$5500 iPhone Case - Worlds Most Expensive


  1. karina Serrano

    karina Serrano7 hours ago


  2. Jadoogar

    Jadoogar14 hours ago

    I would give my college fees with that lol

  3. Nicholas Marques

    Nicholas Marques17 hours ago

    "does it look good" no because it looks bad I would never use this case because it's brick, it's to big for my pocket, and I know that I would have some problems with case. "Don't buy this case"

  4. tj hussle

    tj hussleDay ago

    With this amount of money I would just fly to China have a good trip and then buy a copy of this cover just to feel this brick.

  5. Mr. PsGames

    Mr. PsGamesDay ago


  6. Jadryl Veloria

    Jadryl Veloria2 days ago

    He ain’t cute

  7. Jessica Marriott

    Jessica Marriott4 days ago

    Why do you waist your money when you can go buy yourself some gucci

  8. Shaun Daniels

    Shaun Daniels4 days ago

    Waste of fking money! Take it back and invest in a koi pond! Or buy a real watch! The crap people waste money on is ridiculous! It proves nothing .... the Worldly things my gawd!!! How stupid people can be. It don’t matter how much money ad revenue from MReporter you make .... shit like this is a embarrassment to life

  9. Joe Dirt

    Joe Dirt4 days ago

    im sitting here with my $11 Spigen case

  10. Ashlyn Warker

    Ashlyn Warker4 days ago

    OMG that is so much money and a waste

  11. Urban Sky’s

    Urban Sky’s5 days ago

    Do u do fan requests Everything apple pro?

  12. PJ_TV

    PJ_TV5 days ago

    You have too much money !!

  13. indian ninja

    indian ninja5 days ago

    why did you make your phone a sex toy

  14. Priya Sharma

    Priya Sharma7 days ago


  15. Abin Acharya

    Abin Acharya7 days ago

    it will be heavy

  16. HomerJ Simpson

    HomerJ Simpson7 days ago

    Make drop test !!!!

  17. Me MySelf

    Me MySelf8 days ago

    *wipes out phone and accidentally hits someone in the eye with the pointy corner* whoops 😬


    MIGHTY LEMON9 days ago

    I have the worlds most expensive case I bought the case and sold it fo 50k

  19. The Lone Wolf

    The Lone Wolf9 days ago

    If you spend over $1000 on a case period and you’re not some one who has tons of money ig, you’re a dumbass

  20. deutschesmaedchen

    deutschesmaedchen10 days ago

    How much you wanna bet he returned the LV case right after filming this

  21. Tempest

    Tempest10 days ago

    you gotta take it off to toggle your ringer on/off tho lol

  22. Dr. K

    Dr. K10 days ago

    JEEZUS that's an ugly case

  23. René Olsen

    René Olsen10 days ago


  24. Petra Whalley

    Petra Whalley11 days ago

    The thumbnail is actually quite godly

  25. Heathens Junkie

    Heathens Junkie11 days ago

    Love the case if you give it away put my name in the raffle thanks!

  26. aditya shivakumar

    aditya shivakumar12 days ago

    looks like crap

  27. Het Desai

    Het Desai13 days ago

    It just looks good but it destroys the whole mobile phone experience

  28. Michael's Explorations

    Michael's Explorations13 days ago

    WOW!!!😨😨😨😑 but can it protect your phone? DO A DROP TEST !!!!😂😂😂😂

  29. Amazon _

    Amazon _15 days ago

    Kids, this is called flexing

  30. zen

    zen15 days ago

    I'm sorry EverythingApplePro.... I have tried many times to like you, but you just reek of duchebagness. Everything about you from the way you speak to the way you buy things is douchey. Work on that... life is not a who's the biggest douche contest.

  31. Omar Valdivia

    Omar Valdivia15 days ago

    I absolutely hate the case way to expensive and the titanium one is better and I don’t care about looks just protection

  32. Blue Kaylene

    Blue Kaylene15 days ago

    I can buy so many stuff with that money

  33. Blue Kaylene

    Blue Kaylene15 days ago

    It look nice

  34. Sluk Vortex

    Sluk Vortex15 days ago

    Tesla model s

  35. Kritin Gangwar

    Kritin Gangwar16 days ago

    nope look sucks lol

  36. ethan 2k6

    ethan 2k617 days ago


  37. Cosmin Chiricuta

    Cosmin Chiricuta19 days ago

    Ești Moldovean?

  38. Lacf Tech

    Lacf Tech19 days ago

    Pls drop test

  39. Brallan Ortiz Perez

    Brallan Ortiz Perez19 days ago

    Return it and get your money back 😉

  40. H Bot

    H Bot19 days ago


  41. Bilal Gamer

    Bilal Gamer21 day ago

    You should do a drop test

  42. Mythical Mech SM

    Mythical Mech SM23 days ago

    Does this case have an iPhone with it? *Expensive Things*

  43. Alex Angeles

    Alex Angeles23 days ago

    Soo many ads

  44. Naf_tna08YT

    Naf_tna08YT23 days ago

    There is a phone case that cost over 200k

  45. Snorkel Ops

    Snorkel Ops24 days ago

    Wow!! You must be very successful! Congrats!!

  46. Judson Hawkins

    Judson Hawkins24 days ago

    It looks as ugly as you knows what it’s just super ugly

  47. Judson Hawkins

    Judson Hawkins24 days ago

    I would rather have a Tesla

  48. TyrexaN

    TyrexaN25 days ago

    I would save this money and If I break my iPhone I would buy another one... And another iPhone... And another iPhone :D

  49. Alexia Sandra

    Alexia Sandra26 days ago

    Titanium is better

  50. Reno Gardiner

    Reno Gardiner27 days ago

    review a mous case

  51. Firefish

    Firefish27 days ago

    august 2018 anyone

  52. jefry pineda

    jefry pineda27 days ago

    That shit better protect me from bullets and robots

  53. Drawberry Cheesecake

    Drawberry Cheesecake28 days ago

    When your case is more expensive then your actual phone

  54. Skull Fire

    Skull Fire28 days ago

    I think it's not worth the money that you payed for it but it looks pretty good

  55. Steven Defeo

    Steven Defeo28 days ago

    That thing is garbage

  56. Samantharhose Eusebio

    Samantharhose Eusebio28 days ago

    Can you give me an i phone i dont think you need all of that phone

  57. Goroxoro Playz

    Goroxoro PlayzDay ago

    Buy your own

  58. Ethan Rushbrook

    Ethan Rushbrook28 days ago

    even if I didnt have to pay for either of them, provided i couldnt sell the lv case, i would get the titanium case. it looks better, it feels better, it's less embarrassing to take out on a public bus and it probably works better than the other case.

  59. Saidkarim Saidmahmudov

    Saidkarim Saidmahmudov28 days ago


  60. Vito ning

    Vito ning29 days ago

    Wow ,when u do the drop test with these cases?

  61. sevan grigoryan

    sevan grigoryan29 days ago

    Horrible. Too big and bulky. And how do you even hold the phone after putting that case on

  62. Jimmy Xie

    Jimmy Xie29 days ago

    how many ads do you have to attach to this vid?? geez

  63. Kristina Vulovic

    Kristina Vulovic29 days ago

    Can you give my it you dont Like it soooo....

  64. Leon Witten

    Leon WittenMonth ago

    Looks terrible

  65. jerry caughron

    jerry caughronMonth ago

    Nice review

  66. sylvain sylvain

    sylvain sylvainMonth ago

    it s an investment. kind of an art piece

  67. sylvain sylvain

    sylvain sylvainMonth ago

    mine is 5 € on Amazon

  68. Levy Arevalo

    Levy ArevaloMonth ago

    wtf shit lookin case

  69. Evlijan Haxhimustafa

    Evlijan HaxhimustafaMonth ago


  70. Roger Da Illegal Alien

    Roger Da Illegal AlienMonth ago

    You could hire a hitman for that price so it's literally worth a person life

  71. Ayano Aishi

    Ayano AishiMonth ago

    Am i the only one who highkey has a crush on everythingapplepro? Just me? Ok :,))

  72. rude bitch

    rude bitch15 days ago

    Ayano Aishi No you’re not,he’s so hot

  73. xmasterx fomania

    xmasterx fomania20 days ago

    Am i the only one who has a crush on you

  74. Itzpayday 123

    Itzpayday 12321 day ago

    Shut up weeb

  75. LuXe FTW

    LuXe FTW25 days ago

    Get outta here

  76. Ross Watson

    Ross WatsonMonth ago

    Do a drop test

  77. Dana W

    Dana WMonth ago

    I do just fine with a $50 Otter Box.

  78. tophatter8086

    tophatter808628 days ago


  79. justrandom157

    justrandom157Month ago

    Drop test with Louis Vuitton case ???

  80. Psychol

    PsycholMonth ago

    Looks like shit, but definitely would buy to flip it but I prefer other things for flipping.

  81. Daisy Creek Movies

    Daisy Creek MoviesMonth ago

    I would buy a iMac Pro

  82. HypixelPet

    HypixelPetMonth ago

    *T H I C C* Case

  83. Charles Albo

    Charles AlboMonth ago

    I saw that case in jeffree star

  84. Slaying with Peyton

    Slaying with PeytonMonth ago

    I saw someone with one in a Louis Vuitton store

  85. Luca Toth

    Luca TothMonth ago

    How protective is that case

  86. dale 1738

    dale 1738Month ago

    I wanna see you get dropped

  87. Lettuce

    LettuceMonth ago

    At first I thought why are there so many ads, then I realized he dropped 5500 bucks on a phone case

  88. Rudy Garcia

    Rudy GarciaMonth ago

    I saw one of those cases before

  89. Brendli Meta

    Brendli MetaMonth ago


  90. tvirus1969

    tvirus1969Month ago

    vatton gawdy,,, advent AMAZING

  91. petrol head _427

    petrol head _427Month ago

    110% guarantee that case is worth $100. It's a peice of leather with a frame.

  92. petrol head _427

    petrol head _427Month ago

    When ur case is more expensive than your phone you know you wasted money.

  93. Lola Bunny

    Lola BunnyMonth ago

    *$1800 for an iPhone case?! I’d rather save the cash for the next iPhone* 😒

  94. Nevenko Filipek

    Nevenko FilipekMonth ago

    Personaly It is 1$ worth you just pay for this crapy name on this sm crap

  95. Kitten

    KittenMonth ago

    Nooo dont drop it 🙈🙈

  96. Walfy

    WalfyMonth ago

    that shit looks like a fucking brick with gold dots everywhere

  97. Florián Jahodový

    Florián JahodovýMonth ago

    I Know Better Cases....

  98. Armis Maz

    Armis MazMonth ago

    I like how he choose broken iphone for a 1.2k case

  99. Mohammed Tazwar

    Mohammed TazwarMonth ago

    Complete waste of money

  100. Salomon Villafuerte

    Salomon VillafuerteMonth ago

    For some reason I want this case so bad.

  101. Finn Lei Thomczyk

    Finn Lei ThomczykMonth ago

    this is THE ugliest case ive ever seen

  102. Sanjog Singh

    Sanjog SinghMonth ago

    Don't drop it please give me

  103. Popeye

    PopeyeMonth ago

    LV bitch is where it is

  104. The Lost One

    The Lost OneMonth ago

    Just how rich ARE you, my dear sir?!

  105. Kings of Clash

    Kings of ClashMonth ago

    Low key you’re not buying your phone a case, you’re buying your case a phone to go with it...

  106. 53,382,498 views

    53,382,498 viewsMonth ago

    It's so ugly though