1. HellthyJunkFood

    HellthyJunkFood8 months ago

    Download Fortnite here! pixly.go2cloud.org/SHdj

  2. Mekhi Wright

    Mekhi WrightMonth ago

    HellthyJunkFood make a giant food night cake make a John Nick would make a giant for Nike

  3. Remember Me

    Remember MeMonth ago


  4. brendamorales8411

    brendamorales8411Month ago

    I watch your shows

  5. Liam McKeown

    Liam McKeown2 months ago

    HellthyJunkFood A

  6. Apple Apple

    Apple Apple4 days ago

    This is incredibly tense

  7. Lucas Hankin

    Lucas Hankin4 days ago

    What are these people doing with there lives

  8. Xx_MysteriousBRM_xX

    Xx_MysteriousBRM_xX6 days ago

    Giant hotdog

  9. Xray TJ

    Xray TJ12 days ago

    20 layers at best

  10. EmilyDerp1234

    EmilyDerp123415 days ago

    Ur op if u get spons by fortnite

  11. Mario Gonzalez

    Mario Gonzalez17 days ago


  12. Kevin Crane

    Kevin Crane18 days ago

    6969696969696969696969 layers

  13. CNDR Pancakes

    CNDR Pancakes18 days ago

    Make a 100 layer deep fried Oreo

  14. Frede O's kanal

    Frede O's kanal19 days ago


  15. Frede O's kanal

    Frede O's kanal19 days ago


  16. the trickster

    the trickster19 days ago

    6 trillion layers

  17. Kristal Shnell

    Kristal Shnell19 days ago

    51 laryes

  18. Speedpaint/ Memer

    Speedpaint/ Memer19 days ago

    There is 61 layers 22 layers of crust 17 layers of pepperoni 22 layers of cheese

  19. Kaiden Douglas

    Kaiden Douglas20 days ago

    fortnites not avilable on xbox360 or zte android so i hate it

  20. Robert

    Robert22 days ago


  21. LemonSki845

    LemonSki84523 days ago

    Nooooooooo fornite got to them

  22. Game Girl

    Game Girl24 days ago

    It actully looks jummy

  23. Johnny Cakes

    Johnny Cakes25 days ago

    Just a big ass convenience store pizza pocket

  24. Petty A & O

    Petty A & O29 days ago

    Make 100 layers of ice cream rolls or just normal ice cream and the flavor should be all the soda”s mixed together

  25. VJ Carter

    VJ CarterMonth ago


  26. Jamie Boswell

    Jamie BoswellMonth ago


  27. Aidan Gilmartin

    Aidan GilmartinMonth ago

    80 layers

  28. Adams Dupats

    Adams DupatsMonth ago

    click bait

  29. king Ali

    king AliMonth ago

    Can you do 1,000 layers of deep fried pizza

  30. 2 perfect angle Leer

    2 perfect angle LeerMonth ago


  31. Harry Playz

    Harry PlayzMonth ago

    Who thinks that they should do a 100 layered lasagne Like if u want to see that 👇🏻

  32. Mayonez For Boris

    Mayonez For BorisMonth ago

    Anyone notice stir logo is the copy of epic games?


    EMOJI_ SOULSMonth ago


  34. Freddie Is on fire

    Freddie Is on fireMonth ago

    Who the fuck doesn’t know what fortnite is

  35. Valentino Valdez

    Valentino ValdezMonth ago

    💯 layero

  36. Austin Green

    Austin GreenMonth ago

    I want to be an guest on an regular who taste all ur creation if possible ......

  37. TheOne AndOnlyGamer

    TheOne AndOnlyGamerMonth ago

    It went from layer 40 to 19 lol

  38. Jason

    JasonMonth ago

    oo epic games add on my bithday

  39. Jeremiah Blunson

    Jeremiah BlunsonMonth ago


  40. The Crazy Unicorn

    The Crazy UnicornMonth ago

    and i want 100 layour not 22

  41. The Crazy Unicorn

    The Crazy UnicornMonth ago

    i just hate pizza

  42. PizzaBlox

    PizzaBloxMonth ago

    What’s ur fortnite epic?

  43. Gaming Monster

    Gaming MonsterMonth ago

    How..is..this.... HEALTHYY!?!?!?!??😵😠😵😠😵😠

  44. Moureen Dunigan

    Moureen DuniganMonth ago


  45. Fayth Jones

    Fayth JonesMonth ago

    𝕄𝕒𝕜𝕖 𝕒 𝕘𝕚𝕒𝕟𝕥 𝕤𝕠𝕦𝕣 𝕡𝕒𝕥𝕔𝕙

  46. Spoonisntfunny

    SpoonisntfunnyMonth ago

    their logo reminds me of epic games logo

  47. Xaver Osman

    Xaver OsmanMonth ago

    99 layers

  48. HamHamword

    HamHamwordMonth ago

    You can count the cheese and the perperroni

  49. Gamerz XLR8

    Gamerz XLR8Month ago

    I thought the sign at the beginning was epic games 😂ironic

  50. Pandym

    PandymMonth ago

    Who else saw a hacker in the advertisement

  51. Heather Patenaude

    Heather PatenaudeMonth ago

    I think you can deep fry it 200 Times

  52. Don’tsaymename Or something

    Don’tsaymename Or somethingMonth ago

    1000 layers

  53. Alexis Velez

    Alexis VelezMonth ago


  54. Xavier Jarrett

    Xavier JarrettMonth ago


  55. jeff patullo

    jeff patulloMonth ago

    That was click bait lol

  56. Goth 34

    Goth 34Month ago

    Make the the worlds largest baconater

  57. Booked Wings358

    Booked Wings358Month ago


  58. Iam court

    Iam courtMonth ago

    57 layers

  59. Chloe T

    Chloe TMonth ago

    I think you guys will get to 25 Edit: or maybe even 30 now that I think about it...

  60. Janni Bech Poulsen

    Janni Bech PoulsenMonth ago


  61. Dequarne Grant

    Dequarne GrantMonth ago

    64 layers

  62. JeeringGiant

    JeeringGiantMonth ago

    What's your xbox username?

  63. Alex Lopez

    Alex LopezMonth ago

    I don't have PC Playstation Xbox or iOS I just have Android it doesn't let me download it on Android

  64. Orlando Leon

    Orlando LeonMonth ago

    I won't to play with you

  65. Austin Doering

    Austin DoeringMonth ago

    Ca someone plz tell me why JP likes arrows so much

  66. Philippa Charlotte Rockefeller

    Philippa Charlotte RockefellerMonth ago

    Ma che è un cordon ble?🙆🏼‍♀️

  67. Sac Reynel

    Sac ReynelMonth ago


  68. Isaiah Franklin

    Isaiah FranklinMonth ago

    Make a chicken nugget pizza video like if you agree

  69. Mia Holstead

    Mia HolsteadMonth ago


  70. James Althoff

    James AlthoffMonth ago


  71. Wolf Will

    Wolf WillMonth ago


  72. Roshi 710

    Roshi 710Month ago


  73. Carson Clay

    Carson ClayMonth ago

    34 layers

  74. Arthur Graves

    Arthur GravesMonth ago

    I am going to follow you now

  75. steven Nicoll

    steven NicollMonth ago


  76. 12 INCHA

    12 INCHAMonth ago


  77. epic retard

    epic retardMonth ago


  78. Amiya T

    Amiya TMonth ago

    You should do 1000 next

  79. Youcef Ouaidoud

    Youcef OuaidoudMonth ago

    2.1 million

  80. hiphopbarny imnotvirgin

    hiphopbarny imnotvirginMonth ago

    10000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 Times deep fried

  81. I sell for Fun

    I sell for FunMonth ago

    What is JPS epic name

  82. Brittany Belcher

    Brittany Belcher2 months ago


  83. Munch

    Munch2 months ago

    Fortnite is huge now xD

  84. Dominique Williams

    Dominique Williams2 months ago

    Put 400 layers of pizza

  85. Abraham Kassie

    Abraham Kassie2 months ago


  86. sireen jaafar

    sireen jaafar2 months ago


  87. The Gamer Duxe

    The Gamer Duxe2 months ago

    even the "hellthyest" person on earth. they would get a heart attack

  88. The Mickey Squad

    The Mickey Squad2 months ago

    69 layers prediction!

  89. BlueBunnex YT

    BlueBunnex YT2 months ago

    Multi platform doesn't matter if it's not on your platform... (Linux is not a gaming computer ; - ; )

  90. multi -universal entertainment

    multi -universal entertainment2 months ago

    Make a 22 layer deep fried burger

  91. Efrain Banuelos

    Efrain Banuelos2 months ago


  92. David Rojas

    David Rojas2 months ago


  93. Nameless Memes

    Nameless Memes2 months ago

    70 to 90

  94. Fish man Gaming

    Fish man Gaming2 months ago


  95. mees baudoin

    mees baudoin2 months ago

    Deep fry a McDonald’s French fry 100 time.

  96. Shifttube

    Shifttube2 months ago

    Yall are great but just b yall dont try b sum u not (epic meal time ) that show is F

  97. Ryan Yagerlener

    Ryan Yagerlener2 months ago

    It’s like the Hunger Games, hmmmmmmmmm

  98. Ffgkgdhddhb Max

    Ffgkgdhddhb Max3 months ago

    100 I love you guys so much

  99. Javier Gonzalez

    Javier Gonzalez3 months ago

    This is clickbait they said a 100 that was only 23

  100. Doops Soup

    Doops Soup3 months ago

    fortnite needs to die already be honest you prob only played it once healthyjunkfood also IT IS SUCH A BORING GAME also everyone knows that battle royal sucks now

  101. TheTrickyBlue

    TheTrickyBlue3 months ago

    Imagine if this was a versus

  102. Ray gan109

    Ray gan1093 months ago


  103. Josie Forever

    Josie Forever3 months ago


  104. Kc Bowker

    Kc Bowker3 months ago

    6:24 what does he have with arrows it's like his favorite shape