10 Things Pusha T Can't Live Without | GQ


  1. LiL jhit Will

    LiL jhit WillDay ago

    it’s and essential to expose drake

  2. Adam H

    Adam H2 days ago

    The 10 essentials to beat drake

  3. Slumped :I

    Slumped :I2 days ago

    Air pods got ear wax all on and this man got a coffee stain on his shirt what a mess

  4. Vonn Villuminati

    Vonn Villuminati2 days ago

    I playing those numbers tonight for the lottery

  5. ImAnApplePie

    ImAnApplePie3 days ago

    what a dumb

  6. chris ramirez

    chris ramirez3 days ago

    He can’t live without talking about Drake


    DEXTEROUS WUBS4 days ago

    This video made me want to kill myself

  8. qwerty qwerty

    qwerty qwerty4 days ago

    how old is he

  9. Sydney P

    Sydney P4 days ago

    I love this series!!!!!!!!

  10. Guido Guido

    Guido Guido4 days ago

    I love how he talks like a normal person. Finally a black celebrity, that I can understand.

  11. Emeka Maduka

    Emeka Maduka4 days ago

    racist pos

  12. ItsAleqo

    ItsAleqo4 days ago

    Pusha T is a modern day Akon....

  13. Crooked Look

    Crooked Look5 days ago


  14. Gosu Arakawa

    Gosu Arakawa5 days ago

    1. Drake's rap career

  15. Jandelle Cobbs

    Jandelle Cobbs5 days ago

    Pusha can't get stuff through security? Put it inside a checked bag.


    SEXXE STONER5 days ago

    King Push 👑 👑

  17. Sydney Nock

    Sydney Nock6 days ago

    Germatologist ?....

  18. Kevin T. Brinkley Jr

    Kevin T. Brinkley Jr6 days ago

    nice show and tell

  19. Heather Washburn

    Heather Washburn8 days ago

    Oh my GOD!!!!! I love those GOUGEOUS!!!! LIP'S!!!! of his. I could stare at them all day. His lady is sooo!!!! Lucky!!!! 💋💋💕💖👑😇

  20. Gabriel Anaya

    Gabriel Anaya8 days ago

    Thought this guy was in prison for killing Drake

  21. Adedayo Oloba

    Adedayo Oloba10 days ago

    Pusha is the realest.

  22. Jesus Salazar

    Jesus Salazar10 days ago

    What's the brand name of the red wallet?

  23. Clockwork

    Clockwork10 days ago

    Pusha looks great for 42. Wow

  24. TylersMyWilliams 616

    TylersMyWilliams 61612 days ago

    You can hack apple faster then Androids

  25. Funkslave

    Funkslave12 days ago

    I swear this dude is a closet homosexual, just a matter of time before he comes out in a 'fashion statement' skirt/dress

  26. DJ Afficial

    DJ Afficial12 days ago

    I cant help but see the big green stain on the shirt... ocd strikes again

  27. Lil Yungster

    Lil Yungster13 days ago

    Pusha can’t live without his lube!

  28. C0co Chan3L

    C0co Chan3L14 days ago

    Kiehl you fancy huh whoops didn’t mean to reference drake

  29. Aronas Trick

    Aronas Trick14 days ago

    11. Drake

  30. Yum K

    Yum K14 days ago

    get asap rocky on this

  31. topdogfresh

    topdogfresh14 days ago

    The Aveeno foaming cleanser is it truth.

  32. mamba

    mamba14 days ago

    She brokken hearted she keep temper testingme we danced in ifle tower yall daughter is sweet tho

  33. mamba

    mamba14 days ago

    No problem

  34. mamba

    mamba14 days ago

    Dude why you keep playing hocus pocus with your lover She going in labor zoom your self to the hospital ahe so lightheaded ahe think i need to deal with catching yalls baby

  35. Justa hermit

    Justa hermit16 days ago

    5:27 Well that confirms it, we would be best friends for sure... Such a cool dude, so relatable and so much better than all of the people that usually do these videos...

  36. good game

    good game16 days ago

    Who needs food anyway ..? pf

  37. Its Ye Boi Cristian H

    Its Ye Boi Cristian H18 days ago

    Bet he cant live without drakes toetag

  38. Dani S

    Dani S19 days ago

    I love it i have my roulette numbers too. Ha

  39. Abid's Gameplay

    Abid's Gameplay19 days ago


  40. Super Jacky Wilshere

    Super Jacky Wilshere19 days ago

    1.8k likes r the ppl who got smoked with champagne dadi

  41. A fellow white man

    A fellow white man20 days ago

    Stopped in first reqirement

  42. Dee Vinci

    Dee Vinci20 days ago

    Bought some of that Aveeno with the quickness!!!!!!!!

  43. Dee Vinci

    Dee Vinci19 days ago

    Suavepoos Two Up & Two Down about $8

  44. Suavepoos Two Up & Two Down

    Suavepoos Two Up & Two Down19 days ago

    For how much im bout to get some 2 💯😂😎

  45. Michele De Benedictis

    Michele De Benedictis20 days ago

    I listened to this while on another tab. I thought this was an Italian metrosexual talking.

  46. Kana Beats

    Kana Beats22 days ago

    I see me and push have the same skin care routine. I'm proud lol

  47. Chris 5401

    Chris 540122 days ago


  48. tkla05

    tkla0525 days ago

    This was awesome

  49. Alejandro Arévalo

    Alejandro Arévalo29 days ago

    Aveeno is the key to look that young at 41 then lmao

  50. Hugh Janus

    Hugh JanusMonth ago

    This can’t be the guy that ended drake

  51. tebogo mokandla

    tebogo mokandlaMonth ago

    all these jewelry is the reason why the african struggle continues

  52. Clofic C

    Clofic CMonth ago

    Somehow this turned out way gayer than I expected... until he pulled out his gun license haha

  53. Afrodite 14

    Afrodite 14Month ago

    He is 100% taurus male oh my god lol

  54. Oof Oof

    Oof OofMonth ago

    He got clear skin so he know what’s good

  55. Taylor the kid Thompson

    Taylor the kid ThompsonMonth ago

    Why didn’t he mention drake? Clearly he can’t live without obsession with the dude.

  56. owen

    owenMonth ago

    I wish Pusha T was my dad

  57. Jack Rae

    Jack RaeMonth ago


  58. Yung Indii

    Yung IndiiMonth ago

    I honestly thought he was gonna say cocaine bro...

  59. Johan 473

    Johan 473Month ago

    Push got the IPhone colors on his wrist 💎

  60. noah stump

    noah stumpMonth ago

    I imagined his voice to be deeper

  61. Lord Gospel

    Lord GospelMonth ago

    A very rich man wearing uniqlo wow

  62. Bob Doe

    Bob DoeMonth ago

    Where's Drake Soul? cuz you took that...

  63. WhoTf isCed

    WhoTf isCedMonth ago

    keep pressing 3:36 🌈

  64. Words

    WordsMonth ago

    This is why Drake questions his street cred ...

  65. Roland DuSon

    Roland DuSonMonth ago

    My name is my name.

  66. Josiah Walker

    Josiah WalkerMonth ago

    He sound mad hard when he rap but he sound different when he talk

  67. Jacob Smith

    Jacob SmithMonth ago

    Nice coffee stains pusha

  68. Angelo Goreham

    Angelo GorehamMonth ago

    Those bracelets run like 10 grand a piece.

  69. Ary M

    Ary MMonth ago

    Something lux about a $5 crew neck...pusha just earned some more respect in my book.

  70. ademola bakare

    ademola bakareMonth ago

    Dis the don that smoked drake!!!!.....him?

  71. Santos Colon

    Santos ColonMonth ago

    Pusha t deadass Antonio brown w Travis Scott’s hair

  72. JamesTheGreat

    JamesTheGreatMonth ago

    Drake should have left pusha alone

  73. Hamzah Khan

    Hamzah KhanMonth ago

    GQ wouldn't have done this if him and Drake didn't have a beef, sad how some rappers make/revive others' careers

  74. Deja Pointer

    Deja PointerMonth ago

    Dam push a style icon lowkey

  75. Darrell Houston

    Darrell HoustonMonth ago

    Push the most down to earth person I swear I'd love to smoke one with him

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    Exclusive Cars and Paint job CaldwellMonth ago

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  77. Mr. Man

    Mr. ManMonth ago

    sound kinda zesty to me



    Pusha T is a granddad

  79. Joseph J

    Joseph JMonth ago

    auto tune

  80. Barry Mcclendon Jr

    Barry Mcclendon JrMonth ago


  81. Beckham Ryan

    Beckham RyanMonth ago

    He forgot something. A drake action figure

  82. Mac Millon

    Mac MillonMonth ago

    01. Duppy freestyle

  83. Niaaz

    NiaazMonth ago

    Drakes an apple guy too

  84. lorii kayyxox

    lorii kayyxoxMonth ago

    Lmaao yesssss. "No, you can goto cvs and get greatness"

  85. seth

    sethMonth ago

    10 thins mac can’t live without... #1 Drugs

  86. Empress Zaire

    Empress ZaireMonth ago

    I ♥️Pusha!

  87. Hair on screen

    Hair on screenMonth ago

    He is 41 year old 😯 he looks 31

  88. Bashiri De Graff

    Bashiri De GraffMonth ago


  89. Gil Da Silva

    Gil Da SilvaMonth ago

    The whitest black guy alive

  90. yeet beaner

    yeet beanerMonth ago

    1:18 💀

  91. RenniesLife

    RenniesLifeMonth ago

    He do look young for 41

  92. Who's Asking

    Who's AskingMonth ago

    This is the first time hearing pusha t speak. N im rather shocked. Lol

  93. Franklin Wallace

    Franklin WallaceMonth ago

    pusha t is the reasonable rapper

  94. Joshua Stephens

    Joshua StephensMonth ago

    Pusha T: Gives Drake an L, ends up on GQ video

  95. Raul Valenzuela

    Raul ValenzuelaMonth ago

    Nice sponsorship

  96. Ryan Ewing

    Ryan EwingMonth ago

    I use the same face wash AVEENO IS THE TRUTH

  97. Kyle Bocobo

    Kyle BocoboMonth ago

    Push is a metrosexual trapper?

  98. Simon Westhoff

    Simon WesthoffMonth ago

    He's like the black Casey Neistat

  99. Proudmonk3Y

    Proudmonk3YMonth ago

    Why Push sound like a MReporter tech vlogger tho😂

  100. Smee Nigel

    Smee NigelMonth ago

    Are those stains ?

  101. Ian-Devon Lewis

    Ian-Devon LewisMonth ago

    just noticed that now. theres different color splotches all over the top. i literally think he is going for a spanish farmer or field worker look in this video with rag around the neck but without the hat.

  102. vFahad

    vFahadMonth ago

    Pusha bout to have these TSA members in priiiison

  103. MEEMSTAR 69

    MEEMSTAR 69Month ago

    He's living so peaceful

  104. Toxic Pills

    Toxic PillsMonth ago

    I'm amazed that this dude is still at his prime