1. 7-Second Riddles

    7-Second Riddles4 months ago

    Let's have a fruitful discussion! So would you rather spend 5 minutes naked in your school or 1 hour naked on a street?)

  2. Riya Riya

    Riya RiyaMonth ago

    1 hour in a street

  3. Aquablast Gaming

    Aquablast Gaming2 months ago

    Street i can hide in a dumpster nobody will see unless they are a pervert

  4. ASH 808

    ASH 8082 months ago

    1hour naked on my channel

  5. juliana wavy

    juliana wavy3 months ago

    1 hour naked on the street cause most of them are strangers I’ll never see again

  6. Arn Anderson

    Arn Anderson3 months ago

    5 minutes in school because 1 hour is too long.

  7. Ta Thi Hien

    Ta Thi Hien2 hours ago


  8. Amy Wang

    Amy Wang2 hours ago

    There is no way I would choose a lover over my sibling (though I don't have one!) :)

  9. anthony wallace

    anthony wallace2 hours ago

    It's the wife that survived

  10. Nasa Bolt

    Nasa Bolt2 hours ago


  11. Die Glücklich

    Die Glücklich7 hours ago

    I've already found true love. I'll take the 5 mil.

  12. Shakira Adekanmi

    Shakira Adekanmi7 hours ago

    I think the wife will survive

  13. Reynaldo Ledezma

    Reynaldo Ledezma8 hours ago

    I say the wife will servive

  14. Luka Atak

    Luka Atak9 hours ago

    I'll say be naked at school because in can hide in the bathrooms

  15. Vj Ross

    Vj Ross9 hours ago

    B will survive

  16. Casper Wentzel

    Casper Wentzel11 hours ago


  17. Courtney Crissey

    Courtney Crissey12 hours ago


  18. Rosey

    Rosey14 hours ago

    5:11 None, Im not gay

  19. Shazma Shakil

    Shazma Shakil15 hours ago

    The wife will survive

  20. Mancha mani Ghatak

    Mancha mani Ghatak15 hours ago

    wife will survive

  21. Jyothi Sathyanarayana

    Jyothi Sathyanarayana16 hours ago

    I choose sisters

  22. Eve Eva

    Eve Eva17 hours ago

    He told her one word..... AND ITS BYE

  23. NANA's World

    NANA's World17 hours ago

    read minds

  24. NANA's World

    NANA's World17 hours ago

    Die at the age of 20 with no regrets

  25. Eve Eva

    Eve Eva17 hours ago

    1 smart but ugly 2 he nnneds to look in the carpets 3 dont know 4 dk 5 ... 6 da boot 7 nooooo 8 said bye 9 A 19 10 oranhe hair 11 the dooooooor 1 frst 13 sis Be read mind 14 die Tru oove Bd loved how ima dir 5000 yrs future Never be able totiuch screen

  26. Noreen Anne

    Noreen Anne17 hours ago

    For the first one I chose a cause everyone beautiful like if u agree

  27. Joshua The unicorn

    Joshua The unicorn17 hours ago

    His sister will survive

  28. Vid Adhyaru

    Vid Adhyaru18 hours ago

    I would have saved my sis because in future I'll be wife I will not have wife😂😂😂

  29. Nayan Gogoi

    Nayan Gogoi16 hours ago


  30. Sri Ramdeep

    Sri Ramdeep18 hours ago


  31. Anirban DebBarma

    Anirban DebBarma19 hours ago


  32. kurt lucas

    kurt lucas19 hours ago



    PAKISTAN ARMY19 hours ago


  34. wobbel man

    wobbel man19 hours ago

    I don't have any of them

  35. Camilla Hestbech

    Camilla Hestbech21 hour ago

    Plz get rid of the COMMENT thing

  36. Kawaii Emily

    Kawaii Emily21 hour ago

    3:04 - He has black, long sleeves, but in the TV reflection, he has short white sleeves?

  37. Nishith Santra

    Nishith Santra22 hours ago


  38. Pratyaksh Choudhary

    Pratyaksh Choudhary22 hours ago

    2 tooth paste

  39. Pratyaksh Choudhary

    Pratyaksh Choudhary22 hours ago

    1 c

  40. nothing

    nothingDay ago

    of course rich but stupid I would steal all her money then I would divorce her:) that some good tips use it

  41. Gustav Solomons

    Gustav SolomonsDay ago

    No one wil survive

  42. tita Real

    tita RealDay ago


  43. FluffyCat

    FluffyCatDay ago

    7-Second Riddles Wait, UNDRESS, them!? Can I usnub? These riddles are getting too grown up for me. Thank you for trying to get my mom to slap me in the face! >:(

  44. FluffyCat

    FluffyCat9 hours ago

    7-Second Riddles since I cant reply to your comment, I'll have to say I WONT BE NAKED ANYWHERE EXCEPT THE BATHTUB FOR THREE HOURS!!!! ARE YOU TRYING TO GET ME ARRESTED?! Btw I DO know what cheating is, I gave the wrong answer because I'm not supposed to talk about sexuality and stupid pussy shit like dat! Make some more kid friendly riddles like some more would you rather? If you're gonna make a video about the hardest wyr questions, try this one; Would you rather Get pooped on. Or... Get eaten by a lion.

  45. DemoInfix

    DemoInfix9 hours ago

    Yeah... thats right. *Masturbates*

  46. gamer girl

    gamer girlDay ago

    5 minutes naked at school CAUSE less time

  47. Lifestyle 2

    Lifestyle 2Day ago

    I pick teleportation but if I could teleport people and items and myself I know I should have put a comma

  48. Denise White

    Denise WhiteDay ago

    The wife

  49. Jackson Davenport

    Jackson DavenportDay ago

    Wife is going to live

  50. Justin J Gonzalez

    Justin J GonzalezDay ago

    The wife Final answer

  51. Allyson Combs

    Allyson CombsDay ago


  52. LassieTheCat

    LassieTheCatDay ago

    6:29 he stalks the other guy

  53. Rabies Tiger

    Rabies TigerDay ago

    No one used iron thousands of years ago

  54. Beach Vibes

    Beach VibesDay ago


  55. The Legend

    The LegendDay ago

    For me I'll let my sister live and my wife die btw I am a girl so no wife or ewwwww

  56. kush styles

    kush stylesDay ago

    The poisonous plant should be dead because of no sunlight in tomb

  57. Eve Eva

    Eve Eva17 hours ago

    Gurl dont press read more I luv u cz ur smart

  58. Zero Charisma

    Zero CharismaDay ago

    3:00 his hands shows he is wearing a long sleeves in 3:05


    TEASER MANDay ago


  60. Prasna Thapa

    Prasna ThapaDay ago


  61. Kirk halal

    Kirk halalDay ago


  62. Zaid Alawartani

    Zaid AlawartaniDay ago


  63. Alicia Yang

    Alicia YangDay ago

    I pick A the won thats whos survive first Sister OR Mom

  64. Mike Robbins

    Mike RobbinsDay ago

    Sister you can always get a new wife you can't get a new sister

  65. Ella Seibright

    Ella SeibrightDay ago

    I would rather be naked in school for 5 minutes because I can just go into the bathrooms!

  66. Not A Thresh Main

    Not A Thresh Main2 days ago


  67. Jomelyn Fetalver Dones

    Jomelyn Fetalver Dones2 days ago

    smart but ugly is my answer

  68. Victoria Mattison

    Victoria Mattison2 days ago


  69. Adrienne MacGowan  (STUDENT)

    Adrienne MacGowan (STUDENT)2 days ago

    9:25 B because the sister has dynamite under her and the wife has something else under her

  70. fortnite is life kboom

    fortnite is life kboom2 days ago


  71. Segal central

    Segal central2 days ago

    9:50 both you could just wiggle off the barrel

  72. giga yolbaia

    giga yolbaia2 days ago


  73. Cupcake Swirl

    Cupcake Swirl2 days ago

    GACHA VERSE AT 3:34!!!!!!

  74. We play games all day

    We play games all day2 days ago


  75. Heena Singhal

    Heena Singhal2 days ago

    nice #heenasinghal

  76. Julie Sigtuna

    Julie Sigtuna2 days ago

    9:43 sister , my don't have wife

  77. Rubab Azhar

    Rubab Azhar2 days ago

    A girl will survive

  78. Ivory Gaming

    Ivory Gaming3 days ago

    I would chose my wife because you can reproduce with her but not you sister and also if its your wife you have devoted your whole life with her like if I'm right dislike is I'm wrong

  79. Giazanne Cruz

    Giazanne Cruz3 days ago

    the wife

  80. the awesome c

    the awesome c3 days ago


  81. Traces

    Traces3 days ago

    o magjupa haha

  82. DjFire Ball

    DjFire Ball3 days ago

    9:26 it’s hard I don’t have a wife but maybe in the future but I do have a sister

  83. Teagan Stephenson

    Teagan Stephenson3 days ago

    it would be the wife because the dinamite would never go of it didnt have anything conected lols

  84. NeverSayNever Ever

    NeverSayNever Ever3 days ago


  85. Shadow _FOXY

    Shadow _FOXY3 days ago


  86. Kranti Arts

    Kranti Arts3 days ago

    the final part of this video was so shitty i slept

  87. thanoswp thanoswp

    thanoswp thanoswp3 days ago

    Nice clickbait tho

  88. Krishna Miniyar

    Krishna Miniyar3 days ago


  89. Dr. Sunil T. Patel

    Dr. Sunil T. Patel3 days ago


  90. Elene Bedianidze

    Elene Bedianidze3 days ago

    whait these gues were simular. U are layers.if u agree pls like

  91. Erin Birch

    Erin Birch3 days ago

    wife will survive

  92. yeettoven

    yeettoven4 days ago


  93. Ashjan Mahmood

    Ashjan Mahmood4 days ago

    I would save my sister because you live with her since you are small not wife because u never know if shes using you or cheating btw wife dont live with you whole time like if you agree please!!

  94. Aaron Mares

    Aaron Mares4 days ago

    Wife BC it have the top on

  95. Pink Gay victor

    Pink Gay victor4 days ago

    Wife will survive

  96. Aaron Mares

    Aaron Mares4 days ago


  97. Cillian Spollen

    Cillian Spollen4 days ago


  98. Andrew T

    Andrew T4 days ago

    The sister will survive

  99. Chrille Chrillesson

    Chrille Chrillesson4 days ago

    Wife or Sister. Without anyone saving them I'd say the wife stands a better chance since her barrel has a lid and she might either be thrown of or the force will be directed outwards instead of upwards. If you can save one of them... Well who'd choose his wife over his/her sister. xD

  100. Lyndsey Cook

    Lyndsey Cook4 days ago

    Neither of them will survive because once one of them explodes the other will explode too

  101. خالد المطيري

    خالد المطيري4 days ago


  102. The diamond dacers 123

    The diamond dacers 1234 days ago


  103. Anikait rai

    Anikait rai4 days ago

    Wife will survive because fire is caused if you have these three things Fuel, Heat, Oxygen. Any of these are missing no fire so in wife's case the box may have bomb (fuel) and that small sparkle (heat) but the box is closed which wont let the air inside (no oxygen )

  104. scott pot

    scott pot4 days ago

    ur c anser lmao lolololol this is a lie ppl that date hot girls get led astray all the time ware did u get ur info did a chic write this lamo

  105. scott pot

    scott pot4 days ago

    a. how ugly ? 2. does she think she knows thing, is she stuck up, is she a bitch? 3. same as 2, not enof info but 3 asummeing thay have the same peronality


    GATOR GAMING4 days ago

    The wife will survive

  107. forbiddencrisis

    forbiddencrisis4 days ago

    This is absolute crap!

  108. 10,000 subscribers with no videos

    10,000 subscribers with no videos5 days ago

    0:00 “smart but ugly” she’s not ugly.

  109. Lady in Red

    Lady in Red5 days ago

    poor and sexy - in modern world, if you're sexy and good looking, money follows you .