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    Hey guys! Don't forget to share with your favorite hack in the comments! I'm looking forward to hearing from you! :) XOXOXO Thank you for so much love on this video

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    You didn’t even put a period for one scentence...

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    You arent allowed to have bobby pins in prisons due to lockpicking

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    Question Why the frek are you trying to lay down with glasses on...

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    5-Minute Crafts

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    0:43 В тюрьме это очень нужно)

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    2:41 *Vegans have left the chat*

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    What kind of jail gives their prisoners knife? And btw if this is the kind of luxury u offer to a prisoner people would commit crime to get a comfortable life for free.

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    Manualidades 11 hecho yo ya tú

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    14:38 how do you stick glasses with acetone

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    You would get in more trouble its not hacks and not being a SAVAGE ur in jail at your house plus that food for jail u made is nasty

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    Most of these are good but a few..... o Lord. Like coloring over your toe with marker. Or painting over your high heel w/ nail polish cuz u don't like the color

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    So are you trying to teach people how to survie prison

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    Здесь дети большая часть смотрит а вы показываете 18+🔞🔞

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    BRASIL??? Ou só eu mesmo??

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    8:37 Me: *at school* OH HAEL NAW! Teacher: *walks by* 0_0 Me: SH*T

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    She just taught children how to make a shiv.

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    You know kids watch this maybe you shouldn’t use condoms.

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    9:51 dumb , now it is too hot

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    gotta look good for your mugshot, yes?

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    You just told the world how to escape handcuffs Now criminals will be all iver the place

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    Umm Do not and I mean DO NOT put aluminium foil in the toaster because aluminium foil is a type of metal If you do Have fun being burnt alive

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    This is the worst channel on MReporter

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    Que onda con los condones que alguien vea que tu bolsa de hielo sea un condon

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    Am I the only person who clicked on this cause of the thumbnail?


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    Why are you teaching us how to get out of jail

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    Umm sorry but I discovered you copied the first lifehack of the prison lifehacks from Slivki Show. The thing is that Slivki Show made the video of the lifehacks first. Here go check it out: m.mreporter.net/v/video-w6y4UEG8xqw.html

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    9:35 condoms save lives and your marriages

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    Steak was WAY over cooked!

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    Great video!

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    Love you’re videos

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    8:35 great way to show kids what that is

  44. Ariana Palleschi

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    great way to show people how to escape from prison what if someone actually does this and then someone else gets hurt because you taught kids mind you their kids you taught kid how to escape from prison wow awesome idea genius

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    Who needs makeup in prison 😂

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    primeramente como vas a sacar esas cosas de la pricion

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    1st SlivkiShow

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    Woman:*goes to jail* Woman: Hey, can I have a spork, a candle, and a match? Police: That doesn't seem sketchy at all! *gives her a candle, a match, and a spork*

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    This is cool

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    5:38 😳you abused that banana...

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    Does anyone get that 1. Prisons wouldn't let any type of fire and 2.they wouldn't let u eat or have any food other than the food they serve!🤣😂

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    Jump to 8:36 (viewShot) thank me later. Perv.

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    You should not be showing these yes I know you have good intentions but there are some people out there that will use this against us the good people and will come and hurt you take this down now please for all of our safety 1:36

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    21:29 imagine if it popped!!! I’d be soooo mad!!

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    you're in prison... you're not going to have lotion and baby powder

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    I was soo disgusted when she was using condoms

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    What. The. Heck. Was. That. Thumbnail.

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    Why why why the condoms😪🤯😫😖

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    5 minute crafts is the place for people to react for try not to diy challenge but really how do you guys to do this?? its amazing

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    Who has phone is prison to watch this?

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    Yeah definitely the most important thing is to make myself look pretty on the mugshot. “I mean, I can’t let them take a picture of me without looking great!”

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    18:24 or you can stop being lazy and take out the trash 21:23 your coworkers will 100% not think ur weird

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    I think you actually need a KEY to unlock handcuffs, not binder clips or there would be no such thing called jail

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    Que asco esta parte mal 9:00 fíjate lo que subis

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