$17 Pet vs. $100,000 Pet


  1. Bryan Reyes

    Bryan Reyes3 minutes ago

    The old man look awkward

  2. nodi Miah

    nodi Miah7 hours ago

    what breed is Nikki's cat?

  3. Mindy Hassenstein

    Mindy Hassenstein20 hours ago

    Can you ride in alpaca

  4. sisterseverus

    sisterseverus20 hours ago

    The pigs and alpaca's were cute, but nothing beats the cats. There is nothing cuter or more wonderful than adorable cats!

  5. lxhvn !!

    lxhvn !!22 hours ago

    sorry but ill give a thumbs down

  6. Yadira Sesmas

    Yadira Sesmas2 days ago

    I bought my cat from nkla and it definitely was not $17 . i think the least expensive animal there was $65 and those were the old cats/dogs.

  7. lopalicious gaming

    lopalicious gaming3 days ago

    But the cheapest pets is fish because it is like a cents a piece for a goldfish

  8. pixel art

    pixel art3 days ago

    The 3 asians in the car 😊

  9. MrSqwizX XIX

    MrSqwizX XIX3 days ago

    Mia Khalifa

  10. Yan Campos

    Yan Campos3 days ago

    Dam she's so ugly

  11. misha plays

    misha plays3 days ago

    for 800 bucks i clould buy 32 dead full pig to eat

  12. Kathy Erisman

    Kathy Erisman4 days ago

    I wanna pig

  13. The Northern Giant

    The Northern Giant4 days ago

    A pets value doesn’t have anything to do with what it costs. People love it no matter what

  14. Ishitha Ravella

    Ishitha Ravella4 days ago

    Steven kissing the cat is the single most cute thing I've seen today ❤

  15. Jacob Landrum

    Jacob Landrum4 days ago

    No kill shelters don’t work

  16. Sergei Kouzmin

    Sergei Kouzmin4 days ago

    I'd adopt that chick who sells mini-pigs. 10 dolla

  17. Som Kid

    Som Kid4 days ago

    17$ should be a mil Cuz there so cute

  18. A HodgePodge of AudgePaudge

    A HodgePodge of AudgePaudge4 days ago

    If Steven doesn’t get a pet I will be devastated. Also I used to have 2 alpacas and they were 500$ each. So, way cheaper than there!

  19. Cammy Buser

    Cammy Buser5 days ago

    If they were only $25 I would adopt them all

  20. Ï?æñî ŶørK

    Ï?æñî ŶørK5 days ago

    Having a pig is now one of my life goals Edit:And an alpaca I want an alpaca

  21. Kealan Jones

    Kealan Jones5 days ago

    Alex is so boring

  22. Cori Woods

    Cori Woods5 days ago


  23. Goldfish Gaming113

    Goldfish Gaming1135 days ago

    My dog was sleeping while watching this and he heard a squeaky toy in the video and he perked right up.

  24. Vy Tran

    Vy Tran5 days ago

    *no one can beat my pet rock*

  25. Ben Hall

    Ben Hall5 days ago

    the most expensive pet is a platinum arowana at 300,000$

  26. ImCool YT

    ImCool YT6 days ago

    2:11 HEY PEWDIEPIE (cutiepie)

  27. Dragon

    Dragon6 days ago

    ok the value of a pet can't be given by how much money it is worth if you adopt a pet for free it can be a world champion

  28. Marz

    Marz6 days ago

    17$... Wow. That's insane! Considering I bought my pet for a damn 375$ I'd say I've been scammed LOL

  29. c p

    c p6 days ago

    7:48 lol Steven has guard

  30. dindin airsofting

    dindin airsofting6 days ago

    There's no such thing as a mini pig is just an underfed under well-cared Pig

  31. Puthisak

    Puthisak7 days ago

    *three Asian seeing pets*

  32. Dark Formula

    Dark Formula7 days ago

    My favourite part 2:46

  33. Ella Luv

    Ella Luv7 days ago

    13:39 oh my god... I'm literally dying... 😆

  34. BTS XOXO

    BTS XOXO7 days ago

    My dog was rescued when she was 8 weeks old...when should I tell her she was adopted

  35. Skye Mac Coll

    Skye Mac Coll8 days ago

    Could've done horses...


    XoX LOWASKY8 days ago

    Heads up new expensive dog the hulk

  37. Sunny Ride

    Sunny Ride8 days ago

    but my pet fish are like 45 cents

  38. ireneBearchu

    ireneBearchu9 days ago


  39. Copycattoast576 A

    Copycattoast576 A9 days ago

    Hey Kiki is from the cooking show TASTY!!!

  40. Frances Leones

    Frances Leones9 days ago

    Steven getting a guard pig was the highlight of the episode for me :) Also, "Pig Picnic!" and them meeting Lennox. "Ah, my children..."

  41. OofaloofDoez Gachaz

    OofaloofDoez Gachaz9 days ago

    The only episode where Steven isn’t the most excited.

  42. Toby Waffle

    Toby Waffle9 days ago


  43. MAX Games

    MAX Games9 days ago

    Wait wife your GAY ohhh Ummmmmmmm!!!! K

  44. • iiZomelox •

    • iiZomelox •10 days ago

    *gets triggered cuz he’s allergic to animals*

  45. Bmg bmg

    Bmg bmg10 days ago

    reported for animal violence. Dont buy animals.

  46. Sakura Tube

    Sakura Tube10 days ago

    Omg when I was watching this video my mom said we got a grey Persian such a miracle!

  47. Ben Loh

    Ben Loh10 days ago

    You people go ahead and compare anything you like. Test toilet paper if that gets you off but doing a comparison of pets is and encouraging any buying of pets is just WRONG. These are lives. Every one is precious. Don’t cheapen life

  48. priya shetty

    priya shetty10 days ago

    Are you planning on marrying Nikki

  49. Efrain Ivan

    Efrain Ivan11 days ago

    isnt that the buzzfeed feminists

  50. Just_ Dan

    Just_ Dan11 days ago

    He's priceless to us but you know... We will take 100k

  51. BSD Hamy

    BSD Hamy11 days ago

    ... *that girl looks like a pig* ...

  52. Deathslay123

    Deathslay12312 days ago

    Im not allowed to get a pet because my family, except me, is allergic and i just want one now more UGGGHHHHH

  53. Jace Gray

    Jace Gray13 days ago

    I just want another cat

  54. Jesus Rivera

    Jesus Rivera13 days ago

    The Asian people want to try the pets

  55. Bob The

    Bob The13 days ago

    nice vid. liked b4 watching b/c i knew it was goin to b good

  56. Epic Potatoe Girl 2390

    Epic Potatoe Girl 239013 days ago

    *Ah my children* 😂

  57. Wolfplays

    Wolfplays13 days ago

    I have 2 no-legged pets! They one is a goldfish and the other is a beta fish. 🤣 🐠

  58. Qi Hui Ng

    Qi Hui Ng14 days ago

    Does nikki really have a wife


    AGENT RIXZ14 days ago

    3:31 is perfect timing

  60. TRiplexxx —

    TRiplexxx —14 days ago

    1:16 thicc 😍

  61. Addison Brandau

    Addison Brandau14 days ago

    Adopt don’t shop

  62. Trevor Palm

    Trevor Palm15 days ago

    Steven is like I havent got any four legged creatures in my life steven goes home and says hi to his pet spider

  63. 1tiptip 1

    1tiptip 115 days ago

    I hope the most expensive pet ends up being a goldfish that they feed truffles, gold flakes and caviar.

  64. Kira Sweeting

    Kira Sweeting16 days ago

    I might not ever spend $25,000 on a plane ticket but i can see myself spending $100,000 on a pet.

  65. Maverick Goskowski

    Maverick Goskowski16 days ago

    I thought she said Snowass.

  66. Tristan Nguyen

    Tristan Nguyen16 days ago

    9:15 is your cat ok XD

  67. Fortnitevids Kids

    Fortnitevids Kids16 days ago

    I used to have a pot belly mini pig

  68. Maitland Kohoutek

    Maitland Kohoutek16 days ago

    I have a Mini Pig Named Pancakes

  69. Gabriel Barragan Guzman

    Gabriel Barragan Guzman17 days ago

    Didnt know marzia was a dog

  70. Merlin EASTHAM

    Merlin EASTHAM17 days ago

    Bacon is not 800$

  71. wero

    wero17 days ago

    Imagine an alpaca with fade lol

  72. Nico Betancourt

    Nico Betancourt17 days ago


  73. Talha Hadi

    Talha Hadi18 days ago

    At 4:50 it was a stare down to see who was the better Alex. Only one can survive.

  74. Tomboy Girl

    Tomboy Girl18 days ago

    Mia is a tiger type cat like my cat

  75. craigslistrr O

    craigslistrr O18 days ago

    what is up with that chicks lips?....Does she think that is sexy or it looks good?

  76. Layla Risse

    Layla Risse19 days ago

    I feel like if you bought a pig, you would never be able to eat bacon in your own home anymore. That sounds like hell.

  77. priya shetty

    priya shetty20 days ago

    Nikki works for tasty and her cat is named riceball

  78. Fanny ML

    Fanny ML21 day ago

    Its not how much they cost its how mucj protection love and entertainment they give to you

  79. LGS

    LGS21 day ago

    My winner :Best Friends Animal Society . Why? Because cat.

  80. Rudra Bharadwaj

    Rudra Bharadwaj21 day ago

    If you like animals so why you eat them

  81. Nick Y

    Nick Y22 days ago


  82. Ireland p

    Ireland p22 days ago

    That pig lady looked like Erica Costell. But with a love of pigs

  83. Kstar06 Racing

    Kstar06 Racing22 days ago

    Ya my cat said MMOOMMM

  84. Jessie Cupo

    Jessie Cupo23 days ago

    The pig guarding Steven 😭😭😭

  85. Nachiketa Roy Soni

    Nachiketa Roy Soni24 days ago

    Won't it get really weird if they ate pork chops infront of their pet pig?

  86. Dark Mage

    Dark Mage25 days ago

    wait a minute.... *_is she gay?_*

  87. Suhas Vishwanath

    Suhas Vishwanath25 days ago

    05:32 Bet she snorts with the pigs

  88. ab bal

    ab bal26 days ago

    2:58 ....

  89. toomuchcattime

    toomuchcattime26 days ago

    The Izers should set up an ASMR channel. They're so peaceful.

  90. majd pro

    majd pro26 days ago

    I’ma pretty by Hahahaha I gotta admit that was the best

  91. Jamylle kpopper

    Jamylle kpopper26 days ago

    She's soooooo cute, omg, the woman :') can someone tell who's her?

  92. Mr. MaJ

    Mr. MaJ26 days ago

    You can't put a price on love

  93. lila b. r.

    lila b. r.27 days ago

    what the fucj

  94. hey whats this

    hey whats this27 days ago

    Good boy vs Bad boy-Worth It


    NAME XXΛPV28 days ago

    imagine you eating pork infront of that pig

  96. yeroroo

    yeroroo29 days ago

    I adopted my dog yesterday at south la animal shelter and I'm in loveee. I've been to NKLA and they're actually really pricey :,) love what they do tho and completely understand the price. Puppies are 350 I believeeee. I adopted my pupper for $120. She's so sweet I love herrrrrr

  97. H&B MOVIES

    H&B MOVIES29 days ago

    A woman has a wife??

  98. Smasherjay 1

    Smasherjay 129 days ago

    Why does the girl with the pigs look like. Shes had 20 plastic surgries on her face

  99. Smasherjay 1

    Smasherjay 129 days ago

    U need to starve pigs to make them micro pigs btw

  100. David

    David29 days ago

    wow 4100 pets/day. I'm not a big pet fan but that's a little heart breaking.