10 Celeb Kids With Perfect Manners And 10 Who Are Already Divas


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    Love this channel I will tell all my friends about it because you earned it

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    Fun&games h

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    Fun&games you may love this channel but so much wrong info on everyone I’ve watched

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    Fun&games сгррмооогш

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    Fun&games ok

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    Omg bindi is my queen and has been forever!! I met her at Australia zoo one time when I was like 5

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    I Fckn Love north 💕

  9. Emily Jennings

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    ngl i don’t think it’s great putting young children on the list, like Farrah Abraham’s daughter and Honey Boo Boo are kinda naughty but think what you want about the Kardashians or Beyoncé but their kids are just kids? like they just used kid things. and using the fact that Kim dresses North in nice, designer clothes shouldn’t be a reason to make her out to be a bad child.... idk i just think it’s bad when they are quite literally children and what child doesn’t act a bit spoilt and like that

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    Obama Girls.

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    why are you putting small children on the diva list.. they will learn and I dont think some of them is a diva..

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    You guys should stop judging these kids like putting all the kardashian kids here and blue ivy and calling them divas😟😟😟,they are still kids for fuck's sake

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    Why isn’t liltay here?

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    Where was zendaya at for the good manners

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    10:18 when you are so unfashionable that you call a 5 year old a diva for being fashionable

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    These kids aren’t divas, they’re kids.

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    My name is Kimora!! And when I saw Kimora Lee Simmons I was just like yassssssss!!!!

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    More like to back up all that ugly.

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    Where is Millie Bobby Brown?!?! She is so so so mature and practically perfect!😍💕

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    After watching this video, I unsubscribed. Honestly they are all children, and I'm sure everyone did something wrong once as a child, it's called being a child. But that doesn't mean the kids are divas. How rude!

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    Well the Blue Ivy clip shook me gotta admit, but Penelope and North West aren’t exactly divas lol just cause North is well-dressed and cause Penelope had a unicorn theme party doesn’t make them divas, what even 😂?? If i was a mom i would really love my child to be well-dressed 🙏🏼I also fell in love that Brooklyn Beckham is a good child oh my lord I’m so in love with his attitude towards his mom 😩😩😩♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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    The Obama girls; perfect manners?! Uh the oldest one was photographed smoking a joint. That’s not perfect manners. She had a bad attitude and trash talked about how she didn’t care about being photographed smoking a joint too.

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    North is not a diva! Y’all just judged her off her parents..she said herself “no pictures PLEASE”

  24. Marie Coco Lee Fuhrmann

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    Like what is happening to the world, now a youtube company thing is criticizing children, well basically babies. They have no right to say diva based on a fucking birthday party. What if somebody said that stuff about you on the world wide web and you were not even older than 5!!!!

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    So Suri is a “diva” based on rumors? And it’s Malia Obama, not Malai... 😂😂😂

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    Of course the Obama sisters are in the perfect manners list😍

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    How can you mispronounce Malia Obama?

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    LMFAOOO so we just gone ignore the fact that one of the Obama girls was caught smoking? oh k.

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    Contradictions ...!!

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    Her name is Malia Obama, not Malai.

  32. Summer Actable

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    what a coincidence, "honey boo boo's" real ham is Alana Thompson and I have a bully name that...

  33. Little Tuna

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    Lol what a shit list. Jaden isn't a diva at all, he's one of the most well-mannered, respectful, interesting people to talk to in Hollywood, he's just eccentric. He's the same as Willow, yet you only labeled her as a nice kid. Like cmon, those 2 are practically the same person. Blue Ivy, a 6 year old being bored at an an awards show? Wow, SUCH a diva /s/. And North is actually a really sweet girl, she's literally never done anything to come across as bratty at all, she's only on this list because of the clothes her parents clearly pick out for her. The logic is nowhere to be found. It's not fair to put children under a certain age on the bad list, because they are KIDS. Every kid has times when they are bored, upset, etc. Every kid has a temper tantrum every now and then. When they start becoming teenagers, THAT's when we can really start getting a feeling for who they are as people. And yall literally admit that you know pretty much nothing about that Apple girl, but her mom posts a photo on Instagram where she looks pretty so of course there's NO WAY she could be on the bad kid list. Like... what? And is it really that bad that children of celebs know designer brands and want stuff from them for holiday gifts? Not at all, wtf... They know their parents have money so putting that kind of stuff on a Christmas wish list doesn't seem that bad to me, it definitely doesn't make that kid a diva. According to yall, having a credit card = diva, having glasses = good kid. Awful video, awful channel.

  34. Star Obviously

    Star Obviously2 days ago

    Honey BooBoo isn’t a diva I follow her and she’s really nice to her fans. She also tries really hard to communicate with them. And she is so nice to her mom. Y’all are judging her over DEFENDING HERSELF.

  35. Alex Young

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    Babies are divas because of how their parents treat them...I understand kids like Honey Boo Boo and Farrah's daughter.

  36. KPOP FAN

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    Diva: jacob sartarous Also my fav celeb kids are the obama girls and i got an ad about rasing kids the good way nit spoiling them that much

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    The Obama girls? Seriously? Remember the shots party? Yhe Turky pardon?

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    Uhh, Kim Kardashian dresses North..

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    I feel like down talking kids it's not very pretty and the good behaved kids Blue Ivy should definitely be on that list

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    pardon me whilst i produce vomide...

  41. emma09875

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    im just saying dont hate on penelope bc she had a big party . that couldve been the moms doing . and mason was 5 . he was jealous . hes a freakin child .🤦🏼‍♀️

  42. India Foote

    India Foote3 days ago

    Blue Ivy is NOT A DIVA

  43. Ictrees Thtrgrn

    Ictrees Thtrgrn3 days ago

    Celebrity kids are still just kids and to scrutinize and pass judgment like this based on superficial information is kinda wrong. We have all been kids and we have all had our good and bad moments. To actually put a label on what the kids are is totally missing what the person is besides that label.

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  45. bella abadi

    bella abadi3 days ago

    Yes, MALIA Obama is indeed a very impressive and well mannered woman

  46. AG sisters

    AG sisters3 days ago

    Ok blue ivy is kind of a diva but you don’t want to think she is because her parents are jay z and Beyoncé lol

  47. Babii Rae

    Babii Rae3 days ago

    So speaking your mind is being a diva? lol okay

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    Madox Jolie Pitt is a little weirdo with unhealthy bond with his mommy.

  49. alex white

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    9:54 malai obama??

  50. trying to be better

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    Diva does not equate to bad kids. All the kids under diva...ARE DIVAS! Including blue and jaden. But it doesn't mean they're bad kids, none of the kids are BAD KIDS.

  51. Isaiah Adams

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    Y'all don't know what y'all talking about. Jaden Smith ain't no damn diva.

  52. Nicole The Clawer

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    I like how for most of the divas she’s saying “it’s also rumored that...”

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    Angelina Jolie must be proud to have 2 of her kids on this list of 10 good kids

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    Yayyyyyy Bindi Irwin! Aussie squad where you at?

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    FAV in this video is SELAH & MING...also, Penelope is sooo cute... Very Proud of Malia for attending Harvard 🗽🏸🏐

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    Aww I love bindi

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    fix ur annoying mic!

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    1:49 ahem.... any1 watch PopularMMOs?? xd

  59. mssrus

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    Wait...Malia Obama is on the well behaved list? Twerking, smirking, aloof, boozing Malia? Really?

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    When you don’t have and video ideas left

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    Hey, you missed Asahd Khaled, Son of DJ Khaled

  62. Annisa Frey

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    The thing about north’s party at his house is cue kourt literally told Kim and everyone no He was repeating his mom so that was dumb

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  64. Jimin of the fire nation

    Jimin of the fire nation4 days ago

    Some of these aren't even diva's. The kids just wear designer because their parents buy it, doubt 3-5 year olds care too much.

  65. Rahel Tesfay

    Rahel Tesfay5 days ago

    To be honest who r you to judge other peoples kids

  66. Ronisha Ellis

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    N No Not Not a Not al Not all Not all k Not all ki Not all kid Not all kids Not all kids a Not all kids ar Not all kids are Not all kids are b Not all kids are ba Not all kids are bad Not all kids are ba Not all kids are b Not all kids are Not all kids ar Not all kids a Not all kids Not all kid Not all ki Not all k Not all Not al Not a Not No N

  67. Bias Wrecked

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    *Could you imagine bossing around Jay-Z and Beyoncé?* No, but I’m also not, ya know, *their daughter??*

  68. Jacquetta Williams

    Jacquetta Williams5 days ago

    Perfect: Maddox Jolie-Pitt Brooklyn Beckham Apple Martin Willow Smith Brindi Irwin Zahara Jolie-Pitt Violet Affleck Selah Marley Ming Lee Simmons The Obama Girls Diva: Jaden Smith Alana Thompson (Honey Boo Boo) Sophia Abraham Mason Disick Kingston Roddindale Suri Cruise Blue Ivy Carter Sofia Richie Penelope Disick North West

  69. Jacquetta Williams

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    If I spelled something wrong please tell me

  70. Indu Kirana

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    when you're asian and don't know 70% people in the list :''')))

  71. Savage Sarah

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    Blue Ivy Carter

  72. thankful for lee seunghoon

    thankful for lee seunghoon5 days ago

    jaden smith in no way is a bad kid he is very eccentric person and never is in any scandals

  73. Holo G

    Holo G5 days ago

    Doesn’t the older Obama kid smoke pot and cigarettes?

  74. Antonodu

    Antonodu5 days ago

    They said blue ivy was bossing her parents around she just said they should not clap that doesn't maker a diva

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  76. MavisNemo09 Durkin

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    If they are well mannered what's the point of calling them divas

  77. Edel Fuchaka

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    the obama girls

  78. Karen Entzminger

    Karen Entzminger5 days ago

    They are children. How dare they act like children. If they are brats/divas blame the parents.

  79. glitter forever 17

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    I hate surie cruse she is so ugly she is also spoild F her!!!😈💩💀🐷😡😡😒😒😒😒😒😒😒👊

  80. jimmy_neutrons_ mom

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    Wasn't there a video of one of the Obama girls doing coke?

  81. Charms

    Charms6 days ago

    I was a total diva as a child but I grew up to be very well behaved. Can't blame children

  82. Jedd Gayanilo

    Jedd Gayanilo6 days ago

    Malia is a whore in the making...

  83. J M

    J M6 days ago

    Maddox and Pax turned into handsome young men! Too bad their mom is batshit crazy.

  84. Alley Kay

    Alley Kay6 days ago

    Mom dresses north west. She calls outfits chooses to go outside, “non negotiable”

  85. Erica Jines

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    Diva: JoJo Siwa

  86. Debbie Klapmeier

    Debbie Klapmeier6 days ago

    Are you kidding? The Obama girls' behavior was washed! More Obama propaganda!

  87. Brain Tumor

    Brain Tumor6 days ago

    North West isn’t following in her Mothers Footsteps, the poor little girl is being DRAGGED! Seriously? I just unfollowed your channel although to be fair, I only subscribed about half an hour ago. I had no idea how we Deculus an asinine and evil your channel was! Making a list about children? How disgusting and unethical! These are children and the product of their totally ridiculous over-the-top families especially all of the Kardashian’s. (God help Tom Cruise’s daughter!)

  88. goldsunfox

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    Honestly alana seems nice to me

  89. KKSMakeup 100

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    Your videos are so amazing and u guys are not like the other channels that are like yours because only the Talko and The Richest have videos I can see till the end to, other channels like these talk too much that make me bored. Keep up the good work!

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    i LOVE how they said 'his special *someone* ' when talking about Brooklyn THANK YOU FOR THAT

  91. DogeAhoy

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    Be sure to subscribe to TheTaco.

  92. Wanderling D

    Wanderling D7 days ago

    I would have put Willow on the naughty list and not that I'm a Kardashian fan (I'm not) but it's not fair to put those kids on the naughty list just because their parents threw them en extravagant birthday party. It's behavior that makes them diva's not that they are privileged. I see kid's all the time that don't have families with alot of disposable income but are complete brats.

  93. Krissy Drake

    Krissy Drake7 days ago

    Why make a claim if you can't back it up? Half of these didn't even have specific examples.

  94. เ Շђเภк ภ๏Շ

    เ Շђเภк ภ๏Շ7 days ago

    How is Jaden on the bad list...

  95. Jec Elle

    Jec Elle7 days ago

    Lol kinda bit bias here tho.....

  96. Ismayel Zeynalov

    Ismayel Zeynalov7 days ago

    Jaden is a woke young adult! He’s not a Diva

  97. 3112paree 05

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  98. Zamazwide Nxumalo

    Zamazwide Nxumalo7 days ago

    Jaden Smith is not a diva because he speaks his mind aii

  99. Lilli.maeee

    Lilli.maeee7 days ago

    I wouldn’t say that north west is a diva! I think she’s really cute and acting friendly and nice. It‘s normal that children can‘t understand paparazzi or anything else that good. But I think she‘s really cute with her mom😊

  100. Thoma Southwould

    Thoma Southwould7 days ago

    What a surprise

  101. Noturmomma

    Noturmomma7 days ago

    Wth is a look-a-like daughter of Lauryn Hill?

  102. ChildofGoodFortune

    ChildofGoodFortune7 days ago

    Labelling a toddler a "Diva" is nasty.

  103. Rosa Mendoza

    Rosa Mendoza7 days ago

    I though Obamas daughter got cought getting high???

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  105. jean kimani

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    This tells you something about jolie's parenting skills

  106. gLimmer rue

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    ALL kids have their diva days and well mannered days... 😑