10 Million


  1. حسن الزعبي

    حسن الزعبي6 days ago

    عنجد تحفه

  2. Darker Arts

    Darker Arts7 days ago

    Cool story, I have have 3 follower, anyone want to join me? 😁

  3. Maricarmen7 Vlogs

    Maricarmen7 Vlogs10 days ago

    Am 0 below I hope grew more subscribers

  4. Atikin Vokamre

    Atikin Vokamre11 days ago

    Dear Casey, a decade ago I was a little boy, living in a big Megapolis named Moscow and preparing his backpack for his first day in school. A decade ago, if somebody had said me, I will have big changes in my family, in my environment, in my lifestyle, I would not believe him. A decade ago I just couldn’t imagine, how tremendous the life changes may be... Now I am about 17 years old, presumably, my generation will live more than 110 years, which means I have so much time to find my way and go. And You, Casey, made me understand, how important it is, to follow your own way and never give up. Thank You! one of more than 11 million of your followers

  5. Morgan Gillespie

    Morgan GillespieMonth ago

    10 years ago I was 10 thank you very much 😂

  6. Gamer X

    Gamer XMonth ago

    You are still underrated

  7. pal sampang

    pal sampangMonth ago

    2:44you literally said it to me

  8. David Cosloff

    David CosloffMonth ago

    We all love you, Casey. Thank you for being you and being true to yourself. you're an inspiration.

  9. Mid-South Outdoor Life

    Mid-South Outdoor Life2 months ago

    Pure class...

  10. oscman27

    oscman272 months ago

    A decade ago i wasnt alive

  11. Lilly Shit

    Lilly Shit2 months ago

    11M nooowwwww

  12. Rōnnīē wātsōnn

    Rōnnīē wātsōnn2 months ago

    10 million, wouldn't be without you!

  13. victor ruiz

    victor ruiz3 months ago

    You constantly inspire me and and I'm sure 10mil plus. Congratulations brother. Well done. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏



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  15. Vova Even

    Vova Even3 months ago

    MReporter is very challenging and interesting for me so far. (Been doing vids for 2 months and it's definitely getting more and more interesting and challenging). What an awesome new ride :D Good luck all! :)

  16. Abdimalik zardheye

    Abdimalik zardheye4 months ago

    Yes I was 6 adecade ago I’m 16 right now

  17. Abdimalik zardheye

    Abdimalik zardheye4 months ago

    This video inspirational video for me thank u casey! being famous needs hardwork

  18. Haydn Smith-Howell

    Haydn Smith-Howell4 months ago

    Casey : How old were u a decade ago? Like 6? Me : no I was 2 months 19 days old

  19. Animated Lessons

    Animated Lessons4 months ago

    9,905 more to go before I'm past the hardest part of MReporter then? *sigh*

  20. Ferdin Shotani

    Ferdin Shotani5 months ago

    @CaseyNeistat Can't believe that I started to watch your videos when you had maybe 40k subs and still didn't get respond from you from emails, messages on instagram, latters. I am true fan inspired from your work ... I will keep following you and and my dreams as something not reachable

  21. น้องน้ำหอม Narada

    น้องน้ำหอม Narada5 months ago


  22. Gabby Ogier

    Gabby Ogier5 months ago

    I wasn’t even in the womb a decade ago 😂

  23. Goose R

    Goose R5 months ago

    Is it just me or does Casey look awesome.

  24. ABC DIE

    ABC DIE5 months ago

    hello😄 please😄 subscribe😄 to😄 my😄 chanel😄

  25. REVit Rishi

    REVit Rishi5 months ago

    I'm about to reach 500 subs as an Indian vlogger and let me tell you ... It's not easy bru but guess what , I love what I'm doing ❤️✌️

  26. Wet xo

    Wet xo5 months ago

    Wow 1mil subs each year 😈

  27. Field Boyz

    Field Boyz5 months ago

    I fucking freaked out wen he said that a decade ago I was six. BECAUSE I WAS

  28. Biological Medico.

    Biological Medico.5 months ago

    Most deserved youtuber Casey

  29. Don't worry

    Don't worry6 months ago


  30. Lothar Radscheid

    Lothar Radscheid6 months ago

    thank you so much Casey, that words means so much to me, i have 27 subs and working hard to get 100, appricate all you said

  31. Ninja

    Ninja6 months ago

    That cool dude!

  32. Puppy Power

    Puppy Power6 months ago

    Did u know ur diamond play button was packed by Lincoln from the channel what’s inside

  33. Hayden Vogels

    Hayden Vogels6 months ago

    Watched this a few times Cas Been a sub since 500k and watched all your videos like twice haha, i know you will probably never see this but you are the spark behind me starting up my channel, ive been uploading videos on and off for 2 years and have 22 subs, thats about 10 mil behind you as of this video but we will get there, not about the subs though as much as the story, now im just rambling on... congrats!

  34. krismedley

    krismedley6 months ago

    I was 0 a decade ago

  35. Freddie Fire

    Freddie Fire6 months ago

    Wats inside saw your 10 million play button

  36. Poop Poop

    Poop Poop6 months ago

    Dan and Lincoln from What’s Inside watched your Play Button get made

  37. Steve F

    Steve F6 months ago

    Congratulations buddy!!

  38. Balint Bogdan

    Balint Bogdan6 months ago

    You guessed it, I was 6 a decade ago

  39. BC

    BC6 months ago

    Can you make more of those t-shirts please? I want one those pls!

  40. FootballStatsOnline

    FootballStatsOnline7 months ago

    Nappa: Vegeta what does the scouter say about his subscriber count? Vegeta: ITS OVER 10MILLION!! 🤣 Well deserved Casey. 100Mil next



    Famus things about casey neisat glasses boosted board drone breaking things personality vlogging while still attending to his family

  42. Oscar Mazur

    Oscar Mazur7 months ago

    Thank You for awesome content

  43. Carlos MG

    Carlos MG7 months ago

    I was 8 a decade ago ^^

  44. Simo Riccio

    Simo Riccio7 months ago

    Thanks to YOU 👇 that are reading this i can get 10 millions too!

  45. Daring Darius

    Daring Darius7 months ago

    10 years ago I was 10 :O and 10 years later your 10 million subs? Let's aim for 100mil subs by 2028, am I right? ;) been seeing you since I'm not even sure, 200k subs? maybe earlier? didn't sub until past the 1 million mark though. Seeing your progress is astounding ;D

  46. alessandro nicoletti

    alessandro nicoletti7 months ago


  47. Anti-pacmans

    Anti-pacmans7 months ago

    congratulations you are the best :)

  48. Keith Johnson

    Keith Johnson7 months ago

    Anyone else thought he was wearing a white glove

  49. Boar Rat

    Boar Rat7 months ago

    You deserve it casey your my idol from philippines

  50. Kushal Bhanot

    Kushal Bhanot7 months ago

    To be honest , ten years ago , I was six ! :) ⊙

  51. Cruz Vaz

    Cruz Vaz7 months ago

    Congrats Caisey for hitting 10 mil . Love to be a part of this huge family :)

  52. Maxim Agapoff

    Maxim Agapoff7 months ago

    How old were you a decade ago? like 6? 2:43 lmao :D

  53. SAT- Sri Bhaukaal

    SAT- Sri Bhaukaal8 months ago

    You're amazing. You're an inspiration, you're motivation. :)

  54. Pearlie Grace

    Pearlie Grace8 months ago

    i bet if u told casey 10 years ago he would hv 10 million subs he would fucking laugh

  55. LetsGoOnAnAdventure

    LetsGoOnAnAdventure8 months ago

    I know this video is a month old, but THIS IS THE MOST INSPIRING VIDEO I'VE SEEN! Thank you so much Casey! I'm pretty late to the party, but I'm so thankful to be here!

  56. JustinMcBrideMusic

    JustinMcBrideMusic8 months ago

    i actually was 6 a decade ago

  57. Malcolm Mathias

    Malcolm Mathias8 months ago

    2010 i was probably in grade 9 and from India great channel keep up the good work and always keep experimenting people love wathcing new and different things

  58. Álvaro Rubio

    Álvaro Rubio8 months ago

    Actually I was 7

  59. Morten Olsen

    Morten Olsen8 months ago

    I was 24 a decade ago! Man, where does time go?

  60. StabilizrMotion

    StabilizrMotion8 months ago

    Congrats Casey! Been here since 1 Million.

  61. apple juice

    apple juice8 months ago

    I have only 240 subs

  62. RIM

    RIM8 months ago

    congrats, i hope i will be 10 million soon too

  63. rudra singh

    rudra singh8 months ago

    Love from India 👌👌💐🎂💐💐🎂🎂 congratulations on 10 million

  64. Shirley May

    Shirley May8 months ago

    Congratulations!!! Awesome video!!!

  65. Kyler Auston

    Kyler Auston8 months ago

    MReporters' first philanthropist.

  66. ajsucksboi

    ajsucksboi8 months ago

    a decade ago i was just born kiddo. I WAS 2 MONTHS OLD 10 YEARS BEFORE THIS FRICKING VIDEO WAS MADE

  67. Tyler Nicoli

    Tyler Nicoli8 months ago

    I was 6 10 years ago

  68. That British Vlogger

    That British Vlogger8 months ago

    10 million subs... thats amazing... no wait... thats a money making opportunity.... JK Casey, as a business owner, I understand :)

  69. That British Vlogger

    That British Vlogger8 months ago

    Just saw the charity bit... how do I delete a comment :O :P

  70. Pfsif

    Pfsif8 months ago

    No fucking way this guy has this many viewers? Someone is adding 3 or 4 zeros to the count.

  71. MegaEvelie

    MegaEvelie8 months ago

    Love you Casey!

  72. Jlittlelife

    Jlittlelife8 months ago

    wow 10 million, truely astounding figures, congrats Casey

  73. Youtube RAM

    Youtube RAM8 months ago

    I want one subscriber. :)

  74. Leonel R.Freitas

    Leonel R.Freitas8 months ago

    watching you from Brazil

  75. FILIKU

    FILIKU8 months ago

    malo casey

  76. Celltografi JT

    Celltografi JT8 months ago

    Your simply the greatest!! CONGRATS!!!

  77. Liliana_xoxo_bff

    Liliana_xoxo_bff8 months ago

    Casey OMG we have the same birthday omg

  78. Floppin

    Floppin8 months ago

    "like how old were you a decade ago? Like SIX? That cracked me up so much because it's so true😂

  79. Streamin Freedom

    Streamin Freedom8 months ago

    Thanks for this video we are 100 away from 10k!!!! This was inspiring!! Not giving up!

  80. Simon_says

    Simon_says8 months ago

    answering the question....10 years ago I was 21 :P

  81. Michelle Higgs

    Michelle Higgs8 months ago

    You do great videos and you are very likeable put those two together and you hit 10 million viewers. 👍🏼👍🏼

  82. AyalX

    AyalX8 months ago

    you deserved it!

  83. God given strength Make it happen

    God given strength Make it happen8 months ago

    Great work! Wow 10 million!

  84. In This Travel

    In This Travel8 months ago

    Just started my channel

  85. Adam Elsharkawy

    Adam Elsharkawy8 months ago

    i cannot think of anyone that is more diserving of 10 million people watching a person on a daily bases except for casey you are my number one inspiration for not only youtube but also life i hope you continue growing and becoming more successful

  86. Dave

    Dave8 months ago

    Wow Casey is that Camps Bay, Cape Town South Africa I see on your Laptop? If so awesome. Keep well and take care

  87. Josh S

    Josh S8 months ago

    Actually yes I was 6


    VORTEX ICAROS8 months ago

    u deserved casey.. i love your vlog and content.. can u spend me spark for this coment? 😂😂

  89. Miguel Jimenez

    Miguel Jimenez8 months ago

    Casey I started watching your videos back when you created the iPhone 5 dock video, I was looking to build my own and came across your video, that was 6 years ago, been a fan since, congratulations sir

  90. basmah zia

    basmah zia8 months ago

    I was actually 6 years old a decade ago!!!! 😂😂😂

  91. Chazz Layne

    Chazz Layne8 months ago

    "Inspiration...and here's an Instagram photo of a f**king sunset aren't you inspired?" LMAO! Thanks, I needed that this morning.

  92. Christoph Faessler

    Christoph Faessler8 months ago

    Well and here i am in Switzerland which has 8.5Million People

  93. David D29

    David D298 months ago

    6yo... yeah you nailed it 😂😂 it’s like you’re fricking talking to me lol

  94. dancer gymnast

    dancer gymnast8 months ago

    He started youtube first with awesome videos. And continues. some dude who does meme videos (pewdiepie) has more??????????????????????

  95. MelaWhaaat

    MelaWhaaat8 months ago

    hhahah I was 19! CONGRATZZZ!

  96. Vansion Living

    Vansion Living8 months ago

    Congrats. I never knew who you were, until today.

  97. Agent 47

    Agent 478 months ago

    2:43 Yes i was Casey mind blowing you guessed it right !

  98. Agent 47

    Agent 478 months ago

    I love the glasses Casey ♥️💙💛💚 congratulations!!

  99. Aditya Makwana

    Aditya Makwana8 months ago

    Which glasses are they?

  100. Miguel Angelo Gabriel

    Miguel Angelo Gabriel8 months ago

    Congrats Casey.....

  101. Prince 1022

    Prince 10228 months ago

    Does anyone remember when he got to a million

  102. Michael jim

    Michael jim8 months ago


  103. Nannerl Channel

    Nannerl Channel8 months ago

    Congratulations! =^..^=