$150 Fake iPhone X vs $1150 iPhone X! How Bad Can It Be?


  1. Elliptic Vision

    Elliptic Vision5 hours ago

    So many ads

  2. x x

    x x8 hours ago

    They can clone the Android phones why can't they clone the Apple Play Store Apple thinks their s*** don't stink that's why people can't clone them the Apple Store itself I would change those laws

  3. ㅤRjay

    ㅤRjay11 hours ago

    Hahahah! I feel depressed watching this.

  4. AS JB

    AS JB15 hours ago

    Fake one is to much $ for me😓

  5. Angellee Macias

    Angellee Macias19 hours ago

    Buy them for 150 sell on eBay for 1000

  6. ich_auch

    ich_auch19 hours ago

    Fake is much better

  7. NoGameSense

    NoGameSenseDay ago

    I had an oreo ad while im eating oreos

  8. acidtoxiccs

    acidtoxiccs2 days ago

    these phone are not sold in China. No one buys them in China. These companies make phone for other countries to buy. Due to curiosity mostly. Why do you think the system is always set in English not chinese. Remember those recycled plastic and wast China buys. Here they are, sold right back to its origin.

  9. Francis

    Francis2 days ago

    Im going for a fake one next time... apple quality sucks nowadays and trust me when i tell u that. I been using apple since the 90s

  10. Rutesh Kuppam

    Rutesh Kuppam2 days ago

    The fake notch makes me cringe !

  11. Leo Frangu

    Leo Frangu2 days ago

    You can put a case and say is Huawey

  12. cbrstunter24

    cbrstunter242 days ago

    I really want to see him take an iPhone clone to the Apple Store Genius Bar and act like he had no idea it was fake!

  13. Cole Ernest

    Cole Ernest2 days ago

    it takes an idiot to spend $1.150 for a phone

  14. Anthony Hazley

    Anthony Hazley2 days ago

    Can i get the fake

  15. Makayla Jacobs

    Makayla Jacobs2 days ago

    I have the iPhone X I got it at the Apple store and I really love it📱

  16. Roberto__ hacks

    Roberto__ hacks2 days ago

    whats the site to buy?

  17. kieran turner

    kieran turner2 days ago

    there soo good i cant tell witch one is the real one XD

  18. The Insane Emerald

    The Insane Emerald3 days ago

    Android for life

  19. Jeffy Jeffy

    Jeffy Jeffy4 days ago

    Yo subway shooting shoots at McDonald’s

  20. Hiiam littleEA

    Hiiam littleEA4 days ago

    5:28 google play😂😂😂

  21. ReTread

    ReTread4 days ago

    And it doesn’t even have 1gb I’d storage

  22. Ayon Barua

    Ayon Barua4 days ago

    How is battery life ?

  23. non so che nome mettere non so che nome mettere

    non so che nome mettere non so che nome mettere5 days ago

    How is this legal lol


    REAL TRUTH5 days ago

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  25. Johnn Last

    Johnn Last6 days ago

    Ever heard of a company called "UCLA?"

  26. Amillion Johnson

    Amillion Johnson6 days ago

    We’re did you get it?!

  27. SpaceSaver UnderCover

    SpaceSaver UnderCover6 days ago

    Why don't you include where you got the clone from?

  28. Justin Ryan

    Justin Ryan7 days ago

    Can you possibly put more advertisements in your videos, please?

  29. Roland Tamayo

    Roland Tamayo7 days ago

    N o T o u s d a y m y d u d e s

  30. Autumn Showers

    Autumn Showers7 days ago

    i got a samsung ad during this

  31. LaDerek Persley

    LaDerek Persley7 days ago

    Where do I find the iPhone X Clone?


    SOS TEEJAY7 days ago

    But can you facetime tho??🤣

  33. sam Sam

    sam Sam8 days ago

    I really laugh when the glass broken....haha

  34. waka faka

    waka faka9 days ago

    Why would someone want to buy android phone that looks like Apple device? Only reason i can think of is scam. Otherwise there are better android phones for 150$

  35. jay shah youtube

    jay shah youtube10 days ago

    R u from keoria

  36. JKI 03

    JKI 0310 days ago

    From my opinion the clone display looks a little bit like an Samsung Galaxy A6+ Display with the bezzels

  37. Jitendra Kumar

    Jitendra Kumar10 days ago

    It's small notched display.

  38. Txte_ iq

    Txte_ iq10 days ago

    Iphon X fack 😂😂😂😂is💪🏼

  39. Calisthenicsnoob

    Calisthenicsnoob11 days ago

    Not bad actually

  40. seanpersaud317

    seanpersaud31711 days ago

    Apple is shytt


    GAMING CELL11 days ago

    can you give us the link from where you get these phones??

  42. Rokas Norkevičius

    Rokas Norkevičius11 days ago

    OMG soon the clones of iphone x could be better than the real one!!! but if there will be a clone of it that is better than the real iphone x it will be insane ofcurse everybody would buy the clone cuz it will be like 300$ and when the real one cost like 1200$

  43. Alexander Sarmiento

    Alexander Sarmiento11 days ago


  44. Infernus 7903

    Infernus 790311 days ago

    I have better Android than fake X wtf

  45. michael harper

    michael harper12 days ago

    Good video when you get passed all the ads !

  46. Gio Prox

    Gio Prox12 days ago

    Ohh.. One of my classmates loves to lie about having an IphoneX but always uses android, but once he actually brought an IphoneX clone to school, and yes, an IphoneX clone with a big bottom chin

  47. Coco Andis

    Coco Andis12 days ago

    Is there animojis

  48. Lenna Elaine_-

    Lenna Elaine_-12 days ago

    I waaaaaant 😭

  49. WobblyJello

    WobblyJello12 days ago


  50. Aryxn

    Aryxn12 days ago

    Clone is still better than android phones

  51. HighOval

    HighOval13 days ago

    b o n e l e s s

  52. Crs din

    Crs din13 days ago

    How come you dont give us links to check out clones i cant afford real iphone.

  53. fantarm party the everyone 64

    fantarm party the everyone 6414 days ago

    You can troll kids your real iphone x

  54. Monika Dani

    Monika Dani14 days ago

    Who is watching this on their fake iPhone X? Like if you do!

  55. ElAnzuGamerZ

    ElAnzuGamerZ14 days ago

    wow face id was incorporated to android a lot of years ago noobs that thinnk its something new XD

  56. Long Plays

    Long Plays15 days ago

    "What is up my dudes? It is a sunny Wednesday" f r o g g o e s a h h h h h h h h

  57. Max Zandberg

    Max Zandberg15 days ago

    Why does the back keep lighting up

  58. ian bts{ love jimin}

    ian bts{ love jimin}15 days ago

    ClIk BaIt

  59. Cristian reyes

    Cristian reyes16 days ago

    I want to order one but how would i know is the latest one?

  60. Alams Officiel

    Alams Officiel16 days ago

    Suporte me

  61. ITSXYN

    ITSXYN16 days ago

    some ppl need the links.. (some ppl that want to feel having a iphone x-like me lol)

  62. zeroleo xd

    zeroleo xd17 days ago

    5:01 the Hispanic came out

  63. zeroleo xd

    zeroleo xd17 days ago

    He is a apple head or a apple fiend

  64. /\nthony 7yler

    /\nthony 7yler17 days ago

    can you put a buy link on this phone?

  65. hana wa11ak

    hana wa11ak18 days ago

    Its that phone from zootopia!

  66. Fff Gghh

    Fff Gghh18 days ago

    from which site

  67. Fff Gghh

    Fff Gghh18 days ago

    how did you buy the phones

  68. Funny Videos

    Funny Videos19 days ago

    Send me the fake one plzzz my birthday was on August 25

  69. NukinatorYT

    NukinatorYT19 days ago


  70. Camdyn Belman

    Camdyn Belman19 days ago

    Apple needs to sue this company

  71. Vaso naz

    Vaso naz20 days ago

    Where I can to buy it?

  72. 3_onWolf

    3_onWolf21 day ago

    wireless charging needs glass apparently

  73. Lew Pu

    Lew Pu21 day ago

    How do you get the fake iPhones? What site?

  74. Coleton Hopkins

    Coleton Hopkins21 day ago

    Can I have a x

  75. Daneshia Watkins

    Daneshia Watkins21 day ago

    Say different times on the phone🤔🤔🤔🤔

  76. Escobar87325

    Escobar8732521 day ago

    Does facetime app work or still fake.

  77. Samantha Videos

    Samantha Videos22 days ago

    Where do you buy these clones?!? I can’t find it anywhere

  78. oliver taylor

    oliver taylor22 days ago

    i love the iphone x

  79. Life with Sky S

    Life with Sky S23 days ago

    Why does the back of the real one light up. I have a real iPhone X and it doesn’t light up

  80. Rithvik Raja

    Rithvik Raja24 days ago

    Try pubg

  81. BD Official

    BD Official25 days ago

    Where I can buy this fake iPhone in left?

  82. brycee

    brycee26 days ago

    did you guys see the flickering glitch at the start? LOL

  83. all_in_1_slime

    all_in_1_slime26 days ago

    Why is the real iPhone X Apple sight glowing yellow light??

  84. Gamer Jordan

    Gamer Jordan17 days ago

    He customized it

  85. Tristan TT Playz

    Tristan TT Playz26 days ago

    You should see if it has animoji

  86. Tristan TT Playz

    Tristan TT Playz26 days ago

    How do you make the Apple logo glow

  87. Shogunnez

    Shogunnez27 days ago


  88. The Red Striker 11135

    The Red Striker 1113527 days ago

    14:21 That looks like a map from cod ghosts

  89. Sassafras

    Sassafras29 days ago

    Where did u buy that fake iPhone X please??

  90. Raphael VEVO

    Raphael VEVOMonth ago

    Where did you buy it

  91. בביצים גיימינג 2

    בביצים גיימינג 2Month ago

    Hey umm, if my iphone x doesnt have anything written under iphone at the back does it mean its fake? Btw everything works good, it doesnt have an android keyboard and has an actual app store, my only suspicion is that it doesnt have anything written under iphone at the back.

  92. Guan Castillo

    Guan CastilloMonth ago


  93. Emraan p.o.p. And false ceiling

    Emraan p.o.p. And false ceilingMonth ago

    Bezzels everywhere and they call it clone😂😂😂😂😂

  94. Xx_bigfunny_xX Frog

    Xx_bigfunny_xX FrogMonth ago

    The fake obe

  95. Xx_bigfunny_xX Frog

    Xx_bigfunny_xX FrogMonth ago

    Where you can buy it

  96. Nagonahara Mio

    Nagonahara MioMonth ago

    you should like use the to be continued song

  97. Natty Lover

    Natty LoverMonth ago

    But can it hook up to a account???

  98. Vito ning

    Vito ningMonth ago

    inside and system is big different

  99. james spence

    james spenceMonth ago

    How can I get one please?

  100. Lilah Scher

    Lilah ScherMonth ago

    Why is his real x’s apple logo lit in red??

  101. Sxvage- Kxp

    Sxvage- KxpMonth ago

    Tooooo hard