10 Things Kyrie Irving Can't Live Without | GQ


  1. Deanna Daniels

    Deanna Daniels4 hours ago

    much RESPECK for that cocoa butter 🙌🏾 lol it’s also something I could never love without. I now live in Thailand and still have my family ship some to me.

  2. Jake Thomas

    Jake Thomas9 hours ago

    He’s got good energy seems like a down to earth guy

  3. Paul Kyriakos

    Paul Kyriakos12 hours ago

    Im impressed he didn't take out his phone as one of them

  4. Zero MoYu

    Zero MoYu12 hours ago

    10 things kyrie Irving can’t live without! 1. Air 2. Heart 3. Water 4. Lungs 5. Food 6. Body parts 7. Stomach 8. Eyes 9. Sunlight 10. Earth

  5. Breanne Healy

    Breanne Healy2 hours ago

    Heart, stomach, lungs, eyes?????? Bruh those are body parts lmfao

  6. Kj FHS

    Kj FHS13 hours ago

    Is he really this boring

  7. Twitch Deadcook1

    Twitch Deadcook113 hours ago

    U get it u can’t travel with a basketball

  8. 21 Brown

    21 Brown16 hours ago

    His cologne was sauvage get no oh I thought it was funny

  9. Yãd

    YãdDay ago

    *PAUSE* What you say about the gum?

  10. Gang mamey K2

    Gang mamey K2Day ago

    Kyrie kkkkyrie

  11. Jonathen Morales

    Jonathen MoralesDay ago

    Irving how old are you?

  12. Jonathen Morales

    Jonathen MoralesDay ago

    I have the kyrie 4 Irving

  13. Darius Kanalan

    Darius KanalanDay ago

    Is so dumb

  14. Big Chungus

    Big ChungusDay ago

    - Money - Random accessories

  15. DatnerdykidNaeven V

    DatnerdykidNaeven VDay ago

    They meant to title this “10 things dad can’t live without”

  16. Jake F

    Jake FDay ago

    He has 70k of Cartier brackets on his wrist and says its subtle

  17. Kelvo Squaddd

    Kelvo SquadddDay ago

    I got that same cologne

  18. Exerity

    Exerity2 days ago

    Much better than ninjas.

  19. Zyllon

    Zyllon2 days ago

    My boy Kyrie is hella well spoken

  20. Marsh

    Marsh2 days ago

    He can’t live without his flat earth

  21. Kathy O'Connor

    Kathy O'Connor2 days ago


  22. Bob the Purple dinosaur

    Bob the Purple dinosaur2 days ago

    I am glade that he said scullcandy and not beats

  23. Dante Frigerio

    Dante Frigerio3 days ago

    Is Kyrie’s notebook also has that the earth is flat?

  24. Ryder Gage

    Ryder Gage3 days ago

    His voice is so normal

  25. VICTORIA Smith

    VICTORIA Smith5 days ago

    Do steph curry

  26. yellow_boi

    yellow_boi6 days ago

    i wonder if he travels with a basketball??🤔

  27. Harrison Bowman

    Harrison Bowman6 days ago

    I bought some of your shoes today

  28. Alexis Gonzalas

    Alexis Gonzalas7 days ago

    Why did you have to show me His things that he can’t live with in the beginning, now I know the whole video

  29. Speedy Fish

    Speedy Fish7 days ago

    I carry around a dead kid I meant... I carry around my brother's ashes

  30. FlattestEarther

    FlattestEarther7 days ago

    He called his Rolex “subtle”...?!?

  31. Philipp Martin

    Philipp Martin7 days ago

    GQ, why you stop listing the Top 10 Essentials up in the infobox? In my opinion this was nice to know! Man guys, give me a thumb up if you also want the TOP 10 Essential-list back! Luv ya

  32. zcbeast videos

    zcbeast videos8 days ago

    Love it

  33. Pinoc

    Pinoc8 days ago

    *10 things sponsoring Kyrie Irving*

  34. Genuine Servant of God

    Genuine Servant of God8 days ago

    Notebook Watch Bracelets Skullcandy Headphones Toiletry bag Wallet Beard brush Oxy Pads Cologne Cocoa butter Ice Breakers Wow interesting

  35. Its Zeba

    Its Zeba8 days ago

    Why you stupid illuminati

  36. Himani Singh

    Himani Singh8 days ago

    He had weird Illuminati looking symbol on his dairies's front page.

  37. Mallymaal production

    Mallymaal production3 days ago

    Thats his logo its on all his shoes

  38. Joseph Ramirez

    Joseph Ramirez8 days ago

    Kyrie irving is the best in the nba

  39. NRG Scuffed

    NRG Scuffed9 days ago

    He has such a monotone voice

  40. adrnxx

    adrnxx9 days ago

    Hes white

  41. The super flagarrow chick

    The super flagarrow chick10 days ago

    He has such a beautiful voice.

  42. Shrek III

    Shrek III11 days ago

    Flat earth book

  43. craillx d

    craillx d11 days ago

    1. A flat earth model

  44. F3AR Kmart

    F3AR Kmart11 days ago


  45. Kyrie Irving

    Kyrie Irving11 days ago


  46. TheComic Cuber

    TheComic Cuber12 days ago

    Do Steph Curry next time

  47. default skin dude

    default skin dude12 days ago

    I just came here to check the comments also don't Kyrie looked a little bit different back then 👀👀👀👀

  48. alyssa anderson

    alyssa anderson12 days ago

    Celtic my favorite team kyrie my favorite player☘️

  49. Catalina Amaya

    Catalina Amaya12 days ago

    Kyrie: none of it is extravagant *proceeds to show Rolex*

  50. Nathan Madden

    Nathan Madden12 days ago

    Kyrie is a savage

  51. Connor The Star Wars fan

    Connor The Star Wars fan12 days ago

    Kyrie: “None of it’s extravagant Also Kyrie: (shows designer watch)

  52. tyrone jordan

    tyrone jordan9 days ago

    was a very simple rolex not like it was covered in diamonds or anything

  53. Matthew Souksangouane

    Matthew Souksangouane12 days ago

    I have that exact cologne

  54. me still me

    me still me12 days ago

    Kyrie is so humble he doesn't even know what brand his bag is...

  55. coolyungdru

    coolyungdru10 hours ago

    Lol pretense so thick you could cut it with a butter knife

  56. AYMOJI

    AYMOJI12 days ago

    illuminati sign in his notebook 😧

  57. Evan Odonnell

    Evan Odonnell13 days ago

    I’m watching the video and hearing the sound through those headphones 😂😂

  58. Anthony Corona

    Anthony Corona13 days ago

    I love u Kyrie

  59. Luke Robinson

    Luke Robinson13 days ago

    My dumbass thought Kyrie and uncle drew were the same person haha

  60. Jay42608

    Jay4260813 days ago

    He just put on a mask to look darker and have gray hair. Search up uncle drew creation

  61. Jay42608

    Jay4260813 days ago

    Luke Robinson they are

  62. ryan campos

    ryan campos13 days ago

    tell me why i have the same Cologne as him

  63. Leonardo Frost

    Leonardo Frost13 days ago

    1. Water

  64. FUCKBOI3221 EXB

    FUCKBOI3221 EXB13 days ago

    We have the same perfume

  65. Elite Anden

    Elite Anden14 days ago

    Sub to me

  66. Jensen Sanchez

    Jensen Sanchez14 days ago

    I loved Kyrie until he went to the Celtics

  67. Rayan Iqbal

    Rayan Iqbal14 days ago

    I think your dad would like it if you came to the knicks

  68. 0H Y34H Y34H -

    0H Y34H Y34H -15 days ago

    Omg I have the same cologne as him

  69. AkWolfByteGaming

    AkWolfByteGaming15 days ago

    Oof illuminati lol

  70. Atlanta Bass-Sulpizio

    Atlanta Bass-Sulpizio15 days ago

    “ I am a savage low key” Love it

  71. Cade Leist

    Cade Leist15 days ago

    Does he mean he want to look like James harden when he wanted a long beard

  72. K THEStick

    K THEStick15 days ago

    He should have a uncle drew mask lol

  73. K THEStick

    K THEStick15 days ago

    He is so nice and humble love you kyrie

  74. Steamy2π

    Steamy2π16 days ago

    Pyramid with the eye and an Halo 😂😂😂 Nice plug

  75. Smooth Criminal

    Smooth Criminal16 days ago

    “Do I swallow this gum?” Lmao

  76. Tora

    Tora16 days ago

    go to lakers with anthony davis please

  77. Sean Torre

    Sean Torre17 days ago

    Kyrie I wanted a Kyrie 5 because may mom cannot buy that sheos can you give me

  78. mrwngnzls

    mrwngnzls17 days ago


  79. Twd cruz

    Twd cruz17 days ago

    Yoo i have that Sauvage cologne

  80. JamesStoneGames

    JamesStoneGames17 days ago

    I have those headphones

  81. Gail's Tubes

    Gail's Tubes17 days ago

    What is the brand of bracelets he wears?

  82. Fate Spammer

    Fate Spammer17 days ago

    Kyrie I got your Kyrie Fives and there really special to me

  83. Wrenegade Waider

    Wrenegade Waider18 days ago

    Is it weird this is the first time I heard his voice

  84. Mango Slayer

    Mango Slayer18 days ago

    You know that's funny I had a skull Candy backpack.

  85. LA Whitehead

    LA Whitehead18 days ago

    Kyrie Irving is my favorite basketball player

  86. MiniBike Boi

    MiniBike Boi18 days ago

    And just so u know I think the earth is flat Kyrie Irving

  87. FruityPebs

    FruityPebs18 days ago

    I like how Kyrie and me use the same headphones.

  88. Rpeshb

    Rpeshb15 days ago

    Which skull Candy headphones are this?

  89. Shawn Tucker

    Shawn Tucker19 days ago

    I'm getting the kyrie 5s

  90. the dark boi

    the dark boi19 days ago

    I love kyrie but ''narley''

  91. James Cooper

    James Cooper19 days ago

    I can't live without my parents, food, water, oxygen, god, a brain, and function organs so...

  92. Kenneth Wiliams

    Kenneth Wiliams20 days ago

    Wassup Kyrie. Also and thank you bro. :I

  93. TheLakersfan861

    TheLakersfan86122 days ago

    He forgot Bron

  94. Ahlia Alsulaiti

    Ahlia Alsulaiti23 days ago

    Anyone knows the brand and where to buy Kyrie's shirt in the video?

  95. oof_ yt

    oof_ yt24 days ago

    Kyrie is my favorite basketball player

  96. August Heart

    August Heart25 days ago

    Kyrie got me hooked on Bruce Lee podcast & Oxy pads👌🏼 thank you so much

  97. chris burgos

    chris burgos25 days ago

    my name is Dior

  98. Trey Brushart

    Trey Brushart25 days ago

    I couldn’t live without my dad

  99. Hyunanimous Fck

    Hyunanimous Fck26 days ago

    Kyrie Illuminati??????

  100. Yhauna Lee-Frayer

    Yhauna Lee-Frayer26 days ago

    What about God, I mean u wouldn’t be here without him

  101. Joshua Carey

    Joshua Carey26 days ago

    He is my hero and one of the best basketball players

  102. Björn Ironside

    Björn Ironside26 days ago

    11. LeBron

  103. Kare Tyree

    Kare Tyree27 days ago

    Why he ain’t show khelani 🤔

  104. Jonathan Player

    Jonathan Player27 days ago

    I’m in love with his watch. That Skydweller with the leather band retails for $40k. That diamond Cartier bracelet retails for $40k as well.

  105. Destiney Gordon

    Destiney Gordon28 days ago

    He forgot about me😣

  106. Ryan Russell

    Ryan Russell28 days ago

    Hhahh i like how he says “nothing extravegant, just necessities” and then goes on to show his Rolex and Cartier gold/diamond bracelets ahhah

  107. Joseph Iturralde

    Joseph Iturralde28 days ago

    Kylie is in ilumanaty

  108. H. Ingram.

    H. Ingram.28 days ago