$40 Gym Vs. $10,000 Gym


  1. Megin Marie

    Megin Marie3 hours ago

    Wow she was so lovely I hope she grows to like being on camera more! She’s intriguing to watch

  2. MX7 Gaming

    MX7 Gaming6 hours ago

    She’s happy about it counting her reps but doesn’t most gyms do that

  3. shoutouttheroof Roof

    shoutouttheroof Roof7 hours ago

    I like her!!!! Bring her back!!!!

  4. William Chu

    William Chu8 hours ago

    Is the 10,000 guy wearing mars yard??

  5. Nicole Beaver

    Nicole Beaver10 hours ago

    Capitalism at it's finest. Not. The $10k one should be available for all, funded by the government.

  6. Jacob Caceres

    Jacob Caceres14 hours ago

    1:12 double pump isn't in fortnite anymore 😥

  7. varun jr

    varun jrDay ago

    Next BuzzFeed video 1$handjob vs 1000$handjob

  8. Dwight

    DwightDay ago

    La palestra means the gym in italian

  9. Areesha Hasan

    Areesha HasanDay ago

    Steven looks yummy

  10. Ryan Toll

    Ryan TollDay ago

    Lol I pay $20 a month for a gym just as good as the $45 one

  11. iSK

    iSKDay ago

    I go to a $10 gym that is awesome (with freeweights) shoutout Xperience

  12. Pat B

    Pat BDay ago

    technically its only 833 per month.

  13. Ghost Swordsman

    Ghost SwordsmanDay ago

    Thats dope im learning what the actual personal trainer tested on him

  14. Usman Kashif

    Usman KashifDay ago

    Honestly these gym are so expensive. Swedens considered expensive and my gym costs 200kr which is around 20-25 dollars

  15. Abhishek Godavarthi

    Abhishek Godavarthi2 days ago

    In my country the LA gym is called a resort!

  16. O0silentolando0o Rovere

    O0silentolando0o Rovere2 days ago

    11:45 look at that armpit😵😵😵

  17. GalaxyPlayer451

    GalaxyPlayer4512 days ago

    I read $10,000 gum so I clicked on it but then he mentioned that they were going to a gym so I had to reread the title

  18. James j

    James j2 days ago

    maybe get the she-wolf to shave her armpits before filming

  19. Cartman Brah!

    Cartman Brah!2 days ago

    LAAC surprised me with that price. You get a lot for your buck

  20. Cartman Brah!

    Cartman Brah!2 days ago

    At 11:44 looks like she has one hairy arm pit

  21. Eleanor Sinfield

    Eleanor Sinfield2 days ago

    The middle one looked the fanciest

  22. Eleanor Sinfield

    Eleanor Sinfield2 days ago

    I’m literally sitting at home growing chins and eating skittles

  23. Damianop11&60

    Damianop11&602 days ago

    Eataly always wins

  24. awesome batman

    awesome batman3 days ago

    I have a tower to its concept 2

  25. Yash Kapoor

    Yash Kapoor3 days ago

    Squash players triggered...

  26. Nolan McPherson

    Nolan McPherson3 days ago

    Damn the trainer at the end has the Tomas Sachs mars yard 2.0 🔥🔥🔥

  27. iBrenDank

    iBrenDank3 days ago

    steven's shoes at 12:23?

  28. dissguise

    dissguise3 days ago

    The $40 dollar gym takes the cake

  29. Chris S.

    Chris S.3 days ago

    You don't need to go to a gym to work out, you can do pushups, situps, and curls at home, then you can also hike and walk and then only use the gym for swimming,

  30. Chris S.

    Chris S.3 days ago

    Good new-wave song at like 3:30 who did that?

  31. DeductedGem

    DeductedGem3 days ago

    you can pay 10k a year and not get in shape i can get ripped for free at home

  32. marcos juan

    marcos juan3 days ago

    The trainer is wearing 2000$ shoes wtf. 13:01. stockx.com/nikecraft-mars-yard-shoe-2pt0-tom-sachs-space-camp

  33. Joshua Flashman

    Joshua Flashman3 days ago

    You’ve never seen an indoor basketball court in a gym in LA? Have you never been to LA Fitness? 24 Hour Fitness? Almost every one of them has an indoor basketball court, and they’re ALL OVER Los Angeles.

  34. Flook

    Flook3 days ago

    Look at her armpit hair

  35. 1hard2findbro

    1hard2findbro3 days ago

    Costs are relative. They are all bargains compared to your hospital bills for neglecting your body.

  36. Yo mama

    Yo mama3 days ago

    I pay £20 a month for my gym and I thought that was bad...

  37. Una Rose

    Una Rose3 days ago

    All three gyms are great. I use my local community center gym and pool. Cost: $0-$250/yr

  38. Victor Ma

    Victor Ma3 days ago

    Others are fancy but la palaestra is the most practical, definitely will go there sometime

  39. ScarlettThatRobloxian

    ScarlettThatRobloxian3 days ago

    Wow. That Olympic Gym looks a lot like my $240 Gym

  40. Mr.Sceptic

    Mr.Sceptic4 days ago

    Incorrect comparison. You're mixing up monthly charges with annual charges. Typical clickbait garbage from BuzzFeed. Dislike.

  41. viper 104

    viper 1044 days ago

    I like how the $40 gym has all this electricity generation in its equipment, it kinda seems like ur working out is paying there electricity bill. But if i had a gym like that i would definatly go to it :D

  42. Ming Song

    Ming Song4 days ago

    I thought they would start from planet fitness.

  43. Pablo Avila

    Pablo Avila4 days ago

    10,000 dollars a year an he records with an ipad

  44. Pablo Avila

    Pablo Avila4 days ago

    they would have to pay me to attend that last gym

  45. - Quacken

    - Quacken4 days ago

    I pay $6 per month for gym lul

  46. brave1448

    brave14484 days ago

    I' live in poor area their I pay 4$ a month

  47. TheFutureIsNow 24.7

    TheFutureIsNow 24.74 days ago

    10K is not bad at all, you have pros in all aspects to guide you in your goal. Most people go for years and still end up fat.

  48. Alex Haughton

    Alex Haughton4 days ago

    what are the shoes @ 1:29 called??

  49. Alleged Rain

    Alleged Rain4 days ago

    the 10,000 gym is a scam

  50. SolidGreenDay

    SolidGreenDay4 days ago

    The Worth it series has thumbnails that don't make sense

  51. Estrella Casias

    Estrella Casias4 days ago


  52. Estrella Casias

    Estrella Casias4 days ago

    I think all of these gyms are worth their money because of what they offer. Of I had money I would love to be apart of things like this to support things like this

  53. Blin

    Blin4 days ago

    10:32 10000 dollars/year Employees use iMac G5 Nice 😂

  54. Richard Lusk

    Richard Lusk4 days ago

    "Ahhh I wasn't expecting you to come here today" *Flies to New York Interesting

  55. Extremos McWillon

    Extremos McWillon4 days ago

    "Hey Siri, 10,000/12... Holy Sh*t!"

  56. CDM Snacky

    CDM Snacky4 days ago

    8:05 This background music chant made my day 😂😂😂

  57. Haowen 6969

    Haowen 69694 days ago

    He’s wearing nike mars yard to work out? One pair cost 700+ ?

  58. FreshPrince ofRP

    FreshPrince ofRP4 days ago

    That last place is totally worth it. I'm not even a big gym fan and I want to go there.

  59. Martijn Wismeijer

    Martijn Wismeijer5 days ago

    Lol. ECO gym but you're taking the car to go here. #onlyinamerica 😂😁😉

  60. Shane Harper

    Shane Harper5 days ago

    While 10k a year sounds like a lot if you consider how many true professionals who had to get through grad school they have to pay to work there as well as the cost of space in NYC it actually comes out to a reasonable price. That said... I go to Planet Fitness in Philly lol

  61. The Code Provider

    The Code Provider5 days ago

    only $140 a month? wtf?

  62. RFW

    RFW5 days ago

    was expecting way more for a $10,000 gym...3d scans, dexa scans, smart machines that log every weight and rep, DATA, DATA, DATA...all I saw is old people that didn't look fit themselves telling you what to do...

  63. Deku

    Deku5 days ago

    Stop fucking going behind thefucking nnnneck

  64. Psycho Lyfe

    Psycho Lyfe5 days ago

    $10,000, its too much even if the program's just perfect. Can it just pat down to 4k? Deym, $10k is exactly like more than half a million pesos (phillipine peso)

  65. Ray210 RODRIGUEZ

    Ray210 RODRIGUEZ5 days ago

    Planet fitness has the hydo massage

  66. TeaandFiona

    TeaandFiona5 days ago

    Wow! I would love to have a round at that NY gym. But for every month if i could afford it, the LA one

  67. hopeboy.

    hopeboy.5 days ago

    Its 200$ here in Canada

  68. Hussein Horack

    Hussein Horack5 days ago

    Despite the irritating way these presenters present themselves and the mountains of cringe, I did learn something: I would pay $10k p/year for La Palestra.

  69. Reda B

    Reda B5 days ago

    “La Palestra” is just the italian word for “The Gym”

  70. Moses Lane

    Moses Lane5 days ago

    Go Bucks!!

  71. Zack Smith

    Zack Smith5 days ago

    6:17 fingernails really stood out there...

  72. Tony

    Tony5 days ago

    Only idiots pay that much for a gym

  73. Frosty

    Frosty5 days ago

    " oh my god it's counting my reps for me! And it tells me how many I'm doing " Bish you've never seen that? That's like everywhere here in the UK

  74. UrAvrgYouTube User

    UrAvrgYouTube User5 days ago

    The butt thing happens to me

  75. Nitesh Suryavanshi

    Nitesh Suryavanshi6 days ago

    Does the 10000$ gym make me a super-soldier?

  76. Andre Souza

    Andre Souza6 days ago

    Is it me or she doesnt shave her armpits?

  77. Josh Blacksheep

    Josh Blacksheep6 days ago

    10,000$ a year. Welcome to New York

  78. Alex Altamirano

    Alex Altamirano6 days ago

    Ok if IM PRODUCING POWER, WHY I AM PAYING? They should pay me, it's call work

  79. Moke

    Moke6 days ago

    €40 a year?

  80. Melany Lopez

    Melany Lopez6 days ago

    I mean 10k a year and you get stuff you usually have to go to a doctor, nutritionists and a gym for and would have to buy a workout program? That’s def worth it !

  81. daegu ft. busan

    daegu ft. busan6 days ago

    *ok but steven is so cute*

  82. Joey Hu

    Joey Hu6 days ago

    When they started playing squash though HAHAHHHAA

  83. Leo Arend

    Leo Arend6 days ago

    That moment when your fitness voach has 1200$ nike shoes

  84. KnivesOnly23

    KnivesOnly236 days ago

    This is hilarious, I only spend $10 at crunch and I’m doing good so far

  85. blackcity8

    blackcity82 days ago

    KnivesOnly23 similar to what I do

  86. MaXimumÆsthetiXx

    MaXimumÆsthetiXx6 days ago

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  87. Simsence

    Simsence6 days ago

    Gymnasium is the highes german school before University xD

  88. PJ Amin

    PJ Amin6 days ago

    :) agree AC

  89. Pamonha

    Pamonha6 days ago

    The 140 dollar gym seems better than the 10k one lol

  90. Aura Zero

    Aura Zero6 days ago

    She pulled herself up on that pull-up bar and she's pregnant and I can't even hang for ten seconds :'(

  91. MovieJunkie ForLife

    MovieJunkie ForLife6 days ago

    At 40/mth, that gym is really good!

  92. Angshuman Gogoi

    Angshuman Gogoi6 days ago

    my monthly gym fees is less than $7

  93. david phillips

    david phillips7 days ago

    The kingdom of heaven is at hand. The kingdom of heaven is liken a merchant seeking fine pearls, who, when he had found one pearl of great price, went and sold all that he had and bought it.

  94. Aisha Delva

    Aisha Delva7 days ago

    BuzzFeed pays for your flights too! That's crazy

  95. Edwin Capidos

    Edwin Capidos7 days ago

    I'm paying a dollar per session in the gym I go to. Spend the rest of my money on nutrition.

  96. Niko Sacoolas

    Niko Sacoolas7 days ago

    Had no idea you here a buckeye! O-H! 🌰

  97. Simply Angel

    Simply Angel7 days ago

    People tall bad about the 10 k a year just think how much money it takes to pay one of the psychiatrist then the nutritionists and then the personal trainer all that adds up

  98. TheBurkechi

    TheBurkechi7 days ago

    La Palestra is Italian for "gym"


    DRACOS TV7 days ago

    I pay 25$ for my gym😂

  100. Mhrzd Shah

    Mhrzd Shah3 days ago

    +Watapon Watapon oh of course not he meant a lifetime his kids also get access because their dad payed so much

  101. DRACOS TV

    DRACOS TV7 days ago

    +Watapon Watapon yeah dude I just realized how lucky I am lol

  102. Watapon Watapon

    Watapon Watapon7 days ago

    a month?

  103. Cave man

    Cave man7 days ago

    R.I.P double pump

  104. B G

    B G7 days ago

    For ten thousand the equipment is not up to standard at all