18 Weirdest Cell Phones


  1. 超級掰superbye

    超級掰superbyeMonth ago

    There’s a mistake at 3:09, Taiwan is not the part of People Repubic of China. Great video though.

  2. sebastian Martin

    sebastian Martin3 months ago

    Music way too loud

  3. 8Bit

    8BitYear ago

    1:30 lol tht nokia wasnt the first phone with a camera thefirst phone with a camera was the Sharp J-SH04 released in 2000... and ik cuz i used to own one at one point got it from ebay... since back then the phone was only avalible in less than 5 countries... and the UK isnt one of them

  4. Rishi Ramdeen

    Rishi RamdeenYear ago

    the sign is called the swastikha and was stolen from hinduism by himmler....most ppl do not read.

  5. alice in madseason

    alice in madseasonYear ago

    Ha i had a juke. I loved it. Had my music on in it an its switch blade move to open it.

  6. BlackSpargel

    BlackSpargelYear ago

    Actualy i have a yotaphone

  7. jess thai

    jess thaiYear ago


  8. David Crunk

    David CrunkYear ago

    the Nazis don't own the "swastika, it's been a symbol revered by many cultures across time and the world. ironically, the "swastika" had always been associated with positivity and good...

  9. Christopher Finn

    Christopher Finn2 years ago

    I honestly don't understand how the bigger companies and people in general can't see the value in having a phone with the second screen which would always show on the backside when you put your phone down and could show notifications or whatever. If the other features of the Yota Phone were more premium I would buy one. Would you?

  10. Akiko Fujishima

    Akiko Fujishima2 years ago

    I thought #5 was really interesting. :)

  11. Nissan 100nx

    Nissan 100nx2 years ago

    the samsung ''jew''

  12. n8neiTen8n

    n8neiTen8n2 years ago

    And where's iphone? Well, they didn't invented anything, they just copied everything from everybody and claimed it's their. Now we have what we have - a patent troll with apple logo.

  13. jesus proa

    jesus proa2 years ago

    love your videos, but turn down the background music!

  14. Demi Nutive

    Demi Nutive2 years ago

    A lot of your information was very wrong. Nokia made phones in the 90's that still work today and the 888 was a concept and never even came close to being released, Samsung is rumored to be testing out foldable displayed to be released for the first time ever this year or next. Also to my knowledge there isn't even a foldable battery available let alone a liquid battery. farther more a Zelda was not released on the NGage seeing as how that is a Nintendo series and I doubt they would make a game for a system trying to take market share from the Gameboy/DS family of devices.

  15. Is This Shabab

    Is This Shabab2 years ago

    something in me wants all these phones :D

  16. mickeynismocat

    mickeynismocat2 years ago

    Loved my 7650!

  17. Mercy

    Mercy2 years ago

    Has anyone noticed that the Buddha phone has the Swastika sign on it? No, not the Nazi Sign SWASTIKA! Fucking idiots....

  18. Wisp

    Wisp2 years ago

    Buddha phone. More like, Hitler phone uheuhueuhuehue

  19. Wisp

    Wisp2 years ago

    atleast i dont call myself rawr like some emo fucks out there.

  20. Mercy

    Mercy2 years ago

    Swastika = Hitler Phone wow your smart arn't you, fucking idiot...


    GUNVALKERIE2 years ago

    What about information storage devices? :)

  22. Tr-Cities Smash

    Tr-Cities Smash2 years ago

    The N-Gage didn't have a Zelda game on it.

  23. quentiam meme star

    quentiam meme star2 years ago

    I can barely hear him when the music kicks in at #5

  24. subversive775

    subversive7752 years ago

    i like to ask random people if i can use their phone then start looking at porn

  25. Ed Loki

    Ed Loki2 years ago

    What happens when you press the swastika on the Golden Buddha phone?

  26. Rohit Kalaikumar

    Rohit Kalaikumar2 years ago

    Damn,I wish I could own one of these phones😏.

  27. Chuckles Helicopter Wigwam Jones

    Chuckles Helicopter Wigwam Jones2 years ago

    Excuse me, I need to charge my phone... *unzips*

  28. Opendix147

    Opendix1472 years ago

    3:12 Oh, a Nazi logo on a phone.. Good Job China.

  29. Timothy's Project

    Timothy's Project2 years ago

    Snips not a nazi sigil,The chinese uss it as a symbol of peace,The Nazi's swatzsicka is a bit rotates

  30. Opendix147

    Opendix1472 years ago

    runming Wang Fuck you. You got something better?

  31. runming Wang

    runming Wang2 years ago

    I'm glad to see some one as stupid as you.

  32. stale meme

    stale meme2 years ago

    i remember seeing people with the samsung juke

  33. KTBL909 ThBrightLord

    KTBL909 ThBrightLord2 years ago

    nokia 888 was never released

  34. ahmedajd

    ahmedajd2 years ago

    what the fuck the n gage did not have zelda do ur fuckin research

  35. Renato Queiroz Filho

    Renato Queiroz Filho2 years ago

    is this the same voice of Talltanic videos?

  36. Bitten_By_Frost

    Bitten_By_Frost2 years ago

    The samsung juke kinda looks like the Power Rangers morphers from SPD.

  37. ST1L

    ST1L2 years ago

    why the fuck does the buddha phone thing idk have a FUCKIN NAZI LOGO ON IT?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?

  38. Mercy

    Mercy2 years ago

    it dosen't.... it has a swastika, I don't see a nazi logo on it... where bitch? WHERE?

  39. david hensley

    david hensley2 years ago

    man i remember the n gage one of my favorite phones ever.

  40. Jonny Ogg

    Jonny Ogg2 years ago

    why do you keep saying "came" when it should be "come"?

  41. Nadeem Khan

    Nadeem Khan2 years ago

    NGage is the best ever

  42. Engineer Waqar Ahmed

    Engineer Waqar Ahmed2 years ago

    What is NOKIA ? Is it another chinese company ?

  43. Demi Nutive

    Demi Nutive2 years ago

    Zapy that is not correct, Nokia made a lot of Windows Phones with the Lumia family of devices. Microsoft bought the rights and the name but failed to gain any market share after the company had a CEO who didn't push the Lumia brand much and Nokia is about to re-enter the mobile phone market after the contact with Microsoft ends this year, they are planning on releasing an Android phone called the Nokia 6 later this year.

  44. Engineer Waqar Ahmed

    Engineer Waqar Ahmed2 years ago

    Was 3310 there flagship mobile ?

  45. snogshift

    snogshift2 years ago

    1 Million subscribers video No, it was the best cellphone company during the 2000's, which is a Finnish company, it stoped making phones, because they chose to make a few phones using windows (not android) and people didn't like it

  46. Peter Griffin

    Peter Griffin2 years ago

    people saying MOG NAZI SYMBOL ON BUDDHA PHONE needs a lesson in history, you degenerates.

  47. fuzzywzhe

    fuzzywzhe2 years ago

    *"either drop some knowledge, bitch or blow off!!!* *stupid little idiot!!"* What's funny, I think, is when somebody is not only both arrogant, and ignorant, but also lazy as shit too. That's why you're ignorant anyhow. I mean, you do have the most powerful research tool ever made in front of you at this moment.... What to do with it? Hmmmmm..

  48. Mercy

    Mercy2 years ago

    hes not stupid, hes RIGHT! and want some knowledge? hmmm.... take a history class, OR GOOGLE IT!

  49. sgpigfkr

    sgpigfkr2 years ago

    either drop some knowledge, bitch or blow off!!! stupid little idiot!

  50. Thomas Knight

    Thomas Knight2 years ago

    I'd use the Toyota phone

  51. ⃠

    2 years ago

    number 2 isnt a phone

  52. ِ ِ

    ِ ِ2 years ago

    omg just about to comment that

  53. Billal Hisnawy

    Billal Hisnawy2 years ago

    3:19 Nazi

  54. Mercy

    Mercy2 years ago

    it dosen't.... it has a swastika, I don't see a nazi logo on it... where bitch? WHERE?

  55. ????? ?????

    ????? ?????2 years ago

    Number 7 is really cool I'd use it.

  56. Michelle Covington

    Michelle Covington2 years ago

    I like some of the phones especially the pen phone.

  57. J C

    J C2 years ago

    5:33 The maker of the smart pocket said its a Smart Pocket Watch not a cell phone do your research

  58. Afflah Waqar

    Afflah Waqar2 years ago

    Great video

  59. Claudiu Octavian

    Claudiu Octavian2 years ago

    well, No Key Ah is definitely not the way to pronounce it

  60. Catalin Stefan

    Catalin Stefan2 years ago

    why are you pronuncing nokia with an accent on i when the accent is on o normally ? havent you owned a nokia before? your mistake can teach others a bad way to pronunce nokia or other words , making them sound stupid . wtf

  61. Syed Farhath

    Syed Farhath2 years ago

    video games

  62. TheJurnalyst

    TheJurnalyst2 years ago

    A square phone? No, let's keep 'em rectangular.

  63. KAMALESH seervi

    KAMALESH seervi2 years ago

    what about transport . how far we have came on it 😂 and how fast we r now

  64. DaSavage King

    DaSavage King2 years ago

    do a top ten coolest looking computers

  65. Angelo V

    Angelo V2 years ago

    You guy should talk about the hole in south pole

  66. Md Rafi

    Md Rafi2 years ago

    how get free gem in coc

  67. Joshua Perreau

    Joshua Perreau2 years ago

    3:17 theres a Nazi symbol haha

  68. Mercy

    Mercy2 years ago

    it dosen't.... it has a swastika, I don't see a nazi logo on it... where bitch? WHERE?

  69. Adrián Alcón Żurawka

    Adrián Alcón Żurawka2 years ago

    if you like retro cell phones you should visit my channel ;) there i uploaded a lot of retro reviews

  70. sgpigfkr

    sgpigfkr2 years ago

    thank you HerebyOrdinary!!!

  71. HerebyOrdinary

    HerebyOrdinary2 years ago

    Please do the Internet a favor and don't do this again. It gives off a desperate vibe, and more so it's just rude as hell to do this on another's channel.

  72. Overrated 2013 meme

    Overrated 2013 meme2 years ago


  73. Steve Perry

    Steve Perry2 years ago

    Who could imaged we would go from a brick phone to a pocket phone. I have an iPhone. And I can carry phone in my pocket.

  74. Madhouse Beatz

    Madhouse Beatz2 years ago

    hey I'm curious as to where you got that instrumental that played at the beginning of the video. It sound a lot like one that I produced a while back, only sped up

  75. Gergely Tomanovics

    Gergely Tomanovics2 years ago

    Instead of the Nokia 7650 you should chose the 3650, which was actually weird with its cirlce shaped keypad. BTW it was not hard to write messages on it after some practice, because all Nokia phones had very good predictive input. The 3650 was my first color display "smart" phone in 2004, and I absolutely loved it.

  76. tomtom vicky

    tomtom vicky2 years ago

    I have an N-Gage with complete game collection, yes, including Atari Masterpieces Vol. II

  77. Daniel Sutfin

    Daniel Sutfin2 years ago

    How about the Palm Pre?

  78. Big Boi Molloi

    Big Boi Molloi2 years ago

    I had one of those with the tiny home button and magnetic charger

  79. Eduard Sklyanin

    Eduard Sklyanin2 years ago

    sounded like you said "samsung jew" instead of juke.

  80. Jared Shewry

    Jared Shewry2 years ago

    bring back the yoda phone and the nokia 888 those will be indestrucable and really hand in todays live

  81. Trevor Phillips

    Trevor Phillips2 years ago

    Nokia 4 life

  82. Laurent Dejean

    Laurent Dejean2 years ago

    the nokia 888 was never made stupid

  83. EpicVideoUploader

    EpicVideoUploader2 years ago

    it was made. but it wasnt brought into production

  84. Nikolaj Christensen

    Nikolaj Christensen2 years ago

    did anyone else than me see the nazi sign on the buddha phone???? yes i know that before the nazi's it ment peace, harmony etc.

  85. Moresmoke Thana2stroke

    Moresmoke Thana2stroke2 years ago

    It was from Hindus and Buddha and it ment peace

  86. EpicVideoUploader

    EpicVideoUploader2 years ago

    there is a whole lengthy comment based on that sign. the symbol represents swasthika used by the budhas which was inturn used by the nazis

  87. Kim Bratton

    Kim Bratton2 years ago

    That was cool seeing all of those phones.

  88. A Rocket Booster

    A Rocket Booster2 years ago

    The Nokia 888 was never made.

  89. Nobby76

    Nobby762 years ago

    He said the Nokia teardrop was their second handset. No it wasn't.. what about the 5510 the 5550 the 7710 and countless others that all came before the teardrop. It might have been the second nokia that came with a camera, but it wasn't their second handset by a long shot

  90. YO Mama

    YO Mama2 years ago

    there is pretty many nokias and i did have dat n gage. im from finland

  91. Louis Lestat

    Louis Lestat2 years ago

    nokia 888 is a concept phone you dumb piece of shit.

  92. Oscar

    Oscar2 years ago

    seriously what's with the music in the background give me a break

  93. Senpai Yuki

    Senpai Yuki2 years ago

    try best zombie apocalypse weapons .

  94. peter medz

    peter medz2 years ago

    Forgot to mention that the Yotaphone is Russian...

  95. Curtis Flefingshire

    Curtis Flefingshire2 years ago


  96. HaplessNerd

    HaplessNerd2 years ago

    There is no Zelda on the N-Gage.

  97. TheNerd173

    TheNerd1732 years ago

    That mac intro doe

  98. Derrick Jackson

    Derrick Jackson2 years ago

    I really liked your presentation. However, please tell me why you and others completely ignore the Windows CE phones and PDA's. For example the Samsung i700 performed all of the functions that the iphone performed. Yes, it did it with a stylus but know one had ever done these things before with a handheld device. Speaking of PDA's, tell me why know one ever talks about them and the impact that they had on the world. These devices paved the way for the convergence device know as the smart phone. I was an early adopter i.e. I used to cable my Startac to me Compaq, Windows CE based, PDA. Also, I had a Sharp Zaurus with a modem card. The Zaurus included most of the functionality of a smart phone, in grey scale of course, except the ability to make phone calls and display photos. I also had the Sharp color Zaurus running CE and bundled with MS office. It used the same pc card modem that The original Zarus used. I truly believe that an organization like yours could produce a great presentation on this forgotten technology. It is like the entire era has been erased from history.

  99. Jesters Jest

    Jesters Jest2 years ago

    At least apple didn't decide to make a pen phone.......PPAP!

  100. Jesters Jest

    Jesters Jest2 years ago


  101. ⃠

    2 years ago

    jester has breast cancer

  102. Jesters Jest

    Jesters Jest2 years ago

    Yes, it does mean that

  103. Jesters Jest

    Jesters Jest2 years ago

    Mr. Creepy Gamer, O hates life and is sad. I say that because "kys" means "kill yourself". He is a sad little child that can not take a joke or sarcasm!

  104. ⃠

    2 years ago


  105. Abigail Villalobos

    Abigail Villalobos2 years ago

    I have a blue Samsung Juke still 🙈😂

  106. XmG RROD

    XmG RROD2 years ago


  107. lol lol

    lol lol2 years ago

    weirdest computers

  108. The Honkening

    The Honkening2 years ago

    no mention of the nokia 3300? LOL

  109. WadelDee

    WadelDee2 years ago

    Nokia's phones seem really interesting and innovative. Who knows what the world would look like if Nokia had been more successful.

  110. DannyR

    DannyR2 years ago

    Background music is loud

  111. Ethan Bentley

    Ethan Bentley2 years ago

    thumbs up for number 8 and 9

  112. Mohammad Pahlev Sattar

    Mohammad Pahlev Sattar2 years ago

    I like your video dude. it was amazing. and you to.

  113. Lemonsqez

    Lemonsqez2 years ago

    top 10 smallest dicks

  114. David Wails

    David Wails2 years ago

    Do homemade combat vehicles

  115. N

    N2 years ago


  116. Vanilly

    Vanilly2 years ago

    Make a creepy plasmon backstory vid please

  117. surfer smiles

    surfer smiles2 years ago

    do a worst car vidio

  118. Stan46

    Stan462 years ago

    Top 10 weirdest houses ever

  119. Stan46

    Stan462 years ago

    I did

  120. Anubis

    Anubis2 years ago

    at 8 I'm I the only one that heard yoda phone

  121. Alec Eltherington

    Alec Eltherington2 years ago

    Let's Stream I heard it to lol mate

  122. Chief04LB

    Chief04LB2 years ago

    I actually have a samsung juke

  123. JustChaseGhost

    JustChaseGhost2 years ago

    Buddha has a swastica in the middle (aka a nazi symbol)

  124. TheCatMurgatroyd

    TheCatMurgatroyd2 years ago

    +Awesome Updapix for real!?

  125. Rocky

    Rocky2 years ago

    CHASE GHOST 18 before the nazis the symbol meant peace or something like that

  126. Awesome Updapix

    Awesome Updapix2 years ago

    TheCatMurgatroyd no

  127. TheCatMurgatroyd

    TheCatMurgatroyd2 years ago

    are you stupid? you do know that hitler stole the symbol, right!? is that not taught in others countries? o.O

  128. JC SOCCER

    JC SOCCER2 years ago

    OMG the buddha phone has the nazi

  129. s king

    s king2 years ago

    I had number 18, but it broke because I let my daughter play with it and she put it in her mouth, btw she was only 6 months old, lol (don't give your phone to babies or toddlers)😏

  130. Daemous

    Daemous2 years ago

    Kinda sad that you had to have it break after letting your less than a year old daughter to figure out not to let little kids play with expensive technology. I bet and hope you quickly learned your lesson.

  131. Jake Witko

    Jake Witko2 years ago

    On the bhudda phone there is a swastica in the middle

  132. Joe Morson

    Joe Morson2 years ago

    Megazard x it's a manji, which is a religious symbol. The "swastika" actually has a similar symbol in most religions.

  133. gabe Jurculet Vlad

    gabe Jurculet Vlad2 years ago

    Bhudda phone?More like Nazi phone

  134. Ricelord Gonzo

    Ricelord Gonzo2 years ago

    I gots an Idea: Top Ten Worst Cellphones