24 hours with Robert Pattinson at Fashion Week for Dior | Vogue Paris


  1. Yuliana Rahmadani

    Yuliana Rahmadani6 days ago

    now who is that Bergamot girl lol

  2. mixedvege

    mixedvege6 days ago

    I was onboard up until the baseball cap. Ugh.

  3. Daria Lakshmi

    Daria Lakshmi8 days ago

    Like him and this video))

  4. iancu Ancuta Maria

    iancu Ancuta Maria14 days ago


  5. iancu Ancuta Maria

    iancu Ancuta Maria14 days ago


  6. iancu Ancuta Maria

    iancu Ancuta Maria14 days ago


  7. iancu Ancuta Maria

    iancu Ancuta Maria14 days ago

    OMG you are so beautiful

  8. iancu Ancuta Maria

    iancu Ancuta Maria14 days ago

    I love it OMG so beautiful robert pattison i love

  9. nandana221

    nandana22115 days ago

    24 hours in Paris, but video is only 6 minutes long. Feeling cheated

  10. VanJim

    VanJim16 days ago

    Grease hair man , definitely you need a perfum 😒

  11. Shania

    Shania16 days ago

    The interview with Francois was very interesting

  12. Aysha Kimble

    Aysha Kimble16 days ago

    Only 15 comments!!!

  13. IamImean

    IamImean16 days ago

    Super contenu ! Si tu t'abonne avec la cloche 👇 Je m'abonne avec la cloche ✋ Promis ! Like et commente pour que je sache que tu es abonné !

  14. Scar J

    Scar J16 days ago

    lol was expecting a woman when he said Françoise

  15. Rudrakshi Banerjee

    Rudrakshi Banerjee16 days ago

    i freakin love this man

  16. 5ofia

    5ofia16 days ago

    0:12 looool mais il a dit « bonjour » d’un français parfait 😂😍

  17. faye belmonte

    faye belmonte16 days ago

    A reupload?

  18. Musskaaan

    Musskaaan16 days ago

    First iconic role was Cedric Diggory, and now he's gonna win over everyone again as Battinson

  19. Shania

    Shania16 days ago

    Battinson xD I can't wait

  20. mato

    mato17 days ago

    Still ADORKABLE ❤️

  21. cilla xx

    cilla xx17 days ago

    So hot... I can’t even

  22. Lozan Phoenix

    Lozan Phoenix16 days ago

    cilla xx like literally how is he so goddamn HOT

  23. Andrea Velez

    Andrea Velez17 days ago

    He seems like the perfect companion to such events He's very casual :)

  24. Chesley Sobrepena

    Chesley Sobrepena17 days ago

    Ill let him do things to me.

  25. vivargy

    vivargy17 days ago

    i could listen to him spell françois wrong all day

  26. aqua cil

    aqua cil17 days ago

    i love you sm Robert !!!! you are amazing

  27. Garg

    Garg17 days ago

    He has such an amazing personality 💜

  28. Aurélie

    Aurélie17 days ago