2018 iPad 9.7 Review! Worth $329?


  1. Christian Games

    Christian Games21 hour ago

    Lol 3:43 the iPad Pro fell

  2. GEE MIN

    GEE MINDay ago

    I just got this

  3. Mansoor Al khouri

    Mansoor Al khouriDay ago

    I am watching this video on my iPad 9.7 2018 space grey 128GB

  4. AsN sR

    AsN sRDay ago

    I really want the new iPad pro but I’m concerned with it’s durability...

  5. Dee Kelly

    Dee Kelly5 days ago

    I had no problem with my apple tablet love it click amzn.to/2GNlFbS

  6. Alex Gaming

    Alex Gaming6 days ago

    IT COSTS THAT MUCH MONEY? I got mines for FREE because I did good in my graduation.

  7. Kamissa Tahir

    Kamissa Tahir7 days ago

    560 for the ipad

  8. Pokémon Trainer

    Pokémon Trainer7 days ago

    I am watching this on an iPad 9.7 inch 2018

  9. Oalmax

    Oalmax8 days ago

    *For the same price or lower, you can get BETTER SPECS in a non-Apple tablet*

  10. Rommel the Cat

    Rommel the CatDay ago

    Oalmax Yeah but the apps suck.

  11. Tristan

    Tristan9 days ago

    What sucks is I bought my iPad Air in 2016 it was 420$ next year the air 2 was $400 the. This iPad is 479 this pad is worth it

  12. Petra Morris

    Petra Morris10 days ago

    should i get it?

  13. momo xy

    momo xy6 days ago

    Petra Morris wait for the 2019 ipad, coming spring

  14. Jael Veniegas

    Jael Veniegas11 days ago

    Why don’t apple make an iPad X that was around $439-$500

  15. Akhtar Ahmed

    Akhtar Ahmed11 days ago

    And there are customer who buy for watching Netflix and MReporter. This review did not cover them. Should have reviewed the display when watching movies/videos.

  16. Health Fitness

    Health Fitness12 days ago

    Apple iPad (Wi-Fi, 32GB) - Silver (Latest Model) amzn.to/2MYunVE

  17. Stinky Gamer

    Stinky Gamer13 days ago

    So I need an iPad and...... I'M BROKE soo can u help by subscribing like I'll post videos like I'm not trying to ask for subscribers (I'm asking for subscribers)

  18. L P

    L P14 days ago

    what game is that @ 3:24 ?

  19. Mr. Ripper

    Mr. Ripper12 days ago

    L P . How can you say you don’t know

  20. ags0004

    ags000415 days ago

    2:28 how doesn't a $329 tablet not have a simple light sensor? I mean geez a light sensor costs less than a dollar.

  21. Dharmil Savla

    Dharmil Savla15 days ago

    I have an ipad pro 10.5 inch with 512 GB storage and the smart keyboard and silicone case with the apple pencil. It is amazing but expensive.

  22. Michael Wolfe

    Michael Wolfe15 days ago

    I'm using an iPad pro 9.7. I use it daily...... But here's the thing, I love it, but can't say it was worth the costs...... Google has done a far better job of positioning Chromebooks as need items than Apple has done with the iPad. I always find it funny when I hear people say that they NEEED an iPad, and then go on to describe things that can be easily accomplished with a Chromebook....more effiently and at a fraction of the price. iPads are still WANT items by far.... Google also guarantees 7 years software support on its Chromebooks. Apple does not do the same for its iPad.

  23. Callista Anindhita

    Callista Anindhita15 days ago

    In indonesia they sell it $945 for the 9.7 inches ipad only and for the pencil it self $110! Insane

  24. Nobody Tsiorvas

    Nobody Tsiorvas17 days ago

    Totally worth it

  25. Ghost Pumpkin

    Ghost Pumpkin17 days ago

    I had much more lag playing fornite on this iPad compare to the 2017 10.5 inch iPad pro, ...and in my opinion, you should save up to get the 10.5 inch , trust me it’s worth it .

  26. Troy Cruz

    Troy Cruz18 days ago

    I love my iPad 2018 and the pen works great with it! Definitely worth the $$

  27. Love 2 Comment

    Love 2 Comment18 days ago

    What about battery ? Is it good for gaming ? Can it last continuous pubg mobile ? mah?? Someone explain please ... I am new to iPads

  28. me101 gamer

    me101 gamer19 days ago

    fornite in 2020;;;???

  29. WillzWill

    WillzWill20 days ago

    Lol watching this on my iPad 9.7 (2018)

  30. 10k subscribers without any video

    10k subscribers without any video20 days ago

    Ehhh...Just got the IPad 9.7 (2018) I previously had the iPad Pro 9.7. The iPad is working fine but the only concern that I have s that the video quality is horrible, it’s too zoomed in and doesn’t even take proper videos.

  31. Stephanie Gamino

    Stephanie Gamino20 days ago

    Can you review the Logitech cranyon please

  32. ✿Bløss๏m✿

    ✿Bløss๏m✿20 days ago

    I got my second iPad guys!! I've been using a iPad 3 and it was really old and slow but I convinced my parents to buy me a new one lol

  33. ✿Bløss๏m✿

    ✿Bløss๏m✿19 days ago

    I got the iPad 6 generation

  34. Gisele Robbins

    Gisele Robbins20 days ago

    ✿Bløss๏m✿ I have an IPad 3 too ready to get an updated one. Which one did you get? The pro or the 2018

  35. Leaf

    Leaf23 days ago

    Wassup MReporter my name is Leaf and If y’all thinking about buying this item buy it here amzn.to/2WwcbqX they got the BEST deal💯💯

  36. dianetina

    dianetina23 days ago

    Hi , you mentioned there’s an air gap in the screen , I’m just wondering if the iPad Air has that gab ... thanks

  37. Slapper zero

    Slapper zero24 days ago

    at least its better than my ipad 1

  38. sam moser

    sam moser25 days ago

    I got this ipad in 2017 and i still love it in my opinion.

  39. sam moser

    sam moser25 days ago

    Well like i still hate the gap like thing you see kindof

  40. Cool ROBLOX guy

    Cool ROBLOX guy26 days ago

    For me 500 and some thing

  41. Matthias Rambally

    Matthias Rambally28 days ago

    An iPad is so great its the only tablet worth using these days except maybe the surface

  42. Hafiz Haidari

    Hafiz Haidari28 days ago

    I am watching in my iPad and it is the same as yours

  43. Hafiz Haidari

    Hafiz Haidari28 days ago

    I have the same

  44. SyamShin 04 hunted

    SyamShin 04 hunted29 days ago

    I hope my mother give this to me if I get an excellent result in my examination

  45. T K

    T KMonth ago


  46. Dank Donkey

    Dank DonkeyMonth ago

    Watching on it!

  47. BattleMaster 0900

    BattleMaster 0900Month ago

    Who here is watching this video on the 9.7in IPad?????

  48. Nöjes Fält

    Nöjes Fält2 days ago

    BattleMaster 0900 me

  49. Riya Chandra

    Riya Chandra11 days ago


  50. Michelle Jimenez

    Michelle Jimenez19 days ago

    Me lmao

  51. WillzWill

    WillzWill20 days ago

    BattleMaster 0900 me

  52. Something Productions

    Something Productions25 days ago

    BattleMaster 0900 me lol

  53. Natalie Edits

    Natalie EditsMonth ago

    but the worst thing about the ipad pro is that if you bend it even a tint bit it brakes

  54. Brah

    BrahMonth ago

    The 2018 IPad 32GB is more than enough as a daily driver.

  55. APPLEYKING -Thunder Bay Explorer-

    APPLEYKING -Thunder Bay Explorer-Month ago

    Well a Samsung tab is $500 for a decent base model so of course

  56. Gacha Studios

    Gacha StudiosMonth ago

    I’m watching this on the iPad your talking about

  57. Sakūrā Gåchå

    Sakūrā GåchåMonth ago

    I can’t afford the pro. I currently have the third gen. Should I buy this one? (Worth the money?) I need one for digital art

  58. Oleomargarine

    OleomargarineMonth ago

    Apple is really going backwards... But i like the ipad tho

  59. YTCamgrow Reds Mum [Real]

    YTCamgrow Reds Mum [Real]Month ago

    My new gaming machine! This was worth £390!

  60. dreamagery

    dreamageryMonth ago

    The reason for the gap between the screen and the glass is the result of the iPad being built for education, and hence, children. It has more give. At least that is my guess.

  61. Jina Langton

    Jina LangtonMonth ago

    iPad 9 - has a super display! I love it! I bought in on qwy.io and received in 7 days! Works perfect! Apple - the best!

  62. Hah Gshdhdh

    Hah GshdhdhMonth ago

    how mach ???

  63. jam boy

    jam boyMonth ago

    it frustrates me so much when reviewers compare things not even in the same ballpark, it's like 3x times the cost of it, Of course, it's going to better

  64. GeoRyzzaAgi Tolosa

    GeoRyzzaAgi TolosaMonth ago

    Ipad or iphone?

  65. Willy Buffet

    Willy BuffetMonth ago

    My wife bought this iPad 9, purchased it online on qwy.io and received it in 6 days! Everything is cool! Thanks to #Quickwayforyou!

  66. Cantering Forever

    Cantering ForeverMonth ago

    i watched this on the 2018 ipad

  67. Chris Lee

    Chris LeeMonth ago

    Just picked one up in space grey for $279 at Best Buy.

  68. Zach Chapman

    Zach ChapmanMonth ago

    If you got space gray the gap is not that bad

  69. Janet Williams

    Janet WilliamsMonth ago

    Re that $701 Ipad from HSN included that lousy pen

  70. Janet Williams

    Janet WilliamsMonth ago

    I paid $701.06 to HSN (Home Shopping Network) for the ipad 9.7 Pro in October My problem was watching HSN at 4 am. Will never shop with HSN ever.

  71. Verzide Right

    Verzide RightMonth ago

    It’s more dorable than the iPad Pro I know I spelt that wrong

  72. wendy o

    wendy oMonth ago

    Wow the iPad front camera better than the pro

  73. wendy o

    wendy oMonth ago

    Little does he know

  74. Alex Bolden

    Alex BoldenMonth ago

    Ppl are getting more spoiled by the year!I never even noticed the small details until I watched this video,geesh😫

  75. tanya nelson

    tanya nelsonMonth ago

    I love my iPad. Well worth it.

  76. JJ S

    JJ SMonth ago

    I had the 32gb for a week and returned it for the 128gb. The 32gb is way too small i don't understand how ppl can live with 32gb.

  77. FNAF

    FNAFMonth ago

    It's 75 dollars off at best buy is it worth it ??

  78. Ksimilianus

    Ksimilianus28 days ago

    Oh yeah

  79. Venom

    VenomMonth ago

    FNAF yeah man it’s a badass tablet for a great price. I have the 2017 one and I don’t regret buying. Big screen, fast, good performance, no lag, great battery life. V

  80. JJ S

    JJ SMonth ago

    yea dude. When you see the price on the BB website look below and they have open boxed and returned ones. I picked up a open box, geek squad certified ipad 2018 128gb for 333$.

  81. Ray Petterson

    Ray PettersonMonth ago

    Sure! This Ipad 9.7 is perfect! I advise you to order on qwy.io - they give discounts!

  82. Cole Tite

    Cole TiteMonth ago

    Who’s watching on that iPad Pro in 2019? Being sad that there was just a new iPad Pro released a few months ago. 🤦‍♂️ wow apple

  83. Big Chungus

    Big ChungusMonth ago

    Who else is watching on iPad Pro 9.7?

  84. Malfunctioning Entity

    Malfunctioning EntityMonth ago

    I think Jerry is in love with this iPad ;)

  85. RicerCivicsEverywhere!

    RicerCivicsEverywhere!Month ago

    I bought a full spec ( WiFi only ) iPad 2018 it’s very good for video games and that’s what it’s best at, btw the iPad 2018 and maybe the 2017 they tend to glitch a lot.

  86. Zultron 08

    Zultron 08Month ago

    Mine was 255 pound bec I had a discount

  87. Mark Anderson

    Mark AndersonMonth ago

    I would never buy this Ipad, if #quickwayforyou didn't allow me to pay for credit! Many thanks to them!

  88. Dab Meme!

    Dab Meme!Month ago

    Hi im a kids and im saving money bye!

  89. msjuicy ツ

    msjuicy ツMonth ago

    When you're still on iPad mini 1 😑

  90. elektron2kim

    elektron2kimMonth ago

    I want this in the summer of 2019. My eyesight got too bad for the Mini 3 and it's a huge upgrade.

  91. cryptoskeleton4

    cryptoskeleton4Month ago

    Which one is the iPad with the two big apples on the back? I keep seeing the iPads with one apple on the back.

  92. KC Man

    KC ManMonth ago

    I have 2 ipad 2018 and both are very good i am happy and I both them for gaming and it’s great

  93. Hunter Diller

    Hunter DillerMonth ago

    EverythingApplePro Where did you get the backgrounds from??

  94. Jack Coombs

    Jack CoombsMonth ago

    My dad has a iPad Pro and I have an iPad 6 and if I’m honest before I watched the video the only thing I thought was different was the bezels. ( if you are thinking of getting a iPad I would recommend this because 1 its cheaper and 2 you can use the Apple Pencil with it .

  95. Norma Pinion

    Norma PinionMonth ago

    How do I get the bibl on my iPad.?

  96. sophie hurst

    sophie hurstMonth ago

    I got this for Xmas and it’s honestly so good for £319 especially considering the iPad Pro which is a tiny bit bigger is double the price

  97. Fahad Bin Sakhawat

    Fahad Bin SakhawatMonth ago

    Anyone can tell me about the knife he alway used to open his box! Model or anything ???!’n

  98. Jarrech

    JarrechMonth ago

    For the price, I'd say it's worth it. It's an affordable tablet.

  99. Gutrot

    GutrotMonth ago

    This video should just be called "Comparing an iPad 2018, to an iPad pro." BRO we know the pro is better ffs.

  100. Zariatul Mustafa

    Zariatul MustafaMonth ago

    Zanzibar multafa

  101. Ella

    EllaMonth ago

    In Australia the iPad is $500 Why so expensive Australia why

  102. JJ S

    JJ SMonth ago

    I got it in us open boxed for 333$. My old company was from Brisbane Aussies are big aholes to work for.

  103. Curewhirlprettycure 4

    Curewhirlprettycure 4Month ago

    This is my iPad I’m watching on

  104. Dan Rice

    Dan RiceMonth ago


  105. Smol Nazomi

    Smol NazomiMonth ago

    I’m Watching This Video On That Same iPad! ^w^

  106. Yungdagger Licks

    Yungdagger LicksMonth ago

    Same iPad

  107. Aesthetically

    AestheticallyMonth ago

    I have this iPad also Solo3 wireless rose gold beats

  108. Mr Man

    Mr ManMonth ago

    I was wondering, is the Apple Pencil as accurate on this iPad as it is on the iPad Pro, I mean if there was any distance from the top of the Pencil to where the line appears on the screen

  109. Free Will

    Free WillMonth ago

    I can’t see it , this space under the screen you cry about, your Weird

  110. S Chan

    S ChanMonth ago

    I have the 2018 iPad, gold

  111. Noodle Dooldle

    Noodle DooldleMonth ago

    I got that for Christmas 👍🏻

  112. Blueberry Draws

    Blueberry DrawsMonth ago

    I’m watching this on the iPad reviewed .... Yeeeeeee .w.

  113. Lil_nugget 205

    Lil_nugget 205Month ago

    I got the iPad for $249

  114. Cold Studio

    Cold Studio2 months ago

    Can it run pubg mobile smoothly with 2 gb RAM?

  115. Michael Markovski

    Michael Markovski2 months ago

    I got that iPad for Christmas :D

  116. Loiiscrazy

    Loiiscrazy2 months ago

    Wait does Fortnite 60 fps work on this iPad 9.7?