$150 Fake iPhone X vs $1150 iPhone X! How Bad Can It Be?


  1. abbeytx

    abbeytxDay ago

    i think its all flipped because like you said, it was stopped in customs

  2. Bryan G

    Bryan G8 days ago


  3. Briann Miller

    Briann Miller9 days ago

    Did nobody realize that he said what is up my dudes? It’s a sunny Wednesday!

  4. Ikonik

    Ikonik10 days ago

    If you can play fortnite on it? Definitely getting it.

  5. NeverEnding Ravens mia

    NeverEnding Ravens mia11 days ago

    Where whould wd by these

  6. Keegan8106

    Keegan810612 days ago

    Definitely not like the one on the right is fake considering the display doesn’t even go to the top of the screen and to have a real iPhone X go that slow you prob had a problem right off the back

  7. Lesley Carson

    Lesley Carson13 days ago

    What's the website

  8. Sdea1903

    Sdea190314 days ago

    Im interested in that knife. How much?

  9. knightriderguy flag

    knightriderguy flag14 days ago

    Where can I get this clone from? Do they send to South Africa?

  10. Dude defects

    Dude defects20 days ago

    Can I get to 100 subs before August??

  11. SENPAI

    SENPAI21 day ago

    I found an app called vova and it has fake phones on it (like iPhone X) from what I have seen

  12. TheProGamer264

    TheProGamer26421 day ago

    I think they put more adhesive so you can't see what is inside

  13. TheRandomAndys 2000

    TheRandomAndys 200021 day ago

    Even though that I'm using Android I like the inspiration

  14. Kermit

    Kermit22 days ago

    Real question is Is this worth it

  15. Gamèlyzed

    GamèlyzedMonth ago

    Couldn’t look more off to an iPhone X

  16. Bean The Alpaca

    Bean The AlpacaMonth ago

    but does icloud actually work and can i get my songs from apple on there

  17. Buff Pumpkim2010

    Buff Pumpkim2010Month ago

    *i look freaky*

  18. Helen Hernandez

    Helen HernandezMonth ago

    "What is up my duudes"

  19. Pedro Gomez

    Pedro GomezMonth ago

    Why does one phone have a light?

  20. Gaming W/ Nicko

    Gaming W/ NickoMonth ago

    This is why android is better

  21. Gaming W/ Nicko

    Gaming W/ NickoMonth ago

    The notch looks 🤮

  22. WoofWoofPlayz GD

    WoofWoofPlayz GDMonth ago

    Oh shite?

  23. AwesomeFreddie 27

    AwesomeFreddie 27Month ago

    It’s Wednesday my dudes

  24. Skelet Nation

    Skelet NationMonth ago

    no one is real the noches are on both fake look 5:30

  25. Cedrick Jay Alcueno

    Cedrick Jay AlcuenoMonth ago

    Can I have iPhone plsss

  26. The Boom guy

    The Boom guyMonth ago

    GIVE US THE LINKS!!!!!!!!

  27. xXScarlet_RoseXx

    xXScarlet_RoseXxMonth ago

    2 0 1 9 ?

  28. Guy Leinbach

    Guy LeinbachMonth ago

    do you have a link got get a phone like this ?

  29. LoryItaly Developer

    LoryItaly DeveloperMonth ago

    And enough of these clones, they suck... When you find the definitive clone bring it, Because you know too that in the notch part there is no border

  30. Charlie Puth Fan

    Charlie Puth FanMonth ago

    I love my iPhone 7!

  31. Liker Boy

    Liker BoyMonth ago

    we can use memory card in these iphon X clones plzzzzz reply

  32. Karabo Lefa

    Karabo LefaMonth ago

    Can i get that clone

  33. Tahseen OMG

    Tahseen OMGMonth ago

    Where did you buy the fake one

  34. King Chan

    King ChanMonth ago

    Ugly fake

  35. AestheticxRose

    AestheticxRose2 months ago

    Oh god. I thought the right as fake.

  36. *brUh* *pH*TM

    *brUh* *pH*TM2 months ago

    The fake i phone X is called iphoneX clone

  37. Emirhan kaya

    Emirhan kaya2 months ago

    Its just sad how they used the samsung s8 screen and just put that iPhone thing into the middle🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️

  38. Emirhan kaya

    Emirhan kaya2 months ago

    Wtf since when does the apple of iPhone X glow

  39. Little Swan's playGROWnd

    Little Swan's playGROWnd2 months ago

    It's going to be absolutely funny if the clones start to have better specs than the original. ( I bet some companies can actually do that, they just want to save costs.

  40. Sagar Sen Creativity

    Sagar Sen Creativity2 months ago

    Can you give me the number link I will check it

  41. Tech man

    Tech man2 months ago

    I am getting a android tablet

  42. MyUsername

    MyUsername2 months ago

    Why was the Apple logo at the back of his real iPhone X lit up?

  43. Bleu-Matt 275

    Bleu-Matt 2752 months ago

    Look terible. I hope the creators can do a full scale comparison to see if this actually works.



    luckily i don't buy apple

  45. Assistant TO THE Regional Manager

    Assistant TO THE Regional Manager2 months ago

    How'd he make the apple logo glow!?

  46. PoilyGames

    PoilyGames2 months ago

    Thought I’d enjoy watching this, but there are ads every 30 fucking seconds

  47. Anna Marfa

    Anna Marfa2 months ago

    Apple is fooling ya'll the real value of an iPhone is just $150 to $200

  48. MarioMaster838

    MarioMaster8382 months ago

    Where did you get the fake

  49. KANE x MUSIC

    KANE x MUSIC3 months ago

    Can someone link where he got this


    THE RC BROS AT WORK3 months ago

    It looks so close other than not having siri! You can't forget that!