3 Chocolate Cake Recipes COMPARED Ft. Rosanna Pansino!


  1. Rosanna Pansino

    Rosanna Pansino4 months ago

    Loved hanging out with you guys, you are the best! All 3 of these cakes were so good! 😊💕

  2. John Piper

    John Piper3 months ago

    Rosanna Pansino like I said on your channel, my 2 fave MReporter cooking shows, another video... should be a regular thing... please? Fanboy up!

  3. Itz_Me!

    Itz_Me!3 months ago


  4. The Gaming Mia The Expert

    The Gaming Mia The Expert3 months ago

    Rosanna Pansino Ro!!!!

  5. Was up dog look at my bio 999

    Was up dog look at my bio 9993 months ago

    Rosanna Pansino lol im the 2.3k like when you like it and then take back your like you can change it

  6. Can we get to 200 subscribers without any videos?

    Can we get to 200 subscribers without any videos?4 months ago

    I commented before it got to 500 yasss

  7. Rick Sheppard

    Rick SheppardDay ago

    Ro is lovely, but she's wearing too much makeup in this video.

  8. HAMJorfyn

    HAMJorfynDay ago

    That woman is the definition of extra

  9. ekstadropsen

    ekstadropsen2 days ago

    OMG l love Barry and Jamie together, they're soooooo cute😂😍😂😍😂😍😂😍😂

  10. Alejandro Ramos

    Alejandro Ramos9 days ago

    When I first saw the plates I thought they were frisbees.....

  11. Nun yah

    Nun yah10 days ago

    "O NO I PUSHED 3 MINUTES!" turns around with a chocolate covered grin lol

  12. crazynegger

    crazynegger11 days ago

    Make your own ration pack with Steve1989MRE, and sample a 70 year old MRE.

  13. The Keeper

    The Keeper11 days ago

    Food-gasm at 9:10

  14. Chuck Sellers

    Chuck Sellers13 days ago

    the myth that coffee is good and that you can't taste it in a chocolate cake is not true. It is an abomination.

  15. Ben Simon

    Ben Simon16 days ago

    James' arms tho

  16. Mike Warner

    Mike Warner17 days ago

    That moment in every video when Barry starts mumbling and MReporter's captions just say (INAUDIBLE)

  17. Harley Burris

    Harley Burris29 days ago

    4:57 to 5:10 close your eyes

  18. MsMdip

    MsMdipMonth ago

    I have such a crush on James I just can't.

  19. RabidPengu1n

    RabidPengu1nMonth ago

    Noticing the background music is the opening for Always Open at 7:40 was trippy, it's almost like copyright has limited the available music on youtube or something, how odd.

  20. ryudragon7

    ryudragon7Month ago

    Two thumbs up and a foot. That is something Ro hasn't done in a long time.

  21. Wolfie Jr.

    Wolfie Jr.Month ago

    She has a cute voice

  22. Abigail walsh

    Abigail walshMonth ago


  23. Brandon Christoffel

    Brandon ChristoffelMonth ago

    I ship LITERALLY ANYONE that collabs with Ro with Ro

  24. James's Movie Reviews

    James's Movie ReviewsMonth ago

    So you’re telling me the 5 minute and 3 hour version of the same ingredients? ... I’d rather make the big version. Have leftovers

  25. Benjamin Banks

    Benjamin BanksMonth ago

    I actually thought Barry and Jamie were gonna kiss for a second 😂😂

  26. Sam Moe

    Sam MoeMonth ago

    Ich weiss ja nicht warum die englisch sprachigen länder so geil auf das komische "frosting" sind, aber das ist einfach nur butter und puderzucker. Die torte sah geil aus, aber mit ner canache wäre es göttergleich gewesen 😂 Trotzdem cooles video. Optimierungsbedarf gibts ja leider immer ;)

  27. onafixedincome

    onafixedincomeMonth ago

    okay...WHY does everyone put blasted coffee flavor into chocolate everything? It makes it horribly bitter and is a terrible surprise to those of us who are not into coffee, nor into bitter. Help!

  28. Madison Arnold

    Madison ArnoldMonth ago

    Kinda disappointed that Jamie and Barry didn’t kiss, this is how I know I spend too much time on tumblr

  29. Alex Bacon

    Alex BaconMonth ago

    You lost me at coffee

  30. Latentius

    LatentiusMonth ago

    Why are you all eating cake with spoons instead of forks? Is this a British thing?

  31. diynevala

    diynevala2 months ago

    8:46 Throw a foot in there 9:27 Just keep coming in and out, in and out...

  32. Just The Dave

    Just The Dave2 months ago

    James is Goliath compared to Rosanna

  33. Leisha Brady

    Leisha Brady2 months ago

    If you're making a microwave cake, find a recipe with no eggs and it takes away the over spongy texture

  34. rose howlett

    rose howlett2 months ago

    you guys should collab with Dan and Phil (and now we wait for the Phandom to take over)… not sorry

  35. Keegan Holm

    Keegan Holm2 months ago

    100g of standard flour to 1tsp of baking powder is the same as self raising flour btw

  36. Chris Walford

    Chris Walford2 months ago

    Was the cake better than the Comment Of The Week? You decide!

  37. legolassanimelover

    legolassanimelover2 months ago

    All three of those cakes look dry as fuck 😂😂

  38. cougarlt

    cougarlt2 months ago

    The best chocolate cake I've ever had was at one small cafe in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was heavy, gooey, melting in the mouth, sprinkled with sea salt flakes and had large chunks of black chocolate inside. Served with some whipped cream it was a peace of heaven on earth. Easily gave whole five stars just for that cake.

  39. Marlyne Sfeir

    Marlyne Sfeir2 months ago

    Okay but 8:27 8:28 when he thought it's a high five 😂

  40. Jimy Young

    Jimy Young2 months ago

    5:25 James sounds so distraught. "I measured that..."

  41. Lena Olsen

    Lena Olsen2 months ago

    never seen self rising flour in my country

  42. Malcolm Black

    Malcolm Black2 months ago

    Look it's cake

  43. swedechick

    swedechick2 months ago

    Well, Jamie *is* sexy. Not taking yourself too seriously is an attractive feature.

  44. Gabrie l

    Gabrie l2 months ago

    2:02 I ship it

  45. Candice ecidnaC

    Candice ecidnaC2 months ago

    *I'd love to see a decadent chocolate cake recipe that doesn't contain espresso powder and/or coffee* I hate coffee and never have the stuff in the house because it's bitter, acidic, and gross. Why would I put something with three strikes into a precious chocolate cake?!

  46. Candice ecidnaC

    Candice ecidnaC2 months ago

    She pushed back her hair, then cracked eggs into a bowl. I've never heard of her before today, but I don't want to eat anything she makes because it no doubt contains hair. (She seriously can't put her vanity aside long enough to make a 3-ingredient cake? Gotta make sure that hair looks good on camera! Doesn't matter that I'm making food that other people will eat; my hair is more important. Good lord.)

  47. Shona McKenzie

    Shona McKenzie2 months ago

    james loved up

  48. Shona McKenzie

    Shona McKenzie2 months ago


  49. Juuli Röynä

    Juuli Röynä2 months ago

    I’m that person who can’t stand buttercream... what can I use to replace that? 🤔

  50. Aiden L

    Aiden L2 months ago

    Got those ikea plates

  51. Nayomai Gaming

    Nayomai Gaming2 months ago

    599 people seem to be allergic to chocolate? :'D

  52. Danica Younghusband

    Danica Younghusband2 months ago

    I LOVED this! It was so good to see Ro with different people and like in a different environment. I LOVE Nerdy Nummies, found her channel before I ever found SORTED, but I’m a huge fan of both and it was amazing seeing how you can all adapt to each environment so well! Ro has a very young audience as well as adults, and although I love her videos and how cute she is, it was good to see a sassy more grown up side to her! 💜😍

  53. Research and Retardation

    Research and Retardation2 months ago

    could you microwave mug the 3 ingredient cake?

  54. Dolphin Lover

    Dolphin Lover2 months ago

    You just got a subscriber!

  55. Quarter Spruce

    Quarter Spruce2 months ago

    Rosanna is like Kristin Chenoweth of cake.

  56. Mystic Taluah

    Mystic Taluah2 months ago

    All of those cakes look dry as hell. I’m sorry but I don’t see professionalism I see a terrible microwave cake, a fake ass (3-ingredient?) cake, and one from scratch (which is always better) however they all look dry which means you guys for one didn’t moisturize it properly. Especially the one from scratch. To moisturize a cake properly is to add at least 1 cup of boiling water or coffee or whatever liquid the recipe calls for. I didn’t see that so that means well it’s dry naturally. I just find it interesting that you thumbnail a “pro” cake but I don’t see one. I see one that’s frosted neatly but certainly not a pro one. P.S I’m not hating it was an entertaining video but pretty poor choice of recipes.

  57. nox5555

    nox55552 months ago

    Its also a disgusting way of Making Chocolate cake... you want soemthing to balance it... Thats why Sacher is the Most Famouse Chocolate Cake. Its not to heavy, easy to make and just awesome with the little sour sweetness from the Fruit and the bitter-sweet chocolate.

  58. 7judgem

    7judgem2 months ago

    5:06 ... close your eyes

  59. Negan

    Negan2 months ago

    Wow...She is beautiful😍😍

  60. Noah R.

    Noah R.2 months ago

    I'm watching,this in the gym

  61. neenmach

    neenmach2 months ago

    You are so cute together..we need more of this.

  62. JacktheRah

    JacktheRah2 months ago

    Gives the recipe for the cake but doesn't give the recipe for the frosting. THAT'S WHAT MAKES IT LOOK SO GOOD!

  63. Jeff Jeffery

    Jeff Jeffery2 months ago

    Stop with the coffee! These are meant to be chocolate cakes, not mocha cakes!

  64. Nicholas JAY

    Nicholas JAY2 months ago

    It's weird because I feel like I should be hearing a story line to a bunch of people trying to throw a ring into a volcano, but they're talking about stuff like food and second breakfast.

  65. Katrena Thacker

    Katrena Thacker2 months ago

    Whore! Keep your oven mitts off The Scotsman!

  66. Dave Davidson

    Dave Davidson2 months ago

    Well she's annoying as fuck!

  67. John F Jones

    John F Jones2 months ago

    She's incredibly annoying

  68. Polina Sabina

    Polina Sabina2 months ago

    Everyones *k n o w s* that the tastiest cake in a mug is /whitout/ the egg

  69. Irene Royster

    Irene Royster2 months ago

    If you don't ice your chocolate cake with ganache, is it even chocolate cake?

  70. Gabriella Callis

    Gabriella Callis3 months ago

    the plates look like frisbees!!!!!!!!!! i love it

  71. Tanisha Tanzia

    Tanisha Tanzia3 months ago


  72. Lee Richardson

    Lee Richardson3 months ago

    The inappropriate touching is cringe.

  73. Daniel Hernández

    Daniel Hernández3 months ago

    2:01 I...

  74. Brooke koko

    Brooke koko3 months ago

    who ships ro and Jamie

  75. Whitney Boggioni

    Whitney Boggioni3 months ago

    You guys should try making this cake one day! It's tough, but oh so good when done right. cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1014042-chocolate-little-layer-cake

  76. Puffin Sama

    Puffin Sama3 months ago

    What's self raising flour

  77. ConnerTheKillerYT

    ConnerTheKillerYT3 months ago

    regarding your description, yeah i turn down chocolate cake all the time

  78. Itz_Me!

    Itz_Me!3 months ago

    Queen Ro

  79. taemimah

    taemimah3 months ago

    Who else saw Yoongi?

  80. Jeff Swekla

    Jeff Swekla3 months ago

    Collab with Andrew Rae

  81. unknownfancy

    unknownfancy3 months ago

    Hahaahhaahaha WHO’S BEN??????!!!!!!! I cant hahaha

  82. unknownfancy

    unknownfancy3 months ago

    Hahaahhaahaha WHO’S BEN??????!!!!!!! I cant hahaha

  83. unknownfancy

    unknownfancy3 months ago

    Hahaahhaahaha WHO’S BEN??????!!!!!!! I cant hahaha

  84. unknownfancy

    unknownfancy3 months ago

    Rose pansino really seems like a good natured person

  85. Penney Burgess

    Penney Burgess3 months ago

    Thank you for the recipes as well.

  86. Jonathan Rowe

    Jonathan Rowe3 months ago

    I don't like melting chocolate with radiation, so I use a bain-marie

  87. Zab

    Zab3 months ago

    Jamie has so much Chaotic Gay energy, I love it and can definitely relate.

  88. Jenell Owe

    Jenell Owe3 months ago

    Who else thought she said, "two thumbs up the butt" the first time? Later she said two thumbs and a foot but I don't know...

  89. Nezuji Yarou

    Nezuji Yarou3 months ago

    For the mug cake, telling us the wattages of the two different microwaves would've been much more useful than telling us where they are ;)

  90. Tamir O

    Tamir O3 months ago

    Oh my.. Looking awesome and delicious- I'm so thrilled and excited to try the last chocolate cake, Seems like heaven. Love you guys !

  91. Djfox 17

    Djfox 173 months ago

    Barry better a we bit overdramatic at 9:08

  92. Rogelio Ayala

    Rogelio Ayala3 months ago

    And this

  93. Jack McGowan

    Jack McGowan3 months ago

    Can we have this intro on all videos it’s brilliant

  94. Madison Rivera

    Madison Rivera3 months ago

    I really need to stop watching these videos because I'm starving right now and everything looks so good!

  95. Luna October

    Luna October3 months ago

    That women’s voice and the way she talks, no thank you

  96. David Dalmatian

    David Dalmatian3 months ago

    This channel needs a lot more eskimo kisses.

  97. Matthew Luck

    Matthew Luck3 months ago

    the rhyme DOES make it seem less desperate

  98. Blackbelt072783

    Blackbelt0727833 months ago

    I loved this episode! So funny. "I'm little and I'm quick". 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🎂🍰🍫

  99. Nekoette Tab

    Nekoette Tab3 months ago

    What is you don't like coffee

  100. BTS Fan I'm am part of the Army!

    BTS Fan I'm am part of the Army!3 months ago

    2:02 omg cute XD Help XD

  101. Juliana B

    Juliana B3 months ago

    Is a it just one tablespoon of everything for the mug cake

  102. Ianna Christophell

    Ianna Christophell3 months ago

    God I love James. He’s so endearing. How can a man who looks like a lumberjack be so bashful and charming?

  103. Misaki Takahashi

    Misaki Takahashi3 months ago

    Omg shes so annoying. I'm going to block her to make sure she doesn't pop up in my suggestions.

  104. Fiez Andromeda

    Fiez Andromeda3 months ago

    My second time watching your videos and god- i love that editing at 0:35. The beat tho- hahaha

  105. Humaira C

    Humaira C3 months ago

    Tried the 3 ingredient cake as I needed to whip one up quickly - it made the house smell amazing (like Lidl's bakery section) and it tasted fantastic too! Used Nutella for the icing too, made it extra yummy

  106. Ameliaisnotmyname

    Ameliaisnotmyname3 months ago

    Ha 7.29 always open theme plays :)