2 Chainz Plays with $165,000 Kittens | Most Expensivest Sh*t | GQ


  1. Ms. Suki Washington

    Ms. Suki Washington36 minutes ago


  2. HundredSubsStarts A new channel

    HundredSubsStarts A new channel8 hours ago

    S/O Trappy 😂 I don’t pay sudd that much How many times he failed at whistling 👇🏾

  3. Patrick Tayenjam

    Patrick Tayenjam8 hours ago

    2chainz can't whistle😂😁

  4. Grace Varghese

    Grace VargheseDay ago

    i would but i dont have the money

  5. Mohamed FAOUZ

    Mohamed FAOUZ2 days ago

    I'm a cat and because of my race no one is interested in me Racism still exists

  6. hayley mcbride

    hayley mcbride2 days ago

    2 chainz personality is my favorite lol

  7. emeraldo

    emeraldo2 days ago

    I'd pay tree fiddy. max.

  8. Maya. A

    Maya. A2 days ago

    Poor kitties :(

  9. Mo Bambi

    Mo Bambi3 days ago


  10. Mr. U.S and A

    Mr. U.S and A3 days ago

    This is just wrong in so many ways, but mostly because there isn't a price to life. Disliked video

  11. Bye Felicia P

    Bye Felicia P4 days ago

    Them kittens are so cute

  12. mr. deadfish?

    mr. deadfish?4 days ago

    Who would want a cat

  13. Coop

    Coop4 days ago


  14. Move on it’s Just a potato

    Move on it’s Just a potato5 days ago

    Why do I feel sad watching this

  15. Ju Gom

    Ju Gom5 days ago

    2 chainz , u know trappy can die of u smoking ??😤

  16. Hollis Baby

    Hollis Baby5 days ago

    that chain is gigantic

  17. Rosa Neely

    Rosa Neely6 days ago

    No I would not pay bc I’m broke , but I would still not pay if I had the money. I would pay $50 kitten at local animal shelter

  18. Lennon Brownfield

    Lennon Brownfield8 days ago

    No Flex but my cat can fetsh and will come when shes cald😂😂😂

  19. Mauri Cobian

    Mauri Cobian8 days ago

    Trappy, I guess he did drop 10k on the frenchie

  20. Felicity White

    Felicity White8 days ago

    I wish I was worth that much

  21. Maggie Lovely

    Maggie Lovely8 days ago

    Dj E. Sudd.. looking nice.. 👀 😍

  22. Alex Eiding

    Alex Eiding9 days ago

    I want one

  23. OneSaltyBoi TheSaltiestYouCanGet

    OneSaltyBoi TheSaltiestYouCanGet9 days ago

    I would pay 20k for a cat if I won 20 million euro

  24. Alexiz Martinez

    Alexiz Martinez9 days ago

    I ain't seen nothing special about them cats. They look like average cats and they have nothing in common with dogs in terms of the way they act. This lady is just trying take advantage of the fact that they got the same coat as a serval and she tryna get money.

  25. Ruby Delgadillo

    Ruby Delgadillo9 days ago

    How much was trappy?? Or was he a gift ??cuz he the cutest Boston terrier...i want one but some are ugly with there eyes bugged out

  26. Maxwell Jacobson

    Maxwell Jacobson10 days ago

    I can tell 2 chains doesn’t like cats lol he didn’t touch one lol

  27. The JanaeWay

    The JanaeWay10 days ago

    I legit have a cat that looks just like em' but I got it for free😂

  28. Steryjen Deese

    Steryjen Deese11 days ago

    I has learned that mostly ♍ men they have a dog bcuz they love animals tht much

  29. Steryjen Deese

    Steryjen Deese11 days ago

    The mama cat she's gonna get her kitten;)thtz how mama are protection for their lil kitten and so does the human mom's too

  30. Kyra Smith

    Kyra Smith11 days ago

    3:45 when he was tryna whistle 💀

  31. Anna Gray

    Anna Gray11 days ago

    Bro I have cats like these (bengal) and they ain’t that expensive this lady just wants money

  32. L J

    L J11 days ago

    Bruh Same tho

  33. Kairee-Gaming

    Kairee-Gaming11 days ago

    3:40 Like how he tried to whistle and couldn't 😂

  34. Itsss Nicoleee

    Itsss Nicoleee12 days ago

    when he was tryna whistle😭😭

  35. Bee SweetRush

    Bee SweetRush12 days ago

    Feel bad for the cats and kitties everybody agrees that just need the money

  36. Vernadria Davis

    Vernadria Davis14 days ago

    2 chainz looks so handsome in this video 😍

  37. Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson14 days ago

    Yaw know the price goes up whenever our Kings show up....I like stuff that dominate their species ❣️

  38. Clairessa Fuller

    Clairessa Fuller14 days ago

    Watching 2 chainz try to whistle just killed me 😂😂

  39. Ruby Corona

    Ruby Corona14 days ago

    I got my cat because he just walked right in my house and i am not lying


    VOID ERASE14 days ago

    id pay 2 thousand for him

  41. Isac Shields

    Isac Shields15 days ago


  42. Summer Ralstin

    Summer Ralstin15 days ago

    Way to freak out several kittens at once and also a pregnant cat who is due to give birth in a week. Like, really???

  43. HellFighterz

    HellFighterz15 days ago

    This lady gotta be slanging dope or hooking on the side.. theres no way she makes a consistent income trying to pawn kittens off for thousands of dollars.. what a joke

  44. Mathilda Lindberg

    Mathilda Lindberg15 days ago

    I have the first ones, they are named OCICATS and I love him, but where we got him he was "only"

  45. Mathilda Lindberg

    Mathilda Lindberg15 days ago

    900 dollars, around 9000kr in my country

  46. Cameron Paul

    Cameron Paul15 days ago

    Only thing I got out of this whole interview is that 2 Chainz don't know how to whistle

  47. Zohaa Mmmm

    Zohaa Mmmm16 days ago

    I got my cat off the streets,and she is one of those mixed species. 😂

  48. TicTacTom

    TicTacTom16 days ago

    What breed is trappy

  49. Melissa Gilley

    Melissa Gilley16 days ago

    Super jealous 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  50. Claudia Iscoa

    Claudia Iscoa16 days ago

    You know why she can sell these poor creatures? Because people will pay 💰 that much. I would never!

  51. Zion Luke

    Zion Luke17 days ago

    This is like selling Asian baby's with blond hair for $90000 yen and the brown hair $2k yen

  52. Viza Slim

    Viza Slim17 days ago

    I would but I’ll only spend 5,000 for two lil ones boy and girl for my wife

  53. 6969696969696969696

    696969696969696969617 days ago

    I had a dog that was worth thousands of dollars and it had a brown eye and a blue eye

  54. Crazy Kids

    Crazy Kids17 days ago

    Traffic is so cute and cool

  55. Crazy Kids

    Crazy Kids17 days ago

    These dogs and the mes dog is so cute

  56. Blake K Studios

    Blake K Studios18 days ago

    Honestly if I was 2chainz I’d buy em all and then sell em all to loving families for a fraction of the price so that lady don’t have em sicko

  57. Frank Parent

    Frank Parent19 days ago

    "dey do dat? come on, do dat one time!"

  58. Antonio Fowler

    Antonio Fowler19 days ago

    😂😂they do that, come get your chilldren

  59. Kpop is my City

    Kpop is my City20 days ago

    I want cats

  60. adam pepin

    adam pepin20 days ago

    my cousin paid 5k for a blue point siamese absolutely does not act like a cat or sound like one . 2chainz how do you not know how to whistle????

  61. Mythical Ocean

    Mythical Ocean21 day ago

    If I had the money I would, they are adorable... however if I had that kind of money I would adopt rather then buy... there are so many animals in this world that dont have homes and are in danger..

  62. SOGE

    SOGE22 days ago

    I have one!

  63. Froggo

    Froggo23 days ago

    Hes got more than 2 chainz

  64. Morgan Bishop

    Morgan Bishop23 days ago

    2 Churns!!

  65. Jay McBride

    Jay McBride23 days ago

    I can see if these cats were actual ocelots, but these are normal house cats that's crazy

  66. Patrick Skar

    Patrick Skar23 days ago

    I hate how they sell them for so much money...

  67. Pepe The Frog

    Pepe The Frog24 days ago

    Are we not gonna notice that he has a lock as a necklace

  68. Shaan Hussain

    Shaan Hussain25 days ago

    20k happily

  69. Lazyass_Fangirl 4Life

    Lazyass_Fangirl 4Life26 days ago

    Meh.... I hate the idea of getting a pet for it’s price...... the kittens on the streets are just as precious.....

  70. Niyahh. Vlogz

    Niyahh. Vlogz26 days ago


  71. Ray ray Turner

    Ray ray Turner26 days ago

    I wouldn’t even pay 1000 for just a lag tf

  72. Jacob Johnny

    Jacob Johnny26 days ago

    I will pay 100k for a dog tho

  73. nwboss 24

    nwboss 2426 days ago

    Dogs are better 🐕

  74. leanne roost

    leanne roost28 days ago

    Stupid woman

  75. Bonnie Zhang

    Bonnie Zhang29 days ago

    they all worth more than me, that's why no one wants to adopt me

  76. Good Luck

    Good LuckMonth ago

    My cat knows how to fetch and I got her for free, she is super smart, but aggressive around strangers.

  77. yougotit96

    yougotit96Month ago

    he got an ugly mouth man

  78. Max Domo

    Max DomoMonth ago

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  79. Siyah Beyaz

    Siyah BeyazMonth ago

    Dont like price discussions on living beings...

  80. Daurren XD

    Daurren XDMonth ago

    She no catdigger she a goldigger just saying


    BORRASCA_BROMonth ago

    Did he hit all of em or just this one lmao

  82. Urayji Ali

    Urayji AliMonth ago

    My cat can fetch and come when called it's black cat 😂

  83. Stay Dope

    Stay DopeMonth ago

    I don’t pay sud that much

  84. TwentyØne Demas

    TwentyØne DemasMonth ago

    Son is grabbing his junk every 5 seconds.😂

  85. BenTheBoi

    BenTheBoiMonth ago

    LMAO just got that TurboTax free ad

  86. The Legend

    The LegendMonth ago

    Those are literally pretty much just oriental shorthairs

  87. RuBiK MaN

    RuBiK MaNMonth ago

    How do you put a price on a living animal...

  88. Slurp Juice

    Slurp JuiceMonth ago

    Talking Tom in the chat

  89. Tokyoalt

    TokyoaltMonth ago

    I have a cat and my cat is adopted and I love her to bits but this is just messed up, who would pay that much for cat...

  90. Energy Halid

    Energy HalidMonth ago

    Wtf are those cats made of then?

  91. kay coon

    kay coonMonth ago

    id rather buy a liger

  92. SubToPewdsOrElse

    SubToPewdsOrElseMonth ago

    That’s disgusting. Cats are assholes, if I’m getting one I’m getting it off the streets for free. Those cats are in my local shelter for 20$.

  93. Foodz

    FoodzMonth ago

    Adopt, don’t shop

  94. Margo Sanjuan

    Margo SanjuanMonth ago

    Yes I will pay a lot of money for a cat I mean I'm a cat lover🤑🤑🤑🤑

  95. momo

    momoMonth ago

    Typical white people crooks overcharging for everything

  96. Gabriel Rader

    Gabriel RaderMonth ago

    cat lady and rapper, weird mix

  97. Abishai Din

    Abishai DinMonth ago

    lmao go to Afghan and you can pick up 5 of those cats for free

  98. D1

    D1Month ago

    yes I would lmao

  99. WaXeShAdOwZ

    WaXeShAdOwZMonth ago

    Both my cats fetches and comes when I call them. Do that make the special? Smh

  100. Ahmed Ba

    Ahmed BaMonth ago

    I would pay 50k them cats hard

  101. Gautam Rana

    Gautam RanaMonth ago

    Fake those cars r first copy