1. 7-Second Riddles

    7-Second RiddlesMonth ago

    Let's have a fruitful discussion! So would you rather spend 5 minutes naked in your school or 1 hour naked on a street?)

  2. julianaa

    julianaa13 hours ago

    1 hour naked on the street cause most of them are strangers Iโ€™ll never see again

  3. Arn Anderson

    Arn AndersonDay ago

    5 minutes in school because 1 hour is too long.

  4. Futchybird SAO

    Futchybird SAO11 days ago

    School cause all the girls ask to have sex with me

  5. Atma Singh

    Atma Singh13 days ago

    Naked in street because in street no one knows me and in school all knows me

  6. Karen Back

    Karen Back27 days ago

    Naked on the street cause I wanna be sexy so I find a man ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ˜

  7. PY Gamerz

    PY Gamerz21 minute ago

    The answer is B, Wife

  8. Ralph Joshua Flores

    Ralph Joshua Flores39 minutes ago

    The wife would survive because the barrel is covered

  9. Isabel Parry

    Isabel Parry3 hours ago


  10. Laura Vanthul

    Laura Vanthul3 hours ago

    This is realy fun!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜„

  11. Yose Fernando

    Yose Fernando3 hours ago

    9:41 I think it's wife Because it's only flare and the sister it has dynamite on it so it's wife


    ROCKHULK SA3 hours ago


  13. Isabella Bagnall

    Isabella Bagnall3 hours ago

    9:51 sister only small explosion

  14. Benjamin Mathers

    Benjamin Mathers4 hours ago


  15. Saxon Deacon

    Saxon Deacon4 hours ago

    One hour on street

  16. Leonardo Giordano

    Leonardo Giordano4 hours ago

    9:25 I think wife cause the barrel lid is on>>>? But

  17. Aubrey Dubra

    Aubrey Dubra5 hours ago

    Both I will save both

  18. RudnessTV

    RudnessTV5 hours ago

    Id save my wife because I donโ€™t have a sister. Oh wait i dont have a wife

  19. SavitaR

    SavitaR6 hours ago

    the wife will survive becasue the sister is on the dinamite and the wife is on a lid

  20. Olly Merrill

    Olly Merrill6 hours ago

    Let I sister win you can replace the wife

  21. Olly Merrill

    Olly Merrill6 hours ago

    Let the sister servive the wife can be replaced

  22. jordann beckett

    jordann beckett6 hours ago


  23. Jayven Jordan

    Jayven Jordan6 hours ago

    I would save the sister

  24. Emil Dziedzic

    Emil Dziedzic6 hours ago

    I will save the wife

  25. Temi Olundegun

    Temi Olundegun7 hours ago


  26. Temi Olundegun

    Temi Olundegun7 hours ago


  27. The Ethereal Leopards

    The Ethereal Leopards7 hours ago


  28. Mitchel Perrine

    Mitchel Perrine7 hours ago

    if I don't have any children with my wife she will prebably die because a sister cannot be replace and the wife had no dinamite

  29. Manualidades Con Diego

    Manualidades Con Diego7 hours ago


  30. Ove Carlsson

    Ove Carlsson7 hours ago


  31. Laughter Baaz

    Laughter Baaz7 hours ago

    Option B could survive because in option A there are bombs. In option B there is no bomb but fuse is lit

  32. OOF

    OOF7 hours ago

    Wife will survive, spot the difference

  33. Souvik Kumar Das

    Souvik Kumar Das7 hours ago


  34. Tommy Wu

    Tommy Wu7 hours ago

    5 minutes naked at my school? Just go to the bathroom

  35. Rahul Goshkonda

    Rahul Goshkonda8 hours ago


  36. Ashmita Ghosh

    Ashmita Ghosh9 hours ago


  37. Maya Brownlee

    Maya Brownlee9 hours ago

    This channel always copies their riddles into different videos. Please get new videos or I will stop following the channel

  38. friends and forks

    friends and forks10 hours ago


  39. Sonai Dastidar

    Sonai Dastidar10 hours ago


  40. Abigail Richardson

    Abigail Richardson10 hours ago

    Wife because there was no dinamite

  41. Annoushka Dave

    Annoushka Dave11 hours ago

    The wife cuz the barrell has a cover

  42. Ikhmal Azahari

    Ikhmal Azahari11 hours ago


  43. Nofear

    Nofear12 hours ago

    I use an iphone and choose never be able to use a touchscreen...

  44. Lina Bansod

    Lina Bansod12 hours ago


  45. Jeremy Gatonye

    Jeremy Gatonye13 hours ago

    I don't get it ๐Ÿค—๐Ÿ˜•๐Ÿ˜‘๐Ÿ˜ฃ๐Ÿ˜ง๐Ÿ˜ฑ๐Ÿ˜ฐ

  46. zack walker

    zack walker13 hours ago

    Wifi Reason:No Dynamite

  47. Rainbow Unicakes

    Rainbow Unicakes15 hours ago

    9:25 the wife will survive

  48. 2992 Long

    2992 Long15 hours ago


  49. Bhavika Jangra

    Bhavika Jangra16 hours ago

    The sister would die.

  50. Phil Kraus

    Phil Kraus16 hours ago

    Camera order outside throw contend suit formation therapy view recently also.

  51. Aaliyahrice Capada

    Aaliyahrice Capada16 hours ago

    Sister and wife survive

  52. yashan puri

    yashan puri16 hours ago

    In toothpaste

  53. Aaliyahrice Capada

    Aaliyahrice Capada16 hours ago


  54. Pallavi Agarwal

    Pallavi Agarwal16 hours ago

    I choose a

  55. Ed Soteco

    Ed Soteco16 hours ago

    9:26 B because the bomb inside the barrel

  56. Birdie Birdie

    Birdie Birdie17 hours ago

    Clickbait bitch. I wanted to answer the nude question

  57. Davide Alfreijat

    Davide Alfreijat17 hours ago

    Wife will survive because sister got tnt

  58. jie ragasa

    jie ragasa17 hours ago


  59. Anand Bobde

    Anand Bobde17 hours ago

    I think, wife will be saved

  60. Dhiraj Walvekar

    Dhiraj Walvekar17 hours ago

    Both will survive Do one thing jump from the box and then run away from them. Because both had not tide with below bomb

  61. Ioana Bianca Rotarescu

    Ioana Bianca Rotarescu18 hours ago

    Sister and wife won't die.

  62. Sehaj Singh

    Sehaj Singh18 hours ago

    sister will survivd

  63. Ghost Hunter

    Ghost Hunter18 hours ago


  64. Shashwat Verma

    Shashwat Verma20 hours ago

    Wife you survive

  65. squishys for life rainbow

    squishys for life rainbow20 hours ago

    the sister will die


    RAMLAN BIN MD.SALIHAN -20 hours ago


  67. My Chemical Romance h

    My Chemical Romance h20 hours ago

    The wife because the barrel is closed and the sister will die because her barrel is open

  68. Uni Frog

    Uni Frog21 hour ago

    Wife, she is sitting on a barrel with a lid so she wonโ€™t be directly hit by the blast

  69. Steven's Channel of anything

    Steven's Channel of anything21 hour ago

    I will save my sister. I don't have a wife yet.

  70. Koala Milkman

    Koala Milkman21 hour ago

    3:08 see arms different

  71. Seth Green

    Seth Green21 hour ago


  72. Lea And Friends

    Lea And Friends21 hour ago


  73. Technical Life

    Technical Life22 hours ago

    No one

  74. Tracy Nugent

    Tracy Nugent22 hours ago


  75. Cute Bunny

    Cute Bunny23 hours ago

    @3:04 the remote is held by a man wearing shirt and blazer but in reflection in tv the guy...wearing T shirt... #ReflectionMagic

  76. somnath karmakar

    somnath karmakar23 hours ago

    I chose sexy but poor

  77. Priyanshu Pippal

    Priyanshu Pippal23 hours ago

    The wife will survive... But The thumbnail show a option between 5 min naked at school or 1 hour love on street... Why you not included that... I clicked the video for this... But the Teacher on thumbnail was hot

  78. Viplab Thakur

    Viplab Thakur23 hours ago

    The wick of both explosives is still long, so just pull the wick out

  79. TheLegitGundy

    TheLegitGundyDay ago

    I would save my sister โ€œlove is everywhereโ€

  80. Brooke T

    Brooke TDay ago

    i would be naked for 5 mins @ school cuz i can just be naked in the bathroom stall lol it doesnt say where in the school u have to be naked haha found a loophole

  81. Brooke T

    Brooke TDay ago

    i had to ;pause it at one point to answer the phone, and when i came back to my computer the screen said "true love is not going to pay bills" and i literally screamed "you idiot!"

  82. Brooke T

    Brooke TDay ago

    Wife will survive cuz sister has tnt in hers and its lit

  83. shubham gupta

    shubham guptaDay ago


  84. Mary Kishore

    Mary KishoreDay ago

    For the thumbnail I'd do the 5 minutes naked at school as a teacher so I could seduce a student into sex

  85. Awyar Fatih

    Awyar FatihDay ago

    Thousands of years ago there wasnโ€™t even iron There was but people havenโ€™t found it yet

  86. Legends

    LegendsDay ago

    Save my wife you never know she could be pregnet and never told u

  87. Sebastian Miranda

    Sebastian MirandaDay ago


  88. Random Thoughts

    Random ThoughtsDay ago


  89. Drift Kid

    Drift KidDay ago


  90. Suraj Samuel Soren

    Suraj Samuel SorenDay ago

    I'll save the one whom i'll reach first...then i'll try saving the other!!!

  91. angel flowers

    angel flowersDay ago

    3:40 obvious there's a man under her bed

  92. angel flowers

    angel flowersDay ago

    The smart one isn't ugly actually that's why I chose her

  93. Lisa Gaffney

    Lisa GaffneyDay ago


  94. Abhinav KM

    Abhinav KMDay ago

    A ton of BS smh

  95. coolgammer 46

    coolgammer 46Day ago

    The girl whol will survive is b because the fuse looks like a ribbon, not a dynamite fuse.

  96. Manjulekha Ghosh

    Manjulekha GhoshDay ago

    Sister will survive

  97. Saulatis

    SaulatisDay ago

    6:02 In the children's playground is one kid and two men's? Definitely both are parents. Maby you are from america, becouse in america soo many homophobe is.

  98. Ranjan Bhai

    Ranjan BhaiDay ago

    mmmmmm wife

  99. Steel Iron

    Steel IronDay ago

    9:35 the wife will survive, if you look closely, you can see dynamites poking out of sisters barrel and if you look at the wifes barrel, the dynamites are closed under, uh idk how its called, wood?

  100. Dani Palusci

    Dani PalusciDay ago

    9:50 the wife

  101. Mihir Sharma

    Mihir SharmaDay ago

    But in the past we can see many natural things of nature when there was no pollution

  102. Mihir Sharma

    Mihir SharmaDay ago

    no, I wish to go 500 years back in past bcoz in future there will be many wars possible in the world for water, air, land etc.

  103. It Seth

    It SethDay ago

    9:45 the wife will survive because she is not sitting on what appears to be tnt the sister is so if I had to choose to save one id save the sister but I was not told I could

  104. Cleopatra7Philopator

    Cleopatra7PhilopatorDay ago

    Toothpaste but not Toothbrush, Shaving Brush but no Cream, Safety Razor Blade but Cassette Razor, No Underwear. Poorly done teaser! BTW-X-rays can see Inside a Tube of Toothpaste.

  105. S Spurlock

    S SpurlockDay ago

    Wrong 9:22

  106. Rekha Hati

    Rekha HatiDay ago