22 Years of Life Milestone


  1. Lauren Whitehead

    Lauren Whitehead3 hours ago

    James is so adorable 😂💕

  2. Tirzah Hanson

    Tirzah Hanson8 hours ago


  3. PixelBlast235

    PixelBlast23511 hours ago

    5 days after my birthday is James' Birthday!

  4. Mauro Bernardino

    Mauro Bernardino14 hours ago

    James are u gona eat all of that

  5. smart princess

    smart princess14 hours ago

    Your birthday is 10 days before mine!!! Love your videos, they always make me laugh

  6. Bang2x Villamor

    Bang2x Villamor15 hours ago

    Its like watching how to basic

  7. Campos Albert

    Campos Albert17 hours ago

    -1:35-- why is his jammies- -or pants blowed?-

  8. SpoopyWoolf

    SpoopyWoolf17 hours ago


  9. Lee Zheng Hoe

    Lee Zheng Hoe21 hour ago

    May 14th is also my brithday

  10. Aprup Biswas

    Aprup BiswasDay ago

    Here in Africa , we r have no rice grain . And u r wasting it...! FK u dog

  11. Guadalupe Hidalgo

    Guadalupe HidalgoDay ago

    Happy birthday james

  12. Laura Anderson

    Laura AndersonDay ago

    the Good Luck Charlie reference though 👌🏻

  13. Prudence Armijo

    Prudence ArmijoDay ago

    Trumpet' trumpet' i should focus on driving......2018 quote of the year

  14. Finch Killo

    Finch KilloDay ago

    Rice is so nice yah You don’t know what you talking about yah Imma go insane 201tan Likes 🥴 👕 👖 🥾

  15. The Mindless Fools

    The Mindless FoolsDay ago

    Only a month younger than me. Coolio!

  16. Abbie Sketches

    Abbie SketchesDay ago

    You should of broke into jaidens house to

  17. steven pugh541

    steven pugh541Day ago

    4:39 why did u do this to me

  18. Aniaya Cage

    Aniaya Cage2 days ago

    No but srsly how did you get into Adam’s house?

  19. Luz Cuevas

    Luz Cuevas2 days ago

    So James isint affected😏

  20. nebby wont get in the bag

    nebby wont get in the bag2 days ago

    James poo day

  21. the cookie anime girl

    the cookie anime girl2 days ago

    Happy birthday (sorry i'm late)

  22. No Reason

    No ReasonDay ago

    Shut the fuck up, your channel name makes me want to kill myself

  23. Inka

    Inka3 days ago

    Boy you have the same birthday as my best friend 😮 two year age difference but still

  24. Kit Kat

    Kit Kat3 days ago

    My brother's birthday is also may 14 Isn't that Valentine's day?

  25. Matthias `

    Matthias `3 days ago

    So yeah... *When is that poo yourself video James?*

  26. Leonides Lallen

    Leonides Lallen3 days ago

    ok, so instead of sprinkles its rice....... cool

  27. Genesis Happy

    Genesis Happy4 days ago

    Alexa play 22 by Taylor Swift

  28. christian diaz perez

    christian diaz perez4 days ago

    You were born in 1996

  29. Riya McCagherty

    Riya McCagherty4 days ago


  30. Riya McCagherty

    Riya McCagherty4 days ago


  31. Pansy Flower

    Pansy Flower4 days ago

    Next time get an inflatable kiddie pool and put the rice and cake inside it.....

  32. puppy laugh

    puppy laugh4 days ago

    Its the Faiths Birthday And James and JAMES gets scared by Adam yt

  33. GulixKatieMcIver

    GulixKatieMcIver4 days ago


  34. Rebeka Muižniece-barone

    Rebeka Muižniece-barone4 days ago

    My b-day is in 15.may😂

  35. Ari Reed

    Ari Reed4 days ago

    * Adam sneezes * James : .....ok * Adam sneezes again * James : ARE YOU ALLERGIC TO HAPPYNESS!!!”

  36. Sync Account

    Sync Account4 days ago

    4:26 James's First Murder. Takes hostage out of hiding and stabbed it to death. Top 10 MReporterrs who murdered someone on tape. Everyone boycott Odd2sout

  37. GamingWithKat :D

    GamingWithKat :D4 days ago


  38. Vaneska Mesiarova

    Vaneska Mesiarova5 days ago

    6:45 LMAO

  39. Eshal#101 Mariyam#101

    Eshal#101 Mariyam#1015 days ago

    And i know you have a girlfriend oooooooooh😂😂

  40. Eshal#101 Mariyam#101

    Eshal#101 Mariyam#1015 days ago

    I want to seee yourrr twin sister

  41. LPS Daniela

    LPS Daniela5 days ago

    I was doing math homework while watching this video and got an answer of 22. Coincidence? I think not

  42. jensaicy

    jensaicy5 days ago

    sum1 give james sum valve oil

  43. Chicken and Hydro Vlogs and Games

    Chicken and Hydro Vlogs and Games5 days ago

    Happy birthday

  44. steven

    steven5 days ago

    Sorry James that’s not how views work

  45. Shin the Parrot

    Shin the Parrot5 days ago

    James: Adam, guess what? Adam: what are you doing in my house?

  46. roblox gamer

    roblox gamer6 days ago


  47. Leonel Gonzalez

    Leonel Gonzalez6 days ago

    Whats dem Pokemon cards in the backround.

  48. Drae Vizcarra

    Drae Vizcarra6 days ago

    ayyy I’m may 15

  49. Jen Jen

    Jen Jen6 days ago

    3:14 wear your seatbelt kids - James

  50. Will McDowell

    Will McDowell6 days ago

    I Was here the entire time-Adam AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH-James

  51. Lilly love

    Lilly love6 days ago

    The phone has an amazing voice but not as good as mine*FEELS ACOMPLISHED*

  52. Lilly love

    Lilly love6 days ago

    6:46 🤣😂

  53. Lilly love

    Lilly love6 days ago

    Happy b-day even though I'm 9 months after(also happy b-day to your sis

  54. Galantis Aquatico Productions

    Galantis Aquatico Productions6 days ago

    Happy removal day! (For people who had sea sections)

  55. Mig the Animator Sed

    Mig the Animator Sed7 days ago


  56. The Randomizer Liza

    The Randomizer Liza7 days ago

    O.M.G. My BFF’s biffday is 7 days away from James’ and mine is in June,like Adam. Wthhhhhhh

  57. Raina topiwala

    Raina topiwala7 days ago

    That's me when it's strikes 12 IT'S MA BIRTHDAY (when it's my birthday )

  58. Em and Little

    Em and Little7 days ago

    your birthday is ONE DAY after mine!!!! *dies of heart attack*

  59. Dumb Potato

    Dumb Potato7 days ago

    Hey you did it on my moms birthday Ty I guess lol

  60. Dumb Potato

    Dumb Potato7 days ago

    It’s your birthday to James happy bday

  61. RubyXDboy

    RubyXDboy7 days ago

    my bday is the may 26 this was posted on may 14 XD

  62. Craz_cookiemonster

    Craz_cookiemonster7 days ago

    Are you allergic to happiness

  63. Funtime Foxy Games

    Funtime Foxy Games7 days ago


  64. X Wolfeh

    X Wolfeh8 days ago

    Adam: sneezes James: *are you allergic to happiness?!*

  65. Rare Pika

    Rare Pika8 days ago

    *I W A S H E R E T H E E N T I R E T I M E*

  66. hype foxy plays yt

    hype foxy plays yt9 days ago


  67. Edgar Mescher

    Edgar Mescher9 days ago

    Adam and jaiden need to be in your videos more!!!😂

  68. iris lai

    iris lai9 days ago

    Is there anyone out there who is shipping Adam x James harder than James x Jaiden like I am? No? Just me? Okay...

  69. Federal Htoo

    Federal Htoo9 days ago


  70. Weaboo Panda

    Weaboo Panda9 days ago

    As an asian i find this video triggering. WHY WOULD YOU WASTE THAT MUCH RICE OMG!!!!!

  71. LapisLPS

    LapisLPS10 days ago

    Wow nice rice cake.

  72. Miguel Villa

    Miguel Villa10 days ago

    Happy birthday James and faith

  73. kittito cross

    kittito cross10 days ago

    i have the same birthday

  74. Kermit Loves alcohol

    Kermit Loves alcohol10 days ago

    Where am I Next scene ADAM!!!

  75. Muhammad Naqiuddin

    Muhammad Naqiuddin10 days ago

    0:04 scared me

  76. Örök Álmodozó

    Örök Álmodozó10 days ago

    I hope they washed the rises and coocked them or let them dry and used it later. Bc if not it's a waste of money and food. (Idk if you wash them and you can use them later) They could have gave the rise to people who needed it and it could save their lives. It's so sad seeing it. ^^"

  77. Lazy Potato

    Lazy Potato10 days ago


  78. Margarita Quiroz

    Margarita Quiroz11 days ago

    Omg my birthday is 4 days earlier than yours

  79. Jasmine Wong

    Jasmine Wong11 days ago

    R.I.P. the cake

  80. Juan Oviedo

    Juan Oviedo11 days ago

    My birthday is May 19

  81. Will Kees

    Will Kees11 days ago

    Countdown to Poo Day!

  82. Lexi Plays

    Lexi Plays11 days ago

    Adam: I apologize in advance(sneezes VERY loudly) Adam:(sneezes again) James: ARE YOU ALLERGIC TO HAPPINESS?!

  83. Lexi Plays

    Lexi Plays11 days ago

    And Faith? Your twin sister

  84. Lexi Plays

    Lexi Plays11 days ago

    You should be The22sout

  85. Cookie Cat12345

    Cookie Cat1234511 days ago

    Ahhh I love you james your nice Adam your cute :3 cya

  86. Molleigh Gibson

    Molleigh Gibson11 days ago

    Good luck cleaning up the floor

  87. Máddíé Škÿ

    Máddíé Škÿ12 days ago

    I feel like Adam has to clean this..

  88. Beethoven_Bananza

    Beethoven_Bananza12 days ago

    What was the video that got 1 billion views?

  89. Anda Dumitrescu

    Anda Dumitrescu12 days ago


  90. Nate Chaoweeraprasit

    Nate Chaoweeraprasit13 days ago

    HowToBasic approves.

  91. Bandit Plays

    Bandit Plays13 days ago

    I just realized me and James have the same birthday

  92. Harper Animates

    Harper Animates13 days ago

    My birthday is in May

  93. Savage.

    Savage.13 days ago

    what about Faith? its your sister's birthday too! your a bad brother >:(

  94. Em-liza the Corgi

    Em-liza the Corgi13 days ago

    I found this on my birthday and this is how I started the day

  95. Lovely Bishop

    Lovely Bishop14 days ago

    5:38 when ur mom forgets your birthday so your aunt shows her up one

  96. Madison Pena

    Madison Pena14 days ago

    *'tis a holiday for us*

  97. Commander Doom

    Commander Doom14 days ago


  98. d'Artagnan Dragon

    d'Artagnan Dragon14 days ago

    Happy Belated Birthday James! And to your sister as well! ;)

  99. I am a donkey

    I am a donkey14 days ago


  100. Night Doodle

    Night Doodle14 days ago

    How to James

  101. Glitter Sparkles 0219

    Glitter Sparkles 021914 days ago

    Adam: -randomly pops up- Ive been here the whole time... James: *screams and crashes* *TOP 15 SADDEST ANIME DEATHS*

  102. Eglė

    Eglė15 days ago

    In May 14 is my moms birthday

  103. Pokemon Master

    Pokemon Master15 days ago

    my birthday is also in may