$1000 Survival Kit in a Case


  1. nosaj bozz

    nosaj bozz51 minute ago

    Bro, i like your accent better than that bs kit ...let hugo use it for his toilet.

  2. house game

    house game14 hours ago

    Hajt ti gezosh

  3. Comissar Cap

    Comissar CapDay ago

    Какой-то оксфордский акцент )))


    The HYPED LEGENDSDay ago

    1k$? Nuclear Survival kit in a nutshell

  5. Michael Schmidt

    Michael SchmidtDay ago

    Bill Gates wil even complain

  6. PreciousKizzy Young

    PreciousKizzy Young3 days ago

    Where can I buy this at?

  7. Glen Baker

    Glen Baker3 days ago

    To much $$,, good video,

  8. Billy hatter Trench CO.

    Billy hatter Trench CO.4 days ago

    The fat max Stanley. That one thing is for digging. ⛏

  9. Abby Reynolds

    Abby Reynolds4 days ago

    "also mudslides"

  10. SCBJQ

    SCBJQ5 days ago

    The companies who make these survival kits seem to assume that only men need to survive. Where's the tampons?

  11. Avin Sen

    Avin Sen5 days ago

    What do u do with all this stuff

  12. JeepGirl OlllO

    JeepGirl OlllO6 days ago

    The kits ok but a little high priced !

  13. Hans Lund

    Hans Lund7 days ago

    What is that thing saying ??

  14. Mrspartan *

    Mrspartan *7 days ago


  15. Liam Kim

    Liam Kim7 days ago

    Wow his English is so ........

  16. Steven Cassell

    Steven Cassell8 days ago

    Learn to speak English. Or go kiss Putin's hand

  17. JeepGirl OlllO

    JeepGirl OlllO8 days ago

    Ok if you eat all that food, your gonna .......toss your Cookies!

  18. Brianna Cox

    Brianna Cox8 days ago

    I feel like if all the stuff in there was as cheap as it is, then maybe it would definitely be cheaper to buy it all separately and put in into a big lidded tub

  19. xavier valdez

    xavier valdez8 days ago

    4 days? a pack that size looks like it should last 4 years

  20. xavier valdez

    xavier valdez8 days ago

    after viewing the contents of the box I rescind my previous comment. has some rather unnecessary components and missing or has inadequate vital components. Seems marketed to people who are clueless to buschcraft and survival in general which is why they took advantage of the fact that it's clearly overpriced.

  21. Jose Chavez

    Jose Chavez9 days ago

    Hey Russian you should buy a 1,000$ American hooker

  22. Luna Byrd

    Luna Byrd10 days ago

    Any other females think a survival kit should include a few tampons/pads?

  23. Jack Polakis

    Jack Polakis10 days ago

    Yo just put a chug jug in there and your good

  24. Ken Scott

    Ken Scott10 days ago

    TBH Terrible deal.

  25. kevin15chopper

    kevin15chopper10 days ago

    Dude has money$$$$$$$$$$

  26. suckiemee

    suckiemee11 days ago

    It has everything you need to survive. Love the box it came in that thing looks tough! There’s enough to survive more than four days. I think it could last longer.

  27. Jd•Singh

    Jd•Singh11 days ago

    Love ur vids, keep it up

  28. Ben Makepeace

    Ben Makepeace11 days ago

    Shakey Russian hacker

  29. jeremy s

    jeremy s11 days ago

    Most of that is cheap chinese junk. Few good items is all.

  30. Remiphysco1313

    Remiphysco131311 days ago

    So this would be goofld for 48 days dor 1 person rigth ?

  31. Eddy Butternoodles

    Eddy Butternoodles11 days ago

    Saltine crackers

  32. Brody Marr

    Brody Marr11 days ago


  33. fatbuddycat

    fatbuddycat11 days ago

    That claw is for penetrating structural walls on wood frame homes and doors of many varieties.

  34. Aaron Burg

    Aaron Burg12 days ago

    At most it's worth 300$ the whole case dang.... And that's paying full price, it's all dollar store though. really 300$ is too much.

  35. Magic EyeSee

    Magic EyeSee12 days ago

    Spends 1000$ Makes 15,000 from video

  36. CyberSloth

    CyberSloth12 days ago

    What a ripoff

  37. NF Z

    NF Z12 days ago

    Where are condoms

  38. Michael Milan

    Michael Milan12 days ago

    Wow how cool

  39. Danny Young jr

    Danny Young jr12 days ago

    I could have taken you to Wal-Mart with that same thousand dollars and bought you way more stuff then a four day supply.....you might even have enough to get a small caliber hand gun and ammo....

  40. Devin H

    Devin H13 days ago


  41. Christopher Strong

    Christopher Strong13 days ago

    thumb up $1000 survival kit!

  42. Ninja Hyper

    Ninja Hyper13 days ago

    Were you in world 2 you always say BOOM ... And also make a bushcraft

  43. Magic EyeSee

    Magic EyeSee12 days ago

    It goes boom when boom happens.... boom see the boom in case you need boom

  44. Nick Briones

    Nick Briones13 days ago

    The crowbar wrench is for fire hydrants

  45. Jackplays567

    Jackplays56713 days ago

    You would think that for $1000 the stuff would at least be good

  46. Tamia Williams

    Tamia Williams13 days ago

    What’re can I find this

  47. Aaron Burg

    Aaron Burg12 days ago

    Dollar store

  48. darpan bangia

    darpan bangia15 days ago

    Awesome kite ... Can I get in india

  49. Steven Gagnon

    Steven Gagnon15 days ago

    The fat max hammer is thrown in there for a "hooligan" tool. I assume it was added for a breech and entry tool. It was originally intended for framing in carpentry. The c style head on it is to pull and twist 2x4 straight while installing wall studs. Its cool for urban survival since it has some weight for breaking and breaching doors, windows and it has good leverage points.

  50. m4st3r flux

    m4st3r flux15 days ago

    where is the condom? tsk...

  51. e- man

    e- man18 days ago

    Just reall much normal things

  52. Blue Shadow

    Blue Shadow18 days ago

    Love the hat bro and the videos big fan USA

  53. Hutchington Production075

    Hutchington Production07519 days ago

    That poor tape

  54. Adrianne YT

    Adrianne YT20 days ago

    I really feel disappointed for taras😧

  55. Joe Allen

    Joe Allen21 day ago

    The wrench is for opening fire hydrogens to access water. This is pretty much $200 worth of Walmart grade sporting good buys. The box is the real expense.

  56. elias bmx

    elias bmx21 day ago

    So nice to see how enthousiastic taras is


    ANDREW LOW22 days ago

    Totally amazing wow loved your video again 😁😁😁

  58. wifebeater69

    wifebeater6922 days ago

    This thing isnt worth a penny over $450

  59. Laguerremondiale

    Laguerremondiale22 days ago

    0:18 anything Like DICE.???

  60. alnoor970

    alnoor97023 days ago

    4 days food for $1000 ! Are you serouis? You could buy. a 1 year. food. for the same price

  61. Ronalda Walters

    Ronalda Walters23 days ago

    Return it!

  62. Jose Lopez

    Jose Lopez23 days ago

    500$ you can make one way beter

  63. along ilham

    along ilham24 days ago

    I think its only worth below $500.

  64. Abraham Sanchez

    Abraham Sanchez27 days ago

    The Fat Max Hammer/pry bar was kinda odd. And Taras, the toothed jaws are for straightening 2x4s


    BRUCE E FERRY27 days ago

    A thousand dollars for only four days?

  66. Jp Jp

    Jp Jp27 days ago

    Its the cheapest of everything but it's still a lil bit of everything

  67. golden rules

    golden rules28 days ago

    Rambo with only his knife 🔪 🤣

  68. muhammadl hamzah

    muhammadl hamzah28 days ago

    If there. Is an emergency iam going to his house bc he has a ton of aid kits

  69. Danny Richards

    Danny Richards28 days ago


  70. BN Bandit

    BN Bandit28 days ago

    I love when Russians speak English they accent is to gold

  71. BMWLane

    BMWLane28 days ago

    Love this guy! Great review!

  72. mortezaali mk

    mortezaali mkMonth ago

    i need an emergency iphone x to enjoy my remain life

  73. Sergej Pavlovski

    Sergej PavlovskiMonth ago

    Safty prprprty

  74. Sergej Pavlovski

    Sergej PavlovskiMonth ago

    Safty prprprty

  75. Charles Shinn

    Charles ShinnMonth ago

    The hammer thing they opening it looks like it would be what you would use to turn on and off a fire hydrant and you forgot to put the silver tape back in the box

  76. SatyamTheGamer

    SatyamTheGamerMonth ago

    Camera is far away

  77. Oh yeah yeah General

    Oh yeah yeah GeneralMonth ago

    Survival Kit in a nutshell : $1000 = Case - $960 = Everything else - $40

  78. plz halp me reach 100k subscribe im poor lol

    plz halp me reach 100k subscribe im poor lol6 days ago


  79. Daysean Mensah

    Daysean MensahMonth ago

    That's so cool because you have a fire extinguisher beside you in case of a fire

  80. TheBald1

    TheBald1Month ago

    Wow man.. Lol.. You should give this poor boy one.. I struggle to buy a can of treat and a case of water...

  81. knifeguy Rob

    knifeguy RobMonth ago

    You forgot to put back the aluminum tape mirror and whistle

  82. Стефан Атанасов

    Стефан АтанасовMonth ago

    7:36 ,,AXE``

  83. Justin DePauw

    Justin DePauwMonth ago

    I need this

  84. Our life in a tube

    Our life in a tubeMonth ago

    Uuumm...travel goods? Dollar tree sells a lot of that stuff. It's a huge 1st aid kit .... just saying. 🤨

  85. K D

    K DMonth ago

    Where's the toiletries and toilet paper?

  86. Private Account User

    Private Account UserMonth ago

    Oh sure, love the cards & crayons 'til ya see the tools are cheap!😄 If I'm allergic to mint I gotta brush my teeth with antibiotic ointment for 4 days??😞 "Kiss me, Babe, I have Petroleum-Penicillin breath!"😚

  87. Jarek Kopicki

    Jarek KopickiMonth ago

    100$ if that for a G! Sucker bet .

  88. cyper aniga

    cyper anigaMonth ago


  89. Alexander Gersabeck

    Alexander GersabeckMonth ago

    The pelican case was most of the cost.

  90. Φραγκίσκος Κυπραίος

    Φραγκίσκος ΚυπραίοςMonth ago

    Είναι πράγματι αριστούργημα. Πόσο κοστίζει και που πωλείται?

  91. From The Flight Deck

    From The Flight DeckMonth ago

    Does it come with a Sherpa?

  92. Johnny Dyck

    Johnny DyckMonth ago

    Give this video and me a like 👇 make it blue

  93. Time to wake 2018

    Time to wake 2018Month ago

    Convenient. Total ripoff but convenient. I could build a better one for half with a coupe of good bags

  94. TwoBagsOfBeef

    TwoBagsOfBeefMonth ago

    $1,000 Survival package = $800 Case + $200 Supplies

  95. Shannon Varvel

    Shannon VarvelMonth ago

    Think everything in there was super cheap I think I would send it back

  96. Chris

    ChrisMonth ago

    saw the disappointed comments, right off the bat, I was like 500$ case, 1000$ kit??

  97. Jože Čuden

    Jože ČudenMonth ago

    card pack... now it's definitely worth 1k

  98. Roweinna

    RoweinnaMonth ago

    There is a list on the front of each bag. It's supposed to tell you what is in the little bags!

  99. zavion williams

    zavion williamsMonth ago

    Crazy RICH hacker !

  100. Josh C

    Josh CMonth ago

    You got ripped off bro

  101. Будущий Диктатор

    Будущий ДиктаторMonth ago

    Херня полная

  102. Karl Wootton

    Karl WoottonMonth ago

    Need to know the name of the hammer plz would be wkd for my job plz

  103. Aron Swedrowski

    Aron SwedrowskiMonth ago

    It's a good deal, just replace the tools for better ones.

  104. Jason Tremblay

    Jason TremblayMonth ago

    Where did you buy that kit