10 Food Gadgets You Won't Find In America!


  1. JosephA

    JosephA39 minutes ago

    #gross and #cringe

  2. Thomas Mangan

    Thomas Mangan4 hours ago

    I have no friends

  3. TheCharisse328

    TheCharisse32810 hours ago

    I eat cereal soggy too

  4. kelseyalanarossel

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  5. Aiden Lucietta

    Aiden Lucietta20 hours ago

    When he said I'm about to make a cake out of you I thought this looks like it can be put on Pornhub

  6. Willy Wijaya

    Willy Wijaya21 hour ago

    liz make that stuff more authentic

  7. Wyatt Roberts

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  8. Laura Thomas

    Laura ThomasDay ago

    I mean #gross

  9. Laura Thomas

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  10. The_Wise_Tortoise

    The_Wise_TortoiseDay ago

    Mathias: "share this video with someone you know" Me: (sitting alone eating chow mien) "How about no"

  11. Gacha._ Radius

    Gacha._ RadiusDay ago

    I will never eat and watch this channel again ;-;

  12. Mark Mckay

    Mark MckayDay ago

    "join" me fo free...

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  14. Exotic Butters

    Exotic ButtersDay ago

    Did any one else's mouth start mass producing saliva at 15:36. No just me? Well good because then I can have it to myself. Sluuuuuuuuuurrrrrpppp

  15. Jude Bryan Gonzales

    Jude Bryan GonzalesDay ago

    The donut hole-r coaster😂😂😂

  16. Yuga Gannon

    Yuga GannonDay ago

    #gross #cringe #delayedvideos

  17. Emily Dayton

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    10 food gadgets you won’t find in America! *because we are just so boring* 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👌

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  20. Takara M Vlogs

    Takara M Vlogs2 days ago

    In this video my name comes up at 4:03 I also took a picture of it

  21. Takara M Vlogs

    Takara M Vlogs2 days ago

    Si vous avez passé une mauvaise journée, rassurez-vous et essayez de le comprendre

  22. Liam Duquette

    Liam Duquette2 days ago

    Finally someone who shares my opinion over cereal!

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  25. Abbie Stern

    Abbie Stern2 days ago

    19:07 is the face I make when I sneeze/ cough when I’m on my period oof😂

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  27. Noah Smith

    Noah Smith2 days ago

    It’s a crawfish or crawbad

  28. Nightmare Wolfs_17

    Nightmare Wolfs_172 days ago

    What is bpa free? Edit: 6:37 doesn't vat19 sell that?

  29. AnimeMJ

    AnimeMJ2 days ago

    Mom can we go to red crab scorpion?

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  31. HappyPie 101

    HappyPie 1012 days ago

    Please DO NOT watch this while hungry You WILL regret it ._. Believe me... I learned this the hard way

  32. Celia Vallot

    Celia Vallot2 days ago

    9:31 You guys are not from Louisiana. That is a crawfish. If you ever come down there YOU NEED TO TRY SOME. It is the best. Love watching y'all.😁😁

  33. BB Beauty Studio

    BB Beauty Studio2 days ago

    The bread is too Soft

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  35. Elicid Karma

    Elicid Karma2 days ago

    30 year old men (I think) playing with toys .

  36. JonathanYT Vendel Nielsen

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  37. Isam Mohammed Khan

    Isam Mohammed Khan2 days ago

    Is tanner Muslim cos he fasting

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  40. Amanda Delatorre

    Amanda Delatorre2 days ago

    I am dragon destroy this is my mom moms acaunt

  41. Amanda Delatorre

    Amanda Delatorre2 days ago

    The machine got mad cuz tanner did int want sushi

  42. Cool Spoter

    Cool Spoter3 days ago

    No one: Cooking channel at 2pm: :D

  43. Jan andrew Pamplona

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  44. Vilma Velez

    Vilma Velez3 days ago

    Tanner:" how about we talk faster to make them slow down the other bit" me:" i am from Puerto Rico try me"


    FROSTY PLAYZ3 days ago


  46. nate childers

    nate childers3 days ago

    It’s a crawfish you Cali fucks

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  48. Rodger VanCleave

    Rodger VanCleave3 days ago

    The panda cutter looks like that guy off bnha

  49. base19

    base193 days ago

    no theres a purpose u didnt realize to the stupid fridge toy, it helps u learn japanese XD

  50. Hi There

    Hi There3 days ago

    Gordon ramsay : THAT LOBSTER IS DEAD

  51. Kevin Correa

    Kevin Correa3 days ago

    Hi There No, its sleeping

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