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    Charlie The Raptor4 months ago


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  3. Nick En Dirty

    Nick En Dirty2 months ago

    Charlie The Raptor 😭😭😭😭

  4. Yuleni Zaragoza

    Yuleni Zaragoza3 months ago

    echo blue owen where r they hello (echoing) delta blue echo im here blue blue hi blue. owen my name is heh heh..... yuly but they call me yulien

  5. Vanh Moua

    Vanh Moua3 months ago

    Yellow Raptor boi Apatosaurus is more smaller and Brachiosaurus neck is uptraight

  6. Mariadosc65 Socorro

    Mariadosc65 Socorro3 months ago


  7. Cruz Rogelio

    Cruz Rogelio3 hours ago

    Firdue vs dinasaur

  8. Cruz Rogelio

    Cruz Rogelio3 hours ago

    Wait dinasaurs doesnt exist

  9. Karina Santiago

    Karina Santiago5 hours ago


  10. Samirah Ali

    Samirah Ali11 hours ago

    Horray for the indoraptor

  11. Stacey Deforest

    Stacey Deforest12 hours ago

    Deputy wolf furyclawz I love the voice they gave indo and blue and rexy I liked ahoooooooooooooo wolf howl x

  12. Taylor Davis

    Taylor Davis13 hours ago


  13. CuteAvali Cat

    CuteAvali Cat14 hours ago

    Even more WTF

  14. lucas luta

    lucas luta17 hours ago

    Eu adoro do Jurassic World cara recebe quando cresceu fazer o perna da cirurgia tipo da minha vida minha vida entendeu

  15. Jose Cuevas

    Jose Cuevas18 hours ago

    Like. T Rex y blue. Voice

  16. Tyree Borders

    Tyree Borders21 hour ago

    Plus Morgan Freeman DNA 😂😂😂

  17. spi dy

    spi dyDay ago

    My favourite part is 2:03 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  18. Stacey Deforest

    Stacey DeforestDay ago

    Deputy wolf fueyclawz Indo is a boy not a girl dudexdddddddddddddddddddddddddddfddddddddddddxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxsddddddddddddddddddddddddddddxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxdddddddddddddddxxxxxxddxxdxdxdxdxxdxdx 🐺🐺🐗🐗🐗😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣😅🤣😂😅🤣🤣😂😅🤣🤣😂😜😜😜😜😜😜😝

  19. Stacey Deforest

    Stacey DeforestDay ago

    Deputy wolf Furyclawz I also watched the musical for venom it fucking funny and I little 😎 🐺 👙 xdddddddddddddddddd if u get my drift

  20. Stacey Deforest

    Stacey DeforestDay ago

    DEPUTY WOLF FUEYCLAWZ🐺🐺🐺🐺 Damn I likes it I love indos voice and blues

  21. Rosa Gudino

    Rosa GudinoDay ago

    In the end the Indoraptor's arms are too long whereas the arms are in proportion to the body in the elevator and armless Ken scene Strange (For dummies his arms change size for some reason) Edit: in the first time she says that he'll kill all the humans they arms are the right size

  22. Bruno G Pereira

    Bruno G PereiraDay ago

    musica lhuguny cj smoker

  23. Justin Harvey

    Justin HarveyDay ago

    Man that’s cool

  24. bishnu aryal

    bishnu aryalDay ago

    I have. Drawed blue. Before 👩🏼👱🏼‍♀️👱🏼‍♀️in. My. Dinosaurs 🦕 curling book

  25. Olvi pl

    Olvi plDay ago

    Great song Poland? Ktoś z Polski?

  26. Łukasz Murawski

    Łukasz MurawskiDay ago

    Maybe or not

  27. Łukasz Murawski

    Łukasz MurawskiDay ago

    Why delta , echo and Charlie dead why

  28. Dinosaurtologist *

    Dinosaurtologist *Day ago

    Have any of you tried fried Indoraptor?I have.

  29. DJ DOG

    DJ DOGDay ago

    This is blue to indoraptor "long lived there king"

  30. Armin Latic

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  32. Syafa Allenvia

    Syafa AllenviaDay ago

    I love dinos

  33. Gloria Virgen

    Gloria VirgenDay ago

    ☺️💬 👗 👢

  34. Michael Greenfield

    Michael GreenfieldDay ago

    Stop saying that it the end

  35. Thomas Merschank

    Thomas Merschank2 days ago

    Am i the only one that quistions where the Heck the corpse of the man goes Bihind the Triceratops Skull?

  36. ImMeWithASideOfSalt

    ImMeWithASideOfSalt2 days ago

    this sucks

  37. Andrej 7775

    Andrej 777517 hours ago

    Its perfect

  38. the jurassi world // Jurassic park

    the jurassi world // Jurassic park2 days ago

    Eso qué ?????

  39. Mr Pixkle Pickle

    Mr Pixkle Pickle2 days ago

    What's the song called of this musical

  40. Arrow The Wolf

    Arrow The Wolf2 days ago

    During the movie: Mom: watch Blue die trying to save them Me: .... End of movie: Mom: *cry* Me: Mom Blue is alive chill!

  41. Riley Hammitt

    Riley Hammitt2 days ago

    This song is my favorite in the series but the movie isnt the first jurassic world is and I don't know why everyone hates Jp3 I loved it they had to make something stronger than the t-rex

  42. Heli Palacios

    Heli Palacios2 days ago


  43. Ameplays AMEPLAYS

    Ameplays AMEPLAYS2 days ago


  44. Ameplays AMEPLAYS

    Ameplays AMEPLAYS2 days ago

    Blue sounds like me the t-rex sounds like my bro and the indorapter sounds like my dad

  45. zoneka 2

    zoneka 23 days ago

    Im venom

  46. Muhammad Luthfi mumtaz

    Muhammad Luthfi mumtaz3 days ago

    Indoraptor #1

  47. Noreen Ali

    Noreen Ali3 days ago

    3:24 SPOLIERS!!!!!!!!!!

  48. Samirah Ali

    Samirah Ali3 days ago

    The indoraptor has a good voice

  49. 임건호

    임건호3 days ago

    저는 인도랩터가 좋았요

  50. 임건호

    임건호3 days ago

    인도랩터 와블루싸울는과재미있어서요

  51. Jeffy Logan pro Sonic Logan

    Jeffy Logan pro Sonic Logan3 days ago

    Daddy and his wife were in town

  52. Danielle Hulbert

    Danielle Hulbert3 days ago

    I like The dinosaur 🎥




  54. Cristina Pristavu

    Cristina Pristavu3 days ago

    i lovet and My dad buyt me the dvd

  55. Diegodzilla 915

    Diegodzilla 9153 days ago

    Esta obra maestra debería este en vevo :v xd

  56. Dinosapiens : el mundo de los dinosaurios

    Dinosapiens : el mundo de los dinosaurios3 days ago

    :v A mí me gusta mucho

  57. Luke Ritzel

    Luke Ritzel3 days ago

    I love this movie and this song!

  58. The Elite Plushies

    The Elite Plushies4 days ago

    JP5 or JWFK


    FETHİ YÜKSEL4 days ago


  60. Felecia Smith

    Felecia Smith4 days ago


  61. DJ DOG

    DJ DOG4 days ago

    I was singing this in my class I got trouble because the bad things

  62. spino raptor*evolving soon!*

    spino raptor*evolving soon!*4 days ago

    I swear if blue dies in jw3.ima kill universal

  63. Awesome Top Cat

    Awesome Top Cat4 days ago

    Too... Catchy...Cant Stop listening... Oh and Lhugeny The indoraptor sounds a little like the imdominus

  64. Target Terminated

    Target Terminated4 days ago

    3:33 do you see the tricerotops

  65. James Adams

    James Adams4 days ago

    Awsome Lhugueny its fucking awsome mate please make more never stop

  66. Jacob LikesTurtlez123

    Jacob LikesTurtlez1234 days ago

    When the Indoraptor bit off the guys arm I thought of fuckin pennywise

  67. Jacob Wikström

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  68. Sir Gremblo

    Sir Gremblo4 days ago

    This is so fucking bad.

  69. Andrej 7775

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  70. Mizuu 17

    Mizuu 174 days ago

    I eat all of the dinos tfu

  71. estevao Morais Kleim pereira

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  72. Ameplays AMEPLAYS

    Ameplays AMEPLAYS4 days ago

    1. Dont shoot a dinasour witch is blue dont take its DNA 2. Dont shoot a herbivore and take its DNA 3. Dont Annoy a T-Rex dont take its dna 4.dint Annoy Carnivores dont take its DNA 5. Dont Annoy omnivores dont taks its DNA Like if you agree ima like my own because no one will

  73. Kim Washam

    Kim Washam4 days ago


  74. Gustavo Oliveira

    Gustavo Oliveira5 days ago

    i love jurassic world or park

  75. Gustavo Oliveira

    Gustavo Oliveira5 days ago

    i love jurassic world o r park

  76. Lilibeth Ruiz Magaña

    Lilibeth Ruiz Magaña5 days ago

    esta cancion me recuerda a la epoca de los dinosaurios

  77. Luis roberto Sepulveda Ibarra

    Luis roberto Sepulveda Ibarra5 days ago

    The best vidio the year by lhungueny

  78. Rosalva Valdez

    Rosalva Valdez5 days ago

    Emilio 🍉🍌🍎🥐🍞🥪🤣😄😋

  79. gogziilla 2511 crack

    gogziilla 2511 crack5 days ago


  80. gogziilla 2511 crack

    gogziilla 2511 crack5 days ago

    Le doy 1879

  81. gogziilla 2511 crack

    gogziilla 2511 crack5 days ago

    Y me gustó mucho la película

  82. gogziilla 2511 crack

    gogziilla 2511 crack5 days ago

    Yo vi la película de jurassic woldk

  83. antonio eagle

    antonio eagle6 days ago


  84. antonio eagle

    antonio eagle6 days ago

    I love dinosaur

  85. antonio eagle

    antonio eagle6 days ago

    Coolest song

  86. Roblox Man

    Roblox Man6 days ago

    The t rex is a girl

  87. Annet Sher

    Annet Sher6 days ago

    Mi birthday 🎉 was on this bay 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉😁😁😁😁

  88. Hail Storm

    Hail Storm6 days ago

    _Guys I'm A Fangirl..._ _Of The Replay Button_

  89. Matt Garduño

    Matt Garduño6 days ago

    Like por más LHUGUENY

  90. glodi poust

    glodi poust6 days ago

    but T-rex was female

  91. why am i here

    why am i here6 days ago

    Screw mufasa!!!

  92. Eva Casa

    Eva Casa6 days ago

    rip indoraptor and bongo

  93. Eva Casa

    Eva Casa6 days ago

    rip#indorator to the triceratops

  94. Hasty nast

    Hasty nast7 days ago

    T rex is girl too

  95. Dinosaurtologist *

    Dinosaurtologist *7 days ago

    Revenge of the sith please.And phantom menace teen titans go to the movies and return of the Jedi.Also reanimate Jurrasic park and make Thor ragnorok avengers justice league.Please make all those requested musicals.

  96. Kong Moua

    Kong Moua7 days ago

    I'm blue for howleen and for christman

  97. Anyelo Jara

    Anyelo Jara7 days ago

    Me gusta esta canson de jurasis guor el reino caido

  98. Anyelo Jara

    Anyelo Jara7 days ago

    Digo megusta tu cansion

  99. Laura Gallegos

    Laura Gallegos7 days ago

    Jaja muy bueno

  100. Ana Santo

    Ana Santo7 days ago

    Hey project zorgo is still watching you and still trying to delete your channel the will do that forever

  101. Roblox officer

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    I like the indoraptor sound i keep listening

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  103. The Arnel Group

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  104. Kristin Thurston

    Kristin Thurston8 days ago

    My favourite song

  105. Jessica Roth

    Jessica Roth8 days ago

    The second time blue is singing she looks like she is having a singing battle with the indoraptor

  106. Jessica Morante

    Jessica Morante8 days ago


  107. But mommy Where’s my jams?

    But mommy Where’s my jams?8 days ago

    She attac

  108. Robert Legel

    Robert Legel8 days ago

    hmmmmm t-rex + every dino=fail

  109. Jose Anibal Sánchez

    Jose Anibal Sánchez8 days ago

    Ha dos hidridos en las dos jwfk jw