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10 Times Thierry Henry Made The Whole World Admire Him


  1. ArsenalVideosHD

    ArsenalVideosHDMonth ago

    Legendary is not enough for this guy... 🙌🏻😍

  2. SlighceTUNES

    SlighceTUNESMonth ago

    2:49 I was watching this live with my cousin

  3. Ruth Okeke

    Ruth OkekeMonth ago

    ArsenalVideosHD the name of d instrumental pls

  4. Adailton De Almeida

    Adailton De AlmeidaMonth ago

    Meu sonho é jogar nesse time

  5. TeflonDon! foreal

    TeflonDon! forealMonth ago

    Black_Ninja thanks

  6. Black_Ninja

    Black_NinjaMonth ago

    this is the song Hogland & Vinil - We Don't Care

  7. zul fadli

    zul fadli19 hours ago

    Miss him

  8. 정규상

    정규상23 hours ago

    Mbappe got henry's DNA.

  9. Captain Smoke

    Captain SmokeDay ago

    The Gazelle

  10. Stallon Jah bless

    Stallon Jah blessDay ago

    my best in the player world, I love you bro I will never stop loving you

  11. Cabdi Carlo

    Cabdi Carlo2 days ago

    I sow this game 2012 in reading

  12. Sandro

    Sandro2 days ago

    time when footballer no so muscled

  13. Emordi chukwuemeka

    Emordi chukwuemeka2 days ago

    Greatest gunner

  14. เลียเพลิน เดินระวังล้ม

    เลียเพลิน เดินระวังล้ม2 days ago

    My legend

  15. mohamed abdi Mohamed

    mohamed abdi Mohamed2 days ago

    the best primier leage player of all time

  16. Md Azharuddin

    Md Azharuddin2 days ago

    After zidane henry is the great player of france

  17. paulo dybala

    paulo dybala2 days ago

    Thierry Henry = Aubameyang

  18. Mathias Eggimann

    Mathias Eggimann2 days ago

    People must stop with the music in highlightvideos,, it is really annoying.

  19. Henry Gu

    Henry Gu3 days ago

    It's not only about the speed, skill or technique that this man had, it's the gratitude this person carried and how he influenced many generations that would be hardly replaced in many decades.

  20. Daniel R

    Daniel R3 days ago

    he is the best player I have seen

  21. Bathandwa Baneti

    Bathandwa Baneti3 days ago

    Good stuff well done keep up .

  22. Mo Johal

    Mo Johal3 days ago

    Can't believe he never won a ballon d'or.!!! he was the best in the world at his peak & still today considered one of the greatest ever.

  23. John Mckinney.

    John Mckinney.3 days ago

    Over half the world is not even interested in football. This is so exaggerated

  24. Leidimar Louback

    Leidimar Louback3 days ago

    Um gênio dos dribles ! Um dos dez maiores!!

  25. Marcello Cassio

    Marcello Cassio3 days ago

    The GUNNER Galactico!!!

  26. Nicc ____

    Nicc ____4 days ago

    Best King

  27. GTMusix

    GTMusix5 days ago

    The King 👑

  28. CHlEFFIN

    CHlEFFIN5 days ago

    Silencing the Bernabeú... mythological.

  29. Brandon H

    Brandon H5 days ago

    Anyone know the song that starts @ 4:00

  30. Rahulmagic

    Rahulmagic5 days ago

    greatest player ever in epl history

  31. Real Z

    Real Z5 days ago

    king king king...

  32. Zachary shimray

    Zachary shimray6 days ago

    Theirry Henry the goat

  33. Moustapha Ndao

    Moustapha Ndao6 days ago

    No ballon d’or for him, because he’s black

  34. sharkie12354

    sharkie123546 days ago

    1:36 - I’m the king but I’ll still shake the hand of this nonentity

  35. Jean Lucas Lucas

    Jean Lucas Lucas7 days ago

    Lendário Henny

  36. HaylonHarroo87

    HaylonHarroo877 days ago

    Watching him just GO at dudes the way did, DEMANDS swashbuckling fight music

  37. Flkrs 777

    Flkrs 7777 days ago

    R.I.P zanetti

  38. Alpha Amir Diallo

    Alpha Amir Diallo8 days ago

    A mon avis thiery henry merite plus ce qu'il a gagné franchement c le meilleur joueur français de l'histoire il ns a donné envi de voir l'equipe de france c un joueur hors du commun en 2006 il meritait le ballon d'or

  39. o o

    o o8 days ago

    similar style with mbappe but he is better.

  40. Oladipupo Orunsolu

    Oladipupo Orunsolu8 days ago

    The world best player not to win the award.

  41. EmporiumKal

    EmporiumKal8 days ago

    After many years we still love him :)

  42. Alvin Aditya

    Alvin Aditya8 days ago

    Zanetti was one of the best RB in the world, and Henry made him look stupid


    SKILLS AND TRICKS8 days ago

    can you please come back again no one can replace this legend not even laca or aub

  44. Sayros

    Sayros8 days ago

    6:35 Get off me, R9....I'm the best striker of this generation.

  45. Yoni Okubay

    Yoni Okubay9 days ago

    Henry 💪👍👍

  46. Kyrie Caldwell

    Kyrie Caldwell9 days ago

    The way people are hyping Mbappe at such a young age, I expect him to go to the premier league, and rock the league like Thierry did

  47. Edgaming48

    Edgaming489 days ago

    3:16 is the guy in the classes the guy from Arsenal fan tv?

  48. Muhammad Huzaifa

    Muhammad Huzaifa10 days ago

    10 Henry=1 Messi. Score more amazingly than him. His vision for key passes and assist. Has he done 600 goals or 150 assist or 353 key passes

  49. Trevino Lee Reddy

    Trevino Lee Reddy10 days ago

    The greatest STRIKER/FORWARD alongside brazilian ronaldo

  50. Kemesha Williams

    Kemesha Williams10 days ago

    They dont make em like this any more! One of the saddest days was when he retired.

  51. David O Donohoe

    David O Donohoe10 days ago

    Ireland will never forgive him for that handball.

  52. Javier Pastore027

    Javier Pastore02710 days ago

    #5:01 Good respeck

  53. Marcos Romano

    Marcos Romano10 days ago

    3:00 un disparate

  54. Zepahr Zero

    Zepahr Zero10 days ago

    Miss this era

  55. Nguocmat Nhindoi

    Nguocmat Nhindoi10 days ago

    than tuong cua toi.

  56. Mohd Sadique

    Mohd Sadique12 days ago

    Name of the music

  57. Mohammed Abdullaahi

    Mohammed Abdullaahi12 days ago

    2:49 what

  58. Adam Abdallah

    Adam Abdallah14 days ago

    The greatest striker of his era

  59. Marc A-Star

    Marc A-Star14 days ago

    even the shit awful soundtrack couldn't ruin this masterpiece!

  60. HanaHorney Love

    HanaHorney Love14 days ago


  61. Rehan raza khan

    Rehan raza khan14 days ago

    Goal against spurs..smooth as

  62. เติมทรัพย์ สาเครือ

    เติมทรัพย์ สาเครือ15 days ago

    You still in my eyes

  63. joao faial

    joao faial15 days ago

    I love cr7 and really respect his career and dominance. But in my opinion he isnt half the player Henry was. Only Ronaldinho could battle him around that time. And that says a lot. Even Ferguson said ronaldo was obsessed with Thierry when he joined man utd.

  64. Zahide Ahmed

    Zahide Ahmed16 days ago

    Best ever in England

  65. Jack Gibson

    Jack Gibson16 days ago

    knee slide gave me chills

  66. GingerActive 87

    GingerActive 8716 days ago

    Aguero is better


    MORTEX X-VISION TV17 days ago

    "Is that enough??"FIFA?!?! 😑😡😡

  68. Danny William jacobsen

    Danny William jacobsen17 days ago

    What year was that on "Is that enough"? Damn that Jersey is gorgeous.You guys should come back to that.The current 3° is hideous

  69. walios hiramilus

    walios hiramilus17 days ago

    arsenal had tryed at least 10 strikers after him...but no body was on his level ..Giroud ..lacazette..etc

  70. John Doe

    John Doe18 days ago

    He was so smooth and made it look so easy(but you know he was playing 100% the whole match) . I call him the Fred Astaire of world football . Astaire was an actor and dancer back in the mid 20th century in the usa .

  71. Albertus M Phemelo

    Albertus M Phemelo18 days ago

    U can't defend speed

  72. Hthegoat

    Hthegoat18 days ago

    the best striker against small teams

  73. martina nadia

    martina nadia19 days ago

    thierry henry 14

  74. Ricardo Hepburn

    Ricardo Hepburn19 days ago

    The chances Auba and friends miss 🤦🏾‍♂️

  75. Ham AlA

    Ham AlA19 days ago

    Yes yes yes

  76. Mārtın

    Mārtın19 days ago

    As a Man United, I thinks he's one of the greatest players ever.

  77. Think Smart

    Think Smart19 days ago

    Arsenal =Henry

  78. Son Goku

    Son Goku20 days ago

    he deserved ballon d'or

  79. pantelisvassiliou

    pantelisvassiliou20 days ago

    What a player...

  80. Herda Bagas

    Herda Bagas20 days ago


  81. long nguyen

    long nguyen20 days ago


  82. Hu Te

    Hu Te20 days ago

    Henry >>> Schevchenko.Rooney

  83. Ślimaq TV

    Ślimaq TV21 day ago

    Your movies are brilliant, but imo music in your intro is awful


    ENGLISH JONA21 day ago

    They have never been the same since they left Highbury

  85. Tsvetelin

    Tsvetelin21 day ago

    I was a kid and I was a Man Utd fan but when I watched maybe 10-20 games of Arsenal with Henry (including the famous volley) now I am an Arsenal fan since 18 years and I do not regret it! Gunner for life! Henry the KING!

  86. Greece G21

    Greece G2121 day ago

    nice music

  87. Kylian Mbappe

    Kylian Mbappe21 day ago

    Henry always the best in my heart

  88. dobre fan

    dobre fan22 days ago

    I'm an arsenal fan 😁

  89. Stan Wawrinka

    Stan Wawrinka22 days ago

    That goal against Leeds...A tale of legends

  90. Justin Au

    Justin Au22 days ago

    How come that statue is made of cheap metal, he deserves silver at least

  91. Samson Manase

    Samson Manase22 days ago

    Only reason why I liked Arsenal !

  92. Pharmacy Era

    Pharmacy Era22 days ago

    Lel, he prays after scoring. Reminding me Salah

  93. Timliu92

    Timliu9223 days ago

    The manner in which Henry massively owned Javier Zanetti, one of the world's best defenders, before scoring - legendary.

  94. Ciarán Conroy

    Ciarán Conroy23 days ago

    What a montage. Best striker in PL history. Liverpool fan

  95. I Rule Hyrule

    I Rule Hyrule23 days ago

    Oh man! I'm 29 now and I remember these days. This man is something else. Special place in my heart for him. Proud to be a gooner

  96. M Bryant

    M Bryant23 days ago

    My favourite player ever. I have never enjoyed watching football as much as I did back then. Thierry Henry ❤👏👑

  97. khy khy

    khy khy24 days ago


  98. mafiajeff

    mafiajeff24 days ago


  99. AD FO

    AD FO24 days ago

    MLS keepers are shit

  100. Kirill Agulchanskiy

    Kirill Agulchanskiy24 days ago

    Как же славно он дернул Тоттенхэм

  101. musaala edrine

    musaala edrine24 days ago

    U only got a chance when u got thiery henry n to team

  102. Kirill Agulchanskiy

    Kirill Agulchanskiy24 days ago

    Love Arsenal!!! THNX Henry!

  103. Allom Elgndy

    Allom Elgndy24 days ago


  104. Matt Brill

    Matt Brill24 days ago

    Greatest goal scoring striker ever for me the quality of his goals are breathetaking

  105. David pamei

    David pamei25 days ago

    4:04 What's the name of the song