10,000 Calorie Baconator Challenge!! (11 Burgers)


  1. Rumer1

    Rumer113 hours ago

    I'm 6ft 2in 255lb and I can barely eat 2. 😥

  2. Seff Gaming

    Seff Gaming17 hours ago

    So your telling me he gained 72 pounds from all of these burgers.🤨

  3. johnsen estrella

    johnsen estrella20 hours ago

    i could just eat 2

  4. ScOBBI

    ScOBBI22 hours ago

    Stop guy! This makes me hungry.

  5. When you Walking

    When you WalkingDay ago

    I'll stick to my baconator junior thank you

  6. Elias Rivera

    Elias RiveraDay ago

    I see a lot of people commenting on his health and all that, but do you all know that he doesn't eat like this everyday? That he exercises and eats healthy and only does this for MReporter and competitions?

  7. gadzoooks77

    gadzoooks77Day ago

    This dude must take 10 lb shits

  8. Kaylee Saesee

    Kaylee SaeseeDay ago

    What if u eat 50 pounds does that mean to gain 50 pounds 😱😂

  9. MINOLTA Toyota Dude 36

    MINOLTA Toyota Dude 36Day ago

    Who else is hungry after watching this!?! 1 Like Agrees With Me!

  10. Arda Eroğlu

    Arda Eroğlu2 days ago

    amk kaç ton yağlı yemek yiyon ve vücudun ince mk taktikği söyle

  11. Empty -

    Empty -2 days ago

    11 burgers is easy.. its only take me 4 days.

  12. Hansel Francis

    Hansel Francis2 days ago

    R. I. P His toilet

  13. hattrickk333

    hattrickk3333 days ago

    When you eat regular meals are you satisfied ?

  14. AustinJD21

    AustinJD214 days ago

    Gotta get that diet coke so you wont get fat

  15. lasthumankind

    lasthumankind5 days ago

    Not to talk shit but I feel like you pulling up in the drive thru like that with a bigass order gets you the extra spit sauce guaranteed fresh everytime.

  16. Joe Norman

    Joe Norman5 days ago

    One bite of burger makes me full. I don’t know how you ate 11x 950 calorie burgers, but good job mate!

  17. Fortnite Gamer

    Fortnite Gamer6 days ago


  18. Phillip White

    Phillip White6 days ago

    If u got the meal where's the fries

  19. Emma Mae

    Emma Mae7 days ago

    He's gonna nap with that girl and fart the whole time. She won't be able to get away because his arms will be wrapped around her.

  20. Mega_ Zoid

    Mega_ Zoid8 days ago

    Eating that fast can kill you

  21. Mr Coconut 1324

    Mr Coconut 132410 days ago

    6 pounds? That’s not right, probably about .6 pounds since the meat is .5 and the rest can’t be that much it’s probably like 1 pound at modt

  22. 1000 subscribers with o videos !

    1000 subscribers with o videos !10 days ago

    My man out here eating 11 burgers while I'm over here struggling to eat 3

  23. brazer Mitar

    brazer Mitar11 days ago

    Damn....that could have fed a small village in Africa.

  24. Jack olantern

    Jack olantern12 days ago

    Richard would love this from amageing world of gumball you imo because he made a dish with butter bacon fish bacon bacon bacon

  25. Elijah Hua

    Elijah Hua12 days ago

    I love Wendy’s

  26. C-Jay Milburn

    C-Jay Milburn12 days ago

    That is fucked

  27. Andrew

    Andrew13 days ago

    If you stay thin, I suppose you vomit after ?

  28. Sub to JINXS

    Sub to JINXS14 days ago

    I feel bad for ur toilet 🚽

  29. XxGacha GamingxX 123

    XxGacha GamingxX 12314 days ago

    N Ni Nic Nice Nic Ni N


    YOUŇĞ CHIŇŐ14 days ago

    1:35 Empezó antes

  31. Anthony Castillo

    Anthony Castillo14 days ago

    Lol Wendy’s commented on this video 😂😂

  32. Ahsen Şenyılmaz

    Ahsen Şenyılmaz14 days ago

    Arkadaki vitrin ve milli çiçeğimiz oradayken türk olmandan şüphe ettimm matt :D

  33. René Pérez

    René Pérez15 days ago

    That'd be 11 Baconators please... And a diet coke, I'm on a diet sorry...

  34. Fats Hernandez

    Fats Hernandez17 days ago

    lol at diet coke. I think thats a tenacious D joke

  35. Tom

    Tom17 days ago

    "You're baconated, fucker!!" - Sarah Conner

  36. Boris Sheen

    Boris Sheen18 days ago

    Molly ate 7 pounds of Burger in exactly 4 minutes. you aren't shit anymore matt. oh well you're still bankin. that's all that matters.

  37. Jade MSP & ROBLOX

    Jade MSP & ROBLOX18 days ago

    no one can pass Wendy she can eat 100000000000000000000000000 baconators at once

  38. reghid

    reghid19 days ago


  39. asyrf dnial

    asyrf dnial19 days ago

    how the hell is he not fat?

  40. Hamza Baqer

    Hamza Baqer20 days ago

    How many are you food

  41. Cody Wallace

    Cody Wallace21 day ago

    Serious question... do you eat that much everyday just to feel satisfied, or full? If not, how much do you normally eat when you’re not competing or filming a video?

  42. ツČovixx

    ツČovixx23 days ago

    This man have the best job ever :D

  43. inocram luiz19

    inocram luiz1923 days ago

    how you guy its not a massive fat than the sun? making the chanllenges?

  44. Daix 101

    Daix 10126 days ago

    What’s the song in the background

  45. ZUXC

    ZUXC24 days ago


  46. Arelyne Delgado

    Arelyne Delgado27 days ago

    I’m on his channel and I’m hungry asf 😭😭

  47. B v B

    B v B28 days ago

    Bro every video the amount of food you eat makes me hungry man😢

  48. Varg vikernes Burzum

    Varg vikernes BurzumMonth ago

    You listen to thrash?

  49. Nikolaj Johansen

    Nikolaj JohansenMonth ago


  50. CHK 47

    CHK 47Month ago

    Awww to bad we don’t have wendy’s in the Philippines I would love to eat a baconator

  51. Joey Bonerz

    Joey BonerzMonth ago

    I’m glad max could enjoy his food for once

  52. ONE lick Rick

    ONE lick RickMonth ago

    6 and a hash pounds

  53. ONE lick Rick

    ONE lick RickMonth ago

    6 and a hash pounds

  54. ONE lick Rick

    ONE lick RickMonth ago

    6 and a hash pounds

  55. 7ox1c gam3r 17

    7ox1c gam3r 17Month ago

    your life is good XD

  56. Oh yeah Yeah

    Oh yeah YeahMonth ago

    And now I’m starving..... thanks

  57. Benis Cake

    Benis CakeMonth ago

    I swear Wendy’s is the only fast food restaurant where the burger meat taste real if you know what I mean

  58. Coco the cat

    Coco the catMonth ago

    I wish we had Wendys in the UK. At least we have burger king.

  59. JMANNY

    JMANNYMonth ago

    Best looking fast food challenge yet.

  60. Billy Petrucci

    Billy PetrucciMonth ago

    I’ll never understand the over exaggerating chomping of each bite

  61. JackDavies

    JackDaviesMonth ago

    I could probably do 3 if i went all day without eating lol

  62. Dos Savages

    Dos SavagesMonth ago

    Who else is hungry?

  63. Gazy dauti

    Gazy dautiMonth ago

    This man is an alien i eate 1/50 what he actually eats and im still fatter than him

  64. kevin laurain

    kevin laurainMonth ago

    Ugh mayonaise

  65. Ian In highschool

    Ian In highschoolMonth ago

    11 baconators cost about $67.00

  66. Deano Al

    Deano AlMonth ago

    How do you don't gain weight

  67. Money Maker16

    Money Maker16Month ago

    Does you stomach ever hurt

  68. trashcan69420

    trashcan69420Month ago

    *and your total is 42069 dollars*

  69. Darren Maiman

    Darren MaimanMonth ago

    Would be cool if you tried taking down a six foot party sub from subway I don’t think anyone has done that yet

  70. unknown 96

    unknown 96Month ago

    How does he remain so skinny?

  71. Gerald Thefish

    Gerald ThefishMonth ago

    On behalf of the fry cook whos back there by themself after everyone but them was sent home because "labor is high", fuck you.

  72. DEACON685

    DEACON685Month ago

    How to get fat.

  73. GamerTheJednorog

    GamerTheJednorogMonth ago

    You have 4 stomaches really

  74. Madeleine Andersson

    Madeleine AnderssonMonth ago

    king right here

  75. Poetic Speach

    Poetic SpeachMonth ago

    Remember when fast food was actually fast

  76. Dubs204

    Dubs204Month ago

    May God have mercy on your toilet Stonie.

  77. J1trappz17

    J1trappz17Month ago

    Watch when u get a stroke

  78. felix manuel negrete hernandez

    felix manuel negrete hernandezMonth ago

    Ya se me antojaron >:v

  79. Nightmare Mazza

    Nightmare MazzaMonth ago

    Several body parts are typing are typing... Heart left the chat Lungs disconnected Teeth suspended Toilet joins the chat

  80. TheGirl’s Alt Account

    TheGirl’s Alt AccountMonth ago

    -orders 11 baconator- “*wait I’m on a diet!*” “I need a Diet Coke!”

  81. Serival Silva

    Serival SilvaMonth ago

    Você parou o cronômetro tendo comida ainda na boca seu Baitola...

  82. Lauren B

    Lauren BMonth ago

    The real challenge for him would to be to do it without drinking

  83. Katri Aht

    Katri AhtMonth ago

    Please not this music in these videos. It distracts. But the videos are super!

  84. Aveed Playz

    Aveed PlayzMonth ago

    You will die eating so many calories you stupid risking your life

  85. Federico Cognome

    Federico CognomeMonth ago

    Anyone knows how this guy is really slim although He eats a lot?

  86. bootfan !!

    bootfan !!Month ago

    What... no frosty? I suggest trying the Baconator my favorite way, 'BLT style.' Mayo, lettuce & tomato only, and no cheese. Mmmm!

  87. M Rainey

    M RaineyMonth ago

    Next up: Matt Stonie vs. Brian Shaw

  88. Steven Brudzynski

    Steven BrudzynskiMonth ago

    Make sure it’s a Diet Coke to be healthy 😂😂😂

  89. Atypique

    AtypiqueMonth ago

    Impressive but your arteries tho!?!? 😬😣🚑

  90. Doktor Karyna

    Doktor KarynaMonth ago

    Meat sweats ❤️😂😂

  91. DMH TV

    DMH TVMonth ago

    4:09 the concentration 😂

  92. Gordo Vinhais

    Gordo VinhaisMonth ago

    Does he enjoy these challenges? Like, does he taste the food and enjoy eating it, or it's just straight up shoving them down his throat

  93. kortez farmer

    kortez farmerMonth ago

    Can u eat normally

  94. Mitchell Vasquez

    Mitchell VasquezMonth ago

    i feel bad for your toilet 😵💩

  95. Sakura Mura

    Sakura MuraMonth ago

    I think i got heart burn from watching this .__.

  96. Israel Badger

    Israel BadgerMonth ago

    He's making me more hungry then I am now

  97. Egg Mon

    Egg MonMonth ago

    Where I live, they make the baconators so damn big.

  98. Ayşegül Tosun

    Ayşegül TosunMonth ago

    bu kadar cok yemek yemene rağmen nasıl bu kadar zayıfsın 🤔🤔🤔

  99. Vlad Dinu

    Vlad DinuMonth ago

    Try 2 big shaormas from Socului Kebab , Romania

  100. om Hyper AF

    om Hyper AFMonth ago

    You was eating the first burger like a pussy


    BRUNOCREDEMonth ago

    I like when Matt puts metal music in his videos