2018 iPad 9.7 Review! Worth $329?


  1. DW About It

    DW About It2 days ago

    whats the rectangular thing on top of your ipad pro, im so curious because i dont have that on my ipad pro 10.5 i got mine engraved though

  2. Jasmyne Duarte

    Jasmyne Duarte2 days ago

    I got it free

  3. Billy Jean

    Billy Jean2 days ago

    Why do they not change the speakers horizontally instead of vertical? I always watch my iPad horizontally! It would be better if I hear stereo left and right..not just one side !?

  4. laila diap

    laila diap3 days ago

    Watching this on my iPad 6th generation 2018 from Amman,Jordan

  5. Jmorriso

    Jmorriso5 days ago

    Wallpaper pls

  6. Jinnieme LAVET

    Jinnieme LAVET5 days ago

    Watching this on my really old ipad air 2 AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA

  7. Snorkel Ops

    Snorkel Ops5 days ago

    Watching this on mine. Nothing wrong with it and you can’t tell about the display lol no ones gonna be like “ your iPad sucks because it looks like the screen is fricken floating” lol

  8. Just Maddy

    Just Maddy7 hours ago

    I'm pretty broke so I can only afford the 2018 one and it seriously pisses me off that in all the reviews everyone makes it seem like the screen is a meter away from the screen. do you also have the pencil? would you say it's not very precise?

  9. PRO Kid

    PRO Kid6 days ago

    iPad Pro is the the best tablet in the world

  10. Collyn Wallace

    Collyn Wallace7 days ago

    Get space gray, then you can’t notice the air gap as much or really at all. Plus xfinity gives space gray 128gb iPads out for 5$ a month for 2 years. It’s a pretty good deal you need triple play and your limit is one though.

  11. sweetstormz

    sweetstormz7 days ago

    Thank you! Now I can make a more informed decision on what to buy

  12. Fullmetaljacket

    Fullmetaljacket7 days ago

    Fk the ipad...look at that benchmade..

  13. vandna vandna

    vandna vandna8 days ago

    Can we use iPad inspite of laptop.

  14. Apolodor D

    Apolodor D8 days ago

    gotta buy this ipad in a few weeks! 😉😁

  15. Krofna Krofna

    Krofna Krofna8 days ago

    yeahh still use iPad 4😔

  16. mrk107

    mrk10710 days ago

    The 2018 iPad is to big, thick, and bulky and heavier then a brick to use. It doesn't make any sense. Get the iPad mini.

  17. christos papas

    christos papas11 days ago

    i have bought 299 eur a 2017 ipad of the last models i hope it was worth it.

  18. shadowguy20004

    shadowguy2000412 days ago

    Compared to a mini iPad 4 is it worth it?

  19. Sunny Ko

    Sunny Ko14 days ago

    I still use the Ipad air 2 but my question is do newer Ipads bend easily?

  20. Juan Correa

    Juan Correa16 days ago

    Or just get a Surface Go with double storage and a stronger OS.

  21. Adam Bix 963 ROBLOX

    Adam Bix 963 ROBLOX16 days ago



     17 days ago

    It's called LAMINATED DISPLAY you super professional tech guy...

  23. Soccerpro123 The boss

    Soccerpro123 The boss17 days ago

    I love how you save lifes

  24. Matt Nelson

    Matt Nelson17 days ago

    Here is a link to the iPad amzn.to/2MFB4ip

  25. 1229사나

    1229사나17 days ago

    Their gold kinda looks bronze

  26. Aarush Pai

    Aarush Pai18 days ago

    I ‘m watching this on the exactly same iPad. ( even same color)

  27. Elvin coc

    Elvin coc18 days ago

    This is what I hate about apple, they say that the iPad is like a computer but unlike any computer but a iPhone is better than the ipad

  28. derbisyongonline

    derbisyongonline18 days ago

    is there a scrolling screenshot feature on the new ipad now?

  29. Phoenix Gamer980

    Phoenix Gamer98019 days ago

    I payed $600 wtf and this is less money

  30. nik maknojia

    nik maknojia19 days ago

    I was thinking about getting this ipad but when you said it has a gap between it kinda killed my mood. Even my iPhone 8 plus has that gap which is funny considering this is the latest iPhone this 8 and x anyways think I will be switching to new iPhone I can't un see this gap it's annoying now

  31. American guy

    American guy20 days ago

    Why would anyone buy an iPad? iPhones are better because they fit into your pockets and they are not big targets to destruction of property or being robbed.

  32. Fa him

    Fa him20 days ago

    Is this the 6?

  33. Thecraze coming up

    Thecraze coming up21 day ago

    I've missed so much of ur vids cause i haven't been notified

  34. Ajay Sonawane

    Ajay Sonawane23 days ago

    u are awesome man! very nicely reviewed..

  35. Fashion City

    Fashion City23 days ago

    मजपकुन वपबरदहबहकबुड

  36. Ahmed Ismailov

    Ahmed Ismailov24 days ago

    I’m watching on that

  37. RagsDaSav 101

    RagsDaSav 10125 days ago


  38. JONOH20

    JONOH2026 days ago

    Did you just say that 2gb of RAM is future proof???

  39. ortoa quinnso

    ortoa quinnso26 days ago

    Is it 1080p

  40. يوميات فرح !!

    يوميات فرح !!Month ago

    3:42 lol hahahahha funny not hating just love it

  41. Juliet Banks

    Juliet BanksMonth ago

    Thank you!!! Matthew 5:17,18

  42. qaching

    qachingMonth ago

    Bought one for my mom

  43. Mikes Steven

    Mikes StevenMonth ago

    I wonder if u can give me a recommendation for the stylus (besides Apple Pencil). In my mind, Adonit is on the top. Do u have any? Which Adonit styluses are compatible with iPad 9.7 6th Gen? If they are, do they support all Apple apps (especially on iPad 9.7 6th Gen)? Thank you

  44. SubRose

    SubRoseMonth ago

    I want a "not so expensive" tablet to draw (not professional) did you recommend this one for that?? Thanks for the video :)

  45. ItzEntoX

    ItzEntoXMonth ago

    Wish I never bought it 🤮😭

  46. UncommonGaming

    UncommonGamingMonth ago

    Its a budget ipad. Tab s2 vs this ipad. Its the same thing. It all matters what you prefer.

  47. Aniq Roblox & More

    Aniq Roblox & MoreMonth ago

    I have the iPad

  48. ali demir

    ali demirMonth ago

    Türkçe video çek

  49. jay tianchon

    jay tianchonMonth ago

    329???? seriously?

  50. Rafit Inan

    Rafit InanMonth ago


  51. Ziden

    ZidenMonth ago

    Bro,is this released global?

  52. Dihno Dionisio

    Dihno DionisioMonth ago

    1:31 why is your 2018 iPad have fortnite lol

  53. Kyler Galimba

    Kyler GalimbaMonth ago

    Honestly, the gap on the iPad is not really a big deal to me

  54. Choi Macs

    Choi MacsMonth ago

    Apple definition of gold.. :) My ipad 2018 gold will arive soon..

  55. Vincent Santellano

    Vincent SantellanoMonth ago


  56. Vincent Santellano

    Vincent SantellanoMonth ago

    No joke on that I swear

  57. LyleTrek

    LyleTrekMonth ago

    Here in the Philippines the IPAD 9.7 6th gen 2018 being sold only includes 10W and not 12 W of power adapter?

  58. ahh hha

    ahh hhaMonth ago

    My little sis has that iPad rosegold

  59. Dennis

    DennisMonth ago

    US: $329 UK: £329 😑

  60. Jay Banner

    Jay BannerMonth ago

    Hello, Techrax

  61. Navaal Jindran

    Navaal JindranMonth ago

    U have nothing but Fortnite (same) 😂😏😂 Like all Fortnite lovers😂😏

  62. Sheen Estevez

    Sheen EstevezMonth ago

    But out of the box, how much of the 32gb is available? How much gb does the OS and the pre-installed apps consume?

  63. Ariel King

    Ariel KingMonth ago

    Watching on my 2017 iPad

  64. Ian Excalibur

    Ian ExcaliburMonth ago

    I can't believe you're comparing, the pro costs twice as much......

  65. Lorenzo C.

    Lorenzo C.Month ago

    I don’t really mind paying 300$ for an iPad. BUT 100$ FOR A PEN?! *broke artist here*

  66. Lauren Marsh

    Lauren Marsh4 days ago

    i hear u bro

  67. Lorenzo C.

    Lorenzo C.7 days ago

    J the thing is.. it doesn’t support any pen pressure at all which is essential for digital illustration. ;_;

  68. Xavier Roberts

    Xavier Roberts8 days ago

    The apple pencil has its own CPU, accelerometer, bluetooth, lithium ion rechargeable battery, antenna. and pressure sensors. A lot of tech packed in them to give the best sensitivity and finesse, which illustrators appreciate.

  69. J

    J8 days ago

    You guys check out the new Logitech Crayon, it uses pretty much the same tech as the Apple Pencil and is a bit cheaper

  70. Pochito Ray

    Pochito Ray21 day ago

    89 if you are a student cheap

  71. Dirk  Diggler

    Dirk DigglerMonth ago


  72. Dirk  Diggler

    Dirk DigglerMonth ago

    Tim Cook likes Gold cuz it's a girly color

  73. StarStruck _9904

    StarStruck _9904Month ago

    Where did you get the backgrounds from for the IPads ? Those look cool

  74. Eugen Pop

    Eugen PopMonth ago

    That copper/gold variant looks great. Shame about the display though, the Air 2 from 2014 is still better in this aspect. If Apple had added a laminated display plus anti-reflection coating I'd have bought one right away.

  75. Angad Singh

    Angad SinghMonth ago

    Can u play fortnite on it

  76. Jacq_Raven S.A.

    Jacq_Raven S.A.Month ago

    What model of ipad costs about $800?

  77. Dedmaw5

    Dedmaw5Month ago

    Will this iPad come with the pencil?

  78. kim Ashley

    kim AshleyMonth ago

    i have 100000 ;) rich

  79. Apple Technoligy Videos

    Apple Technoligy VideosMonth ago

    iPad 9.7 VS iPad Pro 12.9 inch please

  80. GamingWonderX

    GamingWonderXMonth ago

    3:42 LOL

  81. TaehyungIsAGod

    TaehyungIsAGodMonth ago

    I'd rather get an iPad Mini 4

  82. julia hill

    julia hillMonth ago

    How do you get it for 329$ mine is 429$?

  83. Kenshii GT

    Kenshii GTMonth ago

    Woah i wish u donate me one of ur ipad

  84. anirudh ralli

    anirudh ralli2 months ago

    Next iPad Pro should have A12X not A11X.

  85. anirudh ralli

    anirudh ralli2 months ago

    2018 iPad doesn’t have True Tone yet 2018 MacBook Pro has True Tone

  86. Jeffrey Anonymous

    Jeffrey Anonymous2 months ago

    Worth to upgrade from iPad Air 1 to iPad 2018?

  87. Dragon Wassup

    Dragon Wassup2 months ago

    Should i get a Samsung Chromebook Pro/Plus or this iPad with Apple Pencil?

  88. Echo Ponce

    Echo Ponce2 months ago

    3:42 hahaha😆😆😆😆😂😂😂

  89. Ant's Allotment

    Ant's Allotment2 months ago

    I have the 128GB model and use it for video editing using LumaFusion, very happy with it.

  90. Foxle The Fox

    Foxle The Fox2 months ago


  91. Kristine Tibbs

    Kristine Tibbs2 months ago

    It is ROSE gold.

  92. Dahlia Amlosé

    Dahlia Amlosé2 months ago

    Who even uses iPads anymore

  93. Intellectual Property

    Intellectual Property2 months ago

    Dahlia Amlosé everyone that still going to school! Also kids .

  94. Mod X Wolf™ Games

    Mod X Wolf™ Games2 months ago

    I’m upgrading from the iPad Air 2 to the iPad 9.7. Good idea or no.

  95. jelly ness

    jelly ness2 months ago

    3:41 drop test on ipad pro 10.5"

  96. Zubin B.

    Zubin B.2 months ago

    Tbh I like the bigger bezels, makes it easier to comfortably hold & use it. If you get the black iPad, the bezels won't even bother you plus the contrast with the use of white primarily in the UI will enhance it's visual appeal.

  97. Aminah A

    Aminah A2 months ago

    I want one

  98. Word is Full of hate

    Word is Full of hate2 months ago

    In Canada the 9.7 iPad is $429

  99. Brendan Pagaduan

    Brendan Pagaduan2 months ago

    Pls play fortnite and check the temperature😎

  100. Dreamy Abaddon

    Dreamy Abaddon2 months ago

    iPad tablet is just a bigger iPhone screen, minus the ability to text and call on it's own. The Surface Pro tablet is a laptop without keyboard permanently attached, with full computer operating system installed.

  101. SamuelD1

    SamuelD12 months ago

    You can't compare it with iPad Pro, iPad Pro is $1000

  102. Danielle Lombard

    Danielle Lombard2 months ago

    I got the I pad 10.5

  103. Danielle Lombard

    Danielle Lombard2 months ago

    I got the 10. I pad

  104. Anthony Martines

    Anthony Martines2 months ago

    You just sold an iPad 9.7! Apple should pay you! lol

  105. prayoga rafi salam ardhyan

    prayoga rafi salam ardhyan2 months ago

    Ok , I'll buy one

  106. Cybertech66

    Cybertech662 months ago

    But will it blend?

  107. htat lynn

    htat lynn2 months ago

    32 gb or 128 gb which one better then ? how to different type ?

  108. Steven Stanger, Jr

    Steven Stanger, Jr2 months ago

    XD watching this on the 2018 ipad