10 Things Pusha T Can't Live Without | GQ


  1. Kareem abdul Jar Jar Binks Jabbar

    Kareem abdul Jar Jar Binks Jabbar5 days ago

    So this is the guy who bodied drake😂

  2. Ryland Keefe

    Ryland Keefe8 days ago

    How is he have air pods when he doesn’t even have a phone????

  3. Desha Lynnell

    Desha Lynnell10 days ago

    757 🤘🏾

  4. William

    William10 days ago

    11. Dirt on Drake.

  5. Dominique Diaddigo-Cash

    Dominique Diaddigo-Cash10 days ago

    congrats to youtube to making us think commercials are just content

  6. David Doyle

    David Doyle11 days ago

    I love this makeup bag haul

  7. Jake thomas

    Jake thomas11 days ago

    Push a T : first thing I can’t live without is ..... DRAKE’S TRAPPED SOUL

  8. Ratatouille

    Ratatouille12 days ago

    A grammy

  9. three

    three13 days ago

    hope he got that uniqlo sponsorship

  10. Pharaoh Ramonethe1st

    Pharaoh Ramonethe1st17 days ago

    ❄️💧IV DRIP, KING PUSH!¡!¡!

  11. grizz Lee

    grizz Lee18 days ago

    All these people have those apple ear buds....

  12. shabba194

    shabba19421 day ago

    Invisibly set the Rolex is faceless.

  13. BeautifullyFree

    BeautifullyFree21 day ago

    He irked me with the full size products constantly being thrown away, bruh just get travel size containers WTF

  14. Jose MA

    Jose MA27 days ago

    Never hurd anyone say play pusha t

  15. Greg Tennyson

    Greg TennysonMonth ago

    Face cream and jewelry. Dude packs for a trip like my girlfriend....

  16. Madeline Shumate

    Madeline ShumateMonth ago

    He has such a soft speaking voice

  17. MEGAjunglejuice

    MEGAjunglejuiceMonth ago

    He has my eye color.

  18. Goace Florin

    Goace FlorinMonth ago

    Whats a pusha t?

  19. tebatso malatji

    tebatso malatjiMonth ago

    Your a fucken hater

  20. Hok Vithia

    Hok VithiaMonth ago

    I hate how they prefer the headphone as "airpod" but not headphone

  21. Kanz Natfa

    Kanz NatfaMonth ago

    Do Travis Scott one

  22. HeyJude2018

    HeyJude2018Month ago

    Pretty modest stuff

  23. Bahi Nour

    Bahi NourMonth ago

    More like 10 thing you can’t afford

  24. Freedomboy006

    Freedomboy0062 months ago

    hate when all these rappers mention drugs and rolling paper just to act cool. he seems nice

  25. Wyatt Glaeser

    Wyatt Glaeser2 months ago

    Apple brand slave!

  26. Ashish Nakarmi

    Ashish Nakarmi2 months ago

    his shirt is stained on the left side


    MARSHMALOW2 months ago

    Man probably don't care about being stabbed, this is just going to add some character to his body

  28. Xavier Belliard

    Xavier Belliard2 months ago

    Wonder how many bottles of cologne can you take with you on a plane, so far I've only tried two no problem...🤔

  29. Miss Magic

    Miss Magic2 months ago

    Mans looks so african, i expected to him to have an accent when i first saw him..

  30. Cesar Lopez

    Cesar Lopez2 months ago

    Watch this in slo mo

  31. and

    and2 months ago

    11. Cocaine

  32. Reyiel Cloud

    Reyiel Cloud2 months ago

    The thumbnail though

  33. Shaqsq Xtra

    Shaqsq Xtra2 months ago

    I need me one of those suitcases🤔

  34. Diarmid Thomson

    Diarmid Thomson2 months ago

    Swear his voice is way higher here

  35. JonZam83

    JonZam832 months ago

    He's so cocky but humble at the same time 😂😂😂

  36. Ya Boy CJ Peezy

    Ya Boy CJ Peezy2 months ago


  37. S1LV3R 3DG3

    S1LV3R 3DG32 months ago

    I thought this man was like 27 or so but he 41. Sheesh he look young

  38. zaamra

    zaamra2 months ago

    Very sympathic guy

  39. Zone6ZoneSix

    Zone6ZoneSix2 months ago

    Cartier love bracelets 💯💯💯💯

  40. ajax 711

    ajax 7112 months ago

    Where do you keep your gun

  41. Vincent Thompson

    Vincent Thompson2 months ago

    Do Ian Connor

  42. Phillyboyjake The boss

    Phillyboyjake The boss3 months ago

    I thought he would have a digital scale with him ..all the cocain talk

  43. Jas Bataille

    Jas Bataille3 months ago

    Alright imma buy some Aveeno now


    TRAINER GASS3 months ago


  45. Fernando Najera

    Fernando Najera3 months ago

    Haha when he shows his concealed carry permit I lost it. I always wondered if anyone pro gun would actually show there permits on these.

  46. MIHAI S.

    MIHAI S.3 months ago

    Nice ads, smooth.

  47. Mad Titan

    Mad Titan3 months ago

    this dudes wack

  48. owen daboss

    owen daboss3 months ago


  49. Bob Smith

    Bob Smith3 months ago

    mad respect for the gun license! You don't have to have an illegal gun to be cool.

  50. gyudtrasar3

    gyudtrasar33 months ago

    I clicked so fast it can rival how quick I clicked back to page when I realise it wasn’t Kendrick Lamar.

  51. that's me

    that's me3 months ago

    where's the jar containing drake's soul?

  52. Bee Nina

    Bee Nina3 months ago

    I don’t understand WHY rappers buy expensive things but can get their teeth fixed. I’m glad Cardi got hers fixed.

  53. Bozemas83 Perfection

    Bozemas83 Perfection3 months ago

    What kinda wallet

  54. Patricia Agboro

    Patricia AgboroMonth ago

    goyard is the brand

  55. Jenric ApawanPogi

    Jenric ApawanPogi3 months ago


  56. bruno gomes

    bruno gomes3 months ago


  57. H S

    H S3 months ago

    Virginians wya

  58. slutey1

    slutey13 months ago


  59. Domino

    Domino3 months ago


  60. Mani Taylor

    Mani Taylor3 months ago

    Push we know you ain't gonna try and blow up a plane😂😂

  61. RISK Chigga

    RISK Chigga3 months ago

    I wanna JP subtitle

  62. Damien Matthews

    Damien Matthews3 months ago

    Dude is 41

  63. Kanye West

    Kanye West3 months ago

    You forgot the Cocaine.

  64. Markes Castro

    Markes Castro3 months ago

    Air pods sucks , dots are better. Look them up they so much better

  65. Leonards Nose

    Leonards Nose3 months ago

    Is this akons son?

  66. Nathanial Forbes

    Nathanial Forbes3 months ago

    Weird snake food isn’t on here 🤷‍♀️

  67. Soma Tajthy

    Soma Tajthy3 months ago

    TSA shutdown got Push carrying liters of aveeno through security😂

  68. magiesq

    magiesq3 months ago

    epitome of a consumer,,,a bunch of stuff

  69. Jerk Norris

    Jerk Norris3 months ago

    Poo Pusha t

  70. Conor Price

    Conor Price3 months ago

    His jackets a bit dirty ..

  71. Milly Mako

    Milly Mako3 months ago

    If he has his gun license then that means he has no criminal record which means his raps are Fucken frauding.

  72. Maulik Nasit

    Maulik Nasit3 months ago

    That white jacket is fresh but the stains are ruining it. And It's distracting.

  73. Bigpond Pond

    Bigpond Pond3 months ago

    A few months later and you realise Pusha could never hear us, his has airpods.

  74. VRK

    VRK3 months ago

    I dont know how grills give attitude and character

  75. coolfuzzball 852

    coolfuzzball 8523 months ago

    He missed one thing auto tune

  76. Zzra

    Zzra4 months ago

    Where’s the caine

  77. Masoud Abdun-Noor

    Masoud Abdun-Noor4 months ago

    VA concealed permit’s an absolute must

  78. KnownEast

    KnownEast4 months ago

    Why he got a stain on his shirt.

  79. lil nigga

    lil nigga4 months ago

    He looks like Kendrick Lamar

  80. Mark Kalendr

    Mark Kalendr4 months ago

    All that face washing can’t fix ugly

  81. I'm ShurikeN

    I'm ShurikeN4 months ago

    Pusha is 41 years old...

  82. Pual

    Pual4 months ago

    he chill asf

  83. Riley Griffith

    Riley Griffith4 months ago

    Who's tpain???

  84. B. Couture Vibes Nyc

    B. Couture Vibes Nyc4 months ago

    He do look mad young .I think I'm going to try that anti aging cream lol

  85. Callum Bushop

    Callum Bushop4 months ago

    He looks like Sanjeev and Kendrick Lamar’s baby

  86. Tesura

    Tesura4 months ago

    AirPod Users

  87. Parteet Bains

    Parteet Bains4 months ago


  88. Deeqsteer_Tv

    Deeqsteer_Tv4 months ago


  89. Yuanita Prawira

    Yuanita Prawira4 months ago

    I like his style. Right to the T. Stylish clean.

  90. joshdonaldsonist

    joshdonaldsonist4 months ago

    Y'all mans hella funny. Drake is ten times better than pusha. Pusha been irrelevant for years

  91. Eli Chavez

    Eli Chavez4 months ago

    This foo’ be lookin’ like Akon’s older brother!

  92. Its Just Brit

    Its Just Brit4 months ago

    "I used to blame it on living in Virgina and havin a stress free life." Bruh you're black. Just moisturize and you gone look young for life. 😂

  93. M G

    M G4 months ago

    They forgot number, 11- killing your favorite Rapper

  94. TheArchitect_24

    TheArchitect_244 months ago

    Why his jacket so dirty tho? Is it the style?

  95. devybabi

    devybabi4 months ago

    Y’all should have them show us how they pack too

  96. TK Maytus

    TK Maytus4 months ago

    Is this commercial or something?

  97. BK Killa

    BK Killa4 months ago

    Gangster has wallet.✊

  98. Es Hawk

    Es Hawk4 months ago

    He seems very humble and a nice guy.

  99. lookylook1

    lookylook14 months ago

    I'm surprised he didn't mention a pen and pad/notebook. He's created his wealth by penning lyrics.

  100. rodeur de goûts

    rodeur de goûts4 months ago

    Never seen a 6:45 publicity video...

  101. CC Marie

    CC Marie4 months ago

    Are we going to talk about how gun license is an essential? So sad, so true:/

  102. CC Marie

    CC Marie4 months ago

    Definitely really smart of him

  103. CC Marie

    CC Marie4 months ago

    Such a mf gangster when push’s says “ I rip it open, I steam it, I put it on”