$150 Fake iPhone X vs $1150 iPhone X! How Bad Can It Be?


  1. Manu o

    Manu o10 hours ago


  2. YeBoi

    YeBoi3 days ago

    The phone has 3 dots on the front camera

  3. austin velazquez

    austin velazquez14 days ago

    Everythingapplepro i honestly need your opinion all i need is the back panel and screen since the broke on my original real iphone xs max should i buy the clone for parts?

  4. Bart jeff

    Bart jeff17 days ago

    Wait isn’t the pineapple from icarly?

  5. Areeb Asif

    Areeb Asif17 days ago

    I have been watching your videos for 2 years and subscribed now

  6. grace harrison

    grace harrison23 days ago

    where can i buy the fake one at 150 dollars

  7. Maeve Stevens

    Maeve Stevens23 days ago

    Can you do a real iPhone X giveaway plz I neeed a new iPhone

  8. Dashie products

    Dashie products25 days ago

    fuck these guys they try to selll a phone for money how a prostitute trys top sell hetr sdantch.

  9. Low James

    Low James28 days ago


  10. Low James

    Low James28 days ago


  11. iReaperTV

    iReaperTVMonth ago

    What’s the link for the iPhone X Clone in the video ? Link please !!!

  12. Bacon Studios

    Bacon StudiosMonth ago

    Why is there a chin, and a notch

  13. Its Just Jada

    Its Just JadaMonth ago

    Where did you get the clone?

  14. Will Garcia

    Will GarciaMonth ago

    Can you please send me the webpage so I can get one

  15. Dennis F

    Dennis FMonth ago

    The clone probably works better than real Apple phones.

  16. Cbass

    CbassMonth ago

    getting what you pay for hahaha only noobs do a bench test youre buying hype nothing else

  17. Cbass

    CbassMonth ago

    clone is way faster---iphone experience ? you mean being a fool paying 1100 thats the experience

  18. Cbass

    CbassMonth ago

    this guy is nit picking noob the bottom line is 150 dollars or 1100 dollars only a fool gets a 1100 phone for selfies and texting

  19. Cbass

    CbassMonth ago

    clone is better to buy a 1100 dollar phone is pathetic ---noobs only use it for text ,and selfies dumb

  20. Jpgitters Official

    Jpgitters OfficialMonth ago


  21. Andy Laurore

    Andy LauroreMonth ago

    Just buy the real one and if you can’t afford it buy a 6s

  22. Paul Mills

    Paul MillsMonth ago

    glass isnt premium ahaha! cheapest thing to make when talking about phones :P

  23. suMnailimixaM

    suMnailimixaMMonth ago

    Don't buy this clone.. You can get an android phone that didn't spend most of its money on copying apple's design and crappy software edits..

  24. suMnailimixaM

    suMnailimixaMMonth ago

    2:55 Wait, how do you insert your sim card then?

  25. Eli In the Wolverine State

    Eli In the Wolverine StateMonth ago

    Goophone are recycled Apple phone with out iOS but knock off Android head on same kernel.

  26. Victoria Gomez

    Victoria GomezMonth ago

    I enjoy your videos so much lol

  27. Gaming with Jack

    Gaming with JackMonth ago

    where to order???

  28. Lillian LaPoint

    Lillian LaPointMonth ago

    do the emojis look the same?

  29. Lillian LaPoint

    Lillian LaPointMonth ago

    what website did you purchase this on?

  30. Bianca dostie Fisher Girl/ Tik Tok

    Bianca dostie Fisher Girl/ Tik TokMonth ago

    I have the same phone from US Sellier I have the iPhone X S Max they offered it in silver those gold or red

  31. Bianca dostie Fisher Girl/ Tik Tok

    Bianca dostie Fisher Girl/ Tik TokMonth ago

    Why does your Apple on your iPhone light up

  32. Estella Gomez

    Estella GomezMonth ago

    They should make a white iphone 8 clone with dual lens camera for us people with small hands that don't like the new iphone design. that would be awesome.

  33. Jeannie Calo

    Jeannie CaloMonth ago

    *I absolutely love this phone !!>>>**ur2.pl/1250** I wasn’t planning on getting it but when I saw it in person and played with it my jaw dropped . Absolutely amazing !! Super easy to use . I thought I wouldn’t get used to not having the home button , the thought scared me but it’s super simple to go back home. The screen is huge! The battery life is super long . Super clear videos , and the pictures WOW Amazing!!!! I love it !!! Best purchase ive made!!*

  34. JackDanielsCHS08

    JackDanielsCHS08Month ago

    Whats the deal with the light up logo? Didnt know It was possible with Iphones

  35. TheRealCxixmx

    TheRealCxixmxMonth ago

    assuming that's a real infidel you can but 2 and a half clones for what that costs lol.

  36. ValikSTV .stupid random SHT

    ValikSTV .stupid random SHTMonth ago

    What do you do with all the phones when you done. With them

  37. Aymen Asdf99

    Aymen Asdf99Month ago

    Ihave a samsung note 8

  38. Raya C

    Raya CMonth ago

    note 9 heree

  39. kiler kirill

    kiler kirillMonth ago

    Where can i buy the better fake i phone? I dont want to spend money on a 1000$ phone

  40. Lila Chkareuli

    Lila ChkareuliMonth ago

    Where i can bay this iphone fake ?

  41. Pomeranian Boss

    Pomeranian Boss2 months ago

    Why is the back logo glowing? I have an iPhone 6 so im so confused 2:18

  42. Jasminjoss

    Jasminjoss2 months ago

    Excatly 1 year old video

  43. ZayYeet 2311

    ZayYeet 23112 months ago

    *wHaT iS uP mY dUdEs*

  44. Cringe Gaming Channel

    Cringe Gaming Channel2 months ago

    neet tomorrow this video is a year old

  45. Dion Titus

    Dion Titus2 months ago

    Long it take to get here

  46. totalbottle

    totalbottle2 months ago

    real apple should also upgrade to android

  47. Elise Sivle

    Elise Sivle2 months ago

    "The new clone that has come from china" Where TF did the real one come from? Mars?

  48. LoveisAll UNeed

    LoveisAll UNeed2 months ago

    So no facetime? Please answer

  49. c CC

    c CC2 months ago

    how premium can it be its broken id rather have plastic ......only a idiot would pay 1100 for a phone HAHAHAH id rather have the clone why pay more is it just to brag and show others how much of a idiot you really are? drop your phone from 6ft high i bet it will break just like a clone HAHAHA stupid people

  50. Anne Aspinall

    Anne Aspinall2 months ago

    Saw the screen and was like hell no

  51. Muzaffar Shah

    Muzaffar Shah2 months ago

    The best one is the xiomi mi 8 pro. 😁

  52. Ataveya Moore

    Ataveya Moore2 months ago

    do you know what version the iphone is? i was thinkung about getting it since its not really that bad and since i sort of need a new better looking phone

  53. twenlil

    twenlil2 months ago

    At least they have a microsd slot.

  54. Kestutis Linkus

    Kestutis Linkus2 months ago

    Use a FAN to remove cowers, see some videos about changing phone glass to get it easy off

  55. Twitch Streamer3003

    Twitch Streamer30032 months ago

    It is wensday my dudes

  56. Sophia Nwanze

    Sophia Nwanze2 months ago

    Where can I buy this?

  57. Olaf Flekz

    Olaf Flekz2 months ago

    aktzacktly high class Apple garbage,.wow its gettin worst by the day. Hey Apple keep on jurkin,

  58. Scarlett Parkinson

    Scarlett Parkinson2 months ago

    were do u get it 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱

  59. Jason Cano

    Jason Cano2 months ago

    the ihone x is very expensive like 2,000 $s

  60. a 1

    a 12 months ago

    Link for fake buy please ?

  61. Tsunami ii

    Tsunami ii2 months ago

    Omg that iphone x clone is faster than 50%of android phones😂😂😂(no hate plz)

  62. MarbleFadeYT

    MarbleFadeYT2 months ago

    1:51 the 2nd part of the package looks like a pound of cocain

  63. John Mack

    John Mack2 months ago

    Most features from a Real iPhone are also on a cheap Android, because Android had them first... Face ID, 3D Touch, Wireless Charging, so no surprise there. Anyways, for a $150 bucks you can get an Android phone that is actually just as good as a $1,000 or $1,500 App$e or Android...Just not this stupid skinned version. But if all you want is the jewelry feature of an iPhone, then have at it.

  64. Joseph Giattino

    Joseph Giattino2 months ago

    What is the name of this

  65. libby

    libby2 months ago

    these scammers probably watch these videos to see what they can do to improve their work lmao

  66. Nate Zimmerman

    Nate Zimmerman2 months ago

    It is a practice 10

  67. Stevena Rodriguez

    Stevena Rodriguez2 months ago

    perfer fake one

  68. Moni J

    Moni J2 months ago

    can you provide the links to the clone phones also, Thanks

  69. Djuan Dabney

    Djuan Dabney2 months ago

    My GLOB, how many ads do u have in each video....

  70. guyonearth

    guyonearth2 months ago

    Ads every 2 minutes. Nice. Punishing your viewers must be the new thing to do.

  71. E Random Videos

    E Random Videos2 months ago

    I t s t u e s d a y my d u d e s

  72. Nitro

    Nitro2 months ago

    Where can I buy this exact one?

  73. Lawrence Lentini

    Lawrence Lentini2 months ago

    I lost track of which one was the fake half way through the video.

  74. Cosmickiller 109

    Cosmickiller 1092 months ago

    Forget about the real deal.. lets get the clone insted its much better


    Ben LINNELL-STARVAGGI2 months ago

    can i have the link to where you bought the iPhone clone please

  76. Wolf S

    Wolf S2 months ago

    Thanks I rather buy a fake iPhone X’s for £100 then a £1000

  77. Erwin MJ

    Erwin MJ2 months ago

    Yeah bro they suck after the iphone x launched the many companies copied it they realy suck

  78. Stephan Lombard

    Stephan Lombard2 months ago

    Where do you buy these clones?

  79. Oh Yeah Yeah

    Oh Yeah Yeah3 months ago

    This is very convenient. Can you reply me a link or at least the name please?

  80. Mason M

    Mason M3 months ago


  81. Buck Rogers

    Buck Rogers3 months ago

    mi 8 and motorola P30, these are nice fake iPhone X

  82. Crafts Man

    Crafts Man3 months ago

    2:11 there’s a glitch

  83. Lil Zay

    Lil Zay3 months ago

    😂😂😂it was glass

  84. Sahil Patil

    Sahil Patil3 months ago

    Mi one plzzzz

  85. Dylan Gamble

    Dylan Gamble3 months ago


  86. Chase Corbett

    Chase Corbett3 months ago

    I lost my shit when he said “ohhhh shite”

  87. burnt nightmare

    burnt nightmare3 months ago

    When your turn it a little you can see that the screen should be like an iPhone X but they just didn’t implement that screen wise

  88. jel tai

    jel tai3 months ago

    jeahh fake 6.4 mln .. jeah from india .. you pay 100 $ for 5000 fake subscribers .. .. fake channel and crap video ..How Bad Can It Be

  89. Miffy Littleford

    Miffy Littleford3 months ago

    so this was a giant waste of my time and now phone contracts are so expensive

  90. mitchell hirsch

    mitchell hirsch3 months ago

    never seen a video with more adds in my life! wtf is that about!??? every 2 min......

  91. Ratcliff

    Ratcliff3 months ago

    You should break the screen of a fake and then take it to apple and see if they could replace the screen😂

  92. Ratcliff

    Ratcliff3 months ago

    I would never trust that with sensitive info lol! Apple products may be expensive... but my god, settling with something as sketchy as that with any information like your iTunes connected to your credit card? No thank you lol

  93. Lukas Wichlas

    Lukas Wichlas3 months ago

    Apple: 10x the speed Fakes: 10x the price

  94. deeranged dingo

    deeranged dingo3 months ago

    Put in the link for where you found the product

  95. Frost Burn

    Frost Burn3 months ago

    Apple is so bad that I dont really see the difference between the clone and the original XD

  96. johnny nguyen

    johnny nguyen3 months ago

    where to buy it?

  97. Amith Magajikondi

    Amith Magajikondi3 months ago

    $150 is the actual price of real iPhone X 😁

  98. Sticknodes BLIMP

    Sticknodes BLIMP3 months ago

    >Apple video *>Gets a samsung ad*

  99. Teodulo Guerrero

    Teodulo Guerrero3 months ago

    Do they have screen share through lightning port?

  100. Ch Oro

    Ch Oro3 months ago

    What carrier do you use for clone?