“Bonding” with Grandma


  1. GG ✅

    GG ✅15 days ago

    Fargo? Who goes to Fargo on purpose?!

  2. Jordan Myers

    Jordan Myers13 hours ago


  3. Dancing Cousins

    Dancing Cousins2 days ago

    Killeen Texas is a great place to go

  4. Dancing Cousins

    Dancing Cousins2 days ago

    Killeen Texas needs some love

  5. Kid Khaadi

    Kid Khaadi5 days ago

    itsAlexClark Get ready for alot of unexpected rain

  6. Kid Khaadi

    Kid Khaadi5 days ago

    itsAlexClark ALEX I LIVE IN FARGO

  7. Zara Khan

    Zara Khan3 hours ago

    Oh yeah my grandma doesn’t know how to cook.....anymore😈😈😈

  8. GAM3RF Production's!

    GAM3RF Production's!9 hours ago

    mines were gone for years 6 years tbh and im 8 now

  9. Jordan Myers

    Jordan Myers13 hours ago


  10. Oatmeal Gaming

    Oatmeal Gaming17 hours ago

    Lol I was at my grandparents house when I watched this (my grandma got us ice cream. I love her.)

  11. GANG

    GANG17 hours ago

    I haven't met my grandma and the other one is dead 😥

  12. Pen Of Wildfire

    Pen Of Wildfire18 hours ago

    My grandpa has been married 3 times. Now I have 3 sets of grandparents. Nana and Papa, GrandMaria and Grandpa, and Grandpa Larry and Gramma Diane

  13. ks_ lumine

    ks_ lumine18 hours ago

    All my grandparents are dead 😶 I loved the video tho 🤗🤗🤗

  14. Jose Puildo

    Jose Puildo19 hours ago

    Well my grandparents died

  15. ychesseFTW KILLS

    ychesseFTW KILLS20 hours ago

    ur hair 2:44

  16. James Lowery

    James Lowery22 hours ago

    i dont have a grandma anymore ',-',

  17. Ronny Plays

    Ronny PlaysDay ago

    my grandparents are dead. im over it cause ive lost tons of people in my life (grandparents, siblings and more) so its no biggy anymore but i really wish i could tell them one more time.. "i love you" :')

  18. krazykid612 :D

    krazykid612 :DDay ago

    I live in wisconsin

  19. Prokeikas 72

    Prokeikas 72Day ago

    My grandma is also dead.

  20. Sweet Melody

    Sweet MelodyDay ago

    My biological grandmas never spoiled me,but my step grandma did

  21. Morgan Hughes

    Morgan HughesDay ago

    More about your grandma!

  22. Tyler Wilson

    Tyler WilsonDay ago

    HOW DO U NOT HAVE 1,000,000,000 SUBSCRIBERS?????

  23. Jay Grls

    Jay GrlsDay ago

    Lol noticed that infinity war star lord reference

  24. Amelia_is_watching

    Amelia_is_watchingDay ago

    2:17 Holy sheeit....PHANTOM!!! ANGEL OF MUSIC!!

  25. Olga Christoforou

    Olga Christoforou2 days ago

    0:53 those glasses are in trend now lol

  26. White Tubby

    White Tubby2 days ago

    The lion king:LONG LIVED THE KING

  27. Lyney Marta

    Lyney Marta2 days ago

    my grandma does not make any cookies 😭😭

  28. MarbleTarble

    MarbleTarble2 days ago

    *I loved this!*

  29. Myth Kencrafter

    Myth Kencrafter2 days ago

    No your grandma would demonetize you

  30. Chase Da Base

    Chase Da Base2 days ago

    I only have grandma my grandpa past away

  31. ACE GAMER3210

    ACE GAMER32102 days ago


  32. Paper Cerberus

    Paper Cerberus2 days ago

    I’m watching this right next to my grandma hanging out

  33. Elaine Rogers

    Elaine Rogers2 days ago

    My only grand parent left speaks Chinese soooooooooooo wo ai ne

  34. Omari_X 65

    Omari_X 652 days ago

    2:17 Notice how sister looking around evily for no reason; it's her default state of being! XD

  35. Kaima da Ani gamer

    Kaima da Ani gamer2 days ago

    i still have my great grandmother :)

  36. Turbo Xeno

    Turbo Xeno3 days ago

    Alex your animated head looks like Vodafone logo

  37. Sundriana Shane

    Sundriana Shane3 days ago

    OMG!!!! So wish I knew you sooner!!! I love in Mandan North Dakota I could of totally went!!!!!!!😢

  38. Addison Habeck

    Addison Habeck3 days ago

    Wait you do you live in WISCONSIN because I do

  39. Matt Horan

    Matt Horan3 days ago

    Mines dead too Janet D.Ward 1935-2018

  40. Areli Reyes

    Areli Reyes3 days ago

    My Grandma ain't Fun or anything she is just...... there.......like she doesn't give me birthday presents or even says happy birthday she is the same to the rest of my siblings.........why should i say i love you when she aint going to give me a hug or a kiss she is lazy too >:( i wish i had a fun grandma that i could say i love you and hug and hangout with her but i dont....i feel like nothing to her so ill just say i have only 1 grandma and not 2 since the other one is better

  41. ChiefClever aj aj

    ChiefClever aj aj3 days ago

    My grandfather died in 2014 he was an amazing person, very greatful to have had him😊 love you gramps R.i.p💜

  42. chris condict

    chris condict3 days ago

    Wow that hit hard not gonna lie I am literally going through stuff with my grandparents lol

  43. Eric Lalli

    Eric Lalli3 days ago

    I see my grand parents basically every day and I love them

  44. BossTurtles

    BossTurtles3 days ago

    I just saw Cats on June 10th and I saw the poster in the background of the video!

  45. AwesomeGirl997 The best

    AwesomeGirl997 The best3 days ago

    My nana always buys me Steak ‘n Shake whenever I go home I visit... man she’s awesome

  46. Dudeamthebest is here

    Dudeamthebest is here3 days ago

    do bonding with grandpa

  47. Pug Lord

    Pug Lord3 days ago

    "Oh dearest brother i am rather hungry why dont you order the pizza that you owe me😈"

  48. Moi

    Moi3 days ago

    * enjoys ride to hell *



    My grandma is also dead....

  50. Cameron Nardone

    Cameron Nardone4 days ago

    I...I'm so sorry, but I love how close you were to talk smack about her, always keep a smile, and you will make others smile. Keep on smiling...please.

  51. SeanTEM

    SeanTEM4 days ago

    Me:terrible things happen when bonding with grandma and grandpa

  52. poop Phoebemar

    poop Phoebemar4 days ago

    LOVE the thumbnail!

  53. DerpFish Gaming

    DerpFish Gaming4 days ago

    Mine too

  54. Ismael Leyton

    Ismael Leyton4 days ago

    Good for you. The best things my grandma do was. Let me sleep at her house. When my parents left for 1 day

  55. Ismael Leyton

    Ismael Leyton4 days ago

    She never give me money or food she hated me

  56. Ismael Leyton

    Ismael Leyton4 days ago

    And almost kill my mom

  57. Kari Waller

    Kari Waller4 days ago

    alex i love the video!

  58. OdeTo MESHE

    OdeTo MESHE4 days ago

    My grandmas gone but she was so nice! I’m sure yours was too!!

  59. James Cooper

    James Cooper4 days ago

    1:03 is that an infinity reference I see

  60. King PERVY bOT 6657299 GOD MODEL 3103464

    King PERVY bOT 6657299 GOD MODEL 31034644 days ago

    how is your neighbor mrs nra?

  61. Smol street boy

    Smol street boy4 days ago

    I'm going to hell 😂😂😂

  62. Food Person

    Food Person4 days ago

    I saw that infinity war reference

  63. Supersharkgem

    Supersharkgem4 days ago

    How did you like the state fair?

  64. Ken Harris

    Ken Harris4 days ago

    this is so sweet awwwwwwwwwwwwww

  65. cuber

    cuber4 days ago

    why is there a freaking jibo in the background 2:31

  66. thebeamissupream

    thebeamissupream4 days ago

    Witch state fair cuz I live I wisconsin

  67. Adeline Huff

    Adeline Huff4 days ago

    My Grammie doesn't spoil me!

  68. Diamond EpicnessBlaze

    Diamond EpicnessBlaze4 days ago

    My grandma and Grandpa are more then half across the world .

  69. Danny Plays

    Danny Plays4 days ago


  70. Tammy Jones

    Tammy Jones4 days ago

    My grands favorites one kid over the other she favored my aunt and not my mom that's why she favores my cousin and not me in other words f*ck my grandma

  71. AT 210

    AT 2104 days ago

    Your grandmom sounds to be like my grandmom but mine is still alive.

  72. Zsanine Turner

    Zsanine Turner4 days ago

    my grandma was like that as well

  73. Stew Pid

    Stew Pid4 days ago

    I hated the last part because my grandpa died :(

  74. King Punchwood

    King Punchwood4 days ago

    My grand parents hmm Fathers side. Grandma Dead Grandpa Dead Mother’s side Grandma Dead Grandpa Mentally unstable I got to meet the old man three times, and I regretted it.

  75. Roblox Person

    Roblox Person4 days ago

    Ok my grandma I love her but my grandad like one time we went to a Zoo and it wasn’t as much if u were under 6 and I was 12 SO He MADE WE GEt DOWN ON MY NEEs and say I was 6

  76. Xander Massallo

    Xander Massallo4 days ago

    I'm going to hell- we all meet u there😂

  77. Cool Gamer701

    Cool Gamer7014 days ago

    1:03 infinity war

  78. Ea Claudio

    Ea Claudio5 days ago

    How dare you insult rice

  79. Yes Its me

    Yes Its me5 days ago

    Looks like you had an iPhone x way back then, you are so lucky

  80. Fabi channel

    Fabi channel5 days ago

    Granny? XD

  81. DerpestChannelEver

    DerpestChannelEver5 days ago

    Well at least she was a nice person.

  82. Kamryn Singleton

    Kamryn Singleton5 days ago

    I'm going to hell -Alex Clark 2018

  83. Mr.ducky BOI!!

    Mr.ducky BOI!!5 days ago

    Nice John deer

  84. Cassuttus Tshirt

    Cassuttus Tshirt5 days ago

    Wisconsin State Fair was your first Grandma attended performance? Ha, that's where I grew up and still live! I wish I could have attended the more current Wisconsin show =(

  85. Emery Duran

    Emery Duran5 days ago

    1:04 INFINITY WAR REFERENCE! The part where Doctor Strange opens a portal for Star Lord/Peter Quill! Yeah, I’ve seen EVERY Marvel movie

  86. The three broken musicians

    The three broken musicians5 days ago

    My grandpa died on the night of the super blue blood moon

  87. Mr. gameing

    Mr. gameing5 days ago

    All my grandmother and grandfather are dead

  88. Daron Webb

    Daron Webb5 days ago


  89. Starbucks Pug

    Starbucks Pug5 days ago

    My grandpa is in Africa

  90. AwesomeCupcake

    AwesomeCupcake5 days ago

    I didn’t have no money 😂😂😂

  91. Myles Cyr

    Myles Cyr5 days ago

    By by by by by by by by by by by by by by by by abt by

  92. Emoji girl Gamer

    Emoji girl Gamer5 days ago

    U live in Florida? 😱

  93. Will Legend

    Will Legend5 days ago

    My grandma died yesterday 😥

  94. Terriq Small

    Terriq Small5 days ago

    R.I.P Alex’s grandma

  95. high five the skylander dragonfly YT

    high five the skylander dragonfly YT5 days ago

    Once when i was out with my grandma and we were walking i was like 2 and she had my buggie i wasnt in it luckily because it fell in a river :| YAY

  96. Corin Withers

    Corin Withers5 days ago

    My great grandmother is still around

  97. Syrus Angi

    Syrus Angi5 days ago

    My grandparents are dead. I only met one of my grandmas and I didn't see her that much unfortunately

  98. Cat Jones

    Cat Jones5 days ago

    You should go to Beloit Wisconsin! That’s where I live I watch if you go there

  99. Justin Scarf

    Justin Scarf5 days ago

    wait your grandma has that red hair? Mine too!

  100. kitten wolvesxd

    kitten wolvesxd5 days ago

    I love the video but it made me throwup You see i have a stomach bug and all the sweets in the video kinda made me eat lots of...sweets..?


    HILLNICK5 days ago


  102. Mrs stampy cat the Janitor's 1st child

    Mrs stampy cat the Janitor's 1st child6 days ago

    My aunt gives me money. I love her I really love her.

  103. SuperPuppetProductions

    SuperPuppetProductions6 days ago

    Are you Alex Clark from Wisconsin

  104. ADuck YT

    ADuck YT6 days ago

    I live in Wisconsin 😊

  105. urban Kirar

    urban Kirar6 days ago

    Grandmas and grandpas are the best!!!

  106. EvaZWolf

    EvaZWolf6 days ago


  107. Lucile 1002

    Lucile 10026 days ago

    My grandma is dead and I loved her 💔💔