20 Celebs Who DISSED Kylie Jenner


  1. Tatyana's Edits

    Tatyana's Edits9 months ago

    Unpopular opinion; I don't like her either. Never have. Never will. Come at me, haters.

  2. Original Jikook

    Original Jikook6 hours ago

    Tatyana's Edits true

  3. Erianna Ross

    Erianna Ross2 days ago

    Tatyana's Edits yess I don’t like her at all

  4. kylie carson

    kylie carson4 days ago

    I liked her I had her on Snapchat I also had Kim on my snap but no I don't have them now they batreaded us I know you don't believe me now but my older sister Jennie died by her makeup report them put them to jail

  5. Ada Meow

    Ada Meow5 days ago

    Tatyana's Edits my classmate told me that Kylie Jenner is rude to her fans, so I really hate her now! 😠😠😠

  6. Lara Dibble

    Lara Dibble8 days ago

    Kendall and Kortney are my favourite

  7. Kenzie FckinTrash Lilley

    Kenzie FckinTrash LilleyHour ago

    Some of these are slow god damn silly

  8. itz yo girl _adi

    itz yo girl _adi9 hours ago

    I mean Kylie is beautiful but I would never like her she is a scrammar and she doesn't care about her customers rlly and she only wants the money *COME AT ME HATERS -**____**-*

  9. Made_ Yuh_Look

    Made_ Yuh_Look14 hours ago

    Who's keek?

  10. Aissata Opam

    Aissata Opam15 hours ago

    ooff I thought the diy channel was troomtroom

  11. TastySunChicken Reed

    TastySunChicken Reed17 hours ago

    That's so watermelon

  12. Ayirioritse Okorodudu

    Ayirioritse OkoroduduDay ago

    I can't believe the narrator said keek palmer

  13. Angelica Clarke

    Angelica Clarke2 days ago

    They are just a bunch of 'suckers' literally lmao .NO SHADE

  14. Toni Bembury

    Toni Bembury2 days ago

    Wait I don’t understand why can’t she wear the hair that right there is rascit white girls can wear braids just shhh

  15. Toni Bembury

    Toni Bembury2 days ago

    To be honest it is not her fault she does not make the products soooo

  16. Scene Queen

    Scene Queen2 days ago

    Do some simple research before posting videos like this!! Mispronouncing too many names to be taken seriously

  17. zoz Mostafa

    zoz Mostafa2 days ago

    Tyga got all of these ladies damn he ugly

  18. Gum_ Drops

    Gum_ Drops3 days ago

    I don't love or hate kylie, just indifferent ...... but anytime I feel ugly I look at kylie and remember that I'm not ugly, I'm just broke.

  19. Kiki Reacts To Stuff

    Kiki Reacts To Stuff3 days ago

    The Talko is addicted to the Kardashian-Jenner Clan

  20. cookieandcream 442

    cookieandcream 4423 days ago

    all diss this i love them

  21. Marjilos Concha

    Marjilos Concha3 days ago

    She's now more richer than any of us.

  22. Mela Princess

    Mela Princess4 days ago

    I hope Kylie is seeing this video and all the comments. Who knows maybe she didn't see the diss'

  23. Harley Swift

    Harley Swift4 days ago

    It’s a billboard,get over it and move on Kimye

  24. Harley Swift

    Harley Swift4 days ago

    I’ve never liked her or any Kardashian or jenner

  25. serena's singing channel01

    serena's singing channel014 days ago

    Selena=like Kylie=comment

  26. Geordine Fasiki

    Geordine Fasiki4 days ago

    I don’t blame them 😂😂

  27. Lowang Shanglonghu

    Lowang Shanglonghu4 days ago

    Kylie is so ....... 😍

  28. Yuen-Yuen

    Yuen-Yuen6 days ago

    This girl cant pronounce anything right 😭

  29. Euge (youtube déjame en paz)

    Euge (youtube déjame en paz)6 days ago

    Old stars from the past who got there just because they offered the kind of image the market was looking for, are now trying to degrade new stars for doing just the same. The Kardashians are trash, but the industry was falling appart way before them. I mean, Kylie Minogue putting herself in a higher artistic place that the new one?

  30. Jane Ramon

    Jane Ramon6 days ago

    "keek"??? "pairez"?? "kimyai"??? lmaooo wtf

  31. likes42404

    likes424046 days ago

    It’s (ke•ke) not (keek)

  32. alexandra berrios

    alexandra berrios6 days ago

    No. Do NOT say Riri. Either call the queen Rhianna, or call her jealous, which one is it gonna be?

  33. Ausha - Marie Alleyne

    Ausha - Marie Alleyne7 days ago

    Really didn't appreciate the self promoting ad popping up in the video randomly.

  34. zaid de wet

    zaid de wet7 days ago


  35. Amandeep Kaur

    Amandeep Kaur7 days ago

    I don’t have anything against or for Kylie but she is a amazing girl who know has a baby and looking at her life she is a brave, independent woman she is balancing her life still looking fabulous...❤️❤️❤️

  36. Kao Hanfa

    Kao Hanfa7 days ago

    I hate kylie jenner she just stupid

  37. Kayaaa_ Mizouri

    Kayaaa_ Mizouri7 days ago

    8:34 she’s so arrogant 🙄🙄

  38. Mrs. Bilinski

    Mrs. Bilinski7 days ago

    Keek? it’s ke ke hun

  39. China

    China7 days ago

    Rihanna is not jealous you tried it 🤣

  40. China

    China7 days ago

    How you mis pronounce Keke but i love there Channel

  41. Señorita 7

    Señorita 77 days ago

    rihanna jealous ? she probably feel sorry for him that's all !

  42. Charlie Trivian

    Charlie Trivian8 days ago

    She's worth 900 million dollars.

  43. Chloe Chloe

    Chloe Chloe8 days ago

    2:03 cant stop laughing LOL😂💖

  44. Elisa Garcia

    Elisa Garcia8 days ago

    Selena Gomez way better than Kylie too. fake

  45. Love Keke

    Love Keke8 days ago

    What’s wrong with not knowing who Kylie is not everyone cares or speaks hoe

  46. Paula Leão

    Paula Leão8 days ago

    sarah snyder one its funny cause the pose are so different hahahah it looks like she only wanted to be on videos like this one

  47. Mustard Boi

    Mustard Boi9 days ago

    Why would anyone be jealous of someone like Kylie?

  48. scam

    scam9 days ago

    All the Kardashians are Goofy and so corny.

  49. Caitlin Abrahamse

    Caitlin Abrahamse9 days ago

    Taylor Swift still looking like a(n even more so) malnourished Richard Parker with Down Syndrome

  50. morgan smith

    morgan smith10 days ago

    lol why is she pronouncing ke-ke like keek

  51. Aaliyah Nuyen

    Aaliyah Nuyen10 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks it's disgusting how rich and overly promoted the Kardashian - Jenners are? And then Kylie has the audacity to scam people in order to make even more money!?! I don't understand why everyone is so obsessed with them. They are spoiled little bitches who have more than enough, so why are they still trying? Come at me in the comments idc, I will say what I want with no filter on it :)

  52. Aaliyah Nuyen

    Aaliyah Nuyen10 days ago

    "Keek" (keke) Palmer wtf😂

  53. Shooked

    Shooked10 days ago

    Omg I love keek palmer

  54. Milee J

    Milee J11 days ago

    Lol that hunger games girl has no chills

  55. Karen Ruiz

    Karen Ruiz11 days ago

    Why was cashmeoutside girl on the list

  56. lil uzi

    lil uzi11 days ago

    "kek palmer"

  57. otaku gaming for life HD

    otaku gaming for life HD11 days ago

    I didn't know how she looked or who she was until today...

  58. Aleksa Rojas

    Aleksa Rojas11 days ago

    Broooooooooo I hate the pic for the Vid because that pic it’s from a show life of Kylie and she was crying because there was a sick teen with lung canner

  59. A'Lieze Jones Reece

    A'Lieze Jones Reece11 days ago

    Y’all fake hoes

  60. yankee grg

    yankee grg11 days ago

    cuz they r dam jealous of kylie got it

  61. Rand Asmar

    Rand Asmar12 days ago

    fact: i hate kim and kylie. i will always do...they have nice voices but in real life they suck come at me haters

  62. Alina Hamid

    Alina Hamid12 days ago

    3:59 THANKS PETE

  63. zarry forever

    zarry forever12 days ago

    kylie sucks....

  64. Asha ت

    Asha ت12 days ago

    I’m sorry...WHO IS KEEK PALMER?!

  65. Mrs Arianator

    Mrs Arianator12 days ago

    I love Kylie everyone's hating cuz they ain't her

  66. Candy Bruce

    Candy Bruce13 days ago


  67. Toma Williams

    Toma Williams13 days ago

    The cultural appropriation is bullshit lmao

  68. Angelina Fitzgerald

    Angelina Fitzgerald13 days ago

    Kylie doesn’t deserve children

  69. Andrew Murray

    Andrew Murray13 days ago

    Keek? Lol.

  70. Solhotal Manga

    Solhotal Manga13 days ago

    "the entire world knows everything there is to know about the Kardashians" you people do realize that this whole kardashian celebrity hype is an american thing, right? I'd rather say the entire world doesn't give a damn about those girls

  71. Kat Yasmin

    Kat Yasmin13 days ago

    It sounds like you are so on Julie's side so your saying ish about the rest fun fact shailene wood let didn't get a phone till she was 22 cos she wanted to avoid social media but her agent said she had to and shailene is an activist and fights for rights a much more better person then kylie

  72. Alexus Washington

    Alexus Washington14 days ago

    I honestly love Selena. She's so down to earth

  73. Justine Joy Abesamis

    Justine Joy Abesamis14 days ago

    Nno one would never be jealous with that B*tch especially Rihanna. Wth lol

  74. avoid_me_at_all_costs 101

    avoid_me_at_all_costs 10114 days ago

    I honestly hate the current super stars and I never pay any attention to them

  75. Lana Scout

    Lana Scout14 days ago

    I thought she meant Paris Hilton

  76. Abigail Martinez

    Abigail Martinez14 days ago

    I wouldn’t blame the people who dissed her

  77. BrizzyIce10 Awesome

    BrizzyIce10 Awesome14 days ago

    Lol since WHEN is my girl Rih Rih jealous, man shut up

  78. Mïmi Førëvér

    Mïmi Førëvér14 days ago

    What blac Chyna did wasn't dissing

  79. Debbie that is what the song is a bat Zeller

    Debbie that is what the song is a bat Zeller14 days ago

    Your beautiful Kelley

  80. Nakato Mary

    Nakato Mary14 days ago

    rihanna jelous give me a break

  81. Ingrid Ross

    Ingrid Ross14 days ago

    I think the” look alike “ is tana monjeu

  82. Gabby B

    Gabby B14 days ago

    I was happy to see jeffree star I think he's quite cool and does better makeup than I will ever do

  83. Alia Sage

    Alia Sage14 days ago

    This is literally one of the most hated channel son MReporter

  84. Mé Vieira

    Mé Vieira15 days ago

    Dont blame it on Selena, her best friend was involved with her bff....

  85. Aleaha Bell

    Aleaha Bell15 days ago

    I don't know them personally but they do seem stuck up. That's usually how rich people are for some reason. Not every rich person is like that I believe .

  86. Austin Mcbroom

    Austin Mcbroom15 days ago

    These heaux 😂😂 these hoes****

  87. Eve F

    Eve F15 days ago

    RiRi sounds very jealous

  88. Curly

    Curly15 days ago

    very cool tyga, very cool

  89. reana sheesh

    reana sheesh15 days ago

    Hey haters jus a reminder she is a billionare now.... Go die

  90. Heather Hayes

    Heather Hayes15 days ago

    Mads 😍😍

  91. xialin pei

    xialin pei15 days ago

    Well i like Kylie

  92. Daniela Gomez

    Daniela Gomez16 days ago

    Y’all haters you are mean come at me

  93. Taro Flower

    Taro Flower16 days ago

    Kylie is the spoiled brat

  94. youngest lord

    youngest lord16 days ago

    kalie acts like she is miss perfect so if i was a celeb count me in the shades list bitches

  95. Sierra Gillispie

    Sierra Gillispie16 days ago

    “Keek” 😭😭

  96. Clockwork _Killer

    Clockwork _Killer16 days ago

    I've never liked Kylie. Sure does deserve the dissing.

  97. Kay Kay Cosplay

    Kay Kay Cosplay16 days ago

    KEEK???? KEEEKKK???? Are you kidding me?! It's KEKE, pronounced KEEE-KEEE. Goodness. *rolls eyes* Sorry, im annoyed that you guys messed that up.

  98. *Bangtan SonyeonDUMB*

    *Bangtan SonyeonDUMB*16 days ago

    How the hell u pronounce Keke wrong but u pronounce these ‘heaux’ right?! Wtf😂

  99. *Bangtan SonyeonDUMB*

    *Bangtan SonyeonDUMB*16 days ago

    Keek palmer😂

  100. XxxLil CupidxxX

    XxxLil CupidxxX16 days ago

    Talko: Guess which beauty Guru! Me: u showed the pic there’s no point in guessing smh

  101. mr. stark i don’t feel so good

    mr. stark i don’t feel so good16 days ago

    The Kardashians are so unbelievably overrated. No wonder God has abandoned us smh

  102. Krispy Kratz

    Krispy Kratz17 days ago

    she's been going through alot i like her

  103. Jenny Ortega

    Jenny Ortega17 days ago

    Idc what other celebrities say about her😒 I love Kylie!💞

  104. Shelly

    Shelly17 days ago

    Who is narrating this? They cant even pronounce Keke correctly

  105. Delena Diamond

    Delena Diamond17 days ago

    I don’t blame diddy