20 Celebs Who DISSED Kylie Jenner


  1. Tati Edits

    Tati EditsYear ago

    Unpopular opinion; I don't like her either. Never have. Never will. Come at me, haters.

  2. Amelia K

    Amelia K18 days ago

    I think your wrong she is an amazing role model and a great person.

  3. 小猪飞天

    小猪飞天Month ago

    I support you!!!

  4. Rebekah Wade

    Rebekah WadeMonth ago


  5. Alma Narvaez

    Alma NarvaezMonth ago


  6. Soulja Bird

    Soulja BirdMonth ago

    Tati Edits haters

  7. Itzia Salinas

    Itzia SalinasHour ago

    i don't like Kylie Jenner,she the one that made Selena and Justin brake up.

  8. mashonda Knight

    mashonda Knight4 hours ago

    I can't the Kardashians either.

  9. Maureen Fernandes

    Maureen Fernandes5 days ago

    Kylie is a billionaire now. Soooo back off

  10. Tammi Bartice

    Tammi Bartice6 days ago

    She's got problems and its obvious, you feel me?

  11. Esha Singh

    Esha Singh8 days ago

    And now she replaced mark Zuckerberg...and this diplomatic,dramatic,senseless girl is a billionaire😏😌...y'all people need to relax she's a human too whatever it is...it's her life her choice...if she have done anything wrong to you than that's okay and if not you people need medication perhaps you people facing some intense jealousy issue😂 i don't know her personally but i would never ever judge a person without knowing the whole story and the people who trying to show you what she and her family background is the only 10% of the truth and rest 90% we dunno 'bout it. #istanbyyoujennerkardashians😊☺

  12. Rita Keya

    Rita Keya8 days ago

    Its keke not kik

  13. Emily M

    Emily M9 days ago

    I saw my bff Ashley Benson in a pick of one of the girl who dissed it also I wish Ashley was my bff

  14. Drew Andrews

    Drew Andrews10 days ago

    Kim not liking her Blue hair is not a diss. It's just her opinion!

  15. jelena my life

    jelena my life10 days ago

    selena you are my idol......

  16. nadia clark

    nadia clark10 days ago

    i don’t think a hair style should be put with a race wear your hair the way you like it,you shouldn’t be offend over a hairstyle..it’s stupid

  17. Kayla Kaycane

    Kayla Kaycane11 days ago

    Diddy definitely meant to crop her out 😂

  18. Stacey Snowbunny

    Stacey Snowbunny12 days ago

    They hang out one time; y’all label them besties 🙄

  19. SamuraiStackszz

    SamuraiStackszz16 days ago


  20. Kelly Lewis

    Kelly Lewis17 days ago

    We all have haters. Its just in the public eye

  21. Vedashree Bane

    Vedashree Bane18 days ago

    1. Selena Gomez 2. Blac Chyna 3. P Diddy 4. Tyga 5. Shailene Woodley 6. Keke Palmer 7. Kim Kardashian 8. Amandla Stenberg 9. Danielle Bregoli 10. Sharon Osourne 11. Rob Kardashian 12. Amber Rose 13. Kylie Minogue 14. Lourdes Leon 15. Sarah Synder 16. Perez Hilton 17. Taylor Swift 18. Rihanna 19. Kendall Jenner 20. Jeffrree Star That's all.

  22. Mercedez Bens SLE 300SD 1981

    Mercedez Bens SLE 300SD 198118 days ago

    I'm personally a hater of KJ (Kylie Jenner) because she always talks about her shitty cosmetics even though there is only WHITEGIRL shades and then Rihanna has multiple shades (for blacks and whites or boths) And the shipping, oh girl the shipping is BAD it takes like 2-3 weeks to be fully shipped to your house. WHAT IF YOU HAVE TO GO TO A PARTY IN A WEEK AND YOU NEED NEW, FRESH MAKEUP?! And then Rihanna's cosmetics have a section in most makeup stores and you can also buy them online _and it probably takes like, a week to be fully shipped._

  23. Amara Berger

    Amara Berger18 days ago

    12:54 tell me why they had to explain that?

  24. Jada Nelson

    Jada Nelson20 days ago

    I don't live under a rock i just have things to do other than watch people fake problems

  25. Desiree Gacha

    Desiree Gacha22 days ago

    Why is people hated her? Like she is a human too.

  26. fatpancake 12

    fatpancake 1227 days ago

    Doesn’t she have something against the LGBTQ community????

  27. Brooke Herron

    Brooke Herron28 days ago

    If I ever seen her in person, I'd probably hit her with a shoe. I don't like her at all.

  28. Nyongesa Valentine

    Nyongesa Valentine28 days ago

    Daniella bregoli is my kind of gal

  29. Renee Navarijo

    Renee NavarijoMonth ago

    Preach Keke!

  30. Carolyn Dodds

    Carolyn DoddsMonth ago

    I don't know really anything about the Kardashians other than they have a show because I have better things to do than to watch some stupid fake reality show. XD Don't hate them, just don't care.

  31. Agatha joie

    Agatha joieMonth ago

    Wait so i lived under a rock Well its better under a rock

  32. Jananie Sasikumar

    Jananie SasikumarMonth ago

    Kylie is a queen

  33. 小猪飞天

    小猪飞天Month ago

    I already hate Kylie Jenner, no offense

  34. Millie Eilish

    Millie EilishMonth ago

    1:04 Spotted: Madelaine 😂😍😍

  35. Mama Momo

    Mama MomoMonth ago

    I like kylie for being dumb. She is famous because of her stupidity.

  36. Rodrigo Ribeiro

    Rodrigo RibeiroMonth ago

    Kylie Minogue always the real KYLIE

  37. lindsey brewster

    lindsey brewsterMonth ago

    those lip kits got made by a different team not kylies team she even said on her video u can only get lip kits off of her website i got one off of her website and i got a fake one. the fake one was horrible the acctuale lip kit from kylie jenner was amazing so stop hating on her she tries her best

  38. Tracy Tyler

    Tracy TylerMonth ago

    ONLY 20!!!

  39. Bianca Bella

    Bianca BellaMonth ago

    Riri jealous of Kylie yeah white women wishhhhh

  40. lolbit

    lolbitMonth ago

    I’m Sorry you make this video And is defending Kylie? Doesn’t make sense to me.

  41. Akira Rex

    Akira RexMonth ago

    bruh who is this bich talkin ab bhad bhabie like tht. ew. this nigga needa learn ha place. aint nun wrong w bhad bhabie

  42. Lalnunmawii Khiangte

    Lalnunmawii KhiangteMonth ago

    It's none of Perez Hilton's business. He doesn't have any rights to say those things about someone he didn't even know that much.

  43. Namjoon's ignored handshake

    Namjoon's ignored handshakeMonth ago

    Shailene Woodley at least deserve the fame she gets...

  44. Ain C

    Ain CMonth ago


  45. Lumi Wolf

    Lumi WolfMonth ago

    I think it’s sad how some people’s friendships are ruined over a slut or a fuckboy.🤦‍♀️

  46. Alexis’ shame death's destuction

    Alexis’ shame death's destuctionMonth ago

    Happy under my rock

  47. Brandi Mckay

    Brandi MckayMonth ago

    Taylor swift looks like she could punch out Kylie Jenner lol

  48. Christina Johnson

    Christina JohnsonMonth ago

    Rihanna doesn't have to be jealous of Kylie she's a beautiful successful singer Kylie doesn't have any Talent

  49. Daniella Ibarra

    Daniella IbarraMonth ago

    Perez that shit needs to b kept to yourself 😣

  50. Natalieeeaa :D

    Natalieeeaa :DMonth ago

    But what about when no offense don’t come at me when white girls and other people straight their hair Isn’t that culture appropriate for white ppl but I’m Hispanic so yh😬 but yh

  51. Nabaprasad Dutta

    Nabaprasad DuttaMonth ago

    I love Kendall Jenner more !! Anyone else ?

  52. a2soc

    a2socMonth ago

    Wierdo Jenner’s

  53. Georgia Holmes

    Georgia HolmesMonth ago

    For me the worst thing she’s done is putting pictures of her and her sister on tshirts with music icons. You don’t do that. That is beyond disrespectful to all of them. I’m glad Sharon called it out on Twitter.

  54. MAY :o

    MAY :oMonth ago

    But like she deserves all of these......

  55. Lisa M

    Lisa MMonth ago

    make up sucks dick

  56. Jojo xo

    Jojo xoMonth ago

    Kylie is a JOKE and no its DISGUSTING that Tyga dated her. Uhm cho mo. Yeah.. Nasty!!! And EVERY ONE knows Kendall is the better one

  57. Frederick Fatalla Tampus

    Frederick Fatalla TampusMonth ago

    Even Though the Diss i Love Kylie Jenner ^_^

  58. Sister Soprano

    Sister SopranoMonth ago

    She’s only “famous” for her haters! Little slut!!

  59. anya russell

    anya russellMonth ago

    From you come out the same pussy then you siblings even if you got different dads and vice versa🤔why do people say half sibling

  60. lamarana diallo

    lamarana dialloMonth ago

    People should stop the hate and bring some more love in the world #LoveMoreHeatLast

  61. Tanya May

    Tanya MayMonth ago

    Yall need to find something else to do or at leased. Just leave the Kardashians alone god damn leave them alone

  62. Denise Rivera

    Denise Rivera2 months ago

    Kylie is so dramatic tbh she doesn't give a shit about things she only wants money🙄😬

  63. 404 Not Found

    404 Not Found2 months ago

    Well... I'm waiting for cardi b to hate on em cause I really wanna see one of them go bald. I'm voting for cardi b tho

  64. Quinn Schatzke

    Quinn Schatzke2 months ago

    personally i love kylie but that’s my opinion idrc if ppl don’t like her it doesn’t bother me

  65. Quinn Schatzke

    Quinn Schatzke2 months ago

    it’s KEKE palmer not kEeK palmer lmao

  66. Myatte Maloney

    Myatte Maloney2 months ago

    I love, the

  67. Ann Todd

    Ann Todd2 months ago

    Kylie is such a retard, shes lucky her family is rich bc i dont think she could hold down a job. She needs to disappear

  68. Lex Deatsch

    Lex Deatsch2 months ago

    This person pronounced several names wrong or weird....

  69. m jhane92

    m jhane922 months ago

    The Jenner sisters are so annoying seems like no positive video for them.. They even got reported on news so many times for having bad attitude on their fans..

  70. fun stories

    fun stories2 months ago

    That's Tupac not Biggie Smalls😐😒

  71. Alexandra Robu

    Alexandra Robu2 months ago

    I Simply just love your channel

  72. Sangita Rapsang

    Sangita Rapsang2 months ago

    i love kylie ❤❤

  73. Rohei Park

    Rohei Park2 months ago

    kylie is just another famous hoe to me lol

  74. Berlanti !

    Berlanti !2 months ago

    I would barely call Danielle balogny a celebrity all she did was say a few words and boom 💥 she went viral like seriously this world can be just ridiculous some times

  75. Smiley Faces

    Smiley Faces2 months ago

    This might sound super weird, but I actually have more respect for Kylie after all this. She was constantly belittled and yet she’s come out on top. Goes to show no matter how much ppl hated her and put her down she never egged on beef w ppl. She may have been low key, but she was still straight forward and PUBLIC when she was petty. As soon as she was over the drama she never responded. Most ppl can’t be that mature. In fact she kept her pregnancy and relationship pretty private for a celebrity especially as a Jenner/Kardashian she’s pretty different w fame. Lol I really didn’t expect this to make me like her so much.

  76. RadRich

    RadRich2 months ago

    Only 20?

  77. Blisthe_x

    Blisthe_x2 months ago

    If y'all wanna go after Kylie than you go against all her fans. Kylie is a beautiful person who is her own unique person. If y'all can't deal with it than that's too bad. If y'all all upset with Kylie and travis than that's too bad because they are an amazing couple. If you can't deal with it than that's a shame. Also people have their own future's so if you want to have a baby at around 20 than that's fine. Just notice that you have a good partner like Kylie and travis. And don't be dissing Kylie because if her past BFs. That's the past so get over it. We will all go through many relationships that will not be the one. That's why you go through to find the perfect one. And siblings always mess with one another. In my experience I have never seen siblings that can't joke around. So if y'all can't agree with Kylie's unique person than your opinion can't be changed too easy. Travis helps her with so much by encouraging her self. If y'all can't accept the fact that Kylie is someone successful, beautiful for her self, and choices than that's too bad. Every one has their own personalities. Kylie is just a girl that likes selfies. I mean what's the problem with that? People love selfies. Just because she is an successful lady doesn't mean you can be that rude to someone so cool. Also if people want Kylie to be their idol than that's their decision. So don't go judging her for who she is.

  78. Shaiyino Mendoza

    Shaiyino Mendoza2 months ago

    Before surgery Kylie was average white pretty girl that got over rated because her family had money and she took nice pics

  79. esperance nyirashimwe

    esperance nyirashimwe2 months ago

    selena is a justin beber groupy so she needs to stop talking about kylie being a justin beber groupy

  80. Ash Queen

    Ash QueenMonth ago

    esperance nyirashimwe selena was*

  81. Loriacent

    Loriacent2 months ago

    5:41 Kylie deleted it but she did put the hash tag #whitegirlsdoitbetter so she responded

  82. jackie mafnas

    jackie mafnas2 months ago

    The only thing that bothered me more than the petty insignificant bull subject was the narrators pronunciation of names. KEKE not KEEK and PEREZ not PARIS. SNYDER not SCHNEIDER. Ughhh triggered 🤬

  83. hifsa shah

    hifsa shah2 months ago

    U shit people shut up

  84. Weed Lady98

    Weed Lady982 months ago

    Im so proud about me for learn english. My life get better!

  85. Bianca Heho

    Bianca Heho2 months ago


  86. Bruno x Cardi B TeamBardi

    Bruno x Cardi B TeamBardi2 months ago

    Here’s my opinion I don’t like Kylie and never did

  87. Salaimatu Kargbo

    Salaimatu Kargbo2 months ago

    Celebs it’s not ur choice it theirs

  88. Salaimatu Kargbo

    Salaimatu Kargbo2 months ago

    She’s 21 leave the girl alone

  89. Salaimatu Kargbo

    Salaimatu Kargbo2 months ago

    I don’t wanna be like Kylie

  90. Clementine Rose

    Clementine Rose2 months ago

    Talko: watch till the end of the video to see which beauty gurus dissed Kylie!1!1 Me:......... they literally just showed jeffree Star who we all know called her out...

  91. Bella llavhyosha

    Bella llavhyosha2 months ago

    selena always make drama

  92. I Baby Bee

    I Baby Bee2 months ago

    You're exaggerating about the diddy part.

  93. I Baby Bee

    I Baby Bee2 months ago

    I think so because diddy is a very nice man.

  94. Ifti Rahman

    Ifti Rahman2 months ago

    Thank you, all 20 celebrities here on this list.

  95. Sofia Reyes

    Sofia Reyes2 months ago


  96. Karen_ Rose

    Karen_ Rose2 months ago

    Chyna more like CHINA 🇨🇳 she does look like China people she can’t open her eyes 👀 open it

  97. L_ Mak

    L_ Mak2 months ago

    What?! 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  98. MayaRules DaWorld

    MayaRules DaWorld2 months ago

    Perez? It’s Paris! There’s a difference

  99. Javon Graham

    Javon Graham2 months ago

    Could theTalko probably learn these people’s name before making a video?

  100. Emily Smith

    Emily Smith2 months ago

    Okay 1: I don't think Shailene Woodly actually dissed Kylie for not knowing who she is! I didn't know her until 2015 2: You pronounced Keke Palmer's name wrong, and get a new narrator 3: You diss on Kylie like the rest of us STFU

  101. Kaidyn Phoenix

    Kaidyn Phoenix2 months ago

    They might have been dissing her, but they were all speaking the truth, come at me haters

  102. Ariana pogor

    Ariana pogor2 months ago

    4:41 😹😹😹😁 they forgot to photoshop and the oder boob on kim😹😹😹😹😁😁😁

  103. beans 00

    beans 002 months ago

    Danielle isn't a celeb

  104. Etta Lewis

    Etta Lewis2 months ago

    I can't believe Kylie would try to stop people from using their name. wow congratulations

  105. Bucky Buckminsterfullerine

    Bucky Buckminsterfullerine2 months ago

    Do you have a speech impediment or a lousy fact checker?

  106. Bucky Buckminsterfullerine

    Bucky Buckminsterfullerine2 months ago

    You also mispronounced Lourdes

  107. Jorge Flores

    Jorge Flores2 months ago

    Kim and kylie are not half sisters. They are full sisters, both came out from same mom. It will he HALF SISTERS if both were from different but same dad.

  108. Emily robles

    Emily robles2 months ago

    When will this channel be deleted LIKE PLEASE STOP EXPOSING B/C NOBODY EXPOSED YOU GUYS THE TALKO🙄🤦🏻‍♀️