2 Chainz Plays with $165,000 Kittens | Most Expensivest Sh*t | GQ


  1. Jonathan Burgess

    Jonathan Burgess10 hours ago

    This lady is full of it. I have a cat that i found abandoned by his mama under my porch. He didnt even have his eyes open yet. He knows his name perfectly and will come when he is called. When he was a kitten, he would go in and out the doggy door with the dogs.

  2. carLOS BEATS

    carLOS BEATS13 hours ago

    Man I struggle feeding my strays and trying to t.n.r them 1500 for a cat is insane you know how many stray cats/dogs I can save with that...

  3. Cee Mula

    Cee Mula21 hour ago

    😂😂😂100,000 “the famous talking cat about to come out” that was hilarious

  4. Darius Ware

    Darius WareDay ago

    I just notice he had a giant lock on is neck

  5. Devolved Mxnty

    Devolved MxntyDay ago

    *im a vicious OceCat fear me!*

  6. jamil phillips

    jamil phillipsDay ago

    FUN FACT: 2 Chains cannot whistle

  7. jamil phillips

    jamil phillipsDay ago

    "I dont pay sud that much" LOL XD

  8. croix smith

    croix smithDay ago

    so pretty

  9. Sir Kiwi

    Sir KiwiDay ago

    Or you could go to the pound and save some kittens instead...

  10. noah kpoh

    noah kpohDay ago


  11. Isaiahs Cool

    Isaiahs CoolDay ago

    I thought it said he plays with 165,000 cats

  12. official taylor

    official taylorDay ago

    When he was trying to whistle I was dying 😂😂😂

  13. Canadian Gamer

    Canadian Gamer2 days ago

    Oxiclean not oxecat

  14. Angie gg

    Angie gg2 days ago

    Him trying to whistle killed me 😂 bec thats actaully me trying to whistle any day of the week

  15. XMAN

    XMAN2 days ago

    138kth like

  16. Henry Lewis

    Henry Lewis2 days ago

    I used to hate cats but this video changed the hole ideal

  17. Nozomi Johnson

    Nozomi Johnson2 days ago

    Adopt, don’t shop! That said, Savannah cats have really good health because they aren’t super inbred yet.

  18. Cheeze Boi

    Cheeze Boi3 days ago

    Or I could go get an actual ocelot for less

  19. User Name

    User Name3 days ago

    That 1st second and my eyes are right away on that padlock....sums up position of the black community...still slaved but in different fashion! Polish artist has shown it perfectly...i.pinimg.com/originals/aa/f9/8f/aaf98f66653f910ddbcd54031be04c12.jpg

  20. MsIntellect82

    MsIntellect823 days ago

    You are right🔥🔥🔥🙌🏽 mreporter.net/v/video-r67-rkEHMn0.html

  21. Stephen Mims

    Stephen Mims3 days ago

    Or you can not spend that much and get the same cat for $4500 just call it a Savanah Cat.

  22. beloved Mceniry

    beloved Mceniry3 days ago

    Breeding wild cats domesticated

  23. beloved Mceniry

    beloved Mceniry3 days ago

    Propaganda that rich people push

  24. North West

    North West3 days ago

    I think they set the price high because they want to keep the cats to their self...

  25. Luis Soto

    Luis Soto3 days ago

    2 chains attitude gets kinda annoying sometimes. Asks stupid questions a lot..not as funny as he thinks.

  26. princess zing

    princess zing4 days ago

    3:42 me when I'm trying to whistle 😂


    JULIO ADRELL4 days ago

    isaw the title $1 jesus christ i press this video and its like a million jesus

  28. newSogn

    newSogn4 days ago

    There's always a free cat lol

  29. elvis gonzalez

    elvis gonzalez4 days ago

    Man what do u have 1 chain ?? That cat ain’t sh#%%t for u

  30. Pitudo Gaming

    Pitudo Gaming4 days ago

    Too bad I don't like cats

  31. Cristina Michel

    Cristina Michel4 days ago

    apparently he does not understand women 🐆😂

  32. DramaMC

    DramaMC4 days ago

    Animal abuse: 3:09

  33. Anime Sun

    Anime Sun5 days ago

    I'm sorry but I wouldn't. Even though THEY LOOK SO ADORABLE

  34. P- Star7

    P- Star75 days ago

    It ain't that bad some regular pure bread puppies cost 2k and up

  35. Prabhjit Sokhal

    Prabhjit Sokhal6 days ago

    ya sound like ur always high

  36. Sal_ 191

    Sal_ 1916 days ago

    Just get a Siamese or Bengal

  37. Tommy John

    Tommy John6 days ago

    165K? U serious?That kitten better cook me dinner and fetch me a beer if I’m paying that kind of money and the cat has to live at least 100 years

  38. Games Play

    Games Play7 days ago

    Wasup skunk.

  39. Fela Khiangte

    Fela Khiangte7 days ago

    lots of cats are outside for free

  40. Moghster

    Moghster7 days ago

    $15000 is totally worth it for that big one. I'd rather have that than a nice car...

  41. Tessa Drew

    Tessa Drew7 days ago

    Once I look a celebrity feels kinda poor and I'm enjoying it lol..🐚

  42. Brenton Edwards

    Brenton Edwards7 days ago

    Ocicats are not worth as much as they are quoting

  43. travers madeja

    travers madeja7 days ago

    1:47 Skunk's Pink and white Cat Toy ONE DOLLAR at the dollar tree.

  44. boo

    boo7 days ago

    5 kittens is my mortgage

  45. ryan burgeson

    ryan burgeson7 days ago

    You can get your pets cloned for like 50 grand in Vietnam, I could see paying that for a pet I really never wanted to die, but idk.

  46. TSM_ Clout •

    TSM_ Clout •8 days ago

    5:07 💀😂


    JACK SWAGZZ XD8 days ago

    My cat plays fetch with me to :-)

  48. globgogabgalab ._.

    globgogabgalab ._.8 days ago

    Im too broke to even pet one

  49. Darkest CGZ

    Darkest CGZ8 days ago

    Most of them are going to die because the are way too expensive

  50. Kevin Le

    Kevin Le8 days ago

    Sometimes Trappy goes to the club with me *like lowkey that’s what I’d do*

  51. ANGEL R.

    ANGEL R.8 days ago

    Asking for that much for an animal is disgusting

  52. Danny Rowan

    Danny Rowan9 days ago

    F1 is cooler...

  53. Sparkle Specialist Tfue

    Sparkle Specialist Tfue9 days ago


  54. Isabela Vlogs

    Isabela Vlogs9 days ago

    My cat is $200 and it can fetch and it comes when you call her name 🤷🏻‍♀️

  55. Infinite Gamer

    Infinite Gamer4 days ago

    $200?! My cat was free and can do even more...ummm you wasted all yo money

  56. itsmiyah !

    itsmiyah !9 days ago

    These cats is not no name brand stuff . They shouldn’t cost that much

  57. Patricia

    Patricia9 days ago

    Yup! If I had it but I would also have to compensate with having a Cat Shelter bc this Kitten would draw attention to my Shelter and all will be treated in a great manner! I love the feline species 😻😻😻😻😻😻😻😻

  58. PatrickStar

    PatrickStar9 days ago

    I mean I got the money but there is no way I would pay that much

  59. Kendall Casperson

    Kendall Casperson9 days ago

    I didn’t see those fr 😂😂

  60. First Last

    First Last10 days ago

    Them cats are badass tho

  61. Ashley Bradley

    Ashley Bradley10 days ago

    Awww they're so cute.

  62. steph412017

    steph41201711 days ago

    I wouldn’t pay a dime for a cat!!

  63. Jasman Settlemoir

    Jasman Settlemoir11 days ago

    If I had the money I'd spend 100,000 on a single cat. But personally that's just me

  64. Betty White

    Betty White11 days ago

    My cat is a Ferrell that I obviously got for free, and he comes when I call him. He also follows me when I walk my dog. And if he's in the house and I say "Out" he goes straight to the front door. Please adopt. This lady is ripping you off!

  65. Jetar Povanovic

    Jetar Povanovic11 days ago

    I can’t do this any more

  66. Gary Laws

    Gary Laws11 days ago

    I would never pay that much for a cat, when I can rescue one for much cheaper.

  67. red pandato

    red pandato11 days ago

    Wooo wooo I can't lol

  68. DOM RUIZ

    DOM RUIZ12 days ago

    i got one $1,000 hit me up

  69. Cosi Moto

    Cosi Moto12 days ago

    Iys doesn't take 200,000 dollars to get a cat that fetches. Mine was free and its more like a dog than a cat haha❤

  70. Scottish Stan

    Scottish Stan12 days ago

    My Sphynx didn't appreciate this video at all 😂

  71. Whiteboy Entertainment

    Whiteboy Entertainment12 days ago

    It would mean a LOT if y’all checked me out 💕💕💕

  72. Richard

    Richard12 days ago

    Me: Oh look a pug, A yorkie! A pit bull, Oh look a German shepherd, oh look a rottweiler. Me again: Oh look a cat! oh look another cat! oh look a cat! awesome thats a cat! $15? as a rehoming fee? alright sure

  73. xd wolf

    xd wolf12 days ago

    “Talking cats about to come out” LMAO

  74. Monster

    Monster12 days ago

    I would stick with the dog I don’t know how to spell his name

  75. Michael Ryan

    Michael Ryan12 days ago

    “This one lucky guy, did he hit all of em”😂😂

  76. Zach B.

    Zach B.13 days ago

    100,000 dollar cat and i use the same kennel

  77. S Tiankova

    S Tiankova13 days ago


  78. Emil Suhr

    Emil Suhr13 days ago

    i actually had 11 cats at one time

  79. Kaleb Sok

    Kaleb Sok14 days ago

    Why can’t people just get normal pets? I hate breeding in the name of exotic pets

  80. Robert Holt

    Robert Holt14 days ago


  81. I'm keyya

    I'm keyya14 days ago

    Lmfaoooooooooooooo his personality is funny asf

  82. jumpman 87

    jumpman 8714 days ago


  83. Jaylen Rouse

    Jaylen Rouse14 days ago

    Dah harrrr!😂😂😂😂

  84. Niko Simac

    Niko Simac14 days ago

    Hi hungry asians

  85. jshowa o

    jshowa o15 days ago

    Yeah, those cats come when they're called alright.

  86. doll maleficent

    doll maleficent15 days ago

    they must have stolen them as wild and resell

  87. doll maleficent

    doll maleficent15 days ago

    disgusting to separate the family and sell them it's illegal

  88. syth e

    syth e16 days ago

    *Steals Moms Credit Card*

  89. AwesomeDude07

    AwesomeDude0716 days ago

    Adopt or rescue a pet, don’t buy

  90. red velvet

    red velvet16 days ago

    The kittens are so cute😍

  91. Rachel T.

    Rachel T.16 days ago

    When he tried to whistle LOL pricelessss 😂 😂 love him!!

  92. andre robinson

    andre robinson16 days ago

    anybody else laugh when that cartoon dog throw that bone on stage lol

  93. P Dawg

    P Dawg17 days ago

    My cat cost $0

  94. P Dawg

    P Dawg17 days ago

    Poor cats

  95. Quaker Oats Guy

    Quaker Oats Guy17 days ago

    He's cool because he does't know grammer.

  96. Bunny Tuzi

    Bunny Tuzi18 days ago

    That hawwwwwwt

  97. ozorkon

    ozorkon18 days ago

    Adopt, DON'T shop.

  98. vintxge_

    vintxge_19 days ago

    k im broke but i think i can spare a couple thousands for a kittyy

  99. daisy lara

    daisy lara19 days ago

    I freaking love him

  100. XxJay_slaysxX xXx_I_Slay_XxX

    XxJay_slaysxX xXx_I_Slay_XxX19 days ago

    Those r Savannah cats I have one she's a few months old or a year

  101. Juliet of The Spirits

    Juliet of The Spirits19 days ago

    You understand humanity sucks when you realize there are people that reject animals just for not having the spot they want.