10,000 Calorie Baconator Challenge!! (11 Burgers)


  1. gaming withcat13

    gaming withcat1313 hours ago

    Could you can buy 21

  2. Yoongay and HoesuCk

    Yoongay and HoesuCk2 days ago

    How is he still skinny boy eats a whole month worth of calories in one day

  3. Grace Great

    Grace Great3 days ago

    It makes me gag

  4. Sonny Dortmund

    Sonny Dortmund3 days ago

    Can I have one ?

  5. mrnightwing2

    mrnightwing24 days ago

    how are you not dead yet

  6. Frickin Hooligan

    Frickin Hooligan4 days ago

    *Diet Coke*

  7. notthatTyra

    notthatTyra5 days ago

    When you work at Wendy’s lmao

  8. Daniel Sloper

    Daniel Sloper5 days ago

    So much calerys I would die if I eat 3 burgers 😃

  9. Hmodee Ahmed

    Hmodee Ahmed6 days ago


  10. Johnathon McCarn

    Johnathon McCarn7 days ago

    That..was..awesome...those last three burgers kicked your butt!!! Hit the rack, see you on the next one.

  11. sadman mir

    sadman mir7 days ago

    Orders 11 baconators, and a diet coke since hes watching his calories

  12. Silver Fox

    Silver Fox7 days ago

    WTF!!! He CAN finish a burger only by 25 SECONDS!!!

  13. sorta. faridxx

    sorta. faridxx8 days ago

    me: *eats 1 burger* *gains 10 lbs* matt : *eats 11 burgers* *gains nothing*

  14. Edoardo Nascimbeni

    Edoardo Nascimbeni9 days ago

    Why he doesn’t become fat porco dio if I eat one of this burgers I take 2 kg

  15. Dan The man

    Dan The man9 days ago

    His toilet jumped off a suicide bridge 🌉 Edit: Poor Toilet seat 🚽😞😞😭😭😭😢😢😢 you will be missed

  16. Lita Palafox

    Lita Palafox10 days ago

    Try bacon kings

  17. Der Diktator

    Der Diktator10 days ago

    Zum glück nimmt er dazu ne Coke Zero sonst wäres es ungesund XD

  18. Adam D

    Adam D10 days ago

    And I thought I ate alot with two McDonald's double bacon cheeseburgers

  19. Diego Valdivia

    Diego Valdivia11 days ago

    Imagine how big his poop is?

  20. Anthony Cervantes

    Anthony Cervantes12 days ago

    What do you do to burn all that?

  21. Rowan Fisher

    Rowan Fisher12 days ago

    There was a McDonald’s ad before this

  22. Daniel Graves

    Daniel Graves12 days ago

    You should do 12 double chalupas from Taco Bell

  23. Funny Jealousy Anime Moments

    Funny Jealousy Anime Moments12 days ago

    Love Wendys Couldnt even do One Burger LOL so delicious though

  24. no name guy

    no name guy13 days ago

    What is the point of getting a diet coke if you're meal is 10000 FUCKING calories

  25. Kyra MD

    Kyra MD13 days ago

    This is epic!

  26. Domenic  Medeiros

    Domenic Medeiros14 days ago

    You should do a McChicken challenge

  27. YugiManiaco

    YugiManiaco14 days ago

    -What do you want? -11 burgers and a DIET coke (What she was thinking) damn this guy is healthy

  28. Arken

    Arken15 days ago

    I eat son of baconator because I’m a healthy boi

  29. tastelessleaf

    tastelessleaf15 days ago

    Mmmmm Diabetes

  30. Jewel Draws

    Jewel Draws15 days ago

    How are u skinny? Teach ur ways.

  31. Lita Palafox

    Lita Palafox17 days ago

    I am hungry


    EAST COAST WEST COAST17 days ago

    I am surprised that you don't get acid reflux after eating than lying down and taking a nap.


    PERFECT GAMING17 days ago

    I can eat 22 in 3 day😎😂😂

  34. kyla ambo

    kyla ambo18 days ago

    I can only eat 1 you can eat 11

  35. Justin Treviño

    Justin Treviño18 days ago

    I would eat 100 of them i love them alot(;

  36. GamingWithMal OMG

    GamingWithMal OMG18 days ago

    He eats alot but he never gets fat i guess he exercise as much as he eats

  37. Lord Rose Shadow Black

    Lord Rose Shadow Black18 days ago

    Why not 8 4for4$

  38. Zviad Tolordava

    Zviad Tolordava19 days ago

    You are pig

  39. God serena

    God serena19 days ago

    I swear to god he has a black hole in his stomach

  40. Axel Johansen

    Axel Johansen19 days ago

    I ate 200 i 1 second

  41. Isha Kapoor

    Isha Kapoor20 days ago

    So I was in my dads car and I had my head phones on and at the beginning I thought that my phone was contacted to the blue tooth

  42. Tyler Jones

    Tyler Jones20 days ago

    That’s my favorite meal I buy in Wendy’s

  43. Cash Collier

    Cash Collier20 days ago

    Hah lmao hi wendys

  44. Sylan 199

    Sylan 19920 days ago

    Me taking 5 bites is equal to him taking 2

  45. Luis Carrillo

    Luis Carrillo21 day ago

    I can do that phhhhhh Eat 4 and a half chicken nuggets im full thank you for breakfast, lunch and dinner

  46. Jimin Lost his jams

    Jimin Lost his jams21 day ago

    A snack to me: A small bag of pretzels A snack to Matt: 56 hot dogs

  47. Levi Osborne

    Levi Osborne23 days ago

    The Baconator is my favorite burger at Wendy’s.

  48. Levi Osborne

    Levi Osborne23 days ago

    Those burgers looked delicious.

  49. ibrahim koçak

    ibrahim koçak23 days ago

    Adam kilo almiyo aq böyle adaleti sikim

  50. Mgamer778

    Mgamer77823 days ago

    I think he does Diet Coke because it has no sugar or carbohydrates so he does not get diabetes

  51. Kevin Chavarin

    Kevin Chavarin24 days ago

    Nigga do you starve yourself ?

  52. Diamond

    Diamond24 days ago


  53. Joey Theman

    Joey Theman25 days ago

    thats not the matt which i like normally 22burgers 20000 calorie u fame is punping in your head

  54. Alex Horák

    Alex Horák25 days ago

    You still eating but your body is still same :)😀



    Canım çeekkttii ( TÜRKLER BURDAMII 🇹🇷 )

  56. joshua dabney

    joshua dabney26 days ago

    Next time around do the big 12 Baconators

  57. joshua dabney

    joshua dabney26 days ago

    Matt you should've ate them the same way you do contests

  58. Games of legend

    Games of legend26 days ago

    In 3.55 -3.56 he is near to vomet

  59. My Pet World

    My Pet World26 days ago

    When he’s eating he looks like rowley from diary from a wimpy kid eating that cheese

  60. Vxu RBLX

    Vxu RBLX27 days ago

    If matt gets a hair dye he should dye it blonde and wear green T shirt brown pants with black shoes and be like "Im hungry" He is legit the next shaggy

  61. Jennifer G

    Jennifer G27 days ago

    No chic-fil-a challenges???? 😋😋

  62. Rob Smudger Smith

    Rob Smudger Smith27 days ago

    I could probably manage 3 and Matt eats 11 in 12.49?😳WTF?🤔😂😂

  63. NOT chilli booboo

    NOT chilli booboo27 days ago

    Do you eat pussy like that?

  64. Samantha Ryan

    Samantha Ryan28 days ago

    Buys 10,000 calories worth of burgers....”what drink do you want with that” “DiEt cOke”

  65. Meme.Marijuana __

    Meme.Marijuana __29 days ago

    Where's the beef ?

  66. Ghost YT

    Ghost YT29 days ago

    One and i can‘t any more

  67. Jason Chow

    Jason ChowMonth ago

    thats true love right there. his gf see his most disgusting side of him yet still didn't leave him yet

  68. Mail Dude

    Mail DudeMonth ago

    After watching your vids, I have learned to taste food without eating any 😂

  69. SPLASH

    SPLASHMonth ago

    Clown with Eric the electric

  70. Ghost Soldier

    Ghost SoldierMonth ago

    All I get from Wendy's is the Baconator

  71. Dragonfly x

    Dragonfly xMonth ago

    Who's on the pot right now taking a more massive shit than they usually do?

  72. Mason Rasmanson

    Mason RasmansonMonth ago

    wendy's burger is so goooood

  73. Nevermore

    NevermoreMonth ago

    You were getting slow, you were.

  74. MetroVerse

    MetroVerseMonth ago

    You know you eat too much when you get excited about food that's supposed to be warm, actually being warm..

  75. MetroVerse

    MetroVerseMonth ago

    You know you eat too much when you get excited about food that's supposed to be warm, is actually warm..

  76. Memes_ Playz

    Memes_ PlayzMonth ago


  77. Arby Dewa Lucky

    Arby Dewa LuckyMonth ago

    ever u bites your finger . so close

  78. Jaydon Bergseth

    Jaydon BergsethMonth ago

    Big shits i presume

  79. Pro Skillz

    Pro SkillzMonth ago

    Lol I ate 3 and then I died.

  80. Payton Dose Slime YT

    Payton Dose Slime YTMonth ago

    Good job


    YOUNG 'N GRATEFULMonth ago

    I use Burger King cups to fill up at Wendy’s.

  82. L-S-P YT

    L-S-P YTMonth ago

    What I if told you You read that wrong Come on someone that read wrong.

  83. Car y

    Car yMonth ago

    You are so crazy

  84. JD cool games

    JD cool gamesMonth ago

    How do still the same weigh wtf

  85. BombUniverse15! !

    BombUniverse15! !Month ago

    My arteries were clogging just watching this!

  86. 02 03

    02 03Month ago

    you’re crazy man

  87. Myrna Rivera

    Myrna RiveraMonth ago

    Comment if u wonder how he eats all this

  88. Peter Stark

    Peter StarkMonth ago

    Make the same video without rapid camera. I think you are cheating making camera cuts in disguise with the speed.

  89. Daniel Khallat

    Daniel KhallatMonth ago

    Giant susage

  90. Tactic

    TacticMonth ago

    Do these videos make anyone else hungry?

  91. Amin Samnani

    Amin SamnaniMonth ago

    The way you eat so much your arteries will pump cheese and spices instead of blood

  92. Alif Anuar

    Alif AnuarMonth ago


  93. xxbroxx hi

    xxbroxx hiMonth ago

    I literally can't do one full burger

  94. Susana Catalan

    Susana CatalanMonth ago

    I could eat all of that I been craving this but I can’t eat outside food because of my transplant and because of that it’s a risk for me because I can’t fight germs. But soon I will

  95. codegeassgirl0

    codegeassgirl0Month ago

    Literally as he started eating I got immediate heartburn. ❤️🔥

  96. Justine Jaurigue

    Justine JaurigueMonth ago

    I love Wendy's because they don't cut corners.

  97. Oyun Manyağı

    Oyun ManyağıMonth ago

    Sıç nasıl geğerdin öyle I am turkish

  98. Matthew Segura

    Matthew SeguraMonth ago

    -it's ok guess he had a diet coke-

  99. Sky Videos

    Sky VideosMonth ago

    Why can I smell this video

  100. Crypted File

    Crypted FileMonth ago

    U cant beat patrick he ate a total of 1000 krabby patties for idk an hour?

  101. HippyDippySkippy

    HippyDippySkippyMonth ago

    That burger weighs the same as a newborn baby!