10,000 Calorie Baconator Challenge!! (11 Burgers)


  1. reposhizz

    reposhizz11 hours ago

    This challenge looks like heaven

  2. niceguyjordan

    niceguyjordan12 hours ago

    *licks plate*

  3. soft yerim

    soft yerim12 hours ago

    do you exercise lmao how can you not get fat

  4. Matthew Ranger

    Matthew Ranger17 hours ago

    Of a 4 for 4 one


    THE GUNESERS19 hours ago

    Matt stonie ft. The Rock...

  6. K Max

    K MaxDay ago

    I have 1 burger from Wendy's, drive straight home 2 miles away and I'm already on the toilet...can't imagine what would happen if I had 11 of them

  7. kimchi •

    kimchi •Day ago

    my jaw hurts from just watching this

  8. Abs Rhman55 Almhri

    Abs Rhman55 AlmhriDay ago


  9. Hammytheman

    HammythemanDay ago

    I’m full after just one fries and a coke

  10. vargasgirl111

    vargasgirl111Day ago

    When your mom doesn’t let you eat Wendy’s as a kid🤪

  11. josesito brarda

    josesito brardaDay ago

    you're the best of the world

  12. Endry Reinoso

    Endry ReinosoDay ago

    Matt Stonie: Matt, please do the tower pizza challenge from Bruno&Joel.

  13. Always Laughing

    Always LaughingDay ago

    @mattstonie Are you bulimic?

  14. Rafa Rizkia

    Rafa RizkiaDay ago

    Its so yummy

  15. Ellie Duren

    Ellie DurenDay ago

    I love watching him and getting hungry

  16. Charles Bray

    Charles Bray2 days ago

    He kinda looks like an Asian Brad Pitt in the face.. is he Asian? Is he Brad Pitt?

  17. King Pluto

    King Pluto2 days ago

    If you're going to order 11 burgers, don't do it through the drive through.. come on bro. A lot of people follow you and presumably look up to you. Be responsible. If you continually make extremely large orders in the drive thru, many other people will as well. I'd hate to be stuck in the drive thru behind someone who orders 11 burgers. While I'm at it, everyone: when you go into the drive thru, you need to have your mind made up and order quick. It takes me 20 seconds to order wherever I go. Some people take like 5 or 10 minutes. Ridiculous. Have some courtesy. Even walk in orders.. especially at King Taco. I stopped going to king taco because of the idiot customers who waste so much time ordering. The line is huge. You have way way more than enough time in line to decide what to order. Me, I have my order in mind before I even go to the restaurant. Ridiculous. Some people.. it's like fucking brain surgery or rocket science trying to order food and they're usually overweight. There should be a separate line for obese overweight people. Sick of this shit.

  18. İrem Sena

    İrem Sena3 days ago


  19. Jelanta Campbell

    Jelanta Campbell3 days ago

    When this over I am going to get some Wendy's

  20. Jon Doh

    Jon Doh3 days ago

    I love competitive eating videos! Matt stonie is a champion indeed! I even attempt to try that from time to time but i got no idea how people keep chomping and breathing and swallowing at the same damn time its hard af ive done burger challenges at places here in Saskatchewan Canada but im nowhere near that lol

  21. Fяęźлф 4

    Fяęźлф 43 days ago

    Good thing he got a diet

  22. Lara parkena

    Lara parkena3 days ago


  23. Its Flanny

    Its Flanny3 days ago

    Do these live in the restaurant

  24. sandrine pirot

    sandrine pirot4 days ago

    he’s so cute

  25. that_girl_ fancy

    that_girl_ fancy4 days ago

    If I could eat like u I would never be hungry again!!!😌😌😌😌😌😌😌

  26. thatone 26

    thatone 264 days ago

    You allways make me hunggry

  27. Onyx Konquest

    Onyx Konquest4 days ago

    When you eat so much that your jaw line becomes rock solid

  28. Mike Hazel

    Mike Hazel4 days ago

    How ar you not fat

  29. Mango Squeezed

    Mango Squeezed4 days ago

    11or 11000

  30. zahar bogovarov

    zahar bogovarov4 days ago

    Как он не толстеет

  31. Xx KeRaNe xX

    Xx KeRaNe xX5 days ago


  32. Josh Parrick

    Josh Parrick5 days ago

    2016 matt stoner = quantity over quality 2018 matt stoner = quality over quantity *YOU DECIDE*

  33. Jay Roberts

    Jay Roberts5 days ago

    When I thought that Goku wasn't real

  34. Bobby Adams

    Bobby Adams5 days ago

    if Jesus was a feaster

  35. Reece

    Reece5 days ago

    *Ummm Can I Get 11 Burgers. . . And a Diet Coke! Thx* 0_0

  36. CMANIAC1

    CMANIAC16 days ago

    Omg im so hungry y am i watching this?

  37. Frieza Final Form

    Frieza Final Form6 days ago

    Cardiac arrest waiting to happen

  38. Alex Rodriguez

    Alex Rodriguez6 days ago

    The Baconator is like my favorite food in the whole damn world, and seeing this guy eat 11 of them makes me wish I was that guy!!! 😂

  39. Syreeta Wright

    Syreeta Wright6 days ago


  40. SimpleGuy

    SimpleGuy6 days ago

    Good thing you got that diet coke.

  41. anthony cheesman

    anthony cheesman6 days ago

    Still warm I hope so its only been a min since you got lol

  42. Light Polar Bear

    Light Polar Bear7 days ago

    It always makes me #kilig whenever you smile at your videos 😍 lots of love from the Philippines ❤️ Keep doing what you do and make more awesome videos! 😘

  43. Jonovan And Gaming

    Jonovan And Gaming7 days ago

    I get stuffed after eating 1 Baconator. How does he eat 11. He is a beast!

  44. Jonovan And Gaming

    Jonovan And Gaming7 days ago

    Lmao, I got a McDonald ad at the beginning of the video

  45. Hacker girl

    Hacker girl7 days ago

    I WANT BURGER🍔🍔🍔🍔🍔

  46. öğrenci xx

    öğrenci xx7 days ago

    Enes baturdan gelenler👍🏻😁

  47. Koray Yumak

    Koray Yumak7 days ago

    Bu adam niye bu kadar zayıf

  48. Caden Carberry

    Caden Carberry7 days ago

    Do you puke after eating this much?

  49. Ben SWOLO

    Ben SWOLO8 days ago

    11 baconators 10000 calories, takes a diet coke

  50. Kankalar Oyunda

    Kankalar Oyunda8 days ago

    Abi adam 1 ay aç kalmis ayi gibi yiyo

  51. Vrishin Kotha

    Vrishin Kotha8 days ago

    How can you read this much it's not heavy for you but you are really great

  52. ana iza reis

    ana iza reis8 days ago

    Nossa queria eu tá assim

  53. Aiden Stassun

    Aiden Stassun8 days ago

    rip toilet

  54. Andres De La Cerda

    Andres De La Cerda9 days ago

    How has he not gotten an appendicitis yet

  55. İrem Taşkın

    İrem Taşkın9 days ago

    Türkler burda mıı :)

  56. OhmDome

    OhmDome9 days ago

    i feel sick watching you eat all that fast food man hah

  57. Dropdead 134

    Dropdead 1349 days ago

    What up megatoad

  58. yollanda Dabbas

    yollanda Dabbas9 days ago

    I think he got a diatribe coke Cruz his on a diat😂🤣🙄

  59. Ya Boy Rican

    Ya Boy Rican9 days ago


  60. Jaime Aguilar

    Jaime Aguilar9 days ago

    Welp now we know wendys rostes are true

  61. 自殺Kael

    自殺Kael10 days ago

    Your gonna have a heart attack

  62. StonieCalifornia

    StonieCalifornia10 days ago

    11 burgers 1 a large meal and a diet coke to drink

  63. Happy pizza

    Happy pizza10 days ago

    How are you skinny? Wtf

  64. iiElectric

    iiElectric10 days ago

    I perfer a bacon king

  65. todonow88 99

    todonow88 9910 days ago

    My body doesn't allow me eat junk food I like throw it up sometimes so

  66. blues watchin

    blues watchin10 days ago

    What’s the purpose of your eating all this found I guess to make money off of us watching it

  67. Farticon Trinity

    Farticon Trinity10 days ago

    He makes me hungry and sick at the same time 😭😂

  68. Lil Ice

    Lil Ice10 days ago

    When your playing fortnite and your mom tells you to eat lunch 3:47

  69. Gameplays With Eric

    Gameplays With Eric10 days ago

    I like how he orders a 11 burgers with a large meal but gets a Diet Coke lmao

  70. Venkatesh Athreya

    Venkatesh Athreya10 days ago

    girl Friend always make you uncomfortable conciosu =s ....

  71. Dude Feysh

    Dude Feysh11 days ago

    Yes let me get 11 baconators and a Diet Coke

  72. Yang Adolf

    Yang Adolf11 days ago


  73. Razor santana

    Razor santana11 days ago


  74. kyle_ vids

    kyle_ vids11 days ago

    This makes me sooooo hungry lol

  75. Danny Travis

    Danny Travis11 days ago

    Do a whopper challenge

  76. Storm Bolt

    Storm Bolt11 days ago

    And here normally I'd recommend a guy your size eat a cheeseburger a two and gain some weight... Sir, what even is your metabolism?

  77. Sheila Marie

    Sheila Marie11 days ago

    Just 1 makes me full

  78. Cyrine Syrine

    Cyrine Syrine11 days ago

    Don't think about calories 😂😂😂😂

  79. Jamis Mirs

    Jamis Mirs11 days ago

    Why the fuck that this man's not getting fat!

  80. Riyan Suteja

    Riyan Suteja12 days ago

    Hyang mng 1 eta burger

  81. Happy

    Happy12 days ago

    I bet he just threw this video out there because he got hungry and thought we'd fall for it being a challenge

  82. Nicholas

    Nicholas12 days ago

    is mate girlfriend recording?

  83. Dee Fash

    Dee Fash12 days ago

    You are super SEXY!!!!! So lovin you Matt!!!!!

  84. HUGGER

    HUGGER12 days ago


  85. Thomas Michael

    Thomas Michael13 days ago

    When your Matt Stonie...anything is possible.

  86. Onlykallee

    Onlykallee13 days ago

    Everybody ask how he can eat like this and not gain weight, since he only makes vids like these every 1 to 2 weeks he probably spends the rest of his time grinding at the gym

  87. Minecraft Vadder

    Minecraft Vadder13 days ago

    Doesn't your throat get etched away over time when you throw up that stuff all the time? Someone said professional eaters do that, so I was just wondering.

  88. Δήμητρης Κουκουλάς

    Δήμητρης Κουκουλάς13 days ago

    Good content

  89. EverythingLover_ Wink

    EverythingLover_ Wink13 days ago

    Watching you eat this, is so satisfying and like squishy lmao I'm weird.

  90. Alexio 67

    Alexio 6714 days ago

    Awesome !!!!!!!!!!!!

  91. Michael Dillon

    Michael Dillon14 days ago


  92. John Levin

    John Levin14 days ago

    I would and probably could eat all those burgers. Just only have the bacon. I don't like mayo or cheese.

  93. Derek ZC

    Derek ZC14 days ago

    This was how peter griffin gad a stroke

  94. Kaleb Tith

    Kaleb Tith14 days ago

    Man I would never do a food challenge I just want to enjoy my food

  95. Zahid Azmi

    Zahid Azmi14 days ago

    how to burn the calorie

  96. i stole your cookies while you are reading this

    i stole your cookies while you are reading this14 days ago

    hes hiding the pickle under his tongue again

  97. Johnny Cribari

    Johnny Cribari14 days ago

    Why did he put the straw in the drink at first?

  98. Stipe Muchacho

    Stipe Muchacho14 days ago

    vegans have to love this guy

  99. Soni Singh

    Soni Singh14 days ago

    god has given him a super fast machine rather than mouth to eat😂😂

  100. Yung Jroc

    Yung Jroc15 days ago

    love how u said actually ill make one a meal lmaooo