$5500 iPhone Case - Worlds Most Expensive


  1. ItsMoses

    ItsMoses21 hour ago

    2 years later, the iPhone Xs Max is even more expensive than the LV case he unboxed.

  2. Fakemeboi Fakemeboi

    Fakemeboi FakemeboiDay ago

    This is the ugliest phone case

  3. Yeah Right

    Yeah Right3 days ago

    i don't care how rich people are but buying that is god damn stupid

  4. Lukas Spahn

    Lukas Spahn3 days ago

    For this Price it has an phone included hasnt it? If not who tf buys this for 5k lmao

  5. xxxtentacion will never be Forgotten

    xxxtentacion will never be Forgotten3 days ago

    I wonder is lil pump has this case

  6. seltzer water

    seltzer water4 days ago

    bruh that literally cost more than my car

  7. Mariam Torres

    Mariam Torres6 days ago

    Hey louis vuitton ! It looks like mummy’s casket !!! Bury your $5500 price in it

  8. Karmen Young

    Karmen Young6 days ago

    It’s the ugliest case I’ve ever seen😬

  9. Peakys World

    Peakys World9 days ago

    Are YOU From Moldova ?

  10. marilou_ hios

    marilou_ hios9 days ago

    Do a drop testt

  11. marilou_ hios

    marilou_ hios9 days ago

    I've found a phone case which costs more than 7000$

  12. Roresepic

    Roresepic9 days ago

    Let’s admit it guys It looks trash and is way to overpriced

  13. Craig

    Craig10 days ago

    I could by a iPhone X and a lot of v-vbucks

  14. Cory M.M.

    Cory M.M.10 days ago

    Why is all the expensive crap look ugly as hell.

  15. Kevin Xie

    Kevin Xie13 days ago

    Weird flex but ok

  16. Ethan Clan

    Ethan Clan14 days ago

    yea i'd rather have the 999$ stand instead

  17. Uriel Omboy

    Uriel Omboy16 days ago

    You don't need that case

  18. Swifty

    Swifty21 day ago

    This is the literal worst case ive ever seen in my life

  19. TheMusic

    TheMusic22 days ago

    Tesla, of corse

  20. Plex Tube

    Plex Tube22 days ago

    U spent more at the Apple store on the newest iphones

  21. Jon Wisham

    Jon Wisham22 days ago

    It is ugly

  22. Cadence Petrulsky

    Cadence Petrulsky25 days ago

    Do u want to know what I think of the case IT'S HELLA EXPENSIVE AND EXTRA 😂😅😝😛😅😂😅😅

  23. FirasYT Games

    FirasYT Games23 days ago

    boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooring comment

  24. Davee.

    Davee.25 days ago

    It looks like a fake ripoff from Louie Vitton

  25. Carlos Santos

    Carlos Santos26 days ago

    Alia is poo

  26. Stephanie Is Amazing

    Stephanie Is Amazing26 days ago

    This makes my $80 dollar case look like it's from the dollar store

  27. Later Bish

    Later Bish26 days ago

    Tesla s 🤣

  28. Nolan

    Nolan27 days ago

    Bro a girl in my school has one for her iPhone 8

  29. Nolan

    Nolan27 days ago

    It looks atrocious

  30. Nathan Karcha

    Nathan Karcha28 days ago

    Man that’s one of the ugliest cases I’ve ever seen


    ATV RIDER PRO28 days ago

    Esti moldovan??

  32. Robi Ferias

    Robi FeriasMonth ago

    I have a XS... in a $4 Clear case from Walmart.

  33. playboi

    playboiMonth ago

    lmao i got a case from 2017

  34. Herro Rice

    Herro RiceMonth ago


  35. Mason God

    Mason GodMonth ago

    I would rather have a Tesla

  36. Noemi Kompes

    Noemi KompesMonth ago

    Jesi ti normalan

  37. Dávid Fodor

    Dávid FodorMonth ago


  38. Faded Storm

    Faded StormMonth ago

    The thing he took out of the case at the start I thought it was a phone lmao

  39. Rares4U73

    Rares4U73Month ago

    esti din moldova?

  40. Cilene Longakit

    Cilene LongakitMonth ago

    I have that phone case

  41. Case Clemons

    Case ClemonsMonth ago

    Drop challenge against the titanium vs LV case

  42. E Laurole

    E LauroleMonth ago

    I'd rather keep the roof over my head

  43. thai 79

    thai 79Month ago

    Am I the only one who could care less for name brand things?? It just seems so unreasonable and unnecessary... maybe that’s just my poor speaking but if I had the much money, I’d be putting into something useful instead of just an iPhone case 😐

  44. Emily Crownover

    Emily CrownoverMonth ago

    wasted money

  45. Fhakrur Radzi

    Fhakrur RadziMonth ago

    This case will break my pocket twice T^T

  46. Argyris9000

    Argyris9000Month ago

    waste of money just go buy 5 iphones

  47. Сергей Чекан

    Сергей ЧеканMonth ago

    Moldavian numbers ahahah

  48. Peppita Chips

    Peppita ChipsMonth ago

    I want one for my iPhone se 🤩

  49. Hamza Khan

    Hamza KhanMonth ago

    Youll be worried about the case more than the phone

  50. Missy Cabic

    Missy CabicMonth ago

    Most I've ever paid for a case is about$20. And that $1800 case is UGLY. I would never use it, I'd sell it.

  51. Javier Lopez

    Javier LopezMonth ago

    I have a Louis Vuitton belt

  52. Morm Sophen

    Morm SophenMonth ago

    when someone stole your phone, you only ask them to give your phone case back