10 Times Someone SHOCKING Won A WWE Title! - Jeff Hardy, CM Punk & More!


  1. HunterP WWE5

    HunterP WWE52 months ago

    Harper wasn’t in the ladder match you are thinking of wm 31

  2. Drunketh Wizard

    Drunketh Wizard2 months ago

    My question is: What in the fuck do they have against Ryder? I mean, I'm not even a fan of the guy really but I was watching that show when he won and I yelled out Hell Yeah! Because that is what the outcome should have been. When he lost the belt the next night I said fuck this ONCE MORE and started slowly reducing my viewing. I haven't watched a single show in the last 6 months probably even though I haven't cancelled my subscription. Perhaps I was holding out hope. But while this instance wasn't what caused me to stop watching again, it's just another example of them being fucking idiots all the time. Shit is wrecked.

  3. SKELLY The Sauce King

    SKELLY The Sauce King3 months ago

    I remember watching that wwe match in like 2009. Jeff Hardy's storyline in to getting the wwe title, was the best storyline I've probably ever seen. even better than roman's and ambrose's

  4. Raiden

    Raiden3 months ago

    Didnt hornswoggle win a title?

  5. GreenAndMeat paw

    GreenAndMeat paw3 months ago

    I still remember watching Latino heat and his run leading up to his bout with Brock.. I never expected him to win but I loved Eddie so much by then ... And then he won !! I couldn't believe it ! I still get teary eyed thinking about his win that night 😢😢😢. RIP Eddie ! We still miss you

  6. Roger Penland

    Roger Penland4 months ago

    It was 18 seconds! How can you call yourself a fan and NOT know that? Lmao.

  7. Shawn Wegner

    Shawn Wegner4 months ago


  8. Shawn Wegner

    Shawn Wegner4 months ago

    Mix should be fixed

  9. Xavier Blackwell

    Xavier Blackwell4 months ago

    Jack swagger should be no. 1

  10. Dominick Nieves

    Dominick Nieves5 months ago

    Luke Harper wasnt in the ladder match with Zack Ryder

  11. Curb Stomped

    Curb Stomped4 months ago


  12. InSaNiTY_T

    InSaNiTY_T5 months ago

    rey > bryan

  13. Jerrod Rogers

    Jerrod Rogers5 months ago

    Can't believe no one mentioned y2j v. Rock

  14. Melvin Jose

    Melvin Jose5 months ago

    Why is Jinder Mahal not in the list? Him winning the WWE title was shocking

  15. Mike Rose

    Mike Rose5 months ago

    Jinder should be number one easily... its JINDER!

  16. Zombieman_339 Gaming

    Zombieman_339 Gaming6 months ago

    Jeff has alot of flaws and has messed up alot. But im a huge fan no matter what. Alot of the moves i use in my set come from him

  17. L3AD3R

    L3AD3R6 months ago

    Jeff 4ever

  18. Willie Martinez

    Willie Martinez6 months ago

    R.I.P. Eddie Guerrero

  19. Pitt Burgh

    Pitt Burgh6 months ago

    U got it wrong, stone cold and Vince won the Monday night wars.

  20. lolpeterparker lolson

    lolpeterparker lolson7 months ago

    vinces fascination with big men is so gay

  21. bee boo

    bee boo7 months ago


  22. SpaceDonkey

    SpaceDonkey7 months ago

    Vince thinks Ryder has a creepy face.

  23. Kouga Talbain

    Kouga Talbain7 months ago

    What about Christian?

  24. Suman Chhetri

    Suman Chhetri8 months ago

    Y r u making it sound like wwe is not scripted?

  25. Chris Jericho

    Chris Jericho8 months ago

    Take care I think he should like when the US title money in the bank or IC title just to check those boxes off in his career and finally just retire

  26. Chris Jericho

    Chris Jericho8 months ago

    Zack Ryder the push or send them back to NXT I think he'd be good there against guys like Aleister black Adam Cole and umm rodrick strong


    PRINCESS KITANA9 months ago

    I never changed the channel from WCW to WWF the night Mick Foley won the WWF Heavyweight Championship.

  28. Calvin Bretlee

    Calvin Bretlee9 months ago

    i am 620th like

  29. impact zone

    impact zone9 months ago

    wrestling hub? more like wwe hub

  30. Ravin gamer TV

    Ravin gamer TV9 months ago

    If Zack Ryder was filling in for Neville at wm32 and he won does that mean Neville was meant to win the intercontinental championship 😱

  31. itsya boi

    itsya boi9 months ago

    Tag it if your a boy U waste

  32. James Munro

    James Munro9 months ago

    2:17 Luke Harper wasn't in the match

  33. randumo24

    randumo249 months ago

    Lol, wrong stuff about Bryan. 18 seconds. He was still a heel and getting booed after Wrestlemania. People cared more due to a great dynamic with a face AJ Lee & storyline. He definitely did not become an immediate face.

  34. randumo24

    randumo249 months ago

    gamelvr1 Lol, I know what the Raw after Wrestlemania crowd did. That link I posted was from the Smackdown right after that Raw. The fans definitely booed him after that. You just have no idea what you're talking about. You probably didn't even actually watch week to week back then.

  35. gamelvr1

    gamelvr19 months ago

    Actually look up the Raw after WM 28. That was when the yes chants started taking hold. WWE might have wanted him as a heel, but the fans weren't booing him, far from it

  36. randumo24

    randumo249 months ago

    gamelvr1 Sorry to burst your bubble, but I'm right. He went to being a bigger heel than he ever was after Wrestlemania once he turned on AJ. Don't believe me: mreporter.net/v/video-prg3Kxp2YO8.html

  37. gamelvr1

    gamelvr19 months ago

    You're wrong on that.

  38. Asen Nikolaev

    Asen Nikolaev9 months ago

    Jinder Mahal

  39. Atif Jameel

    Atif Jameel9 months ago

    Chad will be a super legend if book him properly his in ring work is Awsome

  40. Arvid Johansson

    Arvid Johansson9 months ago

    Score train one uncertainty magnitude questionnaire brown.

  41. Shakeel Shakeel

    Shakeel Shakeel9 months ago

    I am a common man I saw CM PUNK I like the video

  42. Soaring tybo

    Soaring tybo9 months ago

    Luke happier was not at Wrestlemania 32

  43. Asen Nikolaev

    Asen Nikolaev9 months ago


  44. Terry Brown

    Terry Brown9 months ago

    Uh,what about Jericho winning his first WWE championship from hhh on raw?

  45. Terry Brown

    Terry Brown9 months ago

    Foley was not out of shape,yes he didn't have a typical figure for a wrestler but he had amazing endurance and stamina for someone his size. He was far from out of shape.lol

  46. Jay Santiago

    Jay Santiago9 months ago

    Luke Harper was not in the match

  47. anton james

    anton james9 months ago

    What about rey miserio wining the world championship or brey Wyatt

  48. This Guy!!!

    This Guy!!!9 months ago

    You guys should do a top 10 people who had/we forgot had bodyguard(s)

  49. Ty  Wood

    Ty Wood9 months ago

    It would be remise to not mention Hulk Hogan against AUNDRE THE GIANT. C'mon you know that is bak in the day but you can't deny in history it kinda changed and dare I say EVERYTHING in or for were Wrestling is or was .In like Stone Cold and the rock, taker, and HHH 's era.

  50. Joman Hotty

    Joman Hotty9 months ago

    He only like comment's that complement him like good video and nothing else

  51. The Spot

    The Spot9 months ago

    It was 18 seconds that Daniel Bryant loss the world heavyweight tittle to sheaums getting right next time okay until next time see you later over and out

  52. Ty  Wood

    Ty Wood9 months ago

    Slavish Hades the whole money in the bank could make or break a super star. And it doesn't matter if you're the one someone cashes in on, there usually the ones who are bigger stars and are making a new star relavent like with Carmela and Charlotte my late mothers name by the way. But I have to say CARMELA IS SO BEATIFUL DAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

  53. Brainz Rooney

    Brainz Rooney9 months ago

    Cena threw himself

  54. Brainz Rooney

    Brainz Rooney9 months ago

    Taker beating Hogan was very unexpected

  55. Brainz Rooney

    Brainz Rooney9 months ago

    Ty Wood listen I'm not saying no one actually didn't see like how you can't see cena I'm saying it was very unexpected

  56. Ty  Wood

    Ty Wood9 months ago

    Paradox RNO I did I saw it live Hogan left after that ,then they had the steroid thing and some time went by then Hogan joined WCW. I liked WCW and I would change back and forth on the Monday wars. I watched any wrestling I could see when I was a young kid in the 70'sand beyond


    MR. LEGEND KILLLER9 months ago

    Jbl and jinder mahal and randy orton in 2004 you left these

  58. Brainz Rooney

    Brainz Rooney9 months ago

    Put the world title on miz

  59. Brainz Rooney

    Brainz Rooney9 months ago

    Ty Wood he ain't no where near retirement

  60. Ty  Wood

    Ty Wood9 months ago

    Paradox RNO Miz should be aheal manager

  61. Tyler Woodward

    Tyler Woodward9 months ago

    Daniel Bryan lost the title to Sheamus in 18 seconds not 12 seconds

  62. DOOM Extras

    DOOM Extras9 months ago

    WWE Hinted That Ryder Would Win At Mania ... On A Episode Of Main Event Just Days Before Mania Ryder Was Facing Zayn I Think And Jerry Lawler Said " I Am Going To Vote For The Winner Of This Match As The Winner Of The Ladder Match" And Sure Enough Ryder Won Both!

  63. Gray Leo

    Gray Leo9 months ago

    Zack Ryder > Daniel Bryan

  64. TheFirstNobody

    TheFirstNobody9 months ago

    the rock, stone cold and hhh? You forgetting the American badass? the heel with the most pop?

  65. Adjatay Kosey

    Adjatay Kosey9 months ago

    Money in the mank 😂😂😂

  66. Steven Durandisse

    Steven Durandisse9 months ago

    A lot of these guys got help or cashed in.

  67. MJVillafana

    MJVillafana9 months ago

    I'm a simple guy, I see Jeff hardy in the thumbnail, I click

  68. B H The AbOriginal

    B H The AbOriginal9 months ago

    TheOtaku hell yea, Jeff Hardy and CM Punk

  69. Steven Durandisse

    Steven Durandisse9 months ago

    The Miz had help from The Rock.

  70. wwe fan

    wwe fan9 months ago


  71. Psycho Dad jesse

    Psycho Dad jesse9 months ago

    Dope ass video Wrestling Hub Keep Up the great work and sup everyone

  72. 3s10

    3s109 months ago

    How about the most unexpected/shocking title wins? As a title...

  73. Sexton Barker

    Sexton Barker9 months ago

    Luke Harper was not in that ladder match with Ryder

  74. Shamar Campbell

    Shamar Campbell9 months ago

    Y the hell isn't jinder on that list!!!!

  75. Mark Brown

    Mark Brown9 months ago

    Daniel Bryan Was Beat At WM 28 In 18 Seconds

  76. Asen Nikolaev

    Asen Nikolaev9 months ago


  77. shane mitchell

    shane mitchell9 months ago

    Jeff Hardy is my favorite wrestler ever comment if you like Jeff to

  78. Franco Yauri

    Franco Yauri9 months ago

    Jinder is a jobber again. You're welcome.

  79. Mr. AJ Atomic

    Mr. AJ Atomic9 months ago

    I wouldn't say sheamus is a beloved heel.

  80. Brainz Rooney

    Brainz Rooney9 months ago

    Mr. AJ Atomic he is

  81. ZacTalksMovies

    ZacTalksMovies9 months ago

    Nice video

  82. Javonta Jackson

    Javonta Jackson9 months ago

    Great video bro

  83. Jordan Fat

    Jordan Fat9 months ago

    I'm 29th like

  84. Jeremy Williams

    Jeremy Williams9 months ago

    What about the following: 1. Jeff Hardy winning the Intercontinental Championship from Triple H in 2001. 2. Santino Marella winning that same title from Umaga in 2006. 3. Rey Mysterio winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania 22. 4. Paige winning the Divas Championship the night after Wrestlemania XXX in her debut match.

  85. I'm Chris Munoz!

    I'm Chris Munoz!9 months ago

    Everyone knew Cena was gonna lose the belt at Summerslam to take some time off for his elbow surgery so why is it surprising that Daniel Bryan won?

  86. RIC prazeres

    RIC prazeres9 months ago

    where is the jinder wwe chapionship win

  87. quinn sanders

    quinn sanders7 months ago

    Harshit Tibrewal that was shocking

  88. Harshit Tibrewal

    Harshit Tibrewal9 months ago

    RIC prezeres that wasn't shocking, that was stupid

  89. Asen Nikolaev

    Asen Nikolaev9 months ago

    at position 0

  90. King Omg

    King Omg9 months ago

    I was the 99 like

  91. Sebastian Gomez

    Sebastian Gomez9 months ago

    Are you going to talk about the video that you took down?

  92. Sebastian Gomez

    Sebastian Gomez9 months ago

    Wrestling Hub it was about 4 days ago. I think it's over the punishment or back stage heat some superstars had

  93. Wrestling Hub

    Wrestling Hub9 months ago

    Do you remember when this video was posted?

  94. Sebastian Gomez

    Sebastian Gomez9 months ago

    dylan mulroe it was about superstars and their tattoos. What they meant and why they got it. The video was voiced by someone new. It was taken down with no explanation.

  95. dylan mulroe

    dylan mulroe9 months ago

    Sebastian Gomez what was it

  96. Francis Qauinoo

    Francis Qauinoo9 months ago

    Sheamus beat daniel bryan in 18 sec not 12

  97. randumo24

    randumo249 months ago

    He also did not start getting cheered after Wrestlemania. He was an even bigger heel after that than he was before. However, people cared more thanks in part due to him AND more importantly the person who never gets enough credit in his career AJ Lee.

  98. Jay playz 123

    Jay playz 1239 months ago

    You r awesome

  99. C hris

    C hris9 months ago

    Im not old enough to remember but ,I read about Ivan Koloff beating the great Bruno Sammartino..

  100. Bolargest GD

    Bolargest GD6 months ago

    C hris yes he did. He beat him on exactly the 2803rd day Bruno held the belt since 1963 and lost it in 1971. This run was the longest time for someone to hold the wwe title and he won it again from Stan stasiak in 1973 for 1207 days.

  101. Xavier Fenix

    Xavier Fenix9 months ago

    Michelle McCool is flagging this video because The Undertaker was called an "old timer"🤦🏻‍♂️

  102. Just a random wrestling fan

    Just a random wrestling fan9 months ago

    Who misses CM Punk in WWE?

  103. Harry Carden

    Harry Carden9 months ago

    Luke Harper wasn't in the WrestleMania 32 ladder match

  104. Mike The Scott

    Mike The Scott2 months ago

    +Red Arrow uhm no he wasn't assgobbler

  105. Coltkiller Gaming

    Coltkiller Gaming4 months ago

    Harry Carden he got injured a week before wrestlemania 32

  106. Zombieman_339 Gaming

    Zombieman_339 Gaming6 months ago

    Yes he was. Go back and watch

  107. HeyIamNick

    HeyIamNick9 months ago

    he was in the ladder match at wrestlemania 31 not 32

  108. Asen Nikolaev

    Asen Nikolaev9 months ago



    BRYN CANVIN9 months ago

    Great video 👍👍

  110. Renal Faulkner Jr

    Renal Faulkner Jr9 months ago

    Watch when Charlotte flair sees one of these superstars then she comments one of the superstars saying hes a legend

  111. Supportive Duck

    Supportive Duck10 months ago

    Great Video! :)

  112. 15plus2isnot39

    15plus2isnot3910 months ago

    I called Ryder losing the next night on Raw waiting for a shuttle after Mania. I admittedly did call Baron Corbin doing it, but still I got the big part right.

  113. MrBeard17

    MrBeard174 months ago

    Anyone that defends it the next night, right after winning it, usually loses it...they were just a transitional wrestler. Having it for 1 day is better than not at all.. but give the guy a few weeks with it at least.

  114. Ash Aah

    Ash Aah10 months ago

    I'm a Jeff Hardy fan forever

  115. Kermit of Rivia

    Kermit of Rivia3 months ago

    Jeff Hardy sucks. He's pretty old now.

  116. WWE Awesome

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    Me too

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    Ash Aah same

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    Cool video

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    First to watch whole video v

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