10 Things Kyrie Irving Can't Live Without | GQ


  1. Geoff Ehresman

    Geoff EhresmanHour ago

    white people don't know about cocoa butter

  2. Justin Ashman

    Justin Ashman8 hours ago

    All seeing eye on his notebook smh

  3. Jacob Payne

    Jacob Payne19 hours ago

    Kyrie can’t live without thinking the world is flat

  4. Nugget

    NuggetDay ago

    Why is there an Illuminati symbol on his journal???

  5. Ian C

    Ian CDay ago

    Seems pretty authentic. None of these products are endorsed at all

  6. Cunninglinguist69

    Cunninglinguist69Day ago

    He forgot to add his nuts. Lol

  7. mediacenter man

    mediacenter manDay ago

    The Kyrie logo is simply awful. This is why Adidas and Puma are coming for Nike

  8. Maximos O'Brien

    Maximos O'BrienDay ago

    Bro he put skin moisturizer I’m ded 😂

  9. mazza

    mazzaDay ago

    Aye was it you

  10. Milan S

    Milan S3 days ago

    He forget a map of the flat earth Apparently they think theirs an ice ring around earth ????

  11. dents navarro

    dents navarro3 days ago

    Kyrie rights down in his journal theories on how the worlds flat😂😂😂

  12. Isaiah Bell

    Isaiah Bell3 days ago

    What about the bag of ankles he’s taken over the years ????

  13. John Hanson

    John Hanson3 days ago

    I love that polo but my bro icebreakers?! Altoids cost more but do the most!

  14. Romarrio C

    Romarrio C3 days ago

    Illumaniti on the notebook

  15. Xieee Michaelll

    Xieee Michaelll3 days ago

    Well I still want to know what brand is that bag😂😂😂anyone help

  16. Shaquan Gumpy

    Shaquan Gumpy3 days ago

    "My notebook... It has a lot of notes in it."

  17. Whip's Place

    Whip's Place4 days ago

    Favorite current ball player

  18. Fbn. Meen

    Fbn. Meen4 days ago

    The journal said leave lebron 😂😂😂😂

  19. G'd Up

    G'd Up5 days ago

    Skullcandy headphones...LOL

  20. Angell Mcintyre

    Angell Mcintyre5 days ago

    Who else gonna watch Uncle Drew? 😂😄😃😀

  21. lilcurt034 lilcurt034

    lilcurt034 lilcurt0345 days ago

    I love Kyrie I wanna be like him one day he inspired me to play basketball for a long time

  22. iGodlyVelo

    iGodlyVelo6 days ago

    45k watch btw

  23. Imtrash Bro

    Imtrash Bro6 days ago

    No one noticed his aluminati eye with a rind on top on its head it's on his notebook

  24. Myth V-card

    Myth V-card6 days ago

    1. Lebron

  25. Set It Off

    Set It Off6 days ago

    What shirt is that?

  26. keil festin

    keil festin6 days ago

    Illuminati confirmed notebook 📓

  27. Angel Garcia

    Angel Garcia6 days ago

    I have kyrie 4's

  28. Jrock420blam

    Jrock420blam7 days ago

    Is one of them A Flat Earth?

  29. Owen Galway

    Owen Galway7 days ago

    Nice watch Kyrie!

  30. Joseph Ortiz

    Joseph Ortiz7 days ago

    He puts on Dior #dior gang

  31. XxYvng B0iixX

    XxYvng B0iixX7 days ago

    4:13 oxy clean :D

  32. XxYvng B0iixX

    XxYvng B0iixX7 days ago

    NARRLY😂 3:12

  33. Jake Simmons

    Jake Simmons7 days ago

    Where can I buy that notebook bruh

  34. Mic-E

    Mic-E7 days ago

    Compare this to Jimmy Butler.. WOW

  35. Cj Eatson

    Cj Eatson7 days ago

    I'm coming for that notebook

  36. Jordan Herrera

    Jordan Herrera8 days ago

    Bro looks like Victor Strand 😂

  37. jude loza

    jude loza8 days ago

    the world is round

  38. Something

    Something8 days ago

    His voice

  39. Kesean Gladney

    Kesean Gladney8 days ago

    Anybody else thought it was the Illuminati sign on his notebook

  40. MJN Boi

    MJN Boi9 days ago

    Everyone that see this is gonna sniff kyrie in person 😂😂😂 That Sauvage tho

  41. Marshon Barrino

    Marshon Barrino9 days ago

    Him and earl look alike

  42. Funkslave

    Funkslave9 days ago

    Poor man's Steph Curry...

  43. David Vieyra

    David Vieyra9 days ago

    Do Ian Conner

  44. Rayn 32775

    Rayn 327759 days ago

    Kyrie white

  45. Ebony Appleton

    Ebony Appleton9 days ago

    nobody can guard him curry = trash compared to him

  46. truevizard

    truevizard9 days ago

    My guy 👍🏽

  47. Terry Smith

    Terry Smith9 days ago

    Them bracelets are cold. Skull Candy headphones are nice.

  48. kefkapalazzo1

    kefkapalazzo19 days ago

    also, the only people who dont have melanin are albinos. just saying

  49. kefkapalazzo1

    kefkapalazzo19 days ago

    lmao this guy thinks its crazy people think he carries a ball around? has he seen his own handles? not far fetched

  50. Deadpool

    Deadpool9 days ago

    i thought his cologne's brand named sausage . fav kyrie

  51. IST

    IST9 days ago

    dont tell me kyrie and earl sweatshirt arent related, they literally sound the same lol

  52. Julio Ginjauma

    Julio Ginjauma10 days ago

    "None of mythings are exciting." pulls out a rolex "i told u, none of my things are exciting." I just found that funny

  53. Anthony cardoza

    Anthony cardoza10 days ago

    Hes a clone

  54. StateChamp1109

    StateChamp110910 days ago

    Can u guys subscribe to my MReporter channel

  55. Kylon Steele

    Kylon Steele10 days ago

    He sounds so proper and white

  56. Robbert Knight

    Robbert Knight10 days ago

    Such a humble guy

  57. Ch4ZnU JR

    Ch4ZnU JR10 days ago

    Kyrie looks like Magic Johnson

  58. Tabitha Coker

    Tabitha Coker10 days ago

    😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱 does he look like that when he play basketball

  59. Michael Volquez

    Michael Volquez10 days ago

    LeBron James

  60. Penguin Pete

    Penguin Pete10 days ago

    Kyrie moisturizes

  61. D'Mario Anderson

    D'Mario Anderson10 days ago

    He can't live without LeBron

  62. _dub_dog_

    _dub_dog_10 days ago

    Kyrie dont travel on the court or off the court

  63. Delusive Shotz

    Delusive Shotz10 days ago

    Gained hella respect for Kyrie

  64. Ben_Odinson

    Ben_Odinson10 days ago

    Product placement is rampant

  65. Deontay_36 •

    Deontay_36 •11 days ago

    Bro needs a globe

  66. Lito Times

    Lito Times11 days ago

    mreporter.net/v/video-vg16sjavXLs.html&t=9s go check out my latest vlog!

  67. John Baltimore

    John Baltimore11 days ago

    That's how it's spelled

  68. John Baltimore

    John Baltimore11 days ago

    My name is Kyree to

  69. Chris Simms

    Chris Simms11 days ago

    We all know one guy Kyrie can’t win without.

  70. bozz 400

    bozz 40012 days ago

    not lebron james

  71. Gflese 13

    Gflese 1313 days ago


  72. XXiiISAACiiXX XxLexX

    XXiiISAACiiXX XxLexX13 days ago

    Why does he have Illuminati on his notebook

  73. Matt Overman

    Matt Overman13 days ago

    Anybody know what kind of skull candy headphones those were???

  74. LilaNETWORK11

    LilaNETWORK1114 days ago

    I did not know that Kyrie sounded like that! No disrespect tho bro. I love you man!

  75. Matthew Roberts

    Matthew Roberts14 days ago

    Nothing luxurious? A Rolex and Cartier bracelets

  76. Nicholas Johnston

    Nicholas Johnston14 days ago

    “ you know I’m not a material guy” while wearing a Rolex and diamonds in gold on his bracelet

  77. John Altankhuyag

    John Altankhuyag16 days ago

    Why does he look like he woke up

  78. J Cooper

    J Cooper16 days ago

    Kyrie i hope u see this u are my G.O.A.T

  79. kikato iam

    kikato iam17 days ago

    My fav. Pg basketball player

  80. Zaire Jefferson

    Zaire Jefferson17 days ago


  81. Yvonne Gonzalez

    Yvonne Gonzalez18 days ago

    Simple & Smart , Love Him !!!! Tired of dudes that are so xtra about everything

  82. Xavier Nelson

    Xavier Nelson18 days ago

    After 1 month of being on my recommended

  83. Anee Roy

    Anee Roy18 days ago


  84. fyz atzey

    fyz atzey18 days ago

    illuminati sign on notebook

  85. BKB

    BKB18 days ago

    I swear every black person keeps cocoa butter lotion

  86. Two4Eight

    Two4Eight18 days ago

    Not a material guy Wearing a Rolex ok

  87. Pasch Dave

    Pasch Dave19 days ago

    I really value what Kyrie says. Not a basic fool.

  88. Angelo Eagan

    Angelo Eagan19 days ago


  89. Derrick Davis

    Derrick Davis19 days ago

    “Man w/ melanin in his skin” = niggas

  90. KMU

    KMU20 days ago

    What brand of toiletry bag is that

  91. Daniel Guirado

    Daniel Guirado20 days ago

    loved this video

  92. emonnyej mays

    emonnyej mays20 days ago


  93. Dallas Coronado

    Dallas Coronado20 days ago

    This whole video is just a long commercial. Lol

  94. Crayvd

    Crayvd20 days ago

    LeBron TRAVELS with a basketball everywhere he goes................

  95. rsm nyc

    rsm nyc21 day ago

    Anyone know what kind of toiletry bag he has??

  96. LilBallHog Gametime

    LilBallHog Gametime21 day ago

    He is really trying to get a sponsor bro like for real

  97. Ruben Betancourt

    Ruben Betancourt21 day ago

    He sounds so smart

  98. 10,000 subscribers without any videos

    10,000 subscribers without any videos21 day ago

    Rip x


    LUCIEN33LULU21 day ago

    This is a huge advertisement

  100. Sherrice Thompson

    Sherrice Thompson22 days ago

    Does anyone realize there is the illuminati sign on the front of the notebook? or is it just me