$150 Fake iPhone X vs $1150 iPhone X! How Bad Can It Be?


  1. T0X1C Grandpa

    T0X1C GrandpaDay ago

    This is very convenient. Can you reply me a link or at least the name please?

  2. Mason M

    Mason MDay ago


  3. Buck Rogers

    Buck Rogers2 days ago

    mi 8 and motorola P30, these are nice fake iPhone X

  4. Crafts Man

    Crafts Man2 days ago

    2:11 there’s a glitch

  5. CosmosisJones13

    CosmosisJones133 days ago

    So pretty much, just buy a fucking iPhone if u want an iPhone

  6. Lil Zay

    Lil Zay3 days ago

    😂😂😂it was glass

  7. Sahil Patil

    Sahil Patil3 days ago

    Mi one plzzzz

  8. Dylan Gamble

    Dylan Gamble4 days ago


  9. Chase Corbett

    Chase Corbett5 days ago

    I lost my shit when he said “ohhhh shite”

  10. burnt nightmare

    burnt nightmare5 days ago

    When your turn it a little you can see that the screen should be like an iPhone X but they just didn’t implement that screen wise

  11. jel tai

    jel tai6 days ago

    jeahh fake 6.4 mln .. jeah from india .. you pay 100 $ for 5000 fake subscribers .. .. fake channel and crap video ..How Bad Can It Be

  12. Miffy Littleford

    Miffy Littleford6 days ago

    so this was a giant waste of my time and now phone contracts are so expensive

  13. mitchell hirsch

    mitchell hirsch7 days ago

    never seen a video with more adds in my life! wtf is that about!??? every 2 min......

  14. Ratcliff

    Ratcliff8 days ago

    You should break the screen of a fake and then take it to apple and see if they could replace the screen😂

  15. Ratcliff

    Ratcliff8 days ago

    I would never trust that with sensitive info lol! Apple products may be expensive... but my god, settling with something as sketchy as that with any information like your iTunes connected to your credit card? No thank you lol

  16. Lukas Wichlas

    Lukas Wichlas8 days ago

    Apple: 10x the speed Fakes: 10x the price

  17. Morgan Gaming

    Morgan Gaming8 days ago

    Put in the link for where you found the product

  18. Ap ex

    Ap ex9 days ago

    Apple is so bad that I dont really see the difference between the clone and the original XD

  19. johnny nguyen

    johnny nguyen9 days ago

    where to buy it?

  20. Amith Magajikondi

    Amith Magajikondi9 days ago

    $150 is the actual price of real iPhone X 😁

  21. ZIKEYY •

    ZIKEYY •9 days ago

    >Apple video *>Gets a samsung ad*

  22. Teodulo Guerrero

    Teodulo Guerrero9 days ago

    Do they have screen share through lightning port?

  23. Ch Oro

    Ch Oro9 days ago

    What carrier do you use for clone?


    DIĀMOND MURĎOCK10 days ago

    Dang there goes my dam fake phone I wanted u to send me 😐😯

  25. Misha Mitchell

    Misha Mitchell10 days ago

    could you pleas leave link

  26. Love M&M for life

    Love M&M for life11 days ago

    can you ples put a liks soi can buy it and try to troll my friends?? it accualy runs alot smother from the real thing wow i have been empressed

  27. George Williams

    George Williams12 days ago

    Do a clone giveaway

  28. Butch

    Butch12 days ago

    why didn't you campier it to an original iPhone ?

  29. trapurbano

    trapurbano13 days ago

    yow brother you if you are talkative none are iphone x long language the x do not have bolde

  30. Brandon Myers

    Brandon Myers14 days ago

    where did u get it i need a iphone x

  31. Daren TBY

    Daren TBY11 days ago

    if you want to buy this iphone x clone message me on my email- clyde19202@gmail.com i will show you where to buy 300USD Best clone

  32. Victor Hugo Padilla

    Victor Hugo Padilla14 days ago

    I use pineapple

  33. daniyal k

    daniyal k14 days ago

    Ok fools buy iPhones real men buy xaomi mi mix 3

  34. Passion Glenn

    Passion Glenn14 days ago

    Link to buy ??

  35. GameDealerDavid

    GameDealerDavid14 days ago

    Aren’t switchblades illegal

  36. LIL SOSA

    LIL SOSA15 days ago

    Bruh I might just buy some cheap blu phone on amazon

  37. Z2K 1

    Z2K 115 days ago

    ''Yep, so it's definitely still made out of plastic'' 5 seconds later : *glass shatters*

  38. Bananana Face

    Bananana Face15 days ago

    I got 5 ads wtf

  39. xDEAD _gamer

    xDEAD _gamer15 days ago

    I've seen some other videos of yours and u have so MANY PHONES!!! Witch is your main one that u use?


    ᎪᏞᏆᏟᎬ ᏚᎻᏆNᎬᏚ15 days ago

    I have the iphone x and when i got it it didn't come with a DONGLE. And its not just like ir wasn t in His place (like the place was empty) NO, there was no place FOR the DONGLE and no ITS not the XS and ITS not fake . But it doesn’t bother me that much because I never used it

  41. Murtaza Khan

    Murtaza Khan16 days ago

    **I t i s s u n d a y m y d u d e s**

  42. Darshil TV

    Darshil TV16 days ago

    Oh wow is it

  43. Stan Skaggs

    Stan Skaggs16 days ago

    does it install playstore apps then?

  44. Gruff Theif

    Gruff Theif17 days ago

    Can it run pubg

  45. Mikee95

    Mikee9517 days ago

    You should try things like downloading and play games/apps, try running a video to see the speed, etc.

  46. dada femi

    dada femi17 days ago

    It's more fluid than the original

  47. Aha Really

    Aha Really18 days ago

    Still a smaller notch than the Pixel3XL :)

  48. Liz Estia

    Liz Estia19 days ago

    yo thare both fake dont you know that the real iphone x dont have a dubble mirror and t dont light up

  49. Edward Barrera

    Edward Barrera3 days ago

    Liz Estia You can add the light up apple logo to the iPhone X

  50. XxG1BZ CHINOxX

    XxG1BZ CHINOxX21 day ago

    The customs opend it and put it backwards

  51. Parker Tanner

    Parker Tanner21 day ago

    get a bunch of these and sell them to ecoatm as iphones

  52. bamB1

    bamB122 days ago

    iphone x with back text is real or fake i mean text under Iphone

  53. Patrick van Dijk

    Patrick van Dijk23 days ago

    Their both a fake._.

  54. Soleya Main Channel

    Soleya Main Channel23 days ago

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  55. Xnet_Pixel_Xnet

    Xnet_Pixel_Xnet24 days ago

    Where did you get these?

  56. cpufrost

    cpufrost25 days ago

    Make a Genius Bar appointment to fix that broken glass! :P


    MIGZ GAMING25 days ago

    Those two are fake

  58. mindi brooks

    mindi brooks25 days ago

    This video is not a comparison of x it's a comparison of a clone and previous clone

  59. RazarGaming

    RazarGaming25 days ago

    can you give me the link where you bought that

  60. Jez 606

    Jez 60625 days ago

    Which one is real?

  61. ged mcgaffin

    ged mcgaffin26 days ago

    IPhones are overpriced for the technology that is inside it's lovely body.

  62. Wolfie Princess

    Wolfie Princess26 days ago

    I thought it said best fake YEET

  63. Nickname

    Nickname26 days ago

    Hmm, looks like these knock-offs are making more of an effort to improve than Apple themselves are...

  64. Jimmy4164 //AVGNAddict

    Jimmy4164 //AVGNAddict27 days ago

    5:29 Google Play on an iPhone?

  65. Edward Barrera

    Edward Barrera3 days ago

    Jimmy4164 //AVGNAddict That one was the clone

  66. kid Andrew Jr

    kid Andrew Jr27 days ago

    Does fortnite works

  67. Carbonite Reviews

    Carbonite Reviews28 days ago

    It’s Wednesday mi dudeis

  68. Alterate Awful

    Alterate Awful28 days ago

    That fake notch though

  69. Emery Braun

    Emery Braun29 days ago

    How is your Apple logo glowing?

  70. Mike S

    Mike S23 days ago

    Emery Braun he got it modified

  71. le gamer fou

    le gamer fou29 days ago

    hello you could send me an iPhone XR or XS or XS max please because I do not have the means to buy it and tell me where you bought it

  72. Unsatisfying Videos

    Unsatisfying VideosMonth ago

    So I asked my parents if they could get me the iPhone 6s but they thought it was funny to buy me the iPhone X I still don’t know how it’s funny to buy me a x it least I got something😊

  73. kiki and cece 2468

    kiki and cece 2468Month ago

    I want to get it now but does it have youtube???

  74. kiki and cece 2468

    kiki and cece 2468Month ago

    Where did you get that!!!!


    TEKASHI 6IX9INEMonth ago

    why did you need that big ass knife to open that paper package

  76. kron

    kronMonth ago

    The clone looks better when the notch isnt there

  77. Ethan Brooks

    Ethan BrooksMonth ago

    what is with the glowing iphone logo

  78. Ovidiu Andrei

    Ovidiu AndreiMonth ago

    real iphone is always on charge :)

  79. عاصفة الريح Windstorm

    عاصفة الريح WindstormMonth ago

    Where you sale this phone 155

  80. Awesomness x

    Awesomness xMonth ago

    I'm confused on what time it is 6:00

  81. Mamun GreatBritain

    Mamun GreatBritainMonth ago

    I need to buy that phone. Where's that phone is available .i mean which web site...let me know thank u

  82. Salvador Clent Diolata

    Salvador Clent DiolataMonth ago

    Why the Apple is lighting

  83. Gleam With Fire

    Gleam With FireMonth ago

    Fake one is nice

  84. Ryan Falkiner

    Ryan FalkinerMonth ago

    Fuck off with your 4 ads in the first 7 minutes of the video.

  85. Label Goodz

    Label GoodzMonth ago

    even tho its not close to a real one, it goes to show how much these big brand are ripping people off

  86. Yatchel - Random Vids!

    Yatchel - Random Vids!Month ago

    XD iPhone X clone with "google play store" 5:27 LOL


    DASAWCEGOD YTMonth ago

    stg one of your hands is different color from the other

  88. Everybody Goals

    Everybody GoalsMonth ago

    5:26 Google Play Store WOW!!!!

  89. Erick Lemus

    Erick LemusMonth ago

    which is fake right or left? I got confused

  90. Edward Barrera

    Edward Barrera3 days ago

    Erick Lemus The one that is charging is the clone

  91. Breeka Foll

    Breeka FollMonth ago

    omg i have the iphone ten and i didn’t even know the back swipe was a thing

  92. taylor harris

    taylor harrisMonth ago

    Can I have the fake plz

  93. ruby ochoa

    ruby ochoaMonth ago

    When you try to show of your friends in school you have a iPhone X.like yoooo I would do that

  94. Download. com

    Download. comMonth ago

    5:31 Google play on iPhone

  95. Aluna

    AlunaMonth ago

    Man i was hoping for a pineapple

  96. Mark7com

    Mark7comMonth ago

    Is it waterproof?

  97. VannahLicious

    VannahLiciousMonth ago

    Not even running android 8.0? I am disappointed, I personally like android over IOS but man...you gotta have 8.0 🤣

  98. Ishana Pillai

    Ishana PillaiMonth ago

    Right now iPhoneX is expensive in the future it’s gonna be even more!

  99. Unicorn Forever games

    Unicorn Forever gamesMonth ago

    Sub to me and comment done and I’ll do the same😊😊

  100. Tragic Logic

    Tragic LogicMonth ago

    when he said dude and Wednesday.... *AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA*

  101. xyr3s

    xyr3sMonth ago

    so basically the budget iphone wins over the real one because it has the looks of apple and uses android? :p

  102. Ilija Ljubisavljević

    Ilija LjubisavljevićMonth ago

    12:58 thank me later

  103. Hello Frens

    Hello FrensMonth ago

    I like how his voice is so calm

  104. whoopz den deco

    whoopz den decoMonth ago

    I just landed in Japan for the bare skin projec...

  105. RoseWolfz Prime

    RoseWolfz PrimeMonth ago

    This is exactly why people love Android you can make it look like almost anything sadly though some abuse that like these scammers