20 Celebs Who DISSED Kylie Jenner


  1. Tatyana's Edits

    Tatyana's Edits11 months ago

    Unpopular opinion; I don't like her either. Never have. Never will. Come at me, haters.

  2. Lizzie Hope

    Lizzie Hope3 days ago

    I hate her to :)

  3. Emily Violet Marie

    Emily Violet Marie8 days ago

    Tatyana's Edits same here

  4. Baers Gurl

    Baers Gurl8 days ago

    I hate em all

  5. YehaaMedia

    YehaaMedia9 days ago

    Tatyana's Edits I’m with you dude/dudet they can all eat shit bunch of assholes.

  6. Neelakshi Dey

    Neelakshi Dey4 hours ago

    Kylie is beautiful and one of the most successful woman . Haters will hate and Fans will defend them. Why is everyone concerned about her flaws? Flaws make people perfect . Plastic surgery isn’t the problem the problem lies because she looks pretty after doing that.

  7. Moises Gonzales

    Moises Gonzales4 hours ago

    you didn't make any sense in most numbers, i felt like i wasted my time watching the whole vid.


    ROWDY RONDA ROUSEY16 hours ago

    Abs-cbn 10:33😂

  9. Conners Coin

    Conners Coin21 hour ago

    I really don’t like Kylie, it’s just because she LIES of getting surgery, if she didn’t lie about getting it and admitted she did I would be okay with he as nearly EVERY celebrity is fake tbh but the way she lied about it when there was loads of proof is really stupid, just admit it it’s not going to hurt anyone

  10. alex Khan

    alex KhanDay ago

    Omg u croped Kylie out u just dissed her 😂😂

  11. Jocelyn madera

    Jocelyn madera2 days ago

    I'm convincing my mom to give me my own reality show I want to color crystals kids and she said we'll see she said that she was going to call him and she is so next time you see me it will probably be I don't know

  12. soccer 11

    soccer 112 days ago

    WOW! She tried to trademark her name?! OMFG! I'm so glad she did NOT get approval for that. GEEEEZZZZ!

  13. alex Khan

    alex KhanDay ago


  14. kamikaze

    kamikaze4 days ago

    3: 28 it reminds me my india

  15. Mio_,Angela Caneda

    Mio_,Angela Caneda4 days ago

    Fact's of the Day

  16. Bimbo Baraguir

    Bimbo Baraguir6 days ago

    I hate her eversince

  17. Jennifer Constance

    Jennifer Constance7 days ago

    I bought her lipstick and waited on a list for it! It was NOTHING at all like the ad and I did tons of research to make sure I was buying the exact one advertised. It was awful. Soooo disappointed.

  18. Sean Enz

    Sean Enz7 days ago

    Keek?! Who didn’t edit this? Lmao

  19. Sharon Aviram

    Sharon Aviram7 days ago

    Why the hell is this racist for white people to have cornrow hairstyle?! This is hilarious

  20. Salle Sally

    Salle Sally7 days ago

    Lourdes is a Cuban name. Why does she keep mispronouncing it?

  21. ahsan ali

    ahsan ali8 days ago

    P Diddy did the best deed of his life by cropping Kylie out of the picture

  22. emoji1738

    emoji17388 days ago

    The biggest diss is when kylie out her half naked pics on Tupac, Notorious B.I.G and Ozzy Osbourne shirts like no girl those are legends that passed that's disrespect smh just stopp your not like them your the complete opposite ok

  23. Emily Violet Marie

    Emily Violet Marie8 days ago

    Dude..... diddy...... hahahah I laughed

  24. Emily Violet Marie

    Emily Violet Marie8 days ago

    Selena Gomez is naturally STUNNING wow

  25. Kimberly Menjivar

    Kimberly Menjivar8 days ago

    ...can someone explain what tyga's lyrics are?

  26. Snowden Mitchell

    Snowden Mitchell8 days ago

    Maybe he just wanted one of his group and since Kylie already had one of him he thought it was ok

  27. Jodie Barry

    Jodie Barry8 days ago

    Selena Gomez is GORGEOUS

  28. Lill2018 Woodhouse

    Lill2018 Woodhouse9 days ago

    Pfft! To the one saying that no one should look up to Kylie. SMFH! Why, cause she's young, her own boss and building a fucken empire. She's probably got more $$ than all of these hater celebs combined. So just leave her tf alone already. There are far much worse people out there to be hating on!

  29. Breanna Coward

    Breanna Coward11 days ago

    Keek??? Wtf it's keke

  30. Dashia James

    Dashia James12 days ago

    Rihanna jealous of Kylie....that's crazy !!

  31. Dashia James

    Dashia James12 days ago

    How is not knowing who Kylie is a diss...??

  32. Kalie M

    Kalie M12 days ago

    Keek Palmer? you don't know how to pronounce her name?? 🤣 it's key-key.. like Drake's song.. how do you think keek is even a name rather than Keke?

  33. Caitlin Claude

    Caitlin Claude14 days ago

    So now its keek palmer?!

  34. Ahloveyafuhso

    Ahloveyafuhso14 days ago

    I don't live under a rock I just don't devote myself to knowing everything about them in their waking lives like you do. (Thank God I grew up in a childhood where these people never existed.)

  35. Eva Chan

    Eva Chan15 days ago

    I don't know how much money they store in heaven.

  36. Thetruedirty Thirties

    Thetruedirty Thirties15 days ago

    How does Kendall not get thick but Kylie’s body changes over night? I’m all Brazilian and u don’t blow out in a year

  37. Thetruedirty Thirties

    Thetruedirty Thirties15 days ago

    Keek palmer

  38. Thetruedirty Thirties

    Thetruedirty Thirties15 days ago

    Uhm matching hats then everyone is bffs at Coachella

  39. brizeey

    brizeey16 days ago

    It’s Ke Ke not keek

  40. Irma Flores

    Irma Flores16 days ago

    I Agree 😂

  41. Berlin Then

    Berlin Then16 days ago


  42. Hollywood Bishop

    Hollywood Bishop17 days ago

    Lmao them Kardashian bitchez they always go after someone else's man sick of them hoez

  43. Antisocial Dragon

    Antisocial Dragon18 days ago

    I like how I haven’t seen NOT ONE “Times Beyoncé got dissed” lmao 😂 who tf gonna go and do that shit

  44. Elegant Group

    Elegant Group18 days ago

    the comments are just too shameful. most of the comments simply dislike her because she is better looking and more successful.

  45. R L

    R L20 days ago

    The amazing Rihanna. Loved that 😂😂

  46. beezer1225

    beezer122523 days ago

    I can't stand this twit.

  47. SuperRasputia

    SuperRasputia24 days ago

    If gifs could kill, I'd be in the morgue by now.

  48. Manda Manda

    Manda Manda24 days ago

    She is so DUMB!

  49. Sarah Fields

    Sarah Fields26 days ago

    That Tyga is ugly

  50. Trace TheLine

    Trace TheLine26 days ago


  51. Javairia Coleman

    Javairia Coleman27 days ago

    Wtf is Keek?

  52. Lovelyn Abeka

    Lovelyn Abeka28 days ago

    I love Kylie. haters go hug a transformer and dry out.

  53. Michaelsthriller212 AJ

    Michaelsthriller212 AJ28 days ago

    Jayden Smith Is Thirsty.... But I Still Love Him 😂

  54. Julia Perez

    Julia Perez28 days ago

    “Par-iz”? Seriously?! No, no hunty. It’s “per-EZ”. It’s Hispanic. It’s also my last name. I think I’d know I’m right. You mispronounced a lot of names during this video. Maybe learn proper pronunciations before filming?

  55. Sheynaz Omar

    Sheynaz Omar28 days ago

    I don’t get why people are body shaming Kylie just cause she’s getting surgeries. Like, if she feels comfortable with it then let her have it, i don’t understand in any way how it effects you.

  56. mimi satan

    mimi satan28 days ago

    Why am i watching this???

  57. Rosie Freckles

    Rosie Freckles28 days ago

    Who else got triggered when she said “these heaux” wrong?😂😂🌚

  58. Jasmine Mitchell

    Jasmine MitchellMonth ago


  59. Sarai Wentland

    Sarai WentlandMonth ago

    It’s Kee kee. Jesus

  60. michael grignon

    michael grignonMonth ago

    Videos like this is why America has gone to shit

  61. KatieKat330

    KatieKat330Month ago

    Keek? Lmfao learn the names right before you pronounce them.

  62. Susan Mendez

    Susan MendezMonth ago

    They are so evil I hope people see that

  63. Toni-ann Mills

    Toni-ann MillsMonth ago

    Stop calling her keke its ke-ke palmer

  64. Tee Abbs

    Tee AbbsMonth ago

    13:52 minutes long video and I had to hear that Riri is jealous of Kylie! Like come on. Do something better.

  65. David Sebothoma

    David SebothomaMonth ago

    Kylie you are such a bich hoe and side chick wow talk about tyga

  66. Madcrafter 908

    Madcrafter 908Month ago

    wow rihanna jealous wowwwwwwwwwwwwwww at a lil girl 👐💯😂😂😂😂

  67. Wg13 Wh13

    Wg13 Wh13Month ago

    lemme guess was it jeffry star who dragged her on thr lipstick woow

  68. Tyra OGKush

    Tyra OGKushMonth ago

    wow kylie copied all of them..

  69. Its Wolffie

    Its WolffieMonth ago

    I love kendall ain't a fan of kylie or kim sorry but Imma kendall girlboy

  70. Danita Barnes

    Danita BarnesMonth ago


  71. Maaa

    MaaaMonth ago

    lourdes pronounced as lords? keke as keek? come back when you how to pronounce names, my god

  72. Elhadji Malick sy

    Elhadji Malick syMonth ago

    U act likd ut the queen n ur above dem

  73. sparkling diamond

    sparkling diamondMonth ago

    Did they really fight over Bieber

  74. Aria kurosenpai

    Aria kurosenpaiMonth ago

    I came to see Jeffrey star 😍

  75. Loreen Wilks

    Loreen WilksMonth ago

    Shes a lil brat & needs a slap check 💀

  76. Fxck The World

    Fxck The WorldMonth ago


  77. Eithen Mkosana

    Eithen MkosanaMonth ago

    Hate her all you want she still has money she's almost the youngest billionaire so then honestly this doesn't faze her in anyway but I'm here for it😂😂😂

  78. 89stones

    89stonesMonth ago

    If you believe that Rihanna actually cares about Kylie or Travis you’re retarded.

  79. Samukeliso Mangena

    Samukeliso MangenaMonth ago

    Jeffree Star

  80. we don't know crime gambian

    we don't know crime gambianMonth ago

    Kylie jenner is wat ever dream of

  81. 2SaucyUtuber Vlogs

    2SaucyUtuber VlogsMonth ago

    Idc if you like or dislike her. If you have nothing good to say don’t say it at all. It’s that simple.

  82. Sass McFrass

    Sass McFrassMonth ago

    Nobody ever thought Kylie and Selena were best friends...they hung out at Coachella together once. Get your facts straight at least.

  83. Trisha Taylor

    Trisha TaylorMonth ago

    Riri jelous lmao omg never....kylie is a fake person full of sement 😂😂😂😂😂

  84. Trisha Taylor

    Trisha TaylorMonth ago

    Fakest dumbest family alive lmao

  85. emmanicole blogs

    emmanicole blogsMonth ago

    Riannah jealous of kylie lol haha!

  86. Stormsley

    StormsleyMonth ago

    i wish before people would judge and decide they hate someone they don't know they try just as hard to find the good things that person has done instead of just judging random shit that doesn't have to do with anything. Kylie isn't perfect, but she's done more to help the community than I bet most of these quick-to-hate disgusting personalities that approach the commentary. I've seen the sweetest things she would do for random acts of kindness for people that need it, and i've seen some bratty shit she's done. my point is, know the full dam stories. Kylie wasn't famous just because of Kim having sex with kanye and posting it. She and her family has had reality shows even while Kylie was a child. Instead of hating on someone you MOST likely never met, try to not to judge someone over their mistakes when you should really be looking at your own life if you're really that hateful. fr tho

  87. Star Girl

    Star GirlMonth ago

    She deserves it! I don't care haters come at me she's a spoiled brat she has four multimillion dollar houses! Why not donate money to charity! Or do something useful with it! Instead of spending it on things you won't use! Your a billionaire do something smart with your money! Your smart enough to make it then use your brain to use it for something good!

  88. Stormsley

    StormsleyMonth ago

    bro she does donate to charities. Know the full dam stories before you go off ranting and looking ridiculous thanks

  89. Bast LaEstoica

    Bast LaEstoicaMonth ago

    I must live under a rock...

  90. Animefanever12 bts

    Animefanever12 btsMonth ago

    I dont like kilie Kylie whatever her name is yeah i brought her lip stick -.- annnd!! It was awful soo ...yeahhh ;-;

  91. Stella Michaelis

    Stella MichaelisMonth ago

    booo go away Kylie , go away with ur butt looking lips

  92. Ginny Cullen Greenleaf

    Ginny Cullen GreenleafMonth ago

    I HATE her!! She's horrible!!! She's famous for having a fake, plastic family! She's also famous for being a spoiled brat! She was 18 and couldn't do laundry and I do that all the time when I'm much younger!! She's never said anything good about beautiful girls without plastic faces! She is horrible!!!! Her and her family's "empire" will fall once society realizes how horrible these girls are!

  93. Dayna Lizbethh Hernandez

    Dayna Lizbethh HernandezMonth ago

    When they say keke name omg that bad 🙄

  94. Maria Loves Zendaya

    Maria Loves ZendayaMonth ago


  95. Anna Nolan

    Anna NolanMonth ago

    Why do we care

  96. Ryan Bea

    Ryan BeaMonth ago

    Who tf is keek

  97. St.Isla

    St.IslaMonth ago

    "Lourdes [doesn't want to be friends with people] who just like to take selfies" --- again, billionaire under 25 via cosmetics. Imagine if we dissed other business owners that way. lol

  98. St.Isla

    St.IslaMonth ago

    "Secondary reality-tv character" - and a billionaire brand. Minogue is washed up. lol

  99. KA MM

    KA MMMonth ago

    I think they aren't better than Kylie they all the same .

  100. amelia wilder

    amelia wilderMonth ago

    Wait blac chyna has lip kits?

  101. JUST Me

    JUST MeMonth ago

    What about this stuff is a diss ? 😂

  102. Mel Cobb

    Mel CobbMonth ago

    Who gives a damn

  103. Amara Harkness

    Amara HarknessMonth ago

    And didn’t ever imply Rihanna would be jealous of this mess. Y’all wild.

  104. Amara Harkness

    Amara HarknessMonth ago

    Are y’all gonna acknowledge that you mispronounced KEKE AS KEEK A DOZEN TIMES. KEEKEE. good fucking lord.

  105. LiL PiNK Love

    LiL PiNK LoveMonth ago

    Team jeffree ⭐️🌈

  106. Jada Josephs

    Jada JosephsMonth ago

    Haha she's a hoe going after people's bf as if rhianna would be jealous of IT haha not everyone likes IT tho