10 McDonald's Secrets They Wish You Never Knew About


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    BabbleTop6 months ago

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  2. Eevi Tyyskä

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  3. Janet Lai

    Janet Lai2 months ago

    PhillLsx Ga. zz

  4. Warren Ash

    Warren Ash3 months ago

    Just present the facts and cut the liberal propaganda.

  5. dan409

    dan4094 months ago

    False advertising!!! Stop tricking us with the thumbnail that doesn't fucking pertain to the video!!!!!! You fucking cunts!

  6. unknown person

    unknown personDay ago


  7. Sophia Elliott

    Sophia Elliott2 days ago

    I think I'm gonna skip Mc Donald's now

  8. Chris0652

    Chris06523 days ago

    Never eating fries

  9. Von Clohk

    Von Clohk3 days ago

    As an artist /musician I've always wanted to do the "McDonalds vinyl record. It would be an experiment of sorts. 7" vinyl record format. Front cover art: Ronald swinging a big bat against a cows head. VERY animated and detailed with brains everywhere etc).. Back cover: Ronald smiling and waving but have it be more creepy than happy. Yeah, you get the picture. Music: one side would be noisy art rock while the other side would be a very "likeable" pop song. They would be secretly placed on tables in various stores all over the USA (possible the world). Just a few per store. Also place them in the last remaining 'hip' record stores in USA like Amoeba Music (CA), A-1 record shop (NYC), Sound Garden (Baltimore), WAX TRAX (Denver), and a few others. Now I need a millionaire vegan/vegetarian to drop out of the sky to finance the project.

  10. Dale Sullivan

    Dale Sullivan4 days ago

    The drive thru one is a lie, they serve the drive thru first because they keep records on the customers they serve in drive thru and the numbers off the drive thru are vastly more important than the in store customers. Which is why they prioritise the drive thru, makes the store look better.

  11. Anime person

    Anime person4 days ago

    12:24 what the....

  12. Spooks

    Spooks5 days ago

    C L I C K B A I T E D

  13. Alukard TheDeathknight

    Alukard TheDeathknight5 days ago

    McDonald's or cook myself Unless it a lazy day McDonald's wins If i want time and good food cook my food it is

  14. S ali

    S ali5 days ago

    So what is FDA doing about this ?

  15. Ryan Russell

    Ryan Russell5 days ago

    Guess what? Don’t care. Gunna go get me a Big Mac tomorrow. You made me hangry.

  16. Taylia Brewer

    Taylia Brewer7 days ago

    The only stores with kiosks are ones that have a huge influx of customers and to increase speed of orders. Not to replace us.

  17. Big Jims Shed

    Big Jims Shed8 days ago

    Watch dog l Losers

  18. Porsche 987

    Porsche 9878 days ago

    That’s disgusting... I quit going there years ago. A watered down drink, cold fries, and a sorry excuse for a burger.. for almost $10 .. suck my dick Ronald McDonald!.. 🖕🏼

  19. BenjiHalfWelsh LikeaLion

    BenjiHalfWelsh LikeaLion10 days ago

    People need to stop going to these places, get off their stupid inconsiderate fat lazy asses and make their children healthy homemade food

  20. Kaden K

    Kaden K10 days ago

    There is so much wrong with this video for example the drive through doesn’t get priority. The order in which food is made is the order in which they are ordered. So if someone orders in the drive through and someone else orders in the lobby then it’s whoever orders the first item that’s made in the kitchen. Then the people in the kitchen make that order first. The kiosks at the McDonald’s isn’t taking jobs away the McDonald’s managers are just placing the crew somewhere else in the store where they can be more effective and useful. There is nothing they can do about the food waste and it costs the store money it’s not like they are getting refunded for it and they aren’t going to give the homeless people free food that’s an hour old so stop complaining about that.

  21. Chad Davis

    Chad Davis10 days ago

    Any fast food is a fast track to your grave

  22. Trevor Draper

    Trevor Draper10 days ago

    Mmm McRib

  23. Queen Shirleseya

    Queen Shirleseya11 days ago

    This true I'm a manager there (Low pay part)

  24. randy patterson

    randy patterson12 days ago

    ever since the touchscreens went into McDonald's I refuse to eat there and a lot of my family does too

  25. Tyler Jones

    Tyler Jones13 days ago

    My science teacher kept a plate of McDonalds fries for 8 years and they still look normal. LIKE WTF

  26. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop13 days ago

    🍟 That is scary! 😨 Thanks for sharing this Tyler Jones! 😄 Did yo like the video?

  27. Robert May

    Robert May13 days ago

    I'm ok with it. This video got me hungry. Affordable eating out. Who cars about living long. You can't do anything when you get old anyways. Die young. Live care free. Fuck people. Bacon

  28. Sendra Kes

    Sendra Kes15 days ago

    I'm done with McDonald because their menu, taste just not grabbing me anymore. And they wouldn't exactly bringing the Classic back for some annoying reason, like El Macko - my one and only favorite 20 odds years ago, and never seen it again. Wow! i never knew that broken Cone machine is a common thing around the globe. As for fecal matter...thanks, now i'm really staying away. I cannot believe i got my tiny niece to drink as a reward, shouldve just stayed with her usual apple juice product.

  29. Hallie Hoyer

    Hallie Hoyer15 days ago

    Im glad i dont eat that crap 😂

  30. Hallie Hoyer

    Hallie Hoyer15 days ago

    Gross asf

  31. Zaptube ZT

    Zaptube ZT16 days ago

    Me: I’m never eating Macca’s again! Mom: Want Macca’s Also Me: Sure

  32. Ced Patterson

    Ced Patterson16 days ago

    Whelp im done eating McDonald’s anymore

  33. Charles Mascari

    Charles Mascari17 days ago

    Maybe the customers will be replaced by robots someday.

  34. Gait323

    Gait32317 days ago

    This why CANCER is rampant

  35. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop17 days ago

    Ok. Did you like the video Gait323? 😄

  36. Jon A

    Jon A17 days ago

    This is liberal politics

  37. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop17 days ago

    What are you talking about ????? 🤔🤔

  38. Gregory Harris

    Gregory Harris17 days ago

    Let's ask the real question. Is this going to stop me from wanting a big Mac?

  39. Pizza Aguilar

    Pizza Aguilar17 days ago

    I'm 8 and I think I'm never going to MC D

  40. jfkbe jeff

    jfkbe jeff18 days ago

    *McDonald's has left the chat*

  41. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop18 days ago

    Ok. Did you like the video jfkbe jeff? 😄

  42. jeffery williams

    jeffery williams19 days ago

    Unfortunately our entire community stopped eating at McDonald's. With the advertising they are doing now, pushing black rappers that rap about horrible things and using improper English our community decided to start going to another place where the children are safe and not affiliated with violence. This won't hurt McDonald's but hopefully other community's will follow us to keep the kids safe.

  43. Mia Mia

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  44. Gratitude

    Gratitude20 days ago

    68 million children are being poisoned 🤢 EVERY DAY! How evil!!!!! The plastic toys are full of chemicals. Disgraceful Mcdonalds!

  45. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop20 days ago

    Thanks for your feedback Gratitude! 😄 Did you like the video?

  46. tyron 85 miller

    tyron 85 miller20 days ago

    They fuck sample orders all the time and want 15 bucks per hour

  47. tyron 85 miller

    tyron 85 miller20 days ago

    Yes I did

  48. BabbleTop

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    Thanks for your feedback tyron 85 miller! 😄 Did you like the video?

  49. claudiomm95993

    claudiomm9599321 day ago

    maybe by doing this, no fecal contamination will be added to my food and drink. time to make my own breakfast. maybe they invented the twinkies.

  50. Cavemantero

    Cavemantero21 day ago

    If I were starving I'd kill something and eat it before going there again

  51. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop21 day ago

    LOL Cavemantero 😂😜 Did you like the video?

  52. Omen Tot

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  53. mr. goodman

    mr. goodman22 days ago

    idc im eating a cheeseburger at mcdonalds this evening with ketchup and MUSTARD

  54. Cavemantero

    Cavemantero21 day ago

    make your own guga burger (just search for it on youtube) and thank me later

  55. Sharralynn Pierce Woolworth

    Sharralynn Pierce Woolworth22 days ago

    How do you get fecal matter in the ICE???? SOMEBODY needs a butt kicking!

  56. IrishPride 29

    IrishPride 2919 days ago

    Muslim employees not washing their hands

  57. Polar702bear

    Polar702bear23 days ago

    Question: "Who loves the taste of chemicals?" Answer: Meth/heroin addicts...unless they slam it (injecting)

  58. air max

    air max24 days ago

    i only eat at Jollibee, KFC, in and out, A&W, Wendys when it comes to quick hunger

  59. Jim Kelly

    Jim Kelly25 days ago

    I would boycott McDonald's after watching this if I already hadn't five or six years ago.

  60. Donald Brown

    Donald Brown26 days ago

    Don Trump says that it's all fake news 😂😂

  61. Lilith Hatchett

    Lilith Hatchett26 days ago

    That's why i always order no ice lol

  62. Lilith Hatchett

    Lilith Hatchett26 days ago

    @BabbleTop absolutely i subbed XD

  63. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop26 days ago

    Thanks for sharing this Lilith Hatchett! 😄 Did you like the video?

  64. Eric Valdez

    Eric Valdez26 days ago

    I dont know if your videos are more informative or humorous. Yea Gordon would of lost it and "SHUT IT DOWN" as he famously said shot out kitchen nightmares

  65. Juan Romero

    Juan Romero27 days ago

    Why is ramsay pictured in the front pic

  66. kevin mentor

    kevin mentor27 days ago

    Fast food is what's screwing YOU ALL... chemicals in fast food is f***ing with your SOUL.. BODY + SOUL... MOST AMERICANS ARE IN HELL...LAND OF THE FREE?... GOD HELP US!!!.... :{