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    Papa Jake is cool

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    Papa Jake

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    Papa Jake I hope you get out papa Jake

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    Papa Jake m

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    Miki Sliki5 hours ago

    Guys make fortnait prison escepe in 24 hours

  9. Adrian Noel

    Adrian Noel5 hours ago

    never too late to catch up on your childhood

  10. Adrian Noel

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  12. The Big Taco

    The Big Taco10 hours ago

    imagine the amount of little kids who actually beleive in this

  13. Elizabeth Lopez

    Elizabeth Lopez13 hours ago

    Why don’t you dig underground from the dirt and make like a little cave and then you can use Boxford to make like a little cave home visit from Benny

  14. Elizabeth Lopez

    Elizabeth Lopez13 hours ago

    Why don’t you make a treehouse with cardboard for 20 hours this is from Benny

  15. Kyat Heb

    Kyat Heb13 hours ago

    Do Gfvffg

  16. Kyle the Savage

    Kyle the Savage14 hours ago

    the last nubre is 12

  17. Cameron Dwyer

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    I really like this do part two

  18. ausra331

    ausra33115 hours ago

    Zwhy do you have the fort one map

  19. Brandon Pitts

    Brandon Pitts15 hours ago

    Can u make a part 2

  20. kaden jerrams

    kaden jerrams15 hours ago

    So cringy

  21. Douglas Rage

    Douglas Rage16 hours ago

    It’s funny when in this video and a couple others that you were doing a 24 hours but you did not. You did not even done a 24 hour challenge ever you do a overnight challenge. 24 hours is the hole day and night you just do night and a bit of morning! Do a real 24 hour challenge. When will u even do it? Never?

  22. Aaron Corn

    Aaron Corn17 hours ago

    What's the name of that blue nerf gun?

  23. Elaine Adams

    Elaine Adams18 hours ago

    Isn't kryo like cold or icey

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  25. David Tumwesigye

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    Papa Jake Cool Videos☺

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    dig dig dig dig now now please!

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    the lazer is actually dr.whos

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    At 828 the rope is still on the wall

  29. ww 3

    ww 320 hours ago

    i thuoght i hated you forever becuase youre videos were always abuot fortnite i used to like you now i like you again

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    I love this and so!

  31. Rilla Crowley

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    This guy better be 15

  32. Thomas Leggett

    Thomas Leggett21 hour ago

    Was that the pub g map

  33. Sirisoma Hewage

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    You kod have given the cocruch from the hole

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    Papa jake do PART 2!!!! NOW

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    Your channel looks pretty good to me, so I subscribe. Thank you.

  38. Education Entertainment

    Education Entertainment23 hours ago

    Your channel looks pretty good to me, so I subscribe. Thank you.

  39. Monsieur Narwhal

    Monsieur NarwhalDay ago

    A pomegranate flew around the room...

  40. Sowelu N

    Sowelu NDay ago

    THis is stupid and fake and staged.

  41. HanoiRocks1994

    HanoiRocks1994Day ago

    Uhh roleplayers

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    Hi jake your my most favourite MReporterr ever

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    Yeet papa jake 25000 likes get started

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    I love it

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    Your in space because you have space food

  46. Tastetherainbow

    TastetherainbowDay ago

    That was a sonic screwdriver from doctor who

  47. Annie Schweitzer

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    Papa Jake do a πŸ“¦πŸ°πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§

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    Yeah papa jake and logan sub his video

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    Ummmmm why not just bust thru the cardboard?

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  51. Entity 303

    Entity 303Day ago

    When he said β€œone guards must have left his tablet.” What is the thing on the tablet

  52. Kiyanah Garvey

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  53. GersonGamer 103

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  54. Gamer Jack675

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    It's a trap

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    I love you vids so much you awesome can I get a shout out pweas 😟

  56. Catastrophe Catalyst

    Catastrophe CatalystDay ago

    He’s using the pubg map

  57. Cole Caporale

    Cole CaporaleDay ago

    love your videos todays my birthday and i justed whached this and already love this

  58. legendary gamerz

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    So a laser is a sonic screwdriver?

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    Paba jake shout me out please

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    Hey jake are there any good any shows jake no me WHYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

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    you stinck at this

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    papa Jake it's Omar listen to me I will give you a pack a weapon in a box and I will send it to if you want something I will give you my phone number okay my phone number is 01152020118

  64. MarvellousMax Foxino

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    what website did they use for the fake hacking

  65. Sean Hunt

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    The box dood

  66. Sean Hunt

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    Hi Jake big fan!!!!!!!!!!!!πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜ŽπŸ€—

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    Part 2

  68. shiftingparadigm

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    if i missed all my shots at the floating balls i would just chuk my gun and be like YEEEEEET

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  70. Max Goes crazy

    Max Goes crazyDay ago

    I love this

  71. Max Goes crazy

    Max Goes crazyDay ago

    Who saw the number in jakes prison jumper it had 666

  72. horoboi's to da max

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    Sonic screwdriver

  73. Gerry Liboiron

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    why is everybody saying this is bad if you dont like it you dont have to tell everybody and say mean things

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