2 Chainz Shows Off His Insane Jewelry Collection | GQ


  1. World of Da Vinci

    World of Da Vinci10 hours ago

    I’m actually disappointed. I thought he would have some crazy pieces

  2. Blockchain Gael

    Blockchain Gael15 hours ago

    How vulgar :(

  3. reinis virsnitis

    reinis virsnitis15 hours ago

    What's the song at 3:16

  4. Country Boi

    Country BoiDay ago

    You gave Lebron a used chain for breaking MJ's scoring Record

  5. Johny D

    Johny DDay ago

    I want the background bass music !!!! Thanks 🙏🏻✌🏻👍🏻

  6. Gnarly

    GnarlyDay ago

    Lil pump has the best jewelry collection

  7. Abishai Vargas

    Abishai VargasDay ago

    Can u get Travis Scott

  8. Javari Wilson

    Javari WilsonDay ago

    Get yb on here

  9. jamaican523hacker

    jamaican523hackerDay ago

    Do Floyd Mayweather and Kodak Black 💯

  10. Rayshawn Dorsey

    Rayshawn DorseyDay ago

    Y'all agree if y'all want to see Mayweather on the show

  11. findoca 1

    findoca 1Day ago

    titty 2 chainz

  12. Jimbo Jr

    Jimbo JrDay ago

    How many wolves did this dude kill to get that coat? Smh.

  13. Jose Flores

    Jose FloresDay ago

    Put floyd mayweather on the rocks

  14. DaShawn Jones-Harrell

    DaShawn Jones-HarrellDay ago

    Do mayweather

  15. DaShawn Jones-Harrell

    DaShawn Jones-HarrellDay ago

    Do nba youngboy

  16. Morf Morf Vandewalt

    Morf Morf VandewaltDay ago

    Why is GQ so obsessed with 2 Chains? (See other video)

  17. grind mode

    grind modeDay ago

    Get Mozzy on there

  18. Tooshort2__dunk_ PSN

    Tooshort2__dunk_ PSN2 days ago

    One of those 30 pendants could literally help my financial problems in a sec

  19. Swish856

    Swish8562 days ago

    If the cuban spin when it hangs its not done right

  20. Brie 4k

    Brie 4k2 days ago

    That trap chain so hard 💧one of the hardest chains in the game 💧💧

  21. Bokamoso Boka

    Bokamoso Boka2 days ago

    Do takeoff migos

  22. Logan James

    Logan James2 days ago

    Family nicknamed him tity boy great parents.😂

  23. Jack Sladden

    Jack Sladden2 days ago

    GQ needs to get KSI on

  24. G Stylez

    G Stylez2 days ago

    G-$tylez-Out Ya Body, on MReporter now!!

  25. iammari

    iammari2 days ago


  26. bruce grzegorzewski

    bruce grzegorzewski2 days ago

    Bought and sold out to the world. So sad.

  27. floccafrm300

    floccafrm3002 days ago

    chief keef next

  28. Corey Lumpkins

    Corey Lumpkins2 days ago

    They are making a SUCKER out of him.. he will pay 10time the price But then try 2sell 1 u will only get the price 4 the weight in gold

  29. Thelma A. Suber

    Thelma A. Suber2 days ago

    Do you know how many families you would feed with 1 necklace. Donations are being accepted to our community garden people are starving in my neighborhood. I have nothing against making it. Flash a basket of fruit and vegetables to a family.

  30. Johny D

    Johny D2 days ago

    Those clothes style look dope! + chainz👁💗💪🏻👍🏻

  31. Kao Saetern

    Kao Saetern3 days ago

    You guys should do travis Scott

  32. R.D. Mosley

    R.D. Mosley3 days ago

    He has more more than 2 chains

  33. KelzMassacreMusical

    KelzMassacreMusical3 days ago

    I feel like 2 chainz owns this channel

  34. DiAnni

    DiAnni3 days ago

    That beat at 1:04 tho

  35. Alexander Reyes

    Alexander Reyes3 days ago

    "thats how i lost my virginity "😭😭😂

  36. Merlene Taylor

    Merlene Taylor3 days ago

    Question. Do you have a retirement plan?

  37. Travel Inmy_shoes

    Travel Inmy_shoes3 days ago

    good song my friend amzn.to/2Y3fRRH

  38. klepetar

    klepetar3 days ago

    waste of money

  39. babymaris305

    babymaris3053 days ago

    Need takeoff on here

  40. Sac Kings

    Sac Kings3 days ago

    2chainz is actually a smart business man alot of people dont know about that

  41. melekey

    melekey3 days ago

    Guys a moron 😂

  42. 2 Chainz

    2 Chainz3 days ago

    why thank you GQ

  43. kid vliw

    kid vliw3 days ago

    Get riff raff on the rocks

  44. Nicholas Anast

    Nicholas Anast3 days ago


  45. Chris Ruybal

    Chris Ruybal3 days ago

    Get youngboy on the show 🥶

  46. Trail Science

    Trail Science3 days ago

    What loser dude..fur..wow..scum.....and he looks like he got into a grandma's closet n put everything she owned on all at once..lol..what a fkn scummy human

  47. forever heat

    forever heat4 days ago

    News flash next update on this guy how he got robbed

  48. Sense The Villen

    Sense The Villen4 days ago

    That Tru Realigion tape was 🔥

  49. nad total

    nad total4 days ago

    put floyd mayweather on the rocks

  50. carpenter1274

    carpenter12744 days ago

    Hahaha. 💩

  51. Inoubliable Douleur

    Inoubliable Douleur4 days ago

    One cannot buy taste.

  52. Trap Harder

    Trap Harder4 days ago

    Do nipsey hussle

  53. Vividcg

    Vividcg4 days ago

    What a shallow prick.

  54. famous tj

    famous tj4 days ago

    Do jaydayoungan

  55. Sativa

    Sativa4 days ago

    Why no FLOYD? HE GOT A 18M$ WATCh what da fuq

  56. nobi hossain

    nobi hossain4 days ago

    I guess it's -40 in that room😂

  57. Laun0218

    Laun02184 days ago

    Is he related to empire, Juicy Mullet

  58. Laun0218

    Laun02184 days ago

    Jewelry looks like something a Nig would wear.


    REAL SHOOTER4 days ago

    Your MONEY bought everything in this Video.

  60. robert bogert

    robert bogert4 days ago

    Who the fuq cares about 2 chains ??? 🤣

  61. Stewboo03

    Stewboo034 days ago


  62. ChetoBRICKS

    ChetoBRICKS4 days ago

    This guy is sp supid, all of this stuff looks so cheap on him

  63. periodt

    periodt5 days ago

    Notice how they all say *_joory_* instead of *_jewelry_*

  64. Ricci Quarlena

    Ricci Quarlena5 days ago

    U need to get fredo and mist , nines uk gang

  65. Chance HannCocc

    Chance HannCocc5 days ago

    First song m.mreporter.net/v/video-Zv8rXo-DnCg.html

  66. Nathan Boggioni-Darling

    Nathan Boggioni-Darling5 days ago

    Do takeoff plz

  67. Jean Paul DesEnfants

    Jean Paul DesEnfants5 days ago

    Who cares when the devil comes for him he won't be so cocky

  68. error

    error5 days ago

    Bro get trippie redd on this show, man has mad jewelry

  69. Erzhan Smith

    Erzhan Smith5 days ago

    Bruh I lost my virginity senior year of high school and 2 chains over here losing it at 7tb grade, I just knew Minecraft then df

  70. Laun0218

    Laun02184 days ago

    I think he lost his virginity to Michael Jackson.

  71. Is my dad Einstein

    Is my dad Einstein5 days ago

    Take off next pls

  72. T. Mike

    T. Mike5 days ago

    2chainz is the new Slick Rick of Roc Nation for the young ppl

  73. Vinny Sauce

    Vinny Sauce5 days ago

    Ed Sheeran next, thankyou.

  74. FvmousJo x YaKnow_Fresh

    FvmousJo x YaKnow_Fresh5 days ago

    💔💔@Fvmous.Jo - Heart Away ( Official Video ) 💔💔 mreporter.net/v/video-aDImCY_q-9I.html

  75. Cheyne Sappa

    Cheyne Sappa5 days ago


  76. Ringpop617

    Ringpop6175 days ago

    He is very bejeweled

  77. CockStirredMartini

    CockStirredMartini5 days ago

    Slaves back then had chains around their neck. Guess some habits are hard to break

  78. dj lil J

    dj lil J5 days ago

    We’re takeoff though

  79. Shannon Sharp

    Shannon Sharp5 days ago

    Young dolph or rich the kid next

  80. Shannon Sharp

    Shannon Sharp5 days ago

    Next takeoff , Travis Scott , young dolph

  81. Douglas Myrick

    Douglas Myrick5 days ago

    Audemars-Piguet blinged with aftermarket baguette diamonds!’ Well done!!!

  82. Victor Cotto

    Victor Cotto5 days ago

    Can't buy class.

  83. jPhilly8311

    jPhilly83115 days ago

    Y’all needa have @philthyrich on here

  84. Fortnite Ghost

    Fortnite Ghost5 days ago

    I thought he only had 2

  85. Demarion Owenns

    Demarion Owenns5 days ago

    Do lil uzi

  86. Sicelo November

    Sicelo November5 days ago

    Nahhhh, we wana know how much it is 😏

  87. opticalcanine

    opticalcanine5 days ago

    Shiny rocks seems like such a waste of money...

  88. Randy Barrientes

    Randy Barrientes5 days ago

    2chainz truly blessed I dream to live like 2chainz✌️

  89. jay d.

    jay d.5 days ago


  90. beards & bucks

    beards & bucks5 days ago

    Fake like all you wannabe gangster rappers

  91. beards & bucks

    beards & bucks5 days ago

    That’s why it’s all fake

  92. Mrbeast6000

    Mrbeast60005 days ago

    Me:More like more than two chains😂 Everybody:🤨🧐 Me: *laughs in autism*

  93. Jacobmart 03

    Jacobmart 035 days ago

    Get trippie redd on here!

  94. Video Start Time Helper

    Video Start Time Helper5 days ago

    Do you know what would be better than 2 Chainz? 3 Chainz. Just sayin'

  95. Tyvon Mcbride

    Tyvon Mcbride5 days ago

    Anyone know what kinda belt he wearing?? I need one

  96. *Mutilated Angel* **

    *Mutilated Angel* **5 days ago

    Hey 2 chainz! Tyra banks said call her!💕 she was talking about you on this show I watched.

  97. Jäy Hîlfîgër

    Jäy Hîlfîgër5 days ago

    Do Kodak black

  98. SpinelliBoyz TV

    SpinelliBoyz TV5 days ago


  99. gamma gamma

    gamma gamma5 days ago

    I don't understand English,but he like is Whoopy Goldberg?

  100. Just one crazy girl that loves jimin

    Just one crazy girl that loves jimin5 days ago

    _3 dollar chain_

  101. John citizen

    John citizen5 days ago

    good money, in drugs....