10 UFC Post-Fight Speeches That Won Over The Crowd


  1. Jacob Suha

    Jacob Suha2 hours ago

    Best mma video thank you

  2. vanmal sawma

    vanmal sawma4 hours ago

    dont explain them.just show the video

  3. Irving Ramirez

    Irving Ramirez16 hours ago

    I knew nates was guanna be Numba one xD

  4. The Nug Snatcher

    The Nug Snatcher6 days ago

    Why Ferguson got Shrek ears

  5. ramzi moussa

    ramzi moussa6 days ago

    a negro will always win , why ? because when you have a plan you are predictable, negros dont have plan, they are just chimp with muscle, wich is dangerous , im not racist, just telling the truth

  6. Dewandito Sulthanaimar Widiyarso

    Dewandito Sulthanaimar Widiyarso7 days ago

    I shook up the world! I shook up the world!

  7. Gray Wolf

    Gray Wolf8 days ago

    "my balls was hot" will always be the greatest moment in UFC history

  8. Giorgio Tsoukalos

    Giorgio Tsoukalos8 days ago

    "This is #1 bullshit" 😂

  9. Joel Williams

    Joel Williams9 days ago

    "Nate can only coont ta fo'ive." -Conor McGregor "I'm not s'prized mutherfuckers!" -Nate Diaz

  10. Joel Williams

    Joel Williams8 days ago

    +Harsh Devpura it was hilarious! I laughed my FOOOK'N ass off!!!

  11. Harsh Devpura

    Harsh Devpura8 days ago

    +Joel Williams I know that. But what is its meaning? What Conor meant when he said that? How was that an insult?

  12. Joel Williams

    Joel Williams8 days ago

    +Harsh Devpura "Nate can only count to five" (spoken in Conor's Irish brogue)

  13. Harsh Devpura

    Harsh Devpura8 days ago

    What did the first line actually mean?

  14. Hugo Stiglitz

    Hugo Stiglitz10 days ago

    Forrest got robbed vs Tito. He won that fight clearly. Tito had nothing after the first round. Forrest dominated the 2nd and 3rd.

  15. Mammoth Racing

    Mammoth Racing12 days ago

    I'd love to get into the ring with one of the guys from mma on point y'all keep saying brock got destroyed and Ronda yet I could beat y'all ass, I am training for the Olympics so there is no way any of y'all could touch me

  16. SFC fight pass

    SFC fight pass12 days ago

    Awesome video my goodness so happy I found this channel

  17. David Buschhorn

    David Buschhorn12 days ago

    Holly Holm didn't just beat Rhonda Rousey... she ended her career. Rousey never rallied after that defeat and never won another fight.

  18. Tague Frizzell

    Tague Frizzell14 days ago


  19. Nick Self

    Nick Self14 days ago

    I want holly to do that raspy voice shit on ma dick... sorry women I don't mean to offend, but you'll just never understand... 😶

  20. The Critic

    The Critic14 days ago

    Ortega is over rated

  21. thon2ny 21

    thon2ny 2114 days ago

    List without Josh barnett in japan after win over big country? Must just be your favorite list, i assume... 😏😏🙄🙄

  22. Ultradude

    Ultradude15 days ago

    Holly Holm my favorite female fighter.

  23. CoNnErW 125

    CoNnErW 12515 days ago

    "Ireland only 6million, russia 150million" ok, what does that mean? OH NOTHING YOU RAT

  24. Jose Luis Quiroga Beltran

    Jose Luis Quiroga Beltran15 days ago

    #1 is #1.

  25. Ash Chaya

    Ash Chaya15 days ago

    What? No Rose Namajunas winning the title? Jesus, that speech gives me manly tears every time.

  26. Andy Fam

    Andy Fam16 days ago

    Khabib ended McNuggets career

  27. Abstrakt Rubio

    Abstrakt Rubio16 days ago

    What about rose namajunas when she first be joanna

  28. Josh Romero

    Josh Romero17 days ago

    Garbrant didn’t convince me

  29. rocky balboa

    rocky balboa17 days ago

    Holly Holm is super hot.

  30. TKO Warmaster

    TKO Warmaster18 days ago

    I am not surprised mf

  31. A Valdez

    A Valdez18 days ago

    Awesome job, guys!

  32. MMA Hyper

    MMA Hyper19 days ago

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy not to be impressed by GSP's call-out

  33. NoJustice NoPeace

    NoJustice NoPeace19 days ago


  34. Gumption Group TV

    Gumption Group TV19 days ago

    Slow clap from Cool Runnings, Photoshop Derick Lewis in the white house, and Jesse Pinkman's charity.

  35. Zeid Dajani

    Zeid Dajani19 days ago

    Damn you didn't include a single conor interview


    THE GREAT WHITE20 days ago

    Robbie's fucking nuts!

  37. Joey Flacko

    Joey Flacko20 days ago

    Hey man his balls was hot... USA IN THIS HOE!!!

  38. Thomas

    Thomas20 days ago

    I gotta do number 2 (doo doo), loolz

  39. Ted Sullivan

    Ted Sullivan20 days ago

    I'm so happy Kevin Lee has finally been figured out. The guy blows, and is just a wannabe. And this maybe the first idoit to call Michael Johnson a dangerous fighter against anyone in the top 20.

  40. Doggy Flip Flip The Third

    Doggy Flip Flip The Third21 day ago

    I did not know the situation with Cody Garbrandt and his buddy.. All I had heard about leading up to this fight was about the trash talk then nothing after. Missed the fight. Now after hearing the speech he gave after I'm blown away. I bet you're a great dad, Cody and I bet you wear that title well.

  41. Scott me

    Scott me23 days ago

    YO TOM TOM you the best brother been enjoying your stuff for years keep up the good work peace and love to all or get your eyes beat shut lol

  42. Truth Told

    Truth Told24 days ago

    Awesome video! 🙏🏽

  43. Ep1K0nE

    Ep1K0nE24 days ago

    13:08 rogan laugh

  44. Wiliam Tanoa

    Wiliam Tanoa24 days ago

    Brock Lesnar first in UFC now in WWE that's hot seriously

  45. Tony fast

    Tony fast24 days ago

    I absolutely love when Ortega speaks about charity. A rich man who has taken care of himself, Now just wants to throw money around for anyone to find. Give me a billion dollars and I'll sneak around giving people money. It could be infectious. : )

  46. Diet Coke

    Diet Coke25 days ago

    Nate can only counts to five

  47. Corey Vilon

    Corey Vilon25 days ago

    You are the best presenter on this channel please make more vids with your voice lol

  48. The Notorious YouTube

    The Notorious YouTube25 days ago

    Dana... 60 G’s baby!! haha!

  49. kulerrro

    kulerrro25 days ago

    I gotta knock dis russian mutha fucker out!! lol

  50. I'm lockey, lockey, leave you pokey, pokey No Rice a Roni, that's the okey, dokey

    I'm lockey, lockey, leave you pokey, pokey No Rice a Roni, that's the okey, dokey25 days ago

    Tony is the type of guy that thinks his own sunglasses are giving him dirty looks.

  51. Joshua Meadows

    Joshua Meadows26 days ago

    USA in this hoe

  52. Christopher Flores

    Christopher Flores26 days ago

    I really hate stories of kids with cancer. Only because I hate that kids have to endure cancer. Fucking kid, I hope you kick the shit out of cancer.

  53. Justintime2grow

    Justintime2grow26 days ago

    12:44 holy shit lol connor has great timing.

  54. Samuel De La Rosa

    Samuel De La Rosa26 days ago

    Tony Ferguson the type of guy to grapple in a paintball tournament to save ammunition

  55. Jay Are

    Jay Are26 days ago

    Fucking love Nate Diaz. I really wish dude would come back.

  56. L Franco

    L Franco26 days ago

    We were cheated out of Diaz-Connor 3.

  57. Dman 1

    Dman 126 days ago

    Diaz brought that gangster mentality. Now everyone riding that train.

  58. Dawud Bryant

    Dawud Bryant26 days ago

    Garbrandt then rapidly became a complete nob for his next two fights

  59. Dawud Bryant

    Dawud Bryant27 days ago

    No boxer ever got a staph infection, I'm just sayin

  60. Franko Sabljic

    Franko Sabljic27 days ago

    Im gonna smash you'r BOIIIIIIIIII

  61. Scott Austin

    Scott Austin27 days ago

    That last one was subtle but made me laugh and I was like yeah good for him. Not super full of himself

  62. K

    K27 days ago

    Holly Holm's victory over Ronda Rousey wasn't unexpected. Her stand up is terrible.


    OWEN GALLANT27 days ago

    This is number 1 bullshit

  64. Albert Tremblay

    Albert Tremblay27 days ago

    mma has great fans. well at least its not wwe lolol

  65. LucidDream

    LucidDream28 days ago

    Would rather just see the videos without all of the explanation.

  66. NYvarsity Sports

    NYvarsity Sports28 days ago

    You guys absolutely rock. But Rose Namajunes 'let's give hugs' speech belongs on this list.

  67. Howzer The man

    Howzer The man28 days ago

    Forrest Griffen was kept on by the UFC unlike Chuck Liddel because Forrest actually turned up at the UFC headquarters and asked what he had to do where as Chuck just sat at home and watched the cheques roll in until the UFC asked him do an appearance

  68. Howzer The man

    Howzer The man28 days ago

    Kevin Lee actually seems like a good dude. I used to think he was a prick until i saw him on Joe Rogans podcast and totally changed my opinion of him. He can still be a bit arrogant but other than that he seems like good family man.

  69. Glorified Truth

    Glorified Truth28 days ago

    Before watching this video, I had absolutely no idea that Cody Galbrandt was anything other than a complete fucking asshole.

  70. Privacy Please

    Privacy Please28 days ago

    On the flip side, Daniel Cormier calling out Brock Lesner and the WWE ridiculousness that followed made me want to vomit.

  71. Michael Rotherham

    Michael Rotherham28 days ago

    Garbrant made me tear up 😭

  72. Glorified Truth

    Glorified Truth28 days ago

    Derrrr-verticulitis! I just had Brock Lesnar surgery. Shane Carwin better watch the fuck out.


    CAPTAIN DABBIN28 days ago

    OMGOSH!! Pause @ 4:27! Look @ the PROFILE of the fighters... they got no nose left no chin left. It’s just a smooth curvature...DAMN!

  74. Dassa Besso

    Dassa Besso28 days ago

    The Derrick Lewis interview was the single greatest interview in all of sports.

  75. Laurent H

    Laurent H28 days ago

    You make these videos and then instead of showing the tape and letting it tell the story, you just talk and talk and talk and barely play any clips. Be better.

  76. Brett Deyo

    Brett Deyo28 days ago

    Cool vid

  77. GoldfishOrgasm

    GoldfishOrgasm28 days ago

    "Aye, I ain't surprised mother fuckers!"

  78. Ama Jang

    Ama Jang28 days ago

    Here for the speeches. Respect to the fighters, who work hard to make a living, but this is ridiculous. This is not sport. this is madness

  79. Sciurus Vulgaris

    Sciurus Vulgaris28 days ago

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  80. Jimmy Tweedale

    Jimmy Tweedale29 days ago

    Lawler vs Mcdonald 2.. one of the best fights everrr.

  81. bpalmarino

    bpalmarino29 days ago

    derrick lewis: my balls was hot joe rogan: i understand

  82. Abdul Hamza

    Abdul Hamza29 days ago

    Only if Nate would of been more active...hes somewhat lame now

  83. Chris Nelson

    Chris Nelson29 days ago

    (I know this is an unpopular opinion) Cody bringing the child with cancer and putting the belt around him originally was awesome. Great moment. But then he kept bringing the kid everywhere with the cameras, posted the same story all over social media multiple times, and even had a book written about it. It seemed to become a marketing ploy, and he was using a kid with cancer as that marketing tool. That would be kind of fuck based on the motivations for doing it. I don’t know, but that’s just how the progression of that storyline seemed.

  84. Miles Guiragossian

    Miles Guiragossian29 days ago

    Another honorable mention Thug Rose winning over Joanna and just saying be a good person!

  85. kierenkd

    kierenkd29 days ago

    sating you are humble does not make you humble. Quite the opposite in fact

  86. Byrdman 51/50

    Byrdman 51/5029 days ago

    My dawg derrick lewis- "Fuck what they talkin bout, USA in this hoe!!!!!

  87. Michael Pryor

    Michael PryorMonth ago

    Brock's eyebrow banana lmao

  88. samo hero

    samo heroMonth ago

    so Professional cli[p bravo

  89. AlexAutomatix84

    AlexAutomatix84Month ago

    Lewis all time best 3 . USA in dis hoe ! 2 . My balls was hot 1 . I’m goin DEEEEEEP

  90. Dominik Švec

    Dominik ŠvecMonth ago

    What about Rose?

  91. Cruz Hernandez

    Cruz HernandezMonth ago

    Why cant you just put the speeches and save us some time from your bullshit!

  92. chazz256

    chazz256Month ago

    11:58 Dana looks DISGUSTED. He knew that cash cow was over.

  93. KS Rawat

    KS RawatMonth ago


  94. Thomas Adams

    Thomas AdamsMonth ago

    This is numbah whan bullsheet lmfao

  95. Rene Quintanilla

    Rene QuintanillaMonth ago

    Useless video.

  96. amirul syazwan

    amirul syazwanMonth ago

    "I'm not surprise motherf**ker"

  97. Genesis Cruz

    Genesis CruzMonth ago


  98. Daniel Krasnicki

    Daniel KrasnickiMonth ago

    For me #1 has to be Rose's speech after the first fight with Joanna, it really tugged at my heart strings. The fact that it came after one of the biggest upsets ever was just icing on the cake.

  99. Mark

    MarkMonth ago

    I enjoy seeing lee lose fights

  100. buixrule

    buixruleMonth ago

    "I stand before you a humbled champion.....and I'm still the toughest sob around baby." .... Wait, what?

  101. Torgo1969

    Torgo1969Month ago

    GSP, on da knees, saying please, give it to me!

  102. SHAZzZLED

    SHAZzZLEDMonth ago

    Brock Lesnar, just to let you know that steroids have been known to cause diverticulitis. Am I supposed to feel bad?

  103. Hannibal Lex

    Hannibal LexMonth ago

    I hate that radio voice. Just speak normal

  104. Edy B

    Edy BMonth ago

    “Nate can only count to 5” 😂 god damn McNuggets

  105. MAGACOP

    MAGACOPMonth ago

    Fuck a crowd.