15 Insane Guinness World Records | People are Awesome ✅


  1. LunaMoon

    LunaMoon9 days ago

    0:25 yea dude I can’t even have one bee on me I don’t even know how u can do that

  2. Kitetrix Gaming

    Kitetrix Gaming12 days ago

    6:30 thats the old world record

  3. VKVN Vinuth

    VKVN Vinuth13 days ago

    2:40 the commentator might be dumb because it's 3meters and 200 cm

  4. VKVN Vinuth

    VKVN Vinuth12 days ago

    @Nikokong 3200cm=3.2m

  5. Nikokong

    Nikokong12 days ago

    3 meters, and 20 cm...

  6. fernando muslera

    fernando muslera13 days ago

    4:44 bootcamp

  7. stay weird or die normal

    stay weird or die normal14 days ago

    world record of honey Bees?......

  8. ポキナー勢

    ポキナー勢15 days ago


  9. Geo gamer XT

    Geo gamer XT15 days ago


  10. WaR HeroeS

    WaR HeroeS15 days ago

    6:23 which song?

  11. Lyrical Dex

    Lyrical Dex16 days ago

    7:54 music ?

  12. XxKridguxX Buuiii

    XxKridguxX Buuiii18 days ago

    2:49 3 meters and 20 Centimeters not 2 cm

  13. Enricox Slasher

    Enricox Slasher18 days ago

    Bro 4:44 reminds me of wii sports resort

  14. LeBron Thomas

    LeBron Thomas19 days ago

    6:48 did y’all really use a black ops sound track to showcase a world record😂

  15. Half Baked 420

    Half Baked 42022 days ago

    I can beat the full body ice

  16. Irmuun Boldsaikhan

    Irmuun Boldsaikhan18 days ago

    Lol really

  17. Sherzad Zabitov

    Sherzad Zabitov24 days ago

    The coconut one is asmr

  18. Alex Y.

    Alex Y.24 days ago

    4:44 Me and my modder friends in black ops

  19. Justin Sarita

    Justin Sarita26 days ago

    Pubg in real life dropping in the same spot

  20. Gaïan Germani

    Gaïan Germani26 days ago

    4:51 Minecraft in real world

  21. Sachinkasar41gmai Kasar

    Sachinkasar41gmai Kasar28 days ago

    So amazing wow😀

  22. junwon lee

    junwon lee28 days ago

    He’s not scared with more than 1000 bees but I’m scared with 1 bee

  23. Deranged Chicken

    Deranged ChickenMonth ago

    15 bullshit records. people are retards! so are you! have a thumbs down!

  24. KUZK

    KUZKMonth ago

    2:49 he is 3m and 20 cm high not 3 m and 2cm

  25. tuấn anh trần

    tuấn anh trầnMonth ago

    1:46 what is this

  26. Anurag Garasiya

    Anurag GarasiyaMonth ago

    2nd part plz

  27. now100

    now100Month ago

    4:44 *Where we droppin boys?*

  28. Chill Gamer Ali

    Chill Gamer AliMonth ago

    4:29 anyone remembber bootcamp of pubg hit kile if you agree

  29. AMER and KLEJDIS

    AMER and KLEJDISMonth ago

    Rip his arms...

  30. Salvatore Parisi

    Salvatore ParisiMonth ago

    Like chi è italiano

  31. Issyl Ampatuan

    Issyl AmpatuanMonth ago

    @4:01 Cali cartel after the story of pablo escobar they kill a guy like this..

  32. Manai Wangshu

    Manai WangshuMonth ago

    Oh my God. Jesus Christ. the guy who kept Bee

  33. Unknown ?????

    Unknown ?????Month ago

    4:35 PUBG

  34. Ankur Rai

    Ankur RaiMonth ago

    Such a poor presentation



    2:46 just close your eyes and listen closely

  36. Th3 Lukošius

    Th3 LukošiusMonth ago

    4:35 pubg:D

  37. James Rupert Considine Carafi

    James Rupert Considine CarafiMonth ago

    0:03 wtf

  38. Colossal

    ColossalMonth ago

    4:47, does that mean the judge has to skydive too???lol

  39. Nona 4 Ever

    Nona 4 EverMonth ago

    When expectations turn into reality these people are insane!

  40. Gamer girl For Life

    Gamer girl For LifeMonth ago

    3:34 The office tho

  41. donea muca

    donea mucaMonth ago


  42. Maximillian Ford

    Maximillian FordMonth ago

    8:06 when you tell your friend to look at someone but don't make it obvious

  43. Samir Shaikh

    Samir ShaikhMonth ago

    Abbe vo madhmakkhi wale ka badme kya haal hua voh to batao bc ghand fatt gayi hogi uski😂😂

  44. Hoàng Phạm

    Hoàng PhạmMonth ago

    Are u Vietnamese?

  45. Ansh Sharma

    Ansh SharmaMonth ago

    Balls of steels😂😂😂

  46. Captain America

    Captain AmericaMonth ago

    the first nobody would do it at all

  47. Sahil Malhotra

    Sahil MalhotraMonth ago


  48. Tùng High

    Tùng HighMonth ago

    5:15 They said - Binz

  49. My username is luckyhazzking

    My username is luckyhazzkingMonth ago

    4:27 where we dropped boyz 4:43 people landing tilted

  50. Ashwik Raj

    Ashwik RajMonth ago

    4:31 larger than real life PUBG🤣🤣 4:47 Oh but it is a friendly one 😅 👇PRESS IT !!!

  51. xArFx

    xArFxMonth ago

    yeah you are right!!

  52. Devilshaker From YT

    Devilshaker From YTMonth ago

    You relate if you are a pubg player in 4:44 i see you all guys at pochinki

  53. Cute Cheetah

    Cute CheetahMonth ago

    7:59 the mouth of the hole.

  54. Donce Nežaidžia

    Donce NežaidžiaMonth ago

    0:50 Lithuania Žydrynas Savickas