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    Hey guys! Don't forget to share with your favorite hack in the comments! I'm looking forward to hearing from you! :) XOXOXO Thank you for so much love on this video

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    @Churi Struck.. ... ...

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    Türkçe konuşun diyenler like

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    I have one biggest problem can you solve

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    You didn’t even put a period for one scentence...

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    Quem veio pelo Teddy

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    Why did 5 minute crafts teach me how to make a prison shank

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    I’m pretty sure if you’re in PRISON you’re not really thinking about appearance

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    Ohh please tell me, all this life hack is just a joke

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    Me: let me take my candle and my tooth brush and melt it with my candle and take a glass cup and roll it than look a it and say yeah that looks good and scrape it on a dirty walls and cut a tomato . other prisoner: wait how did you get all that .

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    Do you know that your not going to have all that stuff i prison

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    Vim pelo T3ddy

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    K but in what situation will the police ever give a prisoner baby powder-

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    1:38 I'm a bugler!♪~(´ε` )⁽⁽ଘ( ˊᵕˋ )ଓ⁾⁾┏(^0^)┛

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    cook your meat, IN YOUR MEAT put some tinfoil, IN THE TOASTER i kind of liked the apple coring syringe thing tho

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    yes because when you go to jail the let you bring a glass cup, a candle, and matches and a binder clip 2 bags of chips, miscellaneous packets mayonnaise ketchup and 3 hotdogs

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    NEW MONTH YALL #april

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    1:25 i love the fact that she help prisoners to escape from jail

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    Kto z polski daje like

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    9:04 um......WHAT

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    That bannna tho

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    And no one look that happy in jail

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    They know you don’t were handcuffs when you are in the jail cell

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    Ummmmm and who has a glass cup in prison 😂😂

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    OMG MY OVEN STOPPED WORKING SO INSTEAD OF EATING OUT I COOK STEAK WITH AN IRON OH JEEZ ITS THE OVEN AGAIN LOOKS LIKE I NEED TO COOK STEAK IN A TOASTER WHICH CAN SET MY HOUSE ON FIRE OH NO!! 7:51 that hack makes you look like you live on the side of the road. even though the exact kind of jewerly can be bought for only 40-50$

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    Oh your name is Jane Smith

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    i wold make a prank on my family with that banana

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    Where do u get a fire griller??????but in jail what

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    Where do u get the chips in prison

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    2:38 I know good and well they did NOT just season they steak with salt and peppa

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    what the heck was in the thumbnail? was that a...

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    Shoto Todoroki yeah

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    Do you really have the time to look good in prison ALSO WHY ARE YOU SHOWING POSSIBLE FUTURE PRISONERS HOW TO BREAK OUT OF HAND CUFFS

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    Mano que canal merdaaaaaa

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    How do you get that stuff in prison

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    1:28 .. Sorry but I dont think you will find them clips in prison😅😅

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    Guards: Smile Me: wait Guards: what Me : * pulls out make up bag and does makeup* Guards : ready?

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    Es enserio todos ablan inglés like si ablas español

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    At 3:57 the toaster is smoking because of the foil

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    no matter if it worked or not, I would not put tin foil in a toaster

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    10:06 what are these and where can i get them

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    3:52 no wonder how my toaster got on fire

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    2:00 idk 🤨

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    did u even get in prison my dad is a cop

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    My favorite 5 minute craft 🙂☺️😄😃😘😘😍😍

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    2:17. *LAND KI SABJI* 😂😂🤣🤣🤣

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    Gostei dos truques alguns bons e outros inúteis

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    Like their going to give you fresh fruits and veggies in jail!!🙄


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    Illegal video because teaches how to escape handcuffs in prison


    COMRADE COMRADE3 months ago

    Reported for clickbait

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    I was already planning a t shirt quilt before I watched this! I have a stack of like 20ish old t shirts

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    That's jugad .... Invented in 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

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    I'm getting a picture cuz I did a crime? Wait a minute, I'll take care im nice

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    You did make my life easier i meant seiously!

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    Who watches but never try it

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    3:08 4:07 That doesn’t look like steak it looks like liver🤢

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    6:43 how does the woman have two different color eyes?💙💚

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    Why did you cover up the tomato ketchup sign with tape for??!??!??!

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    Im the only one in my family that hates steak😷😂

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    They just thought you how to make a shank

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    This channel is the worst channel on MReporter like you would have baby powder in prison

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    Roses are red, violets are Blue, i like own comment Because no one else does

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    3:56 set my house on fire

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    Oh no my hair is straight and I have no makeup in jail let me get some toilet paper 🧻

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    Como quw o prisioneiro vai aruma iso

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    Why do these people have condoms like do they do it?

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    0:18 since when do prisoners get matches

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    cuz yeah when your in prison the thing you worry about is your hair and makeup

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    Let me lightly sit on my glasses oh no the broke in half cause there weak af

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    Is any one else concerned about how the needle body say "single use ony" and there using it for more than one thing?

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    😍nice vidoe😍

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    Condoms in the thumbnail. CONDOMS IN THE THUMBNAIL. That’s how desperate they are.

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    And in the video, too.

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    Awsome man

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    Didnt all of our parents tell us not to put metal in a toaster lol do not do that at home kids (lol and im only eleven)

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    I'm sorry if I wrote wrong, I'm Brazilian. I'm 10 years old and I used the translator to write! i do not know anything about English

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    Are you really go to jail

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    lol what is said on 8:38

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    Trust me if you had fire in prison you wouldn't use it to make a knife

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