$1000 Survival Kit in a Case


  1. Dru G

    Dru G6 hours ago

    That looked like a pipe wrench on the Stanley hammer multitool

  2. Sgt Pepsi

    Sgt PepsiDay ago

    the empty box cost 400-500€ XD

  3. Travis Nguyen

    Travis Nguyen2 days ago

    4:37 in ur SQUAD

  4. azhar Shaik

    azhar Shaik2 days ago

    Machis tia is indian😂😂😂😂

  5. Ultimate AREA

    Ultimate AREA3 days ago

    Good deal from my point of view

  6. privateer prepper

    privateer prepper3 days ago

    When it comes to water the case itself could hold a lot of gallons, if things went longer than 4 day. By that point you could find a bag or bags to hold the rest of the gear.

  7. Ravi Arya

    Ravi Arya3 days ago

    Boom baybay... I want to buy it...

  8. Terri Stafford

    Terri Stafford4 days ago

    3:50 finger sling

  9. Top 5

    Top 54 days ago

    I'm sure he's going to survive a zombie apocalypse😂

  10. Hendri ferdiyanto Ferdi

    Hendri ferdiyanto Ferdi4 days ago

    It's so good

  11. Pierre Rose

    Pierre Rose4 days ago

    every survival kit should have a flare gun

  12. TwoRockGamers Studios

    TwoRockGamers Studios5 days ago

    1000$ 4 people, 4 days? Naaah... ☹️

  13. Карачун

    Карачун5 days ago


  14. Heldrake

    Heldrake5 days ago

    Taras kul the type of guy to spend 10000$ or more in survival kits but be the first one to get bit in a zombie apocalypse

  15. Jeanfra Rugama

    Jeanfra Rugama5 days ago

    Just go to the dollar store



    Half that stuff is useless filler. The case is really good, along with the sleeping bags/tent, food items, and first aid kit...however I think you could do better for about $500

  17. Harrie Hyatt

    Harrie Hyatt6 days ago

    The box is nice, but you could make a better kit for a lot less.

  18. billy nelson

    billy nelson6 days ago

    Somebody can probably build that same kit for less than 300

  19. S.r. 3a

    S.r. 3a6 days ago

    4:16 Flash life

  20. Nascar Ashton

    Nascar Ashton6 days ago


  21. Thomas Hughes

    Thomas Hughes7 days ago

    The big Fat Max Wrench can be used to open a fire hydrant to get water

  22. Harsh Koli

    Harsh Koli7 days ago

    Looks like pubg orange crate

  23. Connor Oshay

    Connor Oshay7 days ago

    Dude,....you are like the Borat of Survivalists.

  24. FurryFace

    FurryFace7 days ago

    i admit its a nice Box

  25. FurryFace

    FurryFace7 days ago

    Health and Hygienic system a pack of playing Cards , lol

  26. Rocky Stone

    Rocky Stone8 days ago

    If a person uses the entire kit for himself this is a life saver

  27. David Maynard

    David Maynard8 days ago

    You forgot the aluminum tape, whistle and mirror on your left.

  28. vkmicro

    vkmicro8 days ago

    i could probably make a better kit for 500$ lol

  29. paladin dance

    paladin dance9 days ago

    New csgo case

  30. W Winch

    W Winch9 days ago

    I think it's a crazy good deal

  31. Darkest _ Nation

    Darkest _ Nation9 days ago

    6:39 Angry Grandpas Tool Of Destruction!

  32. Big Poppa

    Big Poppa9 days ago

    Stalker Basic medkit

  33. carter316

    carter3169 days ago

    Id say 75 to 100$ worth of junk in that box

  34. Andrea Slimesplayz

    Andrea Slimesplayz11 days ago

    Why do I feel like the box its self costs $900

  35. matthew

    matthew11 days ago


  36. jatnna mercedes

    jatnna mercedes11 days ago



    HOSTOBI HD11 days ago

    Maybe this would be worth 1000$ if there's an actual apocalypse

  38. autistic jedi

    autistic jedi11 days ago

    why are you so shaky, mate? you clearly need to drink more vodka.

  39. Rohi Soerdjan

    Rohi Soerdjan11 days ago

    Wait no signaling kit whaaaaaaaatt!?!?!?!? ?!?!?!?!!!????!?!?!??!?!??!

  40. Rohi Soerdjan

    Rohi Soerdjan11 days ago

    Who said there is no filter???

  41. Rohi Soerdjan

    Rohi Soerdjan11 days ago

    Ooooh yeah there is a filter dudes

  42. Wes Oerly

    Wes Oerly11 days ago

    Hold up wait, 21, cry wearing a volcom hat, crazy 😯

  43. Kris Roberts

    Kris Roberts11 days ago

    Ooh nice............ tape! Hahafm!


    STABGAMING11 days ago

    He feels, His Broke For some point, All i knew is a happy RussianHacker Is alwys Smiling and saying BOOM!


    STABGAMING11 days ago

    *Taras You're Kul!* :)

  46. CrypticSilver

    CrypticSilver11 days ago

    For $1000 I expected a flare gun with a few handheld flares at least along with a VHF handheld radio (which can be found for under $100) and maybe even a defibrillator.

  47. rob379

    rob37911 days ago

    I expect a beautiful Russian likeness blow up dollovski, as I need a good woman to survive.

  48. Craig Coonrod

    Craig Coonrod12 days ago

    No thanks, I agree you can do better at the Dollar Store.

  49. oddball002

    oddball00212 days ago

    You got screwed for sure

  50. Delophantae_

    Delophantae_12 days ago

    In Soviet Russia, we use healing gagiks

  51. George Rhodes

    George Rhodes12 days ago


  52. Ëxíž Æ

    Ëxíž Æ12 days ago

    And you need MRE for 4 person

  53. Youre Mahm

    Youre Mahm12 days ago

    For a $1K I could put 16 MRE's, 5 ways to make fire, 400 Rds of 12guage ammo, 4 pump shotguns with slings, First aid kit with 4 tourniquets, 8 israeli bandages, booboo kits, quickclots, chapsticks, deodorants, 4 of those cheap folding knives, camp axe, camp saw, and 4 tyvek suits with the N95 masks, 4 sawyer minis, 4 pre-filled water bottles, 1 box of extra heavy mil thick contractor 55gallon garbage bags, 4 rolls of gorilla tape. If I go over budget, substitute those nasty boat rations (shortbread) for the MREs. Boom. Done.

  54. Blox Gameplays

    Blox Gameplays12 days ago

    Imagine somebody walking with that... Person: *walks with the survival case Me: why you carying that Person: because the unexpected can happend duh

  55. mai wan

    mai wan12 days ago

    It great men...

  56. Kenneth Ortner

    Kenneth Ortner13 days ago

    It is a good start for the new prepper.

  57. Critical Noob

    Critical Noob13 days ago

    Когда нибудь выпустят коробку в которую можно будет залезть и спрятаться от всех проблем))

  58. Tracey Smith

    Tracey Smith13 days ago

    no gun and ammo?? what about flare gun where can shoot up the air for Emercency... where is life jacket if near water.. mmmm

  59. Александр Крутов

    Александр Крутов13 days ago

    Чувак я очень Хренова знаю английски, но у тебя акцент это пипец, а вообще красавчик

  60. Amazing dude

    Amazing dude13 days ago

    He got ripped off

  61. Metal Lemon

    Metal Lemon13 days ago

    I could buy all of that for way less than 1000$....

  62. Joel Evangelist

    Joel Evangelist13 days ago

    The case is the best thing I saw, but I couldn't even tell if it was waterproof with a heavy duty seal. For a cool grand, you could easily have enough gear for people that would last a few months. It's only 16 days worth of food for one person. You could buy a couple months worth of food and medical supplies with tougher tools and sheets for less than a grand, had you bought it separately.

  63. Sparkly333

    Sparkly33313 days ago

    I just like watching survival stuff, nice video

  64. KING

    KING14 days ago


  65. H Bev

    H Bev14 days ago

    Crayons can actually be used for emergency candles learned that from some old salt ROTC instructor I had years ago.

  66. Pete George

    Pete George14 days ago

    For $1,000 you Coulda done a lot better

  67. Mac Reaper

    Mac Reaper14 days ago

    900 for case 100 for rest

  68. Brandon Watkins

    Brandon Watkins15 days ago

    I could get all of that under 200

  69. Hitesh Dhawan

    Hitesh Dhawan15 days ago

    Can you belive "WoW"

  70. Nics D'Vlogger

    Nics D'Vlogger15 days ago

    where can i buy this?

  71. Wiradh Santoe

    Wiradh Santoe15 days ago

    oh woooooooow..... tweezers !!

  72. Zeusasaurus

    Zeusasaurus15 days ago


  73. kcmn00

    kcmn0015 days ago

    Kinda underwhelming

  74. Jake Num

    Jake Num15 days ago


  75. Ralph Bennett

    Ralph Bennett15 days ago

    Case is the pricy item!

  76. Jdc 3D

    Jdc 3D15 days ago

    That case Aline’s like 500.00$

  77. Master Kief

    Master Kief15 days ago

    This guy just bullshits his way thru the video. I wish there was more structure and information. It literally just sems like he just wings it.

  78. tori Barrett

    tori Barrett15 days ago

    Good job man,:D

  79. Kicks666

    Kicks66615 days ago

    Yeah this case is junk all made in China crap. I hope you sent it back bro.

  80. John Duffy

    John Duffy16 days ago

    And wen you have survived, you can just through all the plastics in the sea. Go back to watching CSI. Easy. .

  81. John Exzequiel Melchor

    John Exzequiel Melchor16 days ago

    Where can I buy this one? I want this sitting on my house just in case of emergency.

  82. Brian Fietkau

    Brian Fietkau16 days ago

    Wow! $1,000?!? The case is the nicest thing but everything else looks like $150 worth of stuff.

  83. Prashanjeet Sarkar

    Prashanjeet Sarkar16 days ago


  84. The Deb And Riz

    The Deb And Riz16 days ago

    gahd ur accent is just hahahah so cute

  85. Mohsin Yaseen

    Mohsin Yaseen16 days ago

    Its a good deal

  86. Bona Music

    Bona Music17 days ago

    A triangular bandage can be used to create a sling.

  87. sean lee

    sean lee17 days ago

    1000 bucks buuuuuumped

  88. Lubo Vanev

    Lubo Vanev17 days ago

    It's very expensive,I think I can collect kind of this kit for 300$

  89. Muhammad Rehan Khan

    Muhammad Rehan Khan17 days ago

    Someone banged him

  90. 666Mrnecrobutcher

    666Mrnecrobutcher17 days ago

    for a thousand bucks one could build a 3 floor house (with a pool) from scrap in the middle of atacama desert

  91. kinanti dyaningratri

    kinanti dyaningratri17 days ago

    Taras you forget to put the tape back to the bigbox

  92. tannul kedia

    tannul kedia17 days ago

    lol it is tooo costly bro you did a mistake bro lllloooolllll

  93. Susan Robertson

    Susan Robertson17 days ago

    I think you could probably make this a little cheaper! Is that case water proof

  94. Official JohnWick

    Official JohnWick17 days ago

    Do that axe / shovel have a can opener lol!

  95. Desert Survivalist

    Desert Survivalist18 days ago

    Atleast the case was good

  96. J K

    J K18 days ago

    the hooks on the back of the yellow fubar are for grabbing/prying boards.

  97. Samuel Imhoff

    Samuel Imhoff18 days ago


  98. BlueNews Podcast

    BlueNews Podcast18 days ago

    Missed opportunity for it to be called the "just-in case"

  99. Fernando Lopez

    Fernando Lopez18 days ago

    Mother RUSSIA

  100. The story Teller

    The story Teller18 days ago

    70000 RS .... o_o

  101. muqramin angah

    muqramin angah18 days ago

    I like u said Boom..😁