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  2. princess india

    princess indiaMonth ago

    Fist video i ever saw of you s d I’m still watching...since 2012

  3. QuackersJackers

    QuackersJackers2 months ago

    I would love to know if this got resolved. This was not right from beginning to end. The store employees were wrong in everyway imo.

  4. Annette Bischoff

    Annette Bischoff2 months ago

    I would never go there again

  5. Amanda Gray

    Amanda Gray2 months ago

    I realize this video is very old, I just wanted to say this. . . I've been in retail sense I was 18. I turn 38 on Sunday. That's 20 years! I've been a GM at 3 different stores. And I would FIRE any employee who acted like that ON THE SPOT! I hope you did get ahold of corporate and that this was resolved in a decent manner. Having said that, who knows, maybe corporate is just as uncaring about their customers. 💗💗💗

  6. Lisa Montgomery

    Lisa Montgomery2 months ago

    I COMPLETELY understand this. what an aggravating situation. ugh!!

  7. ShockDoctrin

    ShockDoctrin2 months ago

    So pretty.

  8. PretentiousTwat

    PretentiousTwat2 months ago

    They probably thought you were stealing.

  9. Ivory Mane

    Ivory Mane3 months ago

    I’ve had great customer service at Forever 21 (fortunately) it’s Ulta and Sephora that are a bit more dismissive lol

  10. Joss Love

    Joss Love4 months ago

    I'm watching in 2018 😂

  11. Alexandria Becker

    Alexandria Becker4 months ago

    A forever 21 mgmt railed you for taking your mom into the dressing room 😂? I'm sorry 🙏.

  12. Moni B

    Moni B5 months ago

    Love seeing Baby Bunny 🐰

  13. KL

    KL5 months ago

    This was the video I started watching you from Bunny !!

  14. trisha minne

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    Yes to movie club!!!

  15. Erin Birks-Kilman

    Erin Birks-Kilman5 months ago

    I remember watching this when it was first uploaded and 6 years later I am binging forever 21 hurl videos and came across this gem. I love you bunny. Been with you since the very beginning and I’m so happy that you’re finding your roots again. Keep Bunny 2.0 true to YOU. Love you so much. ❤️

  16. Yuki Love

    Yuki Love5 months ago

    I know this video is old but just seeing it now. I’m 24 and my mom still comes in the dressing room with me to give me opinions and help with zippers and I have really anxiety. If someone treated us like that in the store my mom would’ve went off. Like crazy southern momma pissed xD

  17. aleah marie

    aleah marie5 months ago

    When I was like 19 I got in a car accident and went in after I recovered to get all new clothes, so I was wearing an old t shirt with baggy sweats but my new MK bag my mom had just got me. I got a whole arm full of clothes and got in line and the girl in front me told me she liked my purse and then turned to finish her transaction while the girl at the register said 'yeah, theres a big theft problem at this mall I hope she didnt steal it' I got so pissed I put everything down and went to Hollister.

  18. Beckie m

    Beckie m5 months ago

    They should not have spoken to you like that. However, a lot of stores get more thefts than clients actually realise and so they set in place these rules of counting clothing, having a max number of clothers and only one person in the room for that reason. They dealt with it horribly yes. But there is a reason for it. In terms of number of clothing it is the way it is

  19. Asia Echols

    Asia Echols6 months ago

    It’s so crazy I remember when you posted this video

  20. Bethany Wagner

    Bethany Wagner6 months ago

    Sounds like they are having shoplifting problems in their store and have no clue how to handle it. Definitely get ahold of corporate office. Though they may suspect someone of shoplifting, there is no excuse for treating a customer that way. Shoplifter or not they need to be professional about everything. Haven't shopped at forever 21 in awhile but I probably will not go back if they never train employees how to treat customers and how to handle and spot shoplifting. Ridiculous.

  21. radical adequacy

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    omg this was the first bunny video i ever watched

  22. KK C

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    2:54 This is why we love you

  23. Laura R Barrow

    Laura R Barrow7 months ago

    You sound so much like my sister Rebecca. :)

  24. yarnitgirl andstuff

    yarnitgirl andstuff7 months ago

    I love the lip colour

  25. Sandra Nodine

    Sandra Nodine7 months ago

    You should've videoed them on your phone for corporate.

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  27. Ellen Sue

    Ellen Sue7 months ago

    Im just seeing this now, but this is just ridiculous. Go to Saks Fifth Avenue & see how they treat you , probably the same rules, One person in the dressing room at a time. Did corporate get back to you?. Do you have mental problems, that you need your mother in the room with you. Seriously, What do you expect from kids that work for $7.50 hour.

  28. Cutekawaiigirl

    Cutekawaiigirl7 months ago

    The one per room pisses me off. My older sister looks completely normal but cannot lean over completely to put pants on. That's totally inconsiderate.

  29. Angela Dalessandro

    Angela Dalessandro6 months ago

    Cutekawaiigirl a lot of stores have that rule when I would work the fitting room I didn’t allow more than one person in a room at a time. If someone was a problem like your sister that’s one thing but a lot for time it’s a rule.

  30. Shayla Whiton

    Shayla Whiton8 months ago

    I love her eyes they are such a pretty blue color.

  31. Di Love

    Di Love8 months ago

    I'm so sorry that happened to you. My daughter likes me to go with her clothes shopping as well. She would have reacted the same way as well Love you lots Bunny ❤🐇

  32. Maria Rodriguez

    Maria Rodriguez8 months ago

    Forever 21= forever ignorant and uneducated

  33. Catherine W

    Catherine W8 months ago

    Watching in 2018 😭

  34. Bi Bu

    Bi Bu9 months ago

    what about disabled people who can't change clothes alone? ._.

  35. Jennifer Davis

    Jennifer Davis9 months ago

    I do not like Forever 21 (I'm telling you, 6 years after this video was made, lol) because the 3 times I've been in the three different store, there was merchandise all over the floor, where people had to walk all over them. It just made me think, what of my merchandise would have been laying around on the floor being stepped on. And no one was ever doing any work in the dressing rooms! I have worked retail and never worked somewhere that the clothes were allowed to just pile up on the floor while workers just stood around.

  36. mamarayray85

    mamarayray859 months ago

    Did you ever go back? Write them a letter?

  37. Mary Mustang

    Mary Mustang9 months ago

    the black hair really brought out her blue eyes, geez no wonder they are so beautiful

  38. Jennifer R. Piper, MS, LCDC

    Jennifer R. Piper, MS, LCDC9 months ago

    Bahahaha... I the Texas accent in this video too more than your new ones. Of course....little valley girl too. Definitely younger. ha! But its funny. Seeing differences in ourselves. "I am a winner boys and girls." LOL

  39. Nicole Herman

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    Movie Club!

  40. Jen Lynch

    Jen Lynch9 months ago

    Movies!!! Citizen Kane, double indemnity, La Scala

  41. Jama Reasoner

    Jama Reasoner9 months ago

    This has happened to me and my sister at forever 21

  42. Terry-Ann Boudreau

    Terry-Ann Boudreau9 months ago

    Bless you BunBun. You told us outright you had anxiety. I am bipolar and come home every night to watch you/ You empower me ,you make me smile you make me sippy sippy ahhhhhh. i love you thank you for being here and for saying you find sometimes its too peoply out. Mostly thank you for being you ,

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    watching in 2018, so young bunny :)

  46. Luna Tech Design

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    1.26.18! lol

  47. Eatingyour Hairspace

    Eatingyour Hairspace10 months ago

    I went into a Forever 21 yesterday because of this video and the girl working there looked like Bunny Meyer. She acted nothing like Bunny Meyer, but she still looked like her.

  48. Gertrude TheBeard

    Gertrude TheBeard10 months ago

    Please start your movie club.

  49. Gertrude TheBeard

    Gertrude TheBeard10 months ago

    Forever 21 has the worst customer service ever

  50. Morgan Mortician

    Morgan Mortician10 months ago

    I work at the department store and the reason people are not allowed to share change rooms is because of theft. It only takes one second to steal so your mother should not have shared the change room with you after being asked the first time. The people working there have every right to enforce their store policies, in fact that is what they are there to do. It sounds like they could have been more tactful and perhaps it would have helped if you had shown them your bags and asked them to share a room because of "_____". Now I have had situations where I have asked people not to share change rooms and they have just explained that they need help and then I understand and then back off. If the employees were not so understanding then, yes, they are not giving good service. Another thing, the customer is not always right. Not even a little bit close. Saying that is awful and ignorant. I have really been enjoying your recent videos and I wish that I hadn't seen this because I felt that you were such a positive person. I hope that since posting this video perhaps you now view things differently because you seem so much more awesome now.

  51. Suzanne Elkin

    Suzanne Elkin9 months ago

    you don't get this BS the UK. I've never been to 1 shop where this is a rule. Priority is given to customers' needs and not to prevent theft and thieves. There are other measures in place for that. "The customer is always right" is more of a saying to mean you should give high priority to your customer, not that they're actually right!

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  53. Jamie Brown

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    Bunny has the most amazing deep but bright blue eyes... Not watered down... Not gray... BLUE!! Wow

  56. Katie Darwak

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    Wut a bag of dicks lol. Such a nice polite person shudnt get treated that way

  57. Rika Botha

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    Gorgeous hair

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    I love how you act more like your self now bunny!!

  60. Jessica Messica

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    I got a dress and it pushed on my stomach......

  61. Haley Scalf

    Haley Scalf11 months ago

    Wow, your hair looks really nice in this video. 🙌

  62. Kayla Scheppler

    Kayla Scheppler11 months ago

    Before Forever 21 had a Plus size section they would look at me like I was lost or something. The only time I went in there was to buy stuff for my sister. They wouldn’t acknowledge me. Now if I was with someone who “fit” in their clothes they would ask if we needed any help. I’ve never had an issue with the dressing room. But I 100% have been judged for being in there. I wonder how those snobbish people feel now that they carry plus size clothing?

  63. Elizabeth Hogan

    Elizabeth HoganYear ago

    I have a classmate who works at Forever 21. She says she once found a used tampon in one of the dressing rooms.

  64. Judy Dempsey

    Judy DempseyYear ago

    I ‘m sorry your Forever one is like that.I live in NY state near Syracuse and my store is sooooo nice to me. I have never had a problem with any of the staff. They have always been so kind and helpful. Also your store is so expensive. I only pay $4 for a pair of jeans. I can buy at least 6 full outfits for under $60. Come up to Ny and I’ll go shopping with you at my Forever 21...Movie and Books sound good. I love medical novels,murder mysteries. Movie s. As long if they are not to scary....Judy

  65. Diana Hutsel-Demers

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  66. Diana Hutsel-Demers

    Diana Hutsel-DemersYear ago

    Send a message to the head office. Make an official complaint. They need to know how their employees treat their customers.

  67. Michele Silva-Hubert

    Michele Silva-HubertYear ago

    I’m in nj and THEY ARE ALL LIKE THAT one is good w their sales n I found a ton of stuff but the staff is not the most nicest n the dressing rooms always ONE smh

  68. Genesis Lucas

    Genesis LucasYear ago

    *That kind of mad where you just want to cry and throw silly string in someone's face.* You get me Bunny!

  69. Ashlyn Noel

    Ashlyn NoelYear ago

    Don't know what y'all are talking bout. the employees at my forever21 are really nice.

  70. Texaslife43

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    "cry and spray silly string in someone's face" - you are the nicest upset person i have ever met.

  71. marcie frey

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    Bunny referenced seapunk my life is complete

  72. Selena

    SelenaYear ago

    Abused? That's a little bit of a hyperbole. It bugs me a little bit because of... childhood stuff... I'm not going to elaborate you can probably guess.

  73. Cloud Strife

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    +grav3yardgirl your so beautiful lol im in love

  74. Victoria Smith

    Victoria SmithYear ago

    You should've called corporate! Ugh I hate people! Those people ALWAYS treat you like you are stealing! ALWAYS! Ulta does that to me allll the time!! That's why I go to sephora....

  75. Shannon Marie

    Shannon MarieYear ago

    do these children who work at forever 21 and other stores like this think they are some kind of royalty..u work in a retail store...ur not making the world a better place by checking out ur over priced clothing that only fit the "skinny" ppl...love bunny she should have never been treated so rudely

  76. J W

    J WYear ago

    Oops just heard you say you are going to corporate ...way to go...do it...I'm pissed for you!!!

  77. J W

    J WYear ago

    I would call the corporate office/headquarters and document an official complaint. These folks were crazy to treat you and your mom like that. No one should get away with treating others so poorly.

  78. mariela

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    Your foundation doesn't match

  79. Katie Bates

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    I'm a little late, but MOVIES!

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    Movies. Also sorry to hear about your misfortune

  81. Storm Reigns Vlogs

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    "I'm not a baybayy..." lol oh Bunny 😂

  82. Elliana McCoy

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    My mum always comes into the dressing room with me! I just want a second opinion

  83. Sarah Absher

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    10 points to gryffindor! lol. yes!

  84. theflowerhead

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    What is the big deal if she wants her mom in the room?! Yeah, people might have needs, wow. You were right, customer or not. =p

  85. Adam Knotts

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    movies plz

  86. PsychoAngels

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    Is that your natural eye colour?

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  88. Marisa Sood

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    Yes put a movie up on here and we can discuss it!!!!

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  90. emily Gheart

    emily GheartYear ago

    I'm 30 years old and I still go in the dressing room with my mom and I've never had any place tell me that we couldn't do that! That's so crazy.

  91. wartortle18 jack

    wartortle18 jackYear ago

    I bought my mom in the dressing room and they came up to me and side only one person's poor room I can't hear

  92. Chenet Wimmer

    Chenet WimmerYear ago

    movies && books!!!!

  93. Tsearra rex

    Tsearra rexYear ago

    I work at forever 21 ._.

  94. D L Fugate

    D L FugateYear ago

    i am with you

  95. Queen Diaz

    Queen DiazYear ago

    Why can't you go to forever 21 anymore?

  96. Fatema Bhuiyan

    Fatema BhuiyanYear ago

    makeup grade: A+

  97. Jammie plummer

    Jammie plummerYear ago

    You are right to be mad. There are tons of reasons they should understand why you have another person in the room. People with disabilities might need help or body image issues or any you mentioned. Plus as someone who worked in retail they also did not Handle it well at all.

  98. kathy Gordon

    kathy GordonYear ago

    Went into forever 21 in the bullring in birmingham , U.K a few years back with my Mum ( we were giving her a make over after splitting with my dad and going through some bad times) when we got to the desk with the item (which my mum looked lovely in and felt confident in) the shop assistants were stood behind the cashier and were bitching and laughing and pointing at my mum. I started getting angry because I have a short fuse and asked them what their problem was. They walked off together. Never been back there since- contacted their head office but I doubt anything was done about it.

  99. Manuel Branco

    Manuel BrancoYear ago

    she looks so cool in those glasses 🐊

  100. Niki Deans

    Niki DeansYear ago

    I was in there today and I was told there by a employee that there are no clothes for a girl in your size, I am a bigger girl I know that I was shopping for something for my niece. I walk out of there crying

  101. Florencia Romero Oliva

    Florencia Romero OlivaYear ago

    I wonder if Bunny wrote to Forever 21 the letter with her complain.

  102. Norfolkgal22

    Norfolkgal22Year ago

    What if someone had a disability that required them to have another person help them out in the dressing room? It's ridiculous not to interpret the rules in these situations...