1. Fluid_Daniel

    Fluid_Daniel3 days ago

    Can there be a squads competitev

  2. sonic fast 2008

    sonic fast 200827 days ago

    I need a answer plz so if I don’t have a epic account but I make it to the World Cup what do I do

  3. TRK

    TRK27 days ago

    Can people conpete on IOS for the world cup?

  4. Sarah Abdullah

    Sarah Abdullah27 days ago

    Epic games!

  5. BrunoKu

    BrunoKu27 days ago

    como puedo participar? o como se participa?

  6. ComServ 75

    ComServ 7529 days ago

    I want my Moisty Mire Back!!!!!

  7. Fi3N4Th3GR33N GOW4

    Fi3N4Th3GR33N GOW4Month ago

    Superb Upload

  8. Ecitical

    EciticalMonth ago

    Who's here in 2019 when the trailer came out (Small MReporterr trying to grow good player 1v1 me and you will get a shoutout😍❤

  9. Ecitical

    Ecitical17 days ago

    +MaliciousHen1 ok btw I'm not on my main account so I will be a default

  10. MaliciousHen1

    MaliciousHen117 days ago

    1v1 me ill be home in 7 hours IG: NinjaTurtle ツ

  11. Scar Playz

    Scar PlayzMonth ago

    Who's Here From The 2019 Fortnite World Cup Trailer? (Small MReporterr Trying To Grow! ❤)

  12. Itz Dapper

    Itz DapperMonth ago

    Scar Playz i am

  13. Kion n

    Kion nMonth ago

    Hopefully fresh or symfuhny or bizzle win

  14. MrLoading

    MrLoadingMonth ago

    I remember watching this live on stream

  15. Jeff Poop

    Jeff PoopMonth ago

    Any one 20l9 watching

  16. Andrez XD

    Andrez XDMonth ago

    Fortnut 0:37

  17. gamer ben

    gamer benMonth ago

    Who’s here in season 8

  18. Tsaari 1

    Tsaari 1Month ago


  19. Larmy Vallot Jr

    Larmy Vallot JrMonth ago


  20. Larmy Vallot Jr

    Larmy Vallot JrMonth ago


  21. Nahuel Silva

    Nahuel SilvaMonth ago

    Campeonato mundial por Squad :O los 4 mejores players de cada país :D

  22. FaZe ishgames

    FaZe ishgamesMonth ago

    So many try hards

  23. IAteBananas XD

    IAteBananas XDMonth ago

    Lol see ya guys there...

  24. Sofia

    SofiaMonth ago

    Woahh.. its almost here🤷🏻‍♀️

  25. Unashamed

    UnashamedMonth ago

    Wow this was first announced 8 months ago

  26. Unashamed

    UnashamedMonth ago

    Wow this was first announced 8 months ago

  27. Unashamed

    UnashamedMonth ago

    Wow this was first announced 8 months ago

  28. Unashamed

    UnashamedMonth ago

    Wow this was first announced 8 months ago

  29. Unashamed

    UnashamedMonth ago

    Wow this was first announced 8 months ago

  30. Czar Kunder

    Czar KunderMonth ago

    Can we lie about our age

  31. Czar Kunder

    Czar KunderMonth ago

    Can epic games please change it

  32. Flumy

    FlumyMonth ago

    I’ll see u in finals

  33. sentra6661

    sentra6661Month ago

    NOW...apex super fans who say that fortnite will be off........beat that if you can!!! btw dunno what marketing manager stay behind this game but is a GOD in this job. i think is my unknown twin, he do exactly what i want to do:). This will be the true born age of the esports , becoming the best , the bigger and the wealthier sport of all time. Dude, u who do that, keep it goin mate, you doing a great job.

  34. razzle

    razzleMonth ago

    Can I do it if I'm 12?

  35. Joseph Doncev

    Joseph DoncevMonth ago

    *Anyone here before the tournament?*

  36. Yeetwch y Baban

    Yeetwch y BabanMonth ago


  37. EndaGoD

    EndaGoDMonth ago

    The grind starts now boys

  38. 危ないかわいい

    危ないかわいいMonth ago

    Will Smith’s brother

  39. Spheritual

    SpheritualMonth ago

    anyone else seeing this when its happening

  40. Chewbacca production

    Chewbacca productionMonth ago

    and now its almost dead

  41. ASP Nitro

    ASP NitroMonth ago

    yes payday soon :)

  42. TheTankCR3

    TheTankCR3Month ago

    Ninja will win

  43. DarzlM

    DarzlM2 months ago

    are we allowed to play stretch resolution other there?

  44. alyt

    alytMonth ago

    DarzlM yes they have a spectate system for it

  45. GNARLY

    GNARLY2 months ago

    guys how do you go to the tournament I don't get it

  46. oIrfann

    oIrfann2 months ago

    GNARLY good luck with it

  47. waterninja123

    waterninja1232 months ago

    It's going to be a pop up cup qualifier just like how they did it with the winter royale

  48. Sometimes Good

    Sometimes Good2 months ago

    Game is dying, should have done this before you started losing people soo heavily As a good fortnite player myself i was excited for this, but quit playing because of bad updates and now better BR alternatives.

  49. Sometimes Good

    Sometimes GoodMonth ago

    +Hot D U M M Y Man True, it may bring back ppl

  50. Hot D U M M Y Man

    Hot D U M M Y Man2 months ago

    That is why it's in 2019 to revive it. More people will watch and play the game for this

  51. Czar Kunder

    Czar Kunder2 months ago

    Please can players under the age of 13 play

  52. Twitch. oWrxith

    Twitch. oWrxithMonth ago

    Czar Kunder I’m 13 thank god

  53. Austin Taylor

    Austin Taylor2 months ago

    2019 FORTNITE WORLD CUP--->Published on Jun 12, 2018????????? 2018???

  54. Nawtion

    NawtionMonth ago

    I was thinking the same

  55. Ryop gaming

    Ryop gaming2 months ago

    how to join

  56. Twitch. oWrxith

    Twitch. oWrxithMonth ago

    Ryop gaming qualifiers

  57. Titan

    Titan2 months ago

    So 2019 100 mil confirmed?

  58. Twitch. oWrxith

    Twitch. oWrxithMonth ago

    waterninja123 I’m 13 and I’m also hyped to grind it

  59. waterninja123

    waterninja1232 months ago

    If you make it to the finals you will be guaranteed 50k USD the winner will get 3mil USD

  60. PhysicoSpace

    PhysicoSpace2 months ago

    Who's here in 2019 when it was announced?

  61. Clutched Client

    Clutched ClientMonth ago


  62. Chronic Bluez

    Chronic BluezMonth ago

    PhysicoSpace me lol

  63. Mobile God. Ditto

    Mobile God. DittoMonth ago

    PhysicoSpace Me

  64. INSTINCT Thunder YT

    INSTINCT Thunder YT2 months ago

    I'm gonna try my best to enter this 2019 world cup

  65. Home court

    Home courtMonth ago

    Same brother

  66. INSTINCT Thunder YT

    INSTINCT Thunder YTMonth ago

    +oIrfann yeah

  67. oIrfann

    oIrfannMonth ago

    alyt April 13th

  68. OnlyDamien 2468

    OnlyDamien 2468Month ago

    Me to

  69. alyt

    alytMonth ago

    when even are the qualifyers

  70. Illicit

    Illicit2 months ago

    how do you qualify?

  71. waterninja123

    waterninja1232 months ago

    In the events section, it's going to be a pop up cup!

  72. DeFaUlT Boy 77

    DeFaUlT Boy 772 months ago

    Same bro

  73. DMM -It's The SolsiaMs!

    DMM -It's The SolsiaMs!2 months ago

    2019 anyone?

  74. yoliver yt

    yoliver yt2 months ago

    TEAM BRAZIL 🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  75. Felix

    Felix2 months ago

    Its still 2018 Now 2019 xD

  76. Khoi Vu

    Khoi Vu2 months ago

    I’m from the Future

  77. Edward Cardona

    Edward Cardona2 months ago

    Not everyone can play, If you don’t have Xbox live u can’t

  78. Fαdεd.

    Fαdεd.Month ago


  79. Saber Blade

    Saber Blade2 months ago

    Good luck

  80. Random Videos

    Random Videos2 months ago

    wil this world cup be available for asian server people

  81. Wanlup 118

    Wanlup 1182 months ago

    Like si lo estas viendo desde españa

  82. Exiled Darc

    Exiled Darc2 months ago

    So excited for this world cup, gonna be fun!

  83. Phoenix Daniel

    Phoenix Daniel2 months ago

    I wish u good luck in this competition. I can't wait to see all the big and new names compete

  84. STatic Demo YT

    STatic Demo YT2 months ago

    yo who is watching in season 7


    ANTIDEV2 months ago

    Well time to call tfue

  86. SLotto

    SLotto3 months ago

    Can people under 12 years old join

  87. waterninja123

    waterninja1232 months ago

    No ONLY 13 and older

  88. Jacob Walker

    Jacob Walker3 months ago

    Will u bring the world cup skins back then

  89. Youtube Perfect

    Youtube Perfect3 months ago


  90. DRK.orion

    DRK.orion3 months ago


  91. Dr.Noobenstein

    Dr.Noobenstein3 months ago

    It's 2019 where is the World Cup?

  92. xd Chíllz

    xd Chíllz3 months ago

    How can we tryout for the qualifying round? I want to join that

  93. nArdGaming

    nArdGaming3 months ago

    Good Luck Everyone 😁

  94. Andris Skullcandy

    Andris Skullcandy3 months ago

    the question is, which 5 year old kid gonna win

  95. Artik ReconZ

    Artik ReconZ3 months ago

    When is this happening

  96. Antuan Carreras Sardinas

    Antuan Carreras Sardinas3 months ago

    Season 6 a island season 7 snow in the map and airplanes

  97. Myworldinamarveluniverse collecter

    Myworldinamarveluniverse collecter3 months ago

    Im going to wreak every one in the lobby

  98. hty hty

    hty hty3 months ago

    Yes yes yes

  99. ツHidTheBush

    ツHidTheBush3 months ago


  100. kep x

    kep x3 months ago

    Fortnite World Cup should be squad matches with teams from different nations

  101. Wusat Ya boi

    Wusat Ya boi4 months ago

    It will be dead by then

  102. Mikle Pickle

    Mikle Pickle5 months ago

    I can not be the only who thinks epic is putting to much money for this

  103. ZW CORY

    ZW CORY5 months ago

    Plz can you add or bring a southern african server or even an african server for that matter , it is so much harder playing continuosly with 200+ ping because the nearest server is on another continent , every other continent has a server and USA has 2 , but africa doesnt even have 1 ,so please , thats all i and the rest of africa that play fortnite want , if battlefield or cod can do it you of all game developers can

  104. Ole Stemmler

    Ole Stemmler5 months ago

    omg that day was my birthday!

  105. Alex Galaz

    Alex Galaz5 months ago


  106. Moksss

    Moksss5 months ago


  107. sveg life life

    sveg life life5 months ago

    Whay it did not werk on my phone

  108. Moiz Malik

    Moiz Malik5 months ago

    My kill record is 18

  109. Moiz Malik

    Moiz Malik5 months ago

    I m very good player

  110. Moiz Malik

    Moiz Malik5 months ago

    I build to fast

  111. Moiz Malik

    Moiz Malik5 months ago

    Im very good to build

  112. Moiz Malik

    Moiz Malik5 months ago

    I will be a fortnite master

  113. Thebestresh

    Thebestresh5 months ago

    for fucks sake league if better deal with it

  114. DinoPanther

    DinoPanther5 months ago

    I will not win I suck at Fortnite

  115. Tendai

    Tendai6 months ago

    Hope To Be On The Battlefield...

  116. Alexander Allen

    Alexander Allen6 months ago


  117. 1000 Subscribes with no videos

    1000 Subscribes with no videos6 months ago

    No offence game will be dead then

  118. Shant1cs

    Shant1cs6 months ago



    TITAN VIEIRA6 months ago


  120. A I R

    A I R6 months ago

    And my friends said fortnite will die 2019

  121. Sara PortoOliveira

    Sara PortoOliveira6 months ago

    I want a ps4

  122. Quicky

    Quicky6 months ago

    Call of duty killed you, it will be a waste, and when fitestorm kicks in, they will forget you.

  123. Levy

    Levy6 months ago

    i thought fortnite wasent esports i mean thats what people said smh

  124. GS Huggan

    GS Huggan6 months ago

    When Will it start

  125. Vojtechcbxbx Janoš

    Vojtechcbxbx Janoš6 months ago

    IT will be the game for free on ps4?