2 Chainz Plays with $165,000 Kittens | Most Expensivest Sh*t | GQ


  1. The4thperson

    The4thperson9 hours ago

    I have an orange and brown tabby and didn't pay for either of them have the 2 best furry companions. My GFs brown tabby loves me too. So 3 of the best furry companions a cat owner could ask for.

  2. Daku Hall

    Daku HallDay ago

    Those kittens R Cute AF Bro OMG 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  3. pjmvoid

    pjmvoidDay ago

    This dude has like a trillion dollars and he can’t afford it, Moral of the story, she’s overpricing

  4. Nate

    NateDay ago

    Lmao I get trash cats I wish I had a dog cat

  5. UniQuely 420

    UniQuely 420Day ago

    He hit them all or just this one? Lol 😂😍

  6. Nikki Gallegos

    Nikki Gallegos2 days ago

    They’re so cute

  7. Lonna Bunny

    Lonna Bunny2 days ago

    Ocelot is my favorite cat! 😍 so beautiful

  8. nV Super

    nV Super2 days ago

    She’s a freak

  9. Donna Crenshaw

    Donna Crenshaw2 days ago

    I've Completely Flat Lined!!! Go To The Humane Society, And Adopt!!!

  10. Toney's Reviews

    Toney's Reviews2 days ago

    Servals nor Savannahs cost anywhere near 15k, lawl. Anyone who would spend 15k on a 2-3k max cat is just plain stupid. Even S3s are not worth 15k

  11. Dimmadab

    Dimmadab2 days ago

    why do people who breed only see money. i know that lady when she sees those kittens is money

  12. Tactical Cheater

    Tactical Cheater3 days ago

    I've had cats that can play fetch that doesn't make the fat worth thousands lmao

  13. Anis South

    Anis South5 days ago

    I would rather adopt them buying cat cus animals are not some object but idk im not one to judge

  14. Crazy Jakey

    Crazy Jakey5 days ago

    I would rather buy a KAWASAKI 2HR and a Lambo than this kitten probably will die after 15 years of existence

  15. Aaron Powers

    Aaron Powers6 days ago

    Doesn't regular cats do everything says that they say the cats do?

  16. Bruce HYX

    Bruce HYX6 days ago

    So cutee😍

  17. APathetic GamerKid

    APathetic GamerKid8 days ago

    If I had the money. I would buy all of them 😘😇😍

  18. Ken Gutierrez

    Ken Gutierrez8 days ago

    😍😍😍😍😍😍 KITTENS!!!!!!!!

  19. Wyatt 25

    Wyatt 258 days ago


  20. Yash Yadav

    Yash Yadav9 days ago

    What's the name of the beat that starts at 0:50 i heard it in most of the gq vedios

  21. jassir amed

    jassir amed10 days ago

    Why 2chainz has a PuertoRican flag tattoo? Is he PuertoRican?

  22. Carlos Rodriguez

    Carlos Rodriguez10 days ago

    she probably selling for high prices because he rich AF. i even looked up. if they got spots, its $636. she is selling for WAAAAAY overpriced amounts

  23. Revenia Crenshaw-Witherspoon

    Revenia Crenshaw-Witherspoon11 days ago


  24. DTVl Squadd

    DTVl Squadd11 days ago

    OMG So Freaking Cute I'm Obsessed With Cats I Should Buy It I Would

  25. Roman Vargas

    Roman Vargas11 days ago

    01-08 lmao only 2 chains would

  26. Dom Lagasca

    Dom Lagasca11 days ago

    wtf why is that thousands

  27. molly sandweiss

    molly sandweiss11 days ago

    Yo adopt don’t shop

  28. forever KisandrAmara

    forever KisandrAmara11 days ago

    Fock outta here , kitty cost #165,000 dollars ? What if it gets lost and someone else finds it ? It’s free . 165 pfff #Fckthat I wouldn’t spend that much for a kitty

  29. sweet james jones ll

    sweet james jones ll11 days ago

    20,000 for pussy😸 😂😂😂 😕👈

  30. Chris zAKO

    Chris zAKO12 days ago

    2 chains was looking for "exotic" cats thinking they would be cheap...

  31. mr. Jackson

    mr. Jackson12 days ago

    they mix breeding

  32. Wild Child

    Wild Child12 days ago

    “Gimme my cat back boi!” 🤣

  33. Zach Meyers

    Zach Meyers12 days ago

    Yo they should do a series called 2 chains travel the world

  34. PDusty

    PDusty12 days ago


  35. N0BL3

    N0BL312 days ago

    1:49 the way he looks at his DJ lmao

  36. Demi Goodspeed

    Demi Goodspeed12 days ago

    Breeders suck. How do you put a price on an animal. Sick. No shade to 2 Chainz though, he's cool.

  37. African American Goddess

    African American Goddess13 days ago

    She just tryna get some money outta him...why in he world would a musty cat cost that much?

  38. Melissa Bruno

    Melissa Bruno13 days ago

    1,000 is average... My cocker spaniel was about 1,000

  39. Walker Shawn

    Walker Shawn13 days ago

    2 chainz wanted to smash

  40. Space.

    Space.13 days ago


  41. King Potato

    King Potato13 days ago

    Most expenseviest??? English

  42. yuungmax

    yuungmax14 days ago

    When 2 chainz said he goes to the club with me i died

  43. Michelle Duchene

    Michelle Duchene14 days ago

    Nobody should make that much off of animals. This is WAY beyond reasonable and it's sick. Money making scheme instead of breeding for health, temperament, and bettering of the breed.

  44. Tavon B

    Tavon B14 days ago


  45. h20cj5 thesav

    h20cj5 thesav14 days ago


  46. Placi Padi

    Placi Padi14 days ago

    Yo sadd was mad nervous

  47. Anthony GMF

    Anthony GMF14 days ago

    His dog is lucky he have every thing

  48. Anthony GMF

    Anthony GMF14 days ago

    IS A SQUISHY DUCK😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 sorry if I spell squishy wrong

  49. King Frostbyte Gas Station

    King Frostbyte Gas Station15 days ago

    2chains actn so surprised @ the prices while wearing a $500k necklace lol

  50. FIGHT TV

    FIGHT TV16 days ago

    Feel like celeb be charge with the most stuff like when they go to a gas station the chips are like 134K😂

  51. Caroline

    Caroline16 days ago

    I paid a $60 adoption fee for my purebred Traditional Siamese cat who also has certain dog traits.

  52. D.j hassan waswa

    D.j hassan waswa16 days ago

    1:29 wondering 😉

  53. trent ashore

    trent ashore17 days ago

    aint no beef wid da cats lmfao

  54. Death _

    Death _17 days ago

    Get it

  55. Shahnawaz The_Knight

    Shahnawaz The_Knight18 days ago

    Wish 2chainz' bars would've been worth like $165k too.

  56. Knee Grow

    Knee Grow18 days ago

    D.J. mE SUcc

  57. Baltazar Haro

    Baltazar Haro18 days ago

    You guys have heard of a crazy cat lady This lady ain't crazy she insane lol

  58. Savanna Dufour

    Savanna Dufour18 days ago


  59. Savanna Dufour

    Savanna Dufour18 days ago

    I sway to god I have one of those

  60. Raymond Escobar

    Raymond Escobar18 days ago

    Wonder what dog it was...

  61. Solqueen86

    Solqueen8619 days ago

    The fact the rich pay this woman to breed cats to look like wild cats.... And yet the same rich tell everyone else it's the poor's fault that the USA is running out of money

  62. SSV d1981k

    SSV d1981k19 days ago

    Bruh him tryna whistle

  63. Ash Richardson

    Ash Richardson20 days ago

    Where can I actually buy one of these. I’m interested

  64. Mika Pi

    Mika Pi20 days ago

    My cat comes when I have a snack and when she wants to cuddle and snuggle 😂😭💕

  65. ghoul josh

    ghoul josh20 days ago

    *ocecat? more like I **_SEE_** CAT*

  66. mrhazel

    mrhazel21 day ago

    We had gotten an F5 savannah for free...I'm cool.on this buy cute cats..just got a orange boy tabby...named him butterscotch. The tourtise twin girls we named indigo and violet thyrr over a year old now. Adopt a pet, don't overpay

  67. Majin VEGETA

    Majin VEGETA21 day ago

    U should've invited jhonny bones...he love cats.

  68. Owen K.

    Owen K.21 day ago

    I have a $460,000 magikarp

  69. aj Real's88

    aj Real's8822 days ago

    my dog eats cat food

  70. ExpressGandolf

    ExpressGandolf22 days ago

    I found my cat at Taco Bell he can fetch and acts like a dog lol.

  71. Brian Aguilar

    Brian Aguilar22 days ago

    When trappy comes in at the end theres just a random phone on the floor...i guess it was the TRAPpy phone

  72. Ernest Jackson

    Ernest Jackson22 days ago


  73. 100 subs with no videos

    100 subs with no videos22 days ago

    I can buy a cat for $15 and train it like a dog

  74. Kevin Robey

    Kevin Robey22 days ago

    Well my pugs are around 2k and my puggle 1k so I get that a really desireable bread would be charged More fore. Like dank buds. I grow and also see the same thing there too:)

  75. k Pluggy

    k Pluggy23 days ago

    I smell. Gold digger 😆

  76. BronzedTing

    BronzedTing23 days ago

    Lmao 😂 hilarious

  77. Shock

    Shock23 days ago

    so what would a tiger cost..a million?

  78. Rest easy X

    Rest easy X23 days ago

    Who tf buys ts

  79. therawsome

    therawsome23 days ago

    Who knocking them up??😂😂

  80. Alec

    Alec24 days ago

    1:51 “I don’t pay sudd that much “💀💀💀

  81. Ankit Singh

    Ankit Singh24 days ago

    My broda can't whistle but can rap the best😁😝


    MK PRODUCTIONS24 days ago

    3:36 2 Chainz doesn't know how to whistle lol hahahah

  83. Skinz Alora

    Skinz Alora24 days ago


  84. Deyahweh

    Deyahweh25 days ago

    Paying that much money I'll just open up a pet store

  85. cobyoh13 cobyoh13

    cobyoh13 cobyoh1325 days ago

    4:28 he just has a phone casually lying on the floor😂

  86. horseygurl143

    horseygurl14325 days ago

    Coolest cats in the world can be found in any animal shelter. I know. I have 13. They help keep the water moccasins and rattlesnakes away here on my west central Georgia farm.

  87. Paula Shauan

    Paula Shauan26 days ago

    And I'm homeless lol at the goodwill inn in traverse city mi

  88. Paula Shauan

    Paula Shauan26 days ago

    I would not sell my cat for less than 500 million

  89. Olivia

    Olivia26 days ago

    Adopt a family member, don't buy them

  90. levan oniashvili

    levan oniashvili26 days ago


  91. The Asian Persuasion 54'

    The Asian Persuasion 54'26 days ago

    My car fetches and comes when it’s called. I got her for free.

  92. Swift

    Swift26 days ago

    3:38 lmao 2Chainz can't whistle 😂

  93. dave W

    dave W26 days ago

    All she cares about is the money not the well being of them .smh

  94. Julie Nee

    Julie Nee26 days ago

    Stacy certainly got some of that 2chainz d

  95. God Of Your World

    God Of Your World26 days ago

    2chainz whistleling

  96. Lucy Lu

    Lucy Lu26 days ago

    Burmese cats retrieve and are a regular breed, unlike these. Shame on her.

  97. Sam m.

    Sam m.26 days ago

    Probably a lion



    Horrible lady thos3 kittens don’t go a day over $40

  99. Hannah Britton

    Hannah Britton26 days ago

    Good kitters


    OFFICIAL PUNKY26 days ago

    My grandfather bought one similar to these for 18 grand, she is a sweet cat but definitely a rebel