10 Things Kyrie Irving Can't Live Without | GQ


  1. - Roe

    - Roe9 hours ago


  2. Blackie Bitch

    Blackie Bitch13 hours ago

    Kyrie and Lebron are both legends, they know their status but somehow still remain humble and grounded through all the fame and money. Same as Stephen too.

  3. Fack2468 Boi

    Fack2468 Boi15 hours ago

    I have the same wallet lmao, obviously without the logo but that’s cool lol.

  4. Tam

    TamDay ago

    I'm in love! 😍😍

  5. Riot_ Goat

    Riot_ GoatDay ago

    1. MY FAMILY 2 God 3.My life 4. My bed,clothing everything I own 5. Food 6. My electrons 7. Internet 8. Board games 9.my house 10. My education

  6. andre allen

    andre allenDay ago

    I use skullcandy🔥

  7. Lukas Lalli

    Lukas LalliDay ago

    My dad has the same cologne

  8. ChloeRose68

    ChloeRose682 days ago

    Kyrie all the way baby

  9. Alexei Merz

    Alexei Merz2 days ago

    But who actually likes swallowing gum?

  10. Ya Boi

    Ya Boi2 days ago

    Kyrie cannot live without FLAT EARTH SOCIETY

  11. Luke Booth

    Luke Booth2 days ago

    Not that extravagant??? The second item is a rolex!

  12. Filthy Frank

    Filthy Frank3 days ago

    0:05 I DIDN'T know he sounded like a nerd *no shade though

  13. Metro Dinero

    Metro Dinero3 days ago

    why does he remind me of uncle drew the movie?

  14. benja torres

    benja torres3 days ago

    I can't live without food water and money so yeah

  15. PurpleHaze

    PurpleHaze3 days ago

    2:47 ay I bet 90% of yall guilty of this like me

  16. asd djs

    asd djs4 days ago

    So apparently Kyrie has a daughter lmao

  17. Thatgal .Ceecee

    Thatgal .Ceecee4 days ago

    He forgot the 11th thing me😁😁😘❤️

  18. Larrecia Shealey

    Larrecia Shealey4 days ago

    Come back to the cavs boo

  19. Zion Netere

    Zion Netere4 days ago

    what brand is that bag really????

  20. Justin Shad Araneta

    Justin Shad Araneta5 days ago

    Like if i tricked you Read more


    CHUNKY MUNKY 055 days ago

    He kinda looks uncle drew

  22. WellThatsFunny

    WellThatsFunny4 days ago


  23. Lil RitZ

    Lil RitZ4 days ago

    CHUNKY MUNKY 05 HE IS UNCLE DREW THATS Kyrie Irving is the actor of uncle drew

  24. Jorem Vallespin

    Jorem Vallespin5 days ago


  25. el vg

    el vg5 days ago

    Same I hate swallowing gum

  26. Glittery wishes

    Glittery wishes5 days ago

    I want to be his wife

  27. DaDank Toast

    DaDank Toast5 days ago

    I can’t live without sports, keeps me goin

  28. Majcry

    Majcry6 days ago

    A flat earth

  29. Pamela Molina

    Pamela Molina6 days ago

    I like that he takes care of himself is very worried about the

  30. J Step

    J Step6 days ago

    So humble 👌

  31. Caelan Warrior

    Caelan Warrior6 days ago

    The cringiness at 4:30 is REAL and I love Kyrie but his thought process on chewing gum is so detailed like WTF 5:25

  32. Sp Boglosa

    Sp Boglosa7 days ago


  33. Jan de vries

    Jan de vries7 days ago

    What is the brand of his bracelets?

  34. IOneTwoFarQ 1

    IOneTwoFarQ 17 days ago

    What brand is his bag?

  35. Peter Spirk

    Peter Spirk7 days ago

    “You know, i cant live without my Cartier bracelets, but i dont really wear them that often.” Alr. You do you.

  36. Mirr Baby

    Mirr Baby8 days ago

    😩 . he just sound like a doctorate degree

  37. Jayden Cupitt

    Jayden Cupitt8 days ago

    AYEEEEEE I have the same headphones

  38. James Blonds

    James Blonds9 days ago

    Oh man.. I wish you could sign my kyrie shoes collections! 😂

  39. ツTrey

    ツTrey9 days ago

    _most of all he can’t live without knowing the earth isn’t flat._

  40. Tyler Jones

    Tyler Jones10 days ago

    On god bruh I feel special asl out here smelling like kyrie we wear the same cologne

  41. Jonas Fifa

    Jonas Fifa11 days ago

    You guys think that he listens to flat earth podcasts?

  42. Elias Halge

    Elias Halge11 days ago

    He needs a globe so he knows Earth isn’t flat

  43. Andrew Young

    Andrew Young11 days ago

    Tot 2 geyest players in NBA: 2 Nikola Jockic 1 Kylie Irving

  44. Andrew Young

    Andrew Young11 days ago

    @AndrewYoung I tots agree #DESEPLAYASGEY

  45. Nick

    Nick11 days ago

    What’s the background songs? You guys should make a playlist of them.

  46. Elemental Sean

    Elemental Sean11 days ago

    My iPhone is at 10% right now.

  47. peachy chyna

    peachy chyna14 days ago

    I luh hem 😂

  48. João l

    João l15 days ago

    hes so cute... wow

  49. Lia Ducati

    Lia Ducati15 days ago


  50. Vanessa XO

    Vanessa XO16 days ago

    Not a material guy but wear Cartier bracelets and a Rolex sky dweller

  51. Vanessa XO

    Vanessa XO4 days ago

    im saying he says he's not a material guy but then buys the most materialistic things+DA 07

  52. DA 07

    DA 074 days ago

    Vanessa XO if you made 20m plus too you’d by it as well maybe even more

  53. Vanessa XO

    Vanessa XO16 days ago

    10 things I can’t live without 3 item “I barely ever where these”

  54. za ina

    za ina17 days ago

    I did NOT expect him to sound like that

  55. Varant Tchalikian

    Varant Tchalikian18 days ago

    One of my fav basketball players ever, so creative and talented on the court.

  56. Extremekid12 MrAadil

    Extremekid12 MrAadil18 days ago

    I’m kyrie’s number 1 fan

  57. Faze Tfue

    Faze Tfue18 days ago

    Number 10 is the best

  58. Diesel Bubs44

    Diesel Bubs4418 days ago

    Every basketball player: I can’t live without my basketball

  59. Candy J

    Candy J18 days ago

    Omg thats the cologne my hubby wears!😍👍💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  60. Im a Vampire

    Im a Vampire18 days ago

    No.1 Oxygen

  61. superjayson1209

    superjayson120918 days ago

    When you try to steal the notebook. He would cross you say "Don't reach young blood"

  62. kurt loveable

    kurt loveable19 days ago

    1. LeBron

  63. Mr_wiggleslol !

    Mr_wiggleslol !19 days ago

    Does anyone know where I can buy the notebook? I really like the design I just can't find it online

  64. Niranjan Zeus

    Niranjan Zeus19 days ago

    Such a nice guy , I love him

  65. Chad Rankin

    Chad Rankin19 days ago

    With our modern-day athletes, as a collective whole, providing their ho-hum articulation sets, Kyrie is a refreshing exception indeed!

  66. tyxbrwn

    tyxbrwn19 days ago

    he love the word 'adament'

  67. HvdGaming

    HvdGaming19 days ago

    Earth is not flat.

  68. Andrew Salinas

    Andrew Salinas19 days ago

    I just order my new Kyrie 4 // can’t wait to get them

  69. Parker Coakley

    Parker Coakley19 days ago

    al the 10 esentials are ads exept for the bag and the wallet

  70. Balagtas Gaming

    Balagtas Gaming20 days ago

    Icebreakers!!! Love that

  71. Anvi Bhagavatula

    Anvi Bhagavatula20 days ago

    And cardiet

  72. Anvi Bhagavatula

    Anvi Bhagavatula20 days ago

    Tf he said nothing extravagant but he has a rolly

  73. ammar yaser

    ammar yaser20 days ago

    “Nothing is extravagant” Pulls out a Rolex 😂

  74. Phyper

    Phyper20 days ago

    He can’t live without his globe

  75. MightyPenguin

    MightyPenguin20 days ago

    Kyrie might as well put his dad in his pocket and call it a necessary

  76. Nick Dick

    Nick Dick20 days ago

    He really looks like T’challa lmao

  77. Jordan is 23 and 45 Legend

    Jordan is 23 and 45 Legend20 days ago

    I want to by the Kyrie Notebook

  78. Jacob FortniteYT

    Jacob FortniteYT20 days ago

    1:30 thank God he didn’t say skin

  79. serg thecamel

    serg thecamel20 days ago

    no wonder he so beautiful, he uses oxypads

  80. Grvty

    Grvty21 day ago

    kyrie in the illuminati

  81. triangle guy

    triangle guy21 day ago

    I have Ice breakers

  82. Kara Strong

    Kara Strong21 day ago

    Just got your shoes I no I’m late but whatever 🙄😂

  83. Brodie Mesley

    Brodie Mesley22 days ago

    Things I can't live without Air Water Food Sleep Clothes Skin Like if you agree

  84. DA 07

    DA 074 days ago

    Brodie Mesley i mean yeah

  85. J Bobko

    J Bobko22 days ago

    I use sauvage eau de parfum too, it smells great

  86. K Wilburn

    K Wilburn22 days ago

    I need that wallet

  87. K Wilburn

    K Wilburn22 days ago

    You see that Rolex dude I want that

  88. Caio ST

    Caio ST22 days ago

    He really should've just said "No, I don't travel with It, that's a violation"

  89. George Washington

    George Washington3 days ago


  90. Reese Maile

    Reese Maile18 days ago

    Caio ST haha

  91. D2 King

    D2 King22 days ago

    1. Lebron James

  92. Grant Wu

    Grant Wu23 days ago

    He sounds so white

  93. Sniper Nitro

    Sniper Nitro23 days ago

    Kyrie is awesome The 1st time i heard his voice

  94. RB_Curry 101

    RB_Curry 10123 days ago

    -can you do this-

  95. Gladiator Spear

    Gladiator Spear24 days ago

    Iam surprise he believes in money.

  96. Eloy Cruz

    Eloy Cruz24 days ago

    A watch, some gum, small cologne, comb or brush and a bag to carry it all in. Basic men health/appearance essentials. Very gentlemen like. I like it!

  97. angelo agbada

    angelo agbada24 days ago

    name of the toiletry bag pls. tia

  98. Xiaosema

    Xiaosema25 days ago

    What do you call those kind of notebooks?


    COZY TEDDY BEAR25 days ago

    You can tell Kyrie is an alpha male a true leader he has that vibe it guess it all makes sense since his zodiac sign is an Aries

  100. K Money

    K Money25 days ago

    Daddy's boy

  101. Troy Davis

    Troy Davis26 days ago

    3:56 friend or sidebae? lol jk

  102. warriors blew a 3-1 lead

    warriors blew a 3-1 lead26 days ago

    Humble guy

  103. rosiesnchz2

    rosiesnchz226 days ago

    Kyrie is my favorite basketball player.



    kyrie has an exelent vocabulary

  105. Dailon Wiley

    Dailon Wiley26 days ago

    People think kyrie travels with a basketball is because of that old commercial with him dribbling everywhere with a basketball

  106. Avi Kapur Srinivasan

    Avi Kapur Srinivasan26 days ago

    can't survive without my flat earth t shirt

  107. Cactus Jack

    Cactus Jack26 days ago

    Kyrie where’s Lebron!?

  108. Drxxy Daily VlogZ

    Drxxy Daily VlogZ26 days ago

    When did kyrie have a daughter 😑