10 Things Pusha T Can't Live Without | GQ


  1. lil nigga

    lil nigga17 hours ago

    He looks like Kendrick Lamar

  2. Mark Kalendr

    Mark KalendrDay ago

    All that face washing can’t fix ugly

  3. I'm ShurikeN

    I'm ShurikeNDay ago

    Pusha is 41 years old...

  4. Pual

    Pual2 days ago

    he chill asf

  5. THiqque boye

    THiqque boye2 days ago

    Who's tpain???

  6. B. Couture vibes

    B. Couture vibes2 days ago

    He do look mad young .I think I'm going to try that anti aging cream lol

  7. Callum Bushop

    Callum Bushop3 days ago

    He looks like Sanjeev and Kendrick Lamar’s baby

  8. Tesura

    Tesura3 days ago

    AirPod Users

  9. Parteet Bains

    Parteet Bains3 days ago


  10. Deeqsteer_Tv

    Deeqsteer_Tv3 days ago


  11. Yuanita Prawira

    Yuanita Prawira3 days ago

    I like his style. Right to the T. Stylish clean.

  12. joshdonaldsonist

    joshdonaldsonist4 days ago

    Y'all mans hella funny. Drake is ten times better than pusha. Pusha been irrelevant for years

  13. Eli Chavez

    Eli Chavez4 days ago

    This foo’ be lookin’ like Akon’s older brother!

  14. Its Just Brit

    Its Just Brit5 days ago

    "I used to blame it on living in Virgina and havin a stress free life." Bruh you're black. Just moisturize and you gone look young for life. 😂

  15. Elver Galarga

    Elver Galarga7 days ago

    They forgot number, 11- killing your favorite Rapper

  16. 24syrus

    24syrus7 days ago

    Why his jacket so dirty tho? Is it the style?

  17. devybabi

    devybabi7 days ago

    Y’all should have them show us how they pack too

  18. TK Maytus

    TK Maytus7 days ago

    Is this commercial or something?

  19. BK Killa

    BK Killa11 days ago

    Gangster has wallet.✊

  20. Es Hawk

    Es Hawk13 days ago

    He seems very humble and a nice guy.

  21. lookylook1

    lookylook114 days ago

    I'm surprised he didn't mention a pen and pad/notebook. He's created his wealth by penning lyrics.

  22. rodeur de goûts

    rodeur de goûts17 days ago

    Never seen a 6:45 publicity video...

  23. Hndrxx Jimmy

    Hndrxx Jimmy21 day ago

    Feds taking pictures like its GQ

  24. Celeste Marie

    Celeste Marie23 days ago

    Are we going to talk about how gun license is an essential? So sad, so true:/

  25. Celeste Marie

    Celeste Marie23 days ago

    Definitely really smart of him

  26. Celeste Marie

    Celeste Marie23 days ago

    Such a mf gangster when push’s says “ I rip it open, I steam it, I put it on”

  27. Joseph Lesage

    Joseph Lesage24 days ago

    You know he got the airpods ™️

  28. Nugget Boy

    Nugget Boy25 days ago

    He look like a really nice guy

  29. Cristy Luv

    Cristy Luv25 days ago

    Wow, a bunch of broke mf’s about to go out and get all this stuff...

  30. 100 Subs With no video

    100 Subs With no video28 days ago

    I am starting to like him after this video lol

  31. tifking73

    tifking7329 days ago

    airpods 🤘

  32. Will Macguire

    Will MacguireMonth ago

    1. Ending Drake's Career

  33. johntheGoat 23

    johntheGoat 23Month ago

    What a Douch Bag

  34. a b

    a bMonth ago

    Why not put the facial cleanser in your suitcase,

  35. Christina Hernandez

    Christina HernandezMonth ago

    He looks like a crank head i use to sell rocks to

  36. Leon Farrell

    Leon FarrellMonth ago

    I was legit expecting him to pull out a bag of cocaine

  37. OnlyM

    OnlyMMonth ago


  38. Jada Rothwell

    Jada RothwellMonth ago

    I love his whole demeanor lol so classy

  39. Melisa

    MelisaMonth ago

    We want BTS

  40. Litjeep

    LitjeepMonth ago

    Dang he’s 41

  41. oliverislost

    oliverislostMonth ago

    Anyone on here who uses a good phone?

  42. Beastz Dirty

    Beastz DirtyMonth ago

    Nice product placement

  43. Joku Sekou

    Joku SekouMonth ago

    A murder weapon that only kills male ducks

  44. Kev Grocery

    Kev GroceryMonth ago

    11. Going 3 months without talkin about Drake.

  45. Mamtha Paul

    Mamtha PaulMonth ago

    Akon's long lost brother.. 😂

  46. Inferno In Aeternum

    Inferno In AeternumMonth ago

    Imagine having millions and listening to music on AirPods...

  47. Dont Trip

    Dont TripMonth ago

    "no but i have gun license" 😂

  48. Steel Wool Sheep

    Steel Wool SheepMonth ago

    What's to opening song called

  49. Tyranny Soda

    Tyranny SodaMonth ago

    More of these

  50. Fatherless Flavid

    Fatherless Flavid2 months ago

    Drake lowkey watching this

  51. $leepingPrince

    $leepingPrince2 months ago

    11. His Infinity Gauntlet lmaoo

  52. Max Raabe

    Max Raabe2 months ago

    0:48, somebody know how the name of the beat is?

  53. Star Dusk

    Star Dusk2 months ago

    "I'm an apple guy"

  54. Jimmy Zhang

    Jimmy Zhang2 months ago

    pusha is so chill n cool at the same time

  55. Yousif Omer

    Yousif Omer2 months ago

    Drake soul ?

  56. Archie Childers IV

    Archie Childers IV2 months ago

    Push looking sus asf in this video

  57. Paris France

    Paris France2 months ago

    Will Michael B Jordan ever be on here ?


    CC CHAPMAN2 months ago

    TOO COOL....PUSHA T.........

  59. Brian Ngufor

    Brian Ngufor2 months ago

    Interviewer: Do you have a goofy id pic we can see? Pusha T: No.. But i do have my gun licence. And that's definitely an essential 😂😂

  60. Rolton thomas

    Rolton thomas2 months ago

    MY AIRPODS..............

  61. Chris Miller

    Chris Miller2 months ago

    I’m buying some of that facial cleanser right now

  62. Crypt s

    Crypt s2 months ago

    apple for retards

  63. Ajant Smith

    Ajant Smith2 months ago

    "Hey you knew this was too big, why did you try me."

  64. 6pmusic 1

    6pmusic 12 months ago


  65. Nolly Ntuli

    Nolly Ntuli2 months ago

    yo, his 41!

  66. Алекс Видаковић

    Алекс Видаковић2 months ago

    Who noticed the coffee stains on his jacket ?

  67. Ayo Fr3sh!

    Ayo Fr3sh!2 months ago

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  68. J Kidd

    J Kidd2 months ago

    This niggas really a dork

  69. tristanminajj

    tristanminajj2 months ago

    41 Jesus Christ didn’t know that

  70. Majs Korn

    Majs Korn2 months ago

    i can't believe this video exists...

  71. Jeff MyNama

    Jeff MyNama2 months ago


  72. Aye Clout

    Aye Clout2 months ago

    Im a apple 🍎 guy too 100%

  73. johnnycage435

    johnnycage4352 months ago

    I'm taking his skin care products seriously dude looks 24 and is almost 45

  74. ;-/ Will

    ;-/ Will3 months ago

    it’s and essential to expose drake

  75. Adam H

    Adam H3 months ago

    The 10 essentials to beat drake

  76. Slumped :I

    Slumped :I3 months ago

    Air pods got ear wax all on and this man got a coffee stain on his shirt what a mess

  77. Vonn Villuminati

    Vonn Villuminati3 months ago

    I playing those numbers tonight for the lottery

  78. ImAnApplePie

    ImAnApplePie3 months ago

    what a dumb

  79. chris ramirez

    chris ramirez3 months ago

    He can’t live without talking about Drake


    DEXTEROUS WUBS3 months ago

    This video made me want to kill myself

  81. qwerty qwerty

    qwerty qwerty3 months ago

    how old is he

  82. Sydney P

    Sydney P3 months ago

    I love this series!!!!!!!!

  83. Guido Guido

    Guido Guido3 months ago

    I love how he talks like a normal person. Finally a black celebrity, that I can understand.

  84. Emeka Maduka

    Emeka Maduka3 months ago

    racist pos

  85. ItsAleqo

    ItsAleqo3 months ago

    Pusha T is a modern day Akon....

  86. Crooked Look

    Crooked Look3 months ago


  87. Gosu Arakawa

    Gosu Arakawa3 months ago

    1. Drake's rap career

  88. Jandelle Cobbs

    Jandelle Cobbs3 months ago

    Pusha can't get stuff through security? Put it inside a checked bag.


    SEXXE STONER3 months ago

    King Push 👑 👑

  90. Sydney Nock

    Sydney Nock3 months ago

    Germatologist ?....

  91. Kevin T. Brinkley Jr

    Kevin T. Brinkley Jr3 months ago

    nice show and tell

  92. Heather Washburn

    Heather Washburn3 months ago

    Oh my GOD!!!!! I love those GOUGEOUS!!!! LIP'S!!!! of his. I could stare at them all day. His lady is sooo!!!! Lucky!!!! 💋💋💕💖👑😇

  93. Gabriel Alejandro Anaya

    Gabriel Alejandro Anaya3 months ago

    Thought this guy was in prison for killing Drake

  94. Adedayo Oloba

    Adedayo Oloba3 months ago

    Pusha is the realest.

  95. Jesus Salazar

    Jesus Salazar3 months ago

    What's the brand name of the red wallet?

  96. Clockwork

    Clockwork3 months ago

    Pusha looks great for 42. Wow

  97. TylersMyWilliams 616

    TylersMyWilliams 6163 months ago

    You can hack apple faster then Androids

  98. Funkslave

    Funkslave3 months ago

    I swear this dude is a closet homosexual, just a matter of time before he comes out in a 'fashion statement' skirt/dress

  99. DJ Afficial

    DJ Afficial3 months ago

    I cant help but see the big green stain on the shirt... ocd strikes again

  100. Lil Yungster

    Lil Yungster3 months ago

    Pusha can’t live without his lube!

  101. C0co Chan3L

    C0co Chan3L3 months ago

    Kiehl you fancy huh whoops didn’t mean to reference drake