3 Scary True Road Trip Horror Stories


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    Imagine if all of these things actually happened to him. He would have had a terrifying life!

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    He didn't call the cops on the spiketraps?

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    Awesome 😎

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    My tires are made of Kevlar so I can just drive right over the spike trap and I have the largest ram pickup available so I wouldn’t have even touched the cones

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    Do scary Christian Minecraft server stories

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    Lalma atrs si tteber tahn yuo cuaes eh ahs a anamidet sroteis

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    this was published on my bday!

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    Story 1 was certainly that urban legend spun off into a new story.

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    Me and my 5 year old daughter love listening to these . She’ll be like can we watch the scary videos we’re the guy just talks ? Haha

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    Zoo horror stories

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    Clearly the shitty dad should have taken his kid into the goddamn bathroom.

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    Holy shit, I'm from West Virginia !

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    Who the fuck carries a base ball bat in a car in a trip to georgia from pennsylvania anddd thats the most retarded thing to spend a whole 13 hours and 14 mins straight driving non stop...

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    In story 3 we really didnt need to know your car model

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    He heard a *bang* sound, plays a *knocking* sound effect 5:20

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    *hot* *day* shows a video of a car driving in a *COLD* *NIGHT* 0:26

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    9:12 country ass side roads

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    But are all these true I just want to know guys please don't be mean

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    0:28 Bitch stressed out

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    "PLEASE, PLEASE!" "Okay, you can get back in the car after you just tried to strangle me." "R-Really?" "NO BEEEEEEEOOOOOIIITCH!"

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    My dog died wen I was watching this

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    Well i think her GPS was in on it

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    Moral of the story: Never pick up hitchhikers.

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    Pick up driver was probably an angel. Angels do this kind of stuff all the time. God looks out for people. If you're ever in a difficult situation, call on the name of Jesus. He will help you.

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    Story 1 Title: why am i watching this in middle of night

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    Who is in the comments section knows this roads or drove on them??I am just curious 🤔🤔🤔

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    Hey asshole buy a knife and 🔫 stupid u the parent i bet u will let him ride shotgun next and all the time 1 story truly thankful for the pickup truck driver u are a true hero

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    These are so fake it’s hard to keep watching

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    The last 2are pretty realistic which makes them even scarier

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    Death to MReporter ads after every story 😩🙄 almost got turned off

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    What I love about these videos, is that it includes visual and sound effects. It's more entertaining, than just telling the story

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    Damn I’m so late I’m going back to school already

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    so you're telling me that this father never once looked in the rear view mirror. I'm calling BS

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    I’m on a road trip right now

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    Where's your gun at

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    People say why do you need a gun until they need one.

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    How the fuck don’t you look back to the back seat when some one opens your door

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    He should do some creepy laundromat stories

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    I enjoyed the video that accompanied your audio.

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    So the guy in the van went back to the rest area to park and stay there? He is like a guardian angel then.

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    Are we aloud to animate the vids? With the audio...?

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    Man, everyone in these stories sure love snacks. Everyone is either snacking or thinking about food.

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    Like if the guy in the pick up truck is the real MVP

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    Pretty sure that 1st story is a just a variation of that urban legend

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    1. Always check who gets in your car 2. Never pick up hitchhikers, keep doors locked at all times 3. Never get out of car for witches cones/blockages, it's an ambush

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    I’m literally on a wide stretch of road near a highway by myself driving. Wml guys...


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    I’m confused did these things happen to him or is he reading a story... please help me

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    Bran's Chaos he's just reading stories people send him.

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