1. La'Zia Jordan

    La'Zia Jordan5 days ago

    I started to cry watching this old video

  2. Janiyah Graham

    Janiyah Graham18 days ago

    Miss it

  3. Janiyah Graham

    Janiyah Graham18 days ago

    I cried

  4. Sydney Vlogs

    Sydney VlogsMonth ago

    I cried watching this

  5. It’s Treasure

    It’s Treasure3 months ago

    I have the some speaker

  6. Tasja’s Life

    Tasja’s Life3 months ago

    2:01 she said mommy room empty idk that was your child

  7. Mo0dy Kashiee

    Mo0dy Kashiee3 months ago

    3:36 when the devil coming fo me 😂😂

  8. An awakening sister

    An awakening sister3 months ago

    Why am I just seeing this

  9. Wuda Baby

    Wuda Baby3 months ago


  10. Sahara Sonny

    Sahara Sonny3 months ago

    Who is the father of airi's son

  11. Janiyah Hughes

    Janiyah Hughes3 months ago

    Why don’t she just date tray like come on

  12. Cryzz xx

    Cryzz xx3 months ago

    Little did airi know, King and Nique were gonna turn on her the best month

  13. Cryzz xx

    Cryzz xx3 months ago

    I miss dem together omgggg 😥😓😰. Far out y’all need to make up

  14. Ana Murillo

    Ana Murillo3 months ago

    Wwhhha what you got goin on brother man

  15. Harman Kaur

    Harman Kaur4 months ago

    They should reunite again

  16. CoaCoa Channel

    CoaCoa Channel4 months ago

    Did u leave bcuz Trey was on the phone wit a girl

  17. Sarah Henry

    Sarah Henry4 months ago

    Yall my fav couple💓💓💖🙄💦😘😘

  18. Grace _d

    Grace _d4 months ago

    Airi ur baby so cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️i love y’all 💗💯😘plz airi respond to this

  19. Ammy Perony

    Ammy Perony4 months ago

    indeed no one wanted airi to go

  20. Liana’s World

    Liana’s World4 months ago

    Who knows the song at 3:52 to 4:10

  21. Journey’s Life

    Journey’s Life2 months ago

    Topanga - tripple redd

  22. Airianna & Anthony

    Airianna & Anthony4 months ago

    9:59 ??? Somebody explain

  23. Airianna & Anthony

    Airianna & Anthony4 months ago

    8:08 😍😍

  24. Ariel Baldwin

    Ariel Baldwin4 months ago

    So who stays at the house?

  25. KIZ ZY

    KIZ ZY5 months ago

    Their best prank had to be their grp prank where all of them said they was pregnant with each other babies

  26. Pretty Crissy

    Pretty Crissy5 months ago

    Nique seemed so tired she just wanted 2 go 2 sleep 😭

  27. Pretty Crissy

    Pretty Crissy5 months ago

    Tray so Fine like O my gosh😍😍

  28. Ariel Franklin

    Ariel Franklin5 months ago

    Where Carmen and Corey

  29. Jennah Aaliyah

    Jennah Aaliyah5 months ago

    Woaahh😭 Okay Then “Whole Lotta Showerin Goin On In There” 9:55

  30. Ernest Bailey

    Ernest Bailey5 months ago

    YOU HAVE A SON!!!!!!!!!!! 😪😪😪😪😪😪

  31. Malaysia’s Life

    Malaysia’s Life5 months ago

    Where with Carmen and Corey

  32. Lissy Cakes

    Lissy Cakes5 months ago

    Yaaasss topanga is my songgggg❤👌

  33. True destinyy

    True destinyy5 months ago

    I can see nique distant or king implied she should she be distant from the fact he pulled her away and kissed her while she was interacting in Ariis vlog

  34. True destinyy

    True destinyy5 months ago

    He so smart and adorable ❤️☺️

  35. Tots A lot

    Tots A lot5 months ago

    Literally my favorite song... Topanga

  36. Beautiful Brownie

    Beautiful Brownie5 months ago

    Omigawd 😍Daniel So cute 😍😍😍

  37. itsKam _

    itsKam _5 months ago

    Do overnight challenge at a store

  38. Squishy Love

    Squishy Love5 months ago

    The thumbnail is like, cuteness overload

  39. Ann Robinson

    Ann Robinson5 months ago


  40. Malaiya Scott

    Malaiya Scott5 months ago

    At 9:38 her son flip the bird

  41. Jaydah’s Main

    Jaydah’s Main5 months ago

    Can they just date already

  42. Simplyy Rynn

    Simplyy Rynn5 months ago

    Is it just me or does nique over them ? Every video it just seems like she doesn’t wanna be around them

  43. ay0. tytee

    ay0. tytee5 months ago

    Why Carmen and Corey didn’t come

  44. Queen Jadi

    Queen Jadi5 months ago

    No one seen at 3:39 ari said "BAE YOU"then she stop and said you see me

  45. Tracy KaPoni

    Tracy KaPoni5 months ago

    Either my mind in the gutta or yall puttin' y'all business out there🤔🤐 LOL!!!!

  46. Tracy KaPoni

    Tracy KaPoni5 months ago


  47. Tracy KaPoni

    Tracy KaPoni5 months ago


  48. Tracy KaPoni

    Tracy KaPoni5 months ago


  49. Tracy KaPoni

    Tracy KaPoni5 months ago


  50. Tracy KaPoni

    Tracy KaPoni5 months ago

    This should be fun!!!!

  51. XXXPandaGirl XXX

    XXXPandaGirl XXX5 months ago

    Welp rest I peace girl 🤣🤣

  52. Tearza Boo

    Tearza Boo5 months ago

    what's the name of the song tray was playin?

  53. Shea Hope

    Shea Hope5 months ago

    Just Ari has a son?

  54. byee g

    byee g5 months ago

    What is the really app that they use as a commercial

  55. Zonoah Yearwood

    Zonoah Yearwood5 months ago

    Thats her son

  56. Jamilyah Jones

    Jamilyah Jones5 months ago

    Looks like they where happy this time

  57. Imani and ray

    Imani and ray5 months ago

    Why you take they links out ? Um u be acting funny

  58. Autiana

    Autiana5 months ago

    Baby woo woo makes all these kids look so behind in language 💀

  59. Jada freeman

    Jada freeman5 months ago

    Damn this made me hella sad 😞😪 i love y’all ❤️

  60. Tanilsha Cash

    Tanilsha Cash5 months ago

    You and trey should make a song

  61. Tanilsha Cash

    Tanilsha Cash5 months ago


  62. Reina Stephie

    Reina Stephie5 months ago

    OMG this had me crying 😥 like really God bless you guys i love you guys

  63. Sa’Riyah Renee

    Sa’Riyah Renee5 months ago

    So did ANYONE stay in house🤷🏾‍♀️

  64. teyana xv

    teyana xv5 months ago

    😍 awwww thee crewww

  65. jade carter

    jade carter5 months ago

    I have a question did somebody else own the house do ya'll still pay the bills in that house or do tray and gilly stay there

  66. Janiah Morman

    Janiah Morman5 months ago

    I literally cried it is so hard seeing y'all apart 😐🙄😪😫

  67. ‘Kylie- Marie

    ‘Kylie- Marie5 months ago


  68. ‘Kylie- Marie

    ‘Kylie- Marie5 months ago

    Trayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  69. ‘Kylie- Marie

    ‘Kylie- Marie5 months ago

    Trairiiiii in the houseee❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  70. nazzy queen

    nazzy queen5 months ago

    The couple is back


    SHYIA SLAY5 months ago

    12:02 tray had me dead

  72. Amahni Oneal

    Amahni Oneal5 months ago

    Awww😭💘but all their vibes were different in this video ig their just going their separate ways😭💔

  73. Kia King

    Kia King5 months ago

    Didn't anybody no the song Trey was playing

  74. itsonlyjacques

    itsonlyjacques5 months ago

    Where is carmen and corey

  75. Life With Lauryn

    Life With Lauryn5 months ago

    Where was Carmen and Corey??

  76. Eboni Thomas

    Eboni Thomas5 months ago

    Dan got caught stealing 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  77. Dharroni Luckey

    Dharroni Luckey5 months ago


  78. Randazhia Jones

    Randazhia Jones5 months ago

    Waitttttttt........where's Carmen and Corey?

  79. Dani3l Y

    Dani3l Y5 months ago

    Tray and airi would be the best couple on yt

  80. Sister on sister Muks!

    Sister on sister Muks!5 months ago

    Omg they finally reunited

  81. Diamond Gang

    Diamond Gang5 months ago

    Where is Carmen and Cory oh yea They had they baby and they can’t travel

  82. Butterfly Nya

    Butterfly Nya5 months ago

    Airi has a son?

  83. Princess Charms

    Princess Charms5 months ago

    Where is Carmen and corey??

  84. Malala Bourgeios

    Malala Bourgeios5 months ago

    11:52 Dan put that top back on so quick boi...😂😂😂😂

  85. Bettie Allen

    Bettie Allen5 months ago

    I miss the whole baby mamma crew😭😭😭😭😭

  86. Bettie Allen

    Bettie Allen5 months ago

    I think all of y’all whould say in the house with carmon and Corey I am going to miss it😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥

  87. Tamara Gray

    Tamara Gray5 months ago

    Airi & Trey need to just get together, already. The chemistry is there.

  88. Dnyla Mew

    Dnyla Mew5 months ago

    Yo you talk so fast

  89. naanaa j

    naanaa j5 months ago

    3:54 song?

  90. Brianna Kettles

    Brianna Kettles5 months ago

    He put on topanga

  91. Kizzy Hollman

    Kizzy Hollman5 months ago

    Awww I luv all cha guys

  92. Makenna Julian

    Makenna Julian5 months ago

    Baby mama crew had their babies and everything changed

  93. Free the lynx

    Free the lynx5 months ago

    Don’t trust ari

  94. redpilllifesaver

    redpilllifesaver5 months ago

    Ari and her sister got busted for being All tea all shade🤔

  95. Ahiyanna Robertson

    Ahiyanna Robertson5 months ago

    3:35 I heard airi call tray Bae 👀👀

  96. Kaya Hamilton

    Kaya Hamilton5 months ago

    So like now I’m finna go watch all they old vids and pranks and reminisce 😂

  97. Kam Lashawn

    Kam Lashawn5 months ago

    I know y’all growing But damn 🤦🏾‍♀️ I’m over here Crying in stuff like I stayed there with y’all 😂But I wish everyone well theres more memories to come just different directions.

  98. Issa Queen

    Issa Queen5 months ago

    Thumbnail Hard ASF!!!! ONG !!


    YA_QUEEN_SALEEN YQS GANG5 months ago



    YA_QUEEN_SALEEN YQS GANG5 months ago

    whats that song that rey was playin

  101. Kraze Gal

    Kraze Gal5 months ago

    I don’t know why my heart is breaking as if I lived in that house too

  102. Libertys Tv

    Libertys Tv5 months ago

    Love you unique and king