22 Years of Life Milestone


  1. Elizabeth's Street Animations 0v0

    Elizabeth's Street Animations 0v0Hour ago

    Happy birthday to you and your sister faith! Hope you have a great milestone and 2 decades and 2 years! (22 years)

  2. spiralXprtsnow

    spiralXprtsnowHour ago

    Happy birthday

  3. Mr. Mars The Potato

    Mr. Mars The PotatoHour ago

    As an Asian, I've never seen that much rice.

  4. Stephanie Jonas

    Stephanie Jonas2 hours ago


  5. Zheng Jie Lee

    Zheng Jie Lee2 hours ago

    James, how do you know that the one “billion” people is all different people. Your saying that each person only watched ONE of your videos


    RAVEN DEAN2 hours ago

    Does Adam remind anyone else of Beetee from the hunger games? ( sorry I’m a nerd )

  7. Jade Worsley

    Jade Worsley2 hours ago

    James a few days ago my great grandfather pasted away and I'm pretty shor that u shear the same birthday and name which made me cry my eyes out no kidding 😢😢😢😢

  8. Conefurous

    Conefurous2 hours ago

    Isn’t that song, happy birthday copyrighted.

  9. Clydecat M

    Clydecat M3 hours ago

    Tomorrow is my birthday

  10. Jaweee Cupcake

    Jaweee Cupcake3 hours ago


  11. Jaweee Cupcake

    Jaweee Cupcake3 hours ago

    Happy Bithday Enjoy!! countdowntopooday.com/

  12. Mini Potato

    Mini Potato4 hours ago

    I was hoping for the sprinkles

  13. Mini Potato

    Mini Potato4 hours ago


  14. DΣLTΔ

    DΣLTΔ4 hours ago

    You just ruined another milestone cake

  15. jalen hewlett

    jalen hewlett4 hours ago

    Happy birthday day MReporter man he makes me laugh

  16. nica torres

    nica torres5 hours ago

    Happy birthday james :D sorry im late

  17. John Dooris

    John Dooris6 hours ago

    Deeply disturbing Just kidding!

  18. Nightplayer 81

    Nightplayer 816 hours ago

    1:19 Adams legs are gone

  19. Ace Gilliam

    Ace Gilliam6 hours ago

    Cool hat Adam..

  20. Evan Gold

    Evan Gold6 hours ago


  21. Mayela Arambula

    Mayela Arambula6 hours ago

    Me: You know flexing means? Odd2sout: What? Me: Ricegum

  22. Erick The King

    Erick The King6 hours ago

    Happy late birthday James

  23. Mae Belle Bertine Bartolome

    Mae Belle Bertine Bartolome6 hours ago

    Happy B day James

  24. edward ward

    edward ward6 hours ago

    cake violence why not ?

  25. newgamergirl

    newgamergirl7 hours ago

    happy 22 life

  26. Physics Theory

    Physics Theory7 hours ago

    Where is jaiden ?

  27. Chlo3 pow

    Chlo3 pow7 hours ago

    legit has the same birthday *eyes go wide* THEODDONESOUT"SBIRTHDAYISTHESAMEASMINE!!!

  28. BerzerkBattery

    BerzerkBattery7 hours ago

    happy birthday martin garrix

  29. Solomon Nelson

    Solomon Nelson7 hours ago

    Any poo story

  30. Sahil Rai

    Sahil Rai8 hours ago

    Happy brithday JAMES!!!!!!! Oh we got a puppy on ur brithday it's a German Shepard

  31. Tiana RBLX

    Tiana RBLX8 hours ago

    The earrapes.

  32. Tiana RBLX

    Tiana RBLX8 hours ago

    Happy 22th boi! Sorry I’m late it’s bc my wifi has been down.

  33. Luis straniero

    Luis straniero8 hours ago


  34. JeffJeff89 Cubing

    JeffJeff89 Cubing8 hours ago

    wait..... so for his birthday he decided to pour rice All over his house

  35. Skyler Wright

    Skyler Wright9 hours ago

    Its Monday James. I wanted to write something clever but I can't think of anything so you can say up all night thinking about it. Yay no sleep!😴

  36. Caitlyn McDowell

    Caitlyn McDowell9 hours ago

    you have been on trending for 6 days im so proud!!!!!

  37. TheBigH Games

    TheBigH Games9 hours ago

    happy birthday (somthingyt you should be scared he got in your room) it would mean alot if you checked out my channel im trying to hit 100 subscribers

  38. BeyondTheShadow

    BeyondTheShadow9 hours ago

    Happy (late) birthday James!!!! ....I have that alarm clock, except my doesn’t have eyes....

  39. Maya the llama

    Maya the llama9 hours ago

    James: did you know phyco paths aren't effected by other people's yawns? Adam: you didn't yawn after I yawned. James:........... It's my birthday!

  40. pocholo galang

    pocholo galang9 hours ago

    Wait. Do they live together?

  41. sliime tutorials

    sliime tutorials10 hours ago

    happy birthday, i couldn’t find your post about your birthday until i checked your extra account. you’re such an inspiration and i love you so much 😭 we all have such a big crush on you and honestly ARGH ILYSM 🌈 please notice me senpai, please love me 💓🌈

  42. Karl Sanguansuk

    Karl Sanguansuk10 hours ago

    Or maybe we could say happy birthday to George Lucas:(

  43. Shadblaxter

    Shadblaxter10 hours ago


  44. Bucket Feet Supreme

    Bucket Feet Supreme10 hours ago

    Happy belated birthday

  45. Mystery Stickbot

    Mystery Stickbot10 hours ago

    Happy happy happy happy happy BIRTHDAY 🎉🎈🎂🎊🍰🎁

  46. Kelly Nelson

    Kelly Nelson10 hours ago

    *casually plays trumpet while driving at midnight*

  47. Mrquacks 101

    Mrquacks 10111 hours ago

    Happy birthday dude love it vids

  48. light cup

    light cup11 hours ago

    I kinda want to Know how much James spends on cake and sprinkles every year

  49. thenoobie robuxguy

    thenoobie robuxguy11 hours ago

    Happy late birthday Faith

  50. theLightLuigi

    theLightLuigi11 hours ago

    haaaappy bresdfrgijdigofkbirthdlco9kfhjkvgfephday

  51. MB Studios

    MB Studios11 hours ago

    Should I spend 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 dollars on a clan thing yes or yes pls tell me or I will break out into a emotional breakdown

  52. Doggo Drapy

    Doggo Drapy11 hours ago

    And this is why you don't want to be a MReporterr when you turn 22, kids.

  53. Alex Yukio

    Alex Yukio12 hours ago

    Happy birthday

  54. daniellenicole

    daniellenicole12 hours ago

    *aggressively* “ARE YOU ALLERGIC TO HAPPINESS?!?!”

  55. Hayes WTF

    Hayes WTF12 hours ago

    Guess what day it is? *MONDAY*

  56. Nina Hennessey

    Nina Hennessey12 hours ago

    happy birthday faith

  57. Zinogren

    Zinogren12 hours ago

    This should be animated

  58. Mommy and John Do Everything

    Mommy and John Do Everything12 hours ago

    Congrats I'm at my milestone today ! Yay now make more odd1sout, now, go, birthday wish.

  59. Lps flower

    Lps flower12 hours ago

    Happy late bday james

  60. JJ Wambles

    JJ Wambles12 hours ago

    1 million.... and one

  61. Star Catz

    Star Catz13 hours ago

    LOL congrats

  62. AlexdragnIX 1

    AlexdragnIX 113 hours ago

    1v1 me smash bros

  63. Charmion Bryan

    Charmion Bryan13 hours ago

    When i said "its 50 trending" it came out like this: its fwifty twending

  64. smol boi

    smol boi13 hours ago

    Trending yay

  65. Zeta Yuki

    Zeta Yuki13 hours ago

    6:05 reason number 486 why apple Sux

  66. OddOdyssey

    OddOdyssey13 hours ago

    0:00 *_under the alarm clock_* OwO what's this

  67. Mr.Killer Dolan

    Mr.Killer Dolan14 hours ago


  68. AnimeFan101

    AnimeFan10114 hours ago

    knew it would be on trending

  69. saffy771

    saffy77114 hours ago

    Belated happy birthday, James! ^^

  70. Joselyn Dolores

    Joselyn Dolores14 hours ago

    Happy birthday❤️❤️❤️