1. 7-Second Riddles

    7-Second Riddles8 months ago

    Let's have a fruitful discussion! So would you rather spend 5 minutes naked in your school or 1 hour naked on a street?)

  2. Oblivion

    Oblivion12 days ago

    In school lol

  3. Charlotte Calcutt

    Charlotte Calcutt15 days ago

    School but in the bathroom 😂

  4. Mr Istrate

    Mr IstrateMonth ago

    5 minutes in school

  5. Ava Jalali

    Ava JalaliMonth ago

    Jennifer Rollins oooo

  6. Summer Mcdaid

    Summer Mcdaid2 months ago


  7. Michael Ray

    Michael Ray2 hours ago

    Wife because she has a whole rope to go through giving her time to hop away

  8. secretary wolfx

    secretary wolfx2 hours ago

    The wife because her legs aren't tape so she can hop, so can the sister but her hands are tired to her waste. The wife will just stop the fire with her "free" hands.

  9. Nichole Stokes

    Nichole Stokes3 hours ago

    I think it was the person in the pink bc the bomb was in the crate

  10. Spoop

    Spoop5 hours ago

    13 million views because of thumbnail

  11. Max Happy Smith

    Max Happy Smith6 hours ago

    9:40 I don’t have a sister and I don’t have a wife because I am a girl on my brothers account plus I’m only a child.I am almost a teenager I am the only girl in my family because my mum is a woman so that doesn’t count so I am the only girl in my whole 🏠10:26 I would rather do both because true love could bring more beautiful people into the world and with £5,000,000 you could probably buy a mansion

  12. boo.castillo

    boo.castillo7 hours ago

    0:20 sexy but poor

  13. boo.castillo

    boo.castillo7 hours ago

    Smart but ugly

  14. Game Family

    Game Family11 hours ago


  15. Raghu Nath

    Raghu Nath12 hours ago

    Disliked beacuse of thumbnail

  16. Jayden Gamer Matos channel

    Jayden Gamer Matos channel13 hours ago


  17. Jayden Gamer Matos channel

    Jayden Gamer Matos channel13 hours ago

    Cup of class

  18. Jayden Gamer Matos channel

    Jayden Gamer Matos channel13 hours ago


  19. Jayden Gamer Matos channel

    Jayden Gamer Matos channel13 hours ago


  20. Prince dustin villarojo

    Prince dustin villarojo16 hours ago


  21. m m

    m m18 hours ago

    Sister 🤩😍👍💝

  22. gamer girl778

    gamer girl77819 hours ago

    All my choosings:1.A 2.Toothpaste (I d0Nt KnOw WhY)3.The wine,Cheating,bra

  23. Granny Where are you??

    Granny Where are you??20 hours ago

    She: could you jump down the falls for me? Me:push She:there u go Me:what the f***k

  24. Lucy Dawson

    Lucy Dawson21 hour ago

    Five minutes naked at my school

  25. Shamsul Rahmat

    Shamsul RahmatDay ago


  26. Midnight Club L.A Fan

    Midnight Club L.A FanDay ago


  27. Korinne Sacerdote

    Korinne SacerdoteDay ago

    Naked in school

  28. Dreydin Mcgilvery

    Dreydin McgilveryDay ago


  29. To Fuu

    To FuuDay ago

    *Save sister because she was born with you and also your love 💗 always she will love you, ;-;*

  30. John Sweeney

    John SweeneyDay ago

    At 11:39, the mouse in the picture is the ouse that I have.

  31. Aaron Willson

    Aaron WillsonDay ago

    I would save the sister considering the fact that there's no top on her Barrel and the wife has the top on the barrel that she is sitting there for that should protect her from the major blasts and more than likely lose her legs but that would be more than likely the maximum lost.

  32. Gupta commerce classes

    Gupta commerce classesDay ago


  33. Mufeez Ahmed

    Mufeez AhmedDay ago


  34. Zack Tomuri

    Zack TomuriDay ago

    No one is ugly

  35. Sanchita Banerjee

    Sanchita BanerjeeDay ago

    I have an only girls school so I don't have any problem in spending 5 minutes naked at my school😊😅

  36. Az LeBlanc

    Az LeBlancDay ago


  37. jon sherrington

    jon sherringtonDay ago

    Both the wife and sister would die the wife's barrel is closed but if you think about physics they're next to each other they will both explode no matter who is safer 🤔Like if u agree or took the time to read this 👇🙏

  38. dpi prints sfads

    dpi prints sfads2 days ago

    the questioun who would you undress I want no.3

  39. Kawaii CuteWolfGamer

    Kawaii CuteWolfGamer2 days ago

    9:41 I think the wife

  40. Masked Master

    Masked Master2 days ago

    On the whos the father I said a or b :D

  41. Masked Master

    Masked Master2 days ago

    Would you rather spend two hours jacking off or 5 hours in the hot sun?

  42. Un_ Told

    Un_ Told2 days ago

    Thrle wife will survive but need to be rushed to hospital imediatly

  43. Bill Roberts

    Bill Roberts2 days ago

    5 minutes in school I’m home schooled so I can hide in my room/bathroom

  44. Caius Raymond

    Caius Raymond2 days ago

    Zamanında seni dinlemediler üstüne bir de videolarını kırptılar Allah seni kurtarsın .. t.co/LmP6JugNq2

  45. chamod thiwankara

    chamod thiwankara2 days ago


  46. Faze_ Savageavakin

    Faze_ Savageavakin2 days ago

    Smart but ugly

  47. Dark Cave Spider

    Dark Cave Spider3 days ago

    5 minutes. school. just go to the bathroom. boom

  48. LITTLEFIELD ruffhouse

    LITTLEFIELD ruffhouse3 days ago


  49. Joe Davis

    Joe Davis3 days ago

    Did u ask me if ill save both of them hot girls and get outa there tf this is call a duty save one person hn that aint happening ill save both of them

  50. Maureen Anaman

    Maureen Anaman3 days ago


  51. vijay kumar

    vijay kumar3 days ago

    Wife will survive

  52. Jossiah Mitchell

    Jossiah Mitchell3 days ago

    insets in the best so put your sister to the test

  53. Pretty_Cute_Bear love

    Pretty_Cute_Bear love4 days ago

    Sister than wife

  54. Jason Pohl

    Jason Pohl4 days ago

    The riddle that is which woman will survive (the sister or wife) is I think both will cuz either they can still jump off the barrel and hop away or they survive because of the water surrounding the barrels. 👍 if u agree with one of these huessest

  55. Jason Pohl

    Jason Pohl4 days ago


  56. watery line

    watery line4 days ago

    I hate this i dont want to be naked

  57. king nate 55

    king nate 554 days ago


  58. Tyrek Panda

    Tyrek Panda4 days ago


  59. MinsTastic

    MinsTastic4 days ago

    For the thumbnails i'd choose 5 mins naked at school as i can be at the bathroom >:)

  60. Itz Kk

    Itz Kk4 days ago


  61. Artic MonkeyMan213

    Artic MonkeyMan2134 days ago

    9:54 none the explosion from one would simply destroy the other

  62. Darshan Darshan

    Darshan Darshan4 days ago


  63. Gary O'Doherty

    Gary O'Doherty4 days ago

    Siste because it is only sparking

  64. Nikita Chan

    Nikita Chan4 days ago

    5 minutes naked in school because i can go bathroom then go strip 😎

  65. Jeremiah Cabrera

    Jeremiah Cabrera4 days ago

    B because she is not on dynamite

  66. Balu Duraisamy

    Balu Duraisamy4 days ago


  67. Jeremiah Johnson

    Jeremiah Johnson4 days ago

    Wait how are the plants alive still if you dont know what I’m talking about I’m talking about the pyramid

  68. Twifo

    Twifo4 days ago

    You Just Wasted Your Time.

  69. Teresa Parson

    Teresa Parson5 days ago

    It looks like you using a bedroom from gachaverse on 3:32

  70. Raul Garcia

    Raul Garcia5 days ago

    Wife 😥😱😱😱

  71. ArtisticAngles

    ArtisticAngles5 days ago

    The wife will survive

  72. pate g

    pate g5 days ago

    Wife b

  73. Brad Aguilar

    Brad Aguilar5 days ago

    500 years future

  74. Brad Aguilar

    Brad Aguilar5 days ago

    Be able to teleport duh

  75. CCARLY 101

    CCARLY 1015 days ago

    In the thumbnail, my answer would be the first option, if I had a sexy body

  76. Present Box

    Present Box5 days ago

    Sister was survive

  77. Mr Meow

    Mr Meow5 days ago

    Roses are red Violets are blue Who came for the thumbnail LIKE

  78. Wilma Lundin

    Wilma Lundin5 days ago

    10:27....uhm, I have already founded my soulmate/true love so.....I'm gonna go for a suitcase with $5 million

  79. Mina Rikalo

    Mina Rikalo5 days ago


  80. Kalpesh Adhangale

    Kalpesh Adhangale5 days ago


  81. Knights of Camelot

    Knights of Camelot5 days ago

    Wife will

  82. Pamela Peterson

    Pamela Peterson5 days ago

    I think wife bc teh dynamite is inside and teh sister teh dynamite its under her bottom

  83. Federal Bureau of Investigation

    Federal Bureau of Investigation5 days ago


  84. Ty Howell

    Ty Howell6 days ago


  85. Jeremiah Herrera

    Jeremiah Herrera6 days ago

    Just testing this so 👈😁😁😁😁😁😁 😜😜😜😜😜😜😜 😄😄😄😄😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 So was that long

  86. Lynette Schönfeldt

    Lynette Schönfeldt6 days ago


  87. Eunice Anil .k

    Eunice Anil .k6 days ago

    I would choose sister Cause we can marry a women again But we can't our own sis again

  88. Lana Goessl

    Lana Goessl6 days ago

    9:43 duh my sis cuz 1. I'm not an adult 2. I'm I'm not lesbian.

  89. Tausiqul Iraj

    Tausiqul Iraj6 days ago


  90. Robban /Kill

    Robban /Kill6 days ago


  91. Florence Rodillas

    Florence Rodillas6 days ago

    9:49 wife because the lid is closed

  92. Samantha Vitug

    Samantha Vitug6 days ago


  93. Venugopal Korambil

    Venugopal Korambil6 days ago

    Sister would survive

  94. Hussain Arwand

    Hussain Arwand7 days ago

    My sister would live because I don't have a wife

  95. Flint Assassin

    Flint Assassin7 days ago

    I'd rather spend 2 hours naked in the... Bathroom

  96. X2000 Gamming

    X2000 Gamming7 days ago

    What if you have no sister?

  97. Princess Sophia

    Princess Sophia7 days ago

    5:17 who would you undress? Don’t click read more I warned you All of them~

  98. The You Tuber

    The You Tuber7 days ago

    I would choose rich but stupid cuz im smart so i cn teach her

  99. The You Tuber

    The You Tuber7 days ago


  100. Who else but a Leo

    Who else but a Leo7 days ago

    Well I'm not a lesbian so I won't undress any of those women 😡 😡 😡

  101. adomas360 Senzikas

    adomas360 Senzikas7 days ago

    sister i dont have a wife but sister is your family you can get a new wife

  102. Fernando Antonio

    Fernando Antonio7 days ago

    The dynamites inside the barrel wife will live

  103. Jack Spouse

    Jack Spouse7 days ago


  104. ILLUMINATI _666

    ILLUMINATI _6667 days ago

    Guys likes pussys girls likes dicks just saying dont click read more Who came here for the thumbnail meeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  105. ILLUMINATI _666

    ILLUMINATI _6667 days ago

    Wife will survive i hope because u need to fuck someone in your life it cant be your you sister so wife

  106. Luke Cage

    Luke Cage7 days ago


  107. Mya Gordon

    Mya Gordon7 days ago


  108. Eric Kuan Lee Hong

    Eric Kuan Lee Hong7 days ago