$5500 iPhone Case - Worlds Most Expensive


  1. aaronvo2k

    aaronvo2k8 hours ago

    It's ugly..

  2. InTo ReKa

    InTo ReKa9 hours ago

    It looks like garbage no joke lmao

  3. InTo ReKa

    InTo ReKa9 hours ago

    I prefer my 5 dollar case over this...

  4. Stephan Lombard

    Stephan LombardDay ago

    What do you do with all your broken iphones?

  5. esmat khan

    esmat khanDay ago

    It’s like my grandma wallet 😂

  6. Chocoleyt Mint

    Chocoleyt Mint2 days ago

    “whenever you buy something from them.. they give you the utmost service - they kiss your butt” LMAO. I lost it when he said this 😭😭😭😭😭 but it’s true. At least they try to kiss your butt.. and not kick your butt out of the store. Lol

  7. Jovanngu PEOPLE's SQUARD

    Jovanngu PEOPLE's SQUARD2 days ago

    Wth who buys that? It’s so ugly

  8. Jealto

    Jealto2 days ago

    Its not even close to the most expensive, their is one fore over 180.000 but i forgot the Name

  9. Ashley Ellison

    Ashley Ellison2 days ago

    I don't think the Louis Vuitton case is worth it! 1. It's over expensive and 2. In my opinion it's really ugly

  10. Airole Leobrera

    Airole Leobrera2 days ago

    Click bait


    JAMILET_SNUSH2 days ago



    HEAVYGAMING2 days ago


  13. Charles YEET Fortnite gaming

    Charles YEET Fortnite gaming2 days ago

    Like if ya want a drop test

  14. BEPIS

    BEPIS2 days ago

    The Gucci phone

  15. Why_not_3 .-.

    Why_not_3 .-.2 days ago

    Click bait

  16. The Explorer

    The Explorer2 days ago

    Next week on Tech Rax: Don’t drop your 1000 dollar Louie Viton case in molten lava

  17. Teo Like J’s

    Teo Like J’s3 days ago

    Case is trash

  18. jowie james octat

    jowie james octat3 days ago

    id rather break every 5 iphones..

  19. Rajinder Singh

    Rajinder Singh3 days ago

    Not good

  20. Maertijn

    Maertijn3 days ago

    does it come with the phone for $5500?

  21. FreddieG17

    FreddieG173 days ago

    The case look cool bit its waste of money

  22. All About Os

    All About Os3 days ago

    hey android fanboys did you guys still thinks that iphone is overpriced???

  23. Ethan

    Ethan3 days ago

    Actually the supreme Louis Vuitton trunk had the Louis Vuitton print in read and white that was Initially 129,000 dollars on the stock x insta but they did a segment on it getting verified with the price of 70,000

  24. Kevin He

    Kevin He3 days ago

    it looks good

  25. Arun Limbu

    Arun Limbu3 days ago

    Bruh instead of buying that uglyass case, I would have 10+ iPhones.

  26. Golden Gamer studio -_-

    Golden Gamer studio -_-3 days ago

    Wow how many phones can I have one lol actually no pont of seying that because he will not reply

  27. รαɠεα૮ε

    รαɠεα૮ε3 days ago

    *Uses with a s4*

  28. Too Much Cringe

    Too Much Cringe3 days ago

    I saw a Gucci case laying on a bench, it looked expensive

  29. Ion Bee

    Ion Bee3 days ago

    2018? Well do you have seen that he has a license plate on the wall? Well that plate is from moldova, that is the place where i live

  30. Lada 1

    Lada 13 days ago

    My friend had that lv 5000$ case for her iphone

  31. Yariel Lopez

    Yariel Lopez3 days ago

    In myPinyan I think it doesn’t look good

  32. WizardMeowingtons And Stich Tha Cat

    WizardMeowingtons And Stich Tha Cat4 days ago

    Do a drop testt

  33. Zackary Hlaing

    Zackary Hlaing4 days ago

    That looks ugly AF

  34. Kustom Killz

    Kustom Killz4 days ago

    Weird flex but ok

  35. 12345

    123454 days ago

    I’d rather have the trunk than the Tesla

  36. Sriram V

    Sriram V4 days ago

    Is this true check this jail breaking process and let us know sir .mreporter.net/v/video-JN4zZeonT9s.html

  37. Divine Nails

    Divine Nails4 days ago

    A car

  38. CptJuniorYT OFFICIAL

    CptJuniorYT OFFICIAL4 days ago

    0:06 those game consoles in the right i have to

  39. Firebreathing Rubberducky

    Firebreathing Rubberducky4 days ago

    This case is a wast of money. U could buy a maxed out 2018 MacBook Pro for $ 5,500.

  40. Meriem Taleb

    Meriem Taleb5 days ago

    Even a sponge case will keep your phone safe than that piece of crap

  41. I'm gonna get 100 subs without any videos! duh

    I'm gonna get 100 subs without any videos! duh5 days ago

    Would be more cooler if they gave you a phone in that case

  42. ProJDMgamer 5

    ProJDMgamer 55 days ago

    Worlds dumbest case.

  43. #1hero

    #1hero5 days ago

    0:37 probably like 3 lol, and that case won’t fit on your new iPhone

  44. TJ Goes pro

    TJ Goes pro5 days ago

    That case is worth more than my car😭

  45. Bartbart1220

    Bartbart12205 days ago

    its ugly af

  46. Ben Ambroze

    Ben Ambroze5 days ago

    It’s not that nice

  47. Cool Person

    Cool Person6 days ago

    The case is so ugly. I’d get a case for that case and be terrified to drop it. I’d be more concerned about the case than he actual phone

  48. Yamin Hossain Shohan

    Yamin Hossain Shohan6 days ago

    Was it made by gold?

  49. Hassan F7

    Hassan F77 days ago

    brb gotta go sell my 3 dollar case for 10.000 dollars

  50. Arminster 27

    Arminster 278 days ago

    This is clickbait why noooo I thought you dont do any clickbait.

  51. Kriah

    Kriah8 days ago

    Thicc ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  52. Kermit The Frog

    Kermit The Frog8 days ago


  53. -CraftedXCX -

    -CraftedXCX -10 days ago

    I would spend my 1k for an iPhone X

  54. Real CRAZIEST

    Real CRAZIEST10 days ago

    that case need 1 more case

  55. GamingYt

    GamingYt10 days ago

    @everythingapplepro "wHy So ThICc

  56. Roszek Gaming

    Roszek Gaming11 days ago

    Jeffree Star has like 4 of them lol

  57. Orangeslicer3000 :D

    Orangeslicer3000 :D11 days ago

    Lol Jeffrree star is crazy, like one of his closets are about 7 million dollars, yea... he has Gucci Louis Vuitton and has a room that is called dead Gucci

  58. Megan H

    Megan H11 days ago

    In 2018 you could buy a iPhone x for that much

  59. Qazwsxedc Qaz

    Qazwsxedc Qaz12 days ago

    tttttttttttesla I hate supreme

  60. Svinja

    Svinja12 days ago

    That little “oh shit” from dropping the brick phone really does it for me

  61. LukeTheCanadian

    LukeTheCanadian13 days ago

    That looks ugly

  62. Try to get to 5,000 subscribers No video challenge

    Try to get to 5,000 subscribers No video challenge13 days ago


  63. Snappa

    Snappa13 days ago

    It looks terrible. I’m not buying that. Ever.

  64. Ash B

    Ash B13 days ago

    I could buy a MacBook or iPhone X for that lol

  65. Mari M

    Mari M14 days ago


  66. Retroways

    Retroways14 days ago

    you raping your mom is a huger case

  67. Johnny Paredes

    Johnny Paredes14 days ago

    Buy the alligator skin

  68. Anthony Lopez

    Anthony Lopez15 days ago

    I would get the titanium one because I think the phone case is just expensive because it’s rare

  69. Robert_CZLP

    Robert_CZLP16 days ago

    And where is the button for switching Loud and Vibration?

  70. The Real EggMan

    The Real EggMan16 days ago

    “They will kiss ur butt” lol!!

  71. Faysal Osman

    Faysal Osman16 days ago

    *Case looks heavy asf and bulky. I would use the money for my university debt.*

  72. Mking

    Mking16 days ago

    Me watching in a 5 € case

  73. Jorge Ochoa

    Jorge Ochoa17 days ago


  74. Abbas Mirzayee

    Abbas Mirzayee18 days ago


  75. Creeper_Pro20

    Creeper_Pro2020 days ago

    Apple would sell this for 1.000.000$

  76. Skaax Af

    Skaax Af20 days ago

    Weird flex, but ok...

  77. Jason T

    Jason T21 day ago

    This case is badass I wish the edges was round it almost look like a pimped out diary

  78. sierra Garcia

    sierra Garcia22 days ago

    No No No No No No No 👎 👎

  79. Dihno Dionisio

    Dihno Dionisio22 days ago

    Phone: Yay My New Owner Luis Vuitton case: Yay My Owner Phone: Well I Lasted 1 second because my OWNER DOSENT CARE ABOUT ME!! Owner: I'll Protect you beautiful case Drop The Phone Throw The Phone and look the scuffings in the cases sees The Dent(Scuffing) Blames The Phone

  80. Dihno Dionisio

    Dihno Dionisio22 days ago

    They will Kiss Your Butt? 🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂 at 2:57

  81. Hyper

    Hyper22 days ago

    Looks terrible...

  82. oliver green

    oliver green23 days ago


  83. Boi savagge

    Boi savagge23 days ago

    Hit them on the head with my lv case if they mug me

  84. Wojciech Niklaus

    Wojciech Niklaus24 days ago

    Lord kruszwil

  85. Jackson Grainger

    Jackson Grainger26 days ago

    Ok wdym i have a tesla andddd that case,not too expensive

  86. Moeez Gul

    Moeez Gul28 days ago


  87. Jonathan Dela Cruz

    Jonathan Dela Cruz29 days ago

    damn so expensive iphone case not my type

  88. Cleopatra TROPHY WIFE

    Cleopatra TROPHY WIFEMonth ago


  89. Michelle H

    Michelle HMonth ago

    Big fat waste of money my iPhone 7 Plus case is $10

  90. arne retsoolcnav

    arne retsoolcnavMonth ago

    for a Louis Vuitton item I'm very disappointed that the monogram isn't centered. It bothers me alot and its very visibly, even the camera cutout isn't vertically centered... Its for such 'details' you pay the extra buck

  91. Yoonkook Army

    Yoonkook ArmyMonth ago

    Even you have multiple iphone,u still love your iphone 5

  92. Pussy Slayer

    Pussy SlayerMonth ago

    My Louis Vuitton belt only lasted 6 years :’(


    COOL PERSON 😎Month ago

    It’s not good and it’s not bad

  94. Jose RD

    Jose RDMonth ago

    The good thing if LV is that when you buy something they give you water and candy sometimes but in Gucci they don’t give you water they just tell you thank you

  95. chckrbrd

    chckrbrdMonth ago

    The trunk fer shure

  96. RoseWolfz Prime

    RoseWolfz PrimeMonth ago

    Ugly as shit and overpriced garbage lol (and I meant the phone and case)

  97. Rylan Haymore

    Rylan HaymoreMonth ago

    More like... worlds ugliest case


    JOSH GAMERSMonth ago

    I don’t like how the corners are

  99. christopher krause

    christopher krauseMonth ago

    No back on it and looks terrible with the phone color

  100. Shannon Van-Ostayen

    Shannon Van-OstayenMonth ago

    If you don’t want it, can I have it?👍🏻

  101. Ludwig Crump

    Ludwig CrumpMonth ago

    LV supreme case is more exspenvise