2018 iPad 9.7 Review! Worth $329?


  1. raven scott

    raven scott13 hours ago

    Can I get MReporter on this ?

  2. Josip Tumapa

    Josip Tumapa22 hours ago

    Oh my hes so handsome ☺️

  3. grantapus donald

    grantapus donaldDay ago

    My mini 4 is awesome. I was about to buy this but I figured the mini 4 was better because I love the form factor. Yeah the mini 4 is a little bit slow at times but it’s an iPad I mean like I only use it to watch MReporter and stuff so I don’t know

  4. Jhoanna Manahan

    Jhoanna ManahanDay ago

    I would say that 300 is worth the orocessor of this ipad

  5. Billy Joe

    Billy Joe2 days ago

    I have one and I love it Plus I got that student discount so 👌

  6. El mehdi Hamoujate

    El mehdi Hamoujate2 days ago

    where can i get it for 329 dollars, please?

  7. XR2004

    XR20042 days ago

    How is this so cheap??? Where????

  8. elysinexx by elysinexx

    elysinexx by elysinexx2 days ago

    I asked Santa for the iPad6 that is pink (this year) I'm waiting for it!

  9. EpicDevatwxl Xf

    EpicDevatwxl Xf7 hours ago

    I'm getting mine on Friday! I'm getting a pink skin since there is no pink ;(

  10. John Mitchell

    John Mitchell3 days ago

    I got mine for free today so amazing value

  11. Wazza HD

    Wazza HD5 days ago

    I want to buy one of these for fortnite mobile and I want to make MReporter video with the iPad as well is it worth getting it over a iPad mini 4??

  12. DeonYT

    DeonYT5 days ago

    Buy a damn iPhone for loads but then you see the IPad it’s reasonable for the price and good graphics

  13. MadMooCow27 7

    MadMooCow27 75 days ago


  14. Abszee trainz 07 07

    Abszee trainz 07 075 days ago

    I am commenting on an iPad 9.7

  15. D4 Gaming

    D4 Gaming6 days ago

    Its funny because my iPhone 7+ ($670) has a multi-core score of 3214 and the iPad 2018 ($329) has a score of 5894! And i get like 10 frames in fortnite xD

  16. regdude bill

    regdude bill6 days ago

    How is the slow motion video? Does it film slow mo in 120fps?

  17. Itgameingbro story time ‘

    Itgameingbro story time ‘7 days ago

    Watching this on my iPod 6th generation I’m still waiting for the iPod 7th generation I have a iPad and a iPod and a iPhone

  18. -Hasealia -

    -Hasealia -7 days ago

    Fortnite at 1:30

  19. Itgameingbro story time ‘

    Itgameingbro story time ‘8 days ago

    I’m in middle school so I guess I could get it a discount

  20. chris rodgers

    chris rodgers9 days ago


  21. Edwarbr

    Edwarbr9 days ago

    I clicked on this video, because I was looking at getting the 9.7 and an apple pencil. I wanted to know if the pencil performance was going to be good with the 9.7. I was very happy to see your comparison of the pro and 9.7 with the pencil. I will go ahead with my purchase after seeing your review. Thank you.

  22. Amal Hassan

    Amal Hassan10 days ago

    Do you GET A Apple pen with your iPad pro

  23. Kyla Unicorn

    Kyla Unicorn8 days ago

    Amal Hassan no you have to buy it separate

  24. Chris

    Chris10 days ago

    I'm pissed they didn't make a rose gold color option! I want a matching iphone se and iPad.

  25. Geeky VAMSI

    Geeky VAMSI4 days ago

    Chris YesSs.. the SE & iPad 6th gen is a deadly COMBO..!!👌

  26. Memes r Gr8

    Memes r Gr810 days ago

    Can the 6th gen iPad go split screen like the iPad Pro because I’m not paying £500 more just for that if it doesnt

  27. Kyla Unicorn

    Kyla Unicorn8 days ago

    Memes r Gr8 yes

  28. Stypayhorlikson

    Stypayhorlikson10 days ago

    Ya'll help me.iPad mini 4 or this?

  29. Kyla Unicorn

    Kyla Unicorn8 days ago

    Stypayhorlikson this

  30. SeansGamingHD

    SeansGamingHD9 days ago

    100% go for this ipad.

  31. Seoul Nazlee

    Seoul Nazlee9 days ago

    This ipad please

  32. Chris

    Chris10 days ago

    Stypayhorlikson this obviously

  33. Shayla C

    Shayla C11 days ago

    I died when he got beat to death in fortnite😭😂

  34. Tracey Claver

    Tracey Claver11 days ago

    Thanks for this! :)

  35. Benedict Payot

    Benedict Payot12 days ago

    Do you think the base model is enough for Netflix (downloading content), games like PUBG, Asphalt 9, and probably some document editing

  36. Kyla Unicorn

    Kyla Unicorn8 days ago

    Benedict Payot I have it and it does struggle with downloading things


    EASY ARTS BY MONAM12 days ago

    I love the ipad 9.7 wallpaper from where can I get this wallpaper it is not there on my ipad 2018 please reply I want the same wallpaper

  38. effspot drop the mixtape 🔥🔥🔥🔥

    effspot drop the mixtape 🔥🔥🔥🔥12 days ago

    Waiting for black Friday

  39. 222864738

    22286473814 days ago

    No tru tone, not enough ram, shitty screen- I’m not buying it

  40. dave jones

    dave jones14 days ago

    So is it any good or is it just an upsale video ?

  41. Aadam

    Aadam16 days ago

    i love my 2018 ipad im getting ipad pro 11 inch soon

  42. Mac Blox

    Mac Blox16 days ago

    On an iPad mini 2nd generation looking for a new iPad. Bit stuck on what to choose a used 2016 iPad Pro or the new 2018 budget iPad leave a reply if you know which one you would have in my situation

  43. John paul

    John paul16 days ago

    Sir how much this iPad in Philippine money plss reply

  44. Wandy Calizan

    Wandy Calizan17 days ago

    I’m not a pro user I only need it to face book, MReporter, Netflix things like that I think this iPad will be good enough for me 🙂

  45. Lowell Lim

    Lowell Lim19 days ago

    hope new ipad 2019 got bezel like ipad pro 2018 and usb-c, I dun mind old processor and minus few things.

  46. Adam Varney

    Adam Varney19 days ago

    ... But 2GB RAM and that unlaminated screen :-(

  47. Detox

    Detox19 days ago

    On Black Friday it will be

  48. TrainFan56

    TrainFan5619 days ago

    Looks slightly rose gold

  49. Anthony French

    Anthony French20 days ago

    Was expecting a notch lol

  50. Sadaf Zaki

    Sadaf Zaki20 days ago

    I have the rose gold one I got it 2 days after it came

  51. Finley O'sullivan

    Finley O'sullivan22 days ago

    Got this for school

  52. ABZALON _

    ABZALON _24 days ago

    A little late but I picked up a 2018 gold IPad. It’s very nice

  53. Tshegofatso Mphatswe

    Tshegofatso Mphatswe27 days ago

    Soo for school we need a a iPad air 2 and I had to go buy a new iPad yesterday cause my LCD screen broke. Anyway, just to say it was discontinued and now I get some random ass iPad 6th generation. So I bought it and I love it. Clear and everything. I would say if you are using it for professional work it’s super good. That’s that

  54. Wofister Playz

    Wofister Playz28 days ago

    I love it because of the pen and I can game and draw on it


    BİBZ BERFİN DENİZ29 days ago

    Anne bende istoyorum

  56. Seb Friedrich

    Seb Friedrich29 days ago


  57. Seb Friedrich

    Seb Friedrich29 days ago


  58. Sophie W.

    Sophie W.Month ago

    Canadians it’s 430$ here

  59. HazerTheBasher

    HazerTheBasherMonth ago

    I buy it i using it

  60. Arnold Chu Jr

    Arnold Chu JrMonth ago

    Im getting one of these in space gray!!!!!! SOOOO EXCITED

  61. Uncle Bruce

    Uncle BruceMonth ago

    64gb on base ipad pro and only 32 on base ipad 2018.

  62. Ra y

    Ra yMonth ago

    If this big screen isn’t mandatory I would’ve just gotten myself iPhoneSE instead. Little thing can take 4K and the performance is almost as good as A10.

  63. Markel Gomez

    Markel GomezMonth ago


  64. VS- Btd

    VS- BtdMonth ago

    Wow, you suck at fortnite

  65. ARS

    ARSMonth ago

    3:12 Fortnite always dropped frames on my iPhone 8 constantly

  66. Jason Pye

    Jason PyeMonth ago

    You suck at fortnite

  67. Stephen Williams

    Stephen WilliamsMonth ago

    Thanks for the review!

  68. RayRay_ Gaming

    RayRay_ GamingMonth ago

    Where does he get those wallpapers!!??

  69. Chloe Mcholoe

    Chloe McholoeMonth ago

    wow that gap......

  70. Arun Mani

    Arun ManiMonth ago

    Just bought this ipad

  71. Kitty Gal

    Kitty GalMonth ago

    One of the iPad is rose gold the other is normal gold

  72. D4RTHVAD3R2004 :::::::

    D4RTHVAD3R2004 :::::::Month ago

    My aunt is sending me her ipad once she gets a new one, super exited😁

  73. Renz Granadozo

    Renz GranadozoMonth ago

    3:40 i laughed so loud and people starred lol

  74. sam o-o

    sam o-oMonth ago

    Thicc 😫

  75. all types of things f

    all types of things fMonth ago

    In your apple I pad there is fornite battle royal

  76. Kenneth Lee

    Kenneth LeeMonth ago

    Non laminated display is cheaper to repair. Since the LCD and digitizer are separated. Usually the digitizer is the only one that cracks.

  77. abdel aziz ibrahim

    abdel aziz ibrahimMonth ago

    is it review of ipad 2018 or ipad pro? the fact. u just compare it to ipad pro which is totally unfair.

  78. abdel aziz ibrahim

    abdel aziz ibrahimMonth ago

    which color is much better when hiding the air gap?

  79. Susan Cookman

    Susan CookmanMonth ago

    Anyone know if you can download Netflix movies on this iPad to watch offline?

  80. Daniel P

    Daniel PMonth ago

    netflix downloading works on all mobile devices, so it would

  81. David Simons

    David SimonsMonth ago

    Sounds like a winner

  82. fuse box

    fuse boxMonth ago

    I like the air gap

  83. var1328

    var1328Month ago

    That Apple watch is so douche 🤣 - it would look great on the arm of a twelve year old girl

  84. 1Smoking Lizard

    1Smoking LizardMonth ago

    -No iPads were harmed in the making of this film-

  85. Alex

    AlexMonth ago

    Its good cuz i am using one now

  86. Marley Cantu

    Marley CantuMonth ago

    Why did I have a 20 min ad ????

  87. bruce

    bruceMonth ago

    I have a apple($300), I have a pen ($100)= uhh...APPLE-PEN ($400)

  88. ANGAR Ganbaatar

    ANGAR GanbaatarMonth ago

    Its shit. I uodated it and now battery is fycked and its always restarting my apps. Its fucking stupid

  89. Prachee Rijal

    Prachee RijalMonth ago

    I just bought the 2018 iPad yesterday and I bought it for $429. How come he got it for cheaper? (Canadian Dollars)

  90. Austin

    AustinMonth ago

    It's $329 in American Dollars.

  91. MsFurbalicious

    MsFurbaliciousMonth ago

    I can’t find a flash for camera

  92. Miggel D.

    Miggel D.Month ago

    In the beginning of the current year I've bought Ipad 2017 which was the latest model at that moment but the production of which was ceased a couple months later, alongside with releasing a new one - Ipad 2018 by the same price but with better hardware and some improvements. Of course, as soon as new model had released I became upset, since I thought at that moment, that 2017 model became obsolete and also can become lagging faster comparing to 2018 model within some period of time. In your opinion, can 2017 model be treated as an obsolete one and can the support and updating be ceased by Apple in the nearest future? Now I regret to some extent that I should have waited a little bit and bought this new one by the same price...

  93. Ronald Guzman

    Ronald GuzmanMonth ago

    well thats the ipad im getting, budgettt

  94. Emily FUN GAMING ROLE PLAY’S AND family !!

    Emily FUN GAMING ROLE PLAY’S AND family !!2 months ago

    I have that my granny lis got me that for a surprise

  95. Explore with Rick

    Explore with Rick2 months ago

    Anyone think there will be any special deals on this tablet for black friday?

  96. DW About It

    DW About It2 months ago

    whats the rectangular thing on top of your ipad pro, im so curious because i dont have that on my ipad pro 10.5 i got mine engraved though

  97. Jasmyne Duarte

    Jasmyne Duarte2 months ago

    I got it free

  98. Billy Jean

    Billy Jean2 months ago

    Why do they not change the speakers horizontally instead of vertical? I always watch my iPad horizontally! It would be better if I hear stereo left and right..not just one side !?

  99. laila diap

    laila diap2 months ago

    Watching this on my iPad 6th generation 2018 from Amman,Jordan

  100. Jmorriso

    Jmorriso2 months ago

    Wallpaper pls

  101. Jinnieme LAVET

    Jinnieme LAVET2 months ago

    Watching this on my really old ipad air 2 AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA

  102. Olivia_Faith Contortion

    Olivia_Faith Contortion2 months ago

    Watching this on mine. Nothing wrong with it and you can’t tell about the display lol no ones gonna be like “ your iPad sucks because it looks like the screen is fricken floating” lol

  103. linus360

    linus3608 days ago


  104. Just Maddy

    Just Maddy10 days ago

    Amal Hassan like I said, I bought it used

  105. Amal Hassan

    Amal Hassan10 days ago

    Just Maddy how Did you GET the pro FOR so cheap

  106. Just Maddy

    Just Maddy17 days ago

    As an update, I ended up settling for the iPad pro 2017, I bought it used and did the same with the pencil. I'm really glad I found a pro model since I wanted to apmost completely use it just for drawing and the air gap would have probably annoyed me. I've been using it for a whole month everysingle day and even though it's the smallest one it still is very much enough to draw with. I'm glad I got a pro honestly, the screen and the speakers are just amazing. Btw, for the tablet and pencil I payed all in all 570€ I got celular and 130gb

  107. Olivia_Faith Contortion

    Olivia_Faith Contortion2 months ago

    Just Maddy I dint have the pencil, so I can’t say.

  108. PRO Kid

    PRO Kid2 months ago

    iPad Pro is the the best tablet in the world

  109. Collyn Wallace

    Collyn Wallace2 months ago

    Get space gray, then you can’t notice the air gap as much or really at all. Plus xfinity gives space gray 128gb iPads out for 5$ a month for 2 years. It’s a pretty good deal you need triple play and your limit is one though.

  110. sweetstormz

    sweetstormz2 months ago

    Thank you! Now I can make a more informed decision on what to buy

  111. Fullmetaljacket

    Fullmetaljacket2 months ago

    Fk the ipad...look at that benchmade..

  112. vandna vandna

    vandna vandna2 months ago

    Can we use iPad inspite of laptop.

  113. Apollo Gaming

    Apollo Gaming2 months ago

    gotta buy this ipad in a few weeks! 😉😁

  114. Krofna Krofna

    Krofna Krofna2 months ago

    yeahh still use iPad 4😔

  115. mrk107

    mrk1072 months ago

    The 2018 iPad is to big, thick, and bulky and heavier then a brick to use. It doesn't make any sense. Get the iPad mini.

  116. christos papas

    christos papas2 months ago

    i have bought 299 eur a 2017 ipad of the last models i hope it was worth it.