10 McDonald's Secrets They Wish You Never Knew About


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    BabbleTop3 months ago

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  2. Warren Ash

    Warren Ash26 days ago

    Just present the facts and cut the liberal propaganda.

  3. dan409

    dan409Month ago

    False advertising!!! Stop tricking us with the thumbnail that doesn't fucking pertain to the video!!!!!! You fucking cunts!

  4. PhillLsx Ga.

    PhillLsx Ga.Month ago

    The fecal in the ice can happen anywhere because the ice makers are not sanitized frequently enough. I work on them. Don't get ice from any ice maker...

  5. Jelai Sultan

    Jelai SultanMonth ago

    How about Jollibee?? U mean they are clean?

  6. Jane Doe

    Jane DoeHour ago

    Dont like fast food, especially McDonalds. Dont eat it.

  7. Danny Creech

    Danny Creech13 hours ago

    I have worked at McDonald's and you are right they do pay minimum wage. But only a total moron would think they should go to work at McDonalds and make flipping burgers a career. That is a stepping stone job to teach you how to be an employee and to gain experance so you can go on to a real job. The reason McDonals is going to the touchscreens is because people like you think a low end starter job should pay a crap load of cash. It costs McDonalds a lot to put in those systems and may customers dont like them. But it is a wise idea on there part when the idiots strat screaming they need to pay livable incomes to non skilled high school kids. As far as the screens being dirty, I promise your personal cell phones touch screen is cleaned less than those screens are and you dont even think about that.


    KILLERZEN15 hours ago

    This is a Happy Massacre

  9. nyuuchan356

    nyuuchan35615 hours ago

    McRibs year round at Walmart, buy the ingredients for 6 for the price of one.

  10. EJ257IHI

    EJ257IHI18 hours ago

    I'd rather starve.....funny seeing the mass of people who eat at these places, especially at 2 AM.........................

  11. Brittany Carter

    Brittany Carter23 hours ago

    McDonald's and other fast-food restaurants because they all have a ton of waste should donate that food two soup kitchens or have their employees take it after their shift and drive around and handed out to homeless people they see it is ridiculous the amount of food they put in the trash with the amount of people that go to bed hungry in our country's every night

  12. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop22 hours ago

    I understand your point Brittany Carter. The problem is if restaurants give this food away to people, they could get sued if someone gets sick. This is the reason why restaurants through away their leftover food.

  13. Brandon Byng

    Brandon ByngDay ago

    Fuck fast food... it's not even real food... chemicals all day... good luck ppl

  14. joseph2770

    joseph27702 days ago

    This video reminded me why I haven't been to a MacDonald in 10 years and generally avoid too much fast-food, here's to another 10 years.

  15. BabbleTop

    BabbleTopDay ago

    LOL joseph2770 😂😜 Did you like the video?

  16. arrcarius

    arrcarius2 days ago

    1:15 bullshit. I've drunkenly walked or biked into the drive-through so many fucking times

  17. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop2 days ago


  18. Clint Davis

    Clint Davis2 days ago

    At one point you suggest they should feed the world instead of wasting their product, but then you continuously state how it is unfit for consumption... You have no idea what your own motive is other than sensationalism. (not a fan of fast food...just a fan of critical thinking)

  19. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop2 days ago


  20. FatCatTheMeowing

    FatCatTheMeowing2 days ago

    hey i like Mcdonald's nuggets and fries and soda but i dont feel bad.

  21. Hunter Stewart

    Hunter Stewart3 days ago


  22. dvrapant

    dvrapant3 days ago

    The McRib needs to die. It’s a piece of shit on a bun....seriously. Oh, then the next part pretty much confirms it. Gross. That McDonalds CEO looks like a child molester.

  23. Angel Demon

    Angel Demon4 days ago


  24. Vampirion The Vampire Flower

    Vampirion The Vampire Flower4 days ago

    I am gonna stop eating fast food now. :P

  25. CECE'S TV

    CECE'S TV4 days ago

    I knew MCDONALD'S was full of S**t. Haven't been in a while but when I did go I use to get fish filet meal. Which I know the fish is not real fish. Well I stick with chic fila when I don't feel like cooking.

  26. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop4 days ago

    Thanks for your feedback CECE'S TV! 😄

  27. Karis Tiavaasue

    Karis Tiavaasue4 days ago

    still gonna eat maccas

  28. Chris Collins

    Chris Collins4 days ago

    Most of the thing's mentioned in this video have been banned in the UK under are laws. So MDs is different hear.

  29. Amilia True

    Amilia True5 days ago

    I'm still eating McDonald's. Delicious McDonald's yum yum

  30. Sean Waller

    Sean Waller5 days ago

    This made me hungry am going for a big mac.

  31. George Nakaora

    George Nakaora5 days ago

    Wow 😮..happy to stay away from MAC foods

  32. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop5 days ago

    Thanks for your feedback George Nakaora! 😄

  33. Marie Smith

    Marie Smith5 days ago

    Got a kick out of this. I worked McD's in the 90's. I worked all positions and even became a crew trainer. Unless you are the General Manager the poor lower managers ARE overworked and on a set salary. I made hamburger, cheeseburger and Big Mac's in 30 seconds. Today I have waited for up to 20 minutes for a simple cheeseburger and never melted cheese like in the 90's want to know how to do 12 in 30 seconds or 6 Big Macs? Hit me up and I will tell you. Some of the food waste was people just wanting a new toy line in their kids meals. People would literally come in and buy a Happy Meal just for the toy. We actually set a waste trash can for them as they would buy the happy meal and grab the toy out and throw the meal away. What consumers did not get, you just gave Mc D's all the money and more. When the trash can got full, we would go through it and reclaim hamburgers, cheeseburgers and Big Macs! I seriously think McD's was healthier because all the food was fresh. Not sitting in bins. And trust me, as a crew trainer and seeing what they do today makes me ill. I will break down and get a Big Mac a couple times in a year, but get a cheeseburger a month. What the video said was true. They will give out drive thru first. We had a 2 minute or less time and once the order was placed in order for the GM to get her bonus checks etc, The managers would click the order off once they handed it to drive thru. So that was the main reason you might not get all of your order or a completely different one. So next time you want to blame drive thru think about how confusing it can get for the poor window person. I worked at one of the fastest Mc D's in Missouri. Hwy 70 Cave Springs Exit in St Peters. We were doing around 1200.00 in an hour. I am sure with price hikes through the years they are making much more an hour!

  34. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop5 days ago

    Thanks for your informative feedback Marie Smith! 😄 Where do you work now?

  35. Paulo Figueiredo Filho

    Paulo Figueiredo Filho5 days ago

    Don't know anything about how economy works. Liberal propaganda alert.

  36. evekurocieru

    evekurocieru6 days ago

    The starting wage at the Mcds near me in Seattle is $16 an hour!! My friend worked there and the sweet tea is made in big buckets they keep on the floor. They never wash the buckets and they'll stack them inside each other, which means one that touched the floor goes inside another. They also said never eat the onions but wouldn't tell me why

  37. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop6 days ago

    Talk about nasty!🤢 Make me want to puke! 😝 Thanks for your feedback evekurocieru! 😄

  38. show jumper

    show jumper6 days ago

    Dont forget all the plastic straws ...cups....toys etc destroying the planet everywhere

  39. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop6 days ago

    Thanks for reminding me show jumper! 😉

  40. Michael Lindsay

    Michael Lindsay6 days ago

    They clean the ice cream machine one a week sometime never at all that the true

  41. Michael Lindsay

    Michael Lindsay6 days ago

    There nothing healthy at McDonald's Its bad

  42. Michael Lindsay

    Michael Lindsay6 days ago

    No wonder iam sick all the time I work there that bad

  43. the first pancake

    the first pancake6 days ago

    What movie was "You put poop in my mouth from?" Please tell me. Never mind. Looked it up.

  44. Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin

    Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin7 days ago

    Mcds sucks. I will never go back after they deliberately skipped me in the drive thru lane.

  45. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop6 days ago

    Thanks for sharing this Hgyvtfygyhuh Ygihvutctvnininnin. 😄

  46. DynaGuy 209

    DynaGuy 2097 days ago

    Omg the employees don’t make enough money. Well that goes for the fucking rest of us. Welcome to Life assholes

  47. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop6 days ago

    No need to be vulgar just because you are frustrated! 😜

  48. DJ MBOI

    DJ MBOI7 days ago

    The schools back in the day used to serve the same McRib.

  49. RoxAnne Livengood

    RoxAnne Livengood7 days ago

    Minimum wage jobs are for HS and college students, not to have a permanent career to raise a family on.

  50. Marko IvkovicDrums

    Marko IvkovicDrums7 days ago

    Did she say micdanolds at the start of the video

  51. R Lo

    R Lo8 days ago

    Garbage ass food.🖕🏼

  52. Barbara Wells

    Barbara Wells8 days ago

    First time I ate a McDonald's Mcribb in Greenville MS. I got food poisoning. I've never had one since and I wouldn't touch a eggmcmuffin with a 100.00 doller bill. As a matter of fact I don't eat McDonald's at all.

  53. Oof Gaming_YT

    Oof Gaming_YT8 days ago

    I’m not going to McDonald’s again >_

  54. Rich Laue

    Rich Laue8 days ago

    When I worked at McDonald's the shake machine got sanitized every night, but we where not open 24 hours a day. With the complete process taking about a hour I can believe that today it is rarely done

  55. Henry #3 Productions

    Henry #3 Productions8 days ago

    It’s a 100% White meat man! Don’t u listen 2 the ads

  56. dave denham

    dave denham8 days ago

    Total utter shit......

  57. James Metcalf

    James Metcalf8 days ago

    McDonalds in NewZealand has become a sick joke alltogether the prices are so high and continuing to rise and the quality is declining just as quickly, when you see the prices on the menu you lose your appetite immediately. The nostalgic "Georgie Pie" is now a piece of shit soggy pastry with a small amount of sandy gravy inside. This is a new low for fast food.

  58. peter reesor

    peter reesor9 days ago

    I havent eaten at mcpucks in like 15 yrs lol now i know why

  59. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop9 days ago


  60. george ff

    george ff9 days ago

    By the way cool video ! Let people know what kind of shit they are eating . Thanks !!! You missed the large amount of plastic waste they produce .

  61. george ff

    george ff9 days ago

    I can not understand how parents bring their children to Mc Dump . The food is disgusting ; the fries age not even fries . Buy some steaks or chopped meat for burgers , potatoes and salad and make them at home = cheaper , cleaner and healthier !!!

  62. Real eyes Realize Real lies Real

    Real eyes Realize Real lies Real10 days ago

    Keep up the good work mcds. Every third worlder eats these chemicals. And there loving it!

  63. David Newell

    David Newell10 days ago

    Ronald McDonald been shitting in the ice machine..the dirty fucker or was it that hamburglar I knew he was a prick

  64. Wyatt Gatzke

    Wyatt Gatzke10 days ago

    Wages at dons are normally $3 above minimum wage and the kioskis have actualy created more jobs for people to help out at them

  65. Rod Kirt

    Rod Kirt10 days ago

    Does McDonalds mix pink slime into their hamburger meat?

  66. Ben Neb

    Ben Neb10 days ago


  67. pastorart1974

    pastorart197411 days ago

    If this video wasn't true, the lawyers at McDonald's would be in court in a heartbeat.

  68. Zheng Vwj

    Zheng Vwj11 days ago

    Burger King is better

  69. Cindy Mulvey

    Cindy Mulvey11 days ago

    Walk away from liberal hate!

  70. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop11 days ago

    What liberal hate are you talking about ????? 🤔🤔 Liberal ????? 🤔🤔

  71. donpaulandrews

    donpaulandrews11 days ago

    This commercial paid for by Burger King and Wendy's.

  72. Tsar Yagin

    Tsar Yagin12 days ago

    its not true that mcdonalds doesn't accept non motorized vehicles i always order with my bike and they let me

  73. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop12 days ago

    Thanks for your feedback Tsar Yagin!

  74. # cooliki

    # cooliki12 days ago

    Me: *watches video then eats mcdonalds for dinner*

  75. Vasbygrabben08

    Vasbygrabben0812 days ago

    i remember working there and we only had one customer it was a old lady, she asked for a sallad and as i was making it the manager walked up to me and said i put way too much sallad in it and removed almost everything i put into the bowl, then she said "we fluff it up" and made it look like it was more in it than it actually was... i felt so bad for the old lady.

  76. Dominic Counts

    Dominic Counts13 days ago

    Yum. This video just made me want to rush over to McDonalds and order lots of food!

  77. jeremy phillips

    jeremy phillips13 days ago

    I agree McDonald's is a bad choice but how about you get your facts straight about some of the chemicals instead of fear-mongering. case-in-point most commonly available water has Trace Amounts of fecal matter in it. or if you insist on fear-mongering you could tell them there's dihydrogen monoxide in the ice cubes AKA H2O good old-fashioned water

  78. R.J. M

    R.J. M14 days ago

    Once I tried to order in the drive thru cause I was with my dog and could not get in,they refused to take my order and lost a customer,so F McD

  79. Evan M

    Evan M14 days ago

    click bait.......Grrrrrrr

  80. Jordan Slack

    Jordan Slack15 days ago

    If u need to be told there's bacteria on a public touch screen then there's no hope for u

  81. Natalie

    Natalie16 days ago

    I work at McDonald's my salary is better than in the most of other fast food restaurants and I love working there :)

  82. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop16 days ago

    Thanks for sharing this. 😄

  83. fasignal

    fasignal17 days ago

    If you like dry cool hamburgers , McDonnalds is the only place to go

  84. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop16 days ago


  85. Jim Mangiarella

    Jim Mangiarella17 days ago

    I knew McD’s was bad but had no idea how bad!

  86. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop16 days ago

    LOL Jim Mangiarella 😂😜 Now you do!

  87. carl blackman

    carl blackman17 days ago

    only eat fast foods when traveling, always has bad effects on me.

  88. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop17 days ago

    What kind of effects?

  89. Cheryl Ruder

    Cheryl Ruder18 days ago

    Video produced by Subway

  90. Brandon  Davis

    Brandon Davis18 days ago

    How are they under paid. It’s a job meant for part time not full time.

  91. macks Smith

    macks Smith19 days ago

    Fact is MCD, BURGER KING.WENDY'S ALL HIRE EX CONS.federal money to hire these workers.all fast food get $$$$ to hire ppl out of jail & on work release. Don't eat @ fast food. Period.

  92. Shashara Sims

    Shashara Sims19 days ago

    I rather have Chinese food McDonald's not everybody's favorite restaurant

  93. michael bagherzadeh

    michael bagherzadeh19 days ago

    they just said sorry after they feed us with garbage ! if you make survey they will give you coupon to go back & eat more garbage !

  94. michael bagherzadeh

    michael bagherzadeh19 days ago

    We went to buy burgers from McDonald's store # 40494 in Niagara falls Canada , McDonald's Showing photo's of hamburgers or other things they sell look very good & excellent in sizes . but ! when we got the burgers they look so white & meat was raw & cold & fries had too much salt in it , also they did not give us tray to take our food to table , just bag & they got forced all the food in it , & when we open , all were mixed up like garbage & when i complain their manager , he just said his is sorry ! excuse me who is this man they put in charge of this garbage place ?

  95. michael bagherzadeh

    michael bagherzadeh19 days ago

    We went to buy burgers from McDonald's store # 40494 in Niagara falls Canada , McDonald's Showing photo's of hamburgers or other things they sell look very good & excellent in sizes . but ! when we got the burgers they look so white & meat was raw & cold & fries had too much salt in it , also they did not give us tray to take our food to table , just bag & they got forced all the food in it , & when we open , all were mixed up like garbage & when i complain their manager , he just said his is sorry ! excuse me who is this man was put in charge of this garbage place ?

  96. Dodah Ashwag

    Dodah Ashwag19 days ago

    Why u only focus on MCD ????? All fast food restaurant are not healthy not just mcd ,thats awkward

  97. Jeanine Barrios

    Jeanine Barrios19 days ago

    All fast food is disgusting

  98. Modert Lexann

    Modert Lexann20 days ago

    I am going to never go to get these drinks ever again 💥💥😫😫😫😫😫🤒🤒😬😨😬

  99. animator X butcallmeArk

    animator X butcallmeArk21 day ago

    I will cook my food by my own now u should too

  100. BroccoliQueefed

    BroccoliQueefed22 days ago

    What is sad and weird is how angry some people get when you suggest there is something wrong with McDonald's food. It is pretty obvious it is poisonous.

  101. cristina lexy

    cristina lexy22 days ago

    11)they publish a Coupon on the Evening Standard newspaper, so you can enjoy a hamburger+fries for just £1.99

  102. Cristen and Tank's vlogs

    Cristen and Tank's vlogs23 days ago

    The food is NOT NATURAL!!!!!! Don't eat it, it's not food and doesn't do anything positive for your body.

  103. Alfred Atly

    Alfred Atly23 days ago

    Im glad I don’t use Ice...😂😂😂

  104. Jim Robertson

    Jim Robertson24 days ago

    Made a promise to myself never to darken the doorway of this dreadful company ever again ,☠️

  105. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop24 days ago

    Why if I may ask?

  106. Richard Booth

    Richard Booth24 days ago

    I laughed everytime she said MickDonalds, is that smart Irish franchise

  107. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop24 days ago

    Did you like the video?

  108. Mrs H.

    Mrs H.24 days ago


  109. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop23 days ago

    Did you like the video?

  110. Dani D

    Dani D24 days ago

    Those pop machine novels have to be removed and sterilized every night! They didn't even talk about the bacteria build up there other than talking about the ice but not explaining how the poop got into it! Then ppl on the street take cups out the trash and fill it with pop from the machine! They need to keep wiping down the machine with sanitizer and hot water but you know they don't! McDonald's soda is watered down anyway! This is still disturbing!

  111. King Tutt

    King Tutt24 days ago

    Gordon Ramsey spits on McDonald's food

  112. Crazycraigy

    Crazycraigy24 days ago

    Still make tasteless burgers like they been boiled...BK have that nice seared taste at least...

  113. Joseph T.

    Joseph T.24 days ago

    Stupid hyper video.

  114. Joseph T.

    Joseph T.24 days ago

    Kind of hyperactive overly paced presentation. Not that deep a subject concidering it's only about food choices.

  115. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop24 days ago

    Sorry you didn't like the vid Joseph T.... 😥

  116. Lenny Cossette

    Lenny Cossette25 days ago

    Wahhhh...I can't make a decent living working at McDonalds! Wahhhhh. That's because a job at McDonalds is meant for kids in high school and Mo Mos. If you want to make a living, stay in school, don't be an idiot and get a real job.

  117. Jim Flask

    Jim Flask25 days ago


  118. David Malapile

    David Malapile25 days ago

    Thanx for the info

  119. BabbleTop

    BabbleTop25 days ago

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  120. Virachay Vongsa - Nga

    Virachay Vongsa - Nga25 days ago

    After watching this, I'm not going to eat McDonald again :(

  121. Jacqueline Roches

    Jacqueline Roches25 days ago

    And this is why i only get the fish fillet !!

  122. ihatecountry

    ihatecountry25 days ago

    There’s nothing really secret about it. All this information is available on the internet. The only secret if you call it that is why people are still eating there. Addiction maybe?

  123. Neon Fullbuster

    Neon Fullbuster25 days ago


  124. Sherry Vonsenden

    Sherry Vonsenden25 days ago

    I don’t eat McD’s grandkids love it trying to get their young palates to become more sophisticated

  125. Ikester Reno

    Ikester Reno25 days ago

    Home-cooked meals are the best!

  126. Jerad whitaker

    Jerad whitaker25 days ago

    Unless you can't cook, then I would say starving at home is not the best.

  127. Andrew Hanson

    Andrew Hanson25 days ago

    And all general Mills cereal has trisodium phosphate. It's paint thinner and poison.

  128. Fresh Eats LLC TV

    Fresh Eats LLC TV25 days ago

    That’s why I cook my OWN FOOD! That’s gross AF!🤢🤮🙅🏾‍♀️

  129. Deutscher Nazi Vampir

    Deutscher Nazi Vampir26 days ago

    This is why humanity getting more advanced is a really bad thing.