1. Ronan Lapsley

    Ronan LapsleyDay ago

    I think he'll get to 0.1 billion subscribers.

  2. Delaney Vlogs

    Delaney VlogsDay ago

    3:00 - 3:25 made me so sad :(

  3. Crazy Panda

    Crazy Panda5 days ago

    Wow i remember when i watched u when u were 2 million wow u have gone a long way congrats!!!!

  4. Muhammad Haroon

    Muhammad Haroon5 days ago

    you look like you have cried for some time

  5. Vamtastic The Awesome

    Vamtastic The Awesome6 days ago

    Ya jinxed yourself mate

  6. Jordan Dibart999

    Jordan Dibart9998 days ago

    Wow I’ve been here since 100,000 subs and I’ll admit the last 2-3 months I kinda stopped watching jack but I’d like to thank him because in 2015-2016and a bit of 2017 I was depressed overweight and just sad all the time and the only thing tht got me through the day was watching his vids and he’d make me laugh and not think ab my life and how miserable I was and I’ve lost 40 pounds and have a 6pack and stuff now and I’m not depressed I have 2 best friends and a gf so again id like to thank u jack...... even though u prob won’t see this comment keep up the good work

  7. TheClawGamer

    TheClawGamer11 days ago


  8. FamilyToys

    FamilyToys12 days ago

    WHAT WILL YOU DO WHEN YOU HIT 80 million Subs.Can you buy floats for Ireland.Your young your growing with your channel.We are TOO >

  9. Keagin Agrella

    Keagin Agrella14 days ago

    Jacksepticeye vs T-Series

  10. Zeljko Buinac

    Zeljko Buinac18 days ago

    Jack thats over 4 times the population of Ireland!HOLY SHIT!Thank you for making my life better and helping me get over with my depresion!Your Videos make me laugh and made me always hold a smile on my face! EDIT:Sorry im late to this Video.

  11. CuriousCrow

    CuriousCrow19 days ago

    I've been here since 1 million

  12. XxExposed Legend

    XxExposed Legend21 day ago

    I've been here since before 1 million and I'm still here you are truly an inspiration to us and us all and you have put a smile on all of our faces and been the light that helps us out of the darkness of our depression and you make us whole again thank you so much for being here for us Jack thank you so much I wouldn't be here without you

  13. Adriel Melgar

    Adriel Melgar22 days ago


  14. Kari Brock

    Kari Brock22 days ago

    Man 20 Million I remember thinking 7million was your biggest number yet,then 8 to 9 can’t forget 10 all the way up to now

  15. SA Tube

    SA Tube23 days ago

    Help post Hi gsyes please My chnnels subscribe me

  16. Billy Connolli

    Billy Connolli25 days ago

    Does anyone have the link to that video that Jack was talking about, with him in the log cabin?

  17. Wow Wut

    Wow Wut25 days ago

    Am I the only one who didn’t get this pin yet?

  18. kenta musik

    kenta musikMonth ago

    2018 on 21 mil subs

  19. Simply Toxic

    Simply ToxicMonth ago

    ive been with jack dince 350,000 subs

  20. Kaylin :P hi

    Kaylin :P hiMonth ago

    Yay! I’m SOOOO happy! Good job Sean! I started to watch you 4 or 5 years ago, I started with FNaF and that got me hooked, I remember when I was upset and always needed someone to cheer me up, and that was you! Thanks for everything and I’m happy that you got 20 mil. Great job! From Kaylin :))))) *I made a comment but I deleted while trying to edit it... ☹️ it’s late on now, soooo... you probably have 21 mil right now* ❤️

  21. FBI

    FBIMonth ago

    CoryxKenshin Thanks Man ( Definitely Not Edited)

  22. FUN PLACE 8

    FUN PLACE 8Month ago

    My latest video 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 I am dead laughing lol Hahaaa

  23. ThE rEaL tEa -by otter-

    ThE rEaL tEa -by otter-Month ago

    In 4 months you got one million subs. You earned them Jack!!!

  24. Claude Speed

    Claude SpeedMonth ago

    good job mate sorry i'm a bit late, just curious, what are the titles of the songs in the background?

  25. B3nny Plays

    B3nny PlaysMonth ago

    I was here when he reached 100 thousand subscribers, it's amazing how much he has grown

  26. Damian Smith

    Damian SmithMonth ago

    Jack you are the most popular MReporterr right now so I hope you make it to 3 mil you are I am your best fan I've been watching since GTA v GTA 6 coming out and I hope I can play with you

  27. Astro Matrix

    Astro MatrixMonth ago

    He gains subscribers so quickly, I bet by the end of 2019 he'll have 30 million 💚

  28. 1min vid

    1min vidMonth ago


  29. Joe

    JoeMonth ago

    I used to be a fan... But now I am a air cooler

  30. Oiler_Fan_97

    Oiler_Fan_97Month ago

    Congrats Sean!! Been here since 700K, and I’ll be here till 30 million. Keep up the great work 👌🏻👌🏻

  31. MCGamer

    MCGamerMonth ago

    Hey Jack! I Recommend you play a game called Jet island. It's a lot like Windlands 2, if you remember that game, except you're on a hover board, with jets for controllers. But there's also the grappling hook, which you have. It's really open and adventurous, in the end, its really well done, and its up to the player where you go.

  32. Bom Bagel

    Bom BagelMonth ago

    Woooooooooooo!! 20 million Sam fans!!

  33. Brett Argo

    Brett ArgoMonth ago

    20 mill on my Birthday thanks for filming on my birthday

  34. Blaze Gamer

    Blaze GamerMonth ago

    Jack you watched theodds1s out

  35. SuperPuggus101

    SuperPuggus101Month ago


  36. bonnie

    bonnieMonth ago

    Wow 9years on youtube

  37. Mr_SlimeWorm

    Mr_SlimeWormMonth ago

    Jack I love ya man

  38. Rainbow Star 29

    Rainbow Star 292 months ago

    Congrats Sean (I didnt get to watched this video after I came back from school bc I was crying thanks to my fu*king classmates and bullys make of me as a fu*king joke to this world)

  39. S1lv3r1

    S1lv3r12 months ago

    Beem here since Happy Wheels episode 32. you rock man!

  40. SnowmobileDaxton

    SnowmobileDaxton2 months ago

    Jack I love your channel. I have watched you since 200k , you’ve multiply‘ that by 10 everyday I watch your videos. One time I was having the worst day ever I came back to watch you scream HAPPYYYYYY WHEEEEEEEELLLLLLSSS and now I can hardly remember that day. You are so inspirational and happy. You have so many friends and so many people look up to you as the best MReporterr ever, and so do I. Keep making videos and being the best person ever because I know I’m not I. I don’t really have any friends, I’m kinda the 3rd wheel kind of friend.........no like the 30th sitting in the back of school or somewhere like 🥺😐😐😑😑🥺this wondering if anything will happen but you are the person everybody notices and wants to be. Keep up the good work 👍🏻👊🏻. 100,000,000 things can’t change the world but one person can and it is you Sean 🙂 go team jack

  41. BRT AlinSP

    BRT AlinSP2 months ago

    Top on the morning to ya ladies Is he still saying that I haven’t watched him for 3 years so..😬

  42. Mr Sadly

    Mr Sadly2 months ago

    CONGRATZ :) Edit: Prepare for 21 pls ;)

  43. Christopher Wolf

    Christopher Wolf2 months ago

    Just Kind, Honest, and down to eartb. He s always been a person I've enjoyed watching on MReporter, and has made my teenage years an enjoyable time when I was sad

  44. Jennifer Moon

    Jennifer Moon2 months ago

    You do know you're close to hitting 21 million subs Right?

  45. Rabizz Turtle

    Rabizz Turtle2 months ago

    I've been here from two million, and I'm here for twenty million! Jack, you are my hero! You have progressed and changed for the better! I am so proud of you. :3

  46. Hog 75

    Hog 752 months ago

    I’m not 100% but I think I was here around 10-20k. Started with EvieBot


    SPARKY SINN2 months ago

    He is Irish.


    SPARKY SINN2 months ago

    He was a lil Irish with cabin fever.

  49. random-account-of-fanboying GG

    random-account-of-fanboying GG2 months ago

    Has anyone gotten there pins yet?!?!


    CLASH BANGERS2 months ago

    Hey Jack did u know that 15th of August is the date when India got its independence

  51. Daniel McGurk

    Daniel McGurk2 months ago

    I remember watching the draw my life just after it was uploaded. That's insane to think it was 4 years ago and he has 20 mill subs. Well done Sean you deserve it

  52. Isaac The Best at Games

    Isaac The Best at Games2 months ago

    I remember those days too. (they were on my old account that got hacked but still) it is incredible to think that Sean has come so far. It feels as if he has grown WITH me over the years, which is a feeling ive never gotten from a youtuber before.

  53. bee's knees

    bee's knees2 months ago

    You should play Beat saber

  54. Rophie Monroy

    Rophie Monroy2 months ago

    Yo few months just have past and u just recieved 900k subs...WHAT IS THIS SORCERY?!!!!

  55. ali ali

    ali ali2 months ago


  56. a l i e n . _ . g o d

    a l i e n . _ . g o d2 months ago

    technically i was here since 300k on my old account. i forgot the pass. fml i am reaaaally proud.

  57. KingNathan

    KingNathan2 months ago

    the music reminded me of undertale

  58. Exroz

    Exroz2 months ago

    been here since the cabin....love ya jack


    FROSTY FLAKES2 months ago

    I would be lucky to get 20 subscribers

  60. the real oh yeah yeah god

    the real oh yeah yeah god2 months ago

    Jacksepticeye is so humble

  61. Because Y_Not

    Because Y_Not2 months ago

    I’m not lying I started watching you 5 years ago, I don’t think you even had 3 million subs back then. Me and my sister were playing a horror game and we didn’t know here to go so we searched the game up on MReporter and your video came up. We watched that video and then I realized I really liked it so I watched some other videos, from there on I watched you every day and would be so happy when u uploaded a video which was like 3 times a day back then. NOW YOU HAVE 20 MILLION SUBSCRIBERS! It was so great to watch you grow and I have loved every video I have watched of you. Thanks jack for all the videos that have made me laugh and happy. When ever I was sad I would watch a video of u and it would make me feel better so THANK YOU!

  62. Yeocheng Hock

    Yeocheng Hock2 months ago

    20million IS 10MILLION X 2

  63. Mz Sugaaa family

    Mz Sugaaa family2 months ago

    Amazing.. Congrats 👍🏼👍🏼🙂🙂👏🏽👏🏽

  64. Matthew Davidson

    Matthew Davidson2 months ago

    Been here since 1 mil

  65. Cage Starr

    Cage Starr2 months ago

    I remember when little inferno videos came out, And it's been amazing seeing jack change but not if that makes sense. Congratulations to jack and every one in the community!

  66. Kevin Bartles

    Kevin Bartles2 months ago

    Been here since 300,000 subs (turbo dismount ep 1)

  67. Mowkey Yosh

    Mowkey Yosh2 months ago

    1 million is alot but 20 million is just...... wow thats alot of pepole

  68. KMeeks _07

    KMeeks _072 months ago

    Like 35% of the world watch this amazing mans vids

  69. An Chau

    An Chau2 months ago

    3 months = 800,000 1 year to get 30 million (if at the same pace).

  70. GachaTuber Potato

    GachaTuber Potato2 months ago

    FUCK YES WE DID IT!!!!!!!

  71. Fun Size

    Fun Size2 months ago

    One day when I was 7 years old I downloaded MReporter on my phone. I didn’t know how the app worked but I figured it out, at the time I was feeling horrible and as I sat in a dark room curled up underneath blankets I saw a Jacksepticeye video. “Far Cry 3 watch tower gameplay” and I clicked on it. I never stopped clicking. So for almost everyday since that day, 6 years ago, I watched your vids and loved them all. You’ve made me feel every emotion possible and I want to personally thank you for all the love you have spread. I love you Jack, and so do 19,999,999 million other people. Cheers Sean.

  72. Fathi Najdi

    Fathi Najdi2 months ago

    3 months later, he will reach 21 million. Man, time flies!

  73. Dylan Johnson

    Dylan Johnson2 months ago

    Been here since 300k i'll be here for 50 million

  74. TheCookieFox

    TheCookieFox2 months ago

    I just realised Jack has more views than the world’s population, by a lot


    SHAWN BISCUIT2 months ago

    Hehey *ho* HI *HELLO THERE*

  76. Riley Drawws

    Riley Drawws2 months ago

    Wait.... why does jack have 20 mil but his views are going down?!? We love jack so why are there barely any people watching when so many people are subscribed?!? HE IS AMAZING!

  77. Oi Fam

    Oi Fam2 months ago

    I love u i've bine here since 5000 and I stil remember sticky bom!! sorry for my broken english sending love from the Kingdom of the Netherlands ☺☺

  78. SpudsStuff

    SpudsStuff3 months ago

    jaysus jack how did ye get bloody 20 million.I would probably never get to that by me self.

  79. Bag Monster

    Bag Monster3 months ago

    Anti is a version of yourself u don't like

  80. Thug Life

    Thug Life3 months ago

    20 Million is almost half of the world

  81. XxXSwagMaster360NoscopeBlazeItSkayte4lyfe XxX

    XxXSwagMaster360NoscopeBlazeItSkayte4lyfe XxX2 months ago

    Thug Life No its not

  82. i hit my waffle

    i hit my waffle3 months ago

    i watched your vids since you first hit 1 mil subs and you reached 30 mil congrats!! jack

  83. Alexis Garber

    Alexis Garber3 months ago

    That moment when JackSepticEye has more subscribers than Beyoncé! That’s a major accomplishment! Congrats Sean!☺️☺️☺️

  84. Luke Green

    Luke Green3 months ago




    Congratulations Jackaboy. You deserve this so much.We are all so proud of you. ❤❤❤❤

  86. Connor-Pethybridge Riley

    Connor-Pethybridge Riley3 months ago

    222222000000 mmmmmilon

  87. Hxmilton Trash

    Hxmilton Trash3 months ago

    Jack, ive been watching since about 1 million subs, seeing you with 20 million and your own tour, it just makes me smile.

  88. Oi Fam

    Oi Fam2 months ago

    I was watching him also for a long thime i've bin here since 5000

  89. Andrea King

    Andrea King3 months ago

    I’ve been watch sence he was at 4m

  90. The white Grape

    The white Grape3 months ago

    i remember so long ago, skate 3, amazing, and i dont know if its just me, but you sound the same and its great

  91. Young Magic

    Young Magic3 months ago

    Goes on to gain 3/4 of a million in only 3 months :D

  92. Kurumi Shinoda

    Kurumi Shinoda3 months ago

    20 million sprinkles Jack

  93. Clara Carter

    Clara Carter3 months ago

    I've been here since 5m

  94. Jaimeee Mataaa

    Jaimeee Mataaa3 months ago


  95. Johnny Appleseed

    Johnny Appleseed3 months ago

    Been here since 1 million in an old account

  96. Skitlo

    Skitlo3 months ago

    4:58 ASS

  97. TactileTitan gaming

    TactileTitan gaming3 months ago

    3 months ago is 20 mill and hes already half way to 21 mill I'm so proud of my little boy 😭😭😂😂

  98. Some Random

    Some Random3 months ago

    Who else 2 months ago watched Jacksepticeyes 20 mil special and then 4 days later watched DanTDM’s one?

  99. Mason Lamb

    Mason Lamb3 months ago

    And to think, all this started from a shout-out! Now you make amazing content and have gained millions of subscribers! Good job! 👍🏻

  100. Gotanks7778

    Gotanks77783 months ago

    If it wasn’t for Saint Jude my brother would not be here right now he had retinoblastoma so they had to take his eye out he has a fake one now

  101. Gotanks7778

    Gotanks77783 months ago

    The only thing you need to put into in Is we love you Jack and keep doing amazing things

  102. APP

    APP3 months ago

    Your the beat you-tuber out there I know u won't read this or see it even but I just want to say ur a amazing you-tuber and ur my inspiration and ur doing amazing at making vids and gaming UR THE BEST YOU-TUBER OUT THERE! one more thing BOOPER DOOPER!!!!

  103. Kevin Yohanes

    Kevin Yohanes3 months ago

    I remember you with that grey cap. It was 2.5 million, I think? What a journey, Jack. Thanks for being there.