$17 Pet vs. $100,000 Pet


  1. xd MrChillee

    xd MrChillee2 hours ago

    This is the.only buzzed video I like

  2. Jase Breding

    Jase Breding3 hours ago

    Some horses r over 1 million

  3. BTS_Wolf_Girl 27

    BTS_Wolf_Girl 275 hours ago

    EEEEEeeeAAeeAAaaa = pleeeeaaassee.....?😆

  4. Henry Crick

    Henry Crick7 hours ago

    Why wouldn’t you just buy it cos I would they looks so cute the alpacas

  5. Damian Ascencio

    Damian Ascencio7 hours ago

    Hold up she lesbian

  6. Tin Mihokovic

    Tin Mihokovic9 hours ago

    Bruh arent those llamas?

  7. CyberDoctor1918

    CyberDoctor191813 hours ago

    This is sick money does not make a diffeeence! I love this series but this episode is just horrible!

  8. SANIA B

    SANIA B13 hours ago

    Human pig same thing

  9. 1 000 Subscribers With no vids?

    1 000 Subscribers With no vids?14 hours ago

    That looks good.

  10. Rowen Woelke

    Rowen Woelke14 hours ago

    2:49 Nice *pulls out peanut butter*

  11. GamerDude

    GamerDude16 hours ago

    I honestly never knew how cute pigs and alpacas could be

  12. HoloQueen

    HoloQueen17 hours ago


  13. Katie. Sweeney

    Katie. Sweeney17 hours ago

    3:47 rollllllll

  14. Pink and Proud

    Pink and Proud18 hours ago

    When Lennox sneezed, he turned off the music 😂😂😂

  15. America Morales

    America Morales19 hours ago

    All my pets are worth 100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000

  16. Ava Billharz

    Ava BillharzDay ago

    Lol shoulda done grand pre level horses those are truly the most expensive

  17. Yaboi Drunkie

    Yaboi DrunkieDay ago

    those porkchops and bacon pieces are cute af

  18. gabiluch87

    gabiluch87Day ago

    Don’t pay for pets

  19. hot dog

    hot dogDay ago

    also lesbian

  20. hot dog

    hot dogDay ago

    Nikki is mental

  21. Eshan Sahar

    Eshan SaharDay ago

    OMG STEVEN HAS MADE THE DESICION OF HIS LIFE !! 'I decided......I'm going to have a cat and a dog .... 😂

  22. ZeeDY

    ZeeDYDay ago

    Omg !! Niki's cat is so cute and calm!!!

  23. Boomatic Gaming

    Boomatic GamingDay ago

    Why are they enslaving animals

  24. T AVS

    T AVSDay ago


  25. Ashley and Kids

    Ashley and KidsDay ago

    I want a bird, hedgehog, dog, more fish ( I have a fish ) also I have 2 cats, also I want a mouse, a bunny, also a rooster, turkey, chicken, panda, penguin, turtle, a few geckos, pigs, snail, owl, and more!



    I have a cat named Houston he is a one years old ragdoll, if he wanted to her could beet up my black lab puppy every time she beets Houston um he does nothing but meow

  27. linda galloway

    linda gallowayDay ago

    Lennox is gay lmfaooo

  28. Angelina Jiang

    Angelina JiangDay ago


  29. Grouse

    Grouse2 days ago


  30. Safira KL

    Safira KL2 days ago

    My bff got a 3,000$ cat. It was worth it

  31. gaster897

    gaster8972 days ago

    A pet is a pet it doesn't matter how much it cost as long as you care for it and give it love

  32. Brandy ward

    Brandy ward2 days ago

    The alpacas are so cute❤️ i think ima adopt one😂

  33. Анастасія Гринюк

    Анастасія Гринюк2 days ago

    13:44 This AMAZING VIEW 😍❤️❤️❤️❤️🏔

  34. Meme_ Killstreak

    Meme_ Killstreak2 days ago

    In the thumbnail it looked like the alpaca was a dog

  35. Pink Heart

    Pink Heart3 days ago

    All pets were so cute. But Nikki cat is so adorable, chubby and fluffy😍

  36. Amanda B

    Amanda B3 days ago

    I LOVE LAMAS ❤️❤️

  37. Loylo Chicken

    Loylo Chicken3 days ago

    I literally went to the NKLA a few days ago. My mom wanted to get a dog named precious but she was really feisty so we decided not to.

  38. joseph liao

    joseph liao3 days ago

    i mean dogs are pretty tasty

  39. Tessa

    Tessa3 days ago


  40. LouMah

    LouMah3 days ago

    dat cat sounds like a cat from minecraft lol

  41. OGN

    OGN4 days ago

    If i but a 100k dollar pet thats what I expect 1- does my homework 2-makes food for me and for itself 3-can talk to me 4- can revive himself after he gets roeadkilled 5-makes me money

  42. ZRN Gaming

    ZRN Gaming4 days ago

    You should do another one of the pets but for the middle pet do sugar gliders! Plzzzzzzzz

  43. Small Gaming

    Small Gaming4 days ago

    *and I thought my Dalmatian was expensive..*

  44. Loftus21

    Loftus214 days ago


  45. xølibby Roxyxø

    xølibby Roxyxø4 days ago

    Theese two would be such a cute couple..Ops? Xoxo

  46. karla vincelj

    karla vincelj4 days ago

    i have a dog that we pay 1500 kunas,1$=6.50 kn

  47. 10ha10 got

    10ha10 got4 days ago

    ok ich bin da !!!!

  48. Meme Paradise

    Meme Paradise4 days ago

    They had a pignic 👌🏻

  49. Tudor Santa

    Tudor Santa4 days ago

    We will adopt a cat ... So why do they got a new guy in the car ? They adopted him ?

  50. Myiesha and Miyana

    Myiesha and Miyana4 days ago

    Wait is niki from tasty too??

  51. أحمد أبوحمد

    أحمد أبوحمد4 days ago

    good video , but all pets are equal , they all lovely , here you didn't Compare apartments to talk about money , I prefer K9 dogs , but it's not fair to compare pets by there price .

  52. Sticky Sicx

    Sticky Sicx4 days ago

    where are the tigers, lions, elephants, sharks?!?!?!

  53. Winter Delaney

    Winter Delaney4 days ago

    Jackfilms is god (If you know why this video relates to him)

  54. Andrew Doan

    Andrew Doan5 days ago

    Beauty gurus watch out because Lennox has better eyelashes than your fake ones

  55. L1ghtRa1n

    L1ghtRa1n5 days ago

    I want the cat in there named Mia

  56. Josh Mole

    Josh Mole5 days ago

    I payed £ 1.3k for ma cockapoo

  57. Emily Reinhart

    Emily Reinhart5 days ago

    I think adopting a pet should have the same measures as adopting a child.

  58. Cockatielz

    Cockatielz5 days ago

    I didn’t know nicki was lesbian

  59. Fenna Smit

    Fenna Smit5 days ago

    10:34 aaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwww

  60. Guilherme Campos

    Guilherme Campos5 days ago

    All I see is bacon

  61. jphoenixx

    jphoenixx5 days ago

    That dog that costs 24$ should have been 100 billion $

  62. Sophie Lee

    Sophie Lee6 days ago

    That’s where I got my cats there NKLA TEAMMMMM

  63. Juan Marespeto

    Juan Marespeto6 days ago

    4100 dead a day. Wth. Where did she get her statistic. Just hate people guessing as if it just a number nobody would focus on. Its same as saying a planet's mass for the sake of numbers and saying that it's accurate for scientific purpose. Smh

  64. Agent Panda

    Agent Panda6 days ago

    Andrew who? Keith who? I only know Nikki

  65. -Becuz I’m a lønely lønely lønely whale-

    -Becuz I’m a lønely lønely lønely whale-6 days ago

    Steven: I’ve never lived with a four legs creature in my life before (Or something like that) Me: You must have a sad life....

  66. RayToPlay

    RayToPlay6 days ago

    I have a 0$ pet...a croatian sheep dog that i got from a shelter because if youre a normal human being u aint gonna spend 150$ on a yellow pig with a black face

  67. Nugget

    Nugget6 days ago

    Somebody take me to that alpaca farm right now my favorite two animals are llamas and alpacas

  68. MeganE Moritz

    MeganE Moritz6 days ago

    in two weeks while im on vacation im going to an alpaca farm and this made me SOO excited!

  69. Jha Remonde

    Jha Remonde6 days ago

    I have a 100$ pet fish and i walk him in the park allday

  70. sonic dj

    sonic dj6 days ago

    Mia is my mom and we own a cat

  71. Anna Szurek

    Anna Szurek6 days ago

    13:41 very graceful 😂

  72. kate ezyra Tupas

    kate ezyra Tupas6 days ago


  73. Jazzy J

    Jazzy J6 days ago

    My sister held a baby pig and it pooped on her I LOVE pigs 😂😍

  74. Lachlan vlogs

    Lachlan vlogs6 days ago

    When I think of a pig I think wow protean yum

  75. Marga Canon

    Marga Canon6 days ago

    Ihave a dog and rabbit and the breed of my dog(dashund) hunts rabbits lol

  76. sumo space

    sumo space7 days ago

    The show is called worth it...they are obviously saying which pet is most worth it

  77. golden tank

    golden tank7 days ago

    2:48 all righhhhhht!!!

  78. Your Local Potato :D

    Your Local Potato :D7 days ago

    I got a heat attack when I saw each animal they r all so cuts

  79. Lil Cute ass

    Lil Cute ass7 days ago

    Now i want a pig

  80. Savannah W.

    Savannah W.7 days ago

    "Haaa STEVEN YOU HAVE A GUARD PIG!" 🙏that was the cutest thing ever

  81. Snoopdogksa

    Snoopdogksa7 days ago

    Bring that refreshing

  82. Alex Miles

    Alex Miles7 days ago

    My dogs cost more than the pigs ;-;

  83. Jarosław Sańko

    Jarosław Sańko7 days ago

    My cat just got missing

  84. umu

    umu7 days ago


  85. MoonStarz AJPW

    MoonStarz AJPW7 days ago


  86. Evan Pettit

    Evan Pettit8 days ago

    I saw 17 dollars and I was like maybe a hord or some things then I realized it meant dogs or cats and I was like I'm living in la and getting 5 dogs and 5 cats

  87. Fireemily2006

    Fireemily20068 days ago

    3:32 her face

  88. Leila Trottier-Evans

    Leila Trottier-Evans8 days ago

    I literally screams 'MINY PIGGIES' when they showed it

  89. Leila Trottier-Evans

    Leila Trottier-Evans8 days ago

    The place I rescued my dog from had such a long application and my step mother who has worked at the humane society said that they weren't running the place correctly. She wasn't trained AT ALL so it was hard for us but we love her

  90. Rodrigo Arcegamer

    Rodrigo Arcegamer8 days ago

    I spent so much money so my dog could live

  91. grey j's

    grey j's8 days ago

    I wanna pig

  92. Baby M

    Baby M8 days ago

    Lol omg that littl piglet on its side getting rubbed 😍all animals are dope af

  93. Shinnix

    Shinnix8 days ago

    is the granny in the prize of 100.000 bugs included? POGGERS

  94. _Jayce_Canaday_

    _Jayce_Canaday_9 days ago

    What the heck is wrong you!

  95. Alyssia Gonzalez

    Alyssia Gonzalez9 days ago

    I think Nikki is my favorite person. Shes so adorable, genuine, and happy!

  96. nazira altamirano

    nazira altamirano9 days ago

    Animal Lovers! Urgent Help! Please spread! 🙏 www.gofundme.com/9p7zq6-rescue-animal-shelter&rcid=r01-153384622709-ee378604819d4f5c&pc=ot_co_campmgmt_m

  97. • krispies •

    • krispies •9 days ago

    I like all 3 :D

  98. Pedro’s Gaming and Animations

    Pedro’s Gaming and Animations9 days ago

    Dude in the thumbnail Steven was into that! Lol

  99. Robi Flego

    Robi Flego9 days ago

    It's nice that people adopt, but puppiehood of a dog is a wonderful time, and it won't be repeated ever...

  100. ASimpleKake

    ASimpleKake9 days ago