10 Most Devastating Cyber Attacks in History


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  6. Healing411

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    Their contractors etc. can do what they want.

  7. W R

    W R3 days ago

    Facebook hack?

  8. Scott Miller

    Scott Miller3 days ago

    Titan Rain. I love it.

  9. John Azar

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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)趾

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  11. Rishare hraje

    Rishare hraje4 days ago

    Calling DDOS hacking..... omg

  12. Chris Morlock

    Chris Morlock5 days ago

    Just wait till vpns get hacked

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    This clown still makes videos?

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    Those hackers at number 10 are legends

  18. Tejdxa Xu

    Tejdxa Xu5 days ago

    What the heck? the face in your background along with those clothes are creepy AF.

  19. Ancelegon The Black

    Ancelegon The Black5 days ago

    If NSA uses the same encryption then whats the point of getting the vpn?

  20. SurrenderPink

    SurrenderPink5 days ago

    Stuxnet. 4 Zero days... The U.S. shadow govt. at its finest.

  21. Camdog fall

    Camdog fall5 days ago

    Spends ten minutes talking about people who hacked into the pentagon... proceeds to tell you to get a vpn that is pentagon level good

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  23. Arctic Edge

    Arctic Edge5 days ago

    Then I guess they...WANNACRY I’m sorry.

  24. Irada Kitchen

    Irada Kitchen5 days ago

    Wow that was very informative Thank you!

  25. Savannah Lorén

    Savannah Lorén5 days ago

    _US Government get hacked_ _NSA program gets leaked_ *Buy NordVPN, it uses US government and NSA level security* !!!! Genius.

  26. wallen1986

    wallen19865 days ago

    you could tell he was crying again before he made this video

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    Your Iris's tho


    NEEFMUSIC TV5 days ago

    This guy is scary and creepy and the same time

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    Naythaniel Robinson6 days ago

    I stopped watching your videos because you have unrealistic thumbnails for your vids and now your just remaking videos. You made this video about a year or two ago. Ig you or your writers ran out of ideas?

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    I'd actually subscribe if you weren't so ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

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    Good video except your animated facial expressions made me uncomfortable and annoyed/angered. Your comments were so unnecessary as well, stop

  32. DIRTY B

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    I've had a yahoo mail account since 08. o.o hahahaha

  33. John Walsh

    John Walsh6 days ago

    #7 notice how its only an insult and not slander or liable...must be a true fact. :)

  34. R45PUT1N

    R45PUT1N6 days ago

    EternalBlue isnt a government program. It's an exploit. We call it CVE-2017-0144 or smb MS17-010

  35. Nix 266

    Nix 2666 days ago

    I came cause I thought Eugene was back lol

  36. Pr0ton

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    “Use a VPN and you’ll never get a virus!”. That’s a way to scam your subscribers.

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    Zero cool anyone?

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  39. spookdude devito

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    Yeah....this bs. People have finally had enough of this jittery krap. Gtfoh

  40. Aspietechgirl 1990

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    Well, the people using that Ashley Madison site deserved what they got

  41. UGU Zach

    UGU Zach6 days ago

    "...rendering the country immobile" Hmmm, yes. Stopping them tectonic plates and the perpetual rotation of the Earth.

  42. 1337Sauce

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    Where's your hacking balaclava?

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    BTW Matthew, how did you become so awesome? You are the greatest MReporterr ever as far as I'm concerned! (Which I mean from the bottom of my heart!!!)

  44. ChivoMG

    ChivoMG6 days ago

    STUXNET should be number 1

  45. Gregory Sousa

    Gregory Sousa6 days ago

    would you rather have no facial hair or no hair on top

  46. spiddyman007

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    I don’t want to use nord vpn if it uses us government encryption. Because it seems like they get hacked a lot

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    The cringe OMG

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    I like the video! Lol What's up Matthew Santoro?

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    Your jokes made me dislike

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    Trending. ?

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    Congrats on trending

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    haahaha the meek shall inherit the earth hahahaha



    10 Most DEVASTATING Cyber Attacks in History

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    Its not saudi amaraco its saudi aramco

  56. Luna Harp

    Luna Harp6 days ago

    I just wanna point out: 12,000 out of 5.5 million cheaters were women, while the rest I suppose were donkeys cuz men consistently argue that women cheat more than they do. That is all.

  57. Coretta Hattereaux

    Coretta Hattereaux6 days ago

    Oh. No wonder Russia spammed our Facebook ads then. Guess now we are even.

  58. Michael E

    Michael E6 days ago

    Equifax Hack?

  59. Evan Neto2

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    You need to make a top 10 computer viruses

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    Because you're so awesome, I've made it my goal to watch, like, comment, and share all of your videos at least once :) I love you Matt! You're a huge inspiration and source of entertainment that I hope will never stop making videos!!

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    Pyscho Vsauce

  63. Dank Memes

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    #1 in 2012 Roblox was attacked by hackers

  64. VAL

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    I wish i knew how to hack. I would hack into my old myspace and habbo accounts

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    How do you keep your teeth so white?

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    “You’re lookin well today!” Me: “thanks” as I sit on the toilet thinking about life

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    What about Stuxnet?

  69. tehwarl0ck

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    The sony hack.... Which one??? :-p

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    i am in college , i can't type without seeing the keys on my laptop.....😂

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    Interesting synopsis. .."Yeshua / Jesus is the way "

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    Do you think you could make your eyes any wider when you emphasize words?

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    It's Saudi Aramco not Saudi Americo 😂