“Bonding” with Grandma


  1. GG ✅

    GG ✅Year ago

    Fargo? Who goes to Fargo on purpose?!

  2. May Phan

    May Phan6 days ago

    What is Fargo

  3. William E Meinke

    William E Meinke2 months ago

    I live in Wisconsin

  4. Ramy542dud Hui

    Ramy542dud Hui3 months ago

    This guy

  5. Will Thompson

    Will Thompson4 months ago

    SnowCatterz mob. C

  6. AFD MKD vlogs

    AFD MKD vlogs5 months ago

    GG ✅ /#\_/

  7. Wilks Mann

    Wilks MannDay ago

    Hey Alex my grandma was making cookies yesterday and I am 100% sure that they were burnt #2019

  8. Shayla Puhalla

    Shayla Puhalla2 days ago

    My grandma doesn’t burn my cookies

  9. Luis Sandoval

    Luis Sandoval2 days ago

    Rip grandma

  10. B Regal

    B Regal4 days ago

    I’m crying is she actually dead?

  11. Dustin Dodson

    Dustin Dodson5 days ago


  12. May Phan

    May Phan6 days ago

    When are you and your dad getting a grudge

  13. Jaime Garcia

    Jaime Garcia14 days ago

    WAS? WAS? WAS? what happened to her!

  14. Rosa Scarlet

    Rosa Scarlet15 days ago

    Are you coming to Maine???

  15. Xmick

    Xmick15 days ago


  16. Liv vlog’s Here

    Liv vlog’s Here17 days ago

    My favorite Broadway show is school of Rock. The longest running Broadway show I've been to was wicked. Mean girls is really good to. SpongeBob was to worst and shortest running musical I've seen. Anastasia is the one I've seen twice. Aladdin is the most magical. And yeah... Hamilton is my dream musical. One day I will go to it! Since August 2018 I've wanted to go! IT WILL HAPPEN- oh it's Alex Clarke new video.

  17. MoonlightWolfie XOXO

    MoonlightWolfie XOXO20 days ago

    Do you want pizza Alex?

  18. Blue royal Stargazer

    Blue royal Stargazer22 days ago

    Your grandma must have been hilarious

  19. Brent McFarland

    Brent McFarlandMonth ago

    Just me or is Alex's dad a piece of crap

  20. Evie's Gacha Life

    Evie's Gacha LifeMonth ago

    Six feat under? U mean like how far down my life has gone since I've had a boyfriend? :(

  21. ៥៦ហ ឥតយហ

    ៥៦ហ ឥតយហMonth ago

    1min breathe wordy message ⁉️❤️

  22. Rooster

    RoosterMonth ago

    I live in Fargo North Dakota

  23. Kyler Seim

    Kyler SeimMonth ago

    Nooooooo i mised him coming to wisconsin!!!!!

  24. elio ibarra

    elio ibarraMonth ago

    Was he going forward or backwards

  25. DragonGuy GTO

    DragonGuy GTOMonth ago

    It's not "It's Alex Clark" anymore it's "Alek 'The troll' Clark"

  26. EZ WIN

    EZ WINMonth ago

    I like for dead grandma

  27. Will Yang

    Will YangMonth ago

    What's with rice

  28. Erinvander76 Vander

    Erinvander76 VanderMonth ago

    My gama is Dede

  29. Michael Ingle

    Michael IngleMonth ago

    My grandpa raped my sister and my grandma stay with him so ☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️☹️

  30. Randall Scott

    Randall ScottMonth ago

    Poor grandma

  31. Latha Karthik

    Latha KarthikMonth ago

    This is awsome

  32. Vicky Voratanitkitkul

    Vicky VoratanitkitkulMonth ago

    My grandma hits me on the head with a metal spoon

  33. The Lonely Sandwich

    The Lonely SandwichMonth ago

    I still can't believe my great grandmother is still alive..

  34. YaNeS the ant ツ

    YaNeS the ant ツMonth ago

    Sorry for your lose

  35. Skyelar Roberts

    Skyelar RobertsMonth ago

    Aaaaa a hahahahahahahahahah coooollll

  36. Freaking Jesus

    Freaking JesusMonth ago

    Hey there is no heaven or hell but your soul reincarnates and I know this because I remember some of them so your grandma is still out there and she might remember you

  37. Nova Elliet

    Nova EllietMonth ago

    my grandpa died but i barely knew him so i wasn't all that effected

  38. dz bacia

    dz baciaMonth ago

    Your are too good even Theodd1sout is not

  39. Lord Helix

    Lord HelixMonth ago

    My grandma never cooks, whenever we visit we go out to dinner

  40. unvanish

    unvanishMonth ago

    rip my grandpa 9.12.2018 you will be missed

  41. CreeperSquad

    CreeperSquadMonth ago

    This video made me cry cuz both my grandparents are dead

  42. John Fraser

    John FraserMonth ago

    Hiiiiii I’m a big fan yo

  43. Sebastian Diaz

    Sebastian Diaz2 months ago

    Alex I've never meet my grandma

  44. Leo The Gamer

    Leo The Gamer2 months ago

    I've lost my grandma too and I miss her

  45. Rebel Fleet Trooper

    Rebel Fleet Trooper2 months ago

    God Bless Grandma.

  46. Katie Harrison

    Katie Harrison2 months ago

    Hand your videos are could

  47. Daniel Williams

    Daniel Williams2 months ago

    I love my grandma

  48. Rey Rey animates

    Rey Rey animates2 months ago

    Your forgetting about Great Grandparents, Mine are still alive

  49. Goddess V

    Goddess V2 months ago

    One barely communicates with me One has extreme depression and Alzheimer's

  50. Zach Tron

    Zach Tron2 months ago

    I’m going to see my grandparents today

  51. Lilly Black

    Lilly Black2 months ago


  52. that lonely cheeto in the corner

    that lonely cheeto in the corner2 months ago

    Both my grandmas live in different states:/

  53. Sylos Update

    Sylos Update2 months ago

    Lmao 3:48

  54. L Arts

    L Arts2 months ago

    Alex: well maybe you should work harder grandma Grandma: ALEXANDER YOUR SO FUNNY AREN’T YOU

  55. Halima Guhad

    Halima Guhad2 months ago

    Aww 😂😂😂 r.i.p

  56. NMAG Music

    NMAG Music2 months ago

    Ive never seen my grandma :(

  57. nazir carlos

    nazir carlos2 months ago

    Serius your seying finale you are the worst grandsob i hope you failed down the stairs

  58. Mr. Galaxy

    Mr. Galaxy2 months ago

    I was born in Wisconsin so that’s funny

  59. The king 👑 of Fortnight

    The king 👑 of Fortnight2 months ago

    A+++++ Alex show this to your mum

  60. Lucy liu

    Lucy liu2 months ago

    Sad for me because my grandma is in china

  61. Outpast GamingTV

    Outpast GamingTV2 months ago

    My grandma burn everything

  62. Fox Fable

    Fox Fable2 months ago

    Plz add more ribrant colours

  63. Alicia Lucente

    Alicia Lucente2 months ago

    What if your grandparents are mean

  64. Alicia Lucente

    Alicia Lucente2 months ago


  65. Landan Stevens

    Landan Stevens2 months ago

    Alex,why u being mean to your gram gram

  66. Nicole Holbrook

    Nicole Holbrook2 months ago

    i had two grandmothers that had passed away. my nana passed away back in 2015. she was amazing and i miss her so much. Whenever she would come and visit we would go for walks. when i visited her for her birthday one time me and my brother and my dad we took her out to eat. then there was my mimi. she passed away back in 2017. she meant the world to me. she would always take me to the park when i was a kid. i would always go swimming in her pool. sadly my mom got a phone call from some place she was staying at and they told my mom that my grandmother was in the hospital. back in my mind i was think oh no she probably fell or something but sadly when me and my mom saw her that's when i knew she wasn't gonna make it. i know there watching down on me and i miss them like crazy.

  67. BloodMoon

    BloodMoon2 months ago

    You: Wisconsin state fair Me: Holy F**king s**t I live down the street from there

  68. Stephanie johnson

    Stephanie johnson2 months ago

    well you on crack problaly talking smack at a kids show

  69. Ajiha Payton

    Ajiha Payton2 months ago

    R.I.P gg😭

  70. Xxlonely_kinxX Gacha

    Xxlonely_kinxX Gacha2 months ago

    Just today I got 50$ from my grandma heh Only because 4 more days till my Birthday 🎁

  71. Xxlonely_kinxX Gacha

    Xxlonely_kinxX Gacha2 months ago

    Nvm 3

  72. Creativecat Nap

    Creativecat Nap2 months ago

    Wait wait wait I know I have left two more comments but Alex’s grandma sounds like his mother

  73. Creativecat Nap

    Creativecat Nap2 months ago

    Lord has saved you alex

  74. Creativecat Nap

    Creativecat Nap2 months ago

    My name tedd

  75. Wallo Godly

    Wallo Godly2 months ago

    Spoil yup burnt cookies nope

  76. RedBoiTheGamer

    RedBoiTheGamer2 months ago

    hope you enjoy it because it's probably the last one! *ultra ZOINK slap*

  77. Seth Dawson

    Seth Dawson2 months ago

    I can relate...

  78. Shyann Thao

    Shyann Thao2 months ago

    I LIVE IN WISCONSIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!EEEEEEEK!!!!!!!!!!!?

  79. EnigmaOfTheEchidna

    EnigmaOfTheEchidna2 months ago

    This is such a mixed emotion kinda video, I don't know how to feel about it. But I love it, super funny!

  80. gammer sans

    gammer sans2 months ago

    I have an ant that has been married 5 times

  81. The Gaming Rose

    The Gaming Rose2 months ago

    omg you came to where I live and I missed it!!!! noooooooooooooo

  82. Lolipop5472 Alexandersson

    Lolipop5472 Alexandersson2 months ago

    My moms mom hate me and don't love me but she wan't ME to love her do you think I should say I love you But something I love is your MReporter Chanel 💖💖💖💖

  83. Nerdilicious 567

    Nerdilicious 5672 months ago

    My grandma used to get drunk and abuse my mother until my mom had a baby.

  84. Kit-kat Plays

    Kit-kat Plays2 months ago


  85. acrillo

    acrillo2 months ago

    oMg yOuTuBe i WatChEd iT

  86. Christian TDW

    Christian TDW3 months ago

    It's Alex Clark's Grandma: "Wow, your courier is not as gla-" Christian TDW: "MReporterR GAMING IS DA BEST!"

  87. Jacinta Hermann

    Jacinta Hermann3 months ago

    My grandma is the worst because once my family went to Germany and the whole time we were with her she ignored my sister, FOR THE WHOLE TIME WE WERE WITH HER! 😡

  88. Ellie We

    Ellie We3 months ago

    All my grandparents are *dead* 😐 *BUT I GOT PIZZA TODAY SOOOO!*

  89. Gaming Life

    Gaming Life3 months ago

    My grandma is in her fifty’s. She makes the best pretzels bites u can ever taste. She spoiled me to

  90. Noah Demjen

    Noah Demjen3 months ago

    My grandma is 96 years old literally

  91. Chason Animations

    Chason Animations3 months ago

    How do you animate that good

  92. Marquise West

    Marquise West3 months ago

    "Keep making those Benjamin's son, I used the money to get this sweet ride." I laughed so freaking hard 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  93. 10,000 Subs with no video

    10,000 Subs with no video3 months ago

    1:03 a reference to avengers infinity war?😂

  94. loko people

    loko people3 months ago

    You're a Nice guy

  95. Hayvyn Smith

    Hayvyn Smith3 months ago

    Alex ? Going to hell Hotel? Trivago That wasn’t very Rice of you Alex 😂💀💀

  96. FNAF Fanboy

    FNAF Fanboy3 months ago

    One of my family members just died around last week...because of suicide. I just want to point out that if you are really going through tough times tell someone about it otherwise it will obsorb you with negativity inside you to pull the plug and die

  97. Black Cat

    Black Cat3 months ago

    If it was that easy

  98. LummieWolf Gameing

    LummieWolf Gameing3 months ago


  99. oh yea yea

    oh yea yea3 months ago

    Lol my grandma dosnt care about me

  100. Luis Delatorre

    Luis Delatorre3 months ago

    Alex you have a PS4 nice I have one to

  101. Nicole Wheeler

    Nicole Wheeler3 months ago

    I was born in Wisconsin

  102. Kamiah Belvin

    Kamiah Belvin3 months ago

    Wait wait wait... First of all, Who was that man tied in the chair WHEN ALEX WAS INTRODUCING THE CHARACTERS. Second, I know your Grandma gives you WET kisses!!

  103. ZoeBoe Games

    ZoeBoe Games3 months ago

    R.I.P :C

  104. Chalino Zepeda

    Chalino Zepeda3 months ago

    Alex Clark my brother is a huge fan and if you like this comment or give him a shout-out it would really make his day

  105. That marvel fan- lego and film reviews

    That marvel fan- lego and film reviews3 months ago

    Hey Alex my grandad died like 6 weeks ago in hospital and I didn’t visit him. I thought he’d be okay , my one regret is I didn’t tell him I loved him and left on bad terms I wish I had . So everyone remember to love them and make sure they know that

  106. Minecraft dominator

    Minecraft dominator3 months ago

    I live in Wisconsin when was this video uploaded

  107. Masashi Kishimoto

    Masashi Kishimoto3 months ago

    my granma is gon to and i cant get over it so i woch your vidios to cheer me up thangs for all the vidios

  108. maria-christina panagidou

    maria-christina panagidou3 months ago

    "biggest and best shows" *cats poster in the back* ... i thiNK NOOOT