10,000 Calorie Baconator Challenge!! (11 Burgers)


  1. Wxde

    Wxde46 minutes ago

    eat your dog next

  2. Znow

    Znow57 minutes ago

    he's not satisfied eating with 10k cal give this man 100k cal

  3. Olivia S

    Olivia SHour ago

    N'importe quoi ça va pas dans ta tête 👎👎👎👎👎👎tu m'énerve 😡😡😡😡😡

  4. JANA pravi shokovi

    JANA pravi shokoviHour ago

    This is not really!!!

  5. noob VN gaming

    noob VN gamingHour ago

    Baconnator :D

  6. Yanzihko

    YanzihkoHour ago

    This man can eat a dog for one hour.

  7. Ceyda Yüksel

    Ceyda Yüksel2 hours ago

    Oruçlu oruçlu izleyenler

  8. Ömer Alkazak

    Ömer Alkazak35 minutes ago


  9. Jamie Ellis

    Jamie Ellis2 hours ago

    Matt eat 100 wild wings

  10. Νικος Παπαμιχαλακης

    Νικος Παπαμιχαλακης2 hours ago

    Just the plump that his shit does when it touches the toilet water causes a tsunami

  11. Jurkyification

    Jurkyification3 hours ago

    do 3 day challange and consume 600 thousand calories

  12. Kolorfull

    Kolorfull3 hours ago

    When matt remembers he didnt finish the french fries , 4:09

  13. One User

    One User3 hours ago

    and a diet cola 😂

  14. Tue Nguyenhuy

    Tue Nguyenhuy3 hours ago

    VN điểm danh:V

  15. Crazy World

    Crazy World3 hours ago

    Oooo.......Matt!!!!....After watching your videos .....many questions come into my mind..... But......Whatever U r Great!!!! Keep it up always.....!!!!!!! Enjoy eating...... ;)

  16. Zektonium 2005

    Zektonium 20053 hours ago

    What is the differents between ninja and matt stonie

  17. Dominik Nguyen

    Dominik Nguyen3 hours ago

    Poor toilet

  18. Hatice Akyildiz

    Hatice Akyildiz4 hours ago

    fgizsani logi

  19. Fabian

    Fabian4 hours ago

    Puasa oy

  20. Khadkhadjah ZA

    Khadkhadjah ZA4 hours ago

    4:09 him:im gonna finish you!!!!!

  21. Za GOST

    Za GOST4 hours ago

    MANE I wish if I was him !!! 🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔😵😋😋😋

  22. Louis Wallington

    Louis Wallington4 hours ago

    Man this feels like an old Matt stonie vid, the feels.


    ECKO PUZON4 hours ago

    50 baconator in 1hour and 30mins 😁


    KING OF KINGS4 hours ago

    You are a MONSTER!!!!

  25. Jimi Goes HAM

    Jimi Goes HAM5 hours ago


  26. Eloise Jaidee

    Eloise Jaidee6 hours ago

    Idk why but Matt is just too hot 😍 Be my boyfriend please? 😢

  27. Olaia Rubio

    Olaia Rubio6 hours ago


  28. Badness Guillory

    Badness Guillory7 hours ago

    How how do you not gain a pound

  29. Thomas Robinson

    Thomas Robinson7 hours ago

    Your toilet hates you forshure😂😂

  30. ErikShestakov

    ErikShestakov7 hours ago

    Make the d disappear, how she do that there?

  31. Bighit Bts Army

    Bighit Bts Army8 hours ago


  32. Makayla Kaitlin Hampton

    Makayla Kaitlin Hampton8 hours ago

    why haven't this dude gained any weight eating all of these foods

  33. Goggles Dude

    Goggles Dude8 hours ago

    Matt stonie has a strong jawline from chewing a lot

  34. jason fonerserie

    jason fonerserie9 hours ago

    He eaten those 11 burgers....Damn he should just have give them to the homeless people who don't have any food

  35. Kotoruption MLBB

    Kotoruption MLBB9 hours ago

    dud how are you not fat

  36. Sid Singh

    Sid Singh9 hours ago

    Bro you're a beast man!! Good job!!

  37. Panut pangsersar

    Panut pangsersar9 hours ago

    I'm thailand i'm FC you I'm seen all videos .

  38. Jericho Vicente

    Jericho Vicente10 hours ago

    I have a challenge, can you go to the Philippines and do the tombstone challenge Btw if you finish the burger in a certain amount of time you get your picture on a wall

  39. REEE Whylo

    REEE Whylo10 hours ago

    Let me tell you about my religion

  40. Lewky Charmes

    Lewky Charmes10 hours ago

    I mean if you take off the time that you were talking to us (which I appreciate) then you probably would have finished in like 10 min.

  41. Francis Pope

    Francis Pope10 hours ago

    Dam guys let him be if he's not fat than shut up and let him do wat he does f**k

  42. Kaylee Milligan

    Kaylee Milligan10 hours ago

    Legend has it, he is still shitting till this day

  43. Chris 0324

    Chris 032410 hours ago

    Make a giant philly cheese steak!

  44. PhixemTV

    PhixemTV10 hours ago

    We need a FAMILY GUY FOOD TRUCK CHALLENGE VIDEO NEXT. Which will consist of: ‪(panini‬) ‪Peanut butter cup , sausage , crushed Doritos , and Cadbury egg)‬ ‪(Hamburger) with the buns as jelly donuts ‬ ‪(Swedish fish tacos) with a whole can of chili dumped on top. Crunchy or soft shell doesn’t matter ‪(milk shake) using a hotdog as a straw‬ ‪ (bowl of cereal) with m&m’s and Dr Pepper.‬

  45. VaultBit Gaming

    VaultBit Gaming10 hours ago

    How do you not have diabetes

  46. Lucky Chipz Gaming

    Lucky Chipz Gaming10 hours ago

    I wish i had a job like this. feed yourself until your full and make millions while you're at it.

  47. D A

    D A11 hours ago

    literally if matt made a video & titled it "how i stay thin" he would get so many views! and you know what that means for him... 🤑 not sure why you haven't done this yet matthew boy. i think it's about time, we're dying to know

  48. Rhonda Stevens

    Rhonda Stevens11 hours ago

    He still isnt fat? Witw?

  49. Ben OBryan

    Ben OBryan11 hours ago

    Eat 1 of everything at McDonalds

  50. Ross Chambers

    Ross Chambers11 hours ago

    11 burgers but ah diet coke thanks

  51. Magical Mariam

    Magical Mariam11 hours ago

    Hahaha wendys commented haha

  52. FlashYT Gaming

    FlashYT Gaming12 hours ago

    Have you ever actually savored any of your meals lol

  53. Emma Clemmer

    Emma Clemmer12 hours ago

    Wow... it at least takes me about 30-45 minutes just to eat 1 burger

  54. Conservative Prosecutor

    Conservative Prosecutor12 hours ago

    Yeah, you messed this one up. Your first baconator was finished within 27 seconds and then it just became longer and longer. Ideally, you would be able to finish the challenge within 5 minutes and with all the breaks and fooling around, it became 3x the time you wanted.

  55. DOL UCL

    DOL UCL12 hours ago

    Faz um desafio com pote de nutella!BR AQUI

  56. Sebastian Aguirre

    Sebastian Aguirre13 hours ago

    60 seconds series. Do Pop tarts

  57. Juno Lee

    Juno Lee13 hours ago

    bro, bet his shit's are HUGE.

  58. Gorilla Gangoo

    Gorilla Gangoo13 hours ago

    I can do that

  59. clash of clans gamer

    clash of clans gamer13 hours ago

    What a fatass

  60. KingTheLeader

    KingTheLeader13 hours ago

    You should do the eggcellent challenge from regular show.

  61. Paryush Mehta

    Paryush Mehta14 hours ago

    Is it just me or does Matt never wear anything but black shirts?...

  62. Caelan McLellon

    Caelan McLellon14 hours ago

    “errmurgawd”😂andddd still not fat, TF?!😂

  63. Too Much Sauce Yah

    Too Much Sauce Yah15 hours ago

    You should do “ a Day in the life of Matt Stonie”

  64. Vic Fung

    Vic Fung15 hours ago

    i love all the drive thru interactions you have! keep it up!

  65. Relentless Donut

    Relentless Donut15 hours ago

    oof my son was about to throw up lmao calm down big fella

  66. The Copyright Police

    The Copyright Police15 hours ago

    You eat for almost all of africa

  67. Saleh Saeed

    Saleh Saeed15 hours ago

    Why am I watching this while I'm fasting 😪😞

  68. littlestrafe117

    littlestrafe11715 hours ago

    I cant even eat 2

  69. Zieliński Marek

    Zieliński Marek15 hours ago

    enigma ??

  70. Ahmet Zeybel

    Ahmet Zeybel16 hours ago

    Gardaş Sen Oruç Tutsan Dünyayı Yersin o zmn :D

  71. Five Star

    Five Star16 hours ago

    Should have done 30 Jr Bacon Cheeseburgers