2 Chainz Plays with $165,000 Kittens | Most Expensivest Sh*t | GQ


  1. Joseph Hess

    Joseph Hess14 hours ago

    I would be too broke to feed it

  2. aprilsdelusion

    aprilsdelusion20 hours ago

    This woman is disgusting. Force breeding these cats for money. Not a fan of breeders, especially when they're this obviously disgusting.

  3. Artistry byme

    Artistry bymeDay ago

    Literally the cuttest😍💜

  4. Brandon Bowman

    Brandon BowmanDay ago

    I got twenty million dollars so I would pay a million dollars 💵

  5. win don

    win donDay ago

    for that mount of money im sure the wealthy just capture and crossbreed their own.


    MARZINBARZ2 days ago

    2chainz trying to whistle gave me jokes 😂🤣

  7. hannah xo

    hannah xo2 days ago


  8. VirXually

    VirXually2 days ago

    His name is 2 chainz but he’s wearing 4 chains.

  9. Mea Karma

    Mea Karma2 days ago

    All my cats come to call

  10. Mr.Ugine krabs

    Mr.Ugine krabs2 days ago

    Dont whistle rap

  11. Ben Dover

    Ben Dover2 days ago

    shop dont adopt!

  12. Lola 2002

    Lola 20023 days ago

    So cute 😭😭

  13. Princess Mochi

    Princess Mochi3 days ago

    I would spend that much money on a cat in sorry but there beautiful

  14. Deonta Carter

    Deonta Carter3 days ago

    This whole video gavee the creeps cata look so creepy

  15. The life of Ella

    The life of Ella3 days ago

    Those tiny things cost as much as a freakin house

  16. Katherine Oliviá

    Katherine Oliviá3 days ago

    This should be illegal. Did you see that 60% wild cat? She looked terrified. I hope no one buys them.

  17. Destiny Cage

    Destiny Cage3 days ago

    They just want money

  18. UtubeRage

    UtubeRage3 days ago

    I have been desensitized about pet prices after leaving my local pet store lol...they wanted $15,000 for a French bulldog puppy. I was like “NOT EVEN TRAPPY WAS THIS MUCH HOE!”

  19. bad gamer

    bad gamer3 days ago

    Come to Ethiopia and I will sell it to within 500

  20. Hipe Ninja

    Hipe Ninja4 days ago


  21. DK Serpent

    DK Serpent4 days ago

    Chains I breed exotic ball pythons!!!!some of the most exotic and expensive snakes in the world...it would be as cool show.

  22. Uncle Ben

    Uncle Ben5 days ago

    These innocent and beautiful kittens don't deserve to be sold at such a high price!! The lady selling them might not even care about the cats, but for the money!

  23. nevy channel

    nevy channel5 days ago

    LOL i got mine for $2500

  24. Stan A.C.E

    Stan A.C.E6 days ago

    I used to have 5 kittens and I've NEVER picked them up so roughly.I also never let anyone touch them unless they touched/played with the mother.Imagine a stranger picking your babies up!

  25. Stan A.C.E

    Stan A.C.E6 days ago

    Everything is objectified and about money nowadays. It sucks.

  26. Brynn Cameron

    Brynn Cameron6 days ago

    I could literally walk down the alley and find one for $0.00

  27. JD Barrett

    JD Barrett6 days ago

    How much is my dog worth? He acts like a cat lol

  28. Kayd RD

    Kayd RD7 days ago

    I have have a cat that acts like a dog and it was free then brought it to the vet and said it goes for 1200

  29. TheFrozenWolf

    TheFrozenWolf7 days ago

    Or you could adopt a dog that does the exact same thing as a “Ocecat” for free 😂

  30. Silenced Ward

    Silenced Ward7 days ago

    Ridiculous prices

  31. JTT奶昔

    JTT奶昔7 days ago

    So cute!!!!!! My cat is only $500😂

  32. Mit Liv

    Mit Liv8 days ago

    Yes i love kats a kat is batre Dan dogs

  33. Fortnite Neb

    Fortnite Neb9 days ago

    Ive changed my mind about cats

  34. KryticaL Depth

    KryticaL Depth10 days ago


  35. the gaming maverick

    the gaming maverick11 days ago

    only pick up at 3 weeks old

  36. the gaming maverick

    the gaming maverick11 days ago

    all are the same anyway

  37. the gaming maverick

    the gaming maverick11 days ago

    why are the cats so expensive mine are cuter and better than these

  38. KEDAR RA

    KEDAR RA11 days ago

    pale people enslave everything

  39. Bc Overlord

    Bc Overlord11 days ago

    2 chainz for the kittttens.

  40. Shannon Herak

    Shannon Herak11 days ago

    Wtf.. Watched it at 9.4m views. Come back 5 mins later to watch it for the 8th time and its at 11m views

  41. Stephanie Pompey

    Stephanie Pompey12 days ago

    😂😂😂😂lmao love this scammer

  42. Lexie Fioto

    Lexie Fioto12 days ago

    My cat was $35 and it was buy one get one free

  43. Gael c

    Gael c12 days ago

    My cat looks actually like a Leon but just grey and I found it in the street and she's small and doesn't act up at all she behaves pretty good

  44. JesusLемus

    JesusLемus12 days ago

    Lost of money because when they die

  45. Bambeed

    Bambeed13 days ago

    they have leopard skins right next to cats. me: 🤷‍♂️

  46. Terrell Paperchasin

    Terrell Paperchasin13 days ago

    Shidddddtttttttt No !! They fresh asl though

  47. Megatron

    Megatron13 days ago

    15k is Nothing to him I call bs on that😂 and OMG these babies are ADORABLE, BEAUTIFUL, PRECIOUS ANGELS!!!!!! I LOVE THEMMM😭😭😭❤❤❤❤💓🎆✨

  48. M

    M13 days ago

    Adopt, don’t shop.

  49. TheAvirus

    TheAvirus14 days ago

    "So Big" That's what she said last

  50. Kyute Karot

    Kyute Karot15 days ago


  51. Jason Delattiboudere

    Jason Delattiboudere15 days ago

    my cat (whose just a regular short hair orange tabby) was litterally free my sisters friend found him, he comes when called , can fetch , and he even gives paw. so im not impressed

  52. Sam Kryptonite

    Sam Kryptonite16 days ago

    Poor people wouldn't pay this much only rich people. Im poor

  53. Byte Nebula

    Byte Nebula16 days ago

    What is she got them mixed up? 😂

  54. YOUNG VP3

    YOUNG VP316 days ago

    If I was rich ya

  55. Alexandria McFadden

    Alexandria McFadden17 days ago

    Was that a iphone X on the floor at 4:30

  56. Herro Dj not nice

    Herro Dj not nice17 days ago

    Shop don't adopt?

  57. Vanessa Macias

    Vanessa Macias17 days ago

  58. Yash Yadav

    Yash Yadav17 days ago

    Does anybody know the song at 0:50 ?

  59. Lhenkhantus

    Lhenkhantus17 days ago

    I got a full black maybe a persian? (Huge dense fluffy fur) Cat with beautiful cyan eyes, she was raised next to 3 dogs. She acts like a dog, she needs attention and love, she is cuddly and loves hugs and kisses. She knows a lot of tricks. I wouldn't sell her.

  60. Isabella Saxon

    Isabella Saxon17 days ago

    Those cats don’t seem social at all. My stray cat I adopted for free is way more of a “dog-cat” than any of those lmao. You can get the same look with a tabby cat in a shelter or on the streets and you’ll be saving a life for less than $100 usually.

  61. Marilena Zucerie

    Marilena Zucerie18 days ago

    Awww those poor baby cats they are so cute and just need some cuddeling not being treated like they were objects😭

  62. Allayah Bradshaw

    Allayah Bradshaw18 days ago

    Omg these kittens are law school and a degree

  63. Julian Lujan

    Julian Lujan19 days ago

    It's most expensive not most expensivest

  64. ev1lp1nk

    ev1lp1nk22 days ago

    "when she said kittens run between $2,000-$15,000.. I quickly declined" *pays $1,500-$10,000 for French Bulldog*

  65. s k i n n y p e n i s

    s k i n n y p e n i s24 days ago

    the color ya added to this video makes everything look about $10,000 more expensive

  66. Tashana Martin

    Tashana Martin24 days ago

    Nope! There’s plenty of precious babies that needs homes in shelters

  67. Laci Ehlers

    Laci Ehlers25 days ago

    Also they don’t act like dogs like said in the video

  68. Laci Ehlers

    Laci Ehlers25 days ago

    Omg my grandma breeds those so have lived with like 30 of them my whole Life

  69. kory nguyen

    kory nguyen25 days ago

    If is that much it must be a like a tiger or something

  70. The Game Shifter

    The Game Shifter26 days ago

    So cute I cant handle it😭😂😅

  71. Nour Chaieb

    Nour Chaieb26 days ago

    I gonna go adopt a dog.

  72. Tee Tee

    Tee Tee27 days ago

    “Who doing all the knocking up” 🤣🤣🤣

  73. lourdz fort _

    lourdz fort _28 days ago

    "2chainz PLAYS with KITTENS" lmao like and comment if you know what im sayin😂😂

  74. Elízaá T. TV

    Elízaá T. TV29 days ago

    “Would you like too" -Nahhhhhhh 😂🤣

  75. laura ayarzagoitia

    laura ayarzagoitia29 days ago

    My cat comes to me when he is called and he was a rescue.... #ADOPTDONTSHOP

  76. Claudine c.

    Claudine c.Month ago

    Call a randon cat in a 'wissssswissssswisssssssswissssss' way. Bet they'll look back at you.

  77. Sartaj S

    Sartaj SMonth ago

    0:26 it’s a girl not man 2 CHAINS

  78. Ultyoongi 93

    Ultyoongi 93Month ago

    2Chainz looks so done with life

  79. Ultyoongi 93

    Ultyoongi 93Month ago

    2Chainz looks so done with life

  80. d w

    d wMonth ago

    adopt _and_ shop??

  81. Charlee Irving

    Charlee IrvingMonth ago

    This is disgusting I’m sorry. The way she talked about the female 20k kitten, saying she’s less money since she’s “a breeder”

  82. Michelle Inyang

    Michelle InyangMonth ago

    tf my cat plays fetch and responds when i call her name and I adopted her for free

  83. spicy pickles

    spicy picklesMonth ago

    this is taking crazy cat ladies to a whole new level

  84. Trady

    TradyMonth ago

    greatest episode ever

  85. Bronson Smith

    Bronson SmithMonth ago

    "Oxycontin i mean OCECAT"

  86. Stunt Dude yay yay

    Stunt Dude yay yayMonth ago

    😍I got them 😍

  87. Travis May

    Travis MayMonth ago

    Cat that acts like dog 165,000 Actual dog: 100$ I think your getting ripped of buddy

  88. Lew King

    Lew KingMonth ago

    Waste of my time for clicking on this video and their money. Why would I give 2 shits what these guys spend their money on??

  89. guessan4life

    guessan4lifeMonth ago

    I clicked on this video because I thought 2 chainz was gon play with 165,000 kittens, I soooo didn't see the doller sign ._.

  90. Mr. Account Name

    Mr. Account NameMonth ago

    guessan4life ik but what emotion

  91. guessan4life

    guessan4lifeMonth ago

    +Mr. Account Name it's a face

  92. Mr. Account Name

    Mr. Account NameMonth ago

    guessan4life What does ._. Mean

  93. Rob Bass

    Rob BassMonth ago


  94. crossfire film

    crossfire filmMonth ago

    They sound like some animal abuser

  95. crossfire film

    crossfire filmMonth ago

    Anime abuse?

  96. Katsuki Bakugou

    Katsuki BakugouMonth ago

    crossfire film How tf is this animal abuse?

  97. brock spiccoli

    brock spiccoliMonth ago

    if i had the money yes of course but it would be an investment and i would make the money back breeding.....although i am against breeding so i would justify it by splitting profits with local no kill animal foundations. that would be legit. but i am just an artist so i wont have that kind of money till i am dead.

  98. Jaloria Thomas-Dinelt

    Jaloria Thomas-DineltMonth ago

    I don't pay sud that much. LOL


    BOEMER'S BOEMSMonth ago

    Yo 2C! Do they worth dat? Whattya say?

  100. LP SNEAK FREAK John

    LP SNEAK FREAK JohnMonth ago

    Dayyymmm just saw 2chainz chain 😳

  101. akiba1972

    akiba1972Month ago

    I love cats but I am not trying to keep up appearances f expensive cats I'll adopt

  102. Gizelle Lopez

    Gizelle LopezMonth ago

    Poor kitty’s

  103. Valfalk

    ValfalkMonth ago

    i got my cat for free out the back yard 😦

  104. Helloits Blood

    Helloits BloodMonth ago