15 Insane Guinness World Records | People are Awesome ✅


  1. Mad Dog

    Mad Dog3 hours ago

    4:48 when you get glitch in pubg :) check out my top ten world insane records here guys: mreporter.net/v/video-6ak_Vb-BaAQ.html

  2. Renan Letigio

    Renan Letigio2 days ago

    8:25 man taking steroids

  3. Tubs248

    Tubs2483 days ago

    may i point out that the skiing speed record is higher than the mountain bike speed record

  4. ResidentEvil302cuba rican215

    ResidentEvil302cuba rican2153 days ago

    The guy wit the largest biceps shouldn't get it thats oil n it looks stupid its not natural he looks like a dumbass

  5. HYDR deear

    HYDR deear3 days ago

    4:39 rules of survival?😂


    B0BS BURGERS4 days ago

    Synthol biceps

  7. S.May Music

    S.May Music4 days ago

    "People are awesome" yo lo cambiaría por "People are a bit retard"...

  8. Ekrem Haziri

    Ekrem Haziri4 days ago

    hajde rren hajde

  9. SiNK Ded

    SiNK Ded5 days ago

    4:44 where we droppin boys pubg style

  10. MoyMoy Kuching

    MoyMoy Kuching7 days ago

    What is the name in 7:47 min

  11. St Mathews

    St Mathews7 days ago

    u told its only 15 but they are more

  12. aditya prajapati

    aditya prajapati7 days ago


  13. kaneez fatima

    kaneez fatima7 days ago

    how can possible?

  14. super faiz

    super faiz8 days ago

    Bee man

  15. Ninjaosaki24 ninjitsu

    Ninjaosaki24 ninjitsu9 days ago

    4:39 dropping whole team

  16. Róbert Hiczpán

    Róbert Hiczpán9 days ago

    F- f- faaaaaaaacccccccckkkkkkkkk o my god


    QUBAD MEDİA9 days ago

    Şaika suya dalma rekoru

  18. DG Lubricanx

    DG Lubricanx10 days ago

    The bee Guinness world record is disturbing

  19. Rekha rawat Rekha rawat

    Rekha rawat Rekha rawat10 days ago

    Are bapre manana padega aap really great ho

  20. USS Voyager

    USS Voyager11 days ago

    Auf Türme klettern ist kein Weltrekord.. Das ist purer leicht sin. Bei 07:20 und 11:10. Sind irgendwelche Kids die einfach nur Langeweile haben und gerne Sterben.

  21. Scorpion Anims

    Scorpion Anims12 days ago

    Jerry scotti lol

  22. Ranjiplays

    Ranjiplays12 days ago

    This is a stolen video XD

  23. Bitch u

    Bitch u14 days ago

    whats so about 138 peoples sky diving thad aint fame

  24. Biswajit Buragohain

    Biswajit Buragohain16 days ago

    8:54 that "bhut jolokia" is from my state Assam, India. It means "ghost chilli"

  25. Kesav g Nampoothiri

    Kesav g Nampoothiri16 days ago

    Next pubg..👆👆👆

  26. SpydroPlayz

    SpydroPlayz19 days ago

    those biceps are fucking synthol how dumb can you be

  27. Gabriel Wolff

    Gabriel Wolff19 days ago

    Tumb is fake 🙄

  28. Xenofer Inferno

    Xenofer Inferno20 days ago

    OMG!!!!! the balls of Steel is a GODLY thing !!!

  29. سيمون בן נוח

    سيمون בן נוח20 days ago

    This video has got many dislikes because of false thumbnail. You know don't want to be cheated. 😑

  30. Heavy Tears

    Heavy Tears20 days ago


  31. Rokas Marcinkus

    Rokas Marcinkus21 day ago

    that our boy Zidrunas Savickas from Lithuania 0:50

  32. Lucky Guy

    Lucky Guy22 days ago

    4:05 so painful😫

  33. Jemand123

    Jemand12322 days ago

    I bet that he doesn't have balls, no man would be able to take that

  34. Bob Marley

    Bob Marley22 days ago


  35. Deva Palathi

    Deva Palathi22 days ago

    4:44 jumping to georgopol

  36. İbo- BROS

    İbo- BROS22 days ago


  37. KompoT

    KompoT22 days ago

    0:41 thats Zydrunas Savickas from Lithuania

  38. Reese's Puffs

    Reese's Puffs24 days ago

    Balls of steel wtf?!

  39. BaconBoy

    BaconBoy25 days ago

    I watched 1 quadrillion hentai manga anime and went on p hub well maybe 10 quadrillion or 100 💯 do I get a world record

  40. Aditya Sonawane

    Aditya Sonawane25 days ago

    2:49 the commentator says 3.2 metres is 3m and 2 cm

  41. Hoi :3

    Hoi :319 days ago

    omg fail

  42. aria_dsa

    aria_dsa25 days ago

    04:06 ball of steel? Poor him, he can't enjoy the blowjob :(

  43. Tokatt

    Tokatt27 days ago

    1:37 great way of waisting food.

  44. Pony Mädchen

    Pony Mädchen27 days ago

    2:52 Three meters and two cm?Dafuq

  45. Owen Anonymous

    Owen Anonymous28 days ago

    4:05 when ur secretly a girl

  46. YUPs VIP TV

    YUPs VIP TV29 days ago

    😂 please don't fall off

  47. Akram Dre

    Akram Dre29 days ago

    0:30 Me see 1 bee RUN

  48. Ayuwoki

    Ayuwoki29 days ago

    4:26 PUBG in a nutshell


    NITRO MAN29 days ago

    4:44 is this FORTNITE on tilted towers ??

  50. Sam Banks

    Sam Banks29 days ago

    answer peaple

  51. ღThink Potatoesღ

    ღThink PotatoesღMonth ago


  52. Nirbhay shan

    Nirbhay shan29 days ago


  53. Niko Hortig

    Niko HortigMonth ago

    Wow fake biceps.. That should not count..

  54. Pro User

    Pro UserMonth ago

    I fack you

  55. PCN Promise

    PCN PromiseMonth ago

    9:24 Gomu Gomu No Mi

  56. Shook Weaves

    Shook WeavesMonth ago

    0:35 how do you breath.

  57. Numb Face

    Numb Face23 days ago

    Shook Weaves you’re right wtf

  58. JacobThePlayer CZ

    JacobThePlayer CZMonth ago

    4:40 PUBG Moment

  59. Scarecrow

    ScarecrowMonth ago

    can you do it ? mreporter.net/v/video-HwDbaQ8bkdY.html

  60. Harry Liow

    Harry LiowMonth ago

    This guy probably learn it from minecraft

  61. offitarian

    offitarianMonth ago

    My question is from the developer Why are you supporting patriarchy Women - Am I a joke to u ??

  62. Galaxy Wolf

    Galaxy WolfMonth ago

    Balls of steel.... 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤮☺️☺️☺️☺️

  63. Rob Holbrook

    Rob HolbrookMonth ago

    Click bait

  64. Stalker Staker

    Stalker StakerMonth ago

    The first one I wouldn't even dare do. I wouldn't even touch one.They are scary.


    SMOKETHE1STMonth ago

    7:31 русские ебать

  66. Andrew Gandara

    Andrew GandaraMonth ago

    The free diving at 1:06, does it count because he's using a machine to take him down

  67. Ur mom Gay

    Ur mom GayMonth ago

    4:33 it looks like the planes are skydiving.

  68. i have a dog

    i have a dogMonth ago

    man with balls of steel weel, he's balls should have a shine in them too!

  69. Lustrals Kaze

    Lustrals KazeMonth ago

    4:28 PUBG fans

  70. Ilsa Farooq

    Ilsa FarooqMonth ago

    The first one omg😭😭

  71. Vungmuny Hor

    Vungmuny HorMonth ago

    11:09 this proves the earth is round

  72. Google Sobre Mí

    Google Sobre MíMonth ago

    8.32 oil arent biceps then obese people have more biceps

  73. Google Sobre Mí

    Google Sobre MíMonth ago

    5,58 aprieta el freno de delante a ver que pasa xd

  74. Google Sobre Mí

    Google Sobre MíMonth ago

    igual se rompe i no te sales volando

  75. Abbosjon Abdumanonov

    Abbosjon AbdumanonovMonth ago

    it's very very impossible

  76. Jennifer White

    Jennifer WhiteMonth ago

    Its really unbelieveable

  77. IcemanXworm

    IcemanXwormMonth ago

    3,2m isn't equal to 3m and 2cm!

  78. AgarDoge ,

    AgarDoge ,29 days ago

    3 meters and 20 cm

  79. Gsfbffx Pdhhdf

    Gsfbffx PdhhdfMonth ago

    3.2 millimeters ☺

  80. Ur mom Gay

    Ur mom GayMonth ago

    Message to all men: skip 4:05 - 4:25

  81. Kendall Panda

    Kendall Panda11 days ago

    He literally got ran over by a car lmao

  82. Cooper Cribbs

    Cooper CribbsMonth ago

    Ur mom Gay oh sorry

  83. Ur mom Gay

    Ur mom GayMonth ago

    Cooper Cribbs why did you have to say that? That just makes it worse

  84. Cooper Cribbs

    Cooper CribbsMonth ago

    He actually can suck his balls into his body

  85. buff hacks

    buff hacksMonth ago

    Only mens??

  86. You PewDiePie you loose

    You PewDiePie you looseMonth ago

    4:34, so thy were the one who surpassed the PUBG record.

  87. Legend

    LegendMonth ago

    8:11 And this people is a synthol user

  88. Không xem cắt trym channel

    Không xem cắt trym channelMonth ago

    5:16 what is it name ?

  89. Miss K Lorina

    Miss K LorinaMonth ago

    Jerry scotti

  90. all rounder of entertainment

    all rounder of entertainmentMonth ago

    All are male It should be men are awesome!

  91. all rounder of entertainment

    all rounder of entertainmentMonth ago

    CJ Yeah bro! I love too trigger them!

  92. CJ

    CJMonth ago

    Lol feminists be like ThAt Is SeXiSt!

  93. matteo paganini

    matteo paganiniMonth ago


  94. Ether Tech

    Ether TechMonth ago

    group sky diving is the craziest thing i wud love to do...🔥🔥🔥

  95. Edi EPIC

    Edi EPICMonth ago

    8:15 god help him if he gets a spider on his face.

  96. Take Lane

    Take LaneMonth ago

    4:40 Looks like PUBG? If all the players are offline!

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    IPL 2019 LIVEMonth ago

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    IPL 2019 LIVEMonth ago

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  99. spider1792

    spider1792Month ago


  100. Karol SZMYT

    Karol SZMYTMonth ago

    Ale zacny film

  101. Xxthedark cityxX

    Xxthedark cityxXMonth ago

    8:21 this dude really knows how to flex on the haters

  102. Xxthedark cityxX

    Xxthedark cityxXMonth ago

    4:09 why is this even a thing

  103. Josh Neufeld

    Josh NeufeldMonth ago

    Good click bait

  104. Oly Evo

    Oly EvoMonth ago

    Some people in this video have a problem with their life.

  105. SvelteWorrior28 ITA XBOX LIVE

    SvelteWorrior28 ITA XBOX LIVEMonth ago

    Cioè il video è praticamente tutto Italiano

  106. Haggy Army

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  107. Malik Kardeso

    Malik KardesoMonth ago

    Faked Thumbnail, a lot of Ad, bad video cut.....No MReporter Quality Content... This is shit!!!

  108. Linda Hamzah

    Linda HamzahMonth ago

    Wow world record at skydiving like PUBG game

  109. hailu ebissa

    hailu ebissaMonth ago

    do not show ads ever again

  110. Mayur Salunke

    Mayur SalunkeMonth ago


  111. Marcel Maria

    Marcel MariaMonth ago

    1:39 you're dumb af if you think this is real. Some coconuts were wolling around. How in the name of god would he know that. He isn't a fucking bat lol.

  112. Silverman333

    Silverman333Month ago

    4:30 tiled towers

  113. Fun

    FunMonth ago

    Really my biceps are not really big just 9 inches wide and I’m 7 years old olmost 8

  114. Devil 4U

    Devil 4UMonth ago

    4:45 when they're disconnected in pubg

  115. Oli

    OliMonth ago

    4:44 wii vibes, anyone else?

  116. K M

    K MMonth ago

    7:30 music pls???

  117. Hema Salam

    Hema Salam23 days ago

    Dreams, from lost sky