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10 Times Thierry Henry Made The Whole World Admire Him


  1. ArsenalVideosHD

    ArsenalVideosHD3 months ago

    Legendary is not enough for this guy... 🙌🏻😍

  2. jacob wakibi

    jacob wakibi2 days ago


  3. siffchopf22

    siffchopf226 days ago

    back when arsenal had good players...

  4. Benjamin Rood

    Benjamin Rood21 day ago

    Arsenal should never have left Highbury. That was the beginning of their downfall.

  5. c o

    c o22 days ago

    Ronaldo best player fact

  6. Lamganda tua

    Lamganda tuaMonth ago

    and he love barcelona than you 😂

  7. Fahmi Razani

    Fahmi Razani3 hours ago

    He may be cast in bronze , but he still produce some golden moment. #LegendTiti

  8. Adilson Baptists

    Adilson Baptists14 hours ago

    2:50 classic

  9. Maballo Net

    Maballo NetDay ago

    Left foot, right foot, Left foot, right foot, Left foot, right foot,

  10. Hiwot Tsega

    Hiwot Tsega2 days ago

    Thery for ever

  11. Kent Kash

    Kent Kash3 days ago

    Poor music choices 🤐

  12. Felwort Tv

    Felwort Tv4 days ago

    Watch the bicycle_kick_goal between Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale who did it better...

  13. Andreas Sopart

    Andreas Sopart5 days ago

    Such a fucking legend, forever a fan of him and this Arsenal. Reason ive even got into football back then, thank you Thierry

  14. João Paulo

    João Paulo5 days ago

    Highbury >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Emirates

  15. Nico Nmn

    Nico Nmn5 days ago

    Amazing. He is so fast and at ease with the ball, looks like a video game

  16. Animesh Nagar

    Animesh Nagar5 days ago

    You should have also included the goal which he scored from a corner kick in the NY Red Bulls

  17. Runs with Cows

    Runs with Cows6 days ago

    Just giggled all the way through this video #oohto

  18. MiniMan 7

    MiniMan 76 days ago

    Great era😘 remember the penalty with Pires😂😂😂

  19. David Lionheart

    David Lionheart6 days ago

    One of the best .

  20. scarfy1988

    scarfy19887 days ago

    Miss him sooo much :(

  21. Yunis F.L Sankoh

    Yunis F.L Sankoh7 days ago


  22. Okhtay Ghotbi

    Okhtay Ghotbi7 days ago

    Henry moves start from 1:06

  23. Diginho Wenxul

    Diginho Wenxul8 days ago

    the legend of Arsenal! 😍

  24. Rudi Santoso

    Rudi Santoso9 days ago

    The man inspired me to play with number 14 until now 😅

  25. XP Deus Crimea

    XP Deus Crimea10 days ago

    Охуенен! 😃

  26. Philippe Melo

    Philippe Melo10 days ago

    Except . . . . . . . As Monaco fans rn lol 😂

  27. Joseph Gomez

    Joseph Gomez10 days ago

    He was a Giant with a capital G

  28. Moonlight Sculptor

    Moonlight Sculptor11 days ago

    With henry auto 1 - 0 in ur team


    ТУРБО СРБИН11 days ago

    and today stupid germans said lewandowski is one of the best in the world LOL!

  30. Harry Boyle

    Harry Boyle11 days ago

    the happiest yet saddest video haha i miss him

  31. Felix Liberto

    Felix Liberto12 days ago

    Poor Zanetti

  32. Jean Fortin

    Jean Fortin12 days ago

    Henry at the end there like, did this guy really try and take my goal?? Cooper did not understand the play Henry set up.

  33. Akbar Nahu

    Akbar Nahu12 days ago

    Best arsenal chanell

  34. Ms Goonergirl

    Ms Goonergirl12 days ago

    What a man

  35. Bob Nideu

    Bob Nideu12 days ago

    Love this guy I am 11 years old and I know arsenal inside out

  36. Bob Nideu

    Bob Nideu6 days ago

    Nothing we were about to get our ass kicked on Sunday

  37. Bob Nideu

    Bob Nideu6 days ago

    Nothing we were about to get our ass kicked

  38. Asdf Sdfg

    Asdf Sdfg8 days ago

    whats up kid

  39. KiraWasHere -flickr

    KiraWasHere -flickr13 days ago

    And where's his famous "Hand Ball" for France ? :) Ahaha

  40. Sanwill Komaruddin

    Sanwill Komaruddin13 days ago

    Finally, a football video without annoying background music.

  41. ItsXabi V

    ItsXabi V13 days ago

    bru wat about the corner goal

  42. Tobias Roslund

    Tobias Roslund14 days ago

    Did he ever win the ballon'dor....... Amazing player, one of the 10 best players ever ☆ Speed, dribblings, class.

  43. VisionPoet

    VisionPoet14 days ago


  44. محمدإسلام حسن

    محمدإسلام حسن14 days ago

    the super striker at all time. the magician of finishing the super star who is unforgettable. who's agree ? hit like (y) ‍❤️‍

  45. LOVE Noey บ้า!!!!!

    LOVE Noey บ้า!!!!!14 days ago

    What this song

  46. ArsenalVideosHD

    ArsenalVideosHD13 days ago

    Check the description!

  47. Meddy O'hara

    Meddy O'hara14 days ago

    He was a winger/striker/number 10 all in one defenders couldnt cope. He redefined the definition of a striker.

  48. Robert Timo Heling

    Robert Timo Heling14 days ago

    One of the greatest of all time!! Legend as player and person

  49. Bartosz

    Bartosz15 days ago

    I'm a Man United fan but I fuckin love Thierry Henry 😍

  50. aden hassan

    aden hassan15 days ago

    nice video but dreadful music

  51. Sofia Parveen

    Sofia Parveen15 days ago

    Henry is the m

  52. ByCurcuna

    ByCurcuna15 days ago

    it is a troll?

  53. ByCurcuna

    ByCurcuna15 days ago

    may god amazing bro

  54. Raimonds Repsis

    Raimonds Repsis16 days ago

    Score gole France vs Scotland with hand!Best player?????👮

  55. Nye Russel

    Nye Russel17 days ago

    Just shrugged off ronaldo

  56. victor franco flores zuñiga

    victor franco flores zuñiga18 days ago

    a real machine this Henry

  57. Rubiadinata Fga

    Rubiadinata Fga18 days ago


  58. Fendy fen

    Fendy fen18 days ago


  59. Belo Blues

    Belo Blues19 days ago

    Awesome of the most egocentric person ! A French team fan

  60. MartialMan

    MartialMan19 days ago

    A prime Henry would be earning £250000 a week easily today

  61. Firdaus Prima

    Firdaus Prima20 days ago

    The music is awesome

  62. geeeze2403

    geeeze240320 days ago

    Not much to add about the guy that's not already been said. Probably the most exciting, most graceful player to ever grace the Premier League. He made scoring some difficult goals look so easy, outpacing defenders and despatching the ball with deadly precision and accuracy. His comeback goal was written in the stars - as long as he was on that pitch, you just KNEW he was going to score! Legend indeed - and I'm not even a Gooner! 😁

  63. Zyryx

    Zyryx20 days ago


  64. Johan Raus Abdul Aziz

    Johan Raus Abdul Aziz21 day ago


  65. zinos zinos

    zinos zinos21 day ago

    If only he scored in that champions league final.. i wont forget though that goal against man.utd.

  66. EL GOMY

    EL GOMY21 day ago

    The name of song please

  67. Jahmeal Williams

    Jahmeal Williams21 day ago

    One word to describe Henry... irreplaceable ❤️

  68. jumpy frog 92

    jumpy frog 9221 day ago

    Best arsenal player to ever exist

  69. Liam4100

    Liam410022 days ago

    Some of the old kits are so good wtf

  70. Ngie Kai Ung

    Ngie Kai Ung22 days ago

    Best EPL player. Of. All. Time.

  71. Al A

    Al A22 days ago

    Overrated. Run in the mill good striker. Equal to todays aguero.. won wc with zidane dont forget. Did his team even win CL?

  72. Chinedu Anyacho

    Chinedu Anyacho22 days ago

    The only man that makes me to love Arsenal

  73. albundyforever

    albundyforever22 days ago

    le jour de son retour, il rentre... il marque...magique!

  74. jaime salinas

    jaime salinas22 days ago

    Thanks 4 everything Henry, the best striker

  75. o o

    o o22 days ago

    his style is the best. speed dribble finisher pass strength

  76. bekindunlimited

    bekindunlimited23 days ago

    simply the greatest

  77. London's MR SMOKEY

    London's MR SMOKEY23 days ago

    Glad he was arsenal

  78. Rizal Ariffin

    Rizal Ariffin23 days ago

    In his time at his prime,the best EPL player ever made

  79. Kostas kanonierhs

    Kostas kanonierhs23 days ago

    whos bastards can push deslike for this video and this player.

  80. Adityo Kusnadi

    Adityo Kusnadi23 days ago


  81. el3xtrosky

    el3xtrosky23 days ago

    Godddd, how I wish I could see at least one Arsenal player like this in my lifetime. 😄

  82. Joshua Twomey

    Joshua Twomey23 days ago

    I’m not ashamed to admit it but when Henry came back and scored I cried, no other player could make me feel the way that GOD of a footballer made me feel that day

  83. intensified power institute.

    intensified power institute.23 days ago

    I love this guy

  84. Tawananyasha Sasanya

    Tawananyasha Sasanya23 days ago

    He made me love arsenal my childhood hero

  85. Mr. X Men

    Mr. X Men23 days ago

    I was a Gunner since the first time I knew English Premier League at 90's......... And Thiery Henry is absolutely amazing striker of Arsenal................ He is The King..............

  86. julianlemonte

    julianlemonte24 days ago

    He proved to the world that you dont need power to finish....just a cool mind...and placement....the way he shifted his body weight on his left to finish with his right is just magical...

  87. Thaariq Hasyim

    Thaariq Hasyim24 days ago

    5:00 he has same religion with salah??

  88. joseph jia ren Kang

    joseph jia ren Kang24 days ago

    when King Henry came back and score for arsenal , i was so touched by the goal that i started getting goosebumps all over my arms. SO FANTASTIC !!!

  89. Julian Cline (Student)

    Julian Cline (Student)24 days ago


  90. Soldiertjj

    Soldiertjj24 days ago

    Henry is up there with Ronaldo( Brazilian ), IDC those two are my favorite strikers. Henry after a goal is like... “just another day @ the Office. Nothing special bout it”

  91. Fc Barcelona is the best team in the world

    Fc Barcelona is the best team in the world24 days ago

    Best strikers of all time: 1. Ronaldo 2. Thierry henry 3. Gerd müller 4. Romário 5. Van basten 6. Eusebio 7. Batistuta 8. Zlatan 9. Suarez 10. Eto'o

  92. Vic VDM

    Vic VDM24 days ago

    The Pirate of the Thierrybean.

  93. thaha iliyas

    thaha iliyas24 days ago


  94. Luis diaz

    Luis diaz24 days ago

    He was a good a good player. He's like Activision. Now Ronaldinho is like rockstar.😏

  95. shiva Kumar

    shiva Kumar24 days ago


  96. Christopher Marfleet

    Christopher Marfleet25 days ago

    Magical memories the prem will never see anything like Henry he just brought magic pure magic

  97. AV Gaming

    AV Gaming25 days ago

    The best French forward in history

  98. DJ Chahal

    DJ Chahal25 days ago

    I am a Man U fan and I love Henry

  99. Manu Leal

    Manu Leal25 days ago

    Henry humillates Zanetti

  100. Artur Zathas

    Artur Zathas25 days ago

    ze king

  101. Katie Cross

    Katie Cross26 days ago

    Drop a like if you support arsenal

  102. Bas Hamid

    Bas Hamid26 days ago

    Also made possible because of Dennis Bergkamp imo

  103. Nathaniel Akpowenre

    Nathaniel Akpowenre26 days ago

    Thierry henry igwe my best player of all time gunners for life

  104. Sanelinho Gaming

    Sanelinho Gaming27 days ago

    Ran past r9, morientes, guti, ramos and scored againts casillas. What a legend.

  105. john moore

    john moore27 days ago

    He destroyed the best teams in the world undoubtedly the best ever in the PL a master 👌🏻

  106. Blue Dwarf

    Blue Dwarf27 days ago

    I'm not an arsenal fan but this guy was magic, one of many in an arsenal shirt.

  107. RealMan Au

    RealMan Au28 days ago

    big mistake , henry left Arsenal for Barcelona


    REDA LEGACY28 days ago

    Ready for what.. ever on earth will be played football.. clever goal keeper would have watched vids.. think he did it for the kids too.. but unbeatabble

  109. King of the Bridge

    King of the Bridge28 days ago

    Shame his best years were at Barca. The guy was pure magic.

  110. Andree Orellana

    Andree Orellana28 days ago

    The best skill " fake pass" i loved