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  2. amber rinaldi

    amber rinaldi2 days ago

    wowowowowowowowowow nice video but water in!?!!?!

  3. Chase Ullom

    Chase Ullom6 days ago

    hi papa jake

  4. Lucas Hartranft

    Lucas Hartranft6 days ago

    I subscribed

  5. Lucas Hartranft

    Lucas Hartranft6 days ago

    Try to get Logan to help you

  6. Lucas Hartranft

    Lucas Hartranft6 days ago

    kurtewilles games why

  7. Phun Thang

    Phun Thang18 minutes ago

    That is made out of carbord it's easy to break r u weak papa jake

  8. Biopyramid03

    Biopyramid0318 hours ago

    papa Jake was taken by ocean man`s brother lake man he works a job because hes not popular like his brother so he takes on shady jobs for money to feed his wife and son.

  9. the F gamer

    the F gamer20 hours ago

    Holy moly I could escape a real jail like a badass

  10. Ruth Roots

    Ruth Roots22 hours ago

    Your in rapture

  11. chuppy the Wawa Chihuahua

    chuppy the Wawa ChihuahuaDay ago

    Who was the first one to comment prison underwater

  12. Denise Ouellette

    Denise OuelletteDay ago


  13. Denise Ouellette

    Denise OuelletteDay ago

    witch makes it look like you are hacking

  14. Denise Ouellette

    Denise OuelletteDay ago

    he hacked using haker typer

  15. Denise Ouellette

    Denise OuelletteDay ago


  16. Mr what the what the

    Mr what the what theDay ago

    a picture of bioshock

  17. Micaela Baltazar

    Micaela BaltazarDay ago

    It can be someone who did it

  18. Fortnite

    Fortnite2 days ago

    I love when every time he Escapes at the beginning he grabs the quote on quote โ€œbarsโ€ And he says metal bars dang I know itโ€™s fake but itโ€™s funny

  19. Justine Amstrong

    Justine Amstrong2 days ago

    Heโ€™s just somehow roleplaying stop the hate

  20. amber rinaldi

    amber rinaldi2 days ago

    Check my channel nick nick that is the name sub please don't have many fans

  21. amber rinaldi

    amber rinaldi2 days ago

    you are in water no afenc but Dat nasty

  22. amber rinaldi

    amber rinaldi2 days ago

    papa jake can you make ussss!! the best gtav live stream but tell me I picked it

  23. Roberto Rios

    Roberto Rios3 days ago

    Youst breach the wal its so soft

  24. Jason Kroman

    Jason Kroman3 days ago

    take a drink every time he says decompression chamber. Don't actually you'll get alcohol aids.

  25. d41b0i

    d41b0i5 days ago

    Papa Jake: * goes head first thru a vent * Me: You will break your neck doing that go legs first lol

  26. rebecca perez

    rebecca perez5 days ago

    It's not a sea sity it's a flipen pool

  27. Nagisa The anigod

    Nagisa The anigod5 days ago

    After every sentence "haaaa"

  28. Steve Curzon

    Steve Curzon5 days ago

    The code is 12

  29. Juicy gum

    Juicy gum5 days ago

    Hi hey hello

  30. Donnys Unboxing

    Donnys Unboxing5 days ago

    I hate all your haters I know itโ€™s fake but itโ€™s awsome

  31. CI008

    CI0086 days ago

    im a youtuber

  32. CI008

    CI0086 days ago

    im a youtube

  33. CI008

    CI0086 days ago

    im a youtube

  34. James Grant

    James Grant6 days ago

    papa carter sharer made a diss track!

  35. Addie Brenny

    Addie Brenny6 days ago

    I love your videos!๐Ÿ˜€


    ALEXANDRU_DANNY6 days ago

    Thatโ€™s random typing

  37. Casey Nolen

    Casey Nolen6 days ago

    In a cardboard prison ahh metal bars Lol

  38. Dragon ball gamer

    Dragon ball gamer7 days ago

    The picture of the city underwater is from bioshock

  39. Slurp Smoothie

    Slurp Smoothie7 days ago

    You should buy a stretch armstrong

  40. Cookie Cat

    Cookie Cat8 days ago

    This is sad because I have watched papa jake in a month because of school and vacation and I even though Iโ€™m in vacation Iโ€™ll try and watch these

  41. Tobias Bezuidenhout

    Tobias Bezuidenhout8 days ago


  42. Crystal Sanders

    Crystal Sanders8 days ago

    I heard something in the video

  43. MLC Gaming,Stop Motion Und Mehr

    MLC Gaming,Stop Motion Und Mehr8 days ago

    I think the vids are too Short

  44. Lucimara Regina

    Lucimara Regina8 days ago

    Papa Ken nรฃo te entendo

  45. Priyadarshini Prabhakaran

    Priyadarshini Prabhakaran8 days ago

    Papa jack why donโ€™t you build a marshmallow boxfort ๐Ÿ‡๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿซ๐Ÿฌ๐Ÿญ๐Ÿฆ

  46. Lenard Brix Guillermo

    Lenard Brix Guillermo9 days ago

    I like your box fort videos and awasome nerf box fortโ˜บand please shout out for me awesome box fort

  47. Ashley Cat51

    Ashley Cat519 days ago

    Guys! It's a make believe vid!!

  48. Thered Deadriser

    Thered Deadriser10 days ago

    BioShock cards

  49. Miles Trius

    Miles Trius10 days ago

    Oh my god Iโ€™m stuck in a paper based structure underwater!๐Ÿ˜ฑ When he kidnapped me he undressed me, and put me in a striped uniform. But remember there are no pockets in prison uniforms so why the hell would that magicarp lookin at dude steal a fat 30 year old man, redress him, hand cuff him, and then give him a camera? Thanks papa jake

  50. Just a Birb

    Just a Birb10 days ago

    That tape was actually from astronaut training. They train underwater because it has a similar weightless effect as on the ISS.

  51. William Red

    William Red11 days ago


  52. William Red

    William Red11 days ago


  53. Delirium Demon

    Delirium Demon11 days ago

    He only used the right side of the keyboard

  54. Delirium Demon

    Delirium Demon11 days ago

    He used the city from bioshock..........

  55. Aiden Ferretti

    Aiden Ferretti11 days ago

    Continue series please

  56. Spirt Wolf

    Spirt Wolf11 days ago

    The underwater city is from Bioshock

  57. music.lyz101 Queen101

    music.lyz101 Queen10111 days ago


  58. jmarc TV

    jmarc TV11 days ago

    roast. cahd

  59. Birbs OvO

    Birbs OvO11 days ago

    what the heck is wrong with his eyebrow

  60. Tyson Lear

    Tyson Lear12 days ago

    Papa Jake needs to play Madden 18

  61. janelle Paddack

    janelle Paddack12 days ago

    Make a hospital box for

  62. Let's Fail Games

    Let's Fail Games12 days ago

    this isn't a bad video...But I'm wondering how it got on trending...?



    Dis Boi has no idea wat he is talking about

  64. MGS 10

    MGS 1012 days ago

    Can you pls number the episodes

  65. Heaven Lisette

    Heaven Lisette13 days ago

    This makes me happy. ๐Ÿ˜

  66. Mr MarshmallowRBLX

    Mr MarshmallowRBLX13 days ago

    This is u papa jake u get out of jail then back then out then BACK INjALL then u get out of jail dude I luv it

  67. Austin Simpson

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    I will try to get people to check your videos and get them to subscribe and like your videos

  68. Austin Simpson

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    Hi I love your videos my name is Austin and I am a big fan of your videos

  69. Austin Simpson

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    I have been watching your videos for years now you are the best MReporterr I just made a MReporter channel please check it out

  70. Marcos Jose

    Marcos Jose13 days ago

    You are the best assistant kicking box fort master at motherfuking box forts ever pop a jack

  71. Ansel T

    Ansel T13 days ago

    They are just jealous they canโ€™t build awesome box forts like you.

  72. Ansel T

    Ansel T13 days ago

    The video is awesome papa Jake donโ€™t listen to the other guys.

  73. Ansel T

    Ansel T13 days ago

    You guys have no sense of creativity or imagination.And its sad. Very sad.

  74. Soldier Main

    Soldier Main13 days ago

    did they use a megatron helmet

  75. Soldier Main

    Soldier Main13 days ago


  76. light up the world 171

    light up the world 17113 days ago

    His prison uniform had 666 on it

  77. Brizuly

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    Bruh so clickbate

  78. Katina Collins

    Katina Collins14 days ago

    I love your meoc .ly

  79. THE ITALIAN Tobias

    THE ITALIAN Tobias14 days ago

    All these videos are cool to watch and they have great content

  80. Brian Gonzalez

    Brian Gonzalez14 days ago

    Beast night is right

  81. Mystical Soda

    Mystical Soda14 days ago

    GUYS. This guy is just doing this for fun, just to entertain people. Come on. We all know it's fake (Sorry kids), so why does everyone need to criticize it? Let the guy do his thing.

  82. Jackson Nederhouser

    Jackson Nederhouser14 days ago


  83. Justice Midkiff

    Justice Midkiff14 days ago

    What the hell did I just watch

  84. Titan Fighter

    Titan Fighter14 days ago


  85. Madison McCullom

    Madison McCullom14 days ago

    Donโ€™t mean to be rude but it is 100 percent fake

  86. mary Dion

    mary Dion14 days ago

    Can you make a video for a small fort without any tape at all?

  87. Jack Feldman

    Jack Feldman14 days ago

    coming soon to theaters. in a world where Jake Pauls of different universes come together to take over

  88. noah schu

    noah schu14 days ago

    Love your videos and I sound exactly like you

  89. Victor A.

    Victor A.14 days ago

    If you think this is cringe, read the description lmao

  90. Roblox Benedict

    Roblox Benedict15 days ago

    Wow build papa jake

  91. a j

    a j15 days ago

    I can't believe this is on here.

  92. Sacredservants

    Sacredservants15 days ago

    well now I know if i ever get kidnapped to just keep feeding stuff though holes.. seems like a universal problem solve

  93. Dopey Lyn

    Dopey Lyn15 days ago

    This is fucken stupid

  94. Caleb Bennett-Harper

    Caleb Bennett-Harper15 days ago

    SNAP! This oneโ€™s going in my cringe compilation lolol

  95. Levi Lavallee

    Levi Lavallee15 days ago


  96. nathan hardy lukman

    nathan hardy lukman15 days ago

    If you are in under water it means your miles away from the surface you cant swim there because the pressureis very strong you will be squished

  97. nathan hardy lukman

    nathan hardy lukman15 days ago

    Thats preasure

  98. Kevin Mcc

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  99. araceli perez

    araceli perez15 days ago

    I know ur watching this person. That i know

  100. RG 100

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  101. RG 100

    RG 10015 days ago

    Too much breathing

  102. De'Ormand Bent

    De'Ormand Bent15 days ago

    This so lame

  103. Josh Mayro

    Josh Mayro15 days ago

    More dislikes THAN likes this canโ€™t be happening!๐Ÿ˜ญ

  104. CupterzGame GT

    CupterzGame GT15 days ago

    I think i know this place that was on the post card.. its the city Raptor from Bio shock.. I recommend to play Bio shock but its kinda horror zombie game

  105. kevin dunn

    kevin dunn15 days ago

    โ€œMaybe I can use this LIFE RAFT to BREAK DOWN THE WALLโ€ ima just let that sink in

  106. Ethan Brand

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  107. Vids About stuff

    Vids About stuff15 days ago

    U could just push the wall

  108. CorgiGamer

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    Were is logan