24 HOURS BEING PREGNANT w/ My Pregnant Sister!


  1. Rosanna Pansino

    Rosanna Pansino4 months ago

    Congratulations to Colleen on her beautiful baby and soon my sister, who is 8.5 months pregnant! What are you doing this week??? 🤰🏻😊💕

  2. Cactus Queen

    Cactus Queen8 hours ago

    It is my Birthday This week on Saturday (April 27th) I am going to the movies to watch Avengers END GAME in Gold Class! :D

  3. Emily Fox

    Emily Fox2 days ago

    +shazmeen ain no

  4. Emily Fox

    Emily Fox2 days ago

    I'm doing lots of stuff i can't even count

  5. Lacey King

    Lacey King8 days ago

    I love how supportive Ro is ✨

  6. Mandy Kubilis

    Mandy Kubilis8 days ago

    You sister had the baby right??? (Obviously) and congrats on being an auntie!!! Love ur videos! :)

  7. Lily

    Lily6 hours ago

    When her Garage is bigger and looks pretty than your whole house

  8. vashi singh

    vashi singhDay ago

    Did you go on Bizaardvark S1 E20?🙏

  9. Barbara Flores Medellin

    Barbara Flores MedellinDay ago

    How the heck do they put the decorations on the freaking giant Christmas 🎄 tree

  10. kaylee janelle

    kaylee janelleDay ago

    Im pregnant and wetzels pretzels is my number one craving, I don’t even have one where I live :(

  11. Kiki Toys & Games

    Kiki Toys & Games2 days ago

    This place needs more bayb I like that they cannot now I want their music I

  12. La'Niyah Barrett

    La'Niyah Barrett2 days ago

    I love you Rosanna Pansiono, even tho you won't see this.

  13. La'Niyah Barrett

    La'Niyah Barrett2 days ago


  14. Rebekah Comeau

    Rebekah Comeau3 days ago

    I’m new here But your allowed to bring dogs into stores!?!?!?

  15. Kiara Chomos

    Kiara Chomos3 days ago

    Ro you would be a good mother

  16. Xzanna Macugay

    Xzanna Macugay3 days ago

    24 hours in a car

  17. Brianna Turbi

    Brianna Turbi4 days ago

    Member member member we went with your sister because you have a belly go there with a bag of the place so you can see all the stuff and the baby clothes because Rebecca love the baby was doing all the things that you love baby so tell her back I see all her videos thank you bye my name is

  18. Bella Martinez

    Bella Martinez4 days ago

    10:03 it is a bison

  19. Carone Sejour

    Carone Sejour4 days ago

    You are so peregnant

  20. Tara Hughes

    Tara Hughes4 days ago

    Dose your sister have a channel

  21. angelicalepe3

    angelicalepe34 days ago

    Ho is watching in 2019

  22. Maddie Omg

    Maddie Omg4 days ago

    Has Mo had her Baby yet!?

  23. Spilled Tea

    Spilled Tea5 days ago

    I want more videos like this😍 I love you both

  24. Mike Groves

    Mike Groves5 days ago

    Whaen you said Ro-tate get it Ro

  25. Mike Groves

    Mike Groves5 days ago

    When you said Mo-bile get it Mo

  26. A&S Jewer

    A&S Jewer6 days ago

    Omg Ro u need to have a baby it would be so cute and could play with mo’s baby

  27. Forever Cute

    Forever Cute6 days ago

    That brown thing is a bison buffalo 😊😀😁

  28. Andy Catron

    Andy Catron6 days ago

    omg you guys are perfect

  29. Cookiechamp 389

    Cookiechamp 3896 days ago

    My grandma would die if it was one cup she 5 cups a day

  30. Nur Dini

    Nur Dini6 days ago

    Ro is just beautiful.

  31. Tori Pierson

    Tori Pierson6 days ago

    I'm on April vacation.and are you twins

  32. Elisabeth du Buisson

    Elisabeth du Buisson7 days ago

    Look at these metal trees! It's like modern Christmas!-Ro Me:Proof the world is dying (don't worry Ro not your fault).😚 Love you!

  33. Chenry Banford

    Chenry Banford7 days ago

    The way Rosanna said "How to you use the bathroom." "Do you take this of." And Molly said "Do you think I take this of."🤣😂😁😅😄😃😁😍😘🤗😚😙😗😁😂😂😂😂

  34. Nuggy Nugs

    Nuggy Nugs7 days ago

    I like how to was like wow that’s healthily if u and yet I can see a huge bowl of butter right next to her

  35. Bailey-rose Campbellwood

    Bailey-rose Campbellwood8 days ago

    Ro and mo look gorgeous pregnant

  36. Betty Arnold

    Betty Arnold8 days ago

    Omg that looks hard

  37. Cashlyn Robertson

    Cashlyn Robertson8 days ago

    Sooo fun my mom is going to have a boy to!!!! How fun!!!

  38. Abigail Crinson

    Abigail Crinson8 days ago

    you can accually feel a baby kick

  39. Raymundo Lerma

    Raymundo Lerma8 days ago

    What was the suprise

  40. audrey martinez

    audrey martinez8 days ago

    Why would people put a thumbs down to this video

  41. potato potatta

    potato potatta9 days ago

    ohh were purging 😒

  42. potato potatta

    potato potatta9 days ago

    do the tiny cooking challenge!!!!

  43. Gigi Sparkles

    Gigi Sparkles9 days ago

    If you watch Colleen Flynn is a day old

  44. Lisa Rampersad

    Lisa Rampersad10 days ago

    Who is driving?

  45. Susie Que

    Susie Que10 days ago

    You should more stuff like this ro!!!!

  46. 1 Proud American

    1 Proud American10 days ago


  47. Courtney Palmer

    Courtney Palmer10 days ago

    You guys are the cutest

  48. Tina Fordham

    Tina Fordham10 days ago

    Made my Day!! 😆

  49. Tina Fordham

    Tina Fordham10 days ago

    I have had a really hard time lately Ro you really made my

  50. Maureen McMaunus

    Maureen McMaunus11 days ago

    My name is mo!

  51. Jayda Chircop

    Jayda Chircop11 days ago

    I think that you r both great sisters to each other

  52. Jayda Chircop

    Jayda Chircop11 days ago

    Please do some challenges with molly

  53. stephanie thach

    stephanie thach12 days ago

    My sister has a baby if your name is Michaela

  54. Meera Al-Zaabi

    Meera Al-Zaabi12 days ago

    One question umm hen your pregnant do you eat combined food? 😂 Because that’s what my auntie is doing while she’s pregnant she eats weird stuff that makes me wanna throw up

  55. Raya Xx

    Raya Xx12 days ago

    This is so precious. ❤️ Other than Ro, does anyone know who Mo looks like? Like celebrity wise with her dark hair she looks like a celebrity but I can’t remember who! They are so gorgeous it’s insane. I need some of their family genes. 😂❤️❤️

  56. Shootinstar JR

    Shootinstar JR13 days ago

    I love it at the start when to said that mo was going to help her be pregnant lol 😂

  57. Rainy Day

    Rainy Day14 days ago

    I think u should have gotten some of Ur guy friends to do this it would be hilarious.

  58. Jess Zeko

    Jess Zeko15 days ago

    6:40 just wait

  59. Moon Fox

    Moon Fox16 days ago

    You both earned an all night movie time! And Ro, you look great when your pregnant! (same to you Mo)

  60. Andre Zazueta

    Andre Zazueta16 days ago

    Do a 24 hour challenge in your bedroom please!!!!!

  61. Morgan Roethler

    Morgan Roethler17 days ago


  62. Zenetzis Cassandra

    Zenetzis Cassandra18 days ago

    Wow congratulations to you molly and your husband both of you look so beautiful pregnant molly love you both xxx

  63. Forest Foxes

    Forest Foxes18 days ago

    Ro : are I have to go to the bathroom again is the 17th time Mo: that has been my life

  64. Mikayla Bruni

    Mikayla Bruni18 days ago

    Is your baby a girl or boy

  65. Amelia Jouaneau

    Amelia Jouaneau18 days ago

    Was Ro s boyfriend doing the camera

  66. CxndyMeltxIris

    CxndyMeltxIris18 days ago

    U both look alike and u both have beautiful smiles!

  67. Kyle Brown

    Kyle Brown18 days ago

    Ro I love you so much you are soo funny. Mo your awsome😂😂😂

  68. Maribel Melchor

    Maribel Melchor18 days ago

    you should do a pregnancy prank on mo or on husky

  69. allyssa henry

    allyssa henry18 days ago

    wow your sis is having a baby

  70. Sean Flaherty

    Sean Flaherty18 days ago

    It is a boy Or a girl

  71. Beauties & Foodies

    Beauties & Foodies19 days ago

    Ro you look sooooooo cute preggers.

  72. Jeylin Garcia

    Jeylin Garcia19 days ago

    The brown animal is a Buffalo because their brown and have two horns and you could also call them Bison too and I learned this at social studies about Colorado and how life was in the past and that was like thousands of years ago and yes I live in Colorado Springs too and social studies is my favorite subject too! Like if you 100% agree with me and of you dont agree, I'm just going to ignore you for being rude sorry

  73. Millertime 2005

    Millertime 200520 days ago

    They are such cinnimon rolls❤

  74. RODY world

    RODY world21 day ago

    Hello my

  75. cinna mon

    cinna mon21 day ago

    Drink 1.Starbucks Coffee Drink 2. Lemon water Drink 3. Tea Drink 4. Cooler

  76. Derk Diamond

    Derk Diamond21 day ago


  77. Foxxi

    Foxxi21 day ago

    Ilove your channel

  78. Vetri v

    Vetri v22 days ago


  79. Angel’s Corner

    Angel’s Corner22 days ago


  80. Angel’s Corner

    Angel’s Corner22 days ago

    It’s Ro and Mo

  81. Mariana Sanchez

    Mariana Sanchez22 days ago

    This might be stressful sense mo has expirens with a big belly

  82. Dora Ramirez

    Dora Ramirez22 days ago

    i have a rocking chair too

  83. eliza renolds

    eliza renolds23 days ago

    wait how is it so sunny in December

  84. eliza renolds

    eliza renolds23 days ago

    mo:i am always hungry no me:its because your eating for two

  85. eliza renolds

    eliza renolds23 days ago

    mo and ro what fantastic names

  86. Random Stuff With Liz

    Random Stuff With Liz23 days ago

    1:51 you said preggets like "pruegurs"

  87. Kevin Hall

    Kevin Hall24 days ago

    You and your sister look cute pregnant

  88. Abdul Muthana

    Abdul Muthana24 days ago

    i cannot believe you really did this challenge

  89. Cute kitten

    Cute kitten24 days ago

    I’ve been to buy buy baby

  90. Angie Pratt

    Angie Pratt25 days ago

    A little *Mo*-bile like if you got that

  91. Max Miranda

    Max Miranda25 days ago

    Why doesn’t Ro get a baby?

  92. Max Miranda

    Max Miranda25 days ago


  93. Chelsea 122333

    Chelsea 12233325 days ago


  94. Corey Rogers

    Corey Rogers26 days ago

    Mo I got your cookbook

  95. Brittany Cruz-Chavarria

    Brittany Cruz-Chavarria26 days ago

    My lil bro puts his hands in his pockets

  96. ItsGaming Łunar Møøn Girl

    ItsGaming Łunar Møøn Girl26 days ago


  97. Antonia Villa

    Antonia Villa27 days ago

    my mom went through that


    HAZEL GOMEZ28 days ago


  99. Geneva Fenton

    Geneva Fenton28 days ago

    Did anyone realise that you don’t push a pram in you are a EXPECTING MOM because you don’t have a baby yet!!🙃

  100. Moon Pie

    Moon Pie26 days ago

    Geneva Fenton What?

  101. Ryah Larsen

    Ryah Larsen28 days ago

    Emma Chamberlain would hate being pregnant because she drinks like ten cups of coffee each day

  102. MarvelousMoon 196

    MarvelousMoon 19629 days ago

    I got a baby ad. ;-;

  103. Bree O09578

    Bree O0957829 days ago

    Is it just me or did Rosanna look normal!?

  104. KIKI_ YT

    KIKI_ YT29 days ago

    You two are both so beautiful and you always make me laugh Ro and Mo 💖✨🤪 P.S. I LOVE YOUR VIDS 💖✨💫❤️🤪😂

  105. Maricela Nolasco

    Maricela NolascoMonth ago

    The won behind mo

  106. Maricela Nolasco

    Maricela NolascoMonth ago

    Ok the truth 15:35