1. aiden gaming extra

    aiden gaming extra43 minutes ago

    i watched your vids since you first hit 1 mil subs and you reached 30 mil congrats!! jack

  2. Alexis Garber

    Alexis Garber13 hours ago

    That moment when JackSepticEye has more subscribers than Beyoncé! That’s a major accomplishment! Congrats Sean!☺️☺️☺️

  3. Chaluzi

    Chaluzi23 hours ago




    Congratulations Jackaboy. You deserve this so much.We are all so proud of you. ❤❤❤❤

  5. Connor-Pethybridge Riley

    Connor-Pethybridge RileyDay ago

    222222000000 mmmmmilon

  6. James ;-;

    James ;-;Day ago

    Jack, ive been watching since about 1 million subs, seeing you with 20 million and your own tour, it just makes me smile.

  7. Andrea King

    Andrea King3 days ago

    I’ve been watch sence he was at 4m

  8. The white Grape

    The white Grape3 days ago

    i remember so long ago, skate 3, amazing, and i dont know if its just me, but you sound the same and its great

  9. Young Magic

    Young Magic3 days ago

    Goes on to gain 3/4 of a million in only 3 months :D

  10. Kurumi Shinoda

    Kurumi Shinoda4 days ago

    20 million sprinkles Jack

  11. Clara Carter

    Clara Carter5 days ago

    I've been here since 5m

  12. The Unknown

    The Unknown5 days ago


  13. Mason Ryder

    Mason Ryder5 days ago

    Been here since 1 million in an old account

  14. Skitlo

    Skitlo5 days ago

    4:58 ASS

  15. Mr.Clout Master

    Mr.Clout Master8 days ago

    3 months ago is 20 mill and hes already half way to 21 mill I'm so proud of my little boy 😭😭😂😂

  16. Some random Yoshi fan

    Some random Yoshi fan8 days ago

    Who else 2 months ago watched Jacksepticeyes 20 mil special and then 4 days later watched DanTDM’s one?

  17. Dakota Johnson

    Dakota Johnson9 days ago

    I love seeing him come so far me from like 80k to 20 million i am so over joyed

  18. Mason Lamb

    Mason Lamb10 days ago

    And to think, all this started from a shout-out! Now you make amazing content and have gained millions of subscribers! Good job! 👍🏻

  19. Gotanks

    Gotanks10 days ago

    If it wasn’t for Saint Jude my brother would not be here right now he had retinoblastoma so they had to take his eye out he has a fake one now

  20. Gotanks

    Gotanks10 days ago

    The only thing you need to put into in Is we love you Jack and keep doing amazing things

  21. Needels Coolman 09

    Needels Coolman 0911 days ago

    Your the beat you-tuber out there I know u won't read this or see it even but I just want to say ur a amazing you-tuber and ur my inspiration and ur doing amazing at making vids and gaming UR THE BEST YOU-TUBER OUT THERE! one more thing BOOPER DOOPER!!!!

  22. Kevin Yohanes

    Kevin Yohanes12 days ago

    I remember you with that grey cap. It was 2.5 million, I think? What a journey, Jack. Thanks for being there.

  23. laurna jay Bennett

    laurna jay Bennett12 days ago

    ( ○ ) \ / \/ Septic Sam sorry Ok tried ma best so don't hate

  24. Owen Atkins

    Owen Atkins12 days ago

    I have been watching sense 8 million I know that’s a lot but your really cool and fun to watch

  25. Elen Podrabska

    Elen Podrabska12 days ago

    Jack : "things have been absolute bananas lately" Me : *eating bananas*

  26. roblox gaming

    roblox gaming13 days ago

    i still love that you kept the same logo I LOVED IT sinse ur first happy wheels vid

  27. SamusV4

    SamusV413 days ago

    I'm so late for this. Darn college.

  28. Victor Rivas Salina

    Victor Rivas Salina14 days ago


  29. Ninja Quartz

    Ninja Quartz16 days ago


  30. Luke Blogs

    Luke Blogs16 days ago

    fuck jack u have changed so much I still remembre when u used to play skate 3 and your other things keep it up

  31. Snipingwolf70

    Snipingwolf7017 days ago

    Your awesome jack❤️

  32. Adrian Bigno

    Adrian Bigno17 days ago

    Whoa. I love the caption message after he said bye. :)

  33. Add Cents

    Add Cents18 days ago


  34. Dead Pole Gamez

    Dead Pole Gamez19 days ago

    Jack I have been here beginning of 365K I LOVE YOU

  35. Mr. Vegam

    Mr. Vegam20 days ago

    невега себе

  36. Rob Meez

    Rob Meez20 days ago

    Hey guys I have a MReporter channel would love if I can get some feedback will be great thank you in advance

  37. Courtney Boyd

    Courtney Boyd20 days ago

    Where did the guy in the cabin go ya I still remember you dude and you will never be forgotten

  38. 4d722e2052656473746f6e65 - Komentování

    4d722e2052656473746f6e65 - Komentování20 days ago

    2x times the population of the Czech Republic - DONE

  39. GfolkBass

    GfolkBass21 day ago

    Who dislikes these videos?

  40. Tristen  Hamm

    Tristen Hamm22 days ago

    Can we be friends? Or anyone who reads this? It'd be nice to meet people who can talk every now and again.

  41. Oh My!

    Oh My!24 days ago

    Ag, such a nice person. Love you jack.

  42. Not_Teh _Grim_Reapz

    Not_Teh _Grim_Reapz26 days ago

    I've been here since 1000 and I'll be here to the end of time.

  43. Isabel M

    Isabel M26 days ago

    I JUST GOT MY PIN AND IM LITTERLY CRYING 😭 I love your work Jack 🤗 You have got me through the hardest of times. And you don’t know how thankful I am 😭. Thank you 😊

  44. Clay Casto

    Clay Casto27 days ago

    I've been here since the cabin

  45. Clay Casto

    Clay Casto27 days ago

    I know you aren't but you look a lot like my cousin pat!

  46. Drodon

    Drodon27 days ago

    Am I the only one who remembers when he played subnoticaaaaaaaa pre relished?

  47. Drodon

    Drodon27 days ago

    Jack wear are you get back in your top of the mornin‘ cabin

  48. Processed Cheese

    Processed Cheese28 days ago

    I've been here since 3 million

  49. Sgt. Shiny

    Sgt. Shiny28 days ago

    I’m so happy to see you grow as much as you have since you started. I’ve been watching since around 500k and I loved watching your videos. I’m just glad that you could get as far as you are now and that your work has paid off as much as it has. Keep up the great work my dude 👍👍👍

  50. kevman nate 28

    kevman nate 2829 days ago

    Congratulations jack you deserve it

  51. Victor Vu

    Victor VuMonth ago


  52. Asad Nadeem

    Asad NadeemMonth ago

    Been here from abt 2m subs. mean to say *TIME FLIES*

  53. Ryzza23

    Ryzza23Month ago

    Been here since 50k now I’m still here at 20.5 million

  54. Dillon Meredith

    Dillon MeredithMonth ago

    Half way to 21 million!

  55. G2 LTT

    G2 LTTMonth ago

    So guys, we did it, we reached a quarter of a one hundred million subscribers, 20,000,000 subscribers and still growing the fact that we've reached this number in such a short amount of time is just phenomenal, I'm-I'm just amazed. Thank you all so much for supporting this channel and helping it grow. I-I love you guys... You guys are just awesome.

  56. Yumii ._.

    Yumii ._.Month ago


  57. asian dude

    asian dudeMonth ago

    He lived in a log cabin

  58. TWINKAL27

    TWINKAL27Month ago

    I feel so good for you and I don't even have 100 sub's. whoever is watching please subscribe to Jack septic eye because he is the best and this is a massive milestone. 20 million wow that's a lot of people. can I get a like a boss.

  59. TWINKAL27

    TWINKAL27Month ago

    your the best I feel so good for you and I don't even have 100 subscriber's your crazy. the people please subscribe to jack because he is the beat

  60. Lloyd Caguinguin

    Lloyd CaguinguinMonth ago

    I discovered Sean since he has 3.9 million subscribers.

  61. JanPro18

    JanPro18Month ago

    Iv been here 4 years, still one of the most genuine , honest and real youtuber and person there is.I still remember the 1 million subscriber video. I grew up with this channel and it was a big part of my life,it helped me get through things in my life like nothing else. Thank you Jack/Sean

  62. The Dark Queen

    The Dark QueenMonth ago

    Just wait for 30M!! That Will come soon i can tell..! 😉 ❤️


    LOKI FAN GIRLMonth ago


  64. TR VOR

    TR VORMonth ago

    Jack I think it’s cool that your not a MReporterr that flex’s like the Paul brother I’m glad that you’re not flexing that your rich and famous and not showing off cars and cloths and shoes this is why you’re a great person

  65. Kraken Gaming

    Kraken GamingMonth ago

    You have 20 million subscribers yet only 1.4 million have watched this video

  66. your guy

    your guyMonth ago


  67. The Crimson Knight

    The Crimson KnightMonth ago

    Thank you for creating this place for all of us to laugh and we enjoy your company we appreciate you and congratulations you earned every subscriber we hope you keep going for years to come thank you so much Jack and all be a boss

  68. Fortnite God

    Fortnite GodMonth ago

    I’ll never make it there😢😢😢 congrats jack

  69. Jack Boss344

    Jack Boss344Month ago


  70. Ghetto_Matrix

    Ghetto_MatrixMonth ago

    I've been here since about 20000 subs I think. Holy fuck dude. It's been crazy watching you throughout the years. I was either 13 or 14 when I first found you and I instantly knew you were gonna go far. Killin it bro. You go jackaboy.

  71. Riley Hansen

    Riley HansenMonth ago

    Been here since 250,000 man keep it up!!!

  72. Xian Mitchell

    Xian MitchellMonth ago

    this was posted on my birthday

  73. XxhyperdeathxX

    XxhyperdeathxXMonth ago

    Congratulations on 20 mill I was subscribed to 500 thousand or around there and the first vid I watched of u was gta 5 and I was laughing how funny u were and speed is key was when I was dying congratulations on 20 mill

  74. Cherryheartlover watching channel

    Cherryheartlover watching channelMonth ago

    Wish I could of gotten the pins ^-^ would of loved to help you raise money. Maybe at 40M? XD (I know you can get there)

  75. Bob YT YT

    Bob YT YTMonth ago


  76. trishdadish82

    trishdadish82Month ago

    I have been subscribed to you ever since you were in the cabin in the woods, and had that dark blue bed sheet as your background. You are still the same person. So humble. Love you!

  77. panbread

    panbreadMonth ago

    Gives me the hope that I can be this content one day :)

  78. Psync

    PsyncMonth ago

    That is like 4.5 New Zealand’s smudges into eachother

  79. Braxton Neal

    Braxton NealMonth ago


  80. Braxton Neal

    Braxton NealMonth ago

    Sorry about gizmo

  81. Braxton Neal

    Braxton NealMonth ago

    Sorry about gizmo

  82. ThatOne Guy

    ThatOne GuyMonth ago

    Been here since skate 3 and turbo dismount

  83. FirstTrooper 4312

    FirstTrooper 4312Month ago

    Been here since 1K You have grown so much

  84. JoNatHan K

    JoNatHan KMonth ago

    When is more Detroit Become Human jacksepticeye videos?

  85. Jamaica Sabela

    Jamaica SabelaMonth ago

    Yeah we love you jack

  86. Ice Kitty

    Ice KittyMonth ago

    Its hard too believe that I subscribed just before this was posted. I remember that the videos made me laugh and that was all I needed at that time of my life. anyways Congrats Jack on 20 mil!!!

  87. Lps Cutie

    Lps CutieMonth ago

    i wish i could come to the tour :(

  88. Ava Gwaro

    Ava GwaroMonth ago

    Proud to say I’ve been here since 800,000 proud of you jack You’ve been my favorite MReporter since I was six

  89. Fran Ivan M

    Fran Ivan MMonth ago

    i didnt realise he has 20 mil subs but yeah congrats

  90. Suja Ramesh

    Suja RameshMonth ago

    Still the Sam accent "20 million sobs, blassings, but we still understand and that is what we need and why did I write this

  91. Nicvester

    NicvesterMonth ago

    You now have four times Norway’s population as subscriber, congrats


    NATHAN RITTERMonth ago

    As of September 27th, Jack is 0.054 million away from being the 50th most subscribed person on youtube. Edit: He's litterally the

  93. Geisterjäger 0606

    Geisterjäger 0606Month ago


  94. D3rk0o

    D3rk0oMonth ago

    Jack 1 sub or 20 mill I would always be your fan you are my favorite MReporterr.💪😬🤜

  95. Toasted Box

    Toasted BoxMonth ago

    I have been subbed to ur channel on all my accounts since 7 Mill I love you

  96. Tayshaun Fowlkes

    Tayshaun FowlkesMonth ago

    You met Cory

  97. Michal Listiak

    Michal ListiakMonth ago

    75% of kids subsribed

  98. Nerzio

    NerzioMonth ago

    I watched a channel who thought to create two million people in a game and you couldn't render how much there was and it crashed, so imagine trying to see 20 million individual people.

  99. Quinntastico

    QuinntasticoMonth ago

    One of the realest MReporterrs out there

  100. Reet Yeet

    Reet YeetMonth ago

    Why is there 3 private vids in this blog series