$17 Pet vs. $100,000 Pet


  1. simply nostunting

    simply nostunting52 minutes ago

    But he's priceless to use cause we make him have sex so we can sell his babies smiles

  2. Matt Carpenter

    Matt Carpenter3 hours ago

    livestock are not pets lol.

  3. IntermediateJesus

    IntermediateJesus4 hours ago

    Maybe they should stuck with cats. Start out with a farmer's cat like my little black cat with a white spot. And then end up with a Savannah cat.

  4. raven rabbitmoon

    raven rabbitmoon5 hours ago

    I really think adopt don’t shop is an overused statement (and this is coming from someone who owns 2 shelter dogs and a cat). A dog should never be bought from a pet store or subpar breeder. But if someone is breeding to better the bred, breeds no more than 2 times per year, shows their dogs to champion status, has compelete OFA testing, breeds only to the recognized colors of the breed, and interviews their puppy buyers there is nothing wrong with buying a dog.The problem is many buyers aren’t willing to wait for a dog and don’t care enough to educate themselves on what makes a good breeder and run out to some backyard for profit breeder. Adopting a dog isn’t right for everyone and it’s okay to get a purebred if you go to the right breeder.

  5. rawr I'm a dragon

    rawr I'm a dragon5 hours ago

    You took this form Jack's films

  6. KimFuJing

    KimFuJing7 hours ago

    0:15 Expected him to take a bite. Jk.. chill

  7. Ncr Ranger Owner of The Wastes

    Ncr Ranger Owner of The Wastes8 hours ago

    the heck animals are priceless. It doesn't matter the cost, it matters the size of heart you have

  8. Browncheeze

    Browncheeze9 hours ago

    I thought he had a massive projectile vomit in the thumbnail lol

  9. Hayden Tort Tdd

    Hayden Tort Tdd9 hours ago

    You shouldn’t put prices on animals

  10. Camden Moore

    Camden Moore9 hours ago

    MiNi PiGs I need your help y

  11. Camden Moore

    Camden Moore9 hours ago

    Apart from your wife ????????????????????????????????????????

  12. Claire Cat

    Claire Cat10 hours ago

    Adopt, don't shop.

  13. gamer3928

    gamer392810 hours ago

    Lennox is the Tilikum of alpacas. Extremely valuable sperm.

  14. gamer3928

    gamer392811 hours ago

    mini pigs look so delicious

  15. iiWickedRabbit

    iiWickedRabbit12 hours ago

    wait nicki is les?

  16. K J

    K J13 hours ago

    I’m so planning a trip to the pig farm to surprise my mom

  17. Kawaii Kawaii

    Kawaii Kawaii13 hours ago

    Can we appreciate not only the pets, but those who work hard to care for them


    GOBIC ROY14 hours ago


  19. Luke M. Byrne

    Luke M. Byrne14 hours ago

    3:33 new breed of a cat

  20. Artlyssa72000 G

    Artlyssa72000 G15 hours ago

    Steven you have a guard pig😆

  21. Ryan Mercer

    Ryan Mercer16 hours ago

    You can easily get a pet for free

  22. crystal heart

    crystal heart17 hours ago

    Lel i was watching this then a ad of the guys came up lel XD

  23. purple jellyfish395

    purple jellyfish39517 hours ago

    well a fish is a pet and a fish price can start from $1

  24. 2wo 3hree

    2wo 3hree17 hours ago

    Buzzfeed doesn't pin comments.

  25. JadeBlackWolf

    JadeBlackWolf17 hours ago

    Can I have Steven? lol jk. So adorable that the pig was jelly.


    WMSC COOL18 hours ago

    Do clothes

  27. Sebastian Tepig

    Sebastian Tepig18 hours ago


  28. AverageJoe

    AverageJoe19 hours ago

    $2 feminist VS. $57538.58 feminist

  29. YifanDrawz -Gaming and more!

    YifanDrawz -Gaming and more!19 hours ago


  30. Timothy Escobedo

    Timothy Escobedo20 hours ago

    2:54 Access DENIED🤣

  31. BlueGirl

    BlueGirl21 hour ago

    I'm so confused, Niki says "my wife" but isn't Niki female?

  32. YifanDrawz -Gaming and more!

    YifanDrawz -Gaming and more!20 hours ago

    She is lesbian. She just married her wife.

  33. meme_ _lord6666

    meme_ _lord666622 hours ago

    When you run out of ideas

  34. HoneyBat

    HoneyBat22 hours ago

    "I have never lived with any....four legged animals in my life" Me: Oh, he has/had a snake?? *Keeps listening, nobody mentioning a snake.*

  35. SunzOffski

    SunzOffski23 hours ago

    I don't think you should buy a creatures life nor do I believe you should sale them.

  36. SunzOffski

    SunzOffski23 hours ago

    $0 slave vs $50 slave

  37. Liza Nichole

    Liza NicholeDay ago

    I got two shelter kitties in january and I'm so happy to have them in my life because I would be soooo bored without them.... they are brothers and one is black (Bali) and one is brown and white (Lubi) I love them both soooo much

  38. Valeria Garcia

    Valeria GarciaDay ago


  39. Floyds Attitude

    Floyds AttitudeDay ago

    I honestly thought the $100,000 pet was gonna be a horse

  40. Kyra Wilson

    Kyra WilsonDay ago

    I want a protection pig

  41. Red Shadow

    Red ShadowDay ago


  42. bal atis

    bal atisDay ago

    9:53 a LOT of lammas a LOT of loot....

  43. Ghost Zombie

    Ghost ZombieDay ago

    She *HAD* dogs but she ate them

  44. ellyssa and josh channel

    ellyssa and josh channelDay ago

    I'am wathing this and when i see the piglets i stop chewing my food

  45. Epic Aidan

    Epic AidanDay ago

    They put a buzzfeed ad on a buzzfeed video

  46. HeyitsErich

    HeyitsErichDay ago


  47. isabella armebianchi

    isabella armebianchiDay ago

    2500 dollars for bacon?? HAHAHAHAH

  48. JJ-THE BEAST The Comeback Is Real

    JJ-THE BEAST The Comeback Is RealDay ago

    7:27 i thought she killed the pig

  49. hieu dang

    hieu dangDay ago

    jack you did it, congrats

  50. Danish yadvendra

    Danish yadvendraDay ago

    I love nikki

  51. Medical Opinions

    Medical OpinionsDay ago

    As great as it is to adopt a cute dog. I have left relationships over women choosing the wrong type of breed to bring home. They find a cute husky and don’t even research how hard it is to train that breed or have them around children because they are hyper. I just wish more logic went in to the decision making process because an animal doesn’t know it’s cute. It just knows it’s an animal period.

  52. The Naeh

    The NaehDay ago

    #49 on trending ;) **BRITISH ACCENT** *AH, MY CHILDREN*

  53. The Naeh

    The NaehDay ago


  54. Conner :0

    Conner :0Day ago

    they r gat alpacas

  55. Karuna Yadav

    Karuna YadavDay ago

    Niki......I saw you on tasty😋 Making crepes

  56. The Chosen One Gaming

    The Chosen One GamingDay ago

    Take care of the ones we bred instead of make more. #adoptdontbuy

  57. Kookie tae

    Kookie taeDay ago

    Steven reminds me of eineshine

  58. Mayra

    MayraDay ago

    Just $17? They also need to take care of those other animals, buy the food, all those medicines, vet visits etc. I’m just wondering how could it be so cheap?

  59. ApexDragon

    ApexDragonDay ago

    10:17 I died of cuteness

  60. Spaghetti Noodles

    Spaghetti NoodlesDay ago

    Pets should not be compared with money, they are all amazing!!!

  61. Valeriy Tomyev

    Valeriy TomyevDay ago

    can you open an alpaca and get materials like in fortnite

  62. Josh Nesbit

    Josh NesbitDay ago

    lexxox is a sex slave

  63. Fishheads Fishtails

    Fishheads FishtailsDay ago

    I got an ad about you guys on your guys video XD

  64. Damian Escatel

    Damian EscatelDay ago

    I thought he yelled "niggy" at the start of the vid😂😂

  65. Erica Pakluck

    Erica PakluckDay ago

    One of my cats has recently started going outside for a little bit every day. Now that she's gotten used to it she has started screaming as loudly as she can to get her way! It's pretty annoying, but it also usually works for her. 😁

  66. Zack Shore

    Zack ShoreDay ago

    i like the sleepy back seat dude, is that a pet?

  67. Alex Smith

    Alex SmithDay ago

    But my horse has Cost me about 75K dollars

  68. Ahmed khogali

    Ahmed khogaliDay ago

    we all have that one friend that looks and acts like an alpaca

  69. Ahmed khogali

    Ahmed khogaliDay ago

    4:23 did you adopt that guy from the shelter XD XD

  70. ZUZU Plays io

    ZUZU Plays ioDay ago

    I dont like the fact that they put prices and say whos the most worth it when all the pets deserve the best

  71. Ninboltz Ninja

    Ninboltz NinjaDay ago


  72. Ferddy Frazz Bear

    Ferddy Frazz BearDay ago

    2:43 I thought dogs would cost a lot but look they don't yay I can buy 1

  73. Fergus McCorquodale

    Fergus McCorquodaleDay ago

    Alpaca guy sounds like Herschel from TWD

  74. Min kim

    Min kimDay ago

    Those alpacas 😭❤ #jin

  75. Aylla

    AyllaDay ago


  76. Nicole Alice Stokes

    Nicole Alice Stokes2 days ago

    I love Llamas and Alpacas... They are amazing

  77. Judson Williams

    Judson Williams2 days ago

    Danggg she lesbian

  78. Momo Fabiha

    Momo Fabiha2 days ago

    Sorry I died on 10:35 with that stare

  79. marco wagter

    marco wagter2 days ago

    I have alpacas

  80. thedogefogx420 thedogefox420

    thedogefogx420 thedogefox4202 days ago

    No hate but plz no more staged Starts i mean who dfq opens His door with a Cat in the arm

  81. Carla

    Carla2 days ago

    I want a pet pig now

  82. YW

    YW2 days ago

    Anyone who claims to love pets, but eats other animals is a hypocrite.

  83. Bini the Bunny

    Bini the Bunny2 days ago

    Any pet is special! No matter whether it's a dog cat or a rabbit ;)

  84. Chae Seonghui

    Chae Seonghui21 hour ago

    Tell em Bini! Tell em!

  85. zen0524

    zen0524Day ago


  86. Brandon_AC

    Brandon_ACDay ago

    Bini the Bunny Nah. I've got my preferences

  87. Sparky 88

    Sparky 88Day ago

    hi :D i watched ur channel

  88. Daf

    Daf2 days ago

    Well, Alpacas ARE the greenest animal...

  89. Bay Demn

    Bay Demn2 days ago

    100k for an alpaca? Whatever, I can buy a GP Level horse for that, who's actually useful. Theres alot cooler 100k pets.

  90. Ulavian

    Ulavian2 days ago

    How much u wanna bet that niki is secretly a Druid? U know, cuz she gets along with animals so well? Heck idk

  91. Hannah Cole

    Hannah Cole2 days ago

    9:26 I hear you Summer Lullaby // Will Cookson

  92. Opera Is My Dweller

    Opera Is My Dweller2 days ago

    I live in terrebone

  93. Angelica Ysabelle Capili

    Angelica Ysabelle Capili2 days ago

    Tch, they didn't even showcase the doggo's responsiveness to certain commands! Jacksfilms did a better job at showing which doggo assistant lags least.

  94. Forest Wolf

    Forest Wolf2 days ago

    Dude mid-way end I had an ad about worth it

  95. Borhan Sultan

    Borhan Sultan2 days ago

    too much overreact

  96. LHunter101

    LHunter1012 days ago

    lol jacksfilms predicted this

  97. Morgan Olfursson

    Morgan Olfursson2 days ago

    This is fucking infuriating . And i say that as a vet and someone who runs animal shelters .

  98. Daniel Smith

    Daniel Smith2 days ago

    Shes a lesbian I had no idea

  99. Seiman

    Seiman2 days ago

    FREE them let them go. do NOT KILL Them!!!!!!

  100. Ivan White

    Ivan White2 days ago

    Is that Tina from bob’s burgers

  101. gabraham da savage

    gabraham da savage2 days ago

    You can’t put a price on living things.

  102. It’s Da Alligator Pear

    It’s Da Alligator Pear2 days ago

    World Scholars Cup!! PWAA! Scholars where u attt???

  103. drln Blk

    drln Blk2 days ago

    They should’ve taken the same animal, like a ’cheap’ cat and a expensive cat

  104. Robin

    Robin2 days ago

    Why didnt you eat them? Maybach they Taste different.

  105. Asaad

    Asaad2 days ago

    Whats next Lil tay vs Danielle bregolli aka bhad bhabie