$5500 iPhone Case - Worlds Most Expensive


  1. Caner Acisu

    Caner Acisu9 hours ago

    Can you make a video were your naked and your shit on the street please!!!

  2. Neanderthal

    Neanderthal20 hours ago

    I own a wallet, a belt and a phone case. ‘NoTHinG ToO cRaZŶ tHo¿’

  3. Damir Mujagic

    Damir Mujagic2 days ago

    Waste of money... the shortest answer possible.

  4. changed tech

    changed tech3 days ago

    supreme > tesla. don’t @ me

  5. Nicky C.

    Nicky C.3 days ago

    Weird flex...

  6. changed tech

    changed tech3 days ago

    Nicky C. but ok

  7. Arianator Forever

    Arianator Forever4 days ago

    u r so cute aw

  8. zUltra

    zUltra5 days ago

    Are you paying $1500 for the name and logo?

  9. muhammad Rehan

    muhammad Rehan5 days ago

    can you a drop test with the case

  10. Tino Schincariol

    Tino Schincariol5 days ago

    Soo thiccc

  11. LuSeaL Rooks

    LuSeaL Rooks6 days ago

    Drop the phone with the Louie case on it.

  12. LuSeaL Rooks

    LuSeaL Rooks6 days ago

    The titanium bump case.😏👍👍

  13. Charlie The iSheep

    Charlie The iSheep7 days ago

    prefer the titanium case.

  14. captain Ali 123

    captain Ali 1237 days ago

    Yo that wallet is fake

  15. Anas Al Taweel

    Anas Al Taweel7 days ago


  16. Prabhu Kumar

    Prabhu Kumar9 days ago

    Its a complete waste of money

  17. WindyKittyLPS

    WindyKittyLPS11 days ago

    I was watching this and I got a phone case ad...

  18. Franky Frank

    Franky Frank11 days ago

    Drop it! Drop it!

  19. J-F B

    J-F B13 days ago

    its only made for ppl like Elton John, Lady Gaga.. etc

  20. Debabrata Santra

    Debabrata Santra15 days ago

    Do you really like that one?

  21. Texascamber

    Texascamber16 days ago

    9:09 "You gotta whip it out, use it with two hands." b i g m e m e s

  22. can we get 100000 subscribers for this polite cat ?

    can we get 100000 subscribers for this polite cat ?16 days ago

    *i want one* *is it available for the iPhone 6 plus ?*

  23. B R A I N. C E L L S

    B R A I N. C E L L S20 days ago

    Anyone else see the Louis Vuitton iMac background behind him?

  24. the_fapining292

    the_fapining29220 days ago

    It's 27 on offer up

  25. Ria Griffin

    Ria Griffin20 days ago


  26. Ria Griffin

    Ria Griffin20 days ago

    Rich people are so annoying

  27. ProGamer Efe

    ProGamer Efe21 day ago

    I saw this case, a woman was holding it near me. I said OMG

  28. 7r3y_Buckingham2017

    7r3y_Buckingham201723 days ago

    Him: does it look good Me: HELL NO Me:I'LL BE ROBBED Him:OK :( ME: UR AN IDIOT FOR BUYING IT

  29. 7r3y_Buckingham2017

    7r3y_Buckingham201723 days ago


  30. Miles Fryling

    Miles Fryling23 days ago

    What a wast

  31. Yeah Boii

    Yeah Boii23 days ago

    Apple is trash


    *CHAEYOUNG PARK*24 days ago

    I bought a fake. And it’s worth it.

  33. THE_3PiC_4rIaZ 007

    THE_3PiC_4rIaZ 00726 days ago

    Its looks so ugly

  34. Neon Thoughts

    Neon Thoughts26 days ago

    Not that expensive my mom had it she said its 1,800$

  35. Charles cress

    Charles cress26 days ago

    If it was Gucci I would buy it

  36. IntrepidCore 7

    IntrepidCore 728 days ago

    Lol this is for people who want to feel rich and important 😂💀

  37. Rexmond Gaming

    Rexmond Gaming29 days ago

    *sniffs* it smells like broke in here

  38. Weirdly4bbi3

    Weirdly4bbi329 days ago

    Am I the only one who thinks it is absolutely beautiful? I love that medieval trunk design and with the colours.. holy crap its beautiful. And there are cheaper versions of this case now (thanks China) I actually am going to buy one.

  39. Matthew McCabe

    Matthew McCabeMonth ago

    5500 is the maximum price limit for an FRC Robot so I’m mad

  40. RandomYT Videos Uploader

    RandomYT Videos UploaderMonth ago

    I’m gonna sell my $20 iPhone case on eBay/amazon/kijiji/Craigslist for $999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 Anybody wanna buy it?

  41. Pratyush SAGAR

    Pratyush SAGARMonth ago

    It looks ok

  42. Kait The Learner

    Kait The LearnerMonth ago

    Personally I think that case is ugly af and WAY overpriced

  43. haxar with the sauce

    haxar with the sauceMonth ago

    Moldova :)

  44. Edouard Gagné

    Edouard GagnéMonth ago

    its shit

  45. Melissa Esquivel

    Melissa EsquivelMonth ago

    Pin dat👇👇👇👇 set to top comments

  46. Twitch Pancake

    Twitch PancakeMonth ago

    Let me just grab another iPhone

  47. William Guard

    William GuardMonth ago


  48. Ukrainian Guy

    Ukrainian GuyMonth ago

    UGLY AF !!!

  49. Jinte

    JinteMonth ago

    Why u gotta use clickbait?

  50. FloreOnline

    FloreOnlineMonth ago

    *Jeffree Star has entered the chat*

  51. Garry Freemyer

    Garry FreemyerMonth ago

    I’d watch a drop test but please don’t do it.

  52. IRSHADALI Pakis

    IRSHADALI PakisMonth ago


  53. Crazy Max Max

    Crazy Max MaxMonth ago

    There are golden I phone made out of REAL GOLD ....You should make a review about it 😉😀😀😍

  54. Carl Whittaker

    Carl WhittakerMonth ago

    I don’t see the the point of the large phones and cases making them even bigger you might as well carry your laptop round with you

  55. Brazo0o Braz

    Brazo0o BrazMonth ago

    Gaudy af

  56. Yfrozz

    YfrozzMonth ago

    An ugly wast of money

  57. Gaetano Chisari

    Gaetano ChisariMonth ago


  58. Binck Zwaan

    Binck ZwaanMonth ago

    Fake i but iT. For 5 dollar

  59. Matthew Goncz

    Matthew GonczMonth ago

    Drop test plzzz

  60. EVE LA

    EVE LAMonth ago

    Yes it looks good😍the price not really😒😂😂😂

  61. nike mobile ledgends

    nike mobile ledgendsMonth ago

    That s bad ass

  62. DaChozenPoww

    DaChozenPowwMonth ago

    Looks like... My diy case was much better...

  63. Aaron Good

    Aaron GoodMonth ago

    *_gets ad for a phone case_*

  64. awesome gaming channel Bolden

    awesome gaming channel BoldenMonth ago

    It is so ugly

  65. awesome gaming channel Bolden

    awesome gaming channel BoldenMonth ago

    Drop that case

  66. awesome gaming channel Bolden

    awesome gaming channel BoldenMonth ago

    Take a job case

  67. AlanaFieldsTV

    AlanaFieldsTVMonth ago

    ... really your paying for a name on a case, how much does that case actually cost to make. Not much I'll tell you.

  68. A5T4R BO55

    A5T4R BO55Month ago

    probably have the Tesla model s because u can store way more stuff In the Tesla but not much space in that trunk

  69. creboseave BaTreVol

    creboseave BaTreVolMonth ago

    Looks shit

  70. Manshul Garg

    Manshul GargMonth ago

    I would actually give 5500$ for not using this case 😂😂

  71. Grey Freakshow

    Grey FreakshowMonth ago

    Looks like it's can be used as a weapon, "In case of an emergency, your phone can be used as a weapon device"

  72. Grey Freakshow

    Grey FreakshowMonth ago

    Idk,, it's late

  73. Oof

    OofMonth ago

    i think it looks nice with iphone 7 jdjsjdjdd the big and fat one lol

  74. lingin Hopperson

    lingin Hopperson2 months ago

    Ugly as fack

  75. Cat Lover Gamer Roblox Lover

    Cat Lover Gamer Roblox Lover2 months ago

    Next year Keynote... WHAT! $1599!?



    The ugliest case I have seen, I meen for 1,000 this it’s not good

  77. dNk

    dNk2 months ago

    Where he has this money from? My mom is making 300$ per month and i m still alive.. :D

  78. Gael Murillo

    Gael Murillo2 months ago

    I think that it looks nice💍

  79. SEE-JAY TV

    SEE-JAY TV2 months ago

    If I had the money, I would buy it. I love it.

  80. i Memon

    i Memon2 months ago

    That's a ugly looking case

  81. Adoree. Alison

    Adoree. Alison2 months ago

    That packaging is so EXTRA.

  82. Enrique Trujillo

    Enrique Trujillo2 months ago

    instead of that i will by a mous case

  83. chen 1337

    chen 13372 months ago

    The moment where the phone is the actual case

  84. Ms Yashica 19

    Ms Yashica 192 months ago

    That sucks ☠️☠️👻🙏🙏🙏


    MOHAMMED SHAH2 months ago

    What a shit case? I wouldnt even buy this for 5 dollars to be honest!

  86. Maddy_P _2007

    Maddy_P _20072 months ago

    Awful most ugliest case I’ve ever seen!! 🤢 that’s how it makes me feel and it is an awful waste of money!! 😮 OMG

  87. Ahimsa pasiak

    Ahimsa pasiak2 months ago


  88. Pharaoh of Kemet

    Pharaoh of Kemet2 months ago

    Louis Vuitton has lost they fucking mind.

  89. Duke Of Puzzles

    Duke Of Puzzles2 months ago

    This looks pointless

  90. Pratush Fingo

    Pratush Fingo2 months ago

    OMG it is ao ugly waste of money titanium is gooood

  91. Scott Gibson

    Scott Gibson2 months ago

    That... looks like dogshit.

  92. Kane Wallis

    Kane Wallis2 months ago

    That looks like shit

  93. Darrel Nathan Wijaya

    Darrel Nathan Wijaya2 months ago

    It's ugly

  94. Ice Boxxer

    Ice Boxxer2 months ago

    No I’m selling one for $99999 it’s called a rip off

  95. Jug

    Jug2 months ago

    They high key spent more on packaging than the legit cases.

  96. James Jiang

    James Jiang2 months ago

    Imagine loosing your phone not feeling bad for your phone but your phone case

  97. musthafa kp

    musthafa kp2 months ago


  98. Harsh Devadiga

    Harsh Devadiga2 months ago

    Drop test

  99. xX_Tays._.Vlogs_Xx

    xX_Tays._.Vlogs_Xx2 months ago

    This is why we have Jeffree Star who owns the case, probably in both shades too

  100. LEGEND YT blob

    LEGEND YT blob2 months ago

    Try drop test

  101. Bryan Salinas-Morales

    Bryan Salinas-Morales2 months ago

    Fuck this two stupid companies

  102. Alex Burton

    Alex Burton2 months ago

    Have you ever heard of Versace’s new multi type phone cases? They’re $6,000