10 Things Pusha T Can't Live Without | GQ


  1. Abraam Georgiadis

    Abraam Georgiadis2 hours ago

    Adds are getting smarter

  2. Tobi Kluijver

    Tobi Kluijver4 hours ago

    What is the beat in the beginning?

  3. Andre Aqui

    Andre Aqui10 hours ago

    Pusha Who?

  4. J Bans

    J Bans18 hours ago

    He got a lil gray hair on his chin hair

  5. Daniel Monroe

    Daniel MonroeDay ago

    Virginia Beach represent

  6. Lil Symere Vert

    Lil Symere VertDay ago

    This who drake took an L to

  7. Kevin White

    Kevin WhiteDay ago

    Where is the scale and pyrex ?

  8. Go VeryPro

    Go VeryProDay ago

    This was sooooooooooooooooooooooo sponsored. Nothing of his influence has been shown here

  9. That Johnny Kid

    That Johnny Kid3 days ago

    “What’s up guys I’m pusha t and I’m one of the shittiest rappers alive”

  10. Joseph Rhazali

    Joseph Rhazali3 days ago

    He old

  11. JPCadet71

    JPCadet713 days ago

    Platnum, gol, ros gol

  12. huajie666 liu

    huajie666 liu5 days ago

    11 drake

  13. Marco Lopez

    Marco Lopez5 days ago

    6:25 did he say raped

  14. dnwilliams

    dnwilliams5 days ago


  15. Correy L

    Correy L6 days ago

    Thought he was gonna say “I can’t live without mentioning drake”

  16. johnny pukhrambam

    johnny pukhrambam6 days ago

    I'm sorry but this seems like some sort of advertisement shit.😌

  17. Adam Nock

    Adam Nock6 days ago

    Do one with devin booker

  18. Daniel Harrington

    Daniel Harrington7 days ago

    He also has Drakes soul in a jar lol

  19. Karim Dahab

    Karim Dahab7 days ago

    How is this guy the same guy as who recorded Story of Addidon

  20. Jay G

    Jay G8 days ago

    Boii I’m definitely getting the face wash 😂😂😂

  21. bokunotraplord

    bokunotraplord8 days ago

    I'm gonna cop them tees (bc that's the only thing here I can afford besides face cream lmao)

  22. J Cast

    J Cast8 days ago

    Hey he shouted out CVS! #Workplace

  23. Blake P

    Blake P8 days ago

    Who has THAT many lucky numbers? A VERY lucky person, I suppose.

  24. Landon Lick

    Landon Lick8 days ago

    How are you a drug dealer

  25. PrafitRealtyGroup

    PrafitRealtyGroup9 days ago

    Rolex is everything 👍👍👍

  26. Aiden Peace

    Aiden Peace9 days ago

    If u didn't listen to his music u wouldn't know he's the black el chapo

  27. King Big Jay

    King Big Jay9 days ago

    King Push

  28. Jacoby Criswell

    Jacoby Criswell9 days ago


  29. Coop

    Coop9 days ago

    Can’t he just put it in his lotion in his checked bag?

  30. kefkapalazzo1

    kefkapalazzo110 days ago

    jesus christ those bracelets are expensive

  31. DistortedV12

    DistortedV1211 days ago

    Pusha T on GQ? He looks like a cockroach wearing those colored contacts

  32. Eduardo Martinez

    Eduardo Martinez11 days ago

    What's the beat at 00:49

  33. Dewan Rahman

    Dewan Rahman12 days ago

    Who is pusha t?

  34. D DADA

    D DADA12 days ago

    he sold every single one of these. this man has charm

  35. Dexter

    Dexter13 days ago

    Kiehls is legendary

  36. jörg fauser

    jörg fauser14 days ago

    ok i stopped after the first item

  37. Peanut Butter

    Peanut Butter14 days ago

    Why is he covered in egg yoke?

  38. efgj .frAngel Guina

    efgj .frAngel Guina15 days ago

    He forgot disstrack

  39. John Wick

    John Wick15 days ago

    Who is this pusher t?does he do movies or de basketballs??!

  40. MaxAero

    MaxAero15 days ago

    #6 Drake Beef He can’t sell without it

  41. Arys Forbin

    Arys Forbin15 days ago

    Man.... Humble yourself.

  42. Greg Hunt

    Greg Hunt16 days ago

    ha i don't even know this guy's music but i like him

  43. Dnation Apocalypse

    Dnation Apocalypse16 days ago

    Very classy selection of jewelry sir

  44. toppboi

    toppboi18 days ago

    i love pusha

  45. Tez 4k

    Tez 4k18 days ago

    Definition of looking cleannn

  46. Samuel Carden

    Samuel Carden19 days ago

    Ki-uuung Puwsh!

  47. Boy Breezy

    Boy Breezy20 days ago

    Pusha T wouldn’t be here without drake ...just sayin 🤷🏽‍♂️

  48. The Alumni Group

    The Alumni Group17 days ago

    Boy Breezy Push was here way before Drake even started to rap. Do your research

  49. wrist so sloppy

    wrist so sloppy21 day ago

    He sounds educated

  50. Baby Vasquez

    Baby Vasquez21 day ago

    Drakes Soul

  51. Dadasha

    Dadasha21 day ago

    I heard of him before, but not into his kind of rap/hip hop, I gotta say he kind of sound gayish!

  52. T. Thompson

    T. Thompson22 days ago

    If you know, you know.

  53. Waym Money

    Waym Money23 days ago

    He Seem Like Like Cool Fella

  54. Orange Prince

    Orange Prince23 days ago


  55. Lipsetti Spaghetti

    Lipsetti Spaghetti23 days ago

    11: beef

  56. Diego Viloria

    Diego Viloria24 days ago

    This guy's attitude is so nice, I just love to listen to him

  57. Erick Mandujano

    Erick Mandujano24 days ago

    Your voice doesn't match your body



    Facial cleanser and moisturizer? And they say rappers are hard...lmao. Rappers have gotten S-O-F-T and GQ is now the new Seventeen magazine.

  59. Marion Marquez

    Marion Marquez25 days ago

    Pusha a lot more softer than I thought

  60. csyd22

    csyd2225 days ago

    Coz of this guy Kheils is now sold out

  61. Corderro Faulkner

    Corderro Faulkner26 days ago

    That suttle Fresh ok Push I see you

  62. Amar Harripersad

    Amar Harripersad26 days ago

    you can totally tell its scripted, didnt even mention cocaine

  63. Silvino Taisacan

    Silvino Taisacan26 days ago

    Hes getting paid to talk about Aveeno lol..

  64. Behàn

    Behàn27 days ago

    Apple is Garbage tho.

  65. JackofSpades

    JackofSpades27 days ago

    he never said Jesus once

  66. Mhlengi Ntswane

    Mhlengi Ntswane27 days ago

    lol Drake made you hot and increased your album sales but you still gamble ???😂😂😂

  67. Tomás Marambio

    Tomás Marambio28 days ago

    pusha t should do advertisements on GOD bruhhh 😂😂

  68. Sean Crowder

    Sean Crowder28 days ago

    I have the same face wash as pusha t

  69. Angel Atx

    Angel Atx28 days ago

    11-Drakes Clout

  70. Ariya Josheghani

    Ariya Josheghani28 days ago

    If Akon and R kelly had a kid, it would be Pusha T

  71. Draztik

    Draztik28 days ago

    Why is this washed up rapper still getting so much attention because he dissed Drake? Literally is only relevant for that reason. He can enjoy his 5 mins of fame.

  72. Luis Martinez

    Luis Martinez29 days ago

    I thought he would’ve said “I can’t live with dissing Drake... I’m obsessed with the guy!”

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    BLknOUT29 days ago

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  76. Hotel DolceVita

    Hotel DolceVitaMonth ago

    They don’t even try to hiding the fact that is a Product placement 😂😂😂

  77. Fully Mass

    Fully MassMonth ago

    Ad on ad on ad on ad

  78. Blessed

    BlessedMonth ago

    Why do i feel like they're promoting products for big cooperations?

  79. rip tayk

    rip taykMonth ago

    There’s no malice in your heart you’re an approachable dude.

  80. Aaron Grace

    Aaron GraceMonth ago

    I can't live without my 9-5.

  81. 804-BIG-MIKE Brick-life

    804-BIG-MIKE Brick-lifeMonth ago

    My dawg 2up 2down 757 to the 804 all day

  82. RenZoneNL

    RenZoneNLMonth ago


  83. Christy

    ChristyMonth ago

    Love his outfit!!!

  84. Black Country Lad

    Black Country LadMonth ago

    Drakes scorpion album

  85. D Some

    D SomeMonth ago

    Free advertising?

  86. keo Chim

    keo ChimMonth ago

    Drake watched this.

  87. Iuri Injai

    Iuri InjaiMonth ago

    This comment section is full of drake haters wtf

  88. Jay Kim

    Jay KimMonth ago


  89. Dakota Fleming

    Dakota FlemingMonth ago

    Every crack is a story....

  90. Sudheer Umbayi

    Sudheer UmbayiMonth ago

    poor people are there everywhere. Consider them too.. Gbu

  91. edyyo134 macros

    edyyo134 macrosMonth ago

    11. beef

  92. Marianah Danielle

    Marianah DanielleMonth ago

    I use that face cleanser to.

  93. Adam Scott

    Adam ScottMonth ago

    Kool aid

  94. iiXLõver. ëditż

    iiXLõver. ëditżMonth ago

    I don't even know him..

  95. Shridhar Prabhu

    Shridhar PrabhuMonth ago

    he kinds looks similar to Akon for some reason!!

  96. McKenjias

    McKenjiasMonth ago

    Puscha T Looks like akon with dreads und less cooler

  97. Quion Barrett

    Quion BarrettMonth ago

    lol tsa looked push in his eyes "you know its too big" looooooooooooooooool #win

  98. G taylor

    G taylorMonth ago

    Shout out to the Aveeno clear complexion. I've been using that for years!!

  99. Cleto

    CletoMonth ago

    Someone call 911.. I found the guy that killed Drake




  101. Wire Bomb

    Wire BombMonth ago

    He didn't say drake tho.........