soundtrack am I right?

  11. B3!!à _Wø!f

    B3!!à _Wø!f2 days ago

    (5:17)"and then we heard a bang sound on the window" Expectations:BANG BANG BANG Reality:Knock knock knock

  12. Ownz

    Ownz3 days ago

    Who else thought 10:10 was a U.F.O.

  13. old_school_4ever

    old_school_4ever3 days ago

    I've been in that truck stop in the thumbnail before. It's abandoned. I think it caught fire at one point.

  14. Larry The Lobster

    Larry The Lobster3 days ago

    Father of the year award for the dad In Story #1

  15. D-Block The Alchemist

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    These are ADDICTIVE! #subscribed

  16. Kiwii Kiwii

    Kiwii Kiwii4 days ago

    Dudes talking about his 9 year old like he’s a grown ass man lmao

  17. Evan Shore

    Evan Shore4 days ago

    Pisses me off when they say personal shit I don’t wanna share. Like bitch who gonna know??? Like wtf don’t be so dramatic!

  18. Clara Berry

    Clara Berry4 days ago

    The first story is very similar to a story from the book “scary stories to tell in the dark” I don’t know if anyone else remembers reading those books in elementary school but I recognized it. It’s not the exact same but very similar. It’s about a girl leaving prom and a guy follows her home flashing his lights and speeding up behind her and she gets scared but once she stops he tells her there’s someone in the back seat of her car and he’d shine his lights and every time he’d see the guy with a knife and he’d duck down as the lights were shined on him. Again, not the same. But reminded me of that for sure

  19. Adasia Embry

    Adasia Embry4 days ago

    Lmaoo whooo would let their 9 year old go to the rest room by themselves though??? 🤨🤨🤨

  20. hoppy Blox

    hoppy Blox4 days ago

    So your just gonna let your 9 YEAR OLD son go into a fucking rest stop alone at night😑🤦 That pick up driver is a legend bro👌🔥 I lowkey enjoy these stories with the narration, even if it may be fake

  21. Christian Reeves

    Christian Reeves4 days ago

    So you’re looking in your rearview at an aggressive driver but don’t notice the man in your backseat where your kid is supposed to be

  22. Asif

    Asif5 days ago

    all of your stories are bullshit, you just wanna make money on youtube you asshole.

  23. Firemarshal Bill

    Firemarshal Bill5 days ago

    Same guy with now 6 stories, lol!!!!! This asshole with his stories is full of shit!

  24. Paesthedic

    Paesthedic6 days ago

    Dad training 9 yr old stand on their own feet.

  25. MNasty

    MNasty6 days ago

    These are fake story’s

  26. Isaac Birdchild

    Isaac Birdchild7 days ago

    Story 1 : Country Roads Take Me Home To The Place I Belong... (breaths deeply) WEST VIRGINIA !

  27. Ernar Dzhumasov

    Ernar Dzhumasov8 days ago

    Honestly, people like that guy from Story 1 should not have kids, with that IQ lvl. I mean I get you are tired and pissed and all, but fucking look after your children and do not fucking assume things for granted especially with kids

  28. Dewan Chand

    Dewan Chand8 days ago

    For road trip carry a gun.

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    Amoh45th Casual gameplay9 days ago

    I highly enjoy your videos

  30. DBombzvideos

    DBombzvideos9 days ago

    I guess the people from story number 2 never encountered a crack head before

  31. Zach moyer

    Zach moyer10 days ago

    West Virginia’s not that bad come on why everyone hating on my state

  32. UK Paranormal Study

    UK Paranormal Study10 days ago

    Story one ... I shit myself I was that scared! Story two ... fuck shit myself again!! Story three ... fuck not again!! I need to find a toilet so I can finish giving birth to this turtles head!

  33. Luke Allen

    Luke Allen10 days ago

    Scariest part of story 3: He drives an F150

  34. Lil_ Toco

    Lil_ Toco10 days ago

    Who else is watching this home alone

  35. mitzi dawn

    mitzi dawn11 days ago

    Don't think I'm road trippin w this guy

  36. tracie marsh

    tracie marsh11 days ago

    why didnt he look round as the child got in the car? in the 1st story?? plus he should f gone with him you dont let a 9yr old go into a puplic bathroom on their own

  37. Jennifer Moran

    Jennifer Moran11 days ago

    I live in west Virginia

  38. Donald Henson

    Donald Henson12 days ago

    Your ignorant for letting a child alone now a days there are sick people out there.

  39. danielle baker

    danielle baker13 days ago

    the first story sounded like a story in the book scary stories

  40. Sean Dolan

    Sean Dolan13 days ago

    First story is an adaption of urban legend the movie.

  41. Will Craig

    Will Craig13 days ago

    You never hear these stories from people who carry guns.

  42. Angelcorn

    Angelcorn14 days ago

    This is Tom ☹️ 👕 👖 🧦 Like is 1% chance he will be saved by good parents

  43. ı Metes ı

    ı Metes ı5 days ago

    Lol that must've been his face when he came out and saw his dad wasn't there anymore

  44. Max G

    Max G14 days ago

    Dude how the fuck do you not realize somebody other than your child got in your car?! HOOOW?

  45. Alexa Krznaric

    Alexa Krznaric14 days ago

    smart woman in the second one!

  46. Destroy Liberals

    Destroy Liberals14 days ago

    First story is an old urban legend

  47. Randy Laliberty

    Randy Laliberty14 days ago

    This is fun to watch

  48. Melania Mendez

    Melania Mendez15 days ago

    Okay but who doesn’t look in the backseat when someone enters the car? Like the guy just had his “kid” enter and didn’t check?

  49. kylee Cater

    kylee Cater15 days ago

    Imagine a 9 year old named Tom.

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    Just found you'r channel, it's awesome..

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    this is why you take planes people 🤷🏻‍♀️

  52. Harley Quinn

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    Man the music and how he tells his story gave me the creeps

  53. Yolo Stoner

    Yolo Stoner16 days ago

    Who the fuck keeps driving not looking at there son one time

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    Who else is watching this while eating a cookie?

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    Eating cereal and chips enjoying🔔🔊🍛

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    Cover me im going into full screen

  57. Georgia Isherwood

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    Cover me im going into full screen

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    I love your stories keep em coming along with asmr you got going..

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    I subbed to your channel.

  60. Bailey Schackmann

    Bailey Schackmann19 days ago

    story #3 sounds like the scene from wrong turn

  61. iconic sunfløwer

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    I thought the thumb nail was from one of the scenes from Love shot..Oops

  62. Paige Coon

    Paige Coon20 days ago

    All of these comments are about the rest stop kid story😂

  63. Faith Freeman

    Faith Freeman20 days ago

    This is why if I go on a road trip with my family and we stop at a rest stop we ALL get out TOGETHER and keep 911 on speed dial just Incase bc rest stops are scary

  64. svengoolie007

    svengoolie00720 days ago

    I mean how fuckin stupid would someone have to be to not realize who got into the car

  65. The World is Ugly But you're beautiful to me

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    👨🏿 🔫👮🏼‍♂️

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    What. A. Legend.

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    There are stories between my ads...

  68. t series have big gei

    t series have big gei23 days ago

    The first story.. 10/10 parenting and also how did he not know that the person who went in the back wasnt his son.. how in the hell?? And dont say because he didnt look at him but that parenting is so dumb

  69. Osama Been Lagging

    Osama Been Lagging22 days ago

    t series have big gei because its fake ya dumb fuck

  70. super_moist _grandma

    super_moist _grandma24 days ago

    Why do they all start with what type of car they drive?

  71. super_moist _grandma

    super_moist _grandma24 days ago

    I picked up a hitchhiker once, things were going good until he started going all jesus on me so i stopped the car and told him to get out

  72. juneaug Lok

    juneaug Lok22 days ago

    Really? When did this happen? How old were u then?

  73. Mark Sammons

    Mark Sammons24 days ago

    Story 1 should be thankful for the white pickup truck rest area creeper be so observant.

  74. Osama Been Lagging

    Osama Been Lagging22 days ago

    Mark Sammons these are fake ya dumbass

  75. Lashar Cunningham

    Lashar Cunningham25 days ago

    The story with the 9yr old kid just sounds too dumb to be true

  76. Osama Been Lagging

    Osama Been Lagging22 days ago

    Lashar Cunningham ya these are fake

  77. Vikashar

    Vikashar26 days ago

    Story 1: I bet the personal stuff is he fucked Tom's girlfriend

  78. Donald Duck

    Donald Duck26 days ago

    1. Go with your kid to the bathroom. 2. Don't pick up crackheads on the side of the road 3. Stay in your car.

  79. Miral Eldawlatly

    Miral Eldawlatly14 days ago

    You gotta check if they are crackheads or not before u judge so quickly bec u never know

  80. Mega Star Kid

    Mega Star Kid27 days ago

    big truck driver, crook catcher!

  81. Bruntskeeper Wank fest

    Bruntskeeper Wank fest28 days ago

    How do you not notice a tall ass man in your car and confuse him with a 9 year old

  82. Osama Been Lagging

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    Bruntskeeper Wank fest because its fake

  83. Kohl0606

    Kohl060629 days ago

    How did you have a serious conversation with a 9 year old that can’t be shared

  84. Niall & Thailand

    Niall & Thailand29 days ago

    The first story is an old urban legend. I’ve heard many different versions of it over the years.

  85. RaCsO

    RaCsO29 days ago

    99% comments about the 9 year old 1% other

  86. Giggagenius 03

    Giggagenius 03Month ago

    that fucken dad at the start bro...when Tom grows up he's throwing hands

  87. Anthony Newill

    Anthony NewillMonth ago

    Soooo you’re just gonna plagiarize u/Von_Miller and think I’m not gonna call you on it?

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    Omg i just went on a road trip to west virginia from az whoop whoop

  89. Luke Passos

    Luke PassosMonth ago

    plot twist, the guy in the backseat was actually his son from the future and got out of the car because he needed to go back to the rest place to use the restroom again lmfao

  90. Austin Cranfield

    Austin CranfieldMonth ago

    Lessons in story 1. Don’t argue with a 9 year old 2, don’t pick up hitch hikerss 3, don’t travel at night

  91. WatermellonEthan

    WatermellonEthanMonth ago

    Last story, I would have gotten tf out of there

  92. tibli

    tibliMonth ago

    the first story was almost a direct ripoff of an urban legend lol

  93. Daniel Myers

    Daniel MyersMonth ago

    I mean, isn’t it *possible* that they assaulted and then threw-out an innocent pedestrian in #2? I mean sure, it’s impolite and crazy to start screaming-especially in an enclosed area like a car. But as far as I can tell, she was either 1) concerned the driver was about to hit something and wreck, 2) harmless, or 3) dangerous; all or none involving an underlying mental condition...

  94. Yasbel Nungaray

    Yasbel NungarayMonth ago

    On the second story when he said we got wendys I was looking at my food because I’m eating Wendy’s🤣

  95. Izzy wisker27 11

    Izzy wisker27 11Month ago

    I’ve got a story : I was with my boyfriends family we was driving from Fresno to averal (America California) we stopped off at a Wendy’s near there. Me and my boyfriend had our own booth yanno doing boyfriend girlfriend things. All of a sudden I heard a scream it was a guy who had problems but at this point I didn’t realize. Me and my boyfriend both turned around whilst his family was backing off. My boyfriend grabbed me and ran out the Wendy’s. The guy had problems as I said and he’d escaped the hospital where he should have been at. There was no harm done other than he attacked a police officer but since then I haven’t gone to that Wendy’s again - thanks just thought I’d share lol x

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  97. Pat Standfell

    Pat StandfellMonth ago

    He said girlfriends

  98. Compact_Pancake

    Compact_PancakeMonth ago

    Honestly if I was in story #3 situation or something similar or anything I would run them over they finna take someone else’s life if they ain’t get urs just show them they own medicine

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    Why am I watching this at 1am!!!! Ay I don’t even know man

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    0:20 seconds hits. *pauses video* WEST VIRGINIA

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    How come the ones that say they had a huge light bar and then the video has a dark as crap. Then when the guy says that it was dark with no headlights there is a vid with lights. Logic.

  102. Dean and Cas love each other

    Dean and Cas love each otherMonth ago

    who cares

  103. C0PY CA1

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    As soon as he said “It started to downpour.” It started raining outside, pretty bloody heavy.

  104. C0PY CA1

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    Wouldn’t a 10 hour drive be enough to cross one of the USA’s states?

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    Going to Scotland starting tomorrow night

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    6:00 good question

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    Dude...no....If the content you have to produce is this bad then just don't produce it and save your fans the trouble. All 3 of these stories were garbage...

  109. Romantic .A.

    Romantic .A.Month ago

    When the creepy music came on I jumped and said ARE YOU TRYING TO SCARE ME?! Then I thought,he is

  110. Jenny Rangel

    Jenny RangelMonth ago

    Story #1: It was early June 2017, I was taking a road trip with my son To West Virginia to see family.... Me: COUNTRY ROADS TAKE ME HOMEEE TO THE PLACE I BELONG..WEST VIRGINIA

  111. Lumos Gaming

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    Jenny Rangel I did the exact same thing when I heard that