10 Celeb Kids With Perfect Manners And 10 Who Are Already Divas


  1. Elephantgirl245

    Elephantgirl2458 months ago

    Love this channel I will tell all my friends about it because you earned it

  2. Thisarobbery

    Thisarobbery27 days ago

    Elephantgirl245 suck up

  3. Zmachine

    Zmachine2 months ago

    lol its funny how people get pissed off about dis comment and i mean with dis YOU ARE ALL RETARDS

  4. Faded_Dreams xX

    Faded_Dreams xX3 months ago

    Fun&games i’m not surprised they hearted tis

  5. syntrish TM

    syntrish TM3 months ago

    +NeptuneDaBubbly wow are you so desperate for a like




  7. Itz JesseMCSM

    Itz JesseMCSMDay ago

    you forgot to add: Paris Jackson: Perfect Manners

  8. bubblegum boy

    bubblegum boyDay ago

    Kids who acts as divas.... well blame their parents for raising them that way.

  9. katy donawether

    katy donawetherDay ago

    Obama girls are ugly the look like boys 🤣

  10. Virtually Me

    Virtually MeDay ago

    you can see why, in that last footage of Kim Kardashian ... why she rarely smiles ... she shouldn't.

  11. iconic enough

    iconic enoughDay ago

    Angelina jolie raised great kids like her 💞💞💞

  12. Taylor Swift

    Taylor SwiftDay ago


  13. Ashley Rodriguez

    Ashley Rodriguez2 days ago

    What about Jojo Swia

  14. Mahogany Maxwell

    Mahogany Maxwell2 days ago

    Bindi Irwin ROCKS

  15. Donna-Marie Davidson

    Donna-Marie Davidson2 days ago

    Can anyone else hear the spitting in the mic?

  16. Irene Emma

    Irene Emma2 days ago

    You clearly don't have an idea of what u are talking about.

  17. Angelina. Gigi Williams

    Angelina. Gigi Williams2 days ago

    What's up with Jaden Smiths teeth??,...How many of you really think Gwyneth Paltrow is beautiful?? She has that stringy hair, ugly face, her Mother is prettier than she is...Willow Smith looks like an alien, Blu Ivy is one of the ugliest kids I've ever seen......poor kid....What do you expect from Suri Cruise?? Brat town,....Ming Lee Simmons is very pretty....North West is a Brat and the Obama girls are not so perfect. The oldest one was caught smoking pot at that party she snuck out to......They just know how to keep things secret so there was no backlash at their parents, and Gwen Stefani's oldest is a rich brat.

  18. Chris Auger

    Chris Auger3 days ago

    Nathalie taylor

  19. Mark Gab

    Mark Gab3 days ago

    I just saw an Anthem trailer😂😂😂

  20. aliciagrace94

    aliciagrace943 days ago

    What is wrong with this Chanel calling children names 🙄 children act out sometimes and they don’t need some random judging everything they do as CHILDREN! and non of this is based on fact

  21. Brianna Ford

    Brianna Ford4 days ago

    HAHA who knew Sofia would be a brat. No hope for her at all, Farrah goona get alllll that karma back the moment that girl gets a boyfriend.

  22. Jessica Nunnery

    Jessica Nunnery4 days ago

    Honey boo boo isn't a diva she is a brat and spoiled brat.

  23. Zayd Joomun

    Zayd Joomun5 days ago


  24. Ebony Gemmell

    Ebony Gemmell5 days ago

    I am a deva

  25. Hercules Mulligan

    Hercules Mulligan6 days ago

    Is it ironic that i hated all the divas before watching this video?

  26. sophia j.a

    sophia j.a6 days ago

    Omg ming is so gorgeous

  27. Adrianna Jones

    Adrianna Jones7 days ago

    I heard that Willow Smith was in bed with a 26yrs old man, and she isn't a diva

  28. catherine dorkin

    catherine dorkin7 days ago

    So, for Jaden Smith, he is an individual so therefore a terrible brat? Sophia comes by it honestly - have you seen the way Farrah acts? Mason Disick was being a typical jealous five year old boy. Having said that, maybe the fact that two Disick`s are on the list has nothing to do with the children but the parents. Like wise with North

  29. Yaqub & Aasiyah Ali

    Yaqub & Aasiyah Ali7 days ago

    All of the divas lives have been recorded.

  30. onion rat

    onion rat7 days ago

    Wait.. so you think a toddler wearing clothes that her parents clearly picked out for her is a diva? Where is the logic in these videos..

  31. Demi

    Demi8 days ago

    Well, Blue is the daughter of a Queen🐝

  32. Farmdog Tutsi

    Farmdog Tutsi8 days ago

    stupid video

  33. Rain Paulo Aniate

    Rain Paulo Aniate8 days ago

    Honey boo boo is a brat


    SACHA GACHAS9 days ago

    Really north west she is a baby damn it!!!!!!

  35. Do- Nathan

    Do- Nathan9 days ago

    Imagine if Stormi Webster (Kylie Jenner & Travis Scott) becomes a diva!

  36. kendra thomas

    kendra thomas9 days ago

    I am selah marley’s grand cousin

  37. Selena Lucia

    Selena Lucia9 days ago

    I teach secondary school kids. They behave so much worse than these celeb kids.

  38. Selena Lucia

    Selena Lucia9 days ago

    Who is Honey Boo Boo?

  39. jjmaze

    jjmaze9 days ago

    North West is so adorable. She can't help who her parents are.


    ADAM HUNT10 days ago

    I thought Scott was married to Khloe Kardashian

  41. Abigia berhan

    Abigia berhan10 days ago

    I say its not fair to judge them like that !!!!

  42. TwentyOnePanicAtTheFallOutRomance

    TwentyOnePanicAtTheFallOutRomance10 days ago

    4:26 yes, yes there is

  43. AlwaysHere ForTheComments

    AlwaysHere ForTheComments10 days ago

    Would this be a list if North West wasn’t on it?

  44. Nini Sachu

    Nini Sachu10 days ago

    Suri isn't lol. She is a spoilt brat

  45. Eliyiah Clowney

    Eliyiah Clowney11 days ago

    I love Jaden Smith

  46. RoseyRose Gacha

    RoseyRose Gacha11 days ago

    I dont agree on north west I mean come on you cant just say shes a diva because her style I mean come on her mom is Kim Kardashian give her a break

  47. Katelyn_life23

    Katelyn_life2311 days ago

    Is it bad that I only know the famous kids on the diva list😂😂-like is sameee

  48. Maura N

    Maura N12 days ago

    Dude...Blue is a child...leave her alone...

  49. Diellza Azemi

    Diellza Azemi12 days ago


  50. Diellza Azemi

    Diellza Azemi12 days ago


  51. Lola M

    Lola M12 days ago

    I cringe when I see honey boo boo.

  52. Simply Sara

    Simply Sara13 days ago

    I thought she said bob Morley instead of bob Marley ooof

  53. snap crackle k pop

    snap crackle k pop13 days ago

    *when a toddler has better fashion sense then you*

  54. Jellybean 813

    Jellybean 81313 days ago

    I am so glad that one of the Irwin kids got on this list

  55. Ayodele Gbadamosi

    Ayodele Gbadamosi14 days ago

    the person who made this list really needs to know the difference between having the means to get whatever you want, and being a brat who's trying to own everything.... but hey, no one's perfect.

  56. Ayodele Gbadamosi

    Ayodele Gbadamosi14 days ago

    or at least clarify what you mean by diva...

  57. Khine Khine_OwO

    Khine Khine_OwO14 days ago

    Can I just say North is NOT a diva anyways her mom makes her wear those clothes

  58. Doggy Game

    Doggy Game14 days ago

    Wow Beyoncé holding apple juice and what looks lovely like gummy fruit

  59. Yemaya Belcon

    Yemaya Belcon14 days ago

    malia obama

  60. Malia Cole

    Malia Cole14 days ago

    Who tf is Malai???? Her name is Malia lol. Also, stop COMPARING CHILDREN!

  61. Carin  Reyes

    Carin Reyes14 days ago

    Not a fan of Jennifer Garner's crappy work, but she does seem to be a great, hands-on mom!

  62. አምላክ ፍቅር ነው

    አምላክ ፍቅር ነው15 days ago

    Malia Obama is definitely a diva. Always a scowl on her face, embarrassed her parents by using drugs and drinking underage, showing her butt, falling down drunk and having to be escorted out of concerts for her behavior. No, that's not "normal" teenaged behavior. I didn't behave that way. My children didn't behave that way. None of Trumps kids behaved that way. She's just spoiled and entitled and will use her last name to her every advantage. She acts like her mother and I feel bad for her dad who loves her so much, it hurts him to see her behaving this way.

  63. free finally

    free finally15 days ago

    Wow, judging children. That is just sad.

  64. Linda 01X

    Linda 01X15 days ago

    Omg judging little kids tfff😂😂😂😂

  65. Brenda B

    Brenda B16 days ago

    you are calling kids UNDER 6 YEARS OLD divas before giving them the chance to grow up and make their own decisions. If anything, you should be calling the parents divas for dressing them in such over the top clothing and raising them to believe that they'll always get what they want. The "kids" who you called perfect are already in their late teens and can make decisions on their own without the influence of their parents


    ISHANA VERNON16 days ago

    How can you say north west is following in her mothers footstep by the way she dresses?? The small child doesn't dress her self

  67. Amy Cohen

    Amy Cohen17 days ago

    This list is a joke...considering The Odipshit kids are one it and they act like brats just as much as the rest.

  68. Vienne Snow

    Vienne Snow17 days ago

    This is bias. Why are you hating on kids you don’t know?

  69. Aline Alves

    Aline Alves17 days ago

    Do you even feel embaressed for talking this way about childrean?

  70. Aline Alves

    Aline Alves17 days ago

    This is so absurd i cringed.

  71. Kimmi

    Kimmi18 days ago

    Why did you pair up “the Obama girls” but gave kourtney Kardashian’s children separate spots? Not that I’m disagreeing with the list, just seems odd to me

  72. Nomonde Kunene

    Nomonde Kunene18 days ago

    North West and Ming Lee 😍

  73. Nimrit Randhawa

    Nimrit Randhawa18 days ago

    she is not an only child she has two other siblings.

  74. Summer Geddings

    Summer Geddings19 days ago

    Are we not going to talk about "Malai Obama" ?!?!

  75. Rebecca Sue Dorothy Greene

    Rebecca Sue Dorothy Greene20 days ago

    How do you mess up the Obama’s names? Malai??

  76. Philly Moultrie

    Philly Moultrie20 days ago

    This list is really shit .

  77. Kanye West

    Kanye West20 days ago

    Did you just called my kid a “THOT”

  78. Kenzie Schuck

    Kenzie Schuck21 day ago

    Little kids don’t choose their outfits 🤷‍♀️

  79. Jaleel Mikhail Stonagal

    Jaleel Mikhail Stonagal21 day ago

    I don't care if I get fire for this, but that Blue Ivy girl is so fucking ugly! Looks nothing like her gorgeous mother and looks all like her butt ugly father!

  80. Kaitlyn Mumford

    Kaitlyn Mumford21 day ago

    Who else couldn’t stand that Mike in the background

  81. Dianna Martinez

    Dianna Martinez21 day ago

    Waittttt! I thought north was a a lerfect mannerd child not a DIVA

  82. Ella Maguire

    Ella Maguire22 days ago

    north is my favvvv

  83. *.blacknwhxite.*

    *.blacknwhxite.*23 days ago


  84. External User

    External User23 days ago

    Mason Disik did NOTHING wrong in this video! Would you like it if your cousin was having a party at your house? (Especially so young) If you would, then good for you. I'm sure some kids would get a little upset if all the spotlight was on a kid that wasn't him or his siblings IN HIS OWN HOUSE?

  85. Quynh Chi Do

    Quynh Chi Do24 days ago

    My name is also Sophia but my mom teach me lot of manners

  86. Celeste Sharp

    Celeste Sharp24 days ago

    It's Malia Obama ...not Malai.

  87. Katharine Conklin

    Katharine Conklin25 days ago

    Kim dresses north west

  88. cøøl beans

    cøøl beans26 days ago

    Some of the kids it wasn’t their fault. Their parents dress them up in that, and what’s wrong with spoiling your kids a little for a party

  89. helena barnett

    helena barnett26 days ago

    Bindi is Zee Best!!! So selfless, so gorgeous, so humble, so focused &I Know she's gonna do EVERYTHING that she sets out to do in continuing her dad's legacy. Love Her!!

  90. Poorva Jambhulkar

    Poorva Jambhulkar26 days ago

    In Asia, such children celebs are countless... 😊

  91. 降scarlet

    降scarlet26 days ago

    the amount of ads on this holy shit

  92. bish please

    bish please27 days ago

    I think that this list is such bs. The children on this list are all completely different ages.of course kids who are older, would be wayy more mature than kids that are like 5-6 years of age.

  93. Queen Hope

    Queen Hope27 days ago

    As a child, who would want to be compared by “well mannered ” kids. This Channel only knows what is posted. This channel even say that “Not much is know about...” lastly I hope the parents of these children call out this channel. 😒

  94. bedosone2 - ROBLOX

    bedosone2 - ROBLOX27 days ago

    Woah! Malai is so SMART!

  95. Ashton Robinson

    Ashton Robinson27 days ago

    What about Breanna

  96. Zahra K

    Zahra K27 days ago

    Did it bother anyone that they said Malia Obama’s name wrong?

  97. Gillian Barnes

    Gillian Barnes27 days ago

    Her name is apple wtf lmao

  98. SlimeMaker 101

    SlimeMaker 10127 days ago

    North isnt a diva you got that wrong just cuz she wears designer doesn T mean she's a diva

  99. sis, cant relate

    sis, cant relate28 days ago

    mannn I wish J was still the lil boy on Karate Kid

  100. YouTubeName

    YouTubeName28 days ago

    “Malia” Obama. Not “Malai.” JFC.

  101. Intrigue Jackson

    Intrigue Jackson28 days ago

    She is just jealous

  102. Santosh Kumar

    Santosh Kumar28 days ago

    I admire all good kids, specially Obama girls.....

  103. Dua Fatima

    Dua Fatima29 days ago

    North's parents have MONEY. Tons of it. What should she be dressed in then? Fucking rags? Bullshit

  104. Marlina Trevino

    Marlina Trevino29 days ago

    My name is Marlina but my nick name is Marly

  105. Joy Curlz

    Joy CurlzMonth ago

    "malai" obama??? oh come on.