$40 Gym Vs. $10,000 Gym


  1. Nur Nadia

    Nur Nadia9 hours ago

    yes i see a gym that has fencing !

  2. Tyler Tanaka

    Tyler Tanaka19 hours ago

    also just a side note the $10000 La Palestra place is per year which is 833.33 per month which is still expensive but it’s including a medical industry so it’s pretty fascinating

  3. 0 5

    0 5Day ago

    Her form is just plain cringy

  4. Sneaky Master

    Sneaky MasterDay ago

    that 140$ gym was amazing I would totally pay that for that

  5. noah stump

    noah stumpDay ago

    Planet fitness vs metroflex

  6. Nas Santiago

    Nas Santiago2 days ago

    I feel like in the last gym they should use the same test for schools and stuff like that.

  7. Dejoin

    Dejoin2 days ago

    Rice gum ¿

  8. Eleanor Donohue

    Eleanor Donohue2 days ago

    At 5:10 isn’t that the basketball court where Jim played basketball with a famous basketball player for Athlead From the Office U.S?

  9. Júlia Meneguzzi

    Júlia Meneguzzi4 days ago

    The cheapest gym is better than all gyms in my town

  10. K Z

    K Z4 days ago

    *expects Chuck Bass to be there*

  11. Thing 1

    Thing 15 days ago

    Is it just me or are all of these really 'upmarket ' here in the U.K. We have chains like BETTER.

  12. Jack Deeb

    Jack Deeb6 days ago

    Go blue

  13. Smaxter

    Smaxter6 days ago

    Isnt that chinese guy the guy from happy death day lol

  14. Simon Tøttrup

    Simon Tøttrup6 days ago

    correction: Gymnasium means "to debate naked"

  15. Jollu Pollu

    Jollu Pollu7 days ago

    i could pay 5€ a day for that gym

  16. Cool As Ice

    Cool As Ice7 days ago

    For me honestly that $144 gym was heaven rather than the $10 grand one

  17. Nemo D123

    Nemo D1237 days ago

    6:17 did that guy hit every of his fingernail with hammer? What sort of redneck statement is this? I understand if he had black eye liner, black(dye) hair and mustache. It would mach overall look.

  18. Jerlin Sneha

    Jerlin Sneha9 days ago

    I love the $144 gym!

  19. Marcus channel

    Marcus channel10 days ago

    is that hit or miss girl?

  20. ZackG32 baseball

    ZackG32 baseball10 days ago

    1:12 R.I.P

  21. Oh Yeah yeah

    Oh Yeah yeah10 days ago

    I know y’all saw her armpits 11:43

  22. TheNewGuy Fray

    TheNewGuy Fray11 days ago

    For 10k they better get me the best trainers and best nutritionists in the state/world. They better cook every meal for me fresh, or offer me a meal prep to take home. I better be coming out looking like a Hollywood star, completely shredded (if I put in the work, and follow the plan). This on top of the other amenities, then I would say “worth it.” (if I were rich) 😂

  23. Keone Jones

    Keone Jones11 days ago

    One 45ib is 40$ what does this even mean? 😂

  24. Ahnaf Raihan

    Ahnaf Raihan11 days ago

    why doesnt she like being on camera shes mad funny

  25. Nodus

    Nodus12 days ago

    6:30 Please never do Lat-Pulls behind your Head. It can be extremely harmful for your shoulders.

  26. Andrew Freese

    Andrew Freese12 days ago

    Kate seems so nice😊

  27. Meredith Hagan

    Meredith Hagan12 days ago

    I ran into Kate and her husband Jared in Austin that summer, and I saw her face and her belly and KNEW it was them before I even saw Jared clearly.

  28. Creed 1

    Creed 113 days ago

    ok youtube after this video has been in my recomended for 6 months ill finally open it. Are you fucking happy now ?

  29. Rengar Main

    Rengar Main13 days ago

    Did you know high schools in germany are called gymnasium?

  30. Skynet

    Skynet13 days ago

    The last one seems like a scam.

  31. Lauren Rob

    Lauren Rob13 days ago

    Percy.... Hermes.. Luke.. I still get nightmares

  32. Laxatives Dre

    Laxatives Dre14 days ago

    The 10k gym better have a Gravity enhancing chamber or something

  33. Fortnite Gang

    Fortnite Gang14 days ago

    Is she actually pregnant she is too fit?

  34. ngriff _

    ngriff _15 days ago

    So many people working ther I was dead when they said physcologists

  35. SuperTony02 -

    SuperTony02 -15 days ago

    la palestra is Italian that means the gym in English\ If u didn't know

  36. Aureir

    Aureir16 days ago

    scooby got wavessssss

  37. thomas oliver

    thomas oliver16 days ago

    24 hr fitness in Denver has a pool, jacuzzi and bball court, but the sauna does smell bad at everyone ive been to because they dont clean it more than 1 time a week = just saying

  38. Mr. Rosen

    Mr. Rosen16 days ago


  39. Mr. Rosen

    Mr. Rosen7 days ago

    +Crystal Childs one punch man

  40. Crystal Childs

    Crystal Childs7 days ago

    +Mr. Rosen what show?

  41. Mr. Rosen

    Mr. Rosen9 days ago

    +Crystal Childs it's a reference to a show

  42. Crystal Childs

    Crystal Childs10 days ago

    Where's the recovery? You don't know what you're talking about.

  43. DaveGanja

    DaveGanja16 days ago

    La Palestra means "The Gym" in italian :D

  44. HeyPeeps ImLizzie

    HeyPeeps ImLizzie17 days ago

    Gyms with a basketball court are not uncommon in KY. How do gyms not have basketball courts in LA??

  45. IstvánKiss

    IstvánKiss17 days ago

    a monthly membership to my gym is only 18 dollars

  46. iViST

    iViST17 days ago

    10,000 gm

  47. sushmita katageri

    sushmita katageri17 days ago

    Missing Andrew here😐

  48. G.Becket t

    G.Becket t17 days ago

    1:12 DoUbLe PuMp FrOm FoRtNiTe GuYs OmG

  49. OhMyGulay

    OhMyGulay17 days ago

    Idk if it's fair to say the $10,000 place is a gym lol. You could have a heart attack mid workout and you'd be able to get full treatment and make a speedy recovery.

  50. Adam Pandit

    Adam Pandit17 days ago

    Yo that old guy from La Palestra out here rocking the Tom Sachs Mars Yards

  51. Valdemarbach

    Valdemarbach17 days ago

    the last trainer is fly in those tom sachs

  52. Abdullah Mohal

    Abdullah Mohal18 days ago

    With 10k dollars I can get into a private med college

  53. Audrie Au

    Audrie Au18 days ago

    Price recaps because some were listed by month and some by year in the video -___- misleading tbh AC4 fitness - $39.95 per month The Los Angeles Athletic Club - $144 per month La Palestra - $10000 per year (equal to 833.3 per month)

  54. Periyannan Agilan

    Periyannan Agilan18 days ago

    Who would pay to get there body soar

  55. Zach Saephan

    Zach Saephan18 days ago

    Man is wearing Tom Sachs mars yard.. 4K shoe right there

  56. suzy gum

    suzy gum18 days ago

    11:44 oh

  57. Alket Alliu

    Alket Alliu19 days ago

    She has armpit hair fam

  58. Ish Casey

    Ish Casey19 days ago

    “School for NAKED exercise” that’s more my thing 😅

  59. alascada

    alascada19 days ago

    4:43 OMG THAT IS MY JEEP 🚙

  60. John Doe

    John Doe20 days ago

    "It plugs into the wall to give power back to the building" pretty sure that's not how your standard AC outlet works...

  61. kaaajeee

    kaaajeee20 days ago

    dont pull down behind your neck

  62. BreuckelensFinest

    BreuckelensFinest20 days ago

    This woman says "LIKE" way too much!

  63. HI I'm a perso

    HI I'm a perso20 days ago

    Just do callisthenics at home ITS FREE

  64. Fade CS

    Fade CS20 days ago

    When you get hype because a machine counts your reps.

  65. johnie ferrusquilla

    johnie ferrusquilla20 days ago

    YMCA has basketball courts

  66. Sid Michael Fajardo

    Sid Michael Fajardo20 days ago

    I don't know I like the procedure and the process that comes in 10k. But 10k is just too much.

  67. Oh yeah yeah

    Oh yeah yeah20 days ago

    11:45 that’s some hairy armpits oh yeah yeah

  68. Nicko Fehn

    Nicko Fehn20 days ago

    Lol. The ball has to be warmed up for squash

  69. Joshua Minkin

    Joshua Minkin20 days ago

    11:45 armpit hair

  70. Jason Bair

    Jason Bair20 days ago

    i prefer to gym with $40 a year in Metroflex gym...

  71. zZoKo

    zZoKo21 day ago

    look at these beta males lmfao

  72. bluesniperlm

    bluesniperlm21 day ago

    So is she still pregnant

  73. ArmoredLord 1115

    ArmoredLord 111521 day ago

    these gyms are better than mine they look good all the machines are available the locker room seems clean but my gym smell stink and i don't like to get in it.

  74. Last Patriot

    Last Patriot21 day ago

    La Palestra? Good idea behind it yes! But really? What ever happened to people making their own goals about fitness? About Life!!?? This is what's wrong with society, having someone make my goals for me

  75. Destiny Gomez

    Destiny Gomez21 day ago

    Kora ATHletic Apparel 15% off before they sell out! using promo code Destinyy15

  76. SpicyReich

    SpicyReich21 day ago

    "I never thought that I can work out but also be green at the same time" LOL she can just go run outside.

  77. gameANDchange

    gameANDchange21 day ago

    Those treadmills that provide electricity were awesome.

  78. Kingz I

    Kingz I21 day ago

    Idk why but she looks like she smells

  79. Beatriz Dubois

    Beatriz Dubois22 days ago

    I don´t believe nobody said anything abous steven´s butt 15:01

  80. Jamee Choi

    Jamee Choi22 days ago

    I suppose if you have the money and no time, somewhere like La Palestra is great. I exercise 20+ hours a week, and dedicated all the free time I had, lunch breaks, weekends etc., in researching nutrition, biomechanics, ergonomics and kinesthetics for injury-free and sustainable training. Research paper websites are $2.99 a month to read whatever paper you like and millions of books at the library, free podcasts and MReporter videos are accessible for such content.

  81. Adoniyas Girma

    Adoniyas Girma22 days ago

    MReporter kept recommending this video for months, Okaaayyy I'll see it!

  82. lost roads

    lost roads22 days ago

    '' Looks does not satisfy you, how you feel satisfy you, what you can do satisfy you''...... Well said

  83. Miguel Ørum

    Miguel Ørum22 days ago

    12:52 Did he just dropped a Rolex ? I think I´m feeling sick

  84. Emperor K

    Emperor K22 days ago

    Here's me thinking with a £24.99 gym membership I should get free massage and supplements...

  85. Ashlee Gleason

    Ashlee Gleason22 days ago

    Everybody that thinks their gym sucks my gym isn't even the size of that pool

  86. Kanwar Anand

    Kanwar Anand22 days ago

    I have a little coworking office. Only 65% people show up. But I sell only seats I have. Would like to count on them not coming when I grow bigger. Or even better have a gym inside my facility.

  87. RedstonemanMC plays games and more

    RedstonemanMC plays games and more22 days ago

    I just pay 2$ for my gym

  88. TGB

    TGB22 days ago

    5:24 when you see your crush

  89. RedSamuraiVolas

    RedSamuraiVolas22 days ago

    when your lowest price point is 50bucks a mounth i feel pore

  90. jaison johny

    jaison johny23 days ago

    my gym 2$/m

  91. Cadhla O Dwyer

    Cadhla O Dwyer23 days ago

    Who Else Want More Of Kate

  92. Master Of The Bating

    Master Of The Bating23 days ago

    Why are American gyms so empty and the ones in Australia are always full of people.......

  93. beachifulsoul

    beachifulsoul10 days ago

    Master Of The Bating well maybe they didn’t want to deal with laws of filming people without their permission. As an American, the gym I go to is full.

  94. Jack O'Niell

    Jack O'Niell20 days ago

    Lol I wish this was the case man. Every gym I have ever been to is always packed almost 24/7

  95. Max Mondello

    Max Mondello23 days ago

    peep the girls armpit hair

  96. LifeSucksMan

    LifeSucksMan23 days ago

    For 10k a year i better get a happy ending after every workout

  97. Hannah B

    Hannah B23 days ago

    They like room temperature water????

  98. Seazoo Ryan

    Seazoo Ryan23 days ago

    gym advice from ppl that look like they have never played a sport or benched anything in their life

  99. Luke C

    Luke C24 days ago

    6:17 Legend says that dudes fingernails turned black from spinning the ball too much...

  100. gabriel mario

    gabriel mario24 days ago

    mine is 20 bucks.

  101. Bignaaasty

    Bignaaasty24 days ago

    the LA club gym is where they shot jim and that basketball player playing basketball in the office

  102. Bignaaasty

    Bignaaasty24 days ago

    as well as the area where they played squash

  103. Govind prakash Surya

    Govind prakash Surya24 days ago

    $10000 for *gym???* in this much I can get 100 girls with my fat belly too

  104. Swoldier Nation

    Swoldier Nation24 days ago

    Bro, that $40 gym shits on all the gyms in my area including planetfitness, rocafitness etc.

  105. Tanner Watts

    Tanner Watts24 days ago

    That $40 a gym is way more advanced then most gyms.

  106. project691

    project69125 days ago

    Free gym = outdoors for running, park gym for calisthenics, garage for weights.

  107. Spoderman

    Spoderman25 days ago

    Damn. This makes my gym look like a rip off. $150 a month for no basketball court, squash courts, or pools.