20 Celebs Who DISSED Kylie Jenner


  1. Tatyana's Edits

    Tatyana's EditsYear ago

    Unpopular opinion; I don't like her either. Never have. Never will. Come at me, haters.

  2. Sweet Tooth

    Sweet Tooth13 hours ago

    I just found out about her this year. All the sisters look the same so I can't really remember who's who. From what I learnd since I made the mistake of clicking a post on my Facebook, is that they are famous because???

  3. Kylie Jenner Is My Bae

    Kylie Jenner Is My Bae14 hours ago

    Actually I like kylie but I won't hate you for it. Ppl have opinions & I respect yours. No hard feelings.

  4. Traronda Hicks

    Traronda Hicks14 hours ago

    I CAN'T stand her she don't do nothing, but take pics and like Keke Palmer had said that it's a shame that some girls wanna be like her.

  5. C T

    C T9 days ago

    Yeah your profile tell the story 😅😅.

  6. Hana Bi

    Hana Bi12 days ago

    Me either. I don't like any of them.

  7. Carrie Teller

    Carrie Teller2 days ago

    Kim dissed her own sister

  8. sheny lopix

    sheny lopix2 days ago

    We all can hate Kylie but she is still the biljonair i mean we are watching her insta we are saying mean things tot her but we are watching it she ge money if we watching her vids

  9. Mohamed Ebadalla

    Mohamed Ebadalla2 days ago

    6:02-6:03 *these hauxx?* I thought it was *these hoes*

  10. Olivia Palomino

    Olivia Palomino3 days ago

    those people are jealous

  11. Sheighlee Rosendahl

    Sheighlee Rosendahl4 days ago

    She had it coming

  12. Molly Rasmussen

    Molly Rasmussen8 days ago

    Did anyone else laugh when she pronounced Keke Palmer as “Keek”???

  13. Live Your best life

    Live Your best life10 days ago

    Kylie is QUEEN!

  14. Masumi Motsileng

    Masumi Motsileng12 days ago

    Kylie has respecte for any one

  15. RuslanaandSophia

    RuslanaandSophia12 days ago

    Why should I be jealous of Kylie? And not everyone knows who she is, she is not that famous, you talk about her like she is some sort of god, she is famous because of kuwtk, and she is quite fake, all that plastic surgery, and her natural face is gone, just my personal opinion, she will NEVER be a legend

  16. sai sleesha

    sai sleesha13 days ago

    I mean no matter who says wht I’ll continue loving kylie .. she is literally the bestest of best ...like if u agree

  17. calli g

    calli g15 days ago

    I get the feeling that Blac Chyna was just using Rob

  18. The cup RM throws in the Run MV

    The cup RM throws in the Run MV17 days ago

    she is trash tho

  19. Vidhi Rawat

    Vidhi Rawat18 days ago

    I think that your inside source loves Kylie that's why you are saying Rihanna is jealous of Kylie... I mean seriously.. Best joke I have ever heard.

  20. Voidatron

    Voidatron18 days ago

    Guys how do you think is better Kylie or sssniperwolf

  21. Hannah Smith

    Hannah Smith18 days ago

    Kylee is amazing

  22. Hyper Herron

    Hyper Herron18 days ago

    That was clearly Tana in That broccoli girls music video

  23. Tiroler läuft

    Tiroler läuft21 day ago

    Don't buy Kylie cosmetics..

  24. Emmanuel Leus

    Emmanuel Leus23 days ago

    haters never sleeps... hate,hate,hate

  25. Aarathi Mulberry cake

    Aarathi Mulberry cake25 days ago

    Kylie Jenner is fake.... Dat baby belongs to Tim not Travis.. Wos Kylie's bodyguard

  26. Jenna Cruz

    Jenna Cruz25 days ago

    Why does everyone care if someone poets something abt another person. Or is they do the same pose as someone else for a selfie like what

  27. Mohannad Kutaish

    Mohannad Kutaish25 days ago

    Stop making stupid people famous , plzzzzzzz

  28. Karen Guzman

    Karen Guzman25 days ago

    I'm a hater with Kylie Jenner

  29. Didi Sido

    Didi Sido27 days ago

    3:51 what do you mean to granola. This is why I am not subscribed to this channel. And I’m also not subscribed because of you’re ( 10 celebs who are hotter than there spouses) vid. You guys are way too Judgemental.😡

  30. Marisela Ortiz

    Marisela Ortiz27 days ago

    I wouldve PurPosely cropped da Pic too due to immaturity reasons.

  31. LiLMaddie TheBaddie

    LiLMaddie TheBaddie28 days ago

    “Keek” ?? These Hoax” ?? “Lords” ?? 🧐 You guys should honestly be ashamed!! 😤

  32. Polina Volodina

    Polina Volodina28 days ago

    stay tuned to see which popular makeup guru called out Kylie for terrible lip gloss products.. *shows picture of Jeffrey Star*

  33. Sophia Graham

    Sophia Graham28 days ago

    ShE iS wAy To *GrAnOLa* ?¿

  34. Joana Montes-Cardenas

    Joana Montes-Cardenas28 days ago

    She’s right it is sad that little girls look up to her

  35. A L A N D R I A

    A L A N D R I A29 days ago


  36. Tumusifu Michealine

    Tumusifu Michealine29 days ago

    I love Selena Gomez so beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

  37. Cheree Dougherty

    Cheree Dougherty29 days ago

    The inability to pronounce these CELEBRITY names is extremely distracting.

  38. Anabel Carrión

    Anabel Carrión29 days ago

    13:37 There’s not only anything special about them, they’re expensive as hell too

  39. Aspen Sawyer

    Aspen Sawyer29 days ago

    keek? hoax? Lords? Pairs? jeez lady...

  40. NekoSona

    NekoSona29 days ago

    Isnt it keke? Like... Ke Ke (Key Key)?? Am I crazy?

  41. Nova Duelist

    Nova Duelist29 days ago

    Sounds like the narrator is dick riding Kylie.

  42. baddie bb

    baddie bb29 days ago

    they jelaous at her bcs kylie has a huge popularity on social media


    ANA CHANG LUISA29 days ago

    Kylie is a hoe and a lil slut 👿😠😡

  44. Dee Rawrz

    Dee RawrzMonth ago

    This was juicy!

  45. Mina Grujić

    Mina GrujićMonth ago

    They are all just jealous. Kylie is actually really sweet imo.

  46. MakeupForever!

    MakeupForever!Month ago

    Her name pronunciations are terrifying.

  47. Marlene Paulino

    Marlene PaulinoMonth ago

    I know this is old but what’s with all the mispronunciations of people names??? Try google

  48. Sugar Poo

    Sugar PooMonth ago

    Kylie and Rihanna in one sentence ? kylie thats all u will ever get xD

  49. Lyz Mcghee

    Lyz McgheeMonth ago


  50. Teresa Everett

    Teresa EverettMonth ago

    Whoever narrated this needs to be FIRED. How do you mispronounce SO MANY NAMES?!?

  51. Aeri- L

    Aeri- LMonth ago

    She is so problematic

  52. IloveD

    IloveDMonth ago

    Damn I didn’t know rih and Travis used to date

  53. Ohmy Wheezus

    Ohmy WheezusMonth ago

    It’s Jeffree Star, I’m calling it, he called out her makeup line-

  54. Sheba Cat

    Sheba CatMonth ago

    Selena Gomez is too petty and arrogant I don’t know why I dislike her music and voice too. Overrated.

  55. Michelle L

    Michelle LMonth ago

    Not KEEK hoe! KE then KE!!! 4

  56. Vivienne the Vicious

    Vivienne the ViciousMonth ago

    Hold up, is KUWTK really going to end soon? Please say yes.

  57. BerryKnots 14

    BerryKnots 14Month ago

    Rihanna is a Godess, why would she be jealous of Kylie? 😂😂

  58. BerryKnots 14

    BerryKnots 14Month ago

    Oh my god the girl from the Fault in our stars thoooo .. she looks gorgeous

  59. Lina La

    Lina LaMonth ago

    Wow 😯

  60. Pikachu Hi

    Pikachu HiMonth ago

    I don’t like her

  61. Charles Schindler

    Charles SchindlerMonth ago

    Kylie who???Are you talking about that child at the beginning of this video? Well I just don’t have any interest in giving attention to strangers that are just immature little children.

  62. Nikki Gulayan

    Nikki GulayanMonth ago

    I'm not a celebrity but I also hate Kylie Jenner

  63. Jessica Patterson

    Jessica PattersonMonth ago

    im not a fan of kylies but danielle bregoli got some nerve to talk about someone being hungry for attention lol aint that how she got famous being extra asf on a damn talk show??

  64. CandyCat

    CandyCatMonth ago

    3:25 it's kinda snobbish to just assume that everyone has to know her....just sayin 5:11 y'all got to chill out...it's just a hair style fgs... ( - . -) hairstyles are for everyone and not owned by a specific culture....

  65. Soso Lydia

    Soso LydiaMonth ago

    Rihanna Jealous? On What Planet Yeah Right .. Rihanna Didn’t Rearrange Her Face To Look Like Someone Elses .. It Is Tasteless That Kylie Sucks Every D*ck Her Friends Or Sisters Show Interest In 🤷‍♀️

  66. sonyapeach

    sonyapeachMonth ago

    Sorry the k witches are not that famous for everyone in the world to know them.

  67. sonyapeach

    sonyapeachMonth ago

    All of the hate she gets is her fault. She needs to get over it.

  68. RebelBlade18

    RebelBlade18Month ago

    I follow JStar I don't need to watch the whole video to know it was JStar who called her out. JStar does like at least one shade of her lip gloss; even went as far as to say he loved it in the video reviewing her terrible brushes.

  69. Funneh 273

    Funneh 273Month ago

    Idk why people hate it so annoying like just shut the :beep: up

  70. Mr.J JOK3R

    Mr.J JOK3RMonth ago

    Kylie Jenner is the best at stealing men 😂

  71. Mr.J JOK3R

    Mr.J JOK3RMonth ago

    Fucking Instagram😂 by the way Kylie Jenner have 1 million accounts on Instagram for avoiding Tyga🤣😂

  72. Candy Feyrer

    Candy FeyrerMonth ago

    Fack fack thay just copy others not there own shit

  73. Goldy Ms Kimi

    Goldy Ms KimiMonth ago


  74. _Fuego _

    _Fuego _Month ago

    Re name this channel to _DRAMA_DREAM_

  75. Gabrielle Lee - Earnscliffe Sr PS (1410)

    Gabrielle Lee - Earnscliffe Sr PS (1410)Month ago

    who is "keek " palmer who mean keke palmer right?

  76. yuri lugo

    yuri lugoMonth ago

    Look at kylie now she is rich af in of the show keeping up with the Kardashians it's now keeping up with kylie jenner and dont mess WITH HER

  77. yuri lugo

    yuri lugoMonth ago

    Who ever dissed kyile you a hoe!

  78. Maria

    MariaMonth ago

    6:04 Low-key dissing Danielle bregoli by mispronouncing her misspelled song title

  79. Maria

    MariaMonth ago

    I enjoy watching the talko but what I love more is the mom trying to be hip vibe I'm getting from the script for example "to be granola"(?) also: *shows meme* "get it? Cuz thats what its ACTUALLY for"

  80. Angele Telasco-Maurisseau

    Angele Telasco-MaurisseauMonth ago

    It is ke ke palmer

  81. Erica Ojeda

    Erica OjedaMonth ago

    How Stupid. It sounds like their all just hating on the poor girl. And I dont even watch TV. ...But She's Famous for a reason

  82. Abigail Serrano

    Abigail SerranoMonth ago

    Selena is a babe . Facts .

  83. Morgan Kimble

    Morgan KimbleMonth ago


  84. kisabella

    kisabellaMonth ago

    wearing cornrows come on

  85. Moon Luna

    Moon LunaMonth ago

    5:14 that hair style is not just for African Americans it’s for anyone so I don’t agree don’t come after me

  86. Rose Barajas

    Rose BarajasMonth ago

    Kylie isn't the best person in the world and I personally don't like her, but telling someone to terminate an innocent unborn baby is ridiculous and dumb. The unborn baby has no fault to its mother's choices or actions.

  87. JJ

    JJMonth ago

    I thought it was pronounced “Lord-ess”, not “Lords”. Am I wrong?

  88. Miss Telma Farida Tee

    Miss Telma Farida TeeMonth ago

    I didnt even know riri dated travis

  89. RandomnessLOL

    RandomnessLOLMonth ago

    Why does The Talko hate Kylie and the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan so much? I mean you don’t gotta like em but you don’t gotta have so much hatred- even liking and pinning the comments- jeez.

  90. cecille calimlim

    cecille calimlimMonth ago

    She sucks. In my opinion she is just acting so innocent

  91. Matty K

    Matty KMonth ago

    Where is tyga now hiding his lease

  92. Matty K

    Matty KMonth ago

    Kylie Jenner will look worse than Joan rivers soon

  93. Matty K

    Matty KMonth ago

    Is being a over privileged who're what they call a socialite maybe on skid row

  94. Ha' Nee

    Ha' NeeMonth ago

    i dont think Rihanna is jealous of Kylie...but theres 99 percent that she is jealous and for some people who is saying that "kylie is jealous of Rihanna" well no sweetie,Kylie is a freaking billionaire and honestly for other people who is saying that ''Rihanna's makeup is much better than Kylie" well no Rihanna is just good for foundation and highlighter and Kylie is good at lipstick and eyeshadow (kylie is also good at making foundation but she doestnt have all colour)I honestly love Rihanna but if its for Kylie well i hate you Rihanna sorry

  95. Dj Phantom

    Dj PhantomMonth ago

    I have been watching a few of this type of video and am gobsmacked by the absolutely childish behaviour of these celebrity role models (supposed role models). Ok, maybe they are role models,but should be held up as role models NOT to aspire to be.

  96. Shay Ashford

    Shay AshfordMonth ago

    Key-key palmer!!! Not keek... gezzz do ur homework on pronouncation!!!

  97. Jasmine Wang

    Jasmine WangMonth ago

    I can’t believe u just tied cultural appropriation to girl’s fighting over ex-boyfriend. It is not the same and not okay

  98. unicorn lover-b

    unicorn lover-bMonth ago

    Wtf why are they all throwing shade at Kylie? If your reading this Kylie you see them talking shit dont be afraid to talk about BULLSHIT!!!!!!😡😠🤬

  99. fidel castro

    fidel castroMonth ago

    Riri jealous of Kylie???Never in a million years 💕💕😝😝 i

  100. Lala Allen

    Lala AllenMonth ago

    So basically every famous person that's ever met her?

  101. kiera lambert

    kiera lambertMonth ago

    I don't like Kylie she rude her new name is Bitchy Jenner.

  102. nba jaee

    nba jaeeMonth ago

    Keek ? 👉🚪💀

  103. Willow Moon Wolf

    Willow Moon WolfMonth ago

    All the women in that family have their “stupid” moments more often than not. Even Kendall. Just watch an episode of their show. You’ll see how stupid they can be. And I doubt it’s an act.

  104. A.G. S.G

    A.G. S.GMonth ago

    *These hoax*

  105. i jeshii

    i jeshiiMonth ago

    Minogue was funny lol