10 Things Kyrie Irving Can't Live Without | GQ


  1. no name

    no name2 hours ago

    did anyone else think his voice was deeper?

  2. Clifford Allen

    Clifford Allen5 hours ago

    I have to steal that notebook

  3. Alex Rodriguez

    Alex Rodriguez11 hours ago

    The guy that cooks your favorite point guard on a regular basis is the same guy who has oxy pads

  4. Yeeteth

    Yeeteth12 hours ago

    He has astounding teeth

  5. Braxton Davis

    Braxton Davis13 hours ago

    Does he still believe the earth is flat

  6. Israel Bustos

    Israel Bustos15 hours ago

    “2 sprays on the hand, dap on the neck, 2 on the wrist”🤣🤣

  7. Bleron.H

    Bleron.H15 hours ago

    I have the same colonge

  8. Holly  Seng

    Holly Seng18 hours ago

    cuz he is uncle drew u egg lol

  9. the goat noimnottrippin

    the goat noimnottrippin19 hours ago

    He so humble dude

  10. Young izi

    Young izi19 hours ago

    Do a one with Kyries sneaker shopping

  11. Shadow Ranger

    Shadow RangerDay ago

    11. A Flat Earth

  12. Dominic Carrano

    Dominic CarranoDay ago

    He is so well spoken. And any black folk out there, why is cocoa butter essential. Like half the comments here are saying if your black you know cocoa butter is essential

  13. Anthony Davis

    Anthony DavisDay ago

    Kyrie us a very beautiful man

  14. hero loons

    hero loonsDay ago

    Kylie eats icebreakers too😱😱

  15. Aldrinn Jann

    Aldrinn JannDay ago

    Kyries notebook symbolizes he is an illuminati. Haha

  16. Kishimoto Hakate

    Kishimoto HakateDay ago

    He has the voice of a white deep voiced half black guy

  17. Pelayo Leal

    Pelayo LealDay ago

    Who tf swallows gum??

  18. RawBuilds

    RawBuildsDay ago

    he sounds like uncle drew and he plays like uncle drew

  19. Najm Muhammad

    Najm Muhammad2 days ago

    I love Kyrie why does he want to leave Boston?

  20. 神aki

    神akiDay ago

    wym? he said previously that he’s with us for the long run

  21. Allisons Lyfe

    Allisons Lyfe2 days ago

    I strive for the day when I consider a Rolex to be a non luxury item

  22. Amazing Grace

    Amazing Grace2 days ago

    I like that top he has on

  23. jaden jones

    jaden jones3 days ago

    Black people know that cocoa butter is essential


    OFF TOPIC3 days ago


  25. EMANeleVenElevEn

    EMANeleVenElevEn3 days ago

    Wait a minute he got a daughter with Kehlani?

  26. Andre Mananzan

    Andre Mananzan3 days ago

    The journal - 0:50

  27. Ky K

    Ky K3 days ago

    I know someone named Kyrie


    JAMES DAVIS4 days ago

    I just want to know what kind of polo or button up that is ?

  29. Don A

    Don A4 days ago

    Super Star.

  30. ミsean

    ミsean4 days ago

    kyries bag is the ghurka holdall travel kit

  31. Vukasin Dragas

    Vukasin Dragas4 days ago

    He can't live w/o lebron

  32. Genralc43

    Genralc435 days ago

    One of em gonna be Lebron

  33. Cross Boyd

    Cross Boyd5 days ago

    Yooo Kyrie is my all time favorite!!!!

  34. Joan Pamplona

    Joan Pamplona5 days ago

    #11-kyrie can't live without me.(charot)

  35. Joan Pamplona

    Joan Pamplona5 days ago

    +Rainier Devara haha nakalimutan sabhin ni kyrie eh.ung #11

  36. Rainier Devara

    Rainier Devara5 days ago

    hahaha echos haha



    Kyrie prolly eats watermelons daily

  38. Conner P

    Conner P6 days ago

    His virginity

  39. Anish S

    Anish S6 days ago

    So Kylie has swallowed gum before many times possibly

  40. Filipino Singers virals

    Filipino Singers virals6 days ago

    “I can’t live without god, my family, and parents.”

  41. Ares

    Ares6 days ago

    "None of these are extravagant" has three bracelets on worth 5K+ each

  42. Stephanie McCullum

    Stephanie McCullum6 days ago

    Most begin with white and end with women...kidding kidding

  43. NewsAlert 101

    NewsAlert 1016 days ago

    Why does he sound like the whitest blackest basketball player

  44. Nyk Belmes

    Nyk Belmes6 days ago

    Edit: and LeBron James

  45. Raheb Dragon

    Raheb Dragon6 days ago

    0:49 illuminati sign

  46. MnivielErosTV

    MnivielErosTV6 days ago

    look at kyrie's noteboom there is a illuminati and a circle on the head.... why?


    UNKNOWN HOSTILE7 days ago

    Kyrie the type of guy to think the earth is flat... Oh wait

  48. Bing Chua

    Bing Chua7 days ago

    I have a feeling that the notebook contains a page on why the earth is flat

  49. TrulyDiamond

    TrulyDiamond7 days ago

    i’m disappointed in his voice 😂

  50. MoonGoat

    MoonGoat7 days ago

    What's that shirt he's wearing? Looks sick

  51. Dennis Trepanier

    Dennis Trepanier7 days ago

    A flat earth

  52. OFF

    OFF7 days ago

    why does he sound like the average white guy

  53. TRILL

    TRILL7 days ago

    What game should I get Lost Paradise or the new Tomb Raider?

  54. NECKMINUTE 007

    NECKMINUTE 0077 days ago

    Wow and he is ?? Haha lmfao

  55. Jacob Lefler

    Jacob Lefler7 days ago

    Someone on the jimmy butler video said they started counting at 3 weeks liar

  56. Abhishek Suresh

    Abhishek Suresh8 days ago

    This man said gnarly, still a great guy

  57. i am sam

    i am sam8 days ago

    10 things kyrie irving can't live without: the ice wall

  58. AbRaM gAeBeLeIn

    AbRaM gAeBeLeIn8 days ago

    4:34 it’s funny but not funny

  59. Camron Jones

    Camron Jones8 days ago


  60. Dylan Dam

    Dylan Dam8 days ago

    Can't live without the flat earth!

  61. Wesley Lay

    Wesley Lay8 days ago

    Kyrie did you buy your dad a new watch that might look like his old one or not

  62. Michael_Keehl

    Michael_Keehl9 days ago

    wass this music in the beginning by the way?

  63. K.S Gaming

    K.S Gaming9 days ago

    Why does he sound so white 😂

  64. Efff

    Efff9 days ago

    Do people swallow gum like that lol

  65. I'm So Attractive

    I'm So Attractive9 days ago

    11) Map of our flat-earth

  66. CollinSextonSZN

    CollinSextonSZN9 days ago

    Insulting the Cavs every other day

  67. jaykayhooray

    jaykayhooray9 days ago

    This fool weird he talk like he drunk or high

  68. mfundo maxamba

    mfundo maxamba9 days ago


  69. Regina Bao

    Regina Bao9 days ago

    wait swallowing gum is a choice you consider?

  70. MrCherry Finn

    MrCherry Finn9 days ago

    0:21 awesome drawings.. HEIL SATAN!!!

  71. Clarence Powell

    Clarence Powell10 days ago

    Kyrie is the most down to earth player.

  72. Sharif Gauri

    Sharif Gauri10 days ago

    Imma need a dictionary for this

  73. king ej

    king ej10 days ago

    can someone please find out the brand of bag that is

  74. Ricky Maningas

    Ricky Maningas11 days ago

    Why does he look like Uncle Drew 🤔

  75. xd ligmas

    xd ligmas11 days ago


  76. supremo savage

    supremo savage11 days ago

    My boy we gone kick it in the future

  77. sixgang 6

    sixgang 611 days ago

    Kyrie my man if u don't go bust down that watch

  78. Julie Phan

    Julie Phan13 days ago

    Cartier bracelet and a Rolex omg

  79. U541D

    U541D13 days ago


  80. ice_wallow come

    ice_wallow come13 days ago

    10. LeBron

  81. Yohan Yemba

    Yohan Yemba13 days ago

    illuminati alert on that notebook tho


    JIMJIM AQW11 days ago

    i see

  83. Afrika Dit M

    Afrika Dit M14 days ago

    Defiantly need mayweather on the show

  84. Zach Roupe

    Zach Roupe14 days ago

    Can the internet find the brand of his toiletry bag?

  85. BeastLB50

    BeastLB5015 days ago

    Does anyone know the name of the brand of that toiletry bag?

  86. Jay Vallee

    Jay Vallee15 days ago

    turn on Subtitles/closed captions and watch how horribly a computer picks up Kyrie's words. You're welcome.

  87. Charles Killings

    Charles Killings16 days ago

    not illuminati stupid

  88. Keveon James

    Keveon James16 days ago

    He cant live without his condoms

  89. Aspley Stevens

    Aspley Stevens16 days ago


  90. Mr Slash Man

    Mr Slash Man17 days ago

    What kinda bs is this I can’t skip the ad

  91. Francis Peleo

    Francis Peleo17 days ago

    0:48 Illuminati Logo drawing

  92. Melissa

    Melissa18 days ago

    Kyrie sounding like there’s a white man inside him

  93. Daniel Norona

    Daniel Norona18 days ago

    Kyrie kinda reminded me of a tuned up kawhi but not too much😂

  94. TheStick

    TheStick18 days ago

    its funny these athletes have way more simple things than the rappers but make so much more money.

  95. Super_Skills_101 Gaming

    Super_Skills_101 Gaming13 hours ago

    Rappers need to flex somewhat though, a rapper is about the look, a baller is about balling.


    RAMPAGE XDay ago

    nah its just a trend lmao, just to make their selfs stand out, when you think of a rapper jewelry, clothes and money comes up to mind

  97. Nneka Vanessa

    Nneka Vanessa4 days ago


  98. Renovator

    Renovator6 days ago

    Because in order to be a rapper these days, you must be a high functioning idiot.

  99. Darel Daniels

    Darel Daniels19 days ago

    What's wrong with his lips?

  100. Divin Raj

    Divin Raj19 days ago

    I hate swallowing gum.. wht even

  101. Kana Beats

    Kana Beats20 days ago

    you know this man listens to podcasts. that's where he got the flat earth idea lol

  102. Ryan Pineau

    Ryan Pineau20 days ago

    #1 should be Jaylen Brown emergency alley oops

  103. Lee Wiks

    Lee Wiks21 day ago

    This kid has potential

  104. Diego Ryan

    Diego Ryan21 day ago

    Hella handles

  105. Diego Ryan

    Diego Ryan21 day ago

    Your my favorite player and I have your jerseys

  106. woodro morgan

    woodro morgan21 day ago

    Nice ⌚watch

  107. Commander Pump

    Commander Pump23 days ago

    I’m surprised he didn’t say his phone