1. 5-Minute Crafts

    5-Minute CraftsMonth ago

    Hey guys! Don't forget to share with your favorite hack in the comments! I'm looking forward to hearing from you! :) XOXOXO Thank you for so much love on this video

  2. Juliana Rodriguez

    Juliana Rodriguez6 days ago

    Why is it age restricted??

  3. Rebecca Bellard

    Rebecca Bellard6 days ago

    Payton and Ryleigh and Zachary

  4. little devil gurl

    little devil gurl6 days ago

    Nora Gonzalez

  5. little devil gurl

    little devil gurl6 days ago

    5-Minute Crafts

  6. little devil gurl

    little devil gurl6 days ago

    5-Minute Crafts is! Thou

  7. Night'star

    Night'star5 hours ago

    O wow It's age restriced.

  8. The random stuff with Isaac W.

    The random stuff with Isaac W.9 hours ago

    Why can't you just cook steak normal

  9. Lillian Sertic

    Lillian Sertic19 hours ago

    It wouldn't look weird if you wore toilet paper rolls on your head at all 😖

  10. ALPHA 99

    ALPHA 9920 hours ago

    Foil.... Under and iron and in a toaster....

  11. Giovanni Lemuel

    Giovanni LemuelDay ago

    6 :44 the color of eyes

  12. Enas  Mohamed

    Enas MohamedDay ago

    Nice work

  13. -The Musical Kitten-

    -The Musical Kitten-2 days ago

    The warning in the beginning of the video really has me concerned...

  14. Vy Hồ

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  15. Tarantula Cake

    Tarantula Cake2 days ago

    Some of these are goofy af love it

  16. Mariam Berkik

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  17. Aoqi Xu

    Aoqi Xu2 days ago

    why do you have condoms

  18. danielseaveylover

    danielseaveylover2 days ago

    I have a better name for it it’s called 25 nasty hacks no one should watch. Seriously tho

  19. danielseaveylover

    danielseaveylover2 days ago

    Where do I find that stuff in jail xD they dont give u anything not even a blanket

  20. Rita Cassia

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  21. Rita Cassia

    Rita Cassia3 days ago


  22. TheFierceDragonHNTR

    TheFierceDragonHNTR3 days ago

    8:36 that banana represents that one NO

  23. TheFierceDragonHNTR

    TheFierceDragonHNTR3 days ago

    My younger brother asked what in the thumbnail on my parents then My parent said Your too young to know thst Younger bro:but Mo. Mom:No

  24. Chicken McNuggets

    Chicken McNuggets3 days ago

    um... they dont give you access to those things in prison...

  25. StorySwap Asriel

    StorySwap Asriel3 days ago

    It told me your Video was age restricted 😕 Wow

  26. Micheline Reeves

    Micheline Reeves3 days ago

    Wow cool

  27. AMALIA b

    AMALIA b3 days ago

    This is realy good

  28. worstie 1

    worstie 13 days ago

    Pretty much bobby pins are the answer to everything

  29. Ha A

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  30. Abdullah Saeed

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    HYŞ PENÇE3 days ago


  32. A&K’s Slime account

    A&K’s Slime account3 days ago

    would you really find this stuff in jail tho?

  33. Jyoti Nishad

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  34. izzy Bilbee

    izzy Bilbee4 days ago

    19:45 what if it gets stuck in your ear🐢🐗

  35. izzy Bilbee

    izzy Bilbee4 days ago

    At 8:25 how are you going to get to the phone in time

  36. Kitty Cat gaming

    Kitty Cat gaming4 days ago

    9:05 good way to cut off circulation

  37. eggroll Griessel

    eggroll Griessel4 days ago

    When u so lazy u make origami with ur trash so it fits

  38. Simply One Hell Of A Noob

    Simply One Hell Of A Noob4 days ago

    Wow, you guys are geniuses. Foil in a toaster? BRILLIANT! If it gets stuck, I'll just use a fork! 👌🏿👌🏿👌🏿

  39. Francis Fuefata

    Francis Fuefata4 days ago

    lovely and liked it

  40. Francis Fuefata

    Francis Fuefata4 days ago

    lovely and liked it

  41. john smith

    john smith4 days ago

    garbage click bait video

  42. Courtney Laybolt

    Courtney Laybolt4 days ago

    Your not allowed to have most of these objects in prison...

  43. Jennifer Good

    Jennifer Good4 days ago

    You are the best not to be a MReporterr

  44. Słodka Bella lps

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  45. comedy boster's

    comedy boster's4 days ago

    Wow best

  46. Emily Miller

    Emily Miller4 days ago

    Each craft is 5 min

  47. Lps Untouched

    Lps Untouched4 days ago

    Who has green and blue eyes? 6:43-6:47

  48. Mia Cousins

    Mia Cousins4 days ago

    reminder go to 11:31

  49. John Jarol Herrera Bobativa

    John Jarol Herrera Bobativa4 days ago

    Me encantan tus vídeos estan muy geniales y me mandas un saludo Desde COLOMBIA🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴🇨🇴😍😍😍😍😘😘😘😘

  50. Andrew Catabay Jerusalem

    Andrew Catabay Jerusalem4 days ago

    That is amazing

  51. Manana Manana

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  52. Μαλακας Τηγανιτος

    Μαλακας Τηγανιτος4 days ago

    You are such a good Chanel don't let these idiots destroy you

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  56. Kutsy

    Kutsy5 days ago

    I hate those videos of things that are claimed to be useful yet i highly doubt the original creator of them uses half of it. Its simply counter productive to humanity to waste everyones time.

  57. Marvin PhiRatio

    Marvin PhiRatio5 days ago

    medium on the steak please, .

  58. Shad0w Blade787

    Shad0w Blade7875 days ago

    OMG let me just grab all these things that will totally be in a jail cell!

  59. Aasuu Milan

    Aasuu Milan5 days ago

    So all no,,,,...... Please

  60. Awesome Games

    Awesome Games5 days ago

    i got a warning when I turned on this vid :/

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  62. elizabeth lee

    elizabeth lee5 days ago

    9:44 tho 😂

  63. Cah Mundri

    Cah Mundri5 days ago

    Jangan main kondom

  64. Ineko Clarence

    Ineko Clarence5 days ago

    She's lucky she has 2 different colored eyes

  65. Zain Mughal

    Zain Mughal5 days ago

    In this video first part iron is hot or normal

  66. Maciek Malik

    Maciek Malik5 days ago

    Co za guwno

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    Wth her 👀

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    It's age restricted

  73. lobita kawii 02

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    OMG fantastic

  74. Dwi susanti

    Dwi susanti5 days ago

    Kinsman bags Bantu any may cobs deh

  75. Larry Minden

    Larry Minden5 days ago

    That blanket looks like the big thing in Walmart that show the shirt design

  76. Larry Minden

    Larry Minden5 days ago

    I’m pretty sure that prison doesn’t ducking give you good food

  77. Shary Fellows

    Shary Fellows5 days ago

    Eryudslt Dr jd we j I fdijd dry o I s dry oid Dr igdiysn I pud u I I d ft oiuyuiioituoufjgfiiiugji uh fj u ffggyuigyiiiyyhjuioyuotiofiufhufyogg c jgcggg

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    Why is this age restricted?

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    Cool 😎

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    How is the video inappropriate

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    Zor basa

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    This is age restricted.

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    Porque restrinjieron el video?

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    Why do they have so much condoms 😂😂

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    bhffddb yuy

  92. Charlotte Fandom

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    Who's gonna just you know, slice some tomatoes in prison?

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  95. Mohamed Elkchida

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    des bien ou bien la famille

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    What a hefty idea

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    This isn't 50 shades of crafts is it?

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