10 of The World's Tiniest Gadgets That Actually Work!


  1. Magickchris

    Magickchris25 minutes ago

    Something is wrong with the mic

  2. Ctrain

    Ctrain25 minutes ago

    I just like water

  3. Samuel Beausoleil

    Samuel Beausoleil25 minutes ago

    I think nestle put life is the best water

  4. ThatGuyGlenn

    ThatGuyGlenn25 minutes ago

    Bruh #5 now rip

  5. AJ Ham

    AJ Ham25 minutes ago

    World's + FORTNIGHT = trending lol

  6. DaysWithMwa

    DaysWithMwa27 minutes ago

    any small youtubers wanna help each other out? 💞🤪

  7. Ascelline

    Ascelline28 minutes ago

    Loves the movements: "feel something" shirt Tanner! Amazing album

  8. JessiePlayz07

    JessiePlayz0728 minutes ago

    Congrats for #5 on trending!

  9. Evan_the_epic07

    Evan_the_epic0728 minutes ago

    I want the Matthias channel back

  10. Shane Insane

    Shane Insane31 minute ago

    #5 on trending

  11. Rae

    Rae31 minute ago

    Wtf how do you like arrowhead

  12. The WolfPack100

    The WolfPack10035 minutes ago

    Anybody remember Matthias when he was at 500,000?

  13. Ava Baldwin

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  14. Doritolover 95

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  15. KARI BehindTheCam

    KARI BehindTheCam42 minutes ago

    Liked for liz.. and also Tanner ;) 📞 call me 😂

  16. Fortnite Maniacs

    Fortnite Maniacs42 minutes ago

    Guys!! I played with nick eh 30!! Look on my channel!

  17. Lady Aphelion

    Lady Aphelion45 minutes ago

    Neither... Fuji is the best water!

  18. Tony Arteaga

    Tony Arteaga45 minutes ago

    these guys act like middle school girls acting around there crushes

  19. Anonymous Person

    Anonymous Person50 minutes ago

    #3 on Trending? You kidding me? This is MReporter after Alex Jones? MReporter is trash now 👎

  20. RoyalBlueJ

    RoyalBlueJ47 minutes ago

    Ur not alone I mean inbox therapy is better than this crud

  21. Uncle Lando

    Uncle Lando51 minute ago

    Go check out guava juices video on which water is the healthiest and you will choose arrowhead

  22. Tin Do 003

    Tin Do 00353 minutes ago

    free laptop my dude

  23. Play Time

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  24. Mark1260 Morales

    Mark1260 Morales56 minutes ago

    I found the one that you could build by yourself online on

  25. Runnersthehedgo24 DT2

    Runnersthehedgo24 DT256 minutes ago

    0:03 get the hit to the nuts

  26. DankTech

    DankTech57 minutes ago

    And the beard trend was over

  27. LordTouchMe

    LordTouchMe57 minutes ago

    22:55 here ya go, thank me later.

  28. dorman Gamez

    dorman Gamez57 minutes ago

    I think smart water is best water u get smarter 🤓

  29. Evan Porel

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  30. Wesley Martin

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  31. Underground Boxing Network

    Underground Boxing Network58 minutes ago

    Finally trending is working again!!! Not these fake people channels

  32. Daniel Milanes

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  33. jaemint

    jaemint59 minutes ago

    grace or waste

  34. Xx_You Like Crabby Patties Don't You Squidward_x X

    Xx_You Like Crabby Patties Don't You Squidward_x X59 minutes ago

    I'm late but ur 3 on trending!!!

  35. Its Destroct

    Its Destroct59 minutes ago

    *that looks boring af*

  36. GoMads

    GoMadsHour ago

    Anti-Static Bag..... just sayin 💖

  37. Darth Legend

    Darth LegendHour ago

    Smosh Games should sue

  38. 1000 Subs With No Videos

    1000 Subs With No VideosHour ago

    The thumbnail....

  39. burned potatoe 1923

    burned potatoe 1923Hour ago

    Fortnites on the thumbnail Then it get number one on trending😂😂

  40. RoyalBlueJ

    RoyalBlueJ43 minutes ago

    Genius! Wait till the kiddies find out there's is no such thing! That's the best part of the vid

  41. Solomon Kane

    Solomon KaneHour ago

    Histrionic narcissism is not content.

  42. JARRIN 21

    JARRIN 21Hour ago

    Hola k hace

  43. Mewtwo Hughes

    Mewtwo HughesHour ago

    What happened Matthias I used to love your channel now it's dope or nope I guess I'll watch your Matthias vids

  44. Q2

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  45. Brubble Butt

    Brubble ButtHour ago

    From matthias to dope or nope matthias to DOPe or nope i am so mad

  46. ItzAlfiePlayz

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  47. Maximo Ramos

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  48. Sarah & Ali

    Sarah & AliHour ago

    This is great

  49. Mickey Roman

    Mickey RomanHour ago

    It’s number 3 on trending congrats

  50. Teal Tourmentor

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  51. qwerty qwerty

    qwerty qwertyHour ago

    I play fortnite on my toaster lol

  52. Jacky Hawkins

    Jacky HawkinsHour ago

    Time for Tenner to have a beard trim!

  53. ShirleyTHEFAM

    ShirleyTHEFAMHour ago

    I gave a Luke for LIZ!😜

  54. Dark Night

    Dark NightHour ago

    Nope to the video nope to this channel.

  55. hannan khattak

    hannan khattakHour ago

    Trending because of fortnite thumbnail

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  58. TrevForBlocks

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    Tyrano ToysHour ago

    Dad or not rad Just an idea

  60. It's Dayyy

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  61. Doggo :3

    Doggo :3Hour ago

    Mat: Do you remember when headphones used to do this? Me: *looks down and sees I have those headphones* D:

  62. Pikapetey Animations

    Pikapetey AnimationsHour ago

    i don't understand trending youtube.. it's worse than day time television.

  63. Joseph Cristobal

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  64. J Flewelling

    J FlewellingHour ago

    looks like a pack of panzies!

  65. Joe's questions

    Joe's questionsHour ago

    Aquafina all day my dude.

  66. A S

    A SHour ago

    I liked for Liz

  67. Vontae Silverstone

    Vontae SilverstoneHour ago

    These guys are annoying

  68. NightDayDreamer

    NightDayDreamerHour ago

    Aquafina is the better choice, but best water bottle brand is definitely Icelandic. It tastes exactly how actual natural spring water is supposed to taste like.

  69. Ryanplayzark YT

    Ryanplayzark YTHour ago

    XD 22:55

  70. CreatorMystic

    CreatorMysticHour ago

    tap water is lit

  71. Best Videos To Watch

    Best Videos To WatchHour ago

    Nice Video Guys, you just got a new Sub!

  72. supercrazyX4

    supercrazyX4Hour ago

    These are the type of guys who use to wear Ed Hardy shirts and drink Heinekens at happy hour after working at Office Depot. The Metro Sexual “View “ for Hipsters.

  73. aubreeforreal Plays

    aubreeforreal PlaysHour ago

    Oml so many trending, you guys are on a roll!

  74. Emeric Switch

    Emeric SwitchHour ago

    Wonder how many views this got just because it had fortnite in the thumbnail

  75. Phoenix Hun

    Phoenix HunHour ago

    Can you guys please send me a link where you bought that black panther mask? =D

  76. Ever Hopper

    Ever HopperHour ago

    Fiji is better u fools

  77. Balentin Camargo

    Balentin CamargoHour ago

    Yyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY yyyyyyyyyyyyyy YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYYYYYyyyyyyyyyYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyYYYyyyyyyyyuyyyyYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyYYYYYYYYYYYYYYyyyyy only the smartest can solve it is a person pay attention the the capital Y lowercase means nothing

  78. Felix

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  79. Balentin Camargo

    Balentin CamargoHour ago

    If you can slove you are a smart person

  80. sweet magic cupcakes

    sweet magic cupcakesHour ago

    Anyone noticed that they all have beards

  81. Dark vortex

    Dark vortexHour ago

    Pathetic clickbate

  82. WhatIsLife

    WhatIsLifeHour ago

    #2 trending Guess fortnite is or might be dying

  83. ktdiddle5

    ktdiddle5Hour ago

    I love you guys! Congrats on trending!

  84. Ahren Rushton

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  85. ben zaha

    ben zahaHour ago

    The video editing makes me dizzy, they fast forward things, zoom in and out constantly. Not so pleasing to watch.

  86. B O I

    B O IHour ago

    Gimme that supreme rock

  87. pagansforbreakfast

    pagansforbreakfastHour ago

    Hey there all you big thtrong boyth! Welcome to "Gay or Nay"! Oooh La Laaa!

  88. hittingcover67

    hittingcover67Hour ago

    I like smartwater the best

  89. DeMarco Playzzz

    DeMarco PlayzzzHour ago

    #2 on trending

  90. Joel Alvarez

    Joel AlvarezHour ago

    281 383-0924

  91. Random Vidz.

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    #2 on TRENDING

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  93. angel divierte

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    profa nese sito 1000 suscritores profa 😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯🤐😓

  94. Michael Henning

    Michael HenningHour ago

    All water bottles suck

  95. To Catch A Copycat

    To Catch A CopycatHour ago

    "That Actually Work!" wtf tiny gadgets are not suppose to work?

  96. Maen Marashdeh

    Maen MarashdehHour ago

    Genuis out fortnite in the thumbnail 10 million views easy

  97. Pablo Lopez

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  99. Random Trash

    Random TrashHour ago

    All the guys need bushy beards then it's perfect

  100. Emani Harris

    Emani HarrisHour ago

    its crazy how I think like all three of these dudes lol

  101. Micah Hernandez

    Micah HernandezHour ago

    How much water does that guy in the yellow shirt drink

  102. Sven Bruno

    Sven BrunoHour ago

    Why do you always make stupid gay faces in your video intro pictures? Twink...

  103. Somebody

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