2018 iPad 9.7 Review! Worth $329?


  1. Vee Delrosario

    Vee Delrosario19 hours ago

    Will this work with Google account

  2. ExOneTM MiniMax

    ExOneTM MiniMax2 days ago

    It worth more than its price

  3. Meerab Adnan

    Meerab Adnan2 days ago

    I really like the way you make ur videos they help me decide which apple product to buy!!!!

  4. Dolly Dog

    Dolly Dog2 days ago

    when he was playing fortnite 😂😂😂

  5. Bucket_head

    Bucket_head4 days ago

    Great reviews, bad Fortnite gameplay 😄

  6. X Faethom

    X Faethom4 days ago

    Someone please tell me how you use emojis on the iPad 2018..

  7. daemon sS

    daemon sS5 days ago

    1:50 Should have got space grey then

  8. Tian Wang

    Tian Wang5 days ago

    I like the 9.7, but I’ll wait for a new version

  9. Rondal Ballard

    Rondal Ballard7 days ago

    I don’t like gold I like silver

  10. Galaxy iOS

    Galaxy iOS8 days ago

    My 1 question: Is gaming good for this iPad. Everyone please give your opinions. Thanks.

  11. Zagan Volac

    Zagan Volac8 days ago

    is the new ipad the right one or the left ? which is it?

  12. lion Roar

    lion Roar9 days ago

    Bro dont make such foolish comparisons, if you have got plenty of money then go for pro otherwise be happy with ipad 2018

  13. Charles Coffman

    Charles Coffman9 days ago

    For any artist considering this budget friendly iPad where the primary purpose is art, I’ll provide a link to a phenomenal artist who has a few reviews featuring the differences between the Pro and this budget friendly model. I recommend any artist subscribe to his channel as he has lots to share. mreporter.net/v/video-8r6m62LJnfY.html

  14. Natalie Helferty

    Natalie Helferty10 days ago

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  15. Amy Cater

    Amy Cater10 days ago


  16. Aisha Malik

    Aisha Malik10 days ago

    “Apple’s definition of gold is questionable” HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  17. Duckface421 O_o

    Duckface421 O_o11 days ago

    I watch this on the same iPad pro

  18. Drey Sy Marcaida

    Drey Sy Marcaida11 days ago

    My iPad 2018 only has a 10W power adapter 🔌 included in the box not a 12W!

  19. Like my comment challenge SENSITIVE

    Like my comment challenge SENSITIVE11 days ago

    You can review my products anytime

  20. Hannah Smith

    Hannah Smith13 days ago

    My ipad 9.7 was 800 dollars

  21. Dnp Text

    Dnp Text14 days ago

    Thanks for the review it’s very useful! I have the iPad now and I’m super satisfied😁

  22. The.golden.age.of.reptiles

    The.golden.age.of.reptiles15 days ago

    Hi Im stocked between Ipad 2018 cellular 128gb and Ipad pro 10.5 64gb wifi only ,wich should I buy?

  23. Jeffrey Anonymous

    Jeffrey Anonymous15 days ago

    Worth to upgrade from iPad Air 1?

  24. 76ersLency

    76ersLency16 days ago

    I want this but my parents won’t buy me it and I don’t really get paid for chores

  25. Aisha Mohammed

    Aisha Mohammed17 days ago

    is the 32 GB enough ??

  26. Adrian Beyer

    Adrian Beyer18 days ago

    I bought a new iPad 2017 for 230 dollars would a upgrade to ipad2018 be worth it ?


    MANILAL KUMAR20 days ago

    Its priced 329 dollars that comes around 22.5 k INR but its selling on higher price of 28k .. not fair

  28. Sander Torres

    Sander Torres20 days ago

    You are so stuppid to compare The iPad 2018 with A iPad pro The iPad 2018 is just great for that price, you don’t no how to make MReporter video’s

  29. Adrian Anzano

    Adrian Anzano20 days ago

    0:25 lol, when i got the 2017 iPad last year, i only got a 10W adapter, and that 12W is cost saving?

  30. Merissa Bey

    Merissa Bey20 days ago

    I have this ipad

  31. Hassan Dawood

    Hassan Dawood20 days ago

    excellent review

  32. marksonxd gt

    marksonxd gt22 days ago

    How much 2016 ipad pro 9.7??!

  33. Amazing Gaming Moments

    Amazing Gaming Moments25 days ago

    I wish I had an ipad :(

  34. Heidi S

    Heidi S26 days ago

    I bought this today and love it. The gold seems to have a touch of rose gold to it. Very nice since I wanted the ipad pro in rose gold and cant afford it. Spen was easy to pair and works great. The screen gap is not bothersome to my suprise

  35. Naruto Uzumaki

    Naruto Uzumaki26 days ago

    I have 250$ and i have an ipad air and this shit getting slow so i want a new ipad

  36. Mike Tran

    Mike Tran26 days ago

    2018 iPad ain't quad core! Geek bench even tells you it's just a dual core while the ipad pro is triple cores.

  37. Tomáš Paur

    Tomáš Paur27 days ago

    device is pretty good, but that screen!!!

  38. Zelia Lima

    Zelia Lima28 days ago

    Que fantástico 🙋👍 muito lindo quem mindera ganhar um desis iPad eu ficaria muito feliz você mostrar tantos sera que vocês tem a capacidade e acoragem de mandar um desi iPad de presente para mim eu ficaria muito feliz estou precisando muito de um desis sera que você tem um coração bom 👍👏👏🌹💝🇧🇷 si tem mandar um desi para mim eu so tenho um celular velho cheio de defeito esi iPad e ótimo para mim pesquisa os deveres dos meus filhos mim ajudar te um iPad querido amigo lembre de mim um grande abraço para todos voceis queridos amigos

  39. Heidi S

    Heidi S28 days ago

    Wow you are rather cute LOL thanks for the review

  40. dale sullivan

    dale sullivanMonth ago

    iPads used to be great but not any more. Constantly refreshing page.

  41. Rusher0229

    Rusher0229Month ago

    You look like jawed

  42. Ervin Gaming

    Ervin GamingMonth ago

    I have a $1000 ipad pro Sooo good

  43. Drayton

    DraytonMonth ago

    This cameout on my b dat

  44. Diary of Any

    Diary of AnyMonth ago

    Thanks! I'll buy iPad 2018 not pro

  45. mmanda515

    mmanda515Month ago

    Gold vs Rose-Gold... :) Be well.

  46. Mala Singh

    Mala SinghMonth ago

    I need new episodes my bloody sisters

  47. Linda Tube

    Linda TubeMonth ago

    iPhone is better than iPad

  48. Linda Tube

    Linda TubeMonth ago

    I hate iPads

  49. Shah Tube

    Shah TubeMonth ago

    I want wallpaper please

  50. Louise Dolk

    Louise DolkMonth ago

    Uhh i hate it i just boughy my 2017ipad few months ago and now there is a 2018 ?

  51. Screw Screw

    Screw ScrewMonth ago

    Who is getting it Bc fortnite doesn’t work on your old one

  52. Rahul Monga

    Rahul MongaMonth ago

    Really good work and your voice. The comic sense around Apple version of Gold is really funny

  53. Reigiñe Andrea

    Reigiñe AndreaMonth ago

    I don’t even know which is which

  54. 2sweet2handle

    2sweet2handleMonth ago

    what is fast charging?

  55. CherryLunatic

    CherryLunaticMonth ago

    How did u play fortnite in that Ipad!??

  56. DaimondBlade123 !

    DaimondBlade123 !Month ago

    If you look closely you can see he’s wrong about the air gap the iPad Pro has a bigger air gap it’s not a laminated

  57. Everythingapplepro 123

    Everythingapplepro 123Month ago

    My iPad 2018 has 201000 Antutu Benchmark

  58. Asri Loremsa

    Asri LoremsaMonth ago

    Beautiful 😍

  59. IIFluffyII :D

    IIFluffyII :DMonth ago

    I have that iPad. 😁

  60. WhichUppercut

    WhichUppercutMonth ago

    Not 329, 429!!!!!!

  61. Gey dee

    Gey deeMonth ago

    Is this good on rules of survival? They said air 2 is also good when it comes to gaming. Srry for bad eng

  62. Cheryl turtlemoon

    Cheryl turtlemoonMonth ago

    So helpful out of all the videos I’ve seen! Thanks!

  63. ShyOfficer

    ShyOfficerMonth ago

    Best tablet for note taking out there

  64. Joel Obregon Ferreiro

    Joel Obregon FerreiroMonth ago

    Watching on iPad Pro 10.5 anyone else?

  65. Dylan Power

    Dylan PowerMonth ago

    I have the iPad Pro 10.5

  66. J Lee

    J LeeMonth ago

    EverythingApplePro i really love the wallpapers you have with your ipad pro and ipad 2018.. can you share me a line on how to get those please? Thanks much 😍

  67. Hans Joshua Rongavilla

    Hans Joshua RongavillaMonth ago

    What? Same price as ipad 2017

  68. Beau1817

    Beau1817Month ago

    My dad bought iT today

  69. K B

    K BMonth ago

    Stay away.

  70. Aaron G

    Aaron GMonth ago

    where can I download that wallpaper

  71. DengrayKai211

    DengrayKai211Month ago

    i'm thinking getting this just for netlfix on the bed and porn hub ..good times...

  72. Aarav Vlogs

    Aarav VlogsMonth ago

    yes, fortnite works on this

  73. Aarav Vlogs

    Aarav VlogsMonth ago

    wait, the one on the left is the new one right

  74. Joshua Gch Gch

    Joshua Gch GchMonth ago

    Why my iPad only comes with 10w battery?? Malaysia set

  75. Rassbowki Sub

    Rassbowki SubMonth ago

    Is it 2017 iPad

  76. John Ward

    John WardMonth ago

    Please unsubscribe from this closet anal shit pushing queer he’s lying to all of you

  77. BJC T

    BJC TMonth ago

    He tried to kill someone with a pick axe?!?

  78. Kyle Ko

    Kyle KoMonth ago

    I've just got it with the Apple Pencil and they are fabulous!

  79. RaidZeroHero

    RaidZeroHeroMonth ago

    Yeah I feel like this is the most Apple ever gave for the price for any product. I remember going to the Apple store when the iPad mini first came out and bought 2 full price paid in cash for iPad mini 1st gen one 16gb for my GF and one 32gb for me and paying almost 1k for both and it had shit specs not even Retina display. But I liked the new light small form factor compared to the iPad 3 with Retina display at the time. And keep it mind the iPad 3 had a A5X chip witch was faster than the iPad mini only A5 cuz the larger iPad needed the extra GPU power to help with the display. But still they still should of put the same chip as the IPad 3 A5X to make it the same power even if it didn’t have Retina display. Apple has always been like Microsoft always paying extra for features that should of came from the start and what customers paid for. Sony and Android always gave so many extra features for what customers paid for even if it wasn’t necessary. Like don’t get me wrong I’m a die hard Apple and Microsoft fan. Own all there products but I hate how hire powered companies make you pay extra for everything. Like really I’m paying 800$ plus for a iPhone or iPad and still need to cough up more money for faster charger or wireless charger. I’m paying 400$ on lunch day for xbox360 and still need to pay for battery’s,or buy a plunge and play charger if I don’t want to keep changing batterys,hdmi,Xbox live,HD DVD player witch lost the format war to blue ray, ect. Like when will they give use shit included that we already pay a fortune for. I know the term you get what you pay for. But I seriously didn’t get what I paid for. I only got reliability from Apple products but I didn’t get the accessory’s needed from the box fast charging. I didn’t get a hdmi in my 400$ xbox360 lunch day or charger ect. They milk the fuck outta everyone. We need more for our doller period rich or poor. Cuz in the end they always win/profit why not help the customers your profiting no matter what

  80. Heinrich Hertz

    Heinrich HertzMonth ago

    Apple Ipad 2017: Reviews: Not okay -A9 Chip -M9 Coprocessor -No apple pencil support Apple Ipad 2018 “For education”: Reviews: Great and Fast -A10 chip -M10 Coprocessor -Apple pencil support Verdict: Advertisement is all it takes to make an apple product overrated, I mean wth, last year you treated the ipad 2017 like shit with an unreliable performance and a slight change of chip and a different target (With minimum changes) is all it takes for you to rate the ipad so differently from last year’s model? Really? The Ipad 2018 is then again, OVERRATED, it has the same build as the Ipad 2017 and are you really going to spend a 100$ for an Apple Pencil? Think about it, really

  81. Omar Rios

    Omar RiosMonth ago

    I pad gold looks like copper

  82. general clash

    general clashMonth ago

    NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!!! Ik own a broken ipad air doesn't want tu charge what shoud i replace it whith.

  83. Games 4Y

    Games 4YMonth ago

    EverythingApplro, i think you should make a Gaming channel

  84. Tanhlei

    TanhleiMonth ago

    Watching this on my iPad 4 from 2012 :D

  85. Stick It To Them

    Stick It To ThemMonth ago

    Apple ipad mini 4 is not worth the money it cost

  86. OMG its ExotikZ

    OMG its ExotikZMonth ago

    I’m on it right now

  87. Aquarius Tail

    Aquarius TailMonth ago

    I don’t care if the iPad 2018 has a glass gap, not a good camera quality and speakers. All I care about is I can draw and write notes on a great price so yes worth it every penny!!

  88. Fahad Alhendi

    Fahad AlhendiMonth ago

    Woah woah iPads are at that price? I used to think iPads were more expensive than iPhones because they are bigger

  89. Gerson Aguilar

    Gerson AguilarMonth ago

    Where did you get your wallaper?

  90. Muhammad Danish Azfar Saharudin

    Muhammad Danish Azfar SaharudinMonth ago

    headphone jack

  91. rainbow unicorn games XOX

    rainbow unicorn games XOXMonth ago

    My dad gave me the 2018 iPad yesterday and I love it

  92. 陈建敢

    陈建敢10 days ago

    rainbow unicorn games XOX

  93. prussell890

    prussell890Month ago

    Budget end? Its the top of the range apple air a few years ago.....i would not call it budget!!!! Budget is low priced products compared to flagship. The ipad pro is just a complete rip off!!!! Which is apple all over. They are selling a 4.7 inch 720p (ish) display and charging flagship prices? No offence but only apple freaks who can't afford the iphone x would buy it. Overall i would choose the (budget as you call it idiotically) ipad 2018 to go with my samsung galaxy s9

  94. shinshihyuk

    shinshihyuk10 days ago

    the screen is 2 048 x 1 536

  95. React King

    React King12 days ago

    prussell890 right it's too powerful to be considered budget class I don't know why people think spending 800 on a phone is justified it just doesn't make sense

  96. G00GLE SucksAtPrivacy

    G00GLE SucksAtPrivacyMonth ago

    For the market it’s aimed at it has great value, I very much enjoy my iPad Pro 10.5 but I’m using it as almost a replacement for a laptop as well as a tablet and to take notes from time to time

  97. 4everjess_ Sya

    4everjess_ SyaMonth ago

    I need some honest opinions from ipad users. I'm planning to buy my younger brother one soon so which one is better. Ipad air 2 or ipad 2018? He gonna use it for education purpose. Help me please. Thanks

  98. EnoxAG Gaming

    EnoxAG GamingMonth ago

    They should make a plastic budget iPhone x

  99. Queens Hi

    Queens HiMonth ago

    Hi I really do like the new iPad I got it 6 days ago and am loving it I got it in gold wi-Fi 128gb of storage

  100. Queens Hi

    Queens HiMonth ago

    Thanks so much I love the new iPad

  101. Jadrian Tyler

    Jadrian TylerMonth ago

    Bought the 2018 iPad. Worth 329

  102. Mark Alonzo

    Mark Alonzo2 months ago

    I hope that some day Apple will put the mic, quad front facing facing speakers and a flagship quality camera on the FRONT of the iPad Pro. You’d have a device that would be perfect for vlogging straight out of the box! Another port or two would be nice for music production as well. Allow me run full Mac programs and we’d be in business! Maybe EAP could pull some stings at Apple and get this done???

  103. Jack

    Jack2 months ago

    My dad is awesome, he went to America for work said that he would get me some stuff and came back with an iPad 😂😂

  104. Chesco

    Chesco2 months ago

    Colors on the ipad are superior vs the pro, thats odd...