10,000 Calorie Baconator Challenge!! (11 Burgers)


  1. people look out

    people look out23 hours ago

    How the hell do you stay fit

  2. Cod_y890

    Cod_y890Day ago

    Gotta get the DIET COKE lmao 😂

  3. wulandari wulandari

    wulandari wulandariDay ago

    What do you feels if eat 11 burgers

  4. Irela 4life

    Irela 4lifeDay ago

    Let's just finish the dam challenge haha

  5. Irela 4life

    Irela 4lifeDay ago

    How can your GF watch u eat???

  6. Irela 4life

    Irela 4lifeDay ago

    Yes I love WENDY'S!!!!!

  7. iAmTheBunny

    iAmTheBunnyDay ago

    *orders 11 baconators* Wendy's worker - drink? Matt- DIET coke :v

  8. R W

    R WDay ago

    I love when the workers at the window go...SILENT. Then he hits them with "a diet coke". 😂

  9. GarstigerZwerg

    GarstigerZwerg2 days ago

    10.000 calories and diet coke? really? ;)

  10. Mm Kreamteam

    Mm Kreamteam2 days ago

    Buddy shitin till this day

  11. LuckyGamerTR !

    LuckyGamerTR !3 days ago

    Amınakoduğum midesiz ya

  12. Hannah Baker

    Hannah Baker3 days ago

    Matt, please do the tower pizza challenge from Bruno&Joel.

  13. Testicular Peanis

    Testicular Peanis3 days ago

    i’m so hungry ..😢💔

  14. Miza Jhones

    Miza Jhones4 days ago


  15. Pro 11

    Pro 114 days ago

    Bu necə olur kokəlmir Azeri varsa yazsin

  16. ali handro

    ali handro4 days ago

    10.000 calorie with diet coke :))

  17. Sart Bimpson

    Sart Bimpson4 days ago

    fat fuck

  18. RICHARDJUNTAK Simanjuntak

    RICHARDJUNTAK Simanjuntak4 days ago

    buset dah makanya banyak banget tapi gk gendut gendut😂😂

  19. خالد البلوشي

    خالد البلوشي5 days ago

    هذا لو عزمته بيفقرني

  20. blep blep cat

    blep blep cat6 days ago

    A diet coke to down 10,000 calories.

  21. Geneva Solis

    Geneva Solis6 days ago

    when I grow up, i want to have a youtube channel just like you and make it fun with fun videos.

  22. Gary Yosua

    Gary Yosua7 days ago

    makan 3 aja udh blenger gue

  23. Dalton C

    Dalton C7 days ago

    People take an entire to do the 10k calorie challenge.. Matt does it in 12 minutes.


    DIDIN POOF8 days ago

    Matt stonei dont est beacon any more its so bad they are nothing good its so bad

  25. Emir Topçuoğlu

    Emir Topçuoğlu8 days ago

    Bu benide yer mk 30 dk da

  26. Evan Evangelista

    Evan Evangelista8 days ago

    Do you ever eat your food in peace.

  27. javiertrx4

    javiertrx49 days ago

    Somebody give him a pepto

  28. EduardoAZK

    EduardoAZK9 days ago

    No joda yo me tomo un vaso de agua y ya no me quedan las camisas

  29. Keith Doran

    Keith Doran10 days ago

    Wendys is far superior than the other big chains

  30. Lil D3luzzion

    Lil D3luzzion10 days ago

    How do you stay so slim?

  31. Sweetyuuna

    Sweetyuuna8 days ago

    fast metabolism maybe

  32. uninstallpls

    uninstallpls10 days ago

    I can only imagine when he goes out to eat with his friends his friends only burger with fries and this dude orders 10 burgers and fries

  33. Saqlain Haider

    Saqlain Haider11 days ago

    11 baconators and DIET coke lol😂

  34. Rolan Reynacido

    Rolan Reynacido12 days ago

    False start, Matt.

  35. Tiffany C

    Tiffany C12 days ago

    The scariest part of this is that each baconator is almost 1000cal by itself

  36. Dav Nor

    Dav Nor13 days ago

    You order a Diet Coke, like that’s gonna help any....You’re already eating tons of crap, just order a regular coke.

  37. EmojiCat & BlockyGaming

    EmojiCat & BlockyGaming13 days ago

    Wendy’s are best right? (╹◡╹)♡

  38. Safwan Bin Noor

    Safwan Bin Noor13 days ago

    Fake fake!

  39. Lidia Handke

    Lidia Handke13 days ago

    Aghh this makes me soooooo hungry 🍔


    CRAZY SQUAD NATION14 days ago

    I swear I thought I smelled them Burgers through the screen LOL my fat self

  41. Kevin Tower

    Kevin Tower15 days ago

    I figured out why he's not gaining weight eating all this food ..........................................diet coke

  42. TheQuietCelt

    TheQuietCelt16 days ago

    I'll never understand how competitive eaters drink diet coke. Drink water!

  43. Phanathos

    Phanathos16 days ago

    You will die wtf

  44. Grizzly Gaming

    Grizzly Gaming16 days ago

    how ?

  45. M J

    M J16 days ago

    Any one notice that matt open the straw and didn’t use it?!

  46. Karl Savage

    Karl Savage17 days ago

    I'm in the UK where, far as I know, we don't do Wendy's - feel MY pain, lol :)

  47. Rebecca Horne

    Rebecca Horne18 days ago

    How isn't he dead

  48. Scrub Gav

    Scrub Gav18 days ago

    My boi drink Diet Coke. Just drink normal Coke m8

  49. Bogi

    Bogi18 days ago

    You order 11 burger aaaaand DIET COKE.. I don't understand XDD (but i like the video :D)

  50. adam heeley

    adam heeley18 days ago


  51. znooly

    znooly19 days ago


  52. Cencio

    Cencio20 days ago

    Did you really order a diet coke after 11 burgers lmfao

  53. savannahsos

    savannahsos21 day ago

    Matt stonie have you seen the Simpsons episode i happen to come across it last night it was literally what you do lol i couldn't stay awake it was like 3:00 in the morning i gotta look it up now

  54. pay phone

    pay phone21 day ago

    Background song?


    MISS AELITA21 day ago


  56. plewtz80

    plewtz8021 day ago

    wish they would bring back the spicy baconator

  57. morgan sonnier

    morgan sonnier21 day ago

    ok but can we talk about how fricking delicious baconators are tho

  58. Aaron Abreu

    Aaron Abreu22 days ago

    Does he excersize to burn all those calories

  59. Malachai Lee

    Malachai Lee22 days ago

    “Hi can I get 11 Baconators Please”

  60. BloodzStaiiFly

    BloodzStaiiFly22 days ago

    Baconator looks good. Too bad it's 900cals

  61. Azeem Saduli

    Azeem Saduli22 days ago

    Don't do nasty things and reaction while eating

  62. Александр Пушкин

    Александр Пушкин23 days ago

    Holy shit american baconators looks bad.

  63. Xepharos

    Xepharos23 days ago

    I want to do this I'd go for 12 in minutes I love Wendy's

  64. serasane

    serasane23 days ago

    Looks really yammy.

  65. Liquid Soft

    Liquid Soft23 days ago


  66. Liquid Soft

    Liquid Soft23 days ago

    The way he looked at that last one got me dyin

  67. Make Money Online

    Make Money Online23 days ago

    "Can I get 11 baconators?" "Yeah what to drink?" ....."Diet coke"

  68. Insta Plays_

    Insta Plays_24 days ago

    Is he the flash?

  69. milmech43

    milmech4324 days ago

    imagine being stuck in a fallout shelter with matt you would have to kick him out after he ate 2 years worth of survival rations in a minute

  70. Noot

    Noot25 days ago

    >orders 11 baconators >With a diet Coke of course

  71. Emirhan Karataş

    Emirhan Karataş25 days ago

    Olmuyo aq adam bunları yedikten sonra 24 saatin 23:59 saati toelette geçiriyor

  72. *EAGLE* a c e

    *EAGLE* a c e25 days ago

    I was thinking why I don't bulk up even if I eat so hard!!!! And then I see this guy!

  73. RiseAgainstAllOdds

    RiseAgainstAllOdds25 days ago

    this shall be my death row last meal

  74. Person Pacman

    Person Pacman25 days ago


  75. Ryan Chretien

    Ryan Chretien25 days ago

    I really wish you listed sodium count because that shit would be threw the roof on this challenge lmao

  76. summer & lilly

    summer & lilly26 days ago

    imagine him getting all the money back hes spent food lmao

  77. OrealmO

    OrealmO26 days ago

    You should do some sort of starving kids charity

  78. Purplecoolguynick22 Purple

    Purplecoolguynick22 Purple26 days ago

    How u ain’t got diabetes’s?

  79. Julien Forster

    Julien Forster26 days ago

    @mattstonie you should do a 50 dollar Burger King challenge

  80. ibrahim ahmad

    ibrahim ahmad26 days ago

    4:05 😂😂😂😂😂

  81. L4MB0

    L4MB026 days ago

    That's more baconators than I have had in my entire life.

  82. Kimbal Wright

    Kimbal Wright26 days ago

    How do u not get fat from this

  83. Danielson that's the one

    Danielson that's the one26 days ago

    Wow the passion this man has for food. He use that as a weapon to craft his career

  84. Jaydeen Liu

    Jaydeen Liu26 days ago

    Bruh I can do this

  85. Umid Makhmudov

    Umid Makhmudov26 days ago

    I struggle to finish one burger. This guy eats 10 of em

  86. S&S vlogs

    S&S vlogs26 days ago

    I hate how he sets the burger like please “savor” it😌

  87. HArley mcinis

    HArley mcinis27 days ago

    Dude how r u not fat

  88. Nathan Tshilumba

    Nathan Tshilumba27 days ago



    NOT FORFREEE27 days ago

    imagine if he becomes homeless and someone wants to help him by giving him food they gon have to bring him to a buffet 😂

  90. Việt Nguyễn

    Việt Nguyễn27 days ago

    I know why american so fat now :))

  91. roo1ke so1r

    roo1ke so1r27 days ago

    That toilet is definitely getting destroyed

  92. Peppa Pig

    Peppa Pig27 days ago

    Ok so does anyone know where George went??

  93. Tonio GameplayTM

    Tonio GameplayTM27 days ago

    Beato te porco due

  94. J A M L E S S S U G A

    J A M L E S S S U G A27 days ago

    I'm sooo hungry now! 🤤

  95. Ahjae Smith

    Ahjae Smith27 days ago

    i know ya poop stink...

  96. Lee 2k

    Lee 2k27 days ago

    he gotta be bubble bass

  97. Jo Bckts

    Jo Bckts27 days ago

    I feel like crap after 1 plus fries.

  98. Awsmemstuf 24

    Awsmemstuf 2427 days ago

    How is he still skinny after eating that much food I eat a happy meal and I turn fat

  99. Nani Terri

    Nani Terri27 days ago

    I work at wendys🙃

  100. كودي Ibrahim

    كودي Ibrahim27 days ago

    أبدا الهمبركر أكل خره💩💩💩💩💩💩😈😂

  101. marinero money

    marinero money28 days ago

    Y he bite like dat