$40 Gym Vs. $10,000 Gym


  1. Roman Frotan

    Roman Frotan15 minutes ago


  2. Rozetta

    Rozetta59 minutes ago

    Omg they don’t have gyms with basketball courts in LA?

  3. hugs2003

    hugs2003Hour ago

    I love it when women don't use pregnancy as an excuse to not work out. Working out while pregnant is so important for your body, you just have to know your limits and not do anything that would be detrimental.


    REDandBLUEandORANGE3 hours ago

    That last one the guy is very similar to my swim coach

  5. mjbcreeper

    mjbcreeper6 hours ago

    Do a one on storage facility

  6. deonte redstar

    deonte redstar8 hours ago

    Lol mannnnn they better have a buffet in that $10,000 gym

  7. daddy dom

    daddy dom9 hours ago

    that girl has hella armpit hair

  8. Kylie K.

    Kylie K.10 hours ago

    This is hilarious 😂

  9. ItsTypicalJason

    ItsTypicalJason10 hours ago

    for one year in that very expensive gym well... you can buy a supercar.

  10. Daniel T.

    Daniel T.15 hours ago

    Pat Manocchia it's like Gordon Ramsey but in the GYM instead.

  11. Scarlett_Wings :3

    Scarlett_Wings :316 hours ago

    At my school, new water fountains were installed, so there is where you drink out of it, and a spot specially for water bottles. They keep track of how many water bottles have been saved because of people refilling their water bottles, and I think it's cool to check them every once in a while to see like, "oh, in the year that this has been here, 1,573 water bottles have been saved.

  12. Yago Dórea

    Yago Dórea20 hours ago

    I actually saw no difference in the running before and after.

  13. Annemarie Michael

    Annemarie Michael21 hour ago

    That eco gym would motivate the heck outta me. I'm very eco-conscious.

  14. ricky smith

    ricky smith22 hours ago

    I would go with the athletic club one. Who doesn't want a hot tub after a hard workout. And i must have a basketball court.

  15. TheBlue Gamer

    TheBlue Gamer23 hours ago

    The middle one was better than all of them

  16. Tiago Silva

    Tiago SilvaDay ago

    Double pump

  17. claudia corr

    claudia corrDay ago

    I pay €35 a month for my gym and it has a pool and free fitness classes for members. Americans are extra af

  18. FluggerClan

    FluggerClanDay ago

    Double pump morning😂😂 it's nerfed😟😟

  19. King Boldis Productions

    King Boldis ProductionsDay ago

    I like a gym where if you cut yourself on that extra rusty weights you gotta get tested, where half the lights don't work, and theres always some guy in the bathroom roiding up.

  20. Nick I

    Nick IDay ago

    They should have checked out a $10 a month gym like Planet Fitness for the cheap option. In my city, $40 a month would be an expensive gym!

  21. Dmitriy Shevchuk

    Dmitriy ShevchukDay ago

    this was so cringy

  22. Steve Zubrowski

    Steve ZubrowskiDay ago

    Never thought I'd say this, but that $10k gym looks like it delivers the value for the cost if you have a lot of money. What an awesome holistic program.

  23. darkwear gt growtopia

    darkwear gt growtopiaDay ago

    I will make a gym like the middle one and make it 150 dollar a month and sell 250 member 45k pay rent and get 5 workers being paid 2.5k each and rent 5k so profit 30k and pay people who fund me and take 20k to improve the gym

  24. Fizzee

    FizzeeDay ago

    $40 Ketamine vs $10,000 Ketamine next

  25. Johnathan Andheather

    Johnathan AndheatherDay ago

    Are above ground pools not common west of the Mississippi?

  26. Nick Luna

    Nick LunaDay ago

    The LA one that’s like $144 looks wayyyyyyyyyy better than the NYC gym Update: I finished the video and I still believe the LA gym is the better bargain

  27. Chackobrack

    Chackobrack2 days ago

    You can make your own gym for 10k...

  28. Hani Ismail

    Hani Ismail2 days ago

    asian dude...........DYEL?

  29. Vincent Yen

    Vincent Yen2 days ago

    WOW that LAAC looks sooooo nice I want to be there

  30. Harambabe 69

    Harambabe 692 days ago

    Where’s Planet Fitness xD

  31. Mister Tarver

    Mister Tarver2 days ago

    This is Grade A-Mazing! I love this.

  32. Zoe Love

    Zoe Love3 days ago

    wow ellen degeneres seemed like such a nice doctor

  33. Kyle Holdman

    Kyle Holdman3 days ago

    Seeing them use the smith machine for the strength test was all I needed to see

  34. destinygamer

    destinygamer3 days ago

    I want to join la palestra but... money

  35. Emily Teh

    Emily Teh3 days ago

    wow I pay 9k for a levels and that gym costs more than 2 years of education

  36. Sea Pig

    Sea Pig3 days ago

    Palestra has a chiropractor, and they call him "doctor". lol At least you can bowl.

  37. Ricardo Bragança

    Ricardo Bragança3 days ago

    3:17 to 3:34 looks like a weird 80s music video LMAO

  38. Colin Weiss

    Colin Weiss3 days ago

    11:44 that arm pit hair is fucking nasty. sorry, i'm not against women not shaving their legs or whatever, but women with armpit hair is fucking nasty.

  39. Bishop M

    Bishop M3 days ago

    I'd pump her

  40. Huey Freeman

    Huey Freeman3 days ago

    How does that gym only cost 10k. One peice of equipment is probably at least 10k by itself.

  41. Jaedyn Call

    Jaedyn Call3 days ago

    I heard from a massage therapist that our bodies register pain sometimes as being tickled. Which actually was the case for me.

  42. Li Ma

    Li Ma3 days ago

    Can Kate show us how to work out?

  43. QUploads T

    QUploads T4 days ago


  44. Raahim Bashir

    Raahim Bashir4 days ago

    Damn thought I was special with my $100 a month gym in Pakistan

  45. ELiTe Ghost

    ELiTe Ghost4 days ago

    Ima try to move to new york just to go to this gym

  46. Pixel Princess

    Pixel Princess4 days ago


  47. Hypothisos

    Hypothisos4 days ago

    The mid price one I think is the most worth it for cost.

  48. Isaac Liu

    Isaac Liu4 days ago

    I think I am just gonna stick with my one punch man excersises so I could kill ppl in one punch

  49. Chewy Garcia

    Chewy Garcia4 days ago

    That AC4 gym is so freaking cool!!!

  50. John Doe

    John Doe4 days ago

    wt a load of BS

  51. Ryan Martelino

    Ryan Martelino5 days ago

    The around 100$ membership I wish they had a fútball (American viewers its soccer) field

  52. Trinity Ford

    Trinity Ford5 days ago

    The YMCA has a basketball court

  53. don worry

    don worry5 days ago

    I ❤ the eco gym!

  54. Varvara Visalli

    Varvara Visalli5 days ago

    "La palestra" is "The gym" in italian

  55. CroLanix

    CroLanix5 days ago

    *ONLY* the Trinity is perfect!

  56. Cool iPod Guy -

    Cool iPod Guy -5 days ago

    Anyone see that girls armpit hair ?

  57. Nuggelix

    Nuggelix6 days ago

    Is it just me or does Paul the exercise guy look like Jony Ive from Apple?

  58. Manny

    Manny6 days ago

    Lmao I love her !! She’s such a bundle of joy and her personality matches very well with Steve

  59. Polar

    Polar6 days ago

    That last guy must be really rich, he has Tom Sachs Mars

  60. PartimeVillian

    PartimeVillian6 days ago

    that 10k sounds more and more alluring lol

  61. asem mathers

    asem mathers6 days ago

    I think Kate is awesome and joyful, she should start her own show

  62. Celina Chong

    Celina Chong6 days ago

    She reminds me of Sally Hawkins

  63. pot

    pot6 days ago


  64. Frank Aliberti

    Frank Aliberti7 days ago

    This title is misleading. If you add up everything you’re getting at that $10,000 gym you’d be paying far more then that.

  65. Dustin Enright

    Dustin Enright7 days ago

    Spending 10k a year on gym is a relative to your Income. Also for 10k a year and 50 PT sessions and your getting a full evaluation and motivation thats cheap, you know what's not cheap. Wasting time, having years and years pass having an average body and more importantly average satisfaction. What most people don't understand, if they looked at the money they spend on fast food/smoking/drinking/drugs/rims/clothes that 10k for YOUR health, would seem pretty damn cheap

  66. Amore'El Bey

    Amore'El Bey7 days ago

    Tbh that $800 a month gym is kinda worth it. Considering every thing you get out of it. If you can afford it of course. What do you guys think?

  67. Sexy Rodriguez

    Sexy Rodriguez7 days ago

    Who else is in a worth it watching spree?

  68. Sean

    Sean7 days ago

    Does that eco gym pay commission when you provide them with power on the elliptical?

  69. Jackson Rowley

    Jackson Rowley7 days ago

    Ohio State yeah!!!

  70. AjaxAmsterdam34

    AjaxAmsterdam347 days ago

    would rather take a powerlifting/oly/crossfit gym over the $800 month gym anyday.

  71. Matthew Basler

    Matthew Basler7 days ago

    Kate really should be in more videos, she's hilarious and amazing!

  72. jane bo

    jane bo7 days ago

    planet fitness is $10 a month and does just fine lol

  73. Edwin Lee

    Edwin Lee7 days ago

    Buzz feed Behind the neck pulldowns Not surprised

  74. SuperZX

    SuperZX7 days ago

    That NYC gym is a total rip off. The owner has the same business model as Greg Glassman, the founder of CrossFit., applying a religion,cult-like about Fitness with the sole purchase to charge a higher premium for something simple. Just Go to your primary care physician and get a full physical which won’t cost you more than $100. And hire a good personal trainer for $75.-100. An hour and you can do everything the NY gym offer for much less.

  75. Gabriel Varela

    Gabriel Varela7 days ago

    11:40 10K gym and they use a fucking smith machine hahahahaha

  76. mukkaar

    mukkaar8 days ago

    Honestly, if I made even something like 100k, I would call last gym totally worth it. They give you the whole package of health and sports experts with personal service. If you take advantage of all the expertise in that building, you actually get quite good value.

  77. stubs

    stubs8 days ago

    You normally the most expensive item in these lists seem like like a total splurge, just burning money without gaining much substance. This time however, totally seems worth it. If you really get that level of individual attention it seems like value for money. More money than I have, but at least worth it.

  78. Zoma Ze

    Zoma Ze8 days ago

    and yet here the shittiest gym would cost me $ 215 per month and I was happy with it thinking it was cheap 🙂💔. that $144 will cost a fortune to join if it was here!! wow 💔

  79. IIsuperstarII

    IIsuperstarII8 days ago

    If the $800 gym is a monthly fee then it is still 9600 dollars per year. I'd much rather go the $10.000 gym.

  80. Ben

    Ben8 days ago

    lol Orthopaedic team, shows chiropracter....

  81. Marcello Menjivar

    Marcello Menjivar8 days ago

    Meanwhile I'm at Planet Fitness for 10$ a month LOL

  82. Brennan williams

    Brennan williams8 days ago

    had them benching on a smith. what a fokin scam

  83. Shannon

    Shannon8 days ago

    Dude I would LOVE that medical gym, that looks AMAZING

  84. Kiwi

    Kiwi9 days ago

    I pay nothing to work out. I run round the streets, I have a few weights and a basic bench at home along with exercise bands and a Bullworker, OK I had an outlay in purchasing theses things but they're always there. To change things up there must be thousands of workouts using just bodyweight or very basic equipment on MReporter.

  85. m Y b R o D d A s K n O w De WaE

    m Y b R o D d A s K n O w De WaE9 days ago

    Lmfao i go to a gym that costs 2$ a day

  86. Rudiarious

    Rudiarious9 days ago

    Did nobody realize 11:46 *she doesn’t shave*

  87. Abhineet Saxena

    Abhineet Saxena9 days ago

    This video cheered me up, thanks for the great hosting and the bright, beaming faces of Kate & Steve.

  88. In5aNeGuY

    In5aNeGuY9 days ago

    gymansium means doing naked exercise ? in germany we have schools that are called gymnasium, never seen somebody naked there, i guess nobody gets what it rellay means.

  89. SxvageGod

    SxvageGod9 days ago

    "Double Pump" Pregnant lady PLAYS FORTNITE?

  90. S Wright

    S Wright9 days ago

    Ballys removed the paper towel machines in the restrooms and stopped cleaning. It smelled like rotten feet and refused to cancel my membership without a notarized letter. Thank God they are gone.

  91. Courtnay Cruise

    Courtnay Cruise9 days ago

    Love the Ohio State shirt Steven!!!

  92. DysFUNctional Combat Vet

    DysFUNctional Combat Vet9 days ago

    Okay FINE!!! Damnit Buzz feed all these really good “$1 vs. $1,000,000” videos is now compelling me to subscribe! You win!

  93. SoulloWanderer

    SoulloWanderer9 days ago

    I just joined a LifeTime Athletic for $100 a month, which is nothing I ever envisioned myself paying, but I was sold on all the classes, jacuzzi, dry sauna, and steam room in the locker room...along with the free towels, showers, changing rooms. And their machines tell you the amount of weight and reps (just like the fancy gym in the video). They also have huge indoor and outdoor pools, a salon/spa, and a cafe. I actually get REALLY excited to go there and have already visited more times in 3 weeks than I did Planet Fitness in 1 year. Lol, so ultimately sometimes it's better to splurge a bit in exchange for the good results you want. It just depends on the individual. It also helped me look at my budget and eliminate things I was buying (coffee & nail services) that I didn't really need to spend money on. If there is a LifeTime in your area, check it out!!!

  94. Langston Richardson

    Langston Richardson9 days ago

    The eco gym is a human energy farm

  95. Mr Sprinkles

    Mr Sprinkles9 days ago

    Rip-off. People are not even working out anymore. It's more like a social club setting.

  96. Solocha823

    Solocha8239 days ago

    she looks like a little boy lmao

  97. KuickScope

    KuickScope9 days ago

    she uses the double pump build she must be a Fortnite Pro!

  98. Felton Mitchell

    Felton Mitchell9 days ago

    Why make it so complicated there are plenty of gyms that don't cost as much as a car. Look at videos and Taylor your own workout.

  99. Tejus Wadbudhe

    Tejus Wadbudhe9 days ago

    Thank you

  100. Trevor P

    Trevor P9 days ago

    These shows are just glorified commercials lol